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Energy Omnibus Bill  (S.14) 

The Senate is considering the Energy Omnibus bill (S.14) (Full text of legislation) with a vote expected this week.  Between 70 and 100 amendments are expected although as many as 392 could be offered. One such amendment that could be added to this measure is the Climate Stewardship Act of 2003 (S. 139) (Full text of legislation).  The bill sponsored by Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-Connecticut ) and cosponsored by Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) will try to implement the Kyoto Protocol, the unworkable international global warming treaty that would have disastrous effects on the United States (U.S.) economy.  The measure would increase natural gas prices in 2010 by 16% and in 2025 by 46%.  Also, electricity prices in 2010 would rise 9% and in 2025 would increase 46%.  Expected to increase by $444 (13% annually in 2025) is the fuel cost of personal transportation.  And employment associated with the coal industry would decline by 50,000 because of S. 139.  Additionally, Senator Jeff Bingaman (Democrat-New Mexico) is offering an amendment that would create a nationwide “renewable-portfolio standard” (RPS).  This measure would require utilities to generate a specific percentage of electricity from wind, solar and other green technologies.  Although the amendment would not act as an outright cap on carbon emission, it would inflate consumers’ electricity costs because it would restrict utilities’ access to the most economical fuels.  With few exceptions, investments in subsidized renewable technologies have been disappointing.   

The House of Representatives in April included in their energy bill a provision that would allow for oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).  However the Senate will not follow suite because of hopes of finishing work on the measure Senator Pete Domenici (Republican-New Mexico) indicated he would not push for ANWR drilling in the Senate version. 

The measure contains several anti-energy policies.  Passing any energy bill just for the sake of it will not help meet the coming energy needs of this nation.  Contrary to pundants, fossil fuels are becoming more abundant and as technology improves, investment capital expands and world markets liberalize at an even more abundant level.  Domestic energy exploration is just one way to promote economic growth, maintain national security, and provide for a reliable and affordable energy supply.  

What Can You Do?

Urge your senators to NOT SUPPORT the Energy Omnibus bill  (S.14) as well as the amendments associated with the bill.

Contact Information:

Capitol Hill Switchboard Numbers: 202-225-3121 or 202-224-3121 (Those numbers will direct you to the Capitol Hill operator. Ask for your senator's office.)

To go to your senators' websites, find their E-mail or to find out who your senators are... http://www.senate.gov/contacting/index_by_state.cfm  

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