Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Tuesday, March 7, 2017




8 Palestinians detained as youth clash with Israeli forces over killing of Basel al-Araj

Media Misfeasance Exposed in “Eyeless in Gaza” Documentary

'Bring Hamas leaders for "holiday" in Israel'

The Most Important Article that You Didn’t Read about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Palestinian Authority, Fatah Members Participate In Celebrations In Israeli City For Arab-Israeli Prisoner Released After Serving 15-Year Terrorism Sentence

Most Jewish Israelis say Trump will allow settlement growth

US working with Israel on 'settlements'

From our partner: UK foreign secretary to meet anti-settlement group on Israel trip

Arab Stabs Jewish Man Near Gush Etzion Tunnels Checkpoint

Israeli, Palestinian students negotiate the ‘ultimate deal’

Knesset passes 'BDS ban' preventing foreign boycott supporters from entering Israel

Russian B-List Leaders Meet MK Herzog in Moscow to Discuss Syria, PA (Labor Party chairman Isaac Herzog)

Army disarms bombs near Gaza fence; cross-border fire reported

Israeli army prosecution files appeal for harsher sentence for Elor Azarya

Annexation or not, the Israeli Right must come to its senses

Slain activist Basel al-Araj 'a representation of the soul of Palestinian youth'

US Jewish groups ‘troubled’ by Israeli bill banning BDS supporters

One State? Two States? The Power of Trump's Roll of the Dice

The Inevitable Outcome of the Establishment of Palestine

Avigdor Liberman vs. Israeli Democracy  (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman raises fears over applying sovereignty to Judea and Samaria.)




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