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Saturday, December 1, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 




Yale University Now Sells Abortion Drugs From a Vending Machine


Taxpayer dollars help California Planned Parenthood surpass record high income level


Oklahoma Bill Would Ban All Abortions and Make Killing Babies a Felony Crime


Oklahoma senator wants to classify abortion as felony homicide


Here’s 7 Businesses You Can Patronize That Support the Pro-Life Cause


Campaigners in Kenya challenge Marie Stopes abortion ban in court


Approximately 900,000 Babies Killed in Abortions Every Year. 2,465 Babies Die Every Day


Babies’ lives have been saved by continuing absence of South Bend abortion clinic


Pro-Life Groups Tell President Trump: Veto Any Budget That Doesn’t Defund Planned Parenthood


Michigan Lawmakers Move to Extend Ban on Telemedicine Abortions


7-Week-Old Aborted Baby Buried After Police Found Baby’s Body in Abortionist’s Trunk


More than 5,500 women came to Illinois to have an abortion last year amid growing restrictions in the Midwest


City Covers Up Serious Medical Emergency at Greensboro, North Carolina Abortion Business


Pro-lifers bury 7-week-old baby that abortionist kept in his trunk


Abortion Advocates Say “Trust Women” on Abortion. But What About Child Abuse?


College Resists Pro-Abortion Bullies, Keeps Pregnancy Center on Campus


Christian college students claim black pro-lifer’s talk made people of color feel ‘unsafe’


What’s the future of abortion rights in Mexico under AMLO?


Ireland Votes to Let Babies Die if They’re Born Alive After a Botched Abortion


Why Now More Than Ever We Need 'Shout Your Abortion'


Pro-life Irish politician accused of hating women for fighting taxpayer funded abortions


Ireland Votes to Allow Sex-Selection Abortions, Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome



'Friend after friend was dying': Survivors look back at the AIDS evolution in the US




The US has dropped more munitions in 2018 in Afghanistan than it has in any year in over a decade





125 women, girls raped, whipped and clubbed in South Sudan


Nigeria: In meeting with President, Christian leaders say military is complicit in jihad attacks on Christians


Muslim Mob Incites Police to Arrest Six Pastors in Uganda




Passengers freak out as airplane engine falls apart mid-flight




Dear Progressives, Do Not Whitewash Marc Lamont Hill’s Anti-Semitism


Netherlands: Labour Party opposed anti-Semitism definition to woo Muslims


Miami police officer suspended after video emerges of him tossing Jewish bible 




Unborn Babies are Killed When Scientists Edit Their Genes for Research


‘Made-to-order people’: Death blow to the American Dream




Build The Border wall  Or Say Goodbye To America 




Trudeau wants 'adversarial relationship' with Trump, says presidential campaign manager (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Christie Blatchford: Judge faces misconduct allegations for work with non-partisan black activism group


Why Canada should be helping Alberta


Trudeau and other Canadians offer condolences to family of George H.W. Bush


For a Yazidi refugee in Canada, the trauma of ISIS triggers rare, terrifying seizures


Canada’s Prime Minister Leading the Charge To Steal U.S. Sovereignty


Trudeau demands Vladimir Putin release imprisoned Ukrainian sailors at G20


RCMP called to probe tale of two Liberal MPs, a suburban overpass, trip to India and multimillion dollar land deal




CDC warns about disease threat from Asian longhorned tick





The CIA killed my father. What did they do with his body?





The Daily Show blasts VA over GI Bill payment fiasco




Will Trump Speak Up Against China’s Abuses?





GOP’s H-2B Outsourcing Scheme Cuts American Workers Out of Labor Force


Hill Republicans hit defense-spending cuts looming in Trump budget


Congress warned about Turkey's plan to buy Russian missiles


Congress must pass the penny plan





Laws mandating same-sex accommodations threaten 1st Amendment, filing argues




‘They had us fooled’: Inside Payless’s elaborate prank to dupe people into paying $600 for shoes




Judge to Rule on Challenge to Comey Subpoena on Monday


Michael Cohen Asks Judge For No Prison Time, Citing Extensive Cooperation In Mueller Probe


Judge OKs sanctuary cities, rules anti-sanctuary law unconstitutional


Appellate court plans closed session in mystery plaintiff's lawsuit against Mueller(Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Former Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger Indicted For Murder In Botham Jean Death; DA Says It Was ‘Intentional Event’


Judge postpones ruling on Comey challenge to GOP subpoena


DC man sentenced to 21 years for carjacking Metrobus, fatally hitting man




Hate Crime Hoax: A Student Claimed She Received Racist Notes. Guess Who Sent Them.


New Jersey mayor, councilman filmed fighting outside casino


Heartbreaking details emerge about family slaughtered in Colts Neck mansion


Colorado dad admits to killing wife — but not daughters — in chilling confession video


High school band co-director charged with raping student




Convicted Murderer Traveling to US in Migrant Caravan Arrested


Illegal immigrant pulls gun on Border Patrol agent




Marriott data breach: 5 steps to protect yourself after the hack




Obama remembers George HW Bush: 'A patriot and humble servant'


L.A. councilman's wife was a paid fundraiser. Ex-aides say he assigned them to help


Lessons of the aborted ‘mass bailout’


Judicial Watch seeks docs on Clinton Foundation's pay-to-play




Chicago school board sues DeVos for withholding funding over district's sexual abuse issues  (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)




Feds catch convicted murderer in migrant caravan: DHS




Zinke: Hard for Dem lawmaker to think straight 'from bottom of bottle'  (Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke)





The Cohen Plea is Trump's Greatest Crisis


Big mistake for Muller to indict Jerome Corsi (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Lawyer: Corsi poised to 'end Mueller's reign of terror'


Ex-Justice Dept. employee admits to aiding lobbying campaign against Malaysian corruption probe


Whitaker’s Ascent Surprised Investigators of Firm Accused of Fraud


Acting AG Whitaker has suggested that Trump plays with the truth




Video captures car trying to navigate the perilous roads of Alaska damaged by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake as officials report 545 aftershocks since Friday


Alaska hit by dozens of small earthquakes after Friday’s big one


‘The most terrifying minute of my life’: Magnitude-7 earthquake causes ‘major’ damage in Alaska




Catholic university defends drag show, transgender policies in defiance of archbishop


Gonzaga University blocks Ben Shapiro speech, citing ‘Jesuit’ values


Brazil’s new pro-Trump foreign minister trashes climate change as Marxist ‘ideology’


Roommates of Ivy Leaguer find legal firearms in her room; she's forced out


UC Berkeley Student Government Votes To Aid Migrant Caravan, Told Not Doing So Would Be 'Ignorant And Violent'


Was an Entire Class Evacuated Because a Student Was Wearing a MAGA Hat?  


K-12: Meet Sue Dickson, a Hero of American Literacy


Christian Universities Join Indiana Hate Crimes Push


Substitute teacher breaks it to first-graders that Santa isn't real: report


How college campus bureaucracy makes ‘snowflakes’


A School Made Headlines for Sending Black Kids to Elite Colleges. Here’s the Reality.




Egyptian actress charged with public obscenity over sheer dress




As candidate, Trump sought friendlier ties with Russia while eyeing big money in Moscow




Clinton does little to dampen 2020 speculation


Stop the bidding! This Democratic presidential candidate is about to clear the field.




 Palin Was Right: 'Drill, Baby, Drill!'




Exclusive: Former Scott Pruitt Aide, Cleared Of Wrongdoing, Speaks Out, But The Democrat Who Accused Her Remains Silent




Ukraine blocks Russian men of fighting age from entering country 




Belgium faces “persistent terror threat” and a “wave of jihadism” from Muslims recruited for jihad in prison




FedEx driver stops to fold fallen flag




FBI raids Clinton Foundation whistleblower




French Police Clash With ‘Yellow Vest’ Protesters in Paris, 122 Arrested


96 injured, more than 260 arrested in Paris protests


'It's burning': Scenes of urban warfare rock Paris


Paris protesters torch cars, clash with police


Violent clashes mar fresh anti-Macron protests




German far-right AfD in trouble as end of Merkel era looms  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Berlin hails Bush as 'architect' of German unity





Brazil’s new pro-Trump foreign minister trashes climate change as Marxist ‘ideology’


Virginia officials already acting on climate




Republicans Call For Investigation of Google for Possibly Censoring Pro-Life Conservative Web Sites


Google: Should we bury conservative media?


Google Considered Censoring Pro-Life Conservatives After Trump Win: “Let’s Reverse This in Four Years”


Google's Dangerous Drift Toward Censorship





‘I love you, too’: George H.W. Bush's final words to son George W. Bush, on speakerphone before he died at 94 surrounded by family in Houston in moving deathbed scene described by Jim Baker


George H. W. Bush Was a Man Summoned by Events


How George HW Bush and Barack Obama formed an unlikely bond: Democrat was one of the last people to see his predecessor before his death 


Political World Pays Tribute to George H.W. Bush


'I used to worry about death. Now in some ways I look forward to it. I'm going to be reunited with the people I've lost': Jenna Bush shares moving thoughts on dying of George H.W. Bush, 94, after he passes away, eight months after his wife Barbara


Secrets and history behind lying in state as Capitol preps to honor former president as early as Monday


Cartoonist honors Bush with emotional drawing of Barbara, daughter


George H.W. Bush was the exact political opposite of Donald Trump


Jenna Bush Hager's touching tribute to her grandfather


Bush’s heartfelt letter to successor Clinton resurfaces


George H.W. Bush was symbol of decency, even if you didn't like his politics: Column


Mayor recalls George H.W. Bush's visit after quake


Notable figures remember former President George H.W. Bush


George H.W. Bush dead at 94


The 41st  president of the United States spent a lifetime in public service


President who led U.S. as Cold War ended dies at 94


Michigan Republicans introduce bills seeking to curtail powers of incoming Democrats


 George H.W. Bush, Public Servant


Republican Takes House Race by 1 Vote After Recount




G-20 nations omit mention of protectionism, push WTO reform


Watch: Trump leaves Argentinian leader red-faced


G20 opens under clouds, threats and discord


The G-20 will showcase a rogue President Trump and a no longer 'indispensable' U.S.




Some kids with polio-like illness may be misdiagnosed


Premature Baby Born at 21 Weeks is the Youngest Ever to Survive, Look at Her Now


Warning issued over corporate 'control' of doctors




Rockefeller Center Christmas tree donated by gay Latina couple in historic firsts




Scalise: If Schumer Shuts Down Government Over Border, ‘That’s a Failed Position’


US House passes legislation to aid Christian and Yazidi genocide victims in Iraq and Syria


GOP rep responds to Dem who wished death on his family


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez likens her election win to America’s historic moon landing


With control of House, Dems demand tax returns for presidency


Ousted Rep. Mia Love knocks Trump, GOP for making women and minorities feel unwelcome


Ocasio-Cortez gets office two doors down from Pelosi


Dems say Whitaker will appear before House panel in January


Incoming House lawmakers scramble to find their new offices


AP retracts call in North Carolina congressional race amid fraud investigation




Argentine news outlet displays Simpsons character for Indian PM's G-20 arrival


He Aced Missionary Boot Camp, but Reality Proved a Harsher Test


India’s ultra-rich population is growing faster than anywhere else





US says seized weapons show that Iran is a regional threat


Iran Test Launches Multiple-Warhead Ballistic Missile

US says Iran test-fired a ballistic missile


Iran navy launches stealth warship in the Gulf




US has made a genuine response to the plight of Iraq’s persecuted religious minorities




Catholic priest: “Islam is not a religion of peace. Dialogue is useless unless the Quran changes.”


Germany now offering to pay migrants to go back home




Netanyahu on Bush: We’ll always remember his commitment to Israel’s security   (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Support spreads for Tuesday strike to protest violence against women


Palestinians hail Bush as ‘the only US president to stand up to Israel’


President George H.W. Bush Dead at 94, Challenged Israeli Policies


Jerusalem Police Interrupt Extremists’ Wedding of 13-Year-Old to Another Minor


Newly discovered caves may hold more Dead Sea Scrolls


Israel condemns depiction of Hungarian Jewish leader surrounded by banknotes


J Street decries ‘smears’ of Airbnb for delisting settlement rentals


Israeli technology revolutionizing brain cancer treatment


Jerusalem nears bottom of Israel’s socioeconomic index


Netanyahu and nobody but him


Italy’s far-right deputy PM said set to visit Israel in December


IDF’s Oketz canine unit drilling for war


Police suspect terrorism as Jordanian assaults 2 Israeli co-workers in Eilat


Largest-ever surface missile attack on Syria targeted 15 Iranian/Hizballah sites





How the caravan crisis boomeranged on the Latin American left




Victims’ families unveil MH370 debris in ‘massive breakthrough’




NPR Admits It Botched Story Claiming Donald Trump Jr. Lied About Moscow Trump Tower


Newt Ginrich: Don't be fooled by media's misleading coverage of G-20




Migrant Caravan Cost $6.3 Million in One Day, Won’t Get City Funds Anymore: Tijuana Mayor


Grenade Explodes at U.S. Consulate in Southern Mexico


Mexico's AMLO takes office with attack against energy overhaul


After inauguration, Mexico’s new government to head to Washington for migration talks


Mexico's President-elect Lopez Obrador vows a national transformation


Trouble Looms for Mexico’s New President




Gulf states offer condolences over death of former US President George H.W. Bush


Deadly fighting erupts again in Yemen’s Hodeida


1991 Gulf War looms large over Bush’s Mideast legacy





US Navy's top commander in the Middle East, Vice Admiral Scott Stearney, 58, is found dead at home in Bahrain


Hamas-linked CAIR official Zahra Billoo mocks Muslims in US military after praising jihad terrorists


US May Scrap Plans for Independent Space Force - Reports


Massive earthquake causes damage to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska


Army sergeant gets life without parole for slaying his soldier wife


Most active-duty troops to remain on US-Mexico border through January




Local Taliban commander killed in shootout in Pakistan


Pakistan to press terrorism charges against leaders of hardline Islamist group


Pakistan's currency plunges again as country seeks IMF loan




Linguist George Lakoff on what Democrats don’t understand — and Republicans do — about how voters think




Starbucks finally honoring its promise to block porn in U.S. stores




Limbaugh: Racism -- It's Everywhere! It's Everywhere!




Snubbed by Trump, Putin charms other players at G20  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Russia, Ukraine And The U.S.


Thwarting Moscow’s latest escalation


Russia, Ukraine must refrain from provocations that risk sparking war




Standing up to the NRA, American physicians demand voice in gun control debate




Flake: Mueller bill has votes to pass Senate


Sanders to 'strongly oppose' Trump trade deal


Schumer calls for improvements to new NAFTA deal




Facebook discussed using people’s data as a bargaining chip, emails and court filings suggest




South Korea says North Korean soldier defects to South




Kansas City Chiefs release NFL player after video shows him attacking woman


Ex-tennis star now facing slew of bizarre violence accusations


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)


College Football Scoreboard




Mystery ballot could decide control of Alaska statehouse


Did Colorado Just Become a Blue State?


Scott suspends Broward County official Brenda Snipes over 'widespread issues with voting' (Governor of Florida Rick Scott (R)


Owners of the few Calif. homes left standing took critical steps to ward off wildfires




Pompeo reiterates US support for Saudi Arabia in CNN interview at G20 Summit  (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)




Chef who found Anthony Bourdain’s body recalls their friendship




How frogs helped bring much-needed unanimity to the Supreme Court




‘Every day is a bonus’: Raed Fares and the Syrian revolution


The Yasmine Atid Affair: Belgian Child's Custody At The Center Of Political And Ideological Conflicts Among Syrian Rebel Factions




 Taiwan's underdog city is reborn in China-US trade spat


Taiwan Just said No to the F-35 Stealth Fighter. What Now?





Let's Make A (Trade) Deal(Communist China)





Mother Forcing Transgenderism on 6-Year-Old Son May Suffer From a Mental Disorder, Pediatrician Says




Ibrahim Karagul, Editor-In-Chief Of AKP Mouthpiece 'Yeni Safak': Turkey Is Facing Its Greatest Struggle Since World War I; A New Power Formation Is Encircling Turkey; We Have No Other Option But To Rise Again After A Century


Turkey changes US embassy street name to Malcolm X


Turkey-Based Muslim Brotherhood TV Channel: Perpetrator Of The Ras Burqa Massacre Of Seven Vacationing Israelis Including Four Children Was 'A Hero Who Fulfilled His Duty'




NYC: Muslim Uber driver throws gay man out of car, drags him along street, says he’d be beheaded in his country





Scotland: Jewish group teams up with antisemitic Muslim group to fight antisemitism and “Islamophobia”


‘I am a woman’: UK radio host blasts ‘cis’ label transgender arguments


UK: Muslim migrant murders 80-year-old woman for fear she would report him for having beaten her


London’s Muslim Mayor Green-Lights Muslim-Owned Taxi Service That Could Destroy the City’s Traditional Black Cabs


U.K.'s PM Theresa May talks trade as domestic troubles mount over Brexit deal


UK: Graphic novel depicting Muslim suicide bomber pulled from publication for “Islamophobia”




U.S., China declare 90-day halt to new tariffs, White House says


…Cancels G20 Presser ‘Out of Respect’ for Bush, Family


Cohen believed Trump would pardon him. Then things changed


Trump signs trade pact with Mexico and Canada at G-20


Legacy media fixates on red Christmas trees


Six White House officials reprimanded for violating the Hatch Act


Trump issues Alaska emergency declaration after earthquake


Pardoning Manafort would be unambiguous grounds for impeachment. Take it off the table, Mr. President


Trump delivers as promised on bump stocks


Dodging Friends, Chased by Legal Woes, Trump Navigates G-20


At G-20, Trump sees ‘some good signs’ for cease-fire in tariff war with China


Trump’s racist policies have been even worse than we feared



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