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Tuesday, December 19, 2017





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Woman Has an Abortion to Keep Having Casual Sex: “I Could Continue Doing What I’d Been Doing”


Senate Republicans Ready An Abortion Flip-Flop In Obamacare ‘Stability’ Bill


Pro-Life Group Wins PR Award for Pro-Life Billboard, Abortion Activists Go Totally Bonkers


Ohio passes Down syndrome abortion ban


49 Abortion Clinics Closed in 2017, 77% of All Abortion Clinics Open in 1991 Have Shut Down


Minnesota Senate Appointee Tina Smith Was a Planned Parenthood VP and “Leader in the Abortion Industry”


Abortion Activist: “I Can’t Stand Injustice, That’s Why I Fight for” Abortion


The Health 202: Extra Obamacare subsidies renew battle over taxpayer funding of abortion


Pro-Life Groups Say GOP Tax Bills Need Pro-Life Protections From Taxpayer Fundng of Abortions


Anti-abortion groups press for change to ObamaCare bills


Planned Parenthood Celebrates Veto of “Cruel” Ban on Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Off Babies’ Limbs


Groups urge Congress to include anti-abortion provisions in spending bill


Chicago Bears Owner Will Speak at March for Life to Condemn 45 Years of Legalized Abortion


Abortion doulas: The quiet foot soldiers in the fight for reproductive rights


Trump Admin to Supreme Court: Don’t Let ACLU Force Us to Facilitate Abortions for Illegal Immigrants


Trump administration asks Supreme Court to block abortion for immigrant teen


Judge Forces Trump Admin to Facilitate Abortions for Two Illegal Immigrants


Judge orders feds to help two more 17-year-old illegal immigrant girls get abortions


Rauner reminds abortion foes he's got deep pockets to help them (Governor of Illinois Bruce Rauner (R)


Illinois Gov Bruce Rauner: Pro-Life People Should Vote for Me Even Though I Forced Them to Fund Abortions


HHS defends withholding comments critical of abortion, transgender policy


Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Vetoes Ban on Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Off Babies’ Limbs


Abortion activists send Trump Admin ‘holiday’ condoms in lobbying for ‘reproductive rights’


Here’s A Timeline Of The Ongoing Lawsuit Against A Louisville Abortion Clinic


75-Year-Old Abortionist Faces Complaint After Woman Dies From Botched Abortion at His Clinic


Cardinal: Mexico earthquakes may be punishments for abortion and attacks on family


Dutch research institute chillingly tells man with Down Syndrome how much he costs society


Northern Ireland needs equal marriage and abortion rights – but no referendum


Tory MP blasts Canadian gov’t for requiring employers to support abortion for summer job funding


Canada Excludes Pro-Life Employers From Student Summer Job Funding




Militants storm Kabul spy training centre




Danes stabbed in Gabon over US Jerusalem recognition had been stalked


Islamic Terrorists Slaughter One Hundred Christians, In A Very Short Amount Of Time  (Nigeria)


South Africa's Ramaphosa Has Hard Job Meeting Traders' Hopes


Muslim Fulani Kidnappers Ravage Village in Kaduna State, Nigeria


Kenya deserves a strong and credible opposition




Utility faces questions after power outage at Atlanta airport




Washington train derailment 'could've been avoided,' local mayor says


At least 3 killed after Amtrak train derails in Washington state, spilling rail cars onto busy highway


Amtrak train was reportedly speeding before deadly derailment


Amtrak Train on New Route Hurtles Off Bridge in Fatal Crash




“Islamophobia” Gets the Headlines Despite Trailing Anti-Semitic Violence




Terrorist Violence Escalates Across Afghanistan And Pakistan



US tax joy, commodity lift kicks off ASX Santa rally


Australian dollar's rally to end


Roads chaos, shops flooded after massive storm hits


Huge landslide shuts key arterial road, 30,000 homes have no power


Anxiety and panic attacks: Study reveals small business takes toll on mental health





How a Culture of Harassment Persisted on Ford’s Factory Floors




At a remote Texas border crossing, pleas for 'No wall'




TSX, Wall Street muted as investors anticipate U.S. Senate tax bill vote


Canadian synagogues targeted with ‘Jewry must perish’ hate mail


Canadian Government Mandates Employers Sign An Oath Of Loyalty In Support Of Homosexuality, Abortion, And Transgenderism Or Else Lose Funding


Are smart speakers spying on you? Privacy, security fears grow as devices get more popular


Justin Trudeau to visit India in 2018: Indian news report  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Montreal couple cleared of terror charges, boyfriend guilty of explosives-related offence


Rick Durst chose an assisted death — and wrote his own obituary


Nebraska regulators reject Keystone XL route reconsideration


Doctor wants to stop 'sticker shock' for patients picking up prescriptions


Super Bowl ads will remain on Canadian TV, appeals court rules


Canada and U.S. want meeting on North Korea but Japan not on board yet


Friends and kin deny Canadian billionaire and wife died in murder-suicide


Loblaw parent company alerted Competition Bureau after discovering bread price-fixing


N.L. premier provided key info to ID murder suspect in 2015 botched armed robbery


Foreign ownership below 5 per cent in Toronto, Vancouver housing markets


Unoccupied Alberta oilsands work camps leave providers leaning on luxury


Great Canadian Gaming wins bid for four Ontario gambling facilities


Boeing-Bombardier spat puts U.S.-Canadian trade deals in spotlight


Hamilton bakery crafts rainbow confection after couple requests ‘gayest cake ever’





In from the cold: CIA gesture indicates thawing US-Russia ties





China's Warplanes Hold Drill near Japan, South Korea, Taiwan


Once taboo, China listens to US contingencies on N.Korea


Hawkish speech gets Bannon under Beijing’s skin


China needs to watch out for economic headwinds


‘Abandon Cold War mentality’: China hits back at Trump’s ‘selfish’ national strategy


China’s Flagship TV Network Hasn’t Registered as a Foreign Agent


Technion opens Israel’s first university campus in China


China left wondering what 'America First' foreign policy actually means




North Korean official in charge of nuclear facilities reportedly executed


'Egypt's Orascom stops service in N. Korea'


What are the real purposes of Pyongyang’s new satellites?


US-North Korea tensions ratchet up over WannaCry attack


US declares North Korea carried out massive WannaCry cyberattack





Congress paid out $115,000 in sexual harassment claims from 2008-2012


Republican Tax Bill Says Your 16-Year-Old Won’t Be Your Child Next Year


GOP tax bill vote in House, Senate on Tuesday


GOP tax bill: A short-term buzz that promises a killer hangover


Tax Cuts Benefit the Ultra Rich, but Not the Merely Rich


Final GOP tax bill has a bit more relief for middle class, but wealthy remain biggest winners


The Major Tax Changes in the Republican Bill


Amended Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Would Lift GDP by 1.7%, Wages by 1.5%, Add 339,000 Jobs to Economy


Congress proposes $81-billion disaster aid package, including funds for California wildfires 


Who Says The GOP Tax Cuts Are Unpopular?


A look at some of the biggest tax changes for Californians





Is Your Cell Phone Protected by the Constitution?




Muslim former D.C. area police officer found guilty of trying to back the Islamic State


Track Palin, son of Sarah Palin, charged with assaulting father  (Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin(R)


9th  Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski steps down after accusations of sexual misconduct





Day care worker, 32, burned five toddlers with a hot glue gun while colleague laughed, officials say


Woman arrested after spitting in face of Houston police chief


Illegal Alien Charged With Killing 14-Year-Old Texas Girl


Man critically wounded by police officers inside Minneapolis City Hall


Attorney arrested for filming sex with inmate in women’s jail


Husband catches Christian school teacher in bed with teen: cops




Sexual Harassment Allegations Roil California Democrats


Roger Stone: Dozens Of Democrats Are About To Be Outed For Their Perversions


What Were Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin Trying to Hide?


Now, this is presidential obstruction (Former US President Barack Obama)


Donald Trump Jr. declares war on Democrats trying to ensnare him in Russia probe


Colorado Democratic Party Changes Name of Annual Dinner to ‘Obama Dinner’





Students stand, turn back on Betsy DeVos at University of Baltimore graduation speech  (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)





Whistleblower: Federal Thug Behind Bundy Fiasco Had “Kill Book”




Dershowitz Slams Mueller’s Capture of Trump Transition E-mails as Foolish  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


McCabe and Mr. Mueller (FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe)


More threats of violent unrest by Eric Holder if Mueller fired (Former US Attorney General Eric H Holder Jr)


The real reason Trump allies are attacking Mueller


Justice Department Deploys More Prosecutors to Fight Violent Crime Spike


Mueller’s Scorched-Earth Tactics . . . Again

Attorney for IT worker who took a hammer to Clinton cell phones is Mueller deputy


Trump team's meeting with Mueller's office poised to ratchet up tensions


It’s the perfect time to fire Robert Mueller





Stock market ends slightly lower; focus remains on tax package


Wall Street lower as traders see past tax revamp


Stocks, Treasuries Down as House Passes Tax Law: Markets Wrap


Why a dot-com-style collapse in bitcoin won’t kill blockchain


7 Amazing Facts About Trump’s Economy Media Don’t Want You to Know


U.S. dollar index falls after House passes tax bill


Trading suspended of red-hot bitcoin stock


Gold ends 4-day win streak as Treasury yields jump


Trader Turns $60 Million Profit in Sharpest Bond Selloff of 2017


Asia stocks up on U.S. tax-reform optimism, dollar treads water


Asian Stocks Hold Gains, Yen and Dollar Steady: Markets Wrap


Black Unemployment Rate Lowest in 17 Years


10-year Treasury yield hits 9-month high, with tax package in focus


Struggling malls lure shoppers with upscale dining, entertainment options





Conservative Snowflakes Get Protesting Nebraska Instructor Booted From Her Teaching Job


Legal Pot? Doesn’t Matter, Colleges Say


University Teaches Employees How To Handle 'Discomfort' Of Their 'Whiteness'


Gateway celebrates 69 winter graduates


Sweet Briar's Curriculum Comes at a Cost (Small private women's college is cutting more than 10 percent of its faculty as it overhauls curriculum.)


NOBTS graduation: God's call gives confidence


University presidents: We’ve been blindsided


University Of Minnesota Bans Christmas In The Name Of ‘Inclusivity,’ Tells Professors To “Report Inappropriate Religious Celebrations In Your Work Or Learning Environment”


College Presidents Shocked To Discover People View Their Institutions As Elitist


YAF Annual Report: Identity Politics Has Produced Courses With Leftist Slant





Reddit was misinformation hotspot in 2016 election, study says





A Democratic ‘Blue Wave’ In 2018? Not So Fast




New York Democrats Can Already Hear Iowa’s Siren Song




Oil prices modestly higher as market waits for inventory data


Energy Prices






EPA chief sweeps office for bugs




European stocks end lower after German Ifo data disappoint


Sweden: Migrants Charged With “Ruthless” Gang Rape of Woman Walk Free


Sweden to raise retirement age to pay for Muslim migration




Insane Clown Posse fans can’t rid gang tag in FBI report


FBI’s McCabe faces GOP calls for ouster, ahead of closed-door testimony  (FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe)


FBI involved with airport blackout probe


Neighbor of FBI agent gets jail time for harassing him





Clinton campaign, DNC accused of ‘corrupt’ money scheme in new FEC complaint





How Feminism Kills Romance




FDA approves gene therapy for rare form of blindness





Donald Trump's National Security Speech Won't Change U.S. Foreign Policy


Trump's tough talk can't hide the incoherence of his foreign policy




French firefighters ambushed and pelted with stones after fake emergency call


France: Mayors Panic, Call on Macron to Help Them Deal with Tsunami of Migrants (French President Emmanuel Macron)


France: Mayors of seven major cities say they’re “backed up against a wall” by unending Muslim migrant influx


French government under fire for new crackdown on migrants




Citing his ‘right to life,’ ex-Auschwitz accountant fights jail sentence


Banned Video Shows Migrant Punch Out A German Senior Citizen


What Led Germany to Accept a Tsunami of Migrants?


‘Bureaucracy makes you feel like a lowly beggar’: surviving on the streets of Berlin


A year after Christmas market attack, Germany admits failings


Germany: Muslim women cause “havoc” at swimming pool, threaten employees


State didn't care for terror attack victims' families properly, Germany admits


Germany remembers victims of Berlin Christmas market attack


German defense minister backs longer Afghanistan mission




Trump drops climate change from list of national-security threats





With count complete, feds can start eliminating billions of dollars in wasted property




Vaccine Damage Is Now A Global Pandemic


As New Rivals Steal Patients, Hospitals Try Joining Forces                 





Hollywood Dons Angel Wings for Sexual Harassment Commission


Rob Lowe Cooks Spaghetti and Burgers for Firefighters Who Saved His Home





House will have to vote for tax-cut bill again


House Passes Final Tax Bill; Senate Votes Next on Republican Plan


House passes final tax bill, edging GOP closer to win


House approves Trump's massive tax overhaul, Senate Republicans set to act tonight


Jordan: Evidence DOJ ‘Orchestrated Plan’ to Prevent Trump From Becoming President  (US Representative of Ohio Jim Jordan (R)


Rep. Roskam (R-Illinois): 'Low Expectations' on Tax Plan Will Work in Republicans' Favor


Female Kansas Democrat out of congressional race because of 2005 sexual harassment claim


Impeachment looms over Dem choice on Judiciary


GOP tax bill advances to House floor after clearing rules panel





Refugee Resettlement: The High Cost of Good Intentions


Immigration System Must Finally Put Americans First




In victory, BJP smells defeat, while Congress tastes an opportunity


Trump’s Ambassador to India: Another CFR-Trilateral Globalist


Hindu Terrorists Attack 30 Catholic Priests And Seminarians For Singing Christmas Carols And Burn Their Car, Then The Police Come And Arrest The Priests For ‘Preaching Christianity’




Religio-political forces on rise in Indonesia, new paper argues





Trump cites train derailment in tweet promoting infrastructure-spending plan


Trump Admin Slams NY-NJ Proposal to Fund Gateway Tunnel Project  ('Unserious' plan offers to pay state share entirely through federal loans.)




Now Lois Lerner's secret comments targeted (Court asked to unseal explanation why IRS hassled conservatives.)


Demoralized I.R.S. Faces Monumental Task With New Bill




$250 Cannabis Christmas Tree Pulled from Walmart Website; Ornaments Still Sold




Obama admin. derailed efforts to stop Hezbollah drug, weapon, and money laundering schemes - in orde


Obama protected Hezbollah drug ring to avoid ‘rocking the boat’ on Iran deal: report


How Obama Appeased Iran by Turning a Blind Eye to Hezbollah's Crimes


How Trump can repair the damage from Obama's narcoterror fail (The Obama White House systematically dismantled a top-secret government initiative called Project Cassandra, which was designed to target Hezbollah’s $1 billion in annual drug proceeds. The gripping story, by Politico’s...)




Kurds reported killed as mass protests sweep Kurdistan region of Iraq 


Iraqi Kurds take to the streets for lack of funds





Linda Sarsour: A “Good Muslim” Can’t Sexual Assault





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Tuesday, December 19, 2017)


Before Gaza turns into Somalia


Why aren’t Israelis told that Hamas High Command is behind the persistent rocket fire?


Defense Minister at Gaza Border: Zero Tolerance for Rocket ‘Drizzle’  (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)


Netanyahu: If police recommend charges against me — so what?   (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Israel denies targeting Gazan amputee in riots amid UN outcry


Biased Mediators: The End of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks, and How It Happened


As far-right Austrian party attempts to shed Nazi past, a dilemma for Israel


Arab Girls Who Taunted Helpless IDF Soldiers Arrested, Soldiers Investigated  (Israel Defense Forces)


Kenya Jewish leader denied entry to Israel, deported to Ethiopia


PA to US: “Give Israel the White House or Washington”


Teva rejects Netanyahu’s request to keep Jerusalem plants open


Nazareth mayor: Christmas events not canceled


Trump strategy paper has good and less good news for Israel, but may not matter


Fatah calls for violence: "Strap on your weapon"


Israel is not the cause of Middle East’s problems, US security strategy says


Mayor of Israeli Arab town: Down with USA


Palestinian teen and mother held in custody over goading of IDF soldiers


Video: Israeli forces detain 17-year-old Palestinian girl in overnight raid


East Jerusalem man sentenced to 15 years for 2016 terror attack


Houston, Texas Imam, In Sermon On 'Our Duties Towards Al-Quds [Jerusalem],' Denies Jewish Connection To Palestine, References Hadith About Killing Jews: On Judgment Day 'The Muslims Will Kill The Jews... The Stones And The Trees Will Say: Oh Muslim, Oh Servant Of Allah, There Is A Jew Hiding Behind Me, Come And Kill Him... This Is The Promise Of Allah'


Israeli forces arrest Palestinian mother hours after detaining her teenage daughter


The world unites in the siege against Jerusalem


Berkeley official says he was fired for refusing to support Israel boycott


Following Trump's Jerusalem Announcement, High Tension Between Saudi Arabia And Palestinians, Jordan


Palestinian teen remains in a coma after being shot in head by Israeli forces


Mother, 3 children killed in fire flown to Israel for burial


Israel looks to fend off further PA moves in international arena


Saudi Researcher Abdelhameed Hakeem: Jerusalem As Israeli Capital With Palestinian Management Of Islamic Holy Places Is A Framework For Peace; Arabs Must Change Anti-Jewish Mentality, We Need To Realize That Jerusalem Is A Religious Symbol For The Jews


Israeli forces open fire at Palestinian protesters in northern Gaza


Violent Incitement Against Trump On Fatah Social Media Accounts: Comparisons To Hitler, Execution In Effigy


Parched Sea of Galilee to be replenished with desalinated water


Columnist For Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Daily: U.S. Must Be Reminded Of The Days Of The Sacrifice Operations, Which Are The Palestinians' Only Option 

Bennett, Shaked ‘counter-revolution against High Court activism' unveiled





‘Super-gigantic’ quake & tsunami could strike Japan in next 30yrs


Japan to beef up missile defence system against N. Korea


Lockheed Martin to support AEGIS system for Japanese self defense forces


Japan approves purchase of US missile defense system to counter North Korea threat




Liberals Wrote the Book on Sexual Immorality



Will the Liberal Order Destroy Itself?




Former Podesta Group CEO Signs Ten Clients at Newly Launched Lobbying Firm




Next Up: Make Marriage Great Again




Mika Brzezinski Went On TV And Straight Up Spit In America's Face Tuesday Morning


NYT Clings to Hope Leftist “Resistance” Will Bring Down Trump


Former Fox News contributor Tamara Holder says network ‘ruined people’s lives’


Fox News Tops CNN, MSNBC in Viewership Ratings




At least 11 dead, 7 Americans injured in bus crash in Mexico: officials




Microsoft Moves to End Secrecy in Harassment Claims




Qatar Charities Support of Extreme Islamist Ideology


Saudi Arabia unveils largest budget in Kingdom’s history


Saudi Arabia says it intercepted ballistic missile fired from Yemen


Truth and Reality in the Middle East





US military imagines war without GPS


The Pentagon’s Third Offset May Be Dead, But No One Knows What Comes Next


Lockheed Martin meets F-35 production target


NYT: Taxpayers paid to alter secret Las Vegas structures to house ‘recovered’ UFO parts?


Former Navy pilot describes UFO encounter studied by secret Pentagon program


Retirees and civilians hit by Aviano hospital downsizing


Mildenhall intruder made it to flight line, video shows


Trump administration accused in court of ‘extreme hostility’ to women in combat


Medal of Honor recipient Kyle Carpenter gets standing ovation at college graduation


Air Force pays pair of hackers over $10K for uncovering major website bug


After 15 years in Mexico, deported Marine veteran wins case to return to US


CNO: Bigger Navy, upgraded ships needed for ‘unprecedented’ N. Korean threat


US Marines protect the Winter Olympics in South Korea from Kim Jong-Un: Elite troops strip off to wrestle in minus 20F temperatures as part of drills to prepare for attack




 Analysis: A $15 Minimum Wage Will Cost California 400,000 Jobs





Trump to Boost U.S. Missile Defense to Combat Iranian, N. Korean WMD Threats





NASA image of X-plane shows shockwaves caused by aircraft





Feds Spend $3 Million Studying How to Make Americans Eat Less, Use Less Energy, For Climate Change




Republicans Push to Extend NSA Surveillance Expiring This Month




Pakistan considers dumping dollar for yuan in trade with China


Pakistan: ISIS claims attack on church


Islamic State Gaining Strength In Pakistan


Muslim Terrorists Slaughter Nine Christians And Injure Fifty More Christians In Brutal Attack On Church


America urges Pakistan to prove responsible stewardship of nukes





This drug used to be free. Now it costs $109,500 a year.





Rodrigo Duterte, The President Of The Philippines, Declares: ‘I Want Homosexual Marriage For The Philippines. I Even Once Desired To Be A Homosexual And I Did Not Know If I Was A Guy Or A Girl.’


Trump asked Duterte if Philippines has death penalty, ambassador says




Gallup: 20% Say 'Government' Is Top Problem; Health Care 2nd , 'Taxes' at Bottom of List




Vladimir Putin’s Annual News Conference Part I: 'Nurturing Rivals Is Not What I Need To Do'  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Russia to respond to Tokyo's move to deploy Aegis Ashore systems in Japan


America declares economic war on Russia


Serbia hopes to reach agreement on supplies of Russian helicopters soon


Putin: Russia can handle all problems without any help from the outside


Why did Russian military observers leave Donbass?


FSB: Millions of cyber attacks against Russian government foiled annually


Russia’s FSB Arrests Norwegian Suspected of Espionage  


Kremlin slams Trump's 'imperialist' national security strategy


From Cockroaches to Weather: What Isn't Russia Weaponizing?


Russia To Grant Police Access to Bank Customers’ Biometric Data


Plane Crashes During Takeoff in Northern Russia, Killing 4


Trump says planned terror attack in Russia could have killed thousands  




Scientists seek to uncover music's healing power





No, Salon, the U.S. Was Not ‘Founded on Gun Control’





Pro-Abortion Senator Al Franken May “Unresign” Despite Multiple Sexual Harassment Scandals  (US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)


Trump Nominee Concedes Saudi Siege of Yemen Could Be Violating U.S. Law


Sen. Bob Corker defends his 'yes' on tax bill (US Senator of Tennessee Bob Corker (R)


Kaine's bid for Senate harassment data rejected (US Senator of Virginia Timothy Kaine (D)


CNN poll McCain more popular among Democrats than Republicans (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Grassley Has Had It With Top FBI Official, Calls For Major Shake-Up  (US Senator of Iowa Charles Grassley (R)


Senate panel rejects Trump's nominee to lead Ex-Im Bank


Grassley Wants FBI Director Wray to Replace McCabe as Deputy  


Senate GOP wary of ending Russia probes, despite pressure


Senate Republicans deny buying votes, gain confidence in delivering tax reform


Trump judicial nominee Matthew Petersen pulls out after struggling to answer basic questions


Corker Says He Faced 'Tough' Decision in Supporting Republican Tax Bill  (US Senator of Tennessee Bob Corker (R)


Manchin, Leahy say Franken shouldn't have had to resign before Ethics probe (US Senator of West Virginia Joe Manchin III (D)/ US Senator of Vermont Patrick J. Leahy (D)/ US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)


Senate Intelligence Committee investigating Jill Stein campaign for possible ‘collusion with the Russians’


Cotton Applauds Trump’s National Security Strategy: It Is a ‘Clear-Eyed Assessment of the Threats We Face’  (US Senator of Arkansas Tom Cotton (R)


Poor Vetting Sinks Trump’s Nominees for Federal Judge





Liberal Media Taps Anita Hill to Lead Sexual Harassment Commission


PBS says Tavis Smiley should ‘get his story straight’ about sexual relationships with employees




Facebook Suspends User For Calling For “Sensible Migration Policies”


Why Facebook is headed for a terrible 2018




North Korea tensions: South urges US to delay military drills ahead of Olympics


Koreans Spend More on Leisure Activities on Weekdays


Working age population to dip by 2.2 million over decade


K-pop fans ‘devastated’ after lead singer of South Korean boy band dies in possible suicide


The full text of Jonghyun's death note


More Elderly People Suffer Falls


Musk's SpaceX rocket to launch Korea's lunar experimental orbiter


President Moon still hopeful NK will join Olympics


Having Siblings Reduces Risk of Depression Among Teens


Korean noodle exports slurp past $340 million


Over 10% of Workers Earn Less Than Minimum Wage


Beijing plays down South Korea's claims Chinese warplanes breached its air defence zone


Police raid hospital over suspicious deaths of four newborns


Autopsies Seek Cause of Mysterious Deaths of Newborns





NFL star suffers gruesome leg injury as players watch in shock


MBL Pitcher Donates $9.75M Home to Christian Camp Serving Special Needs Kids


ESPN President John Skipper resigns, capping a tumultuous year for network


Seattle Seahawk Players Account for More than Half of NFL’s Anthem Protesters in Week 15


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


NFL Scoreboard


2017 College Football Schedule: Bowl Week





One-vote recount win gives Democrats tie in Virginia state House


Essential California: Firefighters have never seen a wildfire like this one





Clinton deal allowed removal of ‘physical files,’ logs, ‘Muslim engagement’ documents


Leaked memo schooled Tillerson on human rights (US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson)


The State Department challenges Trump over moving an embassy




Trump: WaPo Story About Neil Gorsuch ‘Fake News’


Trump talked about rescinding Gorsuch’s nomination





Syrian Opposition Website: Syrian Regime Deceived UN Inspectors, Transferred Chemical Agents To Secret Facility


Assad says France sponsors terrorism, cannot talk about peace (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Chinese companies poised to help rebuild war-torn Syria





Four New Party members in spy probe


How Taiwan is going ‘halal’ to woo Middle East tourists


Economic growth expected to slow


Jets armed with missiles to respond if necessary


Taiwan, Japan hold maritime cooperation talks


Ministry drops military base training for mandatory recruits


80% of Taiwanese companies planning to give 4.7% raise in 2018


Reported flu-like cases trending up: CDC


New cold air mass hits Taiwan




We Risk Returning to Pre-9/11 Status Quo If We Don’t Maintain Section 702


NY Times Examines Motivations of ‘Loving and Giving’ Bomb Suspect, Hails His ‘Mysterious Act of Mercy’


A Mysterious Act of Mercy by the Subway Bombing Suspect





Kay Coles James to Lead The Heritage Foundation as Next President




4 Red Flags About Trade in Trump’s National Security Strategy





U.S. Treasury Sales Are About to Double 2018. Who's Buying?






Plenty of spice in New York trial Erdogan wishes would go away (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


German journalist conditionally released in Turkey


Turkey: ‘Terrorist’ Academics On Trial For Peace Declaration


Turkey denounces UAE over divisive 'propaganda' retweet


Turkey's president 'launches legal bid to remove cartoon showing him having sex with Twitter's blue bird mascot from social media'





FTSE 100 closes at 6-week high, with U.S. tax vote on deck


Meet the British woman whose sense of smell can detect Parkinson's


4 men arrested on suspicion of plotting UK terror attack


Military Chief: Russia Could Cut Under Water Internet Cables, Crippling West


UK: Muslim “refugee” pocketed $52,000 in benefits after secretly returning to Somalia because he “missed the sunshine”


Brexit: Theresa May has a Christmas message for UK expats in Europe (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Islam has special privileges in the UK: Muslims have been bullying Britain and the leftists are their helpers


‘I Will Eat Mum On Christmas Day’- Crazy British Cannibal With Sanpaku Eyes Serves Dead Mother For Christmas Dinner


 UK Embassy Worker Found Dead in Beirut: Reports


Britain just betrayed America at the United Nations





US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley ‘Spoke Like a Maccabee’ at UN Security Council (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)


Israeli diplomats gird for UN General Assembly vote on Jerusalem


After US veto, UN General Assembly to meet on Jerusalem status


U.S. vetoes U.N. resolution rescinding Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital


U.S. declares North Korea carried out massive WannaCry cyber attack, urges nations to enforce U.N. sanctions




UPS reserves 125 Tesla semi-trucks, largest public pre-order yet




Atlanta Blackout and Amtrak Derailment Spark Fears





Venezuela's a disaster. Yet socialism's more popular than ever





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump’s first year is starting to look like a big win


New National Securty Strategy Focuses On Real Threats To American People


Trump Calls Out Russia, China in National Security Address


The Trump Success Story: Year One


Mark Steyn On Trump And Hope For The West


Trump Delivers a Mixed Message on His National Security Approach


Trump’s national security strategy emphasizes economic prosperity and border protection


Pence delays trip to Middle East (Vice-President Mike Pence)


The good old days: Watergate nostalgia in vogue as left seeks to link Trump to Nixon


White House: ‘It’s Time to End Chain Migration’


White House ‘temporarily’ shuts down petition site


Mike Pence: it was an ‘honor’ to host Charlie Gard’s parents at the White House  (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Full text of Trump's strategy: 'Confidence has returned . . . . four vital national interests'


How Trump's National Security Strategy Breaks with the Past


Rebuilding America First (President Trump lays out a strong national security vision, but it is shadowed by decay at home.)


Decoding Trump's New National Security Strategy


Conaway brushes off Democrats' complaints that House Russia probe is rushed


Trump offers a daring program to restore US dominance


Trump Unveils His New National Security Strategy


Leftists Obsess Over Trump Drinking Water AGAIN


Trump denies he considered revoking Gorsuch's nomination


Trump announces national security strategy: We’ll fight jihadists, not warm weather


Trump’s National Security Strategy: A Welcome Break From Obama And Bush


Trump Announces ‘America First’ National Strategy


Trump's never-ending search for loyalty — in all the wrong places



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