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President Bush Does Not Refute that Global Warming Is Caused by Human Activity

For Immediate Release. June 4, 2002In its report to the United Nations on climate change, the White house on June 3, 2002, defended the administration’s about-face stance on global warming. 

The Washington Times reported on June 4, 2002, that the Bush administration said in its U.S. Climate Action report 2002, “Greenhouse gases are accumulating in the earth’s atmosphere as a result of human activities, causing global mean surface air temperatures, and subsurface ocean temperatures to rise. “

This is the first report from the Bush administration that agrees with the environmental activists’ viewpoint that heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere created by the human use of fossil fuels are the cause of global warming.

The controversy over the report issued on May 31, 2002 by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) was addressed by White House spokesman Scott McClellan.  “(There remains) considerable uncertainty in current understanding of how climate varies naturally,” said McClellan pointing to its language and reiterating the administration’s stance.

Such uncertainty supports opposition to the Kyoto Treaty’s goal of reducing US carbon dioxide emissions by seven percent from their 1990 levels between 2008 to 2012 says the administration.  The report also endorses the President’s plan for voluntary measures by U.S. companies as the best way to significantly reduce the growth of greenhouse gas emissions,” while investing in new science and technology to curb them said McClellan.

However, the President does not dismiss the fact that there is no “scientific basis” that anthropogenic activity results in warming.  In fact by endorsing voluntary measures to reduce anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, he admits that the administration does believe that human activity causes global warming. 

Despite the President’s wavering on this issue, it is highly likely according to several scientific studies using proxy data that natural changes are responsible for these small global temperature increases observed over the last quarter century and over the last 100 years.  In fact, scientists have estimated that annually some 140 billion tons of carbon dioxide cycle through the atmosphere.  And the U.S. and Canada emit about 1.7 billion tons relating to human activity or about 1.21 percent.  Thus the remaining 98.79 percent is emitted by natural sources. 

There is little reason to believe that the ongoing increase in the atmosphere’s air carbon dioxide concentrations may lead to catastrophic global warming.  It is climate change that drives changes in the air’s carbon dioxide concentration and not vice versa suggest several observations of historical changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration and air temperature.  For example,  air temperatures always rose first followed by an increase later in atmospheric carbon dioxide some 400 to 1000 years later according to a study of the global warmings that signaled the demise of the last three ice ages.  Similarly, air temperatures consistently declined prior to the air’s carbon dioxide content causing carbon dioxide decreases to lag behind by several thousand years according to a study for all glacial inceptions of the past 500,000 years.

In their search for the true cause of climate increases, many scientists now consider the natural alterations in global ocean currents as a possible cause to this small warming that has been observed over the years.

Once again President Bush has decided to use double talk and not come out and openly refute that global warming is not caused by anthropogenic activity.  He has put politics ahead of sound science.  His actions only empower proponents of global warming as the President continues to compromise on core conservative issues using a triangulation strategy in hopes of attracting moderate to liberal voters. 

“Unfortunately, the President and his strategists do not realize that as he becomes more of a pseudo-democratic he continues to alienate his conservative base,” said Dr. Joel Rutkowski, president of the American Voice Institute of Public Policy.  “Somehow they have falsely convinced themselves by referring to opinion polls that these conservatives, which will help him win an election, will support him no matter how much he compromise issues important to them.“

The 2004 elections are a long way off and anything can happen between now and then.  However, the President should use history as his guide in making his decisions.  For it was not too long ago that another President Bush enjoyed a short-lived popularity as President after the Gulf War.  

"When President Bush’s father took conservatives for granted, they responded by staying away from the polls at the next Presidential election," added Dr. Rutkowski. "George H. Bush abandoned conservatives and became a pseudo-democratic.  And when the American people had the opportunity to vote for a pseudo-democratic or a real democratic, they voted for the real Democratic — former President Bill Clinton." 

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