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A Dark Day for America and Its Allies as Senate Confirms Hagel as Secretary  of Defense

For Immediate Release. Tuesday, March 5, 2013 —On February 26, 2013, on a 58 to 41 vote (To see how your senators voted visit: 00024) the U.S. Senate confirmed former U.S. Senator of Nebraska Chuck Hagel (R) as the next Secretary of Defense.  Once again the Senate failed America when 71 senators voted (To see how your senators voted visit: 00023  ) to proceed with the vote on the embattled nominee easily passing the 60-vote requirement to end cloture. This time unfortunately, several Republican senators who had previously voted against cloture switched their vote which included U.S. Senator of South Carolina Lindsey Graham and U.S. Senator of Arizona John McCain. (To see how your senators voted visit: 00021 .) 

In supporting Mr. Hagel, no Democrats voted against him but U.S. Senator of New Jersey Frank Lautenberg (D.) did not vote. And only four Republicans joined Democrats in supporting Hagel: Senators Thad Cochran (Mississippi); Mike Johanna (Nebraska); Rand Paul (Kentucky) and Richard Shelby (Alabama). “What this vote shows is that the GOP and the Democrat Party do not care about the national defense and national security of America,” said Joel P. Rutkowki, President of the American Voice Institute of Public Policy.  He added, “The GOP could have voted against the cloture motion. Instead they voted for it which is just the same as voting for the confirmation of Mr. Hagel.”

 Contrary to years of evidence, Mr. Hagel denied or retracted many of his past actions and statements. However, he did not undergo an abrupt ideological change. Even though the Senate overlooked it he still has ties to Iranian lobbyist and has made anti-Semitic statements. 

In his confirmation testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Mr. Hagel gave uninformed and incompetent answers that backtracked and reformulated his world view. 

Mr. Hagel will view his confirmation as Secretary of Defense as a mandate for cutting defense. The defense budget can and should be reduced but defense spending and force structure should be driven by a strategy, not budget cuts for their own sake. Wrongly, without regard to geopolitical realities, Hagel will cut the defense budget. 

The confirmation of Hagel as the next Secretary of Defense shows a lack of leadership in the Senate. It was a dark day for the Senate, America and the world when Mr. Hagel was confirmed as the next Secretary of Defense because he is dangerously wrong and out of touch on the major defense and foreign policy challenges that are currently confronting the U.S. ― Iran, Egypt, the Middle East, North Africa, failed and failing states, Islamo-fascism, Communist Chinese nationalism and Communist North Korea, just to name a few. 

Dr. Rutkowski said, “The world has been destabilized under President Obama's foreign policy because of the lack of American leadership.  This failed agenda of Obama will only be accelerated by Mr Hagel as the enemies of America and its allies are emboldened by the weakness of America.”

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Joel P. Rutkowski, P.h.D.
President, The American Voice Institute Of Public Policy

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