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Wednesday, November 28, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 




Planned Parenthood Desperately Tries to Stop More Videos Exposing Sale of Aborted Baby Parts


If Every American Had to Watch an Abortion, Support Would Plummet


Massachusetts Abortions Increase 2% as More Babies Killed With Abortion Pills


Trump's New "Attorney General" Has Expressed Some Troubling Fringe Beliefs About Abortion


Abortionist Defends Killing Babies: “A Fetus Needs Permission to Reside in a Uterus”


Abortion clinics appeal finding they violated waiting law (Arkansas)


She Never Told Anyone She Had an Abortion Until One Day Her Story Saved a Baby From Abortion


Nonpartisan cheer: Abortions are on the decline


Four Lies Planned Parenthood Tells People About Abortion


Clinic plan could jeopardize abortion access(Connecticut)


Pro-life club challenges in court university’s $17,500 ‘security fee’ to run campus event


U.S. Abortion Rate Dropped Sharply in Decade Ending 2015, CDC Reports


Niger shuts down Marie Stopes facilities for committing illegal abortions




Afghanistan’s last Jew fights to keep his home — the country’s sole synagogue


Afghan official: 30 civilians killed in battle with Taliban





In Meeting with President, Pastors in Nigeria Say Military Complicit in Attacks on Christians


Djibouti: the Casablanca of a new Cold War


Is Middle Eastern Rivalry Good for Africa?





American Bar Association Gives Low Ratings to Trump Judicial Nominees if They’re Pro-Life





On election day ex-Georgian leader says he’s been falsely smeared as anti-Semite


Airbnb’s Corporate Act of Anti-Semitism




Russia's Relationship With China Will Change Northeast Asia





Australian Market Edges Lower


AUD surges as Fed reshapes monetary policy outlook


 Australia's wild weather floods Sydney; fans deadly bushfires





General Motors Restructures


Emotional General Motors Workers Seen Wiping Away Tears After Company Lays Off 14,500 People


GM Layoffs Show Even President Trump Can't Stop Market Forces


Mayor of Ohio town where GM shuttering plant reacts to news


What’s Good for General Motors?


What’s good for GM isn’t necessarily good for America





Right-sizing America’s government to protect growth




First gene-edited babies 'a bridge too far'




The Migrant Caravan of Diseases


The Hidden Hand Behind the Migrant 'Caravan'


Migrant melee shows why we need a strong border




TSX up on strong earnings of Royal Bank, consumer staples


Bill And Hillary Go To Canada, Collect Check For Bashing Trump In Front Of Mostly Empty Arena


'We need more than a pat on the head': Notley again blasts Ottawa on energy reform bill as industry woes mount


Trapper in Canada finds wife & baby daughter slain by bear he just shot


 Feds ordered to postpone award of $60B contract because warship may not meet requirements such as speed


Trudeau speaks with Trump about GM layoffs (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Watch: North America is at 'peak car.' What does that mean for Canada's remaining auto plants?


Spending on provincial retraining program offered to GM workers has declined sharply


Canadian lawyer says he and his refugee clients have been persecuted since hiding Edward Snowden




Almost 300 million Christians persecuted worldwide, their religious freedom restricted in 22 Muslim countries


State's treatment of Christian baker likened to fascism




Talk show host: ‘Second Amendment was not made for black folks’




China's Xi to send special envoy to Mexican presidential inauguration  (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


China’s capital gears up to surveil, rate all residents’ behavior by 2020


22 killed in explosion near chemical plant in China




Democrats’ demands threaten to derail Trump’s new NAFTA




Sears Head Eddie Lampert Teams With Cyrus on Possible Takeover




Michigan judge declares federal ban on female genital mutilation unconstitutional


Trump Administration to Appeal After Judge Strikes Down Emergency Asylum Rule


Illegal immigrant mother sues U.S. government for $60 million over child death




Rabbis who survived Pittsburgh shooting mark 30 days of mourning


Alleged Antifa member charged with assaulting Marine reservists at rally


Images released of suspects accused of attacking blind man on DC train


Police raid office of US bishops’ president for evidence of abuse cover-up


Minnesota mom, 25, charged with giving 9-month-old son laxatives to inflict starvation


Cop accused of sexting woman after arresting her


Woman attacked boyfriend for not having sex with her: cops




Anti-Trump Narrative Collapses: Obama Gassed, Pepper Sprayed Illegals More Than 500 Times


Democrats Defend Caravan Criminals Attacking Border Patrol


Caravan Leaders Demand U.S. Speed Up Asylum Process




Caravan=Holocaust? NO WAY Because FDR Was Most Bigoted President In US History


Karl Rove: Obama’s redistricting idea would benefit Democrats – not democracy


Obama: Identity Politics Originated With Founding Fathers, Americans Showed ‘Great Smugness’ After Cold War


Broward Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes to Receive Nearly $130,000 a Year


Bongino’s Spygate: Exposing the Obama/Clinton Deep State Criminality


Watch: Obama Brags, Makes Most Outrageous Statement Ever


What Hillary got right (and wrong) about Europe’s migrant mess


 Monica Lewinsky won’t let herself become a victim of her own story




Why Betsy DeVos will be Democrats’ next target after Trump (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)


DeVos decries student-loan program as a ‘looming crisis,’ but experts say speech showed lack of understanding




It’s Time to Rethink The Department of Homeland Security




Mueller Plea Documents Outline Emails Between Jerome Corsi And Roger Stone   (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Corsi to Newsmax: I Have Proof Mueller, DOJ Are 'Political Criminals'


Former AG Gonzales: 'I have a problem' with Mueller team if 'perjury traps' are being set


Klavan: Will The Mueller Report Be 'Devastating' To Trump?


Jerome Corsi blasts special counsel probe as 'political witch hunt,' 'memory test'


Mueller has emails showing Roger Stone coordinating with author about WikiLeaks dump


Turley: Corsi, Manafort show that Mueller 'clearly not getting what he wants'


Losing cooperators is a blow, but not a fatal one, for Mueller, analysts say


Knowles: Here's The Real Reason Paul Manafort Is Punished So Severely


DOJ indicts after more than $6M extorted from victims across North America


If Mueller cancels Manafort deal, same should happen with ex-Trump aide: Giuliani


2 key answers from Trump to Mueller


Fugitive Iranian hackers charged in US for ransomware scheme




Stocks close higher as Dow jumps more than 600 points on Powell’s dovish tone


U.S. stocks rally, investors bet on slower rate hikes


Stocks Surge, Dollar Sinks on Dovish Powell Signal


Did Fed’s Powell ‘light the fuse’ for a year-end stock-market rally?


GDP Unrevised at 3.5%, Business Investment Revised Up, Consumer Spending Revised Down


Why 2019 could be a tough year for home buyers and sellers


10-year Treasury yields hit six-week low after investors see ‘dovish shift’ by Fed’s Powell


Asian shares tentative ahead of Trump-Xi meeting, Fed speech


Asia Stocks Mixed Amid Trade Talk; Dollar Steady: Markets Wrap


Gold higher as dollar dips after dovish remarks from Fed’s Powell


Hunting the next recession


Getting a job is among the biggest challenges of kicking addiction. These companies aim to help.


Bond traders are now betting the Fed will pause rate hikes in 2019


New-Home Sales Plunge 9 Percent to Near 3-Year Low


Bitcoin soars 15%, drags market value for all cryptocurrencies up $20 billion




University Muslim Student Associations combating “Islamophobia” through “Meet a Muslim Day”


University's New Initiative To Defend Against Shooters: Hockey Pucks


Lawsuit: University of Minnesota Advisor Lectured About ‘Cultural Differences’ After Student Reported Being Raped in Cuba


Faculty Vote to End Israel Study Abroad


How David Horowitz’s School Choice Strategy Won With Black Voters in Florida


Civility at Berkeley


Curtain lifted on students ordered to hide while praying


‘Land-Grant Universities for the Future’


Teacher Shortage? Try Competition




Egypt unearths eight ancient mummies





Trump won't 'have a chance' if I run for president, says Jesse Ventura


Violence erupts on 'Trump 2020' supporter




Oil settles at lowest in over a year, with U.S. prices sliding toward $50


Energy Prices


Sub-$2 Gasoline Pops Up in 20 U.S. States After Oil's Drop


Two U.S. pipelines rack up violations, threaten industry growth




EPA chief: Trump administration may intervene in next climate study


87 million in US have water with at least one EPA violation




Podcast: After Russia’s Act of Aggression, What the View on the Ground Is in Ukraine





European stocks close little changed, with central bankers in focus after the bell


EU Banks Cut Risks as Ministers Weigh Start of Europe-wide Deposit Insurance Scheme




Report: Fecal Matter Found on Every McDonald’s Self-Service Touchscreen




FBI finds body while searching for 13-year-old Hania Aguilar in North Carolina; no ID yet


New Hampshire family, farm being terrorized as part of 'vicious shakedown,' FBI says




Powell defends Fed rate hikes amid Trump onslaught   (Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome H Powell)


In dramatic about-face, Fed signals rate hikes almost over




A Middle-Aged Career Woman on the Lies of Feminism She Learned Too Late




Officials release video from gender reveal party that ignited a 47,000-acre wildfire




France’s Macron Laments Protests While Selling His Country Down the Globalist River   (French President Emmanuel Macron)


French Official Arrested for Spying for N.Korea


The Riots Over Macron’s Global Warming Tax Will Likely End His Career


'Yellow vests': 80 percent of French people consider Macron's measures 'insufficient'




Germany urges France to turn UN seat into EU one


Germany Committed to Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Despite Ukraine Crisis




Obama Touts Climate Change Legacy, Then Takes Credit For US Oil Boom


Emails Show Law Firm Pitching Miami on Climate Lawsuit


Curbing greenhouse gas emissions realistically


Al Gore to host 24-hour climate change TV special featuring Moby, Goo Goo Dolls




Google's rebel employees did the right thing


Google CEO set to testify to Congress in hearing that could be wide-ranging review of firm’s business practices




GOP Calls on Dem Ill. State Rep. to Resign Over 'Legionella' Remarks




Few Have Been Hurt by Government Shutdowns




G-20: It’s ‘Now or Never’ in the ‘Fight of the Century’ Between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping


Trump's G-20 tariff talk: Why everyone is listening




ObamaCare Enrollment Drops — 3 Reasons Why That's Good News




Keeping the Mentally Ill Out of Jail


Woman Denied Heart Transplant Due to Finances, Told to Fundraise


Walsh: How Mental Illness Is Fostered In Children




Watch: Drag queen admits he’s ‘grooming’ children at story hour events




Pelosi wins nomination for House speaker in a closed-door caucus meeting


 Rep. Denham: Calif. Republicans Need to Understand Election Law


Ryan: I've Asked Trump to Brief Congress on Khashoggi


The House vs. Donald Trump


House GOP presses for Trump's border wall funding


Pelosi moves to lock up the votes on verge of speaker nomination


Hakeem Jeffries defeats Barbara Lee in battle for Dem Caucus chair


Top House Committee Reviewing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Testimony For False Statements


When a 14-point Republican lead disappears


Pro-gun control voters swept Democrats into power. Nancy Pelosi shouldn’t give them half measures


Liberals abandon call for change: ‘They’ve turned Nancy Pelosi into a #MeToo, progressive darling’




Illegal immigration at lowest level in decade




Indian police put search for John Allen Chau’s body on hold


India's only transgender political candidate goes missing, prompting kidnap fears





Boeing Jet's Faulty Sensor Was Not Fixed Before Deadly Lion Air Crash, Report Finds


Lion Air pilots fought to save airplane before fatal crash





After lawsuit, Elon Musk's company drops plans for a tunnel under Sepulveda Boulevard




Chad said to condition resumed ties with Israel on ‘extensive’ weapons sales


Trump’s statements on Israel will boomerang


Manhunt ends as Eritrean suspect in murder of 13-year-old girl is caught


Jewish Americans sue Airbnb over Judea and Samaria decision


Rand Paul on his blocking military aid to Israel: We can’t be doing it forever


Erdan blasts Irish Senate's advancement of 'settlement' boycott


After tanks, IDF now trying out women in combat roles on navy warships (Israel Defense Forces)


CNN pundit: Palestine from the river to the sea


With winter rains, green returns to scorched Gaza periphery


Hamas claims IDF officers installed spy equipment near secret Gaza HQ


US envoy tells PA to free US citizen arrested for selling Old City home to Jews


Terrorist’s Attorney Resigns After Cursing Out Victim’s Family in Court


Having coffee with terrorists and their families


Israeli Minister Asking 5 US Governors to Sanction Airbnb


While Airbnb Boycotts, Israel Builds Diplomatic Strength


Another Battle in Israel’s Culture War


Life-Sized Replica of Noah’s Ark Will Sail to Israel, Says Carpenter Who Constructed It


DC Conference Declares Eternal War on Israel


Iran ‘adopts’ families of Gazans killed and wounded in border clashes


Has the IAF chosen its future fighter jets and refueling tankers?


Israeli court grants ownership of Palestinian lands to settlers


Saudi Arabia pledges $50m to UN Palestinian refugee agency


Israeli demolition leaves Palestinian family homeless


Ultra-Orthodox jews protest Israeli military draft


Latin Patriarchate objects to Israel's seizure of its land in Jordan Valley


Egyptian police ‘accidentally’ shot at IDF jeep on border, army finds


9,000-year-old mask from Hebron Hills sheds light on the dawn of agriculture


In video - 9,000-year-old rare stone mask discovered in Hebron hills




Lebanon Accepts Russian Military Aid




Eternal Darkness of the Leftist Mind


How Liberal Policy Keeps Black Kids From Succeeding




The Gospel of Marx? Religious Leaders Call for ‘Redistribution,’ Denounce ‘Pathology of War’




Manafort/Assange Drama Proves Media Will Buy Any Russia Conspiracy Story, No Matter Its Flaws


Oops! The Media Got the Caravan Wrong


Fox News disciplines employees involved in Scott Pruitt ‘Fox & Friends’ interview




Discouraged caravan migrants packing up and going home even as new ones arrive


If you want to see what failed U.S. immigration policy looks like, visit Tijuana


Mexico grants Jared Kushner its highest honor


Migrants plot next move as tensions in Tijuana heighten




Microsoft Becomes World's Most Valuable Company After Apple Rout




Pompeo: Saudi Arabia a powerful force for stability in the Middle East


The Khashoggi killing had roots in a cutthroat Saudi family feud


Saudi Crown Prince arrives in Argentina ahead of G20 summit


Houthis use civilians as human shields in Hodeidah — Yemen prime minister


Gulf states $50bn largesse supports Mideast sovereign ratings as geopolitical risk rises





Boeing tapped by Air Force for jam-resistant satellite comms terminals


Mattis notes stability of Western Hemisphere at command change ceremony(Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Budget cuts could imperil military and national security, experts, lawmakers warn


B-52 squadron commander is removed for leadership failure


USS McCain leaves dry dock 15 months after collision that killed 10 sailors


Federal judge dismisses $100-million lawsuit over Parris Island recruit death


Marines loosen liberty restrictions for some Pacific-based servicemembers


More troops moved to California as migrant caravan lingers at US-Mexico border


MIAs from Vietnam era return to headlines




What NASA's Mars InSight Lander reveals about us


No ‘colonizing’ or ‘frontiers’: Snowflakes alarmed by linguistic aspects of NASA Mars probe




U.S. to Address Impending INF Withdrawal at NATO Summit




Peace only way forward for Pakistan, India: PM Khan


Pakistan and India begin construction of 'corridor of peace'


'We want civilised ties with India': PM Khan lays foundation stone for long-awaited Kartarpur corridor




USPS Informed Delivery Vulnerable to Theft




CAIR sues prison for allowing Christian space, files injunction demanding “Islamic programming,” “pork-free meals”


Accused spy Maria Butina asks to be moved from solitary confinement




Limbaugh: Here's What's Really Going On With This Mueller-Manafort Mess


Limbaugh: The real reason for Manafort headlines




Atheism as Bad Religion




Study: Most churchgoers still abstain from alcohol




Backlash forces Mexican restaurant to stop selling anti-Trump tees




Russia-Ukraine Confrontation at Sea Raises the Stakes


How the US must respond to Putin's latest outrage  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Kremlin Says Putin-Trump Meeting Will Look at Ways out of Deadlock


‘Zero-sum game’: Russian aggression tests Trump, U.S. power


Putin Accuses Ukraine Leader of Plotting Naval Clash to Boost Ratings


The Russians and the Kerch Bridge: What Would Reagan Do?


Putin, Abe to discuss peace treaty, says presidential aide


Ukraine Standoff Part of Kremlin Long Game, Not Prelude to War


Reports of bomb threats in Moscow malls were made from phone number registered in Ukraine


U.S. Indicts 6 Russians in Massive PornHub Ad Fraud Involving Bots


‘Kiev would get away even with eating babies’: Putin says Kerch Strait standoff is a provocation


Putin on Succession Plans: I'm Not Going Anywhere


All 24 Ukrainian sailors in custody for illegal border crossing, arrested for two months




Industry Group Pledges $100,000 for Program Aimed at Recruiting New Shooters


Guns Save Lives — Armed Citizens Thwart Active Shooters 94 Percent of the Time





Amid anger over Khashoggi, Senate defies Trump, votes to end role in Yemen war


Senate panel delays vote on new ICE director


Sen. Johnson: Border-Rushing Migrants Just Start of Problem


Sen. Lankford: Trump Will Get His $5B Wall Funding


Orrin Hatch: U.S. Must Remain at the Forefront of Global Challenges


Kavanaugh 2.0: Smears Against Court Nominee Tom Farr


Durbin: Manafort Pardon Would Be Trump Admission of Guilt


Senators eye shutoff for Saudis in Yemen


Democrats face Trump-state gauntlet to take Senate in 2020


Sen. Chuck Schumer Signals A Deal On Border Wall And Leftists AREN'T Happy


Republicans block Mueller protection bill from Senate floor vote


Republicans fear they’re squandering lame duck


Mississippi Rejects Democrat Race-Baiting


Cindy Hyde-Smith wins Mississippi Senate runoff


Senators to be briefed by Pompeo and Mattis on Saudis but want to hear from Haspel


McConnell vows to block vote on bill protecting Mueller probe  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Biased screener undermining Trump judicial nominees, Republicans say


Gary Hart, Donna Rice and Jesus: The true story


McConnell breaks with Trump, urges ‘response’ to Saudis


Pence, Kushner huddle with Senate GOP on criminal justice reform


Senate Republicans divided on changes to Trump-backed prison reform bill




Silicon Valley Shariah


‘Facebook has a black people problem,’ former employee says in public memo




Korea successfully flight-tests rocket engine [Video]


North Koreans Face Culture Shock Once in Free South


Dialogue with N.Korea Drying up


S. Korean engineers to inspect 2,600 kilometers of railways in NK


Blacklisted Russian Ship Rrefueled in Busan Port


More Koreans shun marriage amid economic burden: research


1 in 5 Murdered Women Die at Husband's Hands


Korean childbirths continue to decline in September


Army Shuts Down Artillery Practice Range


Exports growth to slow on US-China trade dispute


Moon, Trump to hold summit on G20 sidelines




Ex-manager says O.J. Simpson ‘didn’t act alone’ in slayings


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)




Indiana house fire kills 6, including 4 children


Camp Fire Contained: 88 Dead, 203 Still Missing


Some Californians are hiring private fire crews to save their homes. Regular firefighters aren't happy about it


California must fix fatal flaws in wildfire warning and evacuation plans, experts tell lawmakers




State Department Hires Anti-Trump Columnist Who Hates President's Agenda


Pompeo: There is 'no direct reporting' showing crown prince ordered Khashoggi killing


State Funds Nonprofit That Provided ‘Material Support’ to Iran, Hamas





Supreme Court Limits Federal Power to Designate Private Land as Protected Habitat




Syria talks on fragile Idlib truce begin in Kazakhstan


Syrian Arab tribes call for Turkish intervention against Kurdish YPG forces


ISIS to launch false flag chemical attack on Syrian Kurds – and Russian military is watching closely




Taiwan votes to keep marriage laws traditional


Taiwan Gives Up On F-35, Turns to F-16V Option


Taiwan Learns to Love Nuclear, a Little




Judge Judy highest paid TV host, earned $147 million last year


‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ creator dies at 57




Honk If You Dislike Car Tariffs





Why Sex Change Logic Requires Doctors To Perform Every Plastic Surgery Imaginable





Turkey’s F-35 Role at Risk If It Buys From Russia, Pentagon Warns


Turkey: Workers trapped under concrete slab in accident


Turkey stocks higher at close of trade; BIST 100 up 0.59%




London stocks end lower on Brexit worries


British Politician: Elites Want Unlimited Migration to Create Third World West


Theresa May’s Brexit Plan Is Likely to Hit the Wall


Scotland Government's Twitter Banner Sends A Message. It Will Make Twitter's CEO Happy.


UK MP’s call for “Islamophobia” to be classed as “racism,” want to criminalize claims that Islam spread by the sword


What Happened When Anjem Choudary Held a Demonstration Outside a Large London Mosque


British minister promotes post-Brexit trade in Israel


UK Labour won’t sanction MP who branded its anti-Semitism policy a ‘disgrace’





UN Migration Pact takes aim at “hate speech,” Slovakia becomes the tenth country to reject it





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


President Trump warns border wall battle could lead to government shutdown


Ivanka Trump defends use of private email, brushes aside Mueller probe


Trump appears consumed by Mueller's investigation


Trump retweets fake Pence account giving thanks for Clinton's 2016 loss


Trump suggests, without evidence, that Mueller is encouraging witnesses to lie in Russia probe


 Trump appears to accuse Rosenstein of treason in tweeted meme


Debunking 3 Myths About Trump Border Enforcement


Trump’s Proposed Withdrawal Of Troops From Middle East Contradicts Long-Standing U.S. Policy


Donald Trump, Internet troll


Why Trump's threat to pull GM subsidies is empty fumes


White House Bid to Placate Senate Over Saudi Behavior Backfires


Trump’s plan for the caravan would work well for America


Manafort’s Lawyer Is Said to Have Briefed Trump Team on Mueller Talks


Trump furious over plans for plant closures and layoffs, threatens to cut all federal aid to GM


Trump again rejects climate change report, lashes out at Federal Reserve


Trump mocks ‘highly respected voting tactician’ Brenda Snipes


Trump says he’s ‘not even a little bit happy’ with Fed chairman


Trump says he is among those who ‘have very high levels of intelligence’ but are not ‘believers’ in climate change


The truth is finally catching up with Trump


Trump, Cuomo to meet at White House to discuss infrastructure project


Trump’s ‘worldwide network’ is a great idea. But it already exists.


Trump says he’s considering a backup plan for the wall if Congress won’t fund it


Trump’s craven response to Khashoggi’s death means other Americans need to step up



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