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Monday, November 27, 2017







In Today’s Issue: 




She’s Becoming an Abortionist Because She Wants “to Have a Good Time” as a Doctor


Planned Parenthood Is in Deep Trouble With the Law. This Could Be a Turning Point.


Abortion Clinic Offers to Do Late-Term Abortion on Healthy 28-Week-Old Baby


SBA List Chief: Planned Parenthood Finally Being Held Accountable


The American Bar Association Doesn’t Like a Pro-Life Judge. So What?


Union settles lawsuit over HHS abortion mandate


Alabama Senate Candidate Doug Jones Supports Late-Term Abortions: “Not in Favor” of Banning Them


Abortion is not a 'cure' for Down syndrome


12-Year-Old Rejects Abortion After Her Grandfather Raped Her: Her Baby “is a Gift From God”


Federal agency refers girls to counselors picked by anti-abortion group


Pastor Who Devoted Himself to Advocating Abortion Finally Retires


South Korea May Overturn Longstanding Abortion Ban


Will the Supreme Court Force Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortions?


S. Korean gov't promises to engage actively in debate on abortion


What This Abortion Clinic Did After a Botched Abortion Makes Claims of Protecting “Women’s Health” a Total Joke


Abortionist will terminate ‘developed’ 26-week-old baby for $7k


21 Eye-Opening Quotes From Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger


Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts Unveils New Choose Life License Plates


Home Office review over harassment at abortion clinics (United Kingdom)


Conservatives accused of free speech double standard after Catholic university blocks abortion film (Canada)


Doctors Repeatedly Pressured Mom to Have Abortion After Discovering Mysterious Black Spots in Ultrasound (United Kingdom)




In Her Film About Afghan Life, the Woman Slaps Back 




How Grace Mugabe seized farmers' land for opulent 'Graceland' mansion


Zimbabwe: Activists fear post-Mugabe human rights crackdown



United flight bound for New York from Germany is diverted to London after passengers complain of feeling lightheaded





Berkeley lecturer apologizes for retweet college condemned as anti-Semitic



Bangladesh police arrest suspect in hacking murder of US blogger




Australia foils New Year's Eve terror attack


Macquarie's milestone cheers ASX


Australian Dollar Forecast: Growth Concerns Weigh on AUD Exchange Rate


Queensland result leaves Australian PM closer to edge


Scientists 'artificially breed' coral for Great Barrier Reef


Australian rabbi denies saying he feels unsafe after anti-Semitic incident



Automakers struggle with the future in Los Angeles




Kosovar Leader Haradinaj Condemns Grenade Attack On Homes Of Ethnic Serbs




San Diego's Tunnel Rats stay busy stalking border drug smugglers


Building the Mexican border wall




Drop in oil prices hurts TSX, U.S. markets; Canadian dollar dips


Canada Legalized Assisted Suicide, Now Parents Want Doctors to Euthanize Their Disabled Children


Doctors are Letting People Who Botch Their Suicides Just Die Now That Assisted Suicide is Legal


Economic boom helping Canada’s debt problem


Feds to spend $145-million to compensate victims of LGBTQ discrimination


Economic boom helping Canada’s debt problem


Postmedia and Torstar swap 41 newspapers — most to close


John Ivison: Andrew Scheer should take a leap of faith on free trade with China


Hidden crimes: An inside look at how police find human trafficking victims


Canada: Ottawa library cancels planned screening of documentary on Muslim migrants in Europe


'New era': Canadian mining industry closely watching three civil cases alleging human rights abuses





Guilt and Heartache for Puerto Ricans Who Fled the Storm





Challenger with Palestinian background set to lead Honduras


Honduras leader awaits second term verdict




Is China's Economic Power a Paper Tiger?


From Myanmar to Zimbabwe, China's global footprint grows


China’s ongoing profit surge aids corporate debt reduction


China forges 'strategic' ties with Djibouti after opening base


China’s Trojan Train Into Hong Kong


China shuts main route into North Korea




North Korea May Be Preparing a Missile Launch, Kyodo Reports


Look to Israel for a playbook on dealing with North Korea


Why has North Korea been silent for more than two months?


U.K. Halts Development Aid to N.Korea


Ghostly boat carrying remains of possible defectors washes ashore as desperation grips North Korea




Judd Gregg: Tax reform and the debt


Congress returns to nightmare December


What happened to the party of fiscal discipline?


Congress’s Assault on Charities


New York Could Lose Top Earners Under Tax Bill, Goldman Says


Congress Faces Calls to Reveal Settlements for Harassment


$250 Tax Break for Teachers Puts House and Senate at Odds


Congress confronts jam-packed agenda with shutdown deadline looming


The fates of 700,000 ‘dreamers’ hang in the balance. This should not be hard for Congress.





CBO: Senate GOP tax bill hurts the poor more than originally thought


Senate tax reform bill would add $1.4 trillion to deficits, economic analysis isn't available yet: CBO




Federal judge holds emergency hearing in challenge to Trump pick to head CFPB


Trump Is Right To Appoint A New CFPB Head. And Democrats Are Liars To Say He Can't.


Lunatic leftist bureaucrat carries out coup at CFPB


Showdown looms after Trump takeover of liberal consumer agency


At the CFPB, two acting directors show up to take command; one brings doughnuts, the other well-wishes


Cordray's successor sues Trump administration over Mulvaney's appointment to CFPB


Suit Aims to Block Trump’s Pick From Taking Over Agency


Top CFPB lawyer sides with Trump over Mulvaney appointment




Massage Envy therapists accused of 180 sexual assaults


Prostitute, 38, leaps to her death while attempting to escape 'undercover cop during scheduled sex meeting'




Susan Sarandon says Hillary Clinton is ‘very dangerous’




Geologists see 2018 as year of monster quakes




Stocks end mostly lower as retail rally fizzles; Dow bucks trend


Energy slumps, Amazon shines as Wall Street ends flat


Stocks Languish at Start of Busy Week, Oil Drops: Markets Wrap


Dollar gains, pulls euro back from $1.20 target


U.S. Cyber Monday sales jump 17 percent, on pace for record


TransCanada to restart Keystone pipeline on Tuesday


Tax cuts could cure the US economy's subpar performance


New-Home Sales Jump 6.2% to Highest in Decade


America is winning this #CyberMonday, thanks to President Trump


Gold settles higher to recoup most of last week’s loss


Asia stocks slip as China, South Korea weakness weigh, euro hits two-month high


Stocks Rally in Asia Loses Steam as Dollar Gains: Markets Wrap


Black Friday, Thanksgiving online sales climb to record high


The World's Priciest Housing Market Could Soar Another 10% Next Year




Public schools in Maine, Maryland, NJ have transgender students’ backs vs parents


The sexuality issue: Have we gone too far?


Three 16-Year-Olds Allegedly Plotted To Kill New Classmate Because He 'Disrupted The Flow' Of The Social Order


Shrill Critiques Of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ Prove It Should Stay In Schools


7 Tips From A Professor To Help You Hack Your College Visit


Uncomfortable Men (Texas commissioner of higher education says outnumbered men are uncomfortable on some college campuses. How will the state navigate goals for growing numbers of male graduates in a world where the patriarchy women face is being laid bare?)


Tufts University cancels event with Anthony Scaramucci


All kids should get the ‘gifted education’ treatment


How universities threaten prosperity and democracy


The wrong way to save academia




Saudi Journalist Following Massacre At Sufi Mosque In Sinai: Accusations Of Heresy Against Sufis Stem From Ignorance And Prejudice


Christians in Egypt Lose More Worship Sites


ISIS Official Weekly 'Al-Naba' Specifically Mentioned The Al-Rawdah Mosque In Sinai, Site Of The Recent Massacre, As A Center Of The 'Infidel Polytheist' Sufis


Egypt: Muslim TV host says jihad massacres of Christians “okay,” but not jihad massacre in mosque




Bernie makes moves pointing to 2020 run  (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)




U.S. oil prices mark first decline in 4 sessions


Energy Prices


Motorists set to pay highest year-end gasoline pump prices in 3 years: AAA


Keystone spills larger than company predicted before it was built


OPEC Likely to Extend Deal with Russia on Output Cuts




New Normal: Europeans Decorate Security Barricades for Christmas


Muslims are ‘not completely human,’ Swedish politician claims, causing uproar




Denmark extends jail term for teen who planned to attack Jewish school


Banks, oil majors drag European stocks lower into the close


Denmark: Rapes Increased 232 Percent Since Liberals Took Power




FBI gave heads-up to fraction of Russian hackers' US targets





Pro–Net Neutrality Graphic Makes Argument Against Net Neutrality


Soros-Funded Groups Claim Repealing Net Neutrality Is “Racist”


FCC chairman blasts net neutrality activists 'harassing us' at home




French president visits Africa amid anger over human trafficking and slavery


One quarter of workers in France are 'hyperstressed' and half are highly anxious


Teachers at French international schools around the world strike over cuts


French porn star piqued over Macron's desire to crackdown on X-rated films (French President Emmanuel Macron)


French Author: Divide France to Avoid “Civil War” with Muslims




Germany's Voice Suddenly Missing in Brussels


New failures uncovered in police investigation of Berlin truck attacker


Germans Being Germans: Who’s Afraid of Alternative for Germany?


Merkel vows 'serious' coalition talks with Social Democrats (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)




There is still reason to doubt ‘settled’ climate science




Republican in Colorado governor's race not part of Steve Bannon machine


What really happened with the GOP platform and Russia




GAO: VA Failed to Report Nearly 90 Percent of Dangerous Medical Providers




The Refugee Scandal on the Island of Lesbos




Gallup: Obamacare Approval Drops to 50 Percent


Who exactly is signing up for ObamaCare?


Trump's call to stop Obamacare payments leads to more cheap plans for low-income customers




A diagnosis of coronavirus. Now what?





Memphis to mediate statue's fate with Confederate vets group




Amid sex scandals, Hollywood releases gay ‘romance’ that normalizes man-boy sex





Trainwreck: Pelosi Defends 'Icon' Conyers, Excuses Bill Clinton's Sexual Misconduct  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Serious Question: WTF Is Coming Out Of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee's (D-Texas) Nose In This Interview?!


House to vote on anti-harassment training for all members and staff


Democrats use testimony of former bodyguard in quest to prove Trump activities with prostitutes


Tax Bill Provision Would Let Churches Into State Affairs 



ICE’s Courthouse Arrests Undercut Democracy




Airport Breaks World Record for Number of Flights in 24 Hours


Amazon, in Hunt for Lower Prices, Recruits Indian Merchants


Ivanka Trump to promote working women in India amid questions about those who make her clothes


Surgeons shocked to find hundreds of coins and nails inside man


‘Just 100 desis in its ranks, IS lure has been limited’


Ivanka Trump, PM Modi To Address Global Business Summit In Hyderabad Today





Mount Agung: Bali volcano alert raised to highest level




Why? Motive for CIA-FBI-NSA joint assessment 2 weeks before inauguration still unclear




Get ready for the Super Bowl of retail: Cyber Monday sales are expected to smash through the $6.6BILLION mark for what is being forecast as the largest online shopping day in US history




Prosecuting Bush (The International Criminal Court has Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al in its sights again.)





Iraq face tough battle against Daesh desert hideouts





World War II Islam and Modern Islam: Know Thy Enemy


The Jihad on Sufism  (And why a jihad by any other name is still a jihad.)


'Ignorant infidels' in U.S. may have to be 'forced' to accept Islam (Dire warning given at Islamist conference in Virginia.)


Taqiyya, Ahmadi style  (Even Islam's “good guys” lie about Islam.)




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Monday, November 27, 2017)


Four dead in explosion in building in Jaffa


IDF declares naval Iron Dome system operational   (Israel Defense Forces)


‘Netanyahu-shielding’ police recommendations bill clears first vote  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Saudis Miffed with Hamas for Cozying up to Iran and Hizbullah


TV report accuses Israel’s UN envoy Danon of systematic corruption


Israel and the US behind terror attack in Egypt, libel in official PA daily op-ed


Hamas rejects disarmament talk ahead of reconciliation deadline


Palestinian President Mahmoud 'Abbas Awards Medal Of Honor To Egyptian Writer Mohamed Salmawy, Known For His Extremist And Antisemitic Views (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Weathers Litzman Storm, Shabbat Crisis Over


Op-ed in PA daily claims Israel behind Sinai terror attack


Report: ISIS, Israel temporary ‘allies’ against Iran


Jordan said to demand answers from Israel as Red Sea-Dead Sea project stalls


Israeli forces detain 19 Palestinians, 5 teens, in West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


Conservative movement launches hotline for reporting sexual impropriety


Israel to release 3 Jerusalemite Palestinians arrested over population census


Who’s Appropriating Whom?


Israeli forces raid Palestinian cemetery, dig up graves in Jerusalem-area town


Netanyahu joins call for Rivlin to reconsider pardoning Hebron shooter   (Israeli President Reuven Rivlin)


Rather than disarm, Hamas vows to attack Israel


Permanent Court Injunction Blocks Uber Activities in Israel


Shots fired at Israeli military site near Ramallah


Conservative Jews skewer PM for ‘alternative truth’ about Western Wall deal


Israel lobbies UNIFIL nations against Hezbollah arms ahead of UN debate


The American Jew who went from UAE student to IDF soldier


Israel’s first female tank crews set for deployment as critics fire fresh volley


The Israeli embrace of ‘Zionist anti-Semites’


Poll: number of Reform Jews in Israel doubles




In Hiroshima, Japan’s military debate over pacifist constitution hits home


Atomic bomb survivors hope the world won’t forget the horrors




Playgrounds for Elites (The increasingly left-wing politics of leading US cities clashes with the aspirations of middle-class residents.)




Blowback: CNN Pushes Effort to “Ban the Term ‘Fake News'”


NYT: Trump questions authenticity of 'Access Hollywood' tape


Meredith to buy U.S. publisher Time in Koch-backed deal


CBS boss told me to sleep with coworkers to get ahead: suit




From immigration to opioids, Mexico is a partner in US national security


Mexico finance minister to resign as presidency race looms: sources


Mexico promised affordable housing for all. Instead it created slums


Mexico creates huge protected marine park for sea animals in Pacific




America Must Actively Seek an End to the Qatar Crisis


Yemen Is in Chaos (and America Is Making It Worse)


Yemeni PM says Houthis refuse international call to release detainees


A post-Isis Middle East without a strategy


Food aid enters Yemen port after blockade




A legal guide to space war


Russian jet makes 'unsafe' intercept of US Navy aircraft


USAF hopes to dominate space, but faces growing challenges


Army borrows from Navy playbook to treat wounded patients in combat zones


Women get the chance to 'one-up' the men in mixed infantry units


US already has 2,000 troops in Syria, Pentagon set to reveal




Pope Francis Arrives in a Myanmar Tarnished by Rohingya Crackdown




Nepal: Millions prepare for historic election 10 years after end of civil war





'Jesus' dropped from official prayer (“Jesus” has been banished from a prayer to open New Zealand’s parliamentary sessions.)





Why NATO's European Members Can No Longer Expect America to Pick Up the Bill




Tehreek Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLY) – The Islamist Movement At The Center Of Anti-Government Protests In Pakistan


Pakistan caves to protest demands by forcing out law minister after days of unrest


Pakistan: Muslim boy arrested for raping chicken


Pakistan 'going through turbulent times': Tahir ul Qadri addresses media in Lahore


Pakistani Islamist group to call off nationwide protests after govt backs down


Pakistan Demonstrates Yet Again That It Is No Ally of the U.S.




Is the Philippines the Next Caliphate? 


Duterte’s peace try falls to pieces   (President Rodrigo Duterte)




Why watching lots of porn can make you more religious




Malibu church 'pressured to end meals for the homeless' because it 'lures the needy'





RNC chair Ronna Romney McDaniel: Stock market losses 'a legitimate concern' if Congress doesn't pass tax reform




Russian Media Comments Following Tripartite Sochi Summit: A New Yalta That Excludes The Americans


Russia Planning Unmanned Trip to Venus


IOC bans 5 Russian athletes from Olympics over alleged doping rules violations  


How Russia is preparing for a very cold war


Alien life? Bacteria ‘that had not been there’ found on ISS hull, Russian cosmonaut says


Putin’s proposal for Ukraine is another trap for Trump  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)





Science Needs a New Paradigm 




States push to ban bump stocks after federal effort fizzles




Black Slavery Still Plagues Us Today





Scott on Moore: 'I Want to be on the Side of Right When the History Writes This Story'  (US Senator of South Carolina Tim Scott (R)


Moore buried under TV ad barrage


Bernie Sanders hits the trail again, this time to fight GOP tax bill  (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


Ex-Cop Making Roy Moore Harassment Claim Is Leftist, Anti-Moore Opponent


Why Eliminating Obamacare’s Individual Mandate Should Be Part of Tax Reform


Sen. Thune: 'There Shouldn't Be Any Discussion About Shutting Down the Government'  (US Senator of South Dakota John Thune (R)


Roy Moore Feeding Frenzy Displays A Society Murdering Due Process


Sen. Rob Portman: ‘I Would’ Support Retroactively Making Congressional Sexual Harassment Settlements Public (US Senator of Ohio Rob Portman (R)


Franken Reiterates He Won't Resign: 'I Know That I've Let A Lot Of People Down' (US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)


Senators Scramble to Advance Tax Bill That Increasingly Rewards Wealthy


GOP's Corker, Johnson Threaten to Bottle Tax Bill Up


Moore buried under TV ad barrage


Bernie Sanders hits the trail again, this time to fight GOP tax bill  (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


Rubio: Al Franken 'should consider resigning'  (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio (R)/ US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)


Rand Paul to vote for Senate GOP tax bill  (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)


Tax reform hangs in balance in critical week for GOP


Court Documents: Roy Moore Accuser Has ‘Violent Nature,’ History of Criminal Fraud Against Own Family


 GOP Establishment Risking Senate Majority By Continuing To Oppose Judge Moore


…Moore Represented Accuser’s Mother Who Won Custody of Son in Nasty Battle…


Claire McCaskill Took Action to Hide Travel on Private Plane From Public   (US Senator of Missouri Claire McCaskill (D)


More Senate Republicans call on Roy Moore to exit race


McCain: Trump Has No 'Principles and Beliefs,' Just 'Takes Advantage of Situations' (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


McCain to Clinton: Get over it already


Sen. Richard Durbin: Sen. Al Franken acted ‘in a responsible way’ with ethics probe (US Senator of Illinois Richard Durbin (D)/ US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)


GOP leaders are in advanced talks to adjust tax plan in effort to win over holdouts


Energy advocates, environmentalists look for Murkowski’s vote on ANWR oil drilling  (US Senator of Alaska Lisa Murkowski (R)


McCain could save the country from this terrible tax bill  (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


How the Republican tax plan can help small business


Allegations against Roy Moore create awkward choice for suburban women in Alabama


Lindsey Graham favors fixing DACA with government funding bill, says shutdown 'possible'  (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey Graham (R)


Roy Moore for Alabama governor? (Maybe)




R. Emmett Tyrrell, Premature Anti-Sexual Harassment Activist




Facebook introduces new suicide prevention features


YouTube Says is “Harmful” While Ignoring Its Own Pedophile Problem




Russia, U.S., Britain Aid Search For Missing Argentine Submarine


Search for missing Argentine submarine continues into 11th  day as families remain hopeful their loved ones are still alive




South Korea warns North not to repeat armistice violation


Top nuclear envoys of S. Korea, Russia meet in Seoul


Rising Interest Rates Could Expose Households to Debt Risks


Korea marks 2nd -highest Q3 economic growth in OECD


KOSPI dives on fall of Samsung


South Korean economy expected to expand 3% next year: think tank


South Korea bombards North with propaganda about defector


S. Korea broadcasts to NK news of soldier’s defection




No One Owns the Moon. Can Anyone Make Money There?




Poll: Barely a Quarter of Catalans Want Split From Spain


Spain's first radar satellite ready to ship to Vandenberg


Ham: Spaniards face shortage as Chinese market gets taste for jamón ibérico




Crazy Play in Iron Bowl Shows Problem With Legalistic Thinking


Prager U Video: Everyone Should Stand for the National Anthem


NFL take-a-knee protests make comeback as 19 players refuse to stand for anthem


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


NFL Scoreboard





Hawaii brings back Cold War-era nuclear warning sirens amid fears of North Korea strike


CSX Cargo Train Carrying Molten Sulfur Derails In Central Florida





Tillerson's Redesign Chief Quits After Three Months  (US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson)


Ivanka Trump’s India visit snubbed by 'angry' Rex Tillerson  




Contraception can triple risk of suicide, new study finds




What the Supreme Court Is Up to This Term


Justices reject 2 gun rights appeals


Justices reject appeal over Confederate emblem


The Supreme Court’s privacy precedent is outdated


Should Nevada have a monopoly on sports betting? The Supreme Court will soon decide.


Supreme Court to hear major cellphone privacy case amid end-of-year blockbusters




Over 50,000 people isolated as US closes area around its base in Syria — Defense Ministry


Thousands return from Jordan to south Syria as cease-fire holds


Analysis: The ball is rolling in Syria, against Iran


Some women leave ISIS but vow to fight on


Russian air strikes in Syria 'kill dozens'




Teacher sentenced for sexually abusing 11-year-old student


Almost 300 Taiwanese stranded on Bali, bureau says


Taiwan hopes to join CPTPP in 2020


Academics blast China-edited textbooks


Seven wind farms win initial okay




The jihadist plan to use women to launch the next incarnation of ISIS





Forget 'bad deals,' it's the GOP tax plan that'll make the trade deficit even worse





The Truth Behind ‘Transgender’ Deaths




Turkish PM warns EU over refugee deal ahead of Syrian peace talks


Brexit queues: Turkey warns of traffic chaos at borders as UK faces same trade rules


Turkey Watches Politically Charged Trial in New York




FTSE 100 closes lower as miners slip on China worries


Mother Wins $12 Million in Wrongful Birth Lawsuit, She Wishes Her Son Was Never Born


Richard Branson says he does not remember alleged sexual assault


UK: Church bells that have rung since 1779 silenced after noise complaint


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged


UK police letting suspects go and “hoping for the best” as “hateful comments” arrests rise 877%


Why the Obamas — and not the Trumps — might get an invite to Prince Harry's wedding


Katie Hopkins: Get Furious and Fight Back  (UK freedom fighter pipoints how to take on the Unholy Alliance at Restoration Weekend.)


Post-Brexit economy plan to be launched


Safety fears as junior doctors left to run A&Es and other hospital units


Scots police hunting rapist warn students not to wear headphones


Industrial strategy: White paper to set out bid to boost UK productivity


Drones to tackle traffic and deliver medical supplies in UK cities


Property unaffordable for 100,000 households a year in England


Five victims of fatal car crash named


Defence policy Tory revolt could prompt compromise on defence cuts


Michael Matheson defends handling of Police Scotland crisis


UK Asylum seeker claims he was forced to meet Iran official to discuss return


More UK aid pledged for Myanmar's Rohingya


Brexit Northern Irish border cannot be settled until trade deal agreed, says Liam Fox


Flu spray urged for child 'super-spreaders'


PM says government will pay Manchester Arena bombing costs




ISIS Calls for Attack on the Vatican


Pope Francis to visit Myanmar, carefully confront Rohingya Muslim crisis 




General to head Venezuela state oil firm





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump: There Should Be a Contest Between News Networks for the ‘Fake News Trophy’


'Conservative' WaPo Writer Says Kellyanne Conway Belongs in Hell


Donald Trump: Entertainer in Chief


Ivanka Trump helps this become's word of the year


Trump attacks media in his first post-Thanksgiving tweet


Trump Calls Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’ at Event to Honor Navajo Veterans  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Melania rips report she didn't want to be first lady


White House Weighs Personal Mobile Phone Ban for Staff


Trump White House displays stunning nativity set with baby Jesus


Melania Trump didn't want to be first lady: report


Carly Fiorina blasts Trump’s support for Roy Moore 



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