Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Friday, January 19, 2018



Watch: Arab Terrorist Runs Over IDF Soldier at Qaser al-Yahud Baptism Site (Israel Defense Forces) 

UNRWA head: US aid freeze ‘not related to our performance’

Gazan workers in Israel: A mutual interest 

Israeli forces kill 1 Palestinian in search of suspected killer of Israeli settler 

New police footage shows nighttime anti-terror raid in Jenin

Gaza family kills own son after Hamas says he aided Israel 

Manhunt Continues for Rabbi’s Killers Who Fled Wednesday’s Elimination

 Israeli court indefinitely extends detention of Ahed Tamimi and her mother 

On Again: Trump to Start ‘Modest’ Embassy Move to Jerusalem by 2019 

21 Palestinians detained in overnight raids 

Abbas: US is no longer suitable mediator of peace process (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas) 

Top PA negotiator ‘urged Abbas to reject US peace deal as details emerged’ 

Nasrallah: Israel behind explosion which wounded Hamas official (Hezbollah terrorist leader Hassan Nasrallah)

The Big Palestinian Lie  (End the “Palestinian” occupation of Israel.) 

The Unwritten Israeli-Saudi Alliance



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