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Wednesday, December 20, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




32 Planned Parenthood Clinics Closed in 2017, Saving Babies from Abortions


Bishop Calls on Catholics to Pray For an End to Abortion


Illegal Immigrant at Center of Legal Battle Lied About Her Age, Now Will Abort Her 22-Week-Old Baby


Abortion fight threatens Collins deal, risks shutdown  (US Senator of Maine Susan M Collins (R)


Hundreds of Babies Are Born Alive After Botched Abortions and Left to Die, No One Knows How Many


Immigrant lied about age in major case over illegals’ right to abortion


New Study: Asked What Ways Abortion Positively Impacted Their Lives, 53% of Women Said “None”


Prospects ebb for high court fight over immigrant's abortion


Watch: Laura Ingraham Schools Abortion Activist: “Look at That Baby in the Face. It’s a Human Being!”


Do Minors Need Parental Involvement For An Abortion? These Laws Can Present Barriers


Former Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Manager: “It’s a Demonic Organization”


Supreme Court abortion showdown is defused  (A pregnant immigrant who says she's 17 is released after officials conclude she's an adult.)


My Daughter Was Pregnant After Rape, Now I’m Happily Raising Her Baby. Please Don’t Abort Them


Janet Benshoof, lawyer who pursued abortion rights for women, dies at 70


Each Abortion Increases Woman’s Risk of Premature Death by 50%, New Study Reports


U.S. doctor charged with killing unborn baby after spiking girlfriend’s drink with abortion pill


Trump's HHS Defends Hiding Criticism Of Its Abortion & Transgender Policy


Democrat Presidents are Not Responsible for Declining Abortions


Ireland’s 8th Amendment Banning Abortions Has Saved 5,000 Babies Every Year


Impact of ‘global gag rule’ goes beyond abortion for these health groups in Kenya


Miracle 22-Week-Old Premature Baby Born Two Weeks Before Late-Term Abortion Limit (Britain)





Afghanistan political turmoil deepens as regional leader ousted


#MeToo in Afghanistan: Is Anyone Listening?


Afghan Governor's Dismissal Highlights Rift In Party, Risks To Unity Government





South Africa should be able to seize land without paying compensation, new ANC leader says


Will Jacob Zuma be ousted as South Africa's president?



Inquiry Into Amtrak Derailment Will Make Driver Distraction a Focus


Could positive train control have prevented deadly Amtrak crash?


Obama’s High-Speed Rail Fantasy Led To Deadly Derailment In Washington


First victims in Amtrak derailment identified


Hero soldier who saw the Amtrak train plunge from the overpass saved a grandmother who was dangling outside one of the cars and carried injured passengers lying under a dangling carriage to safety





New Austrian chancellor vows to combat anti-Semitism


The freedom to hate





Euthanasia Activists Want to Legalize Assisted Suicide in All 50 States, We Have to Stop Them


29 People Killed Themselves Under Vermont’s Assisted Suicide Law



Miners help ASX to notch another nine-year high


The Australian dollar is staggering its way towards 2018


Spy Bill in Australia Stirs Fears of Anti- Chinese Backlash


Royal Australian Navy submarine found 100 years after it was lost


Why Moody's isn't worried about Australia's house prices




Toronto Stock Exchange’s main index hits record high


Fewer asylum seekers entering Canada are being granted refugee status as case backlogs increase


'I'm sorry,' Trudeau says after violating conflict laws with visits to Aga Khan's island  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Under Justin Trudeau, Canada marches towards totalitarianism


As Trump Restricts Immigration, Canada Woos Tech Firms


Health Canada nearly doubles number of marijuana production licences in second half of 2017





Rattlesnake pills to blame for Salmonella infection, CDC says





CIA won't confirm it has documents about Yemen raid that killed Navy SEAL




Sarah Silverman says patriotism ‘perverted’ by the right




US calls for stronger Chinese sanctions against North Korea in new draft resolution: report





Report: U.S. drawing up plans for North Korea attack


North Korea Linked to ‘Reckless’ Global Cyber Attack


North Korea Begins Tests to Load Anthrax Onto ICBMs, Report Says


What North Korea told a U.N. envoy trying to prevent war




10 things you need to know about the new tax law


In case you didn’t notice, the ObamaCare individual mandate was repealed today


Analysis: Nearly Every Household Will Receive Tax Cut Under Revised Tax Proposal


House and Senate Pass Tax Bill, Sending Legislation to President Trump’s Desk


Republicans scramble for spending deal by Friday


Why and How the $1.5 Trillion Tax Cut Will Help the Middle Class


What the 'Tax Cuts and Jobs Act' means for you


Stirewalt: GOP tax win is rude awakening for Democrats


Tax Bill gives Americans cash Christmas present they really want


The Built-In Instability of the G.O.P.’s Tax Bill


Democrats Are the New Republicans


How Republicans Rallied Together to Deliver a Tax Cut


The GOP tax bill was the easy part. The next debate promises to be much uglier.


Republicans on verge of passing tax bill despite late snag


With single bill, Republicans get wins on taxes, Obamacare mandate, oil drilling


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Trump Tax Bill


3 lessons for Trump and Congress from Bill Clinton's impeachment





Regulating The Regulators, The 'Headless Fourth Branch'





GOP tax bill: AT&T, Boeing among corporations rewarding employees


Corporations Say Publicly They’ll Pocket the Tax Cut, But Republicans Aren’t Listening





Second Muslim in plot to behead Pamela Geller for Muhammad cartoons gets 15 years in prison


Man who penned 161-page anti-Trump manifesto curses out judge in tirade, is sentenced to prison


Judge declares mistrial in case against rancher Cliven Bundy, sons and militiaman


ISIS supporter who plotted to behead Pamela Geller sentenced to 28 years in prison


Minnesota woman pleads guilty in YouTube stunt that killed boyfriend


Justice for a cop-killer


Wrongful death suit filed against suspect in "Fitbit" murder case





Amber alert issued for Houston baby after mother stabbed to death


Arizona mom shoots 2-year-old son to death, police say


Abominable Snowman arrested in Oregon for drunk driving


Women brawl in front of kids party at Chuck E. Cheese’s


Teen kidnapped from Florida hospital as a newborn describes new life


This serial killer left a trail of dead black men from Buffalo to New York City


Teacher allegedly sent nudes to teen she met through Xbox




De Blasio's broken school-turnaround promise  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio(D)


It's Time To Prosecute The Clinton Political Crime Syndicate




Trump administration scraps organic food regulations





Education Department scraps policy of fully forgiving all defrauded Corinthian students' loans




Mueller’s Sinister Coup Attempt (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)




Disney World slammed for 'horrible' animatronic Trump that 'looks like Jon Voight'


Disney accused of morphing 'President Hillary' into Trump




New DEA Office to Combat Mexican Cartels, Drug Deaths in Appalachia




Stocks end marginally lower as tax bill awaits Trump’s signature


Wall Street edges lower, pauses as tax bill clears Congress           


US existing home sales jump to 11-year high


10-year Treasury yield briefly tops 2.50% after Congress passes tax overhaul


Asia Stocks Mixed as Tax Vote Awaits; Yields Climb: Markets Wrap


Asian shares slip as investors await US tax reforms, dollar steadies


Businesses like investment tax breaks, but will they spend?


Gold ends higher as lawmakers send tax package to Trump


Bitcoin falls more than 10 percent on Bitstamp


Dollar softens as Congress passes tax-cut bill




University Memo Proposes Banning Christmas, Prohibiting Celebrations With Nativity Scenes, Angels or Santa Claus


University of California Professors Should Reconsider Napolitano's Free Speech Center


Over 90% of America’s Top Colleges Regulate Campus Free Speech


Parents upset over surprise Ivanka Trump high school visit


How the Republican Tax Plan Uses School Savings to Hurt States


College teaches how to overcome 'discomfort' of being white




Egyptian Government Accused Of Targeting Presidential Candidates




Oil ends higher after larger-than-expected drop in crude inventories


Energy Prices


Greenpeace accepts bitcoin payments despite ‘mining’ cost from fossil fuels




Norway becomes first Scandinavian country to decriminalise drugs





European stocks slide as pre-Christmas selling kicks in


4 reasons Wall Street banks have the hots for Europe in 2018


European stocks set for a winning 2017, but euro’s rise was a challenge


Czech Prez: Europe “jeopardised by a culture of hatred that is incompatible with ours,” “Israel a model for us”


Anger in Rome over city's lackluster Christmas tree




'Mr. Super Agent Guy at FBI' linked to anti-Trump dossier


Fox News guest suggests FBI employees plotted Trump's assassination




Blowing Up the Deficit Is Part of the Plan





Robert Samuelson: Credit Janet Yellen For Today's Strong Economy  (Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen)




US health officials to target high-risk alternative remedies





France Rules De Sade Manuscript a ‘National Treasure’




Germany: Muslim migrant drowns while trying to kill his girlfriend





Global warming? Record snow on Alaska mountain peak linked to climate change




The Mooch rips ‘loser’ Steve Bannon at Hanukkah party




Model who lost her leg after using tampon may lose other leg


Woman gives birth to longest known frozen embryo conceived in 1992


San Diego County sees slowdown in Hepatitis A cases




Hollywood producer accused of sexual misconduct by 8 former child actors





Hotel reportedly charges woman huge fee for writing bad critique online




Nancy Pelosi on tax bill: Greedy, cruel, Republicans vote to kill Tiny Tim  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Exclusive: House Intel to hand out new subpoenas after FBI official’s testimony raises big questions


Congress to Investigate Obama Scheme to Nix Investigation into Hezbollah Terrorists


Congressman who skipped tax bill vote condemns Republicans for passing bill


Democrats sue to keep GOP Rep. Farenthold on 2018 ballot


Rep. Biggs: 'The bias is so palpable' in FBI, Mueller probe


Florida congressman: FBI is undermining duly elected president


FBI deputy grilled by House Intel amid concerns over bias


House plans vote to reauthorize surveillance program, but hurdles remain


Paul Ryan leads Congress to finish line of legacy-defining tax bill for Trump (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


House GOP chairmen ask DOJ to make FBI officials available for interviews


Paul Ryan refutes rumors of early retirement from House



San Bernardino woman, detained by ICE despite being U.S. citizen, sues


Somalis were shackled for nearly 48 hours on failed US deportation flight




India unveils anti-smog cannon in fight against Delhi pollution


Anti-India editorial in Maldives paper sparks political row





9,000-plus died in battle for Mosul — nearly 10 times more than thought





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Wednesday, December 20, 2017)


PA promotes suicide bombings


Shunned by Palestinians, Trump envoy tells Netanyahu he’s still working on peace  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Abbas: “There are no borders to Israel, and international law is against any recognition of it” (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Key Netanyahu coalition partner tells police to ‘keep going’ in graft probe


Israeli forces injure Palestinians as settlers visit holy site in Nablus


How the 1917 Battle of Jerusalem surrender flag ended up in Greenville, Ohio


UN Official Weeping for a Double-Amputee Terrorist


Hamas terror cell sought to kidnap Likud MK Yehudah Glick


Israeli forces detain cousin of Ahed Tamimi, extend detention of Ahed and her mother


New revelations in sexual harassment case of Netanyahu's ex-chief of staff


Spate of anti-Semitic cartoons seen in Arab media after Trump’s Jerusalem move


Is Saudi Arabia pushing Abbas to curb campaign against Trump?


Hamas leader: We will no longer rule in Gaza


Palestinian girl who slapped soldier ordered held for another 6 days


PPS: 490 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces since Trump decision on Jerusalem


PLO unamused by Trump threat to cut aid to countries backing UN J'lem vote


Video: Israeli forces detain 17-year-old Palestinian girl in overnight raid


Author of IDF ethics code comes out against ignoring provocations   (Israel Defense Forces)


Amazing Christian discovery in Israel: Remains of 1,500 year-old monastery and church found


Netanyahu Addresses  EU Foreign Ministers  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


The global media's deranged 'Jerusalem syndrome'




NY Times won't fire reporter amid sexual harassment claims by several women


Gingrich: 'Elite news media' has spent 6 months lying about tax bill


CNN Hypes Children's Book Portraying Santa Claus As a Gay Man




11-year-old US boy among 12 killed in Mexico tour bus crash: Officials


Mexico sends accused money launderer for 'El Chapo' to US for trial


Mexican journalist killed attending event at child's school




Saudi Arabia And Iran: Beyond The Duel Of The Videos


US renews call for aid to enter Yemen in wake of Houthi missile launch


Yemen rebel missile fired at Riyadh 'bears hallmarks' of Iran




Army struggles with complexities of prosecuting retired general accused of decades-old rape


Misawa's Draughon Range helps pilots prepare to counter North Korean threats


ISIS nearly defeated on the battlefield but remains dangerous, US military says


Mildenhall intruder made it to flight line, video shows


Tax reform fight complicates committee vote on VA Choice overhaul


'This is not closure:' Navy families want answers on McCain, Fitzgerald deaths




Trump Makes Space Great Again




Pakistan NSA Nasser Janjua's sabre-rattling betrays Islamabad’s serious unease at upgraded India-US relations





Lock 'em up? Not so fast!  1 key move could boost U.S. economy





Books Travel guides to segregated US for black Americans reissued




Priest comes out as gay in front of Sunday parishioners


Bernard Law, Powerful Cardinal Disgraced by Priest Abuse Scandal, Dies at 86





Russia ‘secretly practised full-scale invasion of Europe with bombing raids on Germany during Vladimir Putin’s military drills’


What Putin Really Wants   (Russian President Vladimir V Putin has many Americans convinced of his manipulative genius. He's really just a gambler who won big.)





Exploding stars are influencing our weather, scientists find  





Sen. Franken finally sets date for his exit from Congress (US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)


Senate Dem Mark Warner warns Trump of 'significant consequences' if Mueller fired (US Senator of Virginia Mark Warner (D)


Tim Scott hits back at blogger for calling him a 'manipulated prop' at Trump's tax remarks (US Senator of South Carolina Tim Scott (R)


McCaskill Gets Ad Boost From Schumer-Tied Group After Blasting ‘Dark Money’  (US Senator of Missouri Claire McCaskill (D)/ Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Rosie O’Donnell Goes on Twitter Rampage During Senate GOP Tax Reform Vote


Republican senators show little urgency to pass law protecting Mueller (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Senate approves GOP tax plan, House to revote Wednesday


How McConnell Succeeded on Tax Cuts After Failing on Health Care  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


McConnell: DACA Fix Will Be Discussed Next Year 


Collins Slams News Coverage of Her Tax Vote as ‘Unbelievably Sexist’  (US Senator of Maine Susan M Collins (R)


Schumer chides Republicans on Senate floor during tax vote: 'We believe you're messing up America' (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Warren slams GOP tax bill: 'It’s government for sale' (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Corker interview with CNN’s Blitzer gets testy after questions on Trump, tax bill (US Senator of Tennessee Bob Corker (R)


Watch: Protesters chant 'kill the bill' as senators vote on tax reform


Watch: Chuck Schumer snaps at Republicans talking during 11th -hour tax reform speech


Ron Johnson demands explanation for how GSA turned over Trump transition emails to Robert Mueller  (US Senator of Wisconsin Ron Johnson (R)



Peru President Could Be Latest to Fall in Graft Scandal




[Breaking] North Korean soldier defects to South via DMZ


Most Koreans Expect Successful Winter Olympics


Record number of job quitters remain unemployed


South Korea will have more female troops


US distances itself from Korea's call to postpone military drills


Brief break from cold spell Thursday


Korean Air buys Bombardier's eco-friendly CS300 jet


We may have white Christmas but brace for heavy snow tonight




Panthers’ Jerry Richardson scandal causes deeper tremors in Charlotte


Oklahoma superintendent resigns amid high school football team sex assault case


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard





Virginia election now tied after GOP challenge. Winner to be decided by drawing lots


What the tax bill really means for New York


Single Vote Decides Race and Divides Virginia House


People couldn’t believe two dogs in Virginia killed their owner. So the sheriff went into more detail.




Supreme Court Lets Trump Team Withhold DACA Documents for Now




Report: Arms Supplied by the U.S. to Syrian Rebels Often Fell into the Hands of ISIS






Taiwan Says Pro-China Party is Suspected of Passing Information to Beijing




Trump Returns “Jihad” to Intelligence


Security to be beefed up at NYC tourist spots, governor says





Turkey seeks jail term for NBA player for insulting Erdogan (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)




FTSE 100 drops after IMF cuts U.K. growth forecast on Brexit impact


Key Theresa May ally ousted over pornography scandal (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


UK: Four Muslims arrested for Christmas jihad mass murder plot


English county bans ritually slaughtered meat from public schools


UK: Muslim does reconnaissance at Downing Street, plots jihad murder of Theresa May


UK: Muslim shares details of Prince George’s primary school, encourages other Muslims to murder him


UK: Muslims threaten to kill Muslim boxer for putting up a Christmas tree


'Christmas bomb plot' broken up by dawn raids in Sheffield and Chesterfield


Theresa May speaks to Donald Trump on phone about Jerusalem


Trump - May call:London visit still uncertain after leaders speak as tensions continue


HMS Queen Elizabeth leak: Navy's new Ł3.1bn warship 'takes on 200 litres of sea water an hour'


Police: Met to review all ongoing rape cases after second trial collapses


UK to soften Brexit impact on European banks


First English dolphins found living off the coast of Cornwall


Met review after sex cases collapse


Religion: BBC to increase coverage to better represent all faiths


Police to resume 'Christmas terror' searches


Theresa May hits back at EU over bespoke Brexit deal


England homelessness 'a national crisis'


Brexit: Parts of UK that voted leave are most exposed to its effects, report says


Cancer is UK's most googled health issue


London: Arthur Collins jailed for acid attack in nightclub


Rise in suicide calls to child helplines


UK Prime Minister May fails to challenge Trump over far-right tweets


A&E targets 'increase child admissions'




UN launches app to “empower” migrants, encourage them to “migrate safely”


Refusing to ‘bend a knee,’ UN human rights czar says he’ll leave post


Haley warns 'US will be taking names' of countries against Jerusalem embassy move  (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)




As Christmas draws near, parents demonstrate a total lack of elf-control




Vatican’s ‘sexually suggestive’ nativity has troubling ties to Italy’s LGBT activists 


Cardinal Law and the US-Rome Sex Abuse Divide




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump Plans Tax Signing on Jan. 3 Due to Technical Issue


House Republican Leaders Pushing Bare-Bones Stopgap Funding Plan


Trump denouncer Alec Baldwin will vote to re-elect president after he sees his tax cut, brother Stephen predicts


With Tax Overhaul, Trump Fulfills a Campaign Promise and Flexes Republican Muscle


 President Trump: Tax bill 'an incredible Christmas gift for hard-working Americans'


President Trump’s America First National Security Strategy


The Unsilent Coup


Trump's approval rating just entered a league of its own


Donald Trump’s Seichel, Yes Seichel!


Trump and China: 2018 could get nasty


They Helped Let Trump Be Trump


Trump’s biggest enemy isn’t the media — it’s himself


Stephen Moore: What John F. Kennedy And Donald Trump Have In Common


‘He’s not weak, is he?’: Inside Trump’s quest to alter the judiciary


Trump looks to notch a win. But can he redirect his presidency?


For once, Trump rejects Bannonism


Trump’s National Security Strategy isn’t much of a strategy at all


Trump's New 'Principled Realism': Economics = Security


Huckabee Sanders Calls Out Ted Lieu After He Spreads False Story About Her Tax Reform Comments  (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)


Chris Christie: Jared Kushner 'deserves the scrutiny' he's getting in Russia inquiry   (Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie (R)




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