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Thursday, December 21, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 



Supreme Court Will Decide if Illegal Immigrants Have a “Right” to Abortion

The news that has Abortion Inc. in fear

Arkansas Could be the Next State With Just One Abortion Clinic Left if a Pro-Life Law is Upheld

Orthodox Jews Opposing Abortion Are Embracing Jewish, Not Christian, Values

Democratic Presidents Are Not Responsible for Declines in Abortion Rate

The Traveling Abortion Doctor

Her Body, Their Choice

How Twitter Protects Planned Parenthood From the Truth

Real Feminists Care About Women and Children. Real Feminists are Pro-Life

400 Babies Have Been Saved From Abortion After It’s Already Started, Now Nurses Are Learning to Save More

Pennsylvania Gov. Slammed After Vetoing Dismemberment Abortion Ban: “He’s a Planned Parenthood Puppet”

Poll: Voters Support Justice Department Investigation of Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Baby Parts

10 Numbers You Should Know About Pregnancy Centers

London Bans Free Speech, Prohibits Pro-Life People From Providing Alternatives Outside Abortion Clinics

Polish doctors to Canadians: We’re sorry your ‘head abortionist’ was born in our country

Forced Abortions and Sex-Selection Abortions Still Done in China Under Two-Child Policy



Pence Makes His First Trip To Afghanistan As Vice President



Africa: Breaking - President Mnangagwa Put On Sale in South Africa



Another Accident That Could Have Been Avoided on Government-subsidized Amtrak

Military among first on scene of deadly Amtrak train wreck

Sex offender ID’d as third victim in Washington train crash

Trains Are Mandated to Have Automatic Brakes. Most Don’t.



Hurricane recovery moves slowly in Puerto Rico as US Army Corps continues relief efforts



S. Korea, Japan had best stock up on antibiotics to treat anthrax



ASX fades after tax plan fatigu

Commodities still the main driver of the Australian dollar

'Evil, cowardly attack' in CBD not terror-related, police believe

'It is a deliberate act': Pedestrians critically injured in Flinders St carnage 

Melbourne player faces sexual assault allegation

Melbourne car attack: Two arrested after SUV rams Flinders Street crowd

Melbourne Crash Was 'Deliberate,' Police Say After Driver's Arrest

Flinders Street: Major incident as car runs through tram stop

'Deliberate' car ramming injures 14 people in Australia

Melbourne car crash: 'All you could hear was the hits and the screams', witness says

Teenager In Australia Rapes And Robs 83-Year Old Grandmother

The Guardians of the Great Barrier Reef



Honda, Nissan developing solid-state batteries for EVs: report



Unveiled: Boeing's revolutionary new unmanned aircraft



Kosovo Signs Deal With U.S. Power Provider To Increase Energy Security



Banish the bureacrats: Driving federal workers out of DC



Boy Scout leader allegedly had child porn depicting toddlers



Canadian dollar up after StatCan inflation report; TSX sees record high

Ukrainian interpreter who attended Trudeau meeting arrested on suspicion of being Russian spy      (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)

Halifax man guilty of murder in death of off-duty police officer

Ontario Human Rights Tribunal says imam’s call to buy from Muslims only is not discriminatory

Canada abstains as UN General Assembly backs resolution to nullify U.S. move on Jerusalem

Tim Harper: On the Middle East Ottawa sits on its hands to keep Trump happy

Nissan Canada breach may have exposed data of up to 1.1 million customers

Toronto students’ invention aims to solve lead-in-water issue

Calgary teacher accused of sexually assaulting teens faces 49 charges after more girls come forward

Higher gas prices lead to accelerated inflation rate of 2.1 per cent, StatCan finds

John Ivison: Canadians may not know him from Adam, but Scheer ends the year quietly confident



The Government Of Bermuda Cancels Gay Marriage, Now Enraged Homosexual Lobbyists Are Trying To Force Bermuda To Pass Homosexual Marriage



Feds say this is the fastest growing state in the nation



U.S. signals support for incumbent president in disputed Honduras election



“We Are Going to Burn You Alive!”  (Just another month in the lives of Christians under Islam.)



US in talks with China on new N.Korea sanctions: diplomats

China plans remote sensing satellites over South China Sea

China plans to break petrodollar stranglehold

Technology-aided Chinese Big Brother Makes Thousands Disappear

China condemns Donald Trump’s ‘selfish isolationism’

China shows its green roots on dusty road to contradictions



Signs That North Koreans Would Prefer to Be South Koreans Grow

North Korea rejects U.S. accusation, says it is not linked to any cyber attacks

North Korea says it 'will take revenge' for US claim of bio weapons

Three North Koreans, including soldier, defect to South Korea, report says



4 Of The Biggest Myths About The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act

A Dessert-First Tax Bill

Analysis: Republicans project image of unity after tax victory

Kids’ health insurance hangs in the balance, and parents wonder what’s wrong with Congress

Congress Refuses to Do Right by Children’s Health Care

Well done, Republicans. Now start legislating properly.



Liberals Slam Companies Giving Out Christmas Bonuses in Wake of Tax Reform Passage

Wells Fargo, AT&T Try to Show Unpopular Tax Cut Aids Workers



Homosexual Man In Florida Repeatedly Rapes Three Year Old Boy. The Judge Is So Disturbed That He Sentences Him To 495 Years In Prison

Virginia: Muslim gets 20 years for trying to fund the Islamic State, wanted to commit jihad massacre of cop

Fmr. Dem Congressional Candidate Indicted for Fraud, Theft From Low-Income Children’s Food Program

Bearded Track Palin appears in court wearing yellow prison scrubs with his grandparents watching on as he is granted house arrest with an electronic tag after assaulting his father Todd

Federal law clerks demand changes to judiciary's sexual misconduct policies

Faced with libel lawsuit, dossier drafter Christopher Steele hedges on linking Trump to Russia

Mistrial in Nevada standoff is latest defeat for prosecutors



Homosexual Man In Maryland Captures 12 Year Old Boy And Sodomizes Him. And You Want Homosexuals In Your Society?

Minneapolis: Muslim migrant stabs woman 14 times, local media ignores incident

NASCAR legend shoots at home invaders

Family of woman shot dead by officer questions "integrity" of probe

Cracking down on "porch pirates" ahead of Christmas

Tip from Pakistan about buried boy leads to body in Ohio



Hackers Compromise 65% of Outdoor Surveillance Cameras in D.C.

Has YOUR computer been 'cryptojacked'? Experts reveal how to tell if hackers are using it to mine bitcoin

Massive leak exposes data on 123 million U.S. households



DNC Has Worst November Fundraising in a Decade



Top Obama adviser under fire for tweet about Ryan, McConnell and Pence ‘obits’



Partial Relief for Defrauded Borrowers (Department's decision is major departure from Obama administration, which provided full relief for approved claims. Advocates for students say policy provides inadequate help and creates confusion.)



Study: Homeland Security Violating Privacy by Facial Scans at Airports



Trump has Ben Carson show reporters how to pray  (Secretary of Housing and Urban Development  Dr Ben Carson)



Don’t fire Mueller, Mr. President, we need his comedy to see us through (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)

DOJ told RT to register as foreign agent partly because of alleged 2016 election interference

Congress Demands DOJ Turn Over All Docs Related to Obama Scheme to Nix Hezbollah Terror Investigation

An Uranium One Investigation? Trump's Justice Department Talking to FBI Agents About Alleged Hillary Clinton Scandal

Trump has the formidable power to fire Mueller, but the Constitution's constraints are also powerful  



Stock market ends higher; energy leads the way

Energy and financials power Wall Street's rise

Bond Yields Set for Weekly Jump, Stocks Tick Up: Markets Wrap

US weekly jobless claims total 245,000, vs 231,000 expected

Stock-market volatility could return in a big way in January: Goldman Sachs

Gold ekes out gain as investors sort out tax-cut implications

It's Trump's economy now

Asia stocks subdued as U.S. tax cuts belt bonds

Asian Equities Mixed as Cheer Ebbs Over Tax Cuts: Markets Wrap

The Dow is on track to do something it hasn’t done since 1959

Prices will skyrocket in these NYC neighborhoods next year

Dollar tumbles versus Canadian counterpart; holds ground against other rivals



Protesters Clash With Attendees as Turning Point USA Conference Commences

The Education of Lyle Clinton May  (Prison education programs are often aimed at reducing recidivism and helping prisoners find careers once they’re no longer behind bars. So what happens when a prisoner doesn’t have a release date?)

FSU fraternity pledge died 'alone in a room full of people' at party

Big Brother: College Edition (Student blasts Georgia Tech for monitoring his social media accounts, including details about his travel plans and activist work on campus.)

Students file complaint, tear down ‘racist’ pictures of Kate Steinle

A Robot Goes to College (Humanoid robot completes course in philosophy of love in what is purportedly a world first.)

New York Schools Chancellor to Retire



Islamic Terrorism Has Become So Bad In Egypt That Almost A QUARTER MILLION Security Forces Have Been Deployed To Protect Churches This Christmas



The Daily 202: 10 reasons Democrats think the tax bill will be a political loser for Trump's GOP in the midterms



Bill de Blasio's Iowa stand-up act (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio(D)



Resilient oil ends with modest gains

Energy Prices

When clean, affordable fuel isn’t good enough for Gore



Trump’s Ukraine Lethal Aid Approval Is Not A Gamechanger



Spanish stocks settle sharply higher, fronting turnaround in European shares

Finland: Muslim migrant rapes his girlfriend and then burns her alive

EU begins “nuclear option” proceedings against Poland for resisting the hijrah, sanctions could follow

Ireland approves wall at Trump golf course - report

Uber is a transport firm, Europe court rules

Poland Overhauls Judiciary, Escalating Clash With E.U.



The 'tourist traps' in France that might leave you disappointed

France to ban all oil and gas production from 2040



Man arrested for anti-Semitic slurs at Israeli-owned cafe in Berlin

Muslim Man Gets Mad And Tries To Drown His German Girlfriend, Instead He Ends Up Drowning Himself

Fewer refugee deportations and departures in Germany this year: survey

German School Relocates Christmas Party After Muslim Student Complains

 German pilots' union calls first-ever Ryanair strike for Friday

Shot in black and white, ‘A German Life’ paints WWII in chilling shades of gray



Obamacare Sign-Ups Stay Strong at 8.8 Million Amid Obstacles



Opioids now kill more people than breast cancer

Mumps outbreak in Florida: Officials panic as cases soar to the highest in the last five years combined



Crews remove Confederate statues from 2 Memphis city parks



Mormons defy church to again perform baptisms on Holocaust victims



The House passes spending, disaster measures Thursday to avert shutdown

Thou Shalt Not Covet : Democratic Congressman Admits They Oppose Tax Cuts Because Poor People Are Jealous Of Rich People

GOP scrambles for votes to fund the government

Watch: Nancy Pelosi BAILS On Anti-Tax Bill Protest After Only A Handful Of Angry Leftists Show Up (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)

House Republicans quietly investigate perceived corruption at DOJ, FBI

House Introduces Short-Term Spending Bill to Keep Government Funded Through Jan. 19, 2018

US Congressmen call secret Qatar deal into question

House Republicans are secretly working to discredit Mueller: report  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)

CNN curious if Jim Jordan gets White House talking points before appearing on Fox News  (US Representative of Ohio Jim Jordan (R)

House Dem warns: ‘We can be certain’ Russia will interfere in 2018

Maxine Waters: 'What is Trump so afraid of' in Russia investigation  (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)

Trouble brewing as GOP struggles with spending bill votes



'Sesame Street' Gets $100M Grant to Help Refugee Children

Migration Will Drive the Next Wave of World Wars

Illegal immigrant facing deportation offered sanctuary by Colorado church

Immigrants feel betrayed by Democrats who promised Dream Act or government shutdown



In Article Published By Mainstream Indian Media House NEWS18, Indian Muslim Journalist Suhail Anjum Sees The Phenomenon Of 'Love Jihad' As Islam's Victory

India, China to hold talks on disputed borders: official

If Pakistan wants better ties, it must address our concern on terror: India



Indonesia’s mega fast-rail project runs into trouble



Taxpayers Could See Benefits From GOP Tax Bill as Early as February

Democrat says Trump tax audit may be tainted by pro-Trump IRS chief

Rush to pass massive rewrite of tax code sows confusion for taxpayers

When will the new tax rates show up in your paycheck?



Iranian Regime Mouthpiece 'Kayhan' Daily: The Yemen War Has Entered A New Phase

Halt execution of academic 'immediately', UN experts tell Iran

Moderate Quake Sends Tehran Residents Into Streets; No Casualties Reported



Nazi Mosques in America



Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Thursday, December 21, 2017)

Why Israel’s massive defeat at the UN isn’t quite as bad as it looks

PMW report sparks Israeli PM's spokesman - Fatah social media confrontation

Israel’s UN Envoy: ‘No General Assembly Resolution Will Ever Drive Us from Jerusalem’

Trump is dividing Jerusalem

Israelis call for Obama to return Peace Prize after report on suppression of Hizbullah probe

Police official: Recommendations in PM corruption probes likely within 3 weeks (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

US Amb. Nikki Haley is a vulture, in official PA daily cartoon

Liberman, Shaked, to Impose Law Banning PA Deadbeats from Israel  (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)

Jerusalem 'Santa' offers free Christmas trees to residents

PLO: US bullying will not deter UN member states from voting against Jerusalem decision

'Vote shows that Israel is not isolated'

South Africa to downsize embassy in Israel in protest of Trump

Analysis: Here's what Erdogan is doing in Jerusalem - and why  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)

Israeli forces open fire at, detain 2 Palestinian fishermen off Gaza coast

Israel begins construction of separation wall in Bethlehem-area village

Saudi King Tells Palestinians That Saudi Arabia Backs Their Claim to Jerusalem



BOJ keeps policy steady, sounds more upbeat on consumption, capex



First census reveals 174,000 Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

Marie Harf Defends Obama's Aid to Hezb'allah



Left's Unhinged Response To Trump Tax Cut Reveals The Real Fear: What If It Works?



That organic weed you're smoking might not actually be organic



Maddow Just Got Caught Telling A Whopper About The Tax Bill

NYT Columnist Says Trump About To Stage A Coup

The real Russian collusion



Drug Cartel Agents Enter Elementary School And Execute Father During Christmas Party, And Force His Son To Watch

A 17-year-old YouTube star insulted a notorious drug lord. He was found with at least 15 bullet wounds

Mexico arrests former high-ranking PRI official in corruption probe

Mexico Graft Inquiry Deepens With Arrest of Presidential Ally



Microsoft CEO Admits Power of Economic Nationalism: ‘No One’ Will Be Elected to Lead Any Nation Without ‘Talking About Their Country First’ 



Deep Pockets, Deep Cover: The UAE Is Paying Ex-CIA Officers to Build a Spy Empire in the Gulf

Saudi women to work in mining industry

The Gulf Split: Why the GCC May Be Breaking Up

Saudi Arabia hopes to start nuclear pact talks with U.S. in weeks

Saudi-led Coalition in Yemen: 83 ballistic missiles fired into Saudi Arabia

Further evidence emerges of Qatari charities supporting violent extremism



Air Force Secretary unveils final DMSP satellite at SMC

DARPA's Software Defined Radio Hackfest Creates Solutions for Spectrum Challenges

Mattis Surprises Troops -- And The Media -- With This Visit  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)

US military captures Iranian watercraft in Houthi-controlled Hodeidah

Police: Sailor recently deployed on USS Nimitz killed wife, himself near Naval Base Kitsap

VA says Veterans Choice Program money could run out as early as Jan. 2

Pentagon releases detailed policy for recruiting transgender troops



US lifts ban on deadly virus experiments despite security risks



 Keto in a bottle? New sports drink promises benefits of strict diet within minutes, not days



Pakistan's State Under Siege

U.S. concerns unfounded, says Pakistan



How Big Is Your State’s Share of $6 Trillion in Unfunded Pension Liabilities?



Four dead, 11 missing after Philippine ferry capsizes with hundreds on board

Double trouble: Typhoon Tembin poised to hit Philippines as Kai-Tak leaves



Majority of Americans Prefer “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays,” New Poll Shows



Aldi recalls apples from stores over listeria fears



Racism addressed in 10 state convention resolutions   (A desire for racial reconciliation is on the minds of Southern Baptists across the US  as 10 state convention this fall adopted resolutions decrying racism of any form.)



Vladimir Putin's Annual News Conference Part II: U.S. Congressmen Lack Common Sense  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)

Putin condemns Houthi missile attack

News Analysis: U.S. Policy Toward Russia Toughens, Despite Trump Talk

Responding to sanctions: What Russia could do right now

 Putin urges Russians to leave behind rights and wrongs of Soviet past

Russia working on new vertical takeoff fighter

Lavrov urges lifting of individual sanctions against Syria (Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov)

Russia Activates Early Warning Radar In East Amid North Korean Missile Tests

 Cruel experiment to force living dog breathe underwater shocks Russian bloggers. Video



Nobody Has Seen The Obamacare ‘Stability Deal,’ Probably Because It’ll Make Voters Postal

Republican control of the Senate hangs by a thread

Cochran's future in the Senate in doubt (US Senator of Mississippi Thad Cochran (R)

Rand Paul Calls For Investigation Into Obama Loyalists Who ‘Colluded’ Again… (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)

Cotton Praises Trump Admin Decision to Approve Lethal Defensive Arms Sale to Ukraine  (US Senator of Arkansas Tom Cotton (R)

Joe Manchin struggles to explain opposition to GOP tax bill  (US Senator of West Virginia Joe Manchin III (D)

John McCain urges Trump to raise lethal weapons stakes after report of sale to Ukraine  (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)

Arizona Gov. Sends Harsh Message to Those Pushing for McCain's Seat

McConnell says he'll bring DACA bill to floor in January if negotiators reach deal  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)

Flake skips WH tax event: 'I can only take so many of those stand around and clap things'   (US Senator of Arizona Jeff Flake (R) 



CA Media Colluding With Dems: Hypocrisy On Sex Harassment Cases



How ‘Small-Business Tax Cut’ Also Benefits the Wealthy



Report: Facebook job ads raise age bias concerns



[Breaking] 29 dead in fire at building in Jecheon

Almost 20 killed by fire in fitness, leisure complex

[News Focus] US-China contingency plans on NK: what do they mean for South Korea?

5 Things South Korea Can Do to Wrest Control from Washington

S. Korea has third most patents on artificial intelligence after US, Japan

US commandos spotted conducting drills to capture North Korean nukes

North Korean soldier crosses border to defect to South

Flu strikes over 1,900 students in Daegu



Catalan Separatists Win Regional Election in Blow to Rajoy



McKayla Maroney says USA Gymnastics tried to silence her story

NHL Scoreboard

NBA Scoreboard

2017 College Football Schedule: Bowl Week



After Federal Overhaul, States Weigh Changes to Their Tax Codes



Steve Bannon Declares War On Susan Thornton  (The former White House chief strategist alleges the newly-nominated State Department point person on East Asia bows to Beijing.)

Lawmakers Call on State Dept. to Declassify U.S.-Qatar Deal on Terrorism Financing



Beijing jails 44 Taiwanese for fraud

Three dead in Taiwan freeway fire

Cabinet to ban sales of fossil fuel-powered vehicles

Defense ministry to cease reporting PLA maneuvers

Research team introduces natural light eye tracker



Apple Spends More on Lobbying During Trump’s First Year Than Ever Before   

Apple admits to slowing older phones because of battery issues



'Today' show wins in ratings after Lauer dismissal



Russia to grant Turkey loan to cover part of S-400 missile deal

Turkey Seeks To Arrest Family Of Key Witness In U.S. Iran-Sanctions Case



NLRB GOP Majority Goes Out With a Bang



FTSE 100 zips up to record close above 7,600

UK court rules for transgender woman denied contact with her Haredi children

‘Foreign affairs amateur’: Boris Johnson may face problems finding common language in Moscow

 UK: Islamic radio station tells listeners to ignore advice of non-Muslim doctors

Teacher retention is a problem, John Swinney admits amid staff crisis  (Scotland)

What a Canada-style free trade deal would mean for the UK economy

Police doctor warns of more miscarriages of justice in rape cases in row over DNA testing

These are the UK artists that need to break America



Who's who: Vote tally on UN resolution slamming U.S. on Jerusalem

Defying Trump, UN General Assembly Condemns US Decree on Jerusalem

‘We’ll be watching those votes’: U.S. threatens to halt aid to countries over U.N. resolution on Jerusalem

Nikki Haley takes on world government  (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)



U.S. experienced 15 billion-dollar natural disasters in 2017, group says

Skid marks may indicate tour bus that crashed was speeding



Vatican newspaper publishes images of women wearing nothing but black underwear

Pope Francis blasts those he’s fired: They ‘wrongly declare themselves martyrs’



The New York Times Left Socialism’s Role Out of Its Report on Venezuela’s Devastation



Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

Ivanka Trump credited for role in first major Trump legislative victory

Trump: Fake News Media ‘Desperate to Write Badly’ About ‘Massive Tax Cuts’

Trump’s grandstanding on national security could end in tragedy

Sanders brushes off 'hoax' Russia probe, backs calls to investigate wrongdoing under Obama  (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)

Newt Gingrich: This Week Puts Trump in the History Books

Scarborough: Republicans Fawn Over Trump in Public, ‘Mock’ Him in Private

Trump: Dems Covet Shutdown to Distract From Tax Reform

Conway: 'White House Is Committed to Keeping the Government Open'

Republicans heap praise on Trump and his presidency amid celebration of GOP tax bill

Trump wants more credit for his ‘big, beautiful’ accomplishments this year

Trump seeks to expand American influence

Pence praises Trump every 12.5 seconds for almost three minutes straight at Cabinet meeting (Vice-President Mike Pence)

Pence: We're 'fully cooperating' with Mueller investigation

Political winners and losers from the Trump tax-cut bill

Spicer to Newsmax: Media, Dems Will Be Proven Wrong on Tax Cuts  (Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer)

Trump admitted the GOP’s tax cuts were deceptively sold to the public

Trump commutes sentence of rabbi convicted for bank fraud

Finally, the ‘Big, Beautiful’ Tax Cut Trump Promised

Trump: Break Chinese, Russian stranglehold over mineral supplies

Trump gets Louisville Slugger with his name on it from Mitch McConnell to celebrate tax reform  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) 


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