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Thursday, November 30, 2017






In Today’s Issue: 




David Daleiden’s Battle to Release More Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood May Head to to Supreme Court


Why abortion — not sexual misconduct — is likely to decide the Alabama Senate race


NFL Player Killed His Pregnant Girlfriend Because She Refused to Have an Abortion


Even Supremes wonder why abortionists protected by gag order


Trump HHS Nominee Alex Azar: Don’t Force Christians to Fund Abortions


Abortion Clinic Caught Making Appointment for Abortion of Healthy 32-Week-Old Unborn Baby


Planned Parenthood Fights to Overturn Indiana Law Banning Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome


Dems set for abortion showdown in Illinois


Pro-Life Groups Sue to Stop New Illinois Law Forcing Taxpayers to Fund Abortions


Senate Advances GOP Tax Plan Recognizing Unborn Children are Human Beings From Conception


Undercover Call Catches Abortion Clinic Offering to Kill Baby at 26 Weeks: “Yes, We Can Do That Tomorrow”


How abortion could tip the scales in Alabama


“Murderer’s Row:” New Abortion Clinic Opens Up Next Door to Another One


Appeals Court Forces Louisiana to Fund Planned Parenthood Even After It Sold Aborted Baby Parts


Scientists Breathlessly Report Animals Have Emotions, But Babies Still Die in Abortions


Internal Emails Reveal How the Trump Administration Blocks Abortions for Migrant Teens


When Doctors Said Her Baby Would be Disabled She Had an Abortion, It Was “Less Traumatic for Me”


Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Opposes Judicial Nominees Steven Grasz and Amy Barrett


Netflix Show “Lady Dynamite” Jokes About Incest, Abortion and a Satanic Feminist “Queen”


Netflix’s ‘Lady Dynamite’ Jokes About Incest, Abortion and Satanic Feminist 'Queen'


Planned Parenthood Denied Medical Leave to Employee Having Surgery for Cervical Cancer


Hartford Ordinance Would Restrict Advertising By Anti-Abortion Centers


Actress Sara Coates Excited to Buy Christmas Cards Supporting Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz


UNSAFE: Report Reveals Horrific Safety Violations in American Abortion Clinics


Lydia Should Have Died in the Abortion, But the Abortion Pill Failed


Chance is Disabled Today Because His Father Shot His Mother for Refusing an Abortion


UK gov’t official proposes ban on prayer vigils outside abortion centers


These Parents Just Stopped Planned Parenthood. You Can, Too


Canadian gov’t slams Catholic college after it refused to show pro-abortion film


Abortion Activists Target One of the Few Pro-Life Democrats Left in Congress


‘God won’: Doctor fired for pro-life stance wins major court case in Norway


How Poland’s far-right government is pushing abortion underground


Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Loses Huge Lawsuit Against Spain and Probably Over €400,000 in Taxpayer Funds


Brazil’s Abortion Battle


UN Human Rights Committee Pushes Abortion as a “Preventative Measure” to ”Avoid” Down Syndrome


Malawi Bishops challenge pro-abortion lobby to a referendum


Advocates make progress on access to safe abortion in humanitarian crises


Doctor Fired for Refusing to Do Abortions Wins Major Court Case (Norway)




Faith-Based Adoption Agencies are Under Massive Attack, And It’s Only Hurting Children




Watch: Donald Trump's US airstrikes OBLITERATE Taliban targets in Afghanistan


Fighting Between Taliban, IS Expands to New Afghan Territory





Islamic Fiqh Academy Conference In Mumbai: According To Shari'a, Adolescent Schoolboys, Schoolgirls Cannot Attend Classes In Same Building


Kidnappings, Threats of Massacre Terrorize Christians in Kano State, Nigeria


Radical Muslims Terrorize Nigerian Christians With Death Threats


As parts of Zambia beat back malaria, the nation sets a lofty goal: zero transmissions


Muslim extremists end religious peace in Mali after appointment of Cardinal Zerbo


Blackwater founder pitches plan to quell Libya migrant crisis with private police


Libya: Voluntary evacuation planned for migrants in detention camps




ASX ends strong month with a whimper


Australia dollar lifted by upbeat economic news, NZ$ bruised


Australia bows to years of pressure, announces inquiry into finance sector


Australian teenagers with gender dysphoria able to have treatment without court approval





Dow Jones surges past 24,000-mark for first time while TSX climbs higher


Canada: Jews most targeted for hate crimes, hate crimes against Muslims decrease


Canada: Hamilton, Ontario police holding recruiting event at mosque


Speaker gives Tory MP the boot from House for heckling


Canada to redact more than 5,000 records from questionnaire asking Muslim asylum seekers about religion


'We're doing the best we can': French immersion teacher shortage in Canada a chronic and stressful problem


French-Italian consortium offers Canada a deal on a new fleet of frigates that could save $32 billion


How your tax money is effectively paying these companies’ environmental fines


Canada Lobster found with Pepsi logo 'tattoo' fuels fears over ocean litter


Video shows confrontation involving boy, 12, allegedly slapped by Winnipeg police officer


Canada’s ranking on prosperity index dives to lowest level since 2007


Missing Toronto woman Tess Richey found dead




Will China sever lifeline to North Korea?


US presses China to cut oil supply to North Korea


Trump urged to take ‘extreme caution’ before sanctioning Chinese banks for North Korea


Trump: China's envoy had 'no impact' on North Korea missile program




NKorean ICBM carried dummy nuclear warhead. A US intelligence flop


N.Korean Missile Entirely New Type


Trump Administration Stops Short of Calling for Regime Change in North Korea


N.Korea's Missile Launch Surprised Nobody


North Korea's new Hwasong-15 missile: What the photos show


North Korea's Next Move (That Could Start a War): An Atmospheric Nuclear Test?


North Korea's Latest ICBM Test Highlights America's Flawed Strategy


Washington Looks to a Cold War Strategy Against North Korea


Search is on for North Korean missile debris


North Korea has shown us its new missile, and it's scarier than we thought


North Korea: Russia accuses US of goading Kim Jong-un (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


North Korea's Nuclear Threat Is Here And It's Real — Kim Jong-un's Regime Must Go


Liberals are increasing the odds of a new Korean War


US urges world to sever N Korea ties 




Congress is caught up in the sexual misconduct scandals. Will it police its own?


Why we shouldn't repeal the rule on churches playing politics





Liberal groups lend moral support, not cash, to Leandra English's battle to lead CFPB


GOP chairman demands answers on how Leandra English got job at CFPB


No More “Death Panels.” Push to Repeal Independent Payment Advisory Board Heats Up


It turns out Democrats love ‘dark money’




‘Hooker’ says Spitzer liked sex toys, being walked on leash: court docs (Former Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer (D)


Man charged with murder after mysterious killings paralyzed a Tampa neighborhood




Utah: Muslim migrant who raped two women when he was 14 spared adult prison despite pleas from victims


Fears grow for Texas girl, 15, who left a goodbye note to her parents and vanished with her passport after connecting with an older 'predator' from California on Snapchat




Bulletproof Glass In Businesses Is Offensive – Dem Councilwoman’s Bill Would Ban Defensive Barrier


'Bill Clinton is a rapist and Hillary Clinton is his enabler'




DeVos on Trump ‘Pocahontas’ comment: We should ‘reflect on the things we say before we say them’   (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)




Cleaning up at Interior





Mueller's Prosecutors Are Said to Have Interviewed Jared Kushner on Russia Meeting (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Justice Department pans BuzzFeed’s ‘privilege’ claim in libel lawsuit on Trump-Russia dodgy dossier





The DEA and the Opioid Crisis




Wall Street gains, Dow tops 24,000 as tax bill gains steam


U.S. Stocks Gain on Tax Outlook as Treasuries Drop: Markets Wrap


Dow tops 24,000 for first time as investors learn to love an aging bull market


Economy Meets Its Full Growth Potential For The First Time In 17 Years


Pound tops $1.35, as dollar looks at biggest monthly drop since July


Asian stocks fall as tech bellwethers hit by fear boom has peaked


Tech Stock Slide Spreads to Asia; Korean Won Drops: Markets Wrap


Bitcoin Mania Interrupted, for Now, After Outage Triggers Selloff


Kill The Death Tax To Grow The Economy


What if Everyone Benefited When Stocks Soared?


Billions in bitcoins have been lost or deleted


Gold ends at a more than 1-week low, but notches slight monthly gain




A Call to Reform Undergraduate Education


24 Quality Christmas Books To Read Instead Of All The Smarmy Garbage


GOP Begins Rewrite of Federal Aid Law


Nationwide Protest Against Tax on Grad Students


How the Tax Bills Would Hit Higher Ed


Federal College Aid Programs Are A $150 Billion Disaster — But There Is Hope


University demands people be warned about seeing a cross




Video: Raymond Ibrahim on Egyptian President Sisi and Coptic Christians (Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi)





McAuliffe ‘seriously’ considering 2020 run  (Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffee (D)




Oil notches a gain as OPEC extends output-cut pact to end of 2018


Energy Prices




Muslim population in parts of Europe could TRIPLE by 2050: New study predicts migration and birth rates will lead to dramatic rise in numbers across continent 


Man sets off grenades in Ukraine court




European stocks end lower as oil shares slip


Italy: Town with seven inhabitants to receive 80 migrants


Swedish Government Report Says Putting the Word “Refugees” in Quotation Marks is “Hate”


Accepting Europe’s anti-immigration parties





Who’s Really Censoring the Web? (Net neutrality advocates have it backwards.)


Repeal of Obama-era 'Net neutrality' means 'free, open Internet'





Marvin Goodfriend Is Nominated to Be a Fed Governor



Is Trump Really a Foreign-Policy Populist?




Barack Obama to meet Macron for 'private' lunch during weekend in Paris (French President Emmanuel Macron)




German Jews stop wearing Kippot due to Muslim attacks


Miss Germany competition gets its first ever Jewish finalist


German judges agree to hear Peruvian farmer's climate case against RWE




Industries that cheered Trump's climate regulation rollbacks now worry they'll go too far




'My candidacy was called offensive': Carly Fiorina says campaigning is harder for GOP women




Pressure on Greece to scrap arms deal with Saudi Arabia





Over half American kids will be obese by 35: Report reveals more than 57% of children are dangerously unhealthy


One-third of dieters looking for a 'quick fix' have risked organ failure and even death by buying illegal weight-loss pills online, study reveals





'Thank God for Trump': Former KKK leader David Duke praises the president for sharing anti-Muslim videos





Politician tells teen raised by lesbians she has a right to a father: liberals furious




Top Democrats call on Conyers to resign over sexual harassment allegations (US Representative of Michigan John Conyers (D)


Pelosi calls on Conyers to resign, citing 'very credible' sexual harassment allegations (US Representative of Michigan John Conyers (D)/House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Woman accuses Rep. John Conyers of 'violating my body'  (US Representative of Michigan John Conyers (D)


Totally Revamp the Ethics Committees and the Office of Compliance


Hard Drive Tied to Wasserman Schultz Is Central To Imran Awan Case  (US Representative of Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D)


Breaking News: Rep John Conyers, 88, is hospitalized for 'stress-related illness' after his former staffer speaks out accusing him of sexual misconduct (US Representative of Michigan John Conyers (D)


House Democrat divisions erupt as sexual harassment issue heats up, threatens members


Conyers will not seek re-election, won’t resign: Reports


House votes to require anti-harassment training, faces pressure to cut off hush funds


Gun control Carry a concealed weapon in Times Square? House Republicans say bring it on




India: Muslim family murders 14-year-old daughter and her Hindu boyfriend


Indian PM 'belittled position' by pandering to Ivanka Trump





Bullet trains could save you from a monster commute. So why are critics saying it's time to bail?





UN tribunal seeks answers after stunned by courtroom suicide




Trump administration halts taxpayer-funded purchases of Iranian nuclear materials





Christian Bishop In Iraq Asks President Trump ‘Please Help Us, We Have 100.000 People That Need Vital Assistance After The Genocide Caused By ISIS’




Islamic Educational Television


Islamic invasion leads to open season on police




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Thursday, November 30, 2017)


Soldier killed in terror attack in southern Israel


Youth stabbed to death in apparent terror attack was IDF soldier (Israel Defense Forces)


Mortar Shell Barrage from Gaza Strip, IDF Retaliates (Israel Defense Forces)


Renewed clashes between settlers, Palestinians following fatal shooting


Song on PA TV promises to attack Jews


IDF carries out fresh Gaza airstrikes, but says not looking for escalation


Arab Shot Dead as Mob Tries to Lynch Jewish Children Hiking in Samaria


Palestinian Reconciliation Sputters


Jerusalem ignores the UN’s forgotten partition plan of 2012 at its peril


Israeli settlers open fire on Palestinian farmers, killing 1, injuring another


Jordan says replacing Israeli envoy not enough to mend ties


Knesset to Empower Labor Minister to Consider Jewish Law in Permitting Shabbat Works


Israel says it stopped selling weapons to Myanmar months ago


Israel, Hamas exchange mortar fire across norther Gaza border


Italian bike race organizers apologize for ‘West Jerusalem’ wording


Armed Israeli settlers raid Palestinian village, throw rocks at locals


Twitter Clash: Saudis vs Palestinians On Palestinian Cause, Palestinian Resistance


PA signs trade agreement with China


American and Israeli officials downplay reports of imminent embassy


Balfour Declaration +100: Israel Perseveres and Prospers




8 signs Japan has become a 'demographic time bomb'




Why Liberals Have Such A Hard Time With ‘Monstrous Men’ And Their Art




Calling Pence A Liar While Protecting Warren Is Why People Hate Media


Project Veritas: WaPo NatSec Reporter Admits 'No Evidence' of Trump-Russia Collusion So Far


Not All Stings Work: On the War James O'Keefe Is Winning  (When the media are patting themselves on the back for passing the most basic integrity test, you know that Project Veritas's undercover work is bearing fruit.)


Tucker Takes On Liberal Over New PC Acronym: ‘LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP’ [Video]


Americans are eager for a day when the news is real and relevant


NYT Openly Lobbies Against GOP Tax Bill in Tweet From Opinion Account


Exclusive: 'No one wanted Megyn here, she was forced upon us and today reinforced why she will NEVER be part of the Today family.' Staff are outraged at 'smug' Kelly and her insensitivity to colleagues over Matt Lauer firing


Project Veritas operative’s effort to infiltrate The Post dated back months, extended to other news outlets


NBC Faces High-Stakes Decision for Lauer's ‘Today’ Replacement


So, what about Joe Scarborough's dead intern ...


Trump suggested the 2001 death of a Joe Scarborough aide is an ‘unsolved mystery.’ It isn’t.


Scarborough: Trump allies told me he has dementia


Russia's RT loses Capitol Hill press credentials


Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough fight on the air over what they knew about Matt Lauer


Nazi sympathizer profiled by the New York Times says he lost his job and — soon — his home


Trump: New York Times a 'pipe organ for the Democratic Party'


Brezinski, Scarborough to Trump: We are not intimidated


Newsweek accuses Ivanka Trump of plagiarizing her own speech


Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough fight on the air over what they knew about Matt Lauer




Nurse From Nigeria Scams Medicare For $17 Million




Saudis intercept ballistic missile fired from Yemen


US-led coalition acknowledges killing 800+ civilians in Iraq & Syria airstrikes


Navigating the Middle East Mess Left by Obama and Bush


Fighting breaks out among Yemen rebels


Mideast funds positive on Saudi Arabia after corruption crackdown: Reuters poll




Marines to open first recruiting station outside US in Germany


USFJ relaxes alcohol restrictions imposed after fatal crash on Okinawa


Many TVs at Pacific bases go dark as AFN’s HD upgrades take effect


US troops get freeze-dried plasma for battlefield bloodshed


Air Force Thunderbirds commander removed over loss of confidence


USS Wasp sailors honor Navy veteran with burial-at-sea ceremony




Jay-Z admits to cheating on Beyonce




Will Myanmar’s Rohingya rebels respond?




Near-death experience for the NEH




Pakistan: Talks Under Way With US to Bridge Differences on Afghan War


Why is China helping Pakistan build bunkers along Gujarat, Rajasthan border?





Trump says pharma gets away with murder. Alex Azar is the guy with the hatchet.




Millennials, unschooled in political truths, pine for third party




Anti-Poverty Community Development Block Grants Are A Total Failure — So Why Don't We Kill This Program?




Russian Government Internet Portal: Russia And Egypt To Sign Pact Allowing Mutual Use Of Territorial Airspace And Military Bases


Russia's PM Medvedev Says U.S.-Russia Relations ‘Worst in Memory’


US should come clean if it’s looking for pretext to destroy N. Korea – Russian FM Lavrov


Russian State Firms Allowed to Hide Public Contracts as U.S. Sanctions Loom


Legendary female Soviet pilot and UFO hunter, Marina 'Madam MIG' Popovich, dies at 86


A Conspiracy Around the Romanovs’ Murder Has Alarmed Russian Jews






  Apocalyptic volcanic super-eruption may be closer than first thought





4 Ways the Senate Could Ruin Good Tax Reform


Here's who would be the winners and losers under the latest Senate Republican tax bill


Scrupulous Conservatives and the Moore Conundrum


Victims, Advocacy Groups Press Wyden to Lift Hold on Anti-Sex Trafficking Bill


McConnell Threatens to Sabotage Moore Once Elected (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)/ GOP Senate candidate Alabama Roy Moore)


Sen. John McCain Says He Supports Tax Reform Bill  (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


GOP places risky bet on trickle-down tax cut


Senate GOP campaign arm stole donor data from House Republicans


Senators Cruz, Rubio demand justice for Air Force colonel fired for standing up for pro-family values


GOP leaders don't take Ron Johnson's tax reform threats seriously  (US Senator of Wisconsin Ron Johnson (R)


Republican Tax Plan Heads to the Senate Floor for Debate


Senate women: Rules on harassment must change


Army veteran accuses Franken of groping her during USO tour (US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)


Senate hearing shows Fed chair nominee fits the part


Clinton sex accusers storm Al Franken's office


Three reasons Republican senators will end up without real tax reform


Senate GOP clears key hurdle on tax bill, moving closer to a final vote


These eight senators will decide tax reform. Here's what they are concerned about


Sex allegations suddenly 'not a factor' in Roy Moore race


Moore says lesbians, gays, socialists behind sexual misconduct allegations


Larry Elder: Dump Roy Moore


Deficit hawks propose economic ‘trigger’ linked to tax cuts


It Started as a Tax Cut. Now It Could Alter American Life.               


GOP remains split on key details of tax bill as Senate is set to begin floor debate


The Senate Is Rushing to Pass Its Tax Bill Because It Stinks


Republican senator suggests Trump is strong-arming judicial nominees through Congress


Also Inside the Tax Bill: Arctic Drilling


Michael Barone: 'Hurtling' GOP tax bills are actually serious





With tweet, Geraldo Rivera revives claim he drugged, groped Bette Midler


Sickening Stories: Matt Lauer's egregious sexual misconduct


CNN fires senior producer on Jake Tapper's State of the Union show for 'sexually harassing three women'


Both Men and Women Can Be Sexual Predators


Matt Lauer scandal: There may be as many as 8 victims, Lauer breaks his silence


Matt Lauer apologizes for 'the pain I have caused'


Matt Lauer: Sacked US TV news anchor says he's 'truly sorry'


Multiple Dirty Hillary Clinton Dossiers Behind Sexual Harassment Accusations?


Congress’ Wild West approach to sexual harassment


The symbolic weight of women seizing the reins from ousted male anchors


Geraldo Rivera says women may be "criminalizing courtship" after Matt Lauer report


Matt Lauer on sexual misconduct allegations: "I am truly sorry"


NBC Receives at Least 2 New Complaints About Matt Lauer


Matt Lauer was the king of 'Today,' but his reign was not benevolent


Matt Lauer: An NBC News scandal built for the long haul


Matt Lauer accused of sexting NBC intern and staffers


‘Embarrassed and ashamed’: Matt Lauer apologizes, says some claims ‘mischaracterized’


How Matt Lauer rose to the top of ‘Today’ before shocking downfall


Men in the media are being held more accountable than politicians


A Failure of the Network News Star System


As corporate America fires alleged sexual harassers, Washington stumbles over how to punish its transgressors


Colbert: Lauer 'found a way to mansplain sexual harassment'


Radio Host Garrison Keillor Dropped Over Misconduct


Garrison Keillor after being fired: I think we should 'leave the past behind'





Facebook launches new guide for Muslims, telling them how to report “hate speech”


Meet the rogue Twitter employee who deactivated Trump’s account




Black Lives Matter's 'BlackXmas' only as non-racist as 'WhiteXmas'




Argentina 'angel of death' gets life term




S.Korea Responds Immediately to N.Korea's Missile Launch


Moon, Trump agree to bring NK to dialogue table through sanctions, pressure (President Moon Jae-in)


US medic says he worried North Korean defector would die before flight landed


Korean economy grows 1.5% on-quarter in Q3: BOK


'Cyber Command attempted to influence 2012 election'


President Moon to meet JSA troops over defection of N. Korean soldier





Hey, Colin: Do Your Knees Hurt Yet?  (Do these kneeling football players know anything about truly oppressive regimes?)


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard 





White House Plans Tillerson Ouster From State Dept., to Be Replaced by Pompeo, Within Weeks  (US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson)


Tillerson's Swan Song? Or Just Getting Started?


The State Department Drops The Ball  (Reversing course on closing the PLO mission sends a dangerous message.)


Obama IG guy flags 'strategic coordination' of State, Clinton on emails





George Will: On Sports Gambling, The Supreme Court Should Bet On Federalism


Supreme Court grapples with cellphone privacy in age of technology




Molotov cocktail attack on goose restaurant leaves 1 dead, 3 injured




Charlie Rose: One More Reason to Turn Off the Television




2 Americans who bared butts at Bangkok temples are arrested




Erdogan pal goes against Turkey, agrees to cooperate with US  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Erdoğan knew of alleged Iranian scheme to evade sanctions via Turkey, court told




Restaurants Challenge de Blasio’s Union Handout  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio(D)





FTSE 100 ends at 2-month low as pound rallies on Brexit hopes


Britain furious, Trump defiant as fallout swells from anti-Muslim videos


Nigel Farage slams Trump for retweeting videos depicting Muslims being violent


…Londonistan Mayor Calls for Trump Ban… Church of England Demands Apology


UK Border Force chief: “If you’re here illegally you can survive very well, chances of us catching you are very slim”


Sadiq Khan Bringing ‘Gender Neutral’ Toilets to London to ‘Reflect the Incredible Diversity of the City’


UK: Labour MP cites ban of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller in calling for Trump to be banned from the country


Islamic State threat to UK: “We will destroy your country”


Theresa May delivers stinging rebuke to Donald Trump over far-right retweets (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


May: Trump wrong to share far-right posts 


Scotland weather: snow closes schools and roads


Police helicopters miss thousands of incidents  (A report calls for urgent reform to the service and says some forces are already using drones instead.)


Snow falls in London as Met Office issues rush hour travel warning


Net migration falls after Brexit vote


Queen presented with posy of flowers on visit to charity - by a labrador


Terrorists 'certain' to get killer robots


Care homes are breaking the law by charging residents after death, says watchdog 


Shell reveals gender pay gap of 22%


May under pressure to cancel Trump's state visit over tweets


Kellogg's to cut sugar in kids' cereals


David Usborne: Trump's embrace of Britain First fully exposes just how racist his agenda truly is


Man sought over 25 sex assaults in year


UK ambassador conveys concerns over Trump retweet to White House


Drone aids Welsh fibre-broadband push


British man who went to fight Isis in Syria killed in Raqqa, sources say


London: Woman appeals for return of prosthetic limbs stolen from car


Trump's Twitter attack strains the UK-US relationship


Brexit Cost Rises as Britain Retreats on Divorce Demands


British PM on Trump retweets: We are not afraid to say when the US is wrong


Far-Right Group Says Trump ‘Shed Light’ on Its Cause


I don’t care about the royal engagement — and neither should you


'It's Christmas time and the British PM is standing up to the US president. It's #loveactually!': Twitter users call for Theresa May to 'do a Hugh Grant' and sever ties with Trump after his far-right tweets sparked a war of words 




Nikki Haley: North Korea missile launch ‘brings us closer to war’  (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Of Presidents and Economies


Kellyanne Conway Tapped to Be Trump’s ‘Opioid Czar’


No, Kellyanne Conway Is Not The Opioid Czar


President’s retweets elevate a tiny fringe group of anti-Muslim activists


Trump’s anti-Muslim retweets are beyond the pale


Trump to announce reductions to two national monuments: Reports


Trump believes he can stir the pot without ever getting burned


Trump says Merry Christmas — and happy holidays, too


Trump veers past guardrails, feeling impervious to the uproar he causes


Trump Lashes Out at U.K. PM on Twitter (But Tweets Wrong Theresa May)


‘Pence rule’: How vice president steers clear of any sexual misconduct scandal


Trump says the tax bill will ‘cost me a fortune.’ That’s false.


Michelle Obama jabs Trump over Twitter habits (Former First Lady Michelle Obama)


Don't tweet your agenda away, Mr. President


Conway investigated by special counsel for allegedly breaking law


Trump bragged about 'first-rate p—-y' in quote removed from 2000 interview: Report


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