Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Friday, March 30, 2018



Abbas says Israel fully to blame as death toll in Gaza clashes rises to 16  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)

On Land Day, Israeli forces kill 14 Palestinians, injure hundreds more in Gaza

UN calls emergency meeting on Gaza as Arab world slams Israel

After Census Finds 174,422 Palestinian Refugees In Lebanon, Some Lebanese Fear They Will Be Permanently Settled In The Country, Others Call To Grant Them Civil Rights

After Gaza clashes, Hamas, Islamic Jihad say they foiled Trump

22-year-old Palestinian 8th  to be killed by Israeli forces in massive Gaza protests

Over 60 Palestinians injured in scattered protests across West Bank (Judea and Samaria)

Hamas: The only solution is 'right of return'

Columnist For Palestinian Authority Daily: Gaza Residents Must Launch Civil Rebellion Against Hamas Regime

7 Palestinians killed, dozens injured as Israel suppresses massive protest in Gaza

IDF thwarts shooting attack on Gaza border (Israel Defense Forces)

Remember, The God of Israel is Also a God of War!

…Israeli Drone Drops Tear Gas

In Photos: Thousands in Gaza take to border for 'The Great March of Return'

Turkey: Israel using 'disproportionate force' on Gazans

Fruit of Israel-Jordan peace still on the tree

Klein: Why Hamas Stirring Deadly Border Riots with Israel…

Danon slams Hamas for deadly clashes as Kuwait calls for emergency UNSC meeting

President Abbas calls on UN to protect Palestinians after 15 killed

12 Dead Gazans, 1,000 Wounded, 30,000 Demonstrators in Six Locations by Gaza Border Fence

Gaza deaths intensify bitterness as Israeli Arabs mark Land Day

Lebanese army disperses Palestinian solidarity protest near Israel border

Editor's Notes: Gaza protests don't need to end like 2010 flotilla

Israeli Military Kills at Least 8 in Confrontations on Gaza Border

Abbas Misses Another Opportunity to Help His People

The depth of anti-Israel hate on American campuses




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