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Tuesday, November 21, 2017






In Today’s Issue: 




States Sue to Overturn New Trump Rule and Force Little Sisters of the Poor to Fund Abortion Drugs


Nuns Back in Court as State AGs Fight for Planned Parenthood


Video Catches Planned Parenthood Selling Body Parts o f Aborted Babies Without Patient Permission


NARAL: ‘Repealing Net Neutrality Is a Direct Threat to Reproductive Freedom’


ACLU Sues Trump Admin to Force it to Facilitate Abortions for 43 Illegal Immigrants


‘Neither of the Above’ in Alabama? Doug Jones on Abortion Is a Zealot


Catholic Priests, Pro-Lifers Arrested for Providing Women Alternatives Inside Abortion Clinics Go Free


Lena Dunham's controversies, from wishing she had abortion to defending accused rapist


Mother of Twin With Down Syndrome Slams Doctors Who Repeatedly Asked if She Wanted an Abortion


Compelled Speech in California? Justices Will Hear Pro-Lifers’ Complaint


Meet the Trump Admin Official Who Helps Pregnant Illegal Immigrants Choose Life Instead of Abortion


Priests avoid jail time for abortion protest at Virginia clinic


Abortion Clinic Closes After Abortionist’s Bizarre Demonic Rant Saying He Loves Killing Babies


How Samantha Saved Her Baby with Abortion Pill Reversal


Why are Most People Uncomfortable With Abortion Yet We’ve Aborted 60 Million Babies?


Priest Compares Abortion To Brutal Mafia Killings


Pro-Life Attorneys File Federal Lawsuit to Stop City’s Silencing of Pro-Life Prayer and Counseling


Court Strikes Abortion Buffer Zone Law


Oregon Caught Breaking Law, Using $1.8 Million in Federal Tax Dollars to Pay for Abortions


Hundreds pack meeting on anti-abortion clinics in Hartford; mayor calls centers ‘deceptive’


Court Strikes Down New Jersey Abortion Buffer Zone Law That Silenced Pro-Life Advocates


Buzzfeed investigation uncovers ‘fake abortion’ clinics profiting off women who aren’t even pregnant


Swiss Planned Parenthood president invited to speak at Vatican


Pregnancy Center Director Tells UK Health Secretary: Don’t Silence Pro-Lifers Helping Women Find Abortion Alternatives




U.S. Hits Opium Labs as Taliban 'Take a Knee,' Fuel Terror with Drug Cash


Hague Court Seeks To Investigate Alleged War Crimes By Taliban, CIA In Afghanistan


Strikes on Taliban opium facilities first major use of new bombing authorities in Afghanistan




Nigeria police say at least 50 killed in mosque bombing


Zimbabwe erupts in celebration as Robert Mugabe quits  (Zimbabwe Dictator Robert Mugabe)


The rise and fall of Zimbabwe's longtime leader: Robert Mugabe


Ex-VP urges Mugabe to resign


Mugabe Stays Put, Putting Pressure on Parliament


Mugabe 'could lose presidency in days'




Signs of life as ASX ends day higher


The Australian dollar is bouncing


Aussie students behind in science, maths - but excel with one vital skill


Australia backpacker exploitation 'endemic', study finds




How Trump is building a border wall that no one can see





TSX sees gains in broad advance while U.S. markets set records; Canadian dollar up


Sally C. Pipes: Bernie, Stop Fibbing About Canada's Single-Payer Disaster


Trudeau to unveil new national housing strategy that will include housing benefit for low-income tenants  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Trudeau Liberals plan to give China $500 Million to build infrastructure in Asia


Canada 'prepared for the worst' amid squabbles over NAFTA, Freeland says


Alone, cold and forgotten: 4-year-old girl left on school bus, driver fired


John Ivison: Canada’s allies are killing their ISIL fighters, while we put our hope in counselling


Trudeau Liberals plan to give China $500 Million to build infrastructure in Asia


Forget Trump, Trudeau is now the biggest obstacle to Pacific trade deal


Ottawa outlines long-awaited rules for pot sales




Devil worship comes to National Mall in D.C.




Whitefish Halts Puerto Rico Work Early Over $83 Million Bill


The last straw: Puerto Rico's vulnerable — veterans, the elderly — outmatched by Maria


Microsoft attempts to provide internet in Puerto Rico with unused TV frequencies 





Trump golf course reimbursed President Trump’s charity amid ongoing probe of the foundation





Skull found in China could re-write story of human evolution




Why Trump put North Korea back on the terror sponsor list


Women forced into N. Korea’s military face rape and snakes in the shower


U.S. slaps sanctions on North Korean, Chinese companies


Newly Declassified Documents Prove America's North Korea Strategy Has Failed


President Trump Returns North Korea to Terrorism State Sponsor List


Putting North Korea On U.S.' Terrorist List Was Long Overdue


Kim bans fun: North Korean dictator outlaws drinking and singing in bid to tighten grip on population 





Democrats cling to dubious Russia dossier in scheme to bring Trump’s downfall


Time for Republicans to denounce this tax nonsense


 Krugman: Lies, Incoherence and Rage on Tax Cuts




Richard Cordray, now on his way out the CFPB door, struck a shady deal on student loan debt




Second Federal Judge Blocks Trump's Ban On Trans Service Members


Federal judge rules Trump defunding sanctuary cities 'unconstitutional on its face'


Judge permanently blocks Trump sanctuary cities order


Trial to expose radical Islamic agents embedded in U.S.


Teacher indicted for sex romps with two students


Mandalay Bay and concert promoter sued by hundreds of Las Vegas massacre survivors


Jurors to weigh in on San Francisco pier shooting that left woman dead


'I finished her off, I strangled her. I got up and wiped off the blood. And she was calm': Family of Queens jogger Karina Vetrano break down in court as they watch her killer explain to police her last minutes





Teen who fled to America as a refugee from Burma is shot dead while working a laundromat job he took to help his family pay the bills


New York City: Hub For The Deadly Drug Trade





A Border Patrol agent is dead in Texas, but the circumstances remain murky




TIME Magazine Names Hillary Clinton’s ‘What Happened’ Top Non-Fiction Book of 2017


Hillary Clinton: Bill ‘probably survived’ early battles because Fox News didn’t exist


Dems denounce Bill Clinton, but need to recapture his working-class appeal


Malia Obama is caught kissing a mystery man and smoking a cigarette at the Harvard-Yale football game




Haitians relieved to stay in US for now, upset status to end


Confusion over Trump administration’s travel ban led agents to violate court order, watchdog finds


Trump administration to end temporary residence for 60,000 Haitians, giving them 18 months to leave




US investigator Mueller reportedly probing Kushner’s contacts with Israelis   (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Justice Department Vows to Overturn California Judge’s Ruling on Sanctuary Cities and States


Dept. of Justice moves to revoke US citizenship from five immigrant child sex abusers


Has Mueller Abandoned The Trump/Russia Collusion Investigation?  


Higher cable bills, less innovation: Justice Department says AT&T decision not Trump’s


Mueller to interview top-level White House officials





U.S. stock indexes all close at records led by technology shares


Tech gains help propel Wall Street to record highs


Americans’ Worry About the Economy at Lowest Level in 18 Years


Asia stocks supported by global growth optimism, dollar strong


Asian Stocks Advance; Dollar, Treasuries Steady: Markets Wrap


Gold regains some lost ground as dollar struggles


Trump’s unwise economic nationalism


Dollar weakness sticks, as trading thins ahead of Thanksgiving


The myth of growing income inequality


History suggests the stock market is poised for a big turkey bump




 Four Penn State students charged in menorah vandalism


University apologizes after grilling student over ‘transphobic’ thought crimes


“By not allowing the examination of jihad on its own terms Stanford chose to enable it”


Document Fight Slows Inquiry of Affirmative Action at Harvard


Franklin and Marshall College and Free Speech


Appeasing bigotry at Brooklyn College


Unaccountable Public Schools (California keeps changing the standards of measurement to obscure declining performance.)




Los Angeles Mayor Sizes Up the Democratic Field for 2020




Oil logs a gain as traders look ahead to U.S. supply update, OPEC meeting


Energy Prices


Iraq Is Giving OPEC a Headache





Armenian Dissident Goes On Hunger Strike In Push For Constitutional Reform




The Backlash Against European Multiculturalism




European stocks ‘burst into life’ as Germany’s DAX ends at 2-week high


Soros waging ‘frontal assault’ on Hungary – ruling party deputy chairman


Amsterdam has been picked to host the European Medicines Agency after Britain leaves European Union.


Bill to make medical marijuana available in Malta proposed




FBI Investigating Democrat Congressman For Paying Primary Opponent To Quit, Lying To Authorities


Court docs: PA congressman a target in FBI campaign finance probe


FBI examining Border Patrol agent's death as a 'potential assault'


FBI informant gathered years of evidence on Russian push for US nuclear fuel deals, including Uranium One, memos show


J. Edgar Hoover, not just Robert E. Lee, should go


Five new revelations in the Russian uranium case





Report: FCC chair to push for complete repeal of net neutrality


Dems to FCC: Force Sinclair to sell stations for merger approval




'The struggle is real down here': Many U.S. Virgin Islanders are still waiting for FEMA's help




Top French Socialist booted from party over anti-Semitic tweet


French “Free Thinkers” who denounced Christian cross now plead for Islamic mosque




500 German Police Arrest Six Syrian ISIS Fighters Suspected of Christmas Market Terror Plot


Germany: Muslim migrants destroy their free housing, repairs will cost $23,000


Merkel hints fresh elections preferable to minority government  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)




‘Google’s plan to isolate Russian media is an act of information warfare’




Health nominee reaped big earnings from drug industry tenure


Hard to believe: Some consumers find free health insurance





America's last iron lungs: Incredible video shows Polio survivors whose life saving-equipment is repaired by car mechanics and engineers after health insurers and manufacturers stopped covering the devices 13 years ago




David Cassidy, '70s teen heartthrob, dies at age 67


The Partridge Family's David Cassidy Dies at 67


David Cassidy, 1970s teen idol, has died at 67




Pelosi Calls for Investigation of Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Conyers (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


The Latest: Conyers  acknowledges settling staffer complaint (US Representative of Michigan John Conyers (R)


Conyers scandal rocks House Democrats


It Begins: Another Woman Comes Forward Accusing Democrat John Conyers Of Sexual Misconduct


Conyers: Allow 'People Who are Incarcerated' to Vote


Conyers settled 2015 complaint for $27,000 over sexual misconduct: Report


Study says House tax plan would add to the deficit, challenging GOP claims that the bill would pay for itself


House Science panel requests new answers from Equifax




MS-13 Gangs Are Murdering Illegal Immigrants In America Because They Know That The Illegals Are Afraid To Report To The Police In Fear That They Will Be Deported




Trade deal with India bigger than ICJ: British media




Iranian Hacker Charged in HBO Breach


Iranian Officials To Europe: Hands Off Our Ballistic Missiles – They're Not Aimed At You, And Can Even Serve Your Security Needs


Rouhani warns Mideast countries to not 'fall for Israel's trap'  (Iranian President Rouhani)




Iraqi officials: Bombing in contested town kills 32 people




Minnesota: CAIR top dog refuses to denounce Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood


How Obama Brought Back Muslim Slavery of Black People


CAIR leader refuses to denounce Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Tuesday, November 21, 2017)


PA Government, PA TV, and Fatah all present a world without Israel


Netanyahu and Putin discuss Syria ceasefire (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu/ Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Lawmakers to Trump: Stop Stalling on Moving U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem


State Department: Communication with PLO not frozen


Palestinian Authority’s Mahmoud Abbas Freezes Contacts with Washington


Abbas adviser to Jpost: Contacts with US consulate, visiting American of


Hamas and Fatah meet in Cairo to continue reconciliation talks


Report: Israel Treats New Syrian Chemical Attack Victims


Israel Awaits Saudi Approval To Participate In Chess Championship


Israeli forces detain 10 Palestinians, 5 women, in East Jerusalem raids


Stalling as Usual: Israel and the Palestinians


6 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces in overnight West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  raids


Indian-Israeli trade group warns nixing missile deal threatens relations


Save the Children: rights of Palestinian children being eroded in West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


3 hurt, one seriously, in Shuafat refugee camp shooting


Israel's Greatest Fear: An Arms Race Sparked by the F-35


Reconciliation talks take place in Cairo


‘West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  lands mean liberation’: Post-Six Day War cabinet minutes released




Lebanese PM returns to Beirut


Hariri back in Lebanon for first time since quitting as Prime Minister


It’s not the Saudis destroying Lebanon — it’s Iran




Sex Scandals Reveal How The Left Uses Shame To Destroy Morality


Liberal Millionaires Group Seeks to ‘Fundamentally Reset’ America’s Ideology and Economy




Charlie Rose fired from CBS amid sexual misconduct allegations


NY Times Columnist Who Called for Franken Resignation Now Having ‘Second Thoughts’


Chris Matthews rips Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama for looking down on ‘white working people’


Eight women say TV host Charlie Rose sexually harassed them — with nudity, groping, lewd calls


Sexual harassment scandals are blowing up the media




Mexican Drug Cartel Kidnaps Man, Strips Him Naked, Impales Him Through The Anus On A Stick, And Then Saws His Head Off


Bags Filled With Chopped Up Pieces Of Human Bodies Discovered In Mexico




Iran, Hizballah Deny Accusations Of Destabilizing Middle East




Additional remains of Sgt. La David Johnson found in Niger


DoD Agents Complained of Failure to Share Records with FBI Decades Ago, Were Ignored


Air Force pilot dead, another injured after T-38 Talon crashes in Texas


In the area where U.S. soldiers died in Niger, extremists have deep roots. Were they aware of the risk?


Navy SEALs remember Christian Lambertsen, humble beginnings of swimmer-commandos


1 killed, 1 injured in crash of Air Force training jet in Texas


Air Force aims for laser weapons on a fighter jet by 2021




Islamic schools in Pakistan plagued by sex abuse of children


Pakistan refuses to allow free use of yuan for CPEC projects




Can we finally let Charles Manson die?




Russia denies nuclear accident after radioactive pollution


Putin summons Assad to Sochi, takes charge of shaping post-war Syria  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin/Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Kremlin Aide Vladislav Surkov: 'In The Rationalist Paradigm Of Western Civilization, Hypocrisy Is Inevitable'





 Science edges closer to Bible account of Adam and Eve


Alien bugs may have been transported to Earth, scientists say





Senate Releases Tax Bill Text in ‘Unusually Fast’ March to Vote


Liberal groups call for Al Franken to step down as new claims emerge (US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)


The Ultimate Argument for Roy Moore


Facing accusations by second woman, Franken shows no signs of plans to resign


Roy Moore accuser Corfman: He 'preyed' on me


Alabama election has GOP racing against the clock


The GOP readies itself to welcome Roy Moore


Every Other Terrible Thing About Roy Moore


Newly surfaced pics show Al Franken grabbing Arianna Huffington’s breasts and butt


Arianna Huffington denies Franken behaved inappropriately in response to new photos


Moore campaign disputes accuser's story of assault


Al Franken to be investigated by toothless Senate panel


How the Harvey Weinstein era brought out the GOP infighting over Roy Moore 




Disney exec on leave after report of misconduct


Democracy Alliance Says Sexual Misconduct May Exist ‘Throughout Progressive Community’


Melissa Gilbert accuses Oliver Stone of sexual harassment


Palin: I don't suffer sexual harassment because I pack a gun




Missing Argentine submarine with 44 crew members maybe running low on oxygen




Interstellar object confirmed to be from another solar system




Goodell vs. Jones: The Game Within the Game


Trump attacks NFL player for standing during Mexican national anthem


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


NFL Scoreboard




2 Minnesota lawmakers accused of sexual misconduct will resign


More than 30 injured, including firefighters, in cosmetics plant explosions




A Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Could Unite Bannon Loyalists and Neocons




The Supreme Court Is a Dangerous Conservative Obsession


White House asks US Supreme Court to allow full travel


Cops stop woman praying at home, case goes to Supremes




Assad and Putin Meet, as Russia Pushes to End Syrian War (Russian President Vladimir V Putin/ Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


‘Fight against terrorism in Syria nearing an end’: Putin & Assad meet, discuss political settlement  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin/ Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Syrian opposition leader Riyad Hijab steps down




Beijing warplanes resume ‘patrols’ over Taiwan airspace 




New York terror attack suspect faces 22 charges


Minnesota: Muslims investigated for ISIS ties include theater student, father of four, and jujitsu instructor


SOCOM: Islamic State, Al Qaeda Weakened in Most Areas  


The Lie That Reelected Obama  (Al-Qaeda was not “on the run” while POTUS 44 was in office.)


Charles Manson and the Weather Underground 




NAFTA talks hit wall as Mexico, Canada push back on U.S. demands 




Turkey’s Post-Coup Victims Find No Relief in Human Rights Court


Turkey’s central bank takes action as lira hits record low


Turkish LGBTI activists condemn 'illegal' ban on events in Ankara




Uber Paid Hackers to Delete Stolen Data on 57 Million People





FTSE 100 ends higher, led by easyJet’s jump


UK: Muslim road rage driver who hadn’t eaten for 20 days during Ramadan has jail sentence cut


Christian Charity Defends Publishing Nativity Story That Refuses To Speak About The Bible, Says ‘We Are Trying To Be Inclusive’


Pregnant With Twins, She Went Into Labor at 23 Weeks. Amazingly Both Babies Survived


George Soros may be part of biggest ‘international political collusion in history’: UK politician


Why has a Cold War-era Soviet submarine surfaced in England’s River Medway? (Video)


UK withdraws judge from UN court of justice seat bid


May will offer to pay £40bn Brexit 'divorce bill' if trade talks start  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Diabetes 'decimating' men with one in ten now suffering from it 


UK 'ready to pay more for Brexit'


Number of toxic chemicals on supermarket vegetables has risen 17 fold since the 1960s


Armed police patrol Edinburgh’s Christmas market amid terror fears


British high streets are 'killing themselves' by failing to accommodate elderly shoppers 


MPs have voted against scientists to say animals don't feel pain


North of England hardest hit by cuts


Common NHS shoulder surgery no better than placebo at relieving pain


Budget 2017:Philip Hammond to target young voters with rail fare and student loan measures


Calls for Scottish students to have £8,100 yearly income


'Outsourced' workers seek better deal


Housing: One in seven councillors in English rental hotspots are landlords


Cancer tests in supermarket carparks in bid to boost detection rates  




Eighth child death from fallen IKEA dresser prompts recall reminder





Islamic State Releases Image of Pope Francis Beheaded





Podcast: What Welfare Reforms Would Promote Happiness, Prosperity




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump privately doubted Moore's female accusers


“Kelly Has Clipped his Wings”: Jared Kushner's Horizons Are Collapsing within the West Wing (White House Chief of Staff John Kelly)


Trump on Roy Moore: 'We Don't Need a Liberal Person in There, a Democrat'


The Islamic State calls on Muslims to murder Barron Trump


White House: Trump Spoke With Putin for Over an Hour on Tuesday (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Trump Pardons Turkey, MSNBC Host Becomes Joyless


No one can prevent a president from using nuclear weapons, experts say


Trump is urged to OK sale of $50 million in weapons to Ukraine


There is something truly historic about Trump


Hunters are livid over Trump’s delaying of a decision to end the ban on elephant hunting trophies


Why Trump’s right on banning elephant trophies


Is Donald Trump, of All Presidents, Devolving Power Back to the Legislative Branch?



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