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Thursday, December 20, 2018





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Planned Parenthood, Other Feminist Organizations Accused Of Discrimination Against Pregnant Workers


Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Could Compete with Planned Parenthood for Title X Funds


Catholic Priest Courageously Enters Abortion Clinic to Save Babies From Abortion


How doctors can stop abortions: Simply refuse to perform them


Claire McCaskill Lashes Out at “Dumb” Abortion Activists Who Need to “Shut Up”


America's Uncounted Abortions


NIH Director Francis Collins Says It’s “Pro-Life” to Use Aborted Baby Parts in Research


Pro-Life Groups Slam Tax Funding of Research Using Eyes, Livers and Brains of Aborted Babies


Man Raped 13-Year-Old Girl, Then Took Her to Planned Parenthood for Abortion


Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Stopped Using Sterile Gloves, Used Solo Cups for Urine Samples to Cut Costs


When Will Abortion Be Legal In Ireland? The Ban Officially Lifts Very Soon


More Doctors in Italy Refuse to Kill Babies in Abortions, 70% of Physicians Say No


Irish president signs abortion law


Ireland President Signs Bill Mandating Free Abortions, Forcing Hospitals and Doctors to Do Them




After a tumultuous year, Afghans face yet more uncertainty in 2019




Female Scandinavian Hikers Beheaded in Morocco


Morocco: Muslims who murdered Scandinavian girls say killings were “Allah’s will,” victims were “enemies of Allah”


A Kenyan says Somali Muslims come to Europe “for your free benefits which are paid out with your taxpayers’ money”


Morocco: Islamic State hacks Scandinavian tourists to death, beheads one, films beheading


Mogadishu-backed candidate wins test-case regional election




ACLU, Muslim Group File Challenges to Texas Anti-BDS Law




Australian Market Pares Losses


Aussie Dollar Holds Ground Despite Risk-off Sentiment


Australian PM Morrison visits troops in Iraq


Australia Poised for First Budget Surplus Since Financial Crisis




Airbus shares plunge on reported US corruption probe




More than 100,000 people give to border wall GoFundMe


US, Mexico announce deal on migrants seeking asylum at border




Canada shares lower at close of trade; S&P/TSX Composite down 0.86%


Canada: Arabic newspaper publishes calls for Muslims to kill Jews


Kelly McParland: Canada's so silly we can't make money off oil or drugs


John Ivison: Trudeau half as popular as he used to be  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Unifor president says GM will consider Oshawa plant options as union makes case for staying open


Federal environment minister says Canada will hit Paris emissions target even after ‘setback’ in Ontario


A healthy oil patch is the only thing saving Justin Trudeau from a populist surge, new report says


Federal government announces almost $7 million for youth anti-violence program in Toronto


Canadian Forces to investigate scheme designed to hide documents from admiral's lawyers


 Christie Blatchford: Seventh boy charged in St. Michael's College sex abuse scanda


Canada joins U.S., U.K. in calling out China for state-sponsored hacking campaign


Canadian Forces to investigate scheme designed to hide documents from admiral's lawyers


Huawei and Canada: What we know about the company, the arrest and China’s reaction


Why Sara Wheale resigned from PM's youth council over his comments about construction workers


A U.S.-China deal is Canada’s best way out of the Huawei mess


Exclusive: Saudis fall $1.8B behind in arms deal with Canada


Ottawa unveils plan to make medical devices like breast implants, pacemakers safer




Former CIA officer caught committing espionage




What is Christmas Without Christ?




A Warning from Xi Jinping  (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


Third Canadian held in China amid spat over Huawei CFO


Exclusive: China hacked HPE, IBM and then attacked clients - sources


China's Sinograin confirms U.S. soybean purchases


China warns US against 'weaponising' space



N.Korean Economy 'Cracking Under Sanctions Strain'


North Korea: We Asked 27 Experts What They Think Will Happen in 2019


North Korea sounds the death knell for denuclearization




Senate Staffer Sentenced to 2 Months for Lying to FBI in Leak Probe


Bombshell court docs reveal GOP power players had early eyes on Trump dossier


Christopher Steele Gave Copies of Trump Dossier to a McCain Pal, a Paul Ryan Aide, and a GOP Rep. in Late 2016


US indicts alleged Chinese hackers for 'unrelenting effort' to steal tech


Charges against Weinstein won't be dismissed


We all need to cool it with the ‘treason’ talk(One positive thing could come out of the fiasco of the sentencing hearing for General Michael Flynn — a national teaching moment in respect of the meaning of “treason.”)




Deputy who killed relatives before committing suicide was former Officer of the Year


Exactly 39 years after teen girl was stabbed to death, DNA leads to suspect's arrest


500 clergy tied to sex abuse: Illinois AG


Deputy who killed relatives before committing suicide was former Officer of the Year




Heed Emanuel(Illinois is facing a fiscal nightmare, Chicago’s outgoing mayor warns.)




DeVos Outlines ‘Rethinking’ of Higher Education  (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)




DHS: Jesus, Mary and Joseph could have earned asylum in U.S.


US says asylum seekers to be sent back to Mexico


DHS to make asylum-seekers wait in Mexico in attempt to end ‘catch-and-release’





Trump’s Interior Introduces Proposal to Open Alaskan Refuge to Oil And Gas Exploration





Whitaker Mueller oversight appropriate: Rosenstein  (Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein)


Now That The Russian Collusion Narrative Is Deflating, The Left Is Shifting Goalposts


Justice Dept. ethics official told Whitaker’s team he should recuse from Mueller probe


William Barr Is Right: Making Comey’s Firing A Crime Will Destroy DOJ


Former Federal Prosecutor: That Mueller Memo From Trump's AG Nominee is Excellent, and He Shouldn't Withdraw or Recuse


The Barr Memo Is a Commendable Piece of Lawyering




Petition accuses Disney of cultural appropriation for using popular ‘Lion King’ phrase




DEA 'double agent' accused of secretly working with murderous gang




Dow closes down more than 450 points as Fed and government-shutdown fears punish bulls


Wall St slides on Fed plans; Nasdaq flirts with bear territory


U.S. stocks clobbered amid White House drama over shutdown


Asian Stocks Sink After Wall Street Dives on Rate Hike


Stocks slide as Fed's 2019 rates guidance disappoints


Stocks, U.S. Futures Fall as Post-Fed Mood Darkens: Markets Wrap


Asia's central banks have almost no reasons to hike rates in 2019


More than half of global central banks are raising rates, and that’s a problem for stocks


Gold settles at a nearly 6-month high as risky assets get rocked


Dow sinks below 23,000, Nasdaq flirts with a bear market and oil is in free fall


How a looming government shutdown could affect federal services — and stocks




Middle school students offered pizza in exchange for HIV testing: report


‘Why Didn’t I Get an A?’


Mary Washington Ruling Threatens Free Speech on Campus


Redefining the Obligation to Protect Students


High Price of Prevention


Duke VP Criticized for Facebook Post


U of Helsinki Tries Anonymized Academic Hiring




U.S. oil benchmark settles at a 17-month low


Energy Prices




Stoxx Europe 600 ends at 2-year low amid global risk-off selloff


Elderly Woman Brutally Robbed By Egyptian Migrants In Rome


What Sweden’s interest-rate hike means for the European Central Bank’s 2019 path


Finland to Start Imprisoning Illegal Migrants


Sweden: Music festival bans men because “spate of sex attacks by migrant men plagued other festivals”


EU Expands WTO Case Against Chinese Technology


Brussels Jewish Museum terror suspect appears in court




The Fed has left itself wiggle room to fix the economy if it breaks 




Wells Fargo moves jobs abroad after U.S. layoffs, government says




'Yellow vests' Act VI: Versailles Palace to close on Saturday amid protest fears




Der Spiegel reporter’s story on U.S. border vigilantes outed as #fakenews by his colleague


Security reinforced at airports in western Germany: police


Germany: Muslima enraged, files suit over washing instructions that say “Muslims will shrink”




Climate protests cost $91 billion in lost economic activity, chamber study finds




2 more moderate Kansas GOP legislators defect to Democrats




Most Still Reject Obamacare’s Insurance Requirement  




Boy dances at gay bar: 'This really is child abuse'




House passes temporary government funding bill that includes border wall money


House passes criminal justice reform bill, sending it to Trump’s desk


Rep. Gutierrez Says Trump Administration Would Have Killed Baby Jesus


'Bad case of Potomac Fever': Meadows urges Trump to stand tall for wall


Gohmert: Ryan Told GOP to Run Against Trump in 2016




US steps up Southeast Asian refugee deportation operations


It Was Always about the Wall



California cops ‘frustrated’ with sanctuary laws stopping them from working with ICE over twice-deported criminal


ICE arrested more than 6,500 illegals with homicide/sex offenses in fiscal 2018




India bans commercial surrogacy to stop 'rent a womb' exploitation of vulnerable women


Modi's Pledge on Farm Income Wilts as Crop Prices Drop in India  (Prime Minister Narendra Modi)


India seeks parliament nod to inject $330 million in Air India


India to Spend $12 Billion by March on Bad Loan Clean Up


India’s IT sector will create 250,000 new jobs in 2019




Spike in Arrests of Christians in Iran Especially Severe this Christmas Season, Sources Say





Nation of Islam received hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to teach prisoners




Palestinian Furor Grows Over Abbas’ Alleged Close Security Coordination With Israel (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Israeli fizzy-water maker SodaStream to set up plant in Gaza, CEO says


Echoes of Gush Katif: Netanyahu’s Lawyer Evokes Sharon Escape from Prosecution (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Israel, Greece, Cyprus to ink natural gas pipeline deal next year, PM says


Netanyahu: U.S. supports our response to Iran in Syria


Has Israel made a huge mistake letting a Chinese firm run part of Haifa port?


Shooting at Ofra Junction Followed by Ramming at Focus Checkpoint


Twitter says it blocked 22 Hamas and Hezbollah accounts at Israel’s request


Mystery disconnects and loop recordings plaguing Israeli-U.S. phone calls


Domestic abusers and sex offenders among nearly 1,000 prisoners released early


Killing 3 innocent Israelis "is a great thing," says Fatah official


82-year-old measles patient dies in Jerusalem


The IDF must cut short tunnel operation, get set for repercussions from Trump’s stunning Syria withdrawal  (Israel Defense Forces)


On the rainy Lebanese border, IDF fights tunnels and drums up support


IDF begins process of destroying Hezbollah tunnels


IDF shoots dead Palestinian, injures another as car runs West Bank roadblock


Israel Weary Of Bureaucratic Inroads By Palestinians At International Criminal Court


Netanyahu canceled Albania visit due to possible plot to target him – reports


For the first time: IDF blows up terrorist tunnel in the north


Netanyahu’s lawyers call on AG to denounce leaks from corruption probes


Retired Lebanese General: The Tunnels Exposed On Israeli Border Were Dug Before 2006; All The Sides Knew Of Their Existence Even Then


Netanyahu talks with Trump about US Syria pullout, ‘Iranian aggression’


US leaves Israel to fight its battles alone




Japan to resume commercial whaling next year: reports




‘Fake News #MAGA’ sign planted with arrow pointing to Texas Holocaust museum


Where the Vichy Weekly Standard went wrong


See list of advertisers boycotting Tucker Carlson




‘Disturbing’ new tactics: Mexican cartels use ultralight aircraft to smuggle illegals into U.S.




Coalition says it launched strike at airport in Yemen capital




US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to retire at the end of February – Trump


U.S. weighs significant troop drawdown in Afghanistan: officials


DoD: U.S. 'Vulnerable to Deadly Missile Attacks' Due to Ballistic Missile Defense Cyber Weaknesses


Agency imposes further limits on Navy training harmful to sea mammals


Mattis, once one of ‘my generals,’ loses clout with Trump   (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)




Muslim Pakistan says outcry over China detention camps 'sensationalised'





Wegmans pulls cauliflower rice, stir fry mixes on E. coli fears




Famous radio DJ saves suicidal man’s life live on air




Putin: Convicted Russian spy Marina Butina pleaded guilty to a lie(Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Putin's End-of-Year Presser in Quotes


Tsunami warning after 7.4 temblor rocks Russia’s eastern shore


Two New Studies Claim Putin Put Trump in the White House. Credible? Not!


Putin Accuses U.S. of Raising Risk of Nuclear War and Predicts New Arms Race




Lindsey Graham says withdrawing troops from Afghanistan could pave way for ‘second 9/11’


Schumer Explains Why Democrats Oppose Trump's Wall: 'There's No Plan to Build It'  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Jerome Corsi tells Senate Intel: Take a hike




Facebook denies giving tech giants access to user data


Facebook just can't stop breaking its privacy promises




Moon calls for strong military, alliance with US (President Moon Jae-in)


Over 100,000 taxi drivers stage massive strike against ridesharing service


BOK stuck between Fed hike, slowdown


Korean PM seeks Libya's help for abducted Korean, Filipinos




NFL bust Dorial Green-Beckham arrested for weed while climbing out window 




New Sri Lanka Cabinet vows to speed up national reconciliation



UK and France to do more against IS after US Syria pullout


Articles In Syrian Government Press Published Prior To Trump's Announcement Of Pullout From Syria: U.S. Envoy For Syria James Jeffrey Is 'Pathetic And Disconnected From Reality'; U.S. Should Withdraw And Cut Its Losses


Russia Delighted, Israel Concerned About Prospective U.S. Troop Withdrawal From Syria




Taiwan shares lower at close of trade; Taiwan Weighted down 1.11%




Trump's Tax Cuts: One Year Later, There's Much To Celebrate




Why Democrats should support free trade with Mexico and Canada




U.S. to lift sanctions from aluminum giant Rusal




US soldier detained by Turkish officials at Istanbul airport has been released


Turkey threatens to ‘bury’ Kurdish forces in Syria amid U.S. withdrawal(AVIPP COMMENTARY: This is one reason why the US should not leave Syria.)


Turkey Sticking With Russian Missile Defense Purchase, Officials Say


Turkey's president criticizes US sanctions on Iran




U.K. stocks finish lower as sinking oil weighs on FTSE 100


UK: As Muslim who attacked cops with sword walks free, cops hunt for man on train who spoke of disliking Muslims


'Muslim taxi driver' threatens to rape converts to Christianity


London airport shut down twice due to drones


Parliament Is Sleepwalking toward a No-Deal Brexit


UK retail sales boosted by Black Friday




Israel Exposes Hezbollah Terror Tunnel Infiltration Plan at the UN 




Pope likens migrants to Jesus as Vatican top dog says hunted Christian Asia Bibi is “internal matter” of Pakistan




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump announces farm bill signing with ‘Green Acres’ parody video


Trump refuses to sign stopgap to avert shutdown, insists on border security funds


Voters Say Trump, Not Pelosi, Should Set Nation's Direction


Trump struggles to defend decision to pull out of Syria


A call to pray for President Trump


Trump is keeping his Syria campaign promise too quickly


Now media claim Trump jealous of Jesus!


Trump defends surprise Syria withdrawal despite withering GOP criticism


The Syria withdrawal may be Trump’s biggest blunder to date


Pressure from base pushed a flustered Trump into shutdown reversal


How the president’s legal woes continue to grow


'Bye, Felicia': Michelle Obama Takes Swipe At President Trump, Then Melania


White House Condemns 'Activism' Of Judge Who Wants Deportees Back in The US


Trump: ‘US is not the Middle East’s policeman’ 


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