The American Voice Institute of Public Policy believes that parents play an integral part in their children's educational success. As a result, decisions over school policy and finances should be given to local school boards elected by parents and tax payers.

The American Voice Institute of Public Policy also supports the freedom for parents to determine where and how their children will be educated. In addition, we believe that the family is still one of the best educational systems ever created. Since the family is an excellent socialization mechanism for children, the American Voice Institute of Public Policy supports homeschooling.

The deteriorating performance of America's schools can only be reversed by fundamental reform that strives to increase academic achievement through school choice, accountability and less regulation from Washington, D.C.

Education reforms not related directly to school performance or student achievement will not work as effectively as an accountability system for schools and teachers. Smaller classes, higher teacher salaries and increased spending have not shown significant effects on the overall improvements of children's education.

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