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Thursday, November 15, 2018






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Ohio House Passes Bill to Ban All Abortions After an Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins


Hollywood leftists gathering for star-studded Planned Parenthood fundraiser Friday


Former Planned Parenthood Director: Abortion Pills Can Leave Parts of the Dead Baby Inside Her Mother


Planned Parenthood’s new prez tells the same old pro-abortion lies


Killing by Mail: Why We Need to Make Abortion Unthinkable


Watch: Even Democrats Don’t Want Pro-Abortion Hillary Clinton to Run in 2020


We Have Some Idea What Americans Think about Abortion


New Planned Parenthood Defends Killing Babies: “Abortion is Health Care”


Trump's Refugee Director Is Reportedly Penning An Anti-Abortion Book — And It's No Surprise


Abortion Activists Call White Governor Racist Because He’s Upset Black Babies Are Aborted


Trump's Refugee Appointee Is Reportedly Writing an Anti-Abortion Book


Prenatal Surgery Exposes Abortion for What It Really Is


Independent Abortion Providers Are More Underfunded — And Underappreciated — Than Some Realize


Feds Have Not Decided Whether to Extend UCSF's Contract to Humanize Mice With Aborted Baby Parts 


"I Was You": Activist Lizz Winstead Remembers What Getting an Abortion Was Like 30 Years Ago


Ohio's 'heartbeat bill' abortion ban up for vote Thursday


Abortion fight aimed at second-trimester procedure  (Kentucky)          


Australian senator 'changes gender' in abortion clash


Pro-life Australian MP declares himself female to ward off pro-abortion attacks


Pro-Life Legislator Quits His Political Party After It Suspends Him for Voting Pro-Life (Ireland)




This is Afghanistan, But Not as You Know It


Missing Pakistani police officer's body found in Afghanistan




Morocco inaugurates Africa’s fastest train





Report points to 'difficult and worrying' 2019 for U.S. agriculture




Flight attendant reveals chilling details of deadly Southwest flight




Man shouts ‘Heil Hitler, Heil Trump’ during Baltimore ‘Fiddler on the Roof’




US drops the gauntlet on the South China Sea




American Medical Association Continues Debating Whether to Support Assisted Suicide



Australian Market Flat As Banks Decline


Australian Dollar flirts with 73 US cents


Australia: Jihad murderer withdraws his apology, says “I ask Allah to grant victory to the believers”


Australia refers India to WTO over sugar cane subsidies


Australia: Muslim leader says “Islam cannot be connected with any form of violent acts”


Australia's bank chiefs to face the music as misconduct inquiry wraps up




Automaker groups warn U.S. tariffs will undermine new NAFTA deal




Razor wire now covers border wall where ‘vanguard’ of migrant caravan taunted U.S.




TSX rises on gains in material shares


Innovation declaration: Nine things Canada needs to win in the global ideas economy


Ottawa man confessed multiple times to killing parents: Crown


Police target Hells Angels-linked bikers in Montreal, Laval; 13 arrested


Ontario Tories promise low-income tax cut, scale back political fundraising rules in first fiscal outlook


Ottawa man confessed multiple times to killing parents: Crown


Edmonton man who sexually exploited boys gets seven-year sentence


Surprise! Christian church lets atheist keep pastoring




An “expert” analyst stayed in the CIA to prove Islam was a religion of peace


New Documents Reveal CIA Spied on Congress, Whistleblowers




Is There a Charity “Crisis?”




Fears grow of a swine fever epidemic in China


China Outlines Possible Trade Concessions to U.S. Ahead of G20


The war with China


Trump demands China remove missiles in the South China Sea




N.Korea State Media: Kim Inspects Testing of 'Tactical' Weapon (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)





Meet the new bosses: Republicans largely stick with same leadership in House, Senate


Republicans and Democrats Cannot Agree on Anything. Except This.




Don’t let Amazon build an uninviting HQ in Queens




Georgia Elections Hinge on Courts’ View of Provisional Ballots


Regulatory Scholar Rao to Be Nominated to Replace Kavanaugh on DC Circuit


Florida law on matching ballot signatures being applied unconstitutionally: Judge


More Waiting : Florida Judge Extends The Deadline For Counting Votes


Judge's decision in CNN lawsuit postponed until Friday


California wildfire victims sue utility PG&E alleging negligence




Creepy Porn Lawyer Arrested For Domestic Violence


Avenatti calls domestic violence allegations ‘completely bogus’


Accused Parkland gunman slugged officer in jail: cops


Police nab crooks looting victims of California wildfires




LGBT Group Among First Central American Migrants to Reach Border at Tijuana


Caravan migrants nabbed crossing into US; up to 2,000 more approaching




Democracy Dies in a Leftist Coup




Democrats Launch Training Sessions for “1000 Volunteer” Lawyers to Manage Recount and Steal in Florida


Are CALIF Democrats Also Cheating Their Way to Power?


Meet the lawyer Democrats call when it's recount time


O'Rourke receives invite to visit Iowa from Democratic Party in Des Moines


Vermont Democrats cancel events with Michael Avenatti his arrest for domestic violence


Alyssa Milano disavows Michael Avenatti after arrest


Michelle Obama's money-making hypocrisy is laughable




Trump and Xi Likely to Get Only Framework Trade Deal, Ross Says  (Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross)




Betsy DeVos set to bolster rights of accused in rewrite of sexual assault rules  (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)




Detroit school board considers dropping Ben Carson’s name from local high school (Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr Ben Carson)


Ben Carson’s name might get erased from Detroit high school. You already know the reason why.




Giuliani on Mueller Questions: 'Unnecessary' and 'Possible Traps'(Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Obvious Double Standard On Recusals Proves Russia Probe Is About Getting Trump


Bombshell Text Messages Support Roger Stone's Claims About WikiLeaks Backchannel


Dershowitz: Rosenstein 'Worst Choice' for Acting AG


‘Will the real attorney general please stand up?’


Justice Department fires back at CNN’s lawsuit: No First Amendment right to enter White House


Whitaker traveled unorthodox path to top of Justice Department





Dow ends four-day losing streak as stocks finish higher in choppy session


U.S. Stocks Halt Five-Day Skid; Brexit Roils Pound: Markets Wrap


Brexit deal to blame for US stock market slide?


Asia Stocks Whipsaw; Powell Downplays Volatility: Markets Wrap


Asia stocks lifted by China-U.S. trade hopes; oil resumes retreat


Manufacturing Boosts Economic Growth in the Midwest


The looming threat to Trump's booming economy


Wells Fargo plans 1,000 U.S. job cuts


Gold bugs might find hope in this chart


Brexit fears pummel sterling; lift yen, dollar


Bitcoin hits lowest level since October 2017 amid digital-coin rout


Ready, set, shop: More than a third of Americans to buy on Black Friday: poll




Notre Dame president says child abusers aren’t monsters. Student asks, ‘Is this a joke?’


Improper Grade Changes at Community College


Cal State approves plans to boost enrollment by 21,000 students without raising tuition


‘Grow and Then Get More Efficient’


Harvard’s problem is a version of America’s


Why Colleges Should Require Faculty Diversity Statements


From bulletproof whiteboards to secret snipers, billions are spent on school safety. Is it working?


Activists Targeted


Cal State approves plans to boost enrollment by 21,000 students without raising tuition


Harvard’s problem is a version of America’s


From bulletproof whiteboards to secret snipers, billions are spent on school safety. Is it working?




Thanks, NeverTrumpers. Are You Happy Now?


Hillary Clinton: If Stacey Abrams Had Had A Fair Election, She Would Have Won


Hope and Change: With More Votes Counted, It Looks Like Mia Love May Have Won in Utah After All (Update: Dems Caught Cheating in FL-Sen?)


Gillum keeps hope alive as Florida recount points toward DeSantis


Nelson intervenes in GOP ag commissioner candidate challenge to block Scott


Republican activists claim 15 ballot box tags as proof of Florida election fraud


The silver lining of the midterms


Trump’s ‘big victory’ diminished as Democrats pick up more wins


The dark, crazy heart of Florida is on full display — again — at the election recount


Sloppy Signatures May Disqualify Thousands of Florida Votes


Mail-in voting makes cheating all too easy




Potential 2020 Candidate Kirsten Gillibrand Repeatedly Gets Unemployment Stats Wrong


Dems 'testing what they can get away with' to 'steal 2020'


Trump already cooking up new nicknames for 2020 rivals




U.S. oil prices finish higher, but off the day’s highs as domestic supplies rise an 8th week


Energy Prices


Natural gas suffers biggest one-day percentage drop in more than 15 years


A Fukushima waiting to happen? Huge stockpile of nuclear waste on California fault line threatens US


Benefitting from a diverse energy sector




How Trump Stood Up to the Environmentalist Left 




European stocks routed as financials take a hit on Brexit turmoil


Poland Celebrated Nationalism as Macron Derided it




Powell Says Strong Economy Faces Headwinds as Fed Weighs Policy  (Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome H Powell)




Youth e-cigarette use is skyrocketing. Now the FDA is stepping in




Macron’s Response to Trump: ‘I Do Not Do Policy or Diplomacy by Tweets’    (French President Emmanuel Macron)


France must still prepare for risk of no-deal Brexit, says French PM




Germany: Muslim migrant murders the man who sponsored him


Islam Classes In Germany


Several children among injured in bus crash near Nuremberg





‘Alarming’ Study Claiming Global Warming Heating Up Oceans Based on Math Error


Climate Hoax: Not A Single G-20 Country Is Close To Hitting CO2 Emission Targets


Early snowfall stokes Colorado skiers, clouds climate debate (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Read: Lack of sunspots could bring a 'Space Age record' for cold weather  .)


Soros Money Standing Behind Climate Activism in Texas



Google Cloud is Busted by Russians and Chinese  




Exit polls show more women breaking with Republicans


Will the Republican Party keep dancing with autocracy?




2 boys killed in adenovirus outbreak were in ‘irreversible shock’ when they arrived at hospital, doctor says


Is Healthcare Better or Worse than a Decade Ago?





Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar admits she supports BDS, after saying it was “not helpful” before election


GOP leader concedes 'we have room for improvement' on House diversity


With Seconds Remaining On The Clock, Republicans Plan Aggressive Last Session At The Top Of The House


Pelosi on potential Fudge challenge: ‘Come on in’


Voters Find Trump More Likable Than Pelosi


Ocasio-Cortez: I'm Already Being Discriminated Against On Capitol Hill


House Democrats revolt against Pelosi, put return to speakership in doubt


Nancy Pelosi applauds Al Sharpton for 'saving America' by helping Dems win back the House


Gun Industry Group Says Dems Likely to Push Gun Control, Drive Gun Sales


Pelosi and her opponents voice confidence over Speakership battle


House blocks resolution to end US military support in Yemen war


Trump angles to put loyalist in charge of House Judiciary Committee


House Dems haven’t even taken over yet and they’re already divided


Pelosi faces daunting challenge in speaker’s bid as Democratic foes stand firm




India Can’t Keep Dodging Trade Deals


India seeks to buy US helicopters worth Rs 13,500 crore - Times of India


India's top hedge fund turns to state-run banks as bad loans wane




Iran calls Bolton “chronic sadist” who deserves to be “taught a lesson”(US National Security Adviser John Bolton) 




Read like a murderer or murder like a reader? What's the PA's message?


Analysis: What's behind Netanyahu's decision not to invade Gaza(Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Hundreds from rocket-battered south protest against Netanyahu in Tel Aviv


IDF chiefs impart their wishes for next defense minister. Improper interference in the political process?(Israel Defense Forces)


Netanyahu said to tell ministers he may not be able to hold coalition together


IDF Warns Gazans Ahead of Friday as Gaza Belt Residents Demand Security


Wikimedia Publishes Treasure Trove Of Historical Pre-Israel Photos


Coalition Crash Appears Likely as Kahlon Rejects Bennett for Defense


Israel’s Glass Ceilings Fall To Druze Anchorwoman (with Video)


Netanyahu to Hanegbi: ‘Sderot Just Like Tel Aviv’


Failure to Bolster Deterrence Comes at a Cost


Snap elections are a better option than Bennett as defense minister


Israel braces for return of violent Gaza protests


US to vote 'no' on anti-Israel UN resolution


Analysis: How Gaza rocked the government and its defense minister


In Jerusalem, Trump envoy on Iran says US to target funding for Hezbollah, Hamas


Gaza border residents protest Israel-Hamas ceasefire for third-


PA suspends Hebron police chief for allegedly helping IDF soldiers change a tire


Columnist For Jordanian Government Daily Praises Gaza Rocket Attacks On Israel, Says: Every Muslim, Arab And Free Person In The World Yearns To Be Martyred In Gaza


As Knesset advances death penalty bill, Israel at UN joins calls to end practice


Ceasefire Halts Palestinian Terrorists’ Rocket Barrage . . . for Now


 After an explosion of violence, Netanyahu chooses peace in Gaza 




Filmmaker embedded in migrant caravan exposes false media narrative


The Fake News Paper of Record


Bringing up the rear in CNN White House Lawsuit:  Fox-Now-FOE News


After Trashing Brett Kavanaugh, CNN, MSNBC Downplay Michael Avenatti’s Domestic Violence Arrest




Studies Indicate Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion Bought Democrats Votes




Vigilante Mob Burns Two Men Alive In Mexico Over False Rumors Of Child Organ Trafficking





Saudi Arabia’s public prosecutor seeks death penalty for 5 Khashoggi suspects


US sanctions Saudis charged in journalist's murder


Saudi Arabia FM: Khashoggi murder investigations will continue until all questions are answered


US welcomes Saudi Arabia's Khashoggi investigation as 'step in the right direction'


US must be careful not to hand Yemen to Iran




US Military Finalizes Plans With Poland To Install A New, PERMANENT US Military Base Less Than 90 Minutes From The Russian Border


Pentagon wants more money for lasers to shoot down drones, missiles


Pentagon report on Turkey's F-35 program delivered to Congress


Successful failure: Pentagon admits it never even expected to ‘pass’ multi-million audit


Podcast: New Report Shows Our Military Isn’t Prepared for Conflict With China, Russia


First woman passes special forces assessment, could become first female Green Beret


Mattis: War-trophy bells' return to help US, Philippine ties (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Defense strategy report warns of grave erosion in US military superiority


Dem rep slams Facebook: It 'cannot be trusted to regulate itself'


Mattis defends border deployment, likens it to 1916 effort against Pancho Villa


A 'perfect storm' of GI Bill problems is costing veterans, taxpayers


Marijuana-PTSD study reaches target enrollment of 76 veterans


The cost of post 9/11 wars hit $5.9 trillion, 480,000 lives lost, study says


Air Force names pilots involved in fatal training jet crash in Texas


Homeless vet, couple at center of GoFundMe controversy allegedly made up story: report




Roy Clark, country guitar virtuoso, 'Hee Haw' star, dies at 85




Why the New World Order Wants Mass Migration into the West




Pakistan goes against the grain with coal power spree




Patriotism vs. Nationalism




Resistance Groups Rely on Crowdfunding to Fund Political Activism




The Catholic Church is embroiled in a hell of its own making


Southern Baptists celebrate sending 42 new missionaries




Russia In The World – Russia-Cuba Relations: The Reinvigoration Of An Alliance


Putin Ally Wins $1.2Bln Contracts for Museums in Crimea, Kaliningrad, Vladivostok — Reports   (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Russia fine with oil price of around $70 per barrel, says Putin

Putin plans to discuss New START, INF Treaty with Trump


Without Trump, U.S. Gives Way to Putin in Asian Summit Lineup




Kamala Harris Tries to Compare ICE to KKK


Florida Secretary of State Sets Hand Recount in Senate Race


Symbolic outrage? US senators seek to stop arms sales to Saudis… after killing Bahrain ban bill


Kamala Harris Lied Abut Brett Kavanaugh, Now She Says Politics Needs “More Truth”


Schumer Lobbied Senators to Stop Criticizing Facebook — Where Daughter Works…


Lindsey Graham: Trump Won’t Fire Mueller


Politico: GOP's Blackburn Candidate for Senate Judiciary Committee


Sanders Aims Minimum Wage Bill at Walmart


Hyde-Smith's 'public hanging' joke shakes up Mississippi runoff


Senators return to Washington intent on action against Saudis


Ernst elected to Senate GOP leadership


Graham: I would ‘totally’ investigate FBI over Russia probe, Clinton emails as Judiciary chair


Rand Paul blocking Trump counterterrorism nominee


The real fraudster in Florida is Mitch McConnell




Asean May Need to Choose Between U.S. and China, Says Singapore PM




Facebook defends Russia response, updates plan to curb misbehavior


Social Media Have Been Captured by Elitists, Demagogues, and Mobs


George Soros caught in the middle as Facebook-New York Times fight gets ugly


Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis

Social media explodes over Avenatti arrest



Big Problems Plague Korea's Employment Market


Moon to Invite Kim Jong-un to Next Year's ASEAN Summit  (President Moon Jae-in)


Minimum Wage Hike 'Could Cost Half a Million Jobs'




The state of hate: Who should get to measure it?




2 Dead, 44 Hurt in Mississippi Bus Crash


California’s Burning Once Again


Camp fire death toll grows to 56 as grim search for the dead continues


Officials in Paradise limited evacuation alerts as fire moved in


Third body found among wreckage of Woolsey fire as residents blast officials about emergency response


California’s deadliest wildfire is also a massive air quality problem


Her father ran back into the house during the Camp fire. Then she watched it burn to the ground


Rainstorm may give California firefighters break from battling wildfires




US envoy: Fight against Daesh in last Syria stronghold may end soon




 Taiwanese puppet master fights to save dying art 




Islamic State: California fires “Allah’s punishment for you. And in shaa Allah, you will see more fires.” 




USMCA Sneaking UN Law of the Sea Treaty Through The Back Door? 




Turkey not satisfied by Saudi prosecutor comments on Khashoggi: minister




Shares of banks, small-cap companies fall in London stock market amid Brexit turmoil


Theresa May's future hangs in the balance  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


These are the latest resignations from the U.K. government that rattled investors


The United Kingdom’s Cautionary Socialized Medicine Tale


Nearly half of UK Jews consider emigrating




UN Refugee Agency Tries to Step on U.S. National Sovereignty


UN panel adopts resolution condemning NK human rights abuses


U.S. gains allies in fight against U.N. agreement on migration 



Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump Admin Rejects Rand Paul’s Effort to Get U.S. Out of Iranian-Backed Conflict in Yemen


What's Really Behind the Jim Acosta 'Controversy'?


Trump Is Leading the Way on Conservative Criminal Justice Reform. Here’s the Proposal.


Here's A Snapshot Of Everything Trump Discussed In Our Sit-Down Interview


Pence: Trump, NKorea's Kim to Meet in 2019


Trump throws support behind criminal justice bill


Trump names handbag designer as ambassador to South Africa


Trump claims people illegally vote multiple times by changing their clothes


A White House aide picked a fight with Melania Trump. The first lady won.


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