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Just More Government Pork — House Passes Embryonic Stem Cell Research Bill

For Immediate Release. May 25 , 2005 Far short of the two-third majority that would be required to override a veto, the House of Representatives ignored President George W. Bush's veto threat and passed by a 238-194 vote the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005 (H.R. 810) on May 24, 2005.  

“Once again the Republican controlled House of Representatives has demonstrated that they can always find a program to waste the hard earned taxpayer's dollars to benefit their own personal political gain,” said Dr. Joel P. Rutkowski, president of the American Voice Institute of Public Policy.  He added, “Congress continues to trump sound science with politics.  If this were not the case, the best avenue to pursue would be the non-embryonic approach because it offers the most effective treatments for degenerative conditions in the quickest possible time.”  

One of the fundamental purposes of government is to protect the innocent, yet the House of Representatives through this legislation would force taxpayers to pay for the destruction of innocent life by providing federal funding to encourage researchers to destroy new human embryos for their stem cells.  

It is incredible to believe at the beginning of the twenty first century that America's representatives have still not learned from history that good government is impossible without a foundation of religion and morality. It is no wonder that the morality of the American Society continues to decline daily with such morally deficient representation in Washington.   

If one would digress for a moment, the world was morally and ethically outraged when Adolf Hitler spoke of the master race and a biologically more superior human being.  Yet today it would not be hard to extrapolate that members of Congress would accept this ideology because if scientists could produced healthier human beings in their world view, it would be acceptable.       

Since economic resources are finite and therapeutic cloning and embryonic stem cell research are morally and ethically wrong, adult stem cell research is the best avenue to pursue in the treatment of disease based on mounting scientific research.  If one is to gain some hindsight into which therapy could possibly be more successful — adult stem cell or embryonic stem cell research — they should just examine which has received the most private funding.  Since the majority of scientific findings are favorable for adult stem cell research, private investors and donors are investing their money in this area while others call for the government funding for embryonic stem cell research.   Furthermore, another reason why many researchers are proponents of embryonic stem cell research, which has not produced a single treatment for a single patient, is simple — financial gains. When a patient is treated with adult stem cells, the individual's own cells are grown and given back to the individual.  As a result the stem cell line created is not owned by anyone.  On the other hand, however, by creating and patenting embryonic stem cell lines, an economic bonanza for researchers could result.

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Joel P. Rutkowski, P.h.D.
President, The American Voice Institute Of Public Policy


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