Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 



Israeli forces kill Palestinian student, former prisoner during clashes in Qalqiliya

Senior Abbas Adviser Tells The Media Line: We Don’t Depend on Israel  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)

Abbas: Israel "is a colonialist project that is not connected to Judaism"

Palestinian Authority Honors Two Prisoners Serving Life Sentences For Kidnapping, Murder Of Israeli Soldier; Representative For PA President 'Abbas: 'The Two Prisoners Are A National Example'

Israeli forces detain Palestinian, injure another as settlers visit holy site in Nablus

Unvetted Palestinian Authority Workers Trusted to Install IDF Security Camera Network (Israel Defense Forces)

Palestinian Authority President Abbas: 'This Has Been Our Land Since... The Canaanites'; Since Cromwell, Israel Has Been 'A Colonialist Enterprise' Unconnected With Judaism; 'We Won't Accept America As Mediator With Israel'; PLO Must 'Reexamine The Agreements' With Israel; We Will Not Call For A Military War With Israel – Whoever Has [Weapons] – Go Ahead And Do It... I'm With You

Israeli TV: Abbas fury a response to Saudis revealing Trump’s pro-Israel plan

South African activist: Israel's BDS blacklist will harm peace process

IDF soldier detained for calling to avenge rabbi killed in terror attack

Having Missed The Boat, Palestinian Authority Is Sinking

Abbas couldn’t make peace with the Jews; he believes his own lies about us

Israel orders 19 Palestinians to administrative detention

Abbas’s speech is a grenade in the Israeli right’s lap

Trump Administration Makes Good on Threat, Cuts Payment to UNRWA

UN chief 'very concerned' over American cut to UNRWA

Israeli forces detain 8 Palestinian minors, including 11-year-old, during raids

Likud MK welcomes U.S. cut to UNRWA

Can an Israeli-Saudi Détente Work?

PLO decides, but Abbas implements   (“Palestine” Liberation Organization (PLO)

CIA report reveals budding Tehran-PLO relationship in 1979



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