Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Saturday, February 25, 2017



Why the UN Deck Is Stacked against Israel

Merkel: Keep working on the two-state solution (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)

Palestinians celebrate victory of Bethlehem singer in Arab Idol contest

'Impact of BDS is worse than most people realize'

PFLP demonstrates on anniversary of alleged assassination of Omar Nayif

Hamas Diggers Dead in Gaza Tunnel ‘Work Accident’

Hamas blames Egypt for deaths of 3 from toxic gas in Gaza tunnel

Hollande iterates support for two-state solution   (French President Francois Hollande)

Montana House backs effort to boycott anti-Israel firms

3 Palestinians killed, 5 injured after suffocating inside Gaza tunnel

If You Want Israeli-Palestinian Peace, Stop Talking About A ‘Two-State Solution’

PA-Sponsored Legal Conference Recommends Expanding Palestinian Judicial Authority To All Territories, Including Jerusalem

“Palestinian” kids at EU-funded festival: “Jihad is needed, pull the trigger”



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