Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Thursday, February 2, 2017



New U.N. chief ignites another Temple Mount firestorm (Angry demands for apology follow comment on anti-Israel UNESCO resolution.)

UN Sec-Gen "sinned" when he acknowledged Jewish Temple

Netanyahu’s Reaction to Amona Expulsion: First New Settlement in 25 Years  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

'Construction boom for Judea and Samaria'

Police Violence in Amona Kept to Areas without Cameras

1 Palestinian, 3 Israelis injured in West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  vehicular incident

Palestinian sentenced to 9 years for hacking Israeli drones

Watch: Policeman hurls chair at Amona protesters

Herzog compares Amona synagogue protesters to Duma killers  (Labor Party chairman Isaac Herzog)

16-year-old slain Palestinian laid to rest after being held by Israel for over 2 months

Protesters call for Netanyahu’s resignation at Tel Aviv rally

Amona activists smash bus windows, police car, and flee

Israeli court extends detention of slain Palestinian's father

Hurling guilt on top of rocks, Amona protesters target police’s hearts and minds

Watch: Police Violence in Amona Caught on Film

Amona evacuation comes to violent end as protesters pulled out of synagogue

Israeli forces injure 3 Palestinian teens with live ammunition in Nablus

Watch: Ramming Attack at Adam, 3 Wounded

Amona evacuation completed

The Ultimate Alternate Israel-Palestine Solution



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