Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Thursday, January 11, 2018



PM orders illegal outpost hooked up to power grid after terror attack  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Trump Threatens to Deal Another Blow to the Palestinian Cause

US encouraging Israel to approve more settlements, Palestinians say

Special Report: The PA mocks US President Trump, demonizes US, and rejects US aid

Terrorist Roots Or Seeds Of Peace: The PA’s Gordian Knot

Is the PA trying to launch a new terror campaign?

Fatah celebrates “a killed settler”

Using music to incite murder, on PA TV

Slain rabbi mourned as ‘righteous man’ with ‘massive heart’

Israeli settler killed in shooting attack near Nablus

British-Israeli victim triggers UK probe into funds for Palestinian

Israeli forces shoot 2 Palestinians, detain minors during predawn raids

PLO Moves To Withdraw Recognition Of, Cut Ties To Israel   (“Palestine” Liberation Organization (PLO)

Palestinian minister says US responsibile for planned Israeli settlement expansion

Palestinians say two protesters killed in clashes with IDF  (Israel Defense Forces)

Fatah Downplays Meeting With Hizbullah Leader

How to treat strangers in need: Israeli version, Palestinian version

Israeli forces close Huwwara checkpoint in Nablus

The faded Palestinian issue

UNICEF's Campaign To Blacklist The IDF

How 99 percent of ‘Palestine refugees’ are fake

The Palestinians’  Race To The Bottom

Palestinian Journalist: Judaism Has Been A 'Religion Of Hatred' Toward All Mankind For The Past 3,000 Years That Surpasses Nazism In Its Cruelty

Palestinian Authority paid jihad terrorists and their families nearly $350 million in 2017

 Anti-Israel Groups Try to Smear Education Department Nominee




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