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Friday, November 16, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 




Actress Amy Brenneman “Excited” to Host Party for Women to Celebrate Their Abortions


Pro-Life Cause Likely Unaffected by Republican Midterm Losses


New Planned Parenthood CEO Leana Wen’s Goals: “Expand” Abortion, Help Women Celebrate Abortions


Texas law bans abortions that dismember a fetus in the womb, and abortion fans want it overturned


Trump Admin Official: We Will Stop NIH From Buying Body Parts From Aborted Babies


Ohio House again passes “heartbeat bill” abortion ban


After She Was Raped, Paula Rejected Aborting Her Baby: “I’m Choosing Joy”


Obtaining the abortion pill from pharmacies and online gains support among women


Heartbreaking Video Highlights How 67% of Babies With Down Syndrome are Aborted


Half Of Reproductive-Age Women Want Easier Access To Abortion Pills, Study Finds


In El Salvador, where abortion is illegal, a rape survivor who gave birth faces trial for attempted abortion


Abortion: NI women to be provided access to Republic services


Pro-life survivor of leftist shooting Steve Scalise re-elected to GOP leadership role


UN body seeks to define abortion and assisted suicide as a 'human right'


Doctor Told Mom to Abort Her Baby With Down Syndrome, He Was Born Healthy  (United Kingdom)


Alberta’s conservative party says leader has ‘evolved’ on abortion, gay ‘marriage’  (Canada)




In Afghanistan, Where Breast Cancer is a Death Sentence, Women Fight to Save Lives




I SURVIVED the Jonestown Massacre: Congresswoman tells all 40 years after she was shot FIVE times point blank as she tried to rescue cult members before the notorious mass Flavor-Aid poisoning and murders that claimed 913 lives 


Two Christians Survive Stoning By Massive, Angry Muslim Mob For Being Christians(Kenya)


Marked for Death 40 Years Ago, Jim Jones’s Nemesis Survives




Trump administration task force to study airline policies around sexual misconduct




Outrage after a few inches of snow brings NYC to a halt




Washington State, ACLU Aren’t Letting Up in Crusade Against Florist’s Religious Liberty




New York state councilman sorry for suggesting Orthodox Jews aren’t ‘normal’




Khmer Rouge leaders found guilty of genocide in Cambodia




Dillion: Australian Universities Are Threatening To Ban Sarcasm, And I Am Offended


Australian finance head slams Malaysia’s PM over anti-Semitism amid embassy spat 




VW embarks on $50 billion electrification plan




Livestream: Infowars At US-Mexican Border


As border wall goes up in Texas, some local landowners put up a fight, others welcome it


Migrant caravan, Tijuana residents clash at U.S. border fence: ‘You’re not welcome’





TSX rises 0.07 percent


Bombardier CEO meets investors as stock dives 20 percent


St. Michael’s expels eight students after alleged sexual assault


University of Ottawa scholar sues group that said he ‘slandered’ Poland


Why I Am No Longer a Canadian Writer




CDC: Suicide rates highest for miners, construction workers





CIA ‘concludes with high confidence’ Saudi Crown Prince ordered Khashoggi murder – Washington Post


CIA Keeps Having Disastrous Failures




Jim Carrey: Trump Committing ‘Manslaughter’ to Eliminate Democrats in California


Kimmel Begs Michelle Obama to ‘Save Us’ from Trump


Settle, Down: An SNL Postscript




Majority of Popular Free VPN Apps Owned by Chinese Firms Susceptible to User Data ‘Harvesting’


Report: Hopes That Guided US–China Policy Have Proven ‘Futile’


US sanctions on China may escalate to ‘commercial Cold War,’ French minister warns





CNN’s Acosta Bullies Female White House Intern - But Cowers Before Castro




Kim’s tactical weapon test detonates global media bomb (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


N. Korean official blasts Japan over wartime atrocities  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: The Communist North Korean government should worry about the atrocities they commit against their own people.)


North Korea touts test of new "ultramodern tactical weapon"


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspects testing of unspecified new ‘tactical weapon’


North Korea: We're going to deport an American we detained a month ago 




Pass Legislation for Election Integrity Now


The Democrats' Real Priority


Immigration Compromises Always Fall Short





 Capital of the Cyber-Century (New York’s Amazon win was the result of decades of effort to become a technology leader.)


Jeff Bezos to employees: 'Amazon will fail' but we need to delay it


Amazon played American cities for suckers




Chicago: Muslim who plotted to set off bomb outside bar wants to plead guilty and also claim entrapment


Attorneys for Accused Russian Spy File Motion to Dismiss 'Unconstitutional' Charges


New jury fails to reach verdict in J&J South Carolina talc cancer trial


Obama-appointed judges take charge in disputed Florida, Georgia elections


WikiLeaks founder hit with U.S. charges, court filing inadvertently reveals


Judge upholds Russian troll farm indictment from Mueller probe


Obama Judges Can’t Save Dem Losers




Former Alabama Trooper Killed After Shooting District Attorney ‘Ambush-Style’


Nine More People Arrested for Voter Fraud in Texas


Texas grandmother, 44, is arrested for leaving her two young grandchildren to burn to death in a house fire after they woke her to raise the alarm


To stop mass shootings, put tighter restrictions on semiautomatic guns




Migrants likely to face long stay in Tijuana as U.S. border officials process 100 asylum claims each day 7 hours ago Updated





Democracy Dies in Trivia





Florida Dem Hatches Plot to Invade Red States to Turn Them Blue


"A win's a win": Just one vote decides Kentucky House race


Democrat Corruption is a Clear and Present Danger to America


California is as blue as it’s ever been. Hopefully Democrats prove themselves worthy


Hillary Clinton to get more questions about email




Linda McMahon Favorite to Succeed Ross as Secretary of Commerce


Mulvaney positioning himself to be Commerce Secretary: report




Beneath the outrage, DeVos praised over anticipated Title IX due-process reforms  (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)


Trump Administration's Take on Title IX


Betsy DeVos Formally Unveils New Title IX Rules: 3 Ways They Will Strengthen Due Process on Campus


New rules for colleges on sexual assault




In Renewed Criticism of Russia Probe, Trump Says Mueller Team Is Threatening Witnesses


Museum Chief Terrorized by Armed BLM Bureaucrats in Federal Raid


ROGER STONE: Enough, Already, Of Robert Mueller's Investigation


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Roger Stone Weighs in on Bombshell Wikileaks Text Messages


Justice Department reportedly preparing to charge Wikileaks’ Julian Assange




Children With Down Syndrome Are Applying to Be on the Endangered Species List




U.S. stocks close mostly higher as Trump comments spark optimism over trade


S&P, Dow advance on trade optimism; Nvidia sinks Nasdaq


Consumer Spending Update: Economic Confidence Unshaken by Market Jitters


In Leaderless Stock Market, Gains Are Proving Hard to Maintain


Asia Stocks to Track U.S. Gain; Brexit Slams Pound


Asia shares absorb Nvidia blow, sterling licks its wounds


Gold ends higher for a third session and books a more than 1% weekly advance


CNBC’s Jim Cramer says stock market is in ‘a very serious correction’ — and there’s nowhere to hide


Bitcoin prices set for back-to-back losing weeks after midweek plunge


Here’s how Brexit turmoil could become a problem for U.S. and global investors


2-year Treasury yield logs steepest weekly drop in two years after dovish Fed remarks


Output Soars Even at U.S. Manufacturers That Make Stuff from Tariffed Steel and Aluminum


Winning! U.S. Manufacturing Output Comes in Stronger than Expected


Consumer Spending Update: Economic Confidence Unshaken by Market Jitters




New Front in Fight Over Affirmative Action


USC Library Censors Article on ‘Female Privilege in Prison Sentencing’


Statewide Data on OER Savings


Snow covered roads left this special needs student on a city school bus for hours(New York City)


Is Kean Giving Control of Its Overseas Faculty to Chinese Government?


New York parents need better schools — not more ‘marketing’


Bombshell Lawsuit Against Dartmouth




Egypt: Muslim with Qur’an and “sharp tool” attacks Christians while screaming “Allahu akbar”


Muslim Man Attacks Christians In Church With Sharp Iron Rod While Shouting “Allahu Akbar”


El-Sissi crushes spirit of Arab Spring in Egypt: Activists ‘opened the gates of hell’ (Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi)





Stacey Abrams says she can’t defeat Brian Kemp in contentious Georgia governor race


Analysis: Money, not a 'wave', drove the midterm elections


Fla. AG: Nelson Should 'Preserve His Dignity' and Step Down


Social & Mainstream Media's Impact on Midterms


Clinton Claims Abrams Was Robbed In GA


DeSantis wins, Scott calls on Nelson to concede


What’s the matter with Florida?


Rick Scott declares victory as Florida orders manual recount in Senate race


Democrats are trying to steal an election in Florida


Oregon launches investigation into two people who submitted slew of late ballots


Fla. GOP’s DeSantis nears gubernatorial win as Senate race goes to manual count


MARCO RUBIO BOMBSHELL: Democrats Planned Voter Fraud Day After Midterm Election — And There’s Proof


Broward County Misses Recount Deadline by 2 Minutes — Denies Rick Scott Another 1,000 Votes to His Tally!


STUNNING: Broward County Florida Loses Track of 2,040 Votes During Recount


Cheating: Apparent 'Organized Fraud' By Florida Democrats Must Be Fully Investigated


Stacey Abrams Amassed Nearly Three Dozen Lawyers to Contest Georgia Gubernatorial Election


Ron DeSantis Wins Florida Governor Race After Recount, Gillum Refuses to Concede


Kemp, DeSantis secure paths to Florida and Georgia gov mansions, but opponents refuse to quit


Report: Stacey Abrams May Demand a New Vote Altogether


Broward County Hand Recount Wraps Up More Quickly Than Expected, And It's 'Bad News' For Democrats


Republican Party Sends 100 Staffers to Florida to Stop Democrats From Stealing Election From Pro-Lifers


The dirty little secret of the Florida recounts


Florida Dem Officials Sent Out Altered State Forms to Obtain More Votes After Election Day




The Election’s Lesson for Democrats: Don’t Nominate Hillary Clinton 


Avenatti ‘still considering’ presidential run despite domestic violence arrest


Will a Republican candidate stand up against Trump in 2020?


Note to Democrats pondering a presidential run: The clock is already ticking


Kasich: Wouldn’t want presidential run to ‘diminish my voice’




Oil prices suffer sixth weekly loss in a row


Energy Prices


PG&E shares surge 40 percent on report regulator wants to avoid bankruptcy from wildfire


Natural gas will soon find more fuel to feed its rally




Work to save fin whales and mountain gorillas from extinction appears effective, report finds




Trump EPA official arrested on criminal ethics charges




A Jewish lawyer is Steve Bannon’s main ally in uniting Europe’s right




European stocks dragged lower by tech, Brexit concerns


EU President and Rumored Alcoholic Jean-Claude Juncker Pictured in Mismatched Shoes — Wants to Lead New EU Army (Video)




Why Trump Will Double Down on Foreign Policy in 2019




Paris: Muslims beat 60-year-old man, tell him “This is what we do to disbelievers”


Why French police fear Saturday's nationwide fuel price protests




Macron and Merkel unite in struggle for Europe  (French President Emmanuel Macron/ German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Too little, too late? Merkel comes to Chemnitz to ease ethnic tensions, but faces mass protest


Merkel tours scene of far-right protest, defends refugee policy


…‘No More Bargaining’: Merkel Warns Brussels Brexit Offer Is Final




An insurance company wants you to hand over your Fitbit data so it can make more money. Should you?




Oscar-winning writer of Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid and The Princess Bride, William Goldman, dies aged 87 in his Manhattan home after cancer battle


Hollywood association donating $300,000 to wildfire victims




Hong Kong economy cools as trade tension mounts




House GOP Urged to Use Lame-Duck Session to Fund Border Wall, Make Good on Other Promises


After Winning Election, Democrat Ilhan Omar Now Says She ‘Supports BDS Movement’


Dem Congressman Threatens to “Nuke” Gun Owners In Civil War Scenario


Newt Gingrich: Pelosi's House May be Like Herding Cats


Pelosi: 'Every Place I Go' People Say 'Thank You for Saving America'


 Korean-American GOP trailblazer’s lead vanishes as new votes surface


Democrats Steal Another Race: California Republican Young Kim Who Led by 3% After Election Is Suddenly Down 941 Votes


MA Dem Rep-elect Pressley: ‘Impeachment Has Always Been on the Table’


Anyone but Nancy Pelosi for Speaker


Veteran Democrats wary of climate push by Ocasio-Cortez and her allies


Ocasio-Cortez Refutes Claim She Fought With Dem Party Leaders Over Climate Change


Marcia Fudge under spotlight as Pelosi Speaker fight heats up


Dem lawmaker: 'There's plenty of competent females' that can be Speaker instead of Pelosi


House Democrats 'ban ideological food'


Warning says Dems plan to overturn Masterpiece court decision


Newly empowered House Democrats plan to grill Trump officials on environmental issues


Democrat Katie Porter unseats GOP's Mimi Walters rips reporter for saying Ocasio-Cortez 'doesn't look like a girl who struggles'



Acting ICE Chief Apologizes for Calling Dems ‘Liberalcrats’ and ‘NeoKlanist’ Party


Watchdog group wants L.A. County Sheriff's Department to stop giving ICE access to jails




In India, people are fleeing Delhi because of the smoggy air




How the new 2019 tax rates could affect you




Sanctioning Iran Is Risky for America




Iraq’s president to visit Saudi Arabia as part of regional tour


Iraq restarts small Kirkuk oil exports after a year of suspension




Prager U Video: Will Witt Debates a "Progressive" Muslim




Hamas Gaza chief to Israel: Don’t test us again, next barrage will hit Tel Aviv


Bachmann: 'There Is No Greater Proof of God's Word Than the Existence of Israel'


Israel heads toward elections as Jewish Home says it will leave coalition


Hamas leader: Don't test us again


As promised, US votes against UN resolution on Golan


Netanyahu-Bennett Meeting Concludes: Israel Not Heading to Early Elections Just Yet  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Challenged from right on security, PM may face his worst case election scenario


Early election inevitable – but Netanyahu denying it


Architects, activists slam Jerusalem Old City cable car plan


The Israeli Security Concept: Wandering Through a Maze


 Southern Front: Was this the last straw for the ‘resilient’ South?


How Hamas Brought Israel to the Brink of Election Chaos


How outsider candidate Moshe Lion won Jerusalem


PM’s wife suspected of fraud in employment of former aide — report


Why Israel let Hamas win


Women on a mission to change Israel's decision-making process


Why Israel Doesn’t Want A War With Gaza


Mother, brother of Barkan terrorist charged for not stopping attack


The rockets from Gaza prove peace is a pipe dream right now




Malaysia complains of faulty Russian Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jets




That weed vacation you're planning is subject to some serious terms and conditions




Media's anti-Trump bias obvious to nearly half of voters


Media Bias: Pretty Much All Of Journalism Now Leans Left, Study Shows  




Mexicans Grow Tired of Migrant Invasion – Battle With Central American Migrants in Tijuana (Video)




Rubicon Crossed: Saudis Sanctioned


Trump administration slaps sanctions on 17 Saudis it accuses of Khashoggi killing


Saudi Arabia’s latest account of Khashoggi’s death is shocking in its audacity


Al-Jubeir: Saudi-led coalition ‘working with UN to end Yemen conflict’




Study: World’s Most Expensive Military (Ours) Could Lose War to China


The Wrong Time to Cut Defense


2 Navy SEALs, 2 Marines charged with strangling Green Beret to death


Two Navy SEALs, two Marines charged in Green Beret’s death in Mali


USS Ronald Reagan sailor gets 2 years in prison for sexually assaulting fellow sailor, strangling civilian


Air Force instructor pilot from Maryland killed in Laughlin AFB crash


Iowa National Guard soldiers told to return overpaid wages




Joy Behar upset that CMAs didn’t devolve into anti-Trump PSA: ‘The democracy is at risk’


Celine Dion launches clothing line that ‘liberates children from traditional roles of boy/girl’




Rohingya leaders to visit Myanmar




DC Bans Churches From Handing Out Straws With Free Coffee




Church in Nepal Forced to Shut Down




NASA warns long winter could hit space in months bringing record low temps




Church in Nepal Forced to Shut Down




HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Islamists Rally in Karachi, Pakistan – Demand Christian Mother Beheaded for Insulting Islam


Pakistan's new rulers grapple with an old problem: How to get people to pay taxes





Shaun King's PAC Raised A Ton Of Money. Here's What It Did With $600,000 Of It




Cindy McCain: "Our country needs a strong leader, not a negative Nancy"





91,000 pounds of raw turkey recalled amid salmonella outbreak




Limbaugh: Avenatti Failed To Learn The Lesson From Ted Kennedy




Trump Is Losing His Top Regulatory Reformer. Here’s How He Can Keep the Progress Going.




61 Percent of Christians Believe in These 4 New Age Ideas


The Bishops In Their Labyrinth




Putin, acting Armenian PM discuss bilateral cooperation within Eurasian integration  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Russians lose faith in their future, get ready for worse


Lavrov points to US attempts to impede Russia’s social, economic development  (Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov)


Most Russians Are Pessimistic About Political and Economic Future — Poll


Putin's three days in Singapore mark Russia's major geopolitical changes since 2000 


Putin dislikes the idea of US army bases coming to Kuril Islands


Putin hails Russia’s growing pharmaceutical industry




Why 536 AD was the worst year to be alive: Scientists say a mysterious fog that blocked out the sun causing crop failures and widespread famine was the worst global disaster in history


  ‘I’m just really proud of our species’: Nations will update the kilogram for the 21st century




More Law Enforcement Leaders Criticize FIRST STEP


Kamala Harris Grills ICE Nominee About Parallels Between ICE and KKK


Kamala Harris draws comparison between ICE, Ku Klux Klan


Kamala Harris: ICE Is Like the Klan


Prison Reform Bill ‘First Step Act’ Faces Uphill Battle to Passage Before Year’s End


An Act of Congress Could Bring Hemp to the Shelves of Your Local Grocery Store


GOP pushes Trump for new attorney general amid Mueller uproar


Booker to campaign for Espy in Mississippi Senate race


Grassley to trade Judiciary gavel for Finance


Grassley Steps Down from Judiciary Committee...Paving Way for Lindsey Graham?


Cotton, Trump at odds on criminal justice overhaul


Hyde-Smith’s campaign says comment about suppressing 'liberal' votes was 'a joke'


Calif. fire destroys director's home, burns savings kept in fire-proof safe


Warren congratulates former student and researcher on election to Congress


McConnell Sees Path to Avoid Shutdown After Trump Meeting


Whitaker told Trump he has concerns over sentencing reform bill


With proposed sanctions and arms sales ban on Saudi Arabia, bipartisan Senate group tries to end Yemen war


Senior GOP senator warns Trump against partial shutdown


Senators introduce bill to respond to Khashoggi killing




Facebook COO: Company Never Paid For 'Fake News'


Zuckerberg Promises Anyone Yanked Off Facebook for Content Will be Able to Appeal




Moon to meet Xi to discuss easing of North Korea sanctions  (President Moon Jae-in/Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


Defense Ministry to Expand No-Fly Zone to NLL


Food Prices Rise Ahead of Minimum Wage Hike


Big Problems Plague Korea's Employment Market


N.Korean Apparatchiks Tour Industrial Facilities in S.Korea


Hyundai Forms Tie-up with U.S. Drone-Maker




College cancels 2019 football season after 70-6 defeat, 53 straight losses


Friday night plight: Parents, players rethinking football


NFL Scoreboard


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)




At least 7 dead as snow wreaks havoc on East Coast


Calif. fire leaves rescue teams seeking human remains as number of missing rises to more than 600


Paradise vows to rebuild even as the death toll hits 63 and the number of missing rises




This Week, U.S. State Department Designated Jawad Nasrallah, Son Of Hizbullah Leader, A Terrorist; In MEMRI TV Clip Of 2007 Interview He Stated: 'The Most Honorable Death' Is To Be 'Martyred For The Sake Of Allah, Especially... At The Hands Of The Zionists' – From The MEMRI Archives




Ruth Bader Ginsburg 2.0


Supreme Court Asked to Say Whether Whitaker's Appointment Valid




Russian army says 270,000 Syrian refugees have returned home




Let Taiwan Join Interpol




‘Good Morning America’ promotes child drag queen




Turks reject any U.S. "legal favor" to ease pressure on Saudis over Khashoggi


Six convicted for 2016 Istanbul airport attack that killed 45





U.K. stocks set for losing week as Brexit turmoil continues


Theresa May’s Terrible Brexit Deal(British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Allies rally to UK’s May amid leadership woes over Brexit


 High I.Q. Irreligious Anglo-Saxon Swingers Set To Invade Low I.Q. Spanish Catholic Religious Festival Celebrating The Virgin Mary


The politicians are having it tough in Old Blighty, too


Britain has reached a new worst-case scenario on Brexit


Why the Brexit chaos has only just begun 


MP who heads Labour Friends of Israel is ‘concerned’: Corbyn might become PM


Near Irish border, the Brexit drama is followed with alarm


Outrage after girl's thong used as evidence of consent in Irish rape trial


POLL: Just 28% Want Brexit Stopped, Plurality Want PM May Out…




Pope Francis has broken with previous popes, causing ‘heresies, schisms’: Vatican theologian




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Conway: Trump won't rule out gov't shutdown over wall funding


Another Trump aide tell-all due to hit shelves in January


Trump says answered written questions in Mueller probe


 Trump takes aim at Mueller as speculation over Russia probe's end grows


President Trump Presents Presidential Medal of Freedom Award to Justice Antonin Scalia


Sarah Sanders Responds To Acosta Ruling


Trump Warns Media He And Staff Will Leave If Disrespected At Press Conferences


Larry King: Acosta Was ‘Out of Line’ and ‘Childish’ at Press Conference, CNN Is No Longer ‘News Network’


White House Reacts To Jim Acosta Court Ruling


Trump to Visit California as Wildfire Death Toll Rises


Kellyanne Conway's Husband Unloads On Trump


CNN’s Ana Navarro: Trump Is ‘President Grumpy Man Baby’


Trump-appointed judge says WH must return CNN star’s press credential


President Trump accused of racism as he honors Elvis among other American legends


CBS WH Correspondent on Acosta Fiasco: When President Says Next, You Pass the Mic


Kasich Blasts Trump for Playing ‘Blame Game’ in NH


Joy Behar Rants: “I Think Trump Needs to Resign Soon”


Richard Pryor Schools Donald Trump on Criminal Justice Reform 


Bette Midler slammed for vulgar caption of old Melania Trump modeling photo


Can Trump ban all reporters? You bet!


Far-left Obama adviser agrees with Trump, again!


Donald Trump’s never-ending turmoil


Despite GOP leaders’ pleas, Trump won’t promise border compromise to avert shutdown


Upstart cable network backs White House in CNN lawsuit


It’s back to ‘Be Best’ for Melania Trump after clash with West Wing official


Ousted Bolton aide says it was 'an honor' to serve Trump administration


To turn around, Trump needs a true populist agenda


The White House's sick bid to bribe Turkey’s tyrant


Jim Acosta, CNN and a Surreal Lawsuit


Fake Orthodox Jews Against Trump


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