Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Tuesday, March 21, 2017




Abbas: Reason for all world’s disasters is “occupation”  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)

Palestinian Campaign To Sue Britain, Demand Reparation For Balfour Declaration

Australian probe clears World Vision over Gaza case

New Zealand FM went rogue in backing UN resolution, minister charges

Palestinian NGOs denounce UN chief for removing report on Israeli apartheid

Shame On The Brooklyn Public Library  (Those who stand against Israel should not be afforded open forums in New York City publicly funded venues.)

Netanyahu says building in East Jerusalem non-negotiable (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Former Mossad chief: Israel acting as if Arabs will one day disappear

Report: Balata refugee camp fighters say PA ‘left them no choice’

Israel arrests head of Turkish humanitarian group in Gaza for financing Hamas

IDF soldier lightly hurt after accidentally entering Palestinian town

Jerusalem terrorist’s father speaks at the UN: ‘Israel is an executioner’

Three weapon smugglers apprehended, heavy armaments seized

Mapping error led to closure of Palestinian cartography center

ISA: Turkish Aid Agency Fueling Hamas Military Schemes

Hamas tried to get more accurate maps to aim rockets

Hamas: PA police detains 5 Palestinians, summon journalist

Hamas aims to improve its image with new ideological document, but won’t revoke charter

Israel plans mass evacuations if war erupts again

Israel issues administrative detention orders against 30 Palestinian prisoners

2,000 reservists train for war in Gaza with surprise drill

Fatah says US embassy lobbied Facebook to restore its account, State Department denies




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