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Friday, December 14, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 




NIH Chief Defends Research With Aborted Baby Parts: “It’s “Highly Justified”


Ohio Prepared To Protect The Sanctity Of Life: Now Kasich Must Act


Planned Parenthood Tells Activists to Make Christmas Donations for Abortion in Mike Pence’s Name


Kids saved from abortion thank Trump for pro-life policies with letter campaign


Planned Parenthood Tells Activists to Make Christmas Donations for Abortion in Mike Pence’s Name


Judge tosses challenge to Oklahoma's abortion waiting period


Pro-Life People Brave the Cold to Joyfully Sing Christmas Carols Outside Abortion Clinics


Ban on prescribing abortion drugs by teleconference is made permanent


Children Saved From Abortion Thank President Trump For His Pro-Life Policies in New Letter Campaign


Arkansas Is Attempting to Ban a Safe and Effective Abortion Method


Feminist Regrets Her Abortion: “I Do Know That it Was My Baby That I Killed”


Sales from LGBT ‘Rainbow’ rosary promoted by Fr. James Martin funds pro-abortion groups


Abortion Activist Alyssa Milano to Peddle Books to Kids With Liberal Agenda


Ohio Legislature Approves Bill Banning Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Off Babies’ Limbs


Kentucky Bill Would Ban All Abortions After an Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins


Planned Parenthood Admits Unborn Are Babies — in Preschool Sex Ed


Ohio lawmakers vote to ban late-term abortion procedure


Washington Post Slams March for Life Keynote Speaker Ben Shapiro as Too Conservative


Abortions or higher education? Which one really drove the crime rate down?


Oprah Tells Her Mother Thank You for Choosing Life, Then Celebrates Women Who Have Abortions


Democrat's opinion on abortion is in the minority


“Shout Your Abortion” Campaign Gains Steam as More Women Brag About Aborting Their Babies


Kentucky bill would make abortion a felony


President Trump Names Pro-Life Mick Mulvaney Chief of Staff, He Voted to Defund Planned Parenthood


Irish abortion bill passes in senate


Irish Senate passes abortion bill, approves killing babies on demand




Christian Couple Adopts 5 Siblings to Keep Them Together: “We Said ‘Lord, What Can We Do?’”




19-year-old US soldier dies in Afghanistan


Georgia troops get training to counter insider threats in Afghanistan


Retired Gen. McChrystal says the US must take 'patient approach' in Afghanistan






White Genocide? South African Politician: Kill Whites, “Their Women,” and “Their Children”


Washington’s Africa Strategy: ‘Our investments – good & fair, Chinese and Russian – bad & predatory’


U.S. sets new Africa strategy, condemns 'predatory' economic policies by Russia, China




It’s a boy! It’s a girl! For some parents, learning their baby’s sex is a disappointment.




Nissan board unlikely to select new chairman on Monday: source


GM Says It Has 2,700 Jobs for Workers Slated to Be Laid Off





Kosovo’s US-backed army: ‘A nominal claim to statehood & revenge on EU’


Serbia Threatens War Against Kosovo, As The US And Germany Back The Formation Of An Official Military Force Of Kosovo



Liberalism Bankrupts the Boy Scouts




Is it a wasteful wall?


Support for Border Wall on the Rise Again, But Not At Govt Expense




TSX declines as energy weighs


UN Bans Journalist From COP24 Climate Summit at Request of Canada's Trudeau Regime  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Ontario sex-ed consultation ends Dec. 15. Parents, act now


Giving a 56-kilogram hyena a root canal is no laughing matter. Here's how the Toronto Zoo does it


Watch: 'We've never been this alone': Canada finds itself caught between two powers, without any ‘serious allies’


Ontario needs better training for guards to quell violence in jails, report says




Bad batch of romaine lettuce traced to single California farm




Small-cap S&P 600 index confirms bear market


China Shows Off the Transformation It Wants You to See


On China Trade, Trump Should Copy Reagan: 'Trust But Verify'


Apple Says China iPhone Ban Would Force Settlement With Qualcomm




Trump says 'in no hurry' to negotiate with N. Korea


Vietnam interested in hosting second US-NK summit


Top officials of US, Canada discuss North Korean sanctions evasion  




Subsidies For All! — The Farm Bill's Creeping Socialism


Blue Dog Democrats are poised to play a crucial role in the next Congress





Judge rules Obamacare unconstitutional, endangering coverage for 20 million


State’s Fiscal Fate in High Court’s Hands  (California)


Arizona Judge Orders Deportation of Mexican Activist Who Claimed Asylum


Hearing scheduled for $350 million lawsuit against Mueller


Mongols biker gang found guilty in racketeering case, moving government closer to seizing trademark


Agent’s guilty plea puts focus on Russia’s relationship with NRA


Secret recordings of Denise Williams reveal conversation about husband’s murder


Witness says recording is of 'El Chapo' agreeing to a major drug deal with Colombian rebel


Florida Police Win Right to Use ‘Stand Your Ground’ Defense in On-Duty Shootings




California politician arrested after spanking his 7-year-old daughter: 'It's something that we do'


A 12-year-old tried to kill himself, police say. Instead, he ended up killing someone else.


The Great Presumption


Two nuns known for their casino outings allegedly stole at least $500,000 from a Torrance school




An Immigrant Girl's Death in CBP Custody Draws Criticism


7-year-old migrant girl taken into Border Patrol custody dies of dehydration, exhaustion


Mark Krikorian: Democrats Try to Use Dead Child as ‘Martyr for Open Borders’


Watch–Doug Bandow: America Spent $6 Trillion on War on Terror


Dangerous Journey Kills 7-Year-Old Migrant Girl — WaPo Headline Tells A Different Story


WaPo's Headline Suggests 7-Year-Old Girl Who Died In Border Patrol's Custody Was CBP's Fault. It Wasn't


Border agents seize $1.7 million in meth, in second largest drug bust this week


Fact Check: Politico Misreports Timeline On 7-Year-Old Girl Who Died In Border Patrol Custody





Death sentences plummet across California. Riverside County, which led the U.S. in 2017, has had zero this year




DHS Says They Did Initial Screening On 7-Year-Old Who Died, Offered Food And Water




Israelgate? As Russia probe runs dry, Mueller may turn to Middle East to pursue Trump ‘collusion’   (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


The Totalitarian Fantasy That Is the SDNY's Campaign Finance Investigation of Trump


Strzok, Page messages from Mueller probe lost after phone resets: IG


Acting AG Matt Whitaker likely in clear in Hatch Act probe, experts say


Mueller: FBI agents didn't dupe Flynn


This is How Much Taxpayer Money Robert Mueller's Special Counsel Has Spent So Far




Dow tumbles nearly 500 points to enter correction territory as stocks fall on global growth fears


Wall St. looks to Fed outlook Wednesday for early Christmas gift


Gold falls as haven buying lifts U.S. dollar, pushing metal’s price down for the week


Asian shares jolted by weak Chinese data, growth risks


U.S. Stock Index Futures Fall as Asian Markets Extend Losses


Cryptos slide further as bitcoin nears crucial $3,000 mark


Consumer Spending Update: Economic Confidence Closes Out 2018 Among Four-Year Highs


10-year Treasury note yield stages biggest weekly rise since Nov. 2


J&J shares nosedive on report it knew of asbestos in Baby Powder


Stock investors, you have now been warned for the last time


Recession Signs Hard to Miss If Stock Message Is Taken Seriously


The Reasons Protectionists Want to Keep the Economic Pie From Growing Are Half-Baked




Prager U Video: Leftist Books For Brainwashing Kids


West Virginia University Student Investigated For Border Patrol Halloween Costume


The Degree Rules, for Now


One of America’s most successful exports is in trouble


Differing Fates for 2 HBCUs in North Carolina


Florida panel's shock proposal: Arm teachers!


Professor Fired Over Relationship


Cal State professor under fire for racially charged exam question


British Universities Accept More Students With Low Grades


Rather than waging a contract war at home, L.A. teachers should take their demands to Sacramento


As UC Santa Barbara enrolls more students from China, professors complain about cheating and English skills


LAUSD caves to claims of racism on a school mural. It's deplorable




Christophobia in Egypt




The Corrupt Vote Harvest in Orange County




The left blindsides Beto


New Poll Shows Biden Dominating Dem Field For 2020


Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders met to discuss the obvious: They are both considering a 2020 presidential run.


For Democrats, being moderate doesn't mean having to act like wimps


Joaquin Castro says brother Julián is running for president in 2020




Oil ends lower for the week; natural gas sees biggest weekly plunge since 2016


Energy Prices


The American energy strategic advantage


Southern California Edison wants departing customers to hand over $125 million




EPA’s huge Christmas gift to special interests




US, Ukraine navy heads meet after Russia ship seizure




Europe stocks end lower as global economy clouds darken


New Problems for Embattled Huawei in France, Germany


Cyprus bills Jewish community $6,000 for Hanukkah events’ security costs




Doctors Euthanize Young Woman Because She Had a Mild Form of Autism  (Belgium)





One Year Ago Today, the FCC Killed the Internet





The Future is Female – The Christine Ford Effect




Earliest known painting of George Washington comes home to Mount Vernon




ISIS Threat Depicts Murdered Santa in Strasbourg Square


Round five: Yellow Vests prepare for massive ‘Macron resign’ protest on Saturday (French President Emmanuel Macron)


'Yellow vest' protests: Which cultural sites will be closed in Paris on Saturday?


‘Neutralized’: Attacker blamed for Strasbourg attack has been caught, French police say


Is Strasbourg really a hotbed for violent Islamist extremists?


Air France becomes first major airline to be led by female CEO


Brexit: The huge challenge France faces to protect the status of Britons


Terror in Strasbourg


Dutch paper: Strasbourg jihad murderer’s zebibah confirms “exaggerated conversion behavior” that led to his attack


French Government Threatens Town With A Fine Of 2000 Euros A Day If It Does Not Remove Nativity Set


The French Dilemma





Berlin the latest German city to experiment with going car free


No evidence of terrorist motive in Cologne hostage drama


The Next Merkel? Not Quite  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)





Green New Deal Is Bad Deal for All Americans


U.S. Media MIA at UN COP24 "Climate" Summit Planning Future of Mankind


Is There Anything Environmentalists Won't Blame On Climate Change?


Decade since Al Gore predicted ice-free Arctic in 5-7 years


Trump Has Officially Ruined Climate Change Diplomacy for Everyone


A Florida Town’s Plan To Fight Global Warming Could Destroy Home Values




The GOP Needs to Stop Being the Stupid Party


The Case For Making The GOP A Working-Class Party


Chief Justice of California Supreme Court leaves GOP over Kavanaugh


Kasich: I 'probably' couldn't beat Trump today




Government Can’t Shut Down--Because 75% Is Already Funded 




Doctors Gave Premature Baby 1% Chance of Survival. After 209 Days in Hospital, Rowan’s Headed Home




Israeli historian lays out vision for new Holocaust museum in Warsaw




Owen Jones: “Members of the LGBT community must stand behind under-fire Muslims”




GOP could ditch Harris in North Carolina special


Jerry Brown (D-California) Says Dems Are Becoming Too Extreme — Ocasio-Cortez Proves Him Right


Congressman: 10 terrorists try to enter U.S. every day


Gowdy puts Comey on blast after FBI ex-chief’s snarky ‘search for the truth’ tweet


N.C. congressional candidate sought out aide, despite warnings over tactics


Republicans failed to govern. Democrats have a chance to succeed.


‘Her skills are real’: How Pelosi put down a Democratic rebellion in bid for House speaker


Nancy Pelosi takes aim at Trump’s taxes


Pro-Sharia, hijabbed Muslim Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar mocks Mike Pence’s Christian faith


Until They Name Names Lawmakers Guilty of Protecting Sexual Predator Peers Among Them



ICE Deports 256,000 Aliens in FY18, but 560,000 Remain


Worksite Arrests Up 640 Percent as ICE Cracks Down on




Setback For Hindu Terrorists As Nationalists Lose Big Time In Elections In India


In India, the Congress Party Isn’t Dead Yet




Women Find Internet Algorithms Completely Insensitive To Their Grief Over Losing A Baby




Iranian Officials Called ‘Hypocrites’ for Sending Their Families to Study and Work in ‘Great Satan’


Iran urges West to end 'absurdities' on missiles 




20 Years of Muslim Christmas Terror in the Capital of Christmas


My Name Is Bosch And I’m A Recovered Muslim




US envoy says settler rock throwing ‘not legitimate response’ to terror attacks


Palestinian Arabs clash with IDF near Ramallah  (Israel Defense Forces)


A soldier’s death brings grief to Israeli army’s fervently religious battalion


Former Hamas Leader Khaled Mashal Calls For West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  'Guerrilla Warfare,' States: 'I Resist, Therefore I Am'


Mashaal calls for guerrilla warfare to ‘liberate West Bank (Judea and Samria) ’ and ‘all Palestine’


Terrorist Batters IDF Soldier in the Head with a Stone Slab in Beit El


Destroying Hezbollah’s tunnels: an operation years in the making Four years of intense intelligence


EU court throws out Hamas appeal over terror listing


Netanyahu to Hamas: There Won’t Be Ceasefire in Gaza While There’s Fire in Judea and Samaria  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Report: Salman mulling public Netanyahu meeting to counter Khashoggi fallout


Australia formally recognizes West Jerusalem as Israel's capital


PM’s son says he’d ‘prefer’ if ‘all the Muslims leave’ Israel


PA security forces beat Hamas protesters with batons


As ‘attacks beget attacks’ in West Bank (Judea and Samaria), army must break cycle of terror


Investigation of West Bank (Judea and Samaria) attack: terrorist fired at close range


US sanctions ex-Israeli general for $150 million in arms sales to South Sudan


New York Times photographer posted support for “Palestinian” jihad terrorism on Instagram


Reports of Birthright’s decline have been greatly exaggerated, officials say


Extremist Fatah wing throws support behind latest Hamas terror onslaught


Palestinian seriously wounds soldier in West Bank (Judea and Samaria) attack before fleeing


Settlers rebuild the Amona outpost to protest terror attacks


Amid pressure, Netanyahu promises to appoint foreign minister within a month


Sharp Escalation in Stoning, Firebombing Terror Attacks in Judea & Samaria


Israeli ambassador ‘shocked’ at Ukraine’s honoring of Nazi collaborator


 Police arrest 10 as 'Yellow Vest' protests reach Tel Aviv


Israel's southern wall cut illegal immigration to zero


Palestine’s leaders have an disturbing idea of ‘heroism’


U.S. Friends of Israel Can Learn Much From Israeli-Americans




The Weekly Standard, conservative outlet that criticized Trump, to shut down


'The Weekly Standard' Died Today. Here's What That Means.


John Podhoretz: The 'Murder' of 'The Weekly Standard' Wasn't About Trump


Chris Cuomo corrected Joe Arpaio error within minutes, CNN says


Tribune Publishing deal to sell itself to McClatchy is off




Suspected Honduran Terrorist Attempts Shakedown at U.S. Consulate




Yemenis Describe Their Country in Crisis


Saudi Arabia urges Houthis to back political solution in Yemen


Neither U.S. Senators nor Trump’s Team Is Lying About Khashoggi’s Killing




Employee scams Defense Department out of $1.4 million in bogus overtime pay


Report: Chinese military expert calls for PRC Navy to ‘ram’ US warships in contested waters


Soldier killed in 2009 Battle of Kamdesh to receive Distinguished Service Cross


Special operations boss calls for change amid troop misconduct allegations





NATO to send Ukraine secure comms amid Russia standoff




Pakistan added to worst religious liberty violators


Pakistan’s long-term debt rating downgraded from B to B-Negative


Pakistan says bomb attack kills 6 troops in Baluchistan


‘No urgency’ for Pakistan to enter IMF program: Finance minister




'Baby, It's Cold Outside' Sales Surge After Holiday Classic Is Banned for 'Predatory' Lyrics




Buchanan: It's about to get worse


An urban-rural divide is growing in Western politics




Wall 'single greatest obstruction to the future' of the Democratic Party  (Limbaugh: 'They do not want a wall. They will not support a wall')


Nancy Wilson, acclaimed ‘song stylist’ who defied musical boundaries, dies at 81




Our Air Quality is Better Than in Paris, Mayor of Smog-Hit Siberian City Tells Protesters


Roscosmos to submit super-heavy rocket project to Government


Russia Unexpectedly Hikes Interest Rate as Inflation Risks Mount


Russia to manufacture next-generation armored vehicle prototype in spring


Russian Hospital Torched After Anti-Corruption Investigation


Moscow ready for Putin-Trump meeting — Kremlin:  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin/ US President Donald J.Trump)




Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl to resign, prompting new appointment to McCain seat


Senate votes to end US support for Saudi war, bucking Trump


‘Pledges’ are never ‘petty,’ no matter what Chuck Schumer says


McConnell sets Monday test vote on criminal justice bill


The Senate’s resolution was a powerful repudiation of Saudi Arabia — and Trump


Senate condemns Saudi crown prince, rebukes Trump over Khashoggi’s death


Intel panel expects to refer more cases of suspected lying to Mueller


GOP senator floats options to prevent shutdown


Senate Armed Services chair not convinced of need for Trump's Space Force


Senate Bill Targets Chinese Economic Espionage


GOP Senator Has Had It With Democrats' Anti-Trump Antics: They Will Do Anything To Hurt The President


By Democrats’ Own Standard, We Have a Judicial Vacancy Crisis


Senate Vote On War in Yemen Risks Undermining US and Yemeni Interests, While Boosting Iran’s


GOP Leadership Crumbling On Wall Funding


Years After Listing Herself As 'Minority' On Law School Directory, Liz Warren Makes Huge Admission




Christine Blasey Ford Is the Poster Girl for Fake Sexual Assault Allegations




In fresh breach, Facebook says bug may have exposed photos of 7 million users


Fact-checkers say Facebook demands 'propaganda'




Fewer Small Entrepreneurs Set up Convenience Stores


USFK threatens Korean employees with unpaid leave


Korean Companies Mired in Stagnant Sales


Korean banks' foreign-currency deposits soar in November


S. Korea, US fail to strike defense cost-sharing deal





NFL Scoreboard


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)


2017 College Football Schedule: Bowl Week




Outgoing Republican Scott Walker Signs Legislation That Could Curb His Democratic Successor's Power  (Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker (R)


California Will Keep Your DNA on File Even if You Haven't Been Convicted of a Crime


Democrats in New Jersey Have a Firm Grip on Power. They Want Even More.


Many victims of California’s worst wildfire were elderly and died in or near their homes, new data show


Washington governor announces killer whale recovery plan


New York sent loads of data, some rarely available publicly, to Amazon during its search for a new headquarters.




Meteorologist and mom of two kills self at 35




Syrian refugees remain skeptical about return




Opinion | China’s hybrid warfare against Taiwan





Chase for Talent Pushes Tech Giants Far Beyond West Coast





‘Sesame Street’ Introduces Homeless Muppet - ‘Food Insecure’ Lily


Overhaul ahead for ‘CBS This Morning’ amid network turmoil


Eliza Dushku received $9.5M settlement over misconduct on 'Bull' set: report





Why Does Lin-Manuel Miranda Enthusiastically Support A Domestic Terrorist?





‘Future cash crop’: Thailand bullish on becoming a marijuana powerhouse




U.S. sets new March 2 date for China tariff increases amid talks




Why Puberty Blockers Are A Clear Danger To Children’s Health




Turkey’s Erdogan reveals part of Khashoggi killing audio  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)





China slowdown, Brexit grind pulls U.K. stock markets lower


Huawei offers to spend $2 bil. to allay UK's security concerns


UK bans accused blasphemer Asia Bibi, but welcomes Muslim clerics who support murderer of foe of blasphemy law


UK to ban ads featuring traditional male and female roles


UK Lawmakers Urge ‘Extreme Caution’ As Huawei Invests




Trump’s UN ambassador nominee is more credible than the UN itself


Jerry Brown Tells UN To Ignore Trump, Import $122 Trillion Climate Agenda




Pope condemns Strasbourg jihad massacre without mentioning its root causes in Islamic teaching




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Republicans, Don’t Fool Yourselves — Donald Trump Is in Serious Trouble


Attorney Alan Dershowitz: Paying Hush Money to Women Before Election Not a Crime


Payoffs to Mistresses as In-Kind Contributions?


Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Cracks Sexual Joke About Ivanka Trump, Gets Shamed By Some Of His Audience


George Conway: Why take Trump's word over prosecutors' if he 'lies about virtually everything'


Trump rejects felony talk, cites John Edwards precedent: ‘I did nothing wrong’


Trump’s falsehoods on hush-money payments are ‘coming home to roost’


Trump has been walking a tightrope of lies


Trump telling confidants he's worried about impeachment: report


Sorry, but hush-money payments won’t send Trump to prison


Trump increasingly isolated as aides leave, friends flip and investigations advance


Trump considers delaying border wall fight until January


Trump names Mulvaney acting White House chief of staff


Trump signs legislation to help religious minorities in Iraq, Syria


Melania wows the troops at visit to joint base in Hampton, Va.


Another Trump Loyalist Joins the National Security Council


The Establishment’s Full Fury Against Trump Is Now Unleashed


When Does Trump Say, 'Enough Is Enough?!'


No News Cameras Captured The Most Impressive Thing Melania Did This Week


Protesters Dance From WH To Stephen Miller's House To Show Solidarity With Migrants


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