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Homosexuality/Same-Sex Marriages

The American Voice Institute of Public Policy is opposed to allowing a person's sexual preference to be a basis for establishing a protected class of people. While all Americans, including homosexuals, have basic rights which are fully secured under the Constitution, legislation to punish crimes of prejudice require judgments to be passed on thought and a person's state of mind, rather than conduct. We believe that conduct, not emotion, should be scrutinized and held up to a system of laws to be fulfilled.

The American Voice Institute of Public Policy is opposed to adoption by homosexual partners. We believe in the traditional definition of the family — one man and one woman lawfully joined together in a lifetime commitment with children, in many cases, being added to this union. We do not support the claim that if homosexuals do not adopt, there will be children without homes. On the contrary, evidence supports the fact that there are many heterosexual couples waiting years to adopt a child.

The American Voice Insitute of Public Policy is against discrimination based upon race or gender. However, sexual preference is a behavioral choice not to be compared with a person's race or gender. Granting protected class status because of sexual preference does not grant equal rights but special rights and an unequal protection of an alternative lifestyle considered immoral according to the Judeo-Christian principles upon which America was founded.

The American Voice Institute of Public Policy is opposed to same-sex marriages because of its belief in the traditional family being the foundation of society throughout history. Because of recent attacks on the family from divorce, child abuse, increased financial burdens and spousal abuse, traditional marriages are eligible for preferred status in taxes, health insurance and legislative status. Legalization of same-sex marriages, which demean the traditional family, would open the door to the legalization of perverted and destructive institutions leading to the breakdown of the family in particular and society as a whole.

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