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Thursday, December 13, 2018





In Today’s Issue: 




President Trump’s Decision to Defund Planned Parenthood of $50-60 Million Likely to Win in Court


Nashville's sole remaining abortion clinic suspends abortion provision


Barack Obama, The Abortion President, Receives Human Rights Award


Abortion opponents are starting to worry Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh isn't the ally they were expecting


Scientist Tells Congress: “We Do Not Need Body Parts From Aborted Babies to Treat Patients”


There's a New Push to Change New York's Outdated Abortion Law


Federal Court Forces Little Sisters of the Poor to Once Again Fund Abortions


Ohio Senate passes ban on aborting babies with heartbeats, ‘pro-life’ Kasich vows to veto


Planned Parenthood is in the Killing Business, Not Health Care


For Decades Science Has Confirmed Life Begins at Conception and a Fetus is a Baby


All I Want for Christmas is Planned Parenthood Defunded


Wisconsin Abortions Increase After New Abortion Facility Opened in Milwaukee


Michigan Legislature Passes Ban on Dangerous Webcam Abortions


Doug Jones (US Senator of Alabama (D) on Abortion: ‘I Am in Favor of a Woman’s Freedom to Choose’


Woman Writes Disturbing Death Note To Her Aborted Baby: “I Loved You But You Just Weren’t Meant to Be”


Heartbeat Abortion Bill Moves Forward in Ohio Legislature


Online Pharmacy Runs Half-Price Christmas Special on Morning After Pills That Can Abort Babies


Woman performs 'lullaby' that came to her before abortion


Celebrity Priest Father James Martin Endorses Online Store That Supports Abortion


How 'Shout Your Abortion' grew from a Seattle hashtag into a book


Abortion killed more British babies in 2017 than previously reported


Ireland Parliament Votes to Legalize Abortions Up to 6 Months, Overturn Legal Protections for Unborn Babies




New York State Issues Ultimatum To Faith-Based Adoption Agency




Official: Roadside bombing kills 3 civilians in Afghanistan


Should the U.S. still have troops in Afghanistan? Two veterans reflect on their service


Red gold: Afghanistan saffron production grows


Afghanistan: What’s in a Victory?





Watch: Bolton: New Africa Strategy Is Tough On China, Russia, U.N.


Two witch doctor cannibals jailed in grisly dismemberment murder  





American Prices for Soybeans and Corn Are on the Mend




Southwest Airlines flight turns around after crew members discover human heart onboard




The Women’s March Anti-Semites: A Cautionary, ‘Intersectional’ Tale


Planned Parenthood “Proud” to Stand With Women’s March Despite Its Widespread Anti-Semitism


Europe's Jew-Hating Virus


Women's March Taking Heat From All Sides -- With One Very Big Exception


Anti-Semitic video, fliers posted in wake of Hitler salute prom photo


Marc Lamont Hill keeps job after call to ‘free Palestine from river to sea’




Australian Dollar Down On China Data Misses, But Focused On Fed


Australian Market Declines


Australian prosecutor threatens US media for breaking publication ban on Cdl. Pell’s trial


A Vatican supremo was just convicted of sex abuse in Melbourne. But Australian media can't report it


Archaeologists uncover ring bearing seal of Roman governor who ordered Jesus’ death


Australia warns citizens ahead of expected Jerusalem move 




Lawyers of ex-Nissan boss: Carmaker could have planted evidence 




Making 'designer babies' without ethics is a recipe for disaster





Boy Scouts of America may declare bankruptcy




Strong Borders Is a Moral Category


A Secure America Requires A Secure Border Wall: So Build It


Video Shows Migrants Severely Injured After Climbing Border Wall




TSX falls 0.22 percent, financials weigh


LGBT activists want to force Catholic schools in Canada to hire teachers in same-sex ‘marriage’


Toronto one of dozens of cities dealing with bomb threat hoaxes


Canada caught between a rock and a hard place in the case of Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou


Randall Denley: Ontario's deficit report shows cuts alone are not enough to restore fiscal sanity




Christians stage live nativity outside Supreme Court, US Capitol to show religious freedom is alive




Kevin Hart and the Politics of Comedy




China Cracks Down on Unofficial Church, Arresting Pastor and 100 Members 


Chinese state media urges Canada to defy U.S., free Huawei executive


Physicist linked to China program


China confirms 2 missing Canadians being held




‘Sonic attacks’ against diplomats in Cuba remain a mystery 





Impeachment-Obsessed Congress Still Hiding Its Sexual Harassers


Fox News Poll: Pelosi, McConnell face ratings in the tank heading into new term


Congress May Have Fallen for Facebook’s Trap but You Don’t Have to


 The left and its national security problem




Apple to build second campus in Austin, TX




The Federal Judge Overseeing Michael Flynn’s Sentencing Just Dropped A Major Bombshell


Stormy Daniels Ordered to Pay Trump $293,000


Nearly 70 Former Judges Call for ICE to Make Courthouses Sanctuary Spaces


Michael Cohen sentenced to three years as federal prosecutors zero in on Trump


THIS IS HUGE! Judge Sentencing General Flynn Demands to See FBI 302 Documents on Flynn Ambush Interview


Maria Butina admits to conspiracy against US




Cop killed, K-9 critically wounded in traffic-stop shooting, officials say


Bomb threats emailed to multiple US locations


Teen at a middle school shoots at cops before killing himself, police say

Bomb threats made at Columbine High School, site of 1999 shooting


Ex-Miss Kentucky sent pix of bare breasts to boy, 15: ...




Marriott Data Breach Is Traced to Chinese Hackers as U.S. Readies Crackdown on Beijing




Cybersecurity: The New Frontier in Human Rights




Hero to Zero: The Rise and Fall of Michael Avenatti


Double Standard: Only Obama Can Obliterate His Own Citizens


Whistleblowers: Clinton Foundation Operated Outside Bounds of Non-Profit – Brokered Money and Pharmaceuticals (Video)




Justice Dept IG blames tech trouble for missing Strzok-Page messages; some phones wiped


Gregg Jarrett’s ‘Russia Hoax’ Captures the Real Collusion


Cohen Attorney Lanny Davis: Cohen Will Work with Mueller for Next Three Months Finding a Trump Crime Before Heading to the Slammer


Report: Feds Investigating Trump Inauguration Spending


Justice Department asks Supreme Court to let transgender military ban take effect




U.S. stocks close mostly lower as trade-fueled rally fizzles out


U.S. Stocks Drift on Trade Jitters; Dollar Climbs: Markets Wrap


Wall Street ends flat as nervous investors flock to defensive shares


S&P 500 ends choppy session flat


Asian shares surge as US-China trade thaw seen, sterling wobbles


Gold declines as palladium retreats from a record settlement


U.S. Homebuilders Are Resorting to Price Cuts to Lure Buyers


10-year Treasury yield holds steady near 2.9


‘People are underinvested,’ and they’re going to miss out, warns Wall Street vet


Bitcoin slumps to fresh 15-month low as crypto rout continues




Lawsuit Against Santa Barbara School District Over ‘Unconscious Bias’ Curriculum


Heavyweight Showdown Over Research Access


The Regents' farcical teacher-evaluation con


A Direct Contradiction


Encouraging More Women to Pursue Skilled Trades




The Riots In France Perfectly Illustrate Why We Need The Electoral College





Republicans refuse to admit they got creamed in the midterms





Democrats wary of ‘kids’ table’ spectacle in crowded 2020 debates




Oil ends sharply higher as Saudis reportedly plan to cut crude exports to U.S. refiners


Energy Prices


OPEC output jumped last month, even as production cuts loom: IEA




Italy stocks stand out in Europe, where ECB grabs the spotlight


EU Copyright Directive Goes Too Far


Reports: Leading Muslim Brotherhood Anti-Semitic, Jihad-Inciting Religious Leader Yusuf Al-Qaradawi Removed From Interpol's Wanted List


Vienna says still wants to give citizenship to descendants of Holocaust victims




FBI misses deadline to provide docs to Grassley's panel investigating Clinton whistleblower raid


THE REAL COLLUSION: Obama’s FBI Paid More on Russian Dirt and Fake News in 2016 Election Than Russia Did


Comey Continues to Display His Lack of Credibility





U.S. Budget Deficit Hits Widest on Record for Month of November


No, The Deficit Isn't 'Soaring,' And Yes, Tax Revenues Are At Record Highs


Feds Collect Record Taxes Through November; Still Run $305.4B Deficit


U.S. Budget Deficit Hits Widest on Record for Month of November




U.S. recession risks jump, Fed rate hike expectations slump: Reuters poll 




US bishop appoints ‘woman feminist’ to lead parish


The Jewish backstory of the radical gang from Chicago’s Women’s Liberation Union




French Riots Really Aren't About Global Warming — They're About Tax Heavy Socialism


Ford accused of 'treachery' in France over factory closure in south west


France shooting suspect Cherif Chekatt was radicalized while in jail: officials


Populist Revolt Against Climate Change


France and the Media During the Jihadist War


Strasbourg gunman Cherif Chekatt shot dead by French police


Jihad in Strasbourg


Strasbourg attacker killed by police


French Interior Minister says Strasbourg jihad murderer was being watched in a “relatively serious manner”




Germany opens probe against Strasbourg attack suspect


German court suspends trial of ex-Nazi death camp guard over health woes




Climate crusaders need to fix their gaping 'democracy deficit'


10 YEARS AGO TODAY – Al Gore Predicted North Pole Would Be COMPLETELY ICE FREE in Five Years





Report: Google Funds Establishment Conservatives to Fight Tech Regulation




Kansas GOP lawmaker defects to Democrats, says she ‘cannot be complicit in supporting’ Trump





Shut the down government for real border control — not for the wall





Holocaust survivor, who told his story to thousands, killed by car in Oregon




Nancy Pelosi: ‘We Continue to Strive to Secure the Right to Life…’


The Democratic Party’s New Face: Congressional Muslims Who Ridicule Christians and More


Incoming Muslim Congresswomen Mock Pence’s Christian Faith


Pelosi Nears Speakership After Clinching Deal With Holdouts


Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House - the Sequel (Worse Than the Original)


Ted Lieu admits tyrannical desires: ‘I would love to be able to regulate the content of speech’


Crackpot Democrat Ted Lieu: I Would “Love to Be Able to Regulate the Content of Speech” (Video)


Ocasio-Cortez Is a Pain in Pelosi’s Agenda


Rep. Lamar Smith: Google Will Have ‘Dramatic Impact’ on Elections


How Does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Explain Communism's 100 Million Dead?


Pelosi Mocks Trump for Insisting Mexico Will Pay for Wall


Border Wall Trump’s Manhood according to Pelosi



ICE Thwarts MS-13 Murder Plot; Gangbangers Collared




India elections: Should Modi be worried?   (Prime Minister Narendra Modi)


India's ruling party seeks to energize workers after state losses




Obama’s War is Upon Us (How the ex-Radical-in-Chief created a security vacuum that Iran rushed to fill.)


Iran expert: Deterring Iran in Syria key, but still far from direct attack




New Iraqi government courts Russian embrace





Be Careful When Dealing With CAIR




Fatah, Palestinian Authority Glorify Perpetrators Of Recent Terror Attacks, Calling Them 'Heroes' Who 'Traced The Map Of The Homeland In Their Pure Blood'; Fatah Calls To Escalate The Confrontation With Israel


United Nations, Egypt and Jordan could scuttle Trump’s peace plan


Vivian Bercovici: Israel catches Hezbollah in the act, and the UN looks away


Fatah “prays for the souls” of 2 murderers - “The heroes of the homeland”


Two soldiers dead, a third soldier and a civilian in critical condition from Palestinian shooting near Bethel


Stopping the wave of terror attacks, before the tsunami hits


Israel fills vacuum in terror fight as U.S. reduces troop levels


Hamas behind Ofra and Barkan terror, celebrates three “successful” months


Israeli Mom and Premature Infant Battle for Their Lives after Palestinian Attack


Former Mayor of Shiloh, Israel: Border Wall Cut Down Illegal Immigration to ZERO in 2017 (Video)


Crowd chants for Netanyahu to resign as 1,000 protest outside PM’s residence


Sharp Escalation in Stoning, Firebombing Terror Attacks in Judea & Samaria


AG green-lights legalization of 2,000 settler homes built on Palestinian land


Australia could recognize Jerusalem as soon as Saturday


Mahmoud Abbas Offers Faint Condemnation of ‘Violence’ While Hamas Calls for ‘Day of Rage’ in Palestinian Authority  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


U.S. Congress Targets Israel’s Enemies With Passing Of ‘Human Shields’ Act


Senior IDF commander signals a single Hamas cell behind both West Bank (Judea and Samaria) shootings


National Union threatens coalition


Soldiers killed in West Bank (Judea and Samaria) terror attack named as Yovel Mor Yosef, Yosef Cohen


Israel Sends Military Delegation To Moscow Amid Frayed Ties Over Syria


Mother who lost her infant in terror attack vows to have ‘many more babies’


The Palestinian bluff: The terror authority


Trudeau condemns West Bank (Judea and Samara) terror attack after baby of Israeli-Canadian dies


Terrorists On The Run: The Complexity Of Israeli Manhunts In Palestinian Territory


After Airbnb settlement snub, an all-Israel rental site goes live


IDF identifies soldiers killed: Yuval Mor Yosef, 20, and Yosef Cohen, 19   (Israel Defense Forces)


Poisoned Animals Caught In Palestinian Bureaucratic Net


Cancer is Israel’s biggest killer, though death rate is among lowest in world


Uri Ariel's party will not vote with the coalition as long as residents of Judea and Samaria aren't s


Former IDF Deputy Chief: Israel Should Be Wary Of Gulf States (with Video)


PA claims Israel responsible for upsurge of violence in West Bank(Judea and Samaria)


When Hamas Takes Center Stage In The Realm Of World Opinion


The Barghouti clan’s jihad against Israel




In Lebanon, Criticism Of Hizbullah's Tunnels Into Israel: Hizbullah May Drag Lebanon Into War; The Lebanese Government Must Demand That Hizbullah Stop Violating UNSC Resolution 1701





Samantha Bee Says Americans Who Watch Fox News are Racist Nazis


Mika Brzezinski apologizes after calling Mike Pompeo 'a wannabe dictator's butt boy' on 'Morning Joe'


Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano: N.Y. prosecutors think they can prove Trump felony


NRATV slams ‘dishonest’ media amid reports Dan Bongino dropped by network


Mark Levin rips media for ‘regurgitating’ SDNY’S ‘self-serving brief’ to hurt Trump


TIC-TOC… HANNITY SHOW: “Lots of Sealed Indictments” — “Big Announcements Coming Soon on Dossier, FISA Abuse and Uranium One Deal” (Video)


SICK! CNN Attacks First Lady Melania Trump After Complaining to Hannity – But Said Nothing When Michelle Obama Complained (Video)




Americans Not Sold on Medicare For All





Accused ‘terrorist’ behind migrant caravan members demand of $50,000 apiece to go back home


Mexico announces crackdown on illegal immigration: ‘Get in line and you can enter our country’





Saudi Arabia & UAE To Launch Cross-Border Cryptocurrency


Saudis hold “International Conference on Islamic unity” and “perils of exclusion” in city where non-Muslims banned




Healing Wounded Warrior Project


Inside the secret US military mission that located the Titanic


Family, friends remember Marines killed in KC-130J crash off Japan coast


Welcome to the jungle: Marine engineers tackle tough terrain during Okinawa exercise


Bath Iron Works launches Navy’s final Zumwalt-class guided-missile destroyer


'We must do better' in wake of Marine deaths, lawmakers say


US troops in Europe told to check in after deadly Christmas market attack




Pakistan, With Its Severe Blasphemy Laws, Says It’s ‘A Multi-Religious and Pluralistic Society’


Formation of body to probe cybercrime under way, Senate panel told


Trump administration places Pakistan on list of worst violators of religious freedom


Global outcry over INGOs’ closure in Pakistan




Here’s The Problem With PolitiFact’s ‘Lie Of The Year’




Americans Think More Religion Would Make the Country a Better Place




Putin Makes Vladivostok the Capital of Russia’s Far East, Replacing Khabarovsk   (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


EU summit prolongs economic sanctions against Russia for six months


Putin's Ratings in 2018, a Sign of Things to Come? An Interview With Alexei Levinson





Claire McCaskill Blames Brett Kavanaugh for Her Defeat in Senate Farewell Speech


Behar suggests GOP sen. should ‘go to jail’ for not speaking out against Trump


Senate Republicans to Trump: Please, No Shutdown


Senate Democrats win first skirmish in fight to tighten campaign finances rules


Senate takes new steps to end U.S. military’s role in Yemen


Behar suggests GOP sen. should ‘go to jail’ for not speaking out against Trump


Senate rebukes Trump, condemns Saudi crown prince for Khashoggi murder


Schumer: If Mexico Paying for Wall, Then ‘Let’s Fund Government’




Buffy actress Eliza Dushku reveals she was written off CBS series after reporting her co-star for sexual harassment - which the network tried to bury with a secret $9.5M settlement




Under Socialism, You Can’t Even Afford to Die




S. Korea orders 2nd Japan firm to compensate forced laborers


South Korea eyes $300-million deal to buy U.S. missiles for Aegis destroyers


Troops cross North-South Korea Demilitarized Zone in peace for 1st time ever




Virgin Galactic test flight soars 50 miles high, opening space tourism era




Dear Parents: Resist the Madness of Organized Children’s Sports




Insurance claims at $9 billion from California fires


In the Image of Joseph Stalin — Incoming NY AG Promises to Target and Destroy Trump and Family — Will Find a Crime Later!


No one is targeting the real corruption plaguing New York




Cracks Exposed: American Influence In Syria Peace Process Waning




China Debt Scrutinized More by Taiwan Banks Eyeing Trade War




How The New NAFTA Trade Deal Lets Big Tech Squelch Conservative Speech




The Transgender Movement Is Not Interested In Compromise




Turkey conducts airstrikes against PKK targets in Iraq





Attention returns to Brexit turmoil, leaving London stocks in the red


Theresa May Survives Leadership Challenge, but Brexit Plan Is Still in Peril  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Huawei $2 billion security pledge followed walkout by British official: sources


Theresa May and the Conservative Will to Power


EU to Step Up Plans for No-Deal Brexit as Bloc Plays Hardball With May


May Wins More Time, but Only After a Humbling Concession


Church of England Now Offers Baptism-Style Ceremony for Transgenders


UK government’s adoption of UN migration pact “all but violates” its pledge to cut immigration




UN's Guterres: Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince contributed to reaching Yemen agreement




Pope cans cardinals named in sex abuse scandals from his cabinet




Russian Strategic Bombers Fly Over Caribbean With Venezuelan Jets


In Venezuelan, families can't even afford to properly bury the dead


Maduro Claims Bolton Ready to Invade Venezuela


In Venezuelan, families can't even afford to properly bury the dead




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump says GM shift to electric vehicles is 'not going to work'


White House to Officially Delay China Tariff Hike to March, Sources Say


Melania blasts ‘opportunists,’ says media focuses too much on ‘nonsense’


As Trump Cries ‘No Collusion,’ Other Campaign Inquiries Close In


Trump's Comments on Huawei Extradition Could Help Meng's Case


Trump Gets Win as Xi Makes Good on Pledge to Buy U.S. Soybeans   (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


Trump said to be considering son-in-law Kushner for chief of staff role


Trump is unmasked as third person at meeting with Michael Cohen and Enquirer's David Pecker where they hatched plan to buy-and-bury stories about his 'affairs' that BOTH other parties have admitted broke campaign laws


Melania Trump's poll numbers plummet


White House Cancels Christmas Party For Press


Trump was at the illegal hush money meeting, source says


Andrew McCarthy BLASTS Judge Napolitano’s Accusations of Trump Campaign Violations : “That’s Not What Happened at All!” (Video)


Donald Trump Jr.: My dad once ‘regifted’ me something I gave him


Trump Says He Would Intervene in Huawei Case to Get China Deal


Exclusive: Trump says Fed shouldn't hike rates, but calls Powell 'a good man'


Trump Predicts Public Would ‘Revolt' If Congress Impeaches Him


Exclusive: Trump says China 'back in the market' for U.S. soybeans



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