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Friday, December 1, 2017






In Today’s Issue: 




Shocking New York City Figures Show More Than 1 in 3 Babies are Killed in Abortions


Can Abortion Make Roy Moore A Senator? (Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore)


Football Star With Unborn Twin With Anencephaly Rejects Abortion. “BOTH Our Babies are Beautiful and Precious”


Why abortion — not sexual misconduct — is likely to decide the Alabama Senate race


University Shuts Down Pro-Life Display, Calling It “Harmful” and Issuing a “Trigger Warning”


Missouri's new abortion rules could mean big costs for Planned Parenthood


12 States Ask Federal Court to Uphold Ban on Late-Term Abortions, When Babies Feel Intense Pain


Protecting life is why SC’s Alan Wilson wants to prohibit abortion after 20 weeks


Planned Parenthood Complains It Costs Too Much Money to Get Women an OBGYN After Botched Abortions


Teen pregnancy and abortion rates see big drops, which Colorado officials attribute to IUD program


Late-Term Abortion Clinic Staffer: Pro-Lifers Make Us Want to Do More Abortions


How Dr. LeRoy Carhart's Abortion Clinic Stays Motivated Through Political Threats


New “Service” Provides Women Someone to Hold Their Hand as They Abort Their Babies


Arkansas again cuts off Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood Buys Abortion Clinic to Expand Its Abortion Business Into South Carolina


Lawsuit seeks to block Illinois abortion coverage expansion


United Nations and Big Western Nations Push Sex and Abortion on Girls in Africa and Asia


Vatican praises pro-abortion U.S. governor as ‘true leader’ for eco activism


Why is Abortion Declining Nationwide and Fewer Babies Dying in Abortions?


Former employee sues Planned Parenthood for refusing medical leave for cancer treatment


Heartbreaking Flag Display Gives a Visual Representation of How Many Babies Abortion Has Killed  (Canada)


Woman with Down Syndrome Responds to UN Expert Advocating Abortion for Those with the Condition


French officials honor pro-abortion feminist for ‘tireless commitment to secularism’


Pro-Life Congresswoman: Time to Defund the United Nations’ “Pro-Abortion Policies and Campaigns”




Trump wants to gut America’s progress against AIDS


Trump leaves out LGBT community in World AIDS Day speech




Millions In U.S. Funds Spent On Border Equipment In Afghanistan That No Longer Works


US-funded border inspection gear sits idle in Afghanistan


U.S. talks with Russia about military partnership in Afghanistan War 






Organ Harvesting And Mutilation Of Libyan Slaves


U.S. ally Mauritania under fire for tolerating centuries-old practice of slavery


It is up to Somalia to combat al-Shabab 




American Airlines lacks pilots for 15,000 Christmas flights





My Family’s Adoption Story Could Be Impossible If ACLU Wins This Case




Rutgers University Must Deal with Anti-Semitism



Asian manufacturing buoyed by tech as focus shifts to regional rate hikes


Pope demands 'decisive measures' to resolve Rohingya exodus during visit to Bangladesh



ASX ends dramatic week on upbeat note


Elon Musk Brings World’s Biggest Battery to Australia


Evacuation orders in north-east as rivers set to flood


How Australia's most wanted man has evaded police for seven years





Autoworkers collaborate to build fellow employee a new limb 




If Tax Cuts Can 'Change American Life,' Then Gov't Really Is Too Big





Canadian dollar surges after better-than-expected job growth, TSX higher


Trudeau criticized for pushing gay agenda on kids in ‘LGBTQ2’ apology (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


As Alberta rebounds, massive inventory of unsold condos raises concerns


Canada Approves Dangerous Assisted Suicide Drug That has Caused Massive Overdoses


Toy store guard fired after appearing to pull knife on suspect in toy store


Elected as prime minister Trudeau now wants to be everyone’s “Canadian Boyfriend”


Supreme Court rules in favour of Yukon First Nations in Peel watershed dispute


CP24 suspends Stephen LeDrew after Fox News interview


Judge strikes down Quebec veil ban until province establishes rules for religious accommodation


Oshawa GM plant cuts worker shifts, restarts truck line


How solar-energy dreams became a nightmare for the small Ontario town of Blind River


University sexual harassment victim kept in dark over whether professor was punished


Lawrence Solomon: Ban the bike! How cities made a huge mistake in promoting cycling


P.E.I. petting farm gets flak after goats sold as meat


Job market ‘unstoppable’ based on latest StatCan survey 




Basic health care is still a problem in the US Virgin Islands, months after the hurricanes


New York City model, 26, found dead with throat slit in Jamaica, report says





Honduran protesters, police clash in growing election crisis




CIA recruits Korean-speaking agents


Cotton to CIA? The move would say a lot about how the GOP star views his party's future (US Senator of Arkansas Tom Cotton (R)




China reluctant to cut off oil to North Korea


GM venture to recall nearly a million vehicles in China: quality watchdog


Why Parts of Beijing Look Like a Devastated War Zone




Allies not considering naval blockade on NK


North Korea has not yet crossed 'red line'


US battles for global push on N.Korea amid Russia, China doubts


There Is Still Time to Develop a Solution to the North Korea Crisis


Russian Delegation to Pyongyang Says North Korea ‘Won’t Disarm’


Is Donald Trump Getting Ready to Attack North Korea?


North Korea Can Strike America Now—and Our Options Are All Still Bad


NKorea open to talks if recognized as nuclear power


North Korea's new missile: Pyongyang vs the analysts


Is There Really Nuke Danger from North Korea?


N. Korea appears to be prepping another missile launch pad, photos show





It’s Time To Repeal The Johnson Amendment And Let Pastors Talk Politics


Thousands of kids could lose health insurance next month if Congress doesn't act fast






CBO Tries to Sink Tax Bill  (What you see with the CBO scoring is politics at work.)





Why Barnes & Noble Wants Smaller Stores




San Francisco’s Shame (An illegal-alien killer is set free in a mockery of the rule of law.)


Mark Steyn: Steinle Verdict a 'Miscarriage of Justice' in the Profoundest Sense


Mother of Son Slain by Illegal Shocked at Steinle Verdict


Feds release arrest warrant for Jose Ines Garcia Zarate after pier shooting verdict


Illegal immigrant acquitted of murdering Kate Steinle in case that sparked 'sanctuary cities' debate


Garcia Zarate acquitted in death of Kate Steinle


Immigrant Acquitted of Murder in a Case Invoked by Trump




Officials: Ex-Baltimore cop set up slain officer to find drugs


Florida teen who went missing with soccer coach found safe


 McDonald’s manager gets $110K reward for murder tip (Florida)


McDonald’s worker won’t get reward for helping cops arrest suspected serial killer


Missing Florida girl spotted with soccer coach


Couple accused of putting infant son in microwave





It’s Time to Prosecute the Clinton Political Crime Syndicate




Why the Michael Flynn “Scandal” is a Giant Nothingburger


Breaking Viral Video: Obama Illegally Wiretapped General Flynn to Obtain Indictment


Flynn pleads guilty to lying to FBI, is cooperating with Mueller (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


What the Flynn Plea Means


Ex-general pleads guilty to lying to FBI, says member of Trump transition team ordered Moscow contact


The Michael Flynn Charge: Monstrous Injustice or Prelude to Bigger Things?


DOJ weighs federal charges after jury lets Kate Steinle’s killer walk


Sessions Refuses To Say Whether Trump Tried To Hinder Russia Probe, U.S. Lawmaker Says  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Denaturalization Sought Against 5 Child Molesters


Sessions blames sanctuary city policy for Steinle death following verdict


Jeff Sessions’ ambitious Justice Department


Paul Manafort reaches bail deal with Mueller probe prosecutors for judge's approval (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)





New DEA Office to Open in Epicenter of Opioid Crisis





Magnitude 4.4 earthquake felt from New York City to Baltimore


Delaware earthquake registers at 4.1




Stocks end lower after Flynn guilty plea, but Dow sees best week of 2017


Whipsawed by Washington, Wall Street ends modestly lower


Stocks Fall, Bonds Advance Amid Taxes, Flynn Plea: Markets Wrap


The Problematic Assumption Underlying 2 Estimates Showing Weak Growth From GOP Tax Reform


2018 Could Be the Year of 'Trumponomics'


Stocks in Asia Extend U.S. Rebound on Tax Hopes: Markets Wrap


Asian shares edge up with U.S. tax bill in focus


Gold cuts losses for the week as political concerns roil the U.S. dollar, stocks


More Than 100 Economists Support Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Say It Will Accelerate Economic Growth


Treasurys pare gains after Senate tax-bill optimism edges out White House turmoil


GOP tax reform will be a boon to African-American job creators


Dollar down as political turmoil roils markets




Column Starts a Culture War (Texas State's president calls an opinion piece published by the student newspaper "racist." Others have demanded the paper's funding be pulled. Minority students defend the publication and say their views are being squelched.)


The Future of Academe in Zimbabwe


Expanding Apprenticeships Across More Jobs


Teaching Anthropology in a Red State


BDS Advocate Headed on College Book Tour Next Year




Worshippers pack Egyptian mosque a week after massacre


Snubbing the U.S., Russia and Egypt Near Deal on Bases





Soros-Backed Groups Pick 2018 ‘Target List’




U.S. oil prices end higher, but suffer largest weekly loss in 2 months


Energy Prices






European stocks close lower, shaken by reports Flynn with testify about Trump


Polish interior minister orders investigation into naked video at gas chamber


EU resolution calls for arms embargo against Saudi Arabia, accuses it of war crimes


EU migrant policies rejected by 74% of people in 11 countries of Central Europe


Italy uses Mussolini-era law to place community on military lockdown




Shocking Report Shows Patients Being Starved to Death as Food and Water Redefined as Medical Treatment




‘Let justice roll down like waters,’ says Comey as Flynn pleads guilty (Former FBI Director James Comey)


FBI investigating people animated by 'Antifa ideology'


Secret emails detail FBI’s hunt for leaker after infamous Lynch-Clinton meeting


FBI Warns of Mounting Collaboration Between Nations, Criminals to Launch Cyberattacks


FBI tests "items of interest" in search for missing girl





Republicans Continue to Receive Death Threats From Net Neutrality Supporters




US approves monthly injection for opioid addiction 


"Bone treats" blamed for dog deaths, illnesses





 Vegas Strip gaming revenue plunges in October in aftermath of mass shooting





Potsdam police disarm explosive device found at Christmas market


The Latest: Suspicious package in Germany had nails, power


German government wants ‘backdoor’ access to every digital device: report


Germany: Politician sued for “racial incitement” for reading out news about Muslim migrant crime





Cities where winter temperatures are warming up the most


Rising seas could submerge historic settlement




‘We presume men are competent’: Carly Fiorina on the challenges women face at work


GOP donors in New York sour on party's tax plan




CVS closes in on deal to buy health insurer Aetna: source


Missouri health director supports needle exchange





Singer and comic actor who played TV’s hapless hayseed Gomer Pyle dies at 87





Retiring Gutierrez Wants to Create 'Parallel Structure' to Dem Party to Defeat Trump (US Representative of Illinois Luis Gutierrez (D)


Treasury fund paid for Rep. Farenthold's $84000 sexual harassment settlement


Gun Background Check Improvement Bill Passes House Committee


Speaker Ryan says Dems blew DACA negotiations by skipping Trump meeting (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


House Plans Two-Week Spending Bill to Avoid Shutdown


Paul Ryan Invites Trump to Speak for His First State of the Union Address


Rep. Joe Barton: I will not seek re-election  (US Representative of Texas Joe Barton (R)


Lawmaker signals no deal in place to fund defense bill, sounds alarm on government shutdown


Hispanic Caucus Chair: Republican Blocked Because Group Is Used to Strategize Against Trump


Here Are the Democratic Lawmakers Who Have Publicly Called on Conyers to Resign (US Representative of Michigan John Conyers (D)


John Conyers must step aside — at least for now


Congress paid nearly $100K to settle harassment claims against disgraced congressman


Net neutrality supporter threatens to kill US Rep.


Rep. Mark Walker: Fix our broken immigration system without giving in to amnesty




Steinle Verdict Reignites GOP Firestorm Over Sanctuary Cities, States



ICE seeks to deport immigrant acquitted in Kate Steinle case




Christian Family in India Receives Notice to Stop Worship in Their Home


Obama issues a warning in India: 'Think before you tweet'


India bus passenger arrested over smelly socks


Exclusive: Nissan sues India over outstanding dues; seeks over $770 million




Iranian Envoy Says U.S. Won't Succeed In Pushing Iran Out Of Syria





Islamic Gender Apartheid: Real Feminism Means Resisting Islam


Islam's sexual harassment of the biblical Mary





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Friday, December 1, 2017)


Manhunt for one or more terrorists who murdered an Israeli soldier in Arad. High alert for more attacks


German government refuses to certify Dead Sea scrolls belong to Israel


Israeli forces demolish home of Palestinian allegedly involved in killing of settler


Wrestling body investigating if Iranian threw match to avoid Israeli


PA: Giro d'Italia 'complicit' in Israeli occupation


Army: Hiking settlers were attacked first; soldiers took 20 minutes to find them


Palestinians fire warning ahead of Trump Jerusalem decision


Hamas leader said to arrive in Cairo for talks on prisoner swap with Israel


Erekat:'Trump recognition of Jerusalem is playing with fire' (Chief negotiator for the “Palestine” Liberation Organization Saeb Erekat)


Netanyahu denies saying Reform Judaism will disappear by assimilation  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


White House Notifies US Embassies Around the World of Plan to Recognize Jerusalem as Capital of Israel


UN marks Palestine Day with fresh slew of resolutions condemning Israel


Israeli forces use live fire during clashes in hometown of Palestinian killed by settler


Saudi minister calls out Hezbollah, says Israeli-Palestinian peace deal 'not


Monday Could Be Trump’s Opportunity to Move Embassy


Palestinian Reconciliation At An Impasse


Israeli forces open fire at Gaza farmers


Is Israel really a nation that dwells alone?


Trump to the Rescue–of the Palestinians!


Israeli forces suppress protest in Hebron-area village


Palestinian Reconciliation Sputters


Leave Golan Heights out of Syria talks  


As the US mulls recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, here's what some Palestinians and Israelis think


Israel intelligence chief who plans to succeed Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Officials: Trump mulls calling Jerusalem Israel's capital






Japan's emperor to abdicate in 2019





Lebanon will only survive if Hezbollah disarms: Saudi FM


Hariri: Lebanon no longer tolerates Hezbollah's intervention in the Gulf  (Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri)





Kim Jong Nam had antidote to VX nerve agent on him at time of murder  (The half-brother of North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un was carrying an antidote to the poison which killed him at the time of his death.)




WaPo Claims Flynn Violated Logan Act, Despite Bezos Attending Bilderberg


Geraldo Rivera regrets "tawdry" memoir, apologizes to Bette Midler


Matt Lauer wants $30 million from NBC after firing, report says


The ‘Today Show’ was a ‘total boys’ club’ during Lauer’s tenure


Jane Sanders Slams Joy Reid for Suggesting Her Husband Physically Dismisses Women (US Senator of Vermont Bernard Sanders (I-Socialist)




Killing of Mexican prosecutor of crimes against women sparks outcry





Houthi militias clash with Saleh loyalists for second day, three killed


Aligning with Saudi Arabia’s designs




How Prayers Saved My Life And Those Of Many American Soldiers During The First Iraq War


John Lehman: China, Russia, Iran threaten ‘New Pearl Harbor’


Green Beret Trainer Faults ‘Careerism’ Among Senior Officers for Weakening Special Ops


Navy Hands Down Punishment For Sky Penis Pilots


VA to offer unproven hyperbaric oxygen therapy to vets with PTSD


Investigators: Colorado vet died after getting painkillers


Head of Navy personnel tapped to lead Pacific Fleet’s troubled surface force


Mattis: There's 'nothing' to reports of Tillerson leaving  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis/US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson)


Navy releases new details about ship collision off South Korea coast


101st   soldiers receive Army’s new sidearm, M17 will be fielded to team leaders


Experts: US faces daunting challenge in new defense strategy


Trump tells confidants that a government shutdown might be good for him




If North Korea fires a nuclear missile at the U.S., how could it be stopped?




Flynn Charged With Lying to FBI, Clapper Still Free After Committing Clear Perjury  (Former Director of National Intelligence James R Clapper)




Taliban attack Pakistan college, 12 killed, 37 injured


Pakistan attack: 'Heavy gunfire' heard at Peshawar training centre


USA not seen a change in Pakistan support for militants: US Official




Duterte’s thinking about a revolution (President Rodrigo Duterte)




Limbaugh: Timing of Flynn Charges ‘May Not Be Coincidental’ — ‘Look at All the News It Has Swept Off the Front Pages’




Russia Considers Banning Surrogacy: “It Brings Harm to Mother and Child”


Russia Isn't Going Away in Ukraine


New S-400 missile battalion to beef up Moscow air defense


 Russia won’t be surprised by war in North Korea, it’s been preparing for it – Security Council head


Russian Tu-22M3 bombers hit IS targets in Syria


Russia stands on brink of unprecedented HIV/Aids crisis





Pamela Anderson Unsuccessfully Tries to Flirt With Secret Service to See Mike Pence





Dem Senator Hirono Runs Interference for Franken and Conyers


Meet These 2 Trump Judicial Nominees Who Just Fielded Questions in the Senate


After Twitter fight, Kimmel chides Roy Moore in late-night monologue (Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore)


Viguerie: Catholic Voters Hold Key To Roy Moore Victory


Winners and losers in the Senate GOP tax bill: A running list


Congress Has Spent $10.9 Trillion Under McConnell; $91,142 Per Household  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Republicans Have Enough Votes to Pass Tax Bill


Republican Senators to Block Trump Pick for Colombia Ambassador


Christians, Moral Hazards, and Roy Moore  


Why the Alabama Senate race is shifting in Roy Moore's favor


Tax cut plan slips out of Senate Republicans’ hands when ‘trigger’ compromise is nixed


McConnell works to salvage tax bill  


Republicans rewriting tax bill — and won't vote tonight


Pro-Trump group's poll finds Moore up 1 in Alabama Ethics Committee opens 'preliminary inquiry' into Sen. Franken allegations (US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)


Senate tax plan would cost $1 trillion over 10 years factoring in growth: Study


Sen. Perdue (R-Georgia): Ending Chain Migration a ‘Top Priority’ for Republicans


Franken fighting for political survival as Democrats demand ‘zero tolerance’ for sexual misconduct


Alabama Democrat’s Push for Senate Seat Was No Accident


Cruz 'angry' at not guilty verdict in Kate Steinle case: 'Justice must be served'  (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Apparently Republicans want to kick the middle class in the face


Hannity to Scarborough in latest Trump feud: 'Joe, you need help'





Vox Media Removes Open Bar From Holiday Party Amid Fears of Sexual Harassment


Media figures apologize, sort of, for sexual misconduct


Opinion: Women enable men like Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose





Singapore on edge as Islamic State circles





Social Media, Fake News, and Free Speech




Argentina ends missing submarine rescue mission




Strong exports boost optimism on economic growth for 2017


Economy marks highest growth in 7 years


Universities to Cut Entrance Quotas


North Korea's new ICBM test 'successful': defense ministry


Freezing Cold to Last All Weekend


Economy growing steeply on record-high exports





College Football's Avalanche of Lawsuits


NCAA slaps Ole Miss with two-year bowl ban


Feds seek 60 years in prison for ex-Team USA gymnastics doctor


NFL owners appear poised to pay nearly $100 million bribe for nothing


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard




Georgia Copyrighted Its Own Laws. Now, It’s Suing a Nonprofit Group for Publishing Them.


Charlottesville protest report finds police failed at violent rally (Virginia)


N.Y. attorney general warns Project Veritas that its fundraising license is at risk





White House lays groundwork for seismic personnel change with plan to oust Tillerson (US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson)


Source: White House wanted to publicly shame Tillerson


Tillerson’s fall could turn State into a hawk’s nest


How Tillerson Did So Much Damage in So Little Time


Tillerson’s exit can only begin to fix US foreign policy


Listen: Why Trump doesn't want to tell Tillerson 'You're Fired'




Possible link found between some Utah suicides, electronics




Syrian regime blasted for quitting Geneva talks




Tsai vows to improve nation’s defenses   (President Tsai Ing-wen)





Richard Spencer's white-nationalist nonprofit failed to file basic paperwork to keep fundraising




What Americans Can Do to End NAFTA


Ramifications of NAFTA's Regionalism




Pediatrician: Revealing Your Baby’s Sex Might Traumatize Him, Because Trans




Inspector general launches inquiry into whether Treasury hid Republican tax bill analysis





Turkey issues arrest warrant for former CIA official over coup attempt


Gold dealer’s testimony puts Erdogan on shaky ground (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Plea deal with gold trader has potentially explosive links to Flynn, Turkey’s Erdogan


EU says it will slash pre-accession aid to Turkey by €105mn over human rights violations


Reza Zarrab case: Gold trader implicates Turkish president Erdogan





FTSE 100 closes lower as banks suffer from Flynn, tax reform uncertainty


Brexit Creates a Game of Risk for European Banks


Anglican Minister: Christians Should Pray for Prince George to Be Gay


UK’s former Equality and Human Rights chief says “Islamophobia Awards” paint target on the backs of Islam critics


US cancels Trump’s visit to UK after anti-Muslim tweet backlash


Andrew Buncombe: May must tear up special relationship and tell Trump he's not welcome (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Education: Children as young as two grouped by ability in English nurseries


Benefit fraud surges by £200m in a year as record levels swallow up £2.1 billion of department's budget


Christians should pray for Prince George to be gay, says C of E minister


DUP threatens to pull support for May over Irish border compromise


 Doctors 'wrong to assume type 1 diabetes is childhood illness'


Hawfinch invasion as rare birds flock to Britain in thousands after crop failures in Europe 


MPs doubt Brexit Irish border fix


Contentious Britain Unites in Outrage Over Trump Tweets


Hospital missed lung cancer cases


British court to hear 'gay' cake arguments


Snow and ice warnings for much of UK


Threatened red squirrels get boost from biggest new forest in 30 years





UN: Yemen rebel missiles fired at Saudi Arabia appear Iranian


UN Security Council Meets Again on North Korean Missile Test




 Pope Francis still won't say the word 'Rohingya'




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump put his presidency at risk to defend Michael Flynn. What happened?


What If You Can’t Normalize Donald Trump — Because He’s Already Normal?


NBC to attend White House party, despite Trump's tweets


Sacrificing Their Own to Get Trump


Sarah Sanders Responded To The Steinle Verdict By Dropping A MOAB On San Francisco   (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)


Christmas celebrates ‘the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’: President Trump


White House staff exits likely as Trump's first year draws to a close: sources


O'Reilly: Trump Faces 'Hellacious' Attacks on Women, More


Trump slams not guilty verdict for undocumented immigrant


Trump tells confidants that a government shutdown might be good for him politically


Trumps light national Christmas tree for first time


Here's where Trump donated his Q3 salary


Kellyanne Conway Might as Well Be ‘Opioid Czar’


Trump Urged G.O.P. Leaders to Help End Russian Inquiry


White House Plan: Replace Tillerson With C.I.A. Chief


Trump’s presidency is far better than his Twitter feed


White House refutes report that Trump asked senators to wrap up Russia probe


Journalists note small crowd at Trump's Christmas tree lighting


Could we see Senator Sarah Huckabee Sanders?  (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)




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