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Thursday, November 16, 2017






In Today’s Issue: 





New York Times Reporter Mocks Pro-Lifers for Exposing Her Monthly Donations to Planned Parenthood


Destroying Free Speech in Service of Abortion


55 women sign scathing letter against pro-abortion editorial in ‘Catholic’ paper


Father Who Raped His 11-Year-Old Daughter, Took Her for Abortion, Avoids Prison


Multiple Abortion Clinics Caught Selling Abortions to Women Who Weren’t Pregnant


Pastor Who Wouldn’t Say If Abortion is a Sin and Then Backtracked: “I Was Trying to Point People to Jesus”


Satanist up against 'basic scientific facts' in abortion-law case


Abortion Activists Vandalize Display of Crosses to Remember Babies Killed in Abortions


'You're On Your Own': Servicewomen Describe Impact Of Military's Abortion Policy


Pro-Abortion Group Complains to Attorney General About Pregnancy Center Informing Women of Abortion’s Risks


Low-income women in Idaho who can’t afford abortions turn to this nonprofit


These Clinics Are Offering Abortions To Women Who Aren't Pregnant


Englewood Abortion Protest Curbs Violate Free Speech, Court Rules


UN Human Rights Committee tells Dominican Republic to legalize and guarantee access to abortion




14 dead in suicide attack near political gathering in Kabul


Through night vision goggles, Afghan conflict is becoming a proxy war




Zimbabwean Jews ‘cautiously optimistic’ following peaceful military takeover


End of Mugabe's 37-year rule opens door to freedom


Muslim Posing as Christian Teacher at School in Uganda Attacks Director, Sources Say


Uganda: Muslim posing as Christian teacher screams “Allahu akbar,” assaults school’s director


Mugabe's exit is 'a done deal' but Zimbabwe is still in limbo


Zimbabwe’s Mugabe Resisting Army Pressure to Quit: Senior Source


Libya: Muslims selling black migrant slaves for as little as $400


With Mugabe under military control, the 'now what' questions for Zimbabwe mount


Zimbabwe Dictator Mugabe Forced from Power


Zimbabwe crisis: Did China give nod to army takeover?


The quiet coup: Military calculates next move after Mugabe loses grip on Zimbabwe


U.S. monitoring "fluid" situation in Zimbabwe


Kim Sengupta :What the Zimbabwe coup really means for Robert and Grace Mugabe


Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe in detention after military takes control


Nigeria suicide bombers kill 10


Angola sacks Africa's richest woman




Hate Crimes Targeting Jews Rise for Second Year in a Row




Teen, 14, electrocuted after rolling over phone charging...


Cambodia bids farewell to democracy



New South Wales Australia Defeats Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide


ASX snaps run of losses as banks climb


Australian dollar losses seen accelerating if jobs data misses


Australian UN diplomat dies after fall from building


Australia MP blames hackers for porn 'like'


Australians overwhelmingly support legalizing same-sex ‘marriage’




TSX gets lift from financials, tech, industrials; Canadian dollar up


Phone-tapping, fear and threats: Why an ex-Venezuelan judge is seeking refuge in Canada


The end of cash? Not any time soon, Bank of Canada report says


Ontario college strike continues as faculty reject contract offer


Vancouver police ticket driver with iPhone, tablet fastened to steering wheel


Global engineering giant to cut 6,900 jobs amid power industry ‘disruption of unprecedented scope and speed’


Drug squad officer died of fentanyl overdose, Toronto police say


'Sickening': First Nations left empty-handed as environmentalist pressure kills B.C. energy projects


Canada-U.K. alliance hopes to combat climate change by phasing out coal


Canadians just got their most detailed explanation yet of why Bank of Canada is holding off hikes — for now


Ten directors named to new Canada Infrastructure Bank


Canada's allies in Congress tell Trump to back off on NAFTA


Quebec to keep strict controls over legal marijuana


A quarter of Canadians think religious diversity is a bad thing


Canada’s wealthiest 1 per cent see share of income increase


Manufacturing sales up 0.5 per cent at $53.7 billion in September, StatCan says




Newest museum in nation’s capital will ‘tell the biography of the Bible’




‘Christian’ Minister Says God Is ‘A Power Hungry, Exploitative Pedophile And Serial Sexual Abuser’ And ‘Mary Was Raped, Jesus Is A Rape Baby’




China says it hasn't dropped its plan for Korean de-escalation, despite Trump


Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is 'nightmare' because of Chinese government, report says 


China maintains reign over world supercomputer rankings



Doctors Found Parasites They'd Never Seen Before Inside The North Korean Soldier Who Bolted At The DMZ


North Korea Admits It’s Intimidated by America’s Military Build-Up


All the Bombs in the World Won't Solve the North Korea Crisis (It Will Only Make It Worse)


North Korea's Packing Illegal Firepower On The Border, And It's Making South Korea Uneasy




7 of 10 Richest Members of Congress Are Democrats


GOP tax plans make midterm landslide more likely for Dems


Congressional Republicans Should Support Entrepreneurs and Risk-Taking in Tax Reform Bill


ObamaCare's Individual Mandate Is Unfair And Doesn't Work — So Kill It Already


Congress’ Shelly Silver-style sexual-harrassment coverup




City threatens grandfather for reading Bible without a permit




Good Riddance to Finance Regulator Richard Cordray




Federal judge rejects secrecy in legal fight linked to Trump dossier




 Baltimore cop in ‘grave condition’ after being shot in the head


Oregon man, 29, arrested for using his one-year-old stepdaughter to make child porn and sharing it over anonymous messaging app Kik




Catch-and-release of illegals restarted in Texas, border patrol agents say




Kaine Calls for DNC to Eliminate Superdelegates (US Senator of Virginia Timothy Kaine (D)




Why the Democrats Really Turned on Bill Clinton  (It’s not about his victims, it’s about money and power.)


Bill Clinton: Godfather of Harvey Weinstein and Roy Moore


When Hillary Met Sandy  (The Clintons’ political hacks and their destructive legacy.)




NAFTA Negotiations Increasingly Difficult, Says Commerce Secretary





DHS Reverses, Expands DACA Application Acceptances





Clinton unloads on Trump DOJ as possible probes loom


Is Jeff Sessions Trump's Gen. George McClellan?


‘Sanctuary’ jurisdictions may have to repay federal funds: Justice Dept.


The Justice Department has a duty to consider a probe of the Uranium One sale





Labor Sec Says Red Tape Holds Back Apprentices




Stock market ends higher; Cisco, Wal-Mart jump after earnings


Wall Street gains powered by Cisco, Walmart; tax passage supports


Stocks Rebound on Tech Rally as Treasuries Weaken: Markets Wrap


Asia Stocks Gain, Halting Slide; Aussie, Won Rise: Markets Wrap


Asia shares cautious as mood turns skittish


Treasury yields rise along with stocks after House passes tax bill


Dollar edges higher as House passes tax bill


Gold notches small gain as U.S. economic data cloud Fed view




School run by Dominican Sisters no longer Catholic, will promote ‘inclusive spiritual education’ instead


University of Michigan Students Pass Anti-Israel Divestment Resolution


UCLA Tramples on Students' Free Speech


Full Video: Robert Spencer confronts student fascists at Stanford University


Menlo College prof blasts Stanford over disruption of Robert Spencer event: “Worthy of a fascist state”


People with student loans in for a rude awakening




Egyptian Historian: The Missiles Iran Is Providing To The Houthis Also Threaten The Suez Canal; Egypt Must Act To Defend Itself





Daily Beast, HuffPost Columns Attack Potential Biden 2020 Candidacy Based on Past Behavior Toward Women




Oil ends at two-week lows, pressured by record U.S. weekly crude output


Energy Prices





Professor Says Having Kids is an “Indulgence” That’s Bad For The Earth




Eastern Europe's Dark past Could Hinder Its Future





European stocks close higher, break longest losing streak in a year




Ohio man threatened to kill wife, carry out 'historic' mass shooting at Las Vegas hotel, FBI says






FCC approves TV technology that gives better pictures but less privacy





OxyContin: Another Story of Government Failure


Groups Criticize FDA Guidance for Obamacare Calorie Rule





Hariri to meet Macron in Paris on Saturday; Aoun sees 'start of a solution' (Lebanese ’s Prime minister Saad Al-Hariri will arrive in France on Saturday and meet French President Emmanuel Macron, a source inside the...)


French court backs scrapping of Champs-Elysées Christmas market


France Invites Lebanon's Prime Minister for a Visit. Or Is It Exile?


Huge blaze ravages iconic bookstore and gallery in Paris


Paris plans for three new futuristic bridges over the River Seine


Hundreds of migrants in Calais braced for winter without shelter




 German court rules that Arab airlines may turn down Israelis


UAE to Germany: To stop Islamic jihad terrorism, monitor the mosques


Climate change will determine humanity's destiny  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Siemens to cut 6,900 jobs amid power industry ‘disruption of unprecedented scope and speed’


 Germany to Spend $465Mln on New Spy Satellites




The biggest threat to this Guatemalan coffee farm isn't Starbucks. It's climate change.


Europe steps in to cover US shortfall in funding climate science




Google: Ban foreign governments from posting online election adverts after Russian meddling 





'The disaster is biblical': Athens floods kill 15 after 'unprecedented' storm





Parents of 4-year-old with cancer can’t buy ACA plan to cover her hospital care





London theater uncovers more Kevin Spacey allegations




Anne Frank foundation buys her family home in Amsterdam




The House just passed its big tax bill. Here's what is in it.


House GOP poised to pass its tax bill as Senate plan suffers setbacks


Getting a Ph.D.? The House tax reform bill could be your worst nightmare.


Hispanic Caucus Denies Membership to Florida Republican Over 'Values


GOP Rep Feuds With Gallego Over Dem’s Refusal to Support Hispanic Caucus Membership


House kicks off debate on GOP tax overhaul plan


House GOP tax plan faces bipartisan backlash over repeal of bonds, credits




Yes, Virginia, immigration is turning the country blue



Inside ICE's controversial crackdown on MS-13


ICE officers: Obama holdovers controlling immigration




My biggest disappointment with India is the state of its education: Bill Gates


Chinese investors are stealthily pouring money into India




Iran factions use earthquake relief effort to pursue power struggle


Iran Sues U.S. for $60 Billion




Pence Trying to Fast-Track U.S. Help to Iraqi Christians, Yazidis, Other Religious Minorities




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Thursday, November 16, 2017)


Fatah official Abbas Zaki promises continued violence:


Former IDF Commander Says Anti-Israel Activists Laughed as He Described Coming Out (Israel Defense Forces)


Netanyahu’s defense in corruption probe includes pics with Milchan (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


The PA libel lives on: "Israel poisoned Arafat" - and the US helped


Alleged Iranian base near Syria border caught on camera


Officials In Fatah And Its Military Wing In Gaza: We Will Not Lay Down The Arms Of Resistance Until All The Land Is Liberated


'Infiltrators will have to leave Israel - or go to jail'


'Anyone who tries to harm us will face a harsh response'


Openly ‘gay’ Catholic deacon under review as San Francisco archdiocese considers obscene evidence


Investigation finds Breaking the Silence spokesman didn’t beat Palestinian


Israel demolishes Palestinian Bedouin village for 121st  time


Thousands of Ethiopian Jews gather in Jerusalem for Sigd


IDF Chief Says Israel Willing to Share Intel with Moderate Arab States in First-Ever Saudi Interview


US ambassador ‘confident’ Trump will move embassy to Jerusalem


Jerusalem store owner demolish own shop to avoid Israeli fines


Breaking the Silence spokesman lies about beating up Palestinian


IDF Allows Farmers to Return to Gaza Border


Number of women in combat roles reaches record high


Israeli settlers throw rocks at Palestinian cars, injure 2 Palestinians


Europe’s Collusion in Palestinian Illegal Land Grab


Israel to expropriate Palestinian land for settlement expansion in northern West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


Israeli Religious Court Declares Woman Conceived From Sperm Bank Eligible for Marriage





Concern In Jordan Over Pro-Iranian Forces On Border


Jordan Holds Firm On Refusal To Reopen Israeli Embassy




Gabby Giffords’s Gun Control Group Releases Report Warning of Muzzleloaders, Other Firearms




Colorado Doctors Claim They've Found First Marijuana Overdose Death




Media discovers Clinton, Biden bad behavior with women


WaPo Replaces ‘Russia-gate’ with ‘Sex-gate’ To Take Out Trump


2 top stars at Fox News jump on 'Thank Trump' campaign




Mexico bristles at U.S. proposal that would benefit AT&T in NAFTA


 Morgues shut doors as ultra-violent state is overwhelmed by bodies




Qatar Is at the Center of Today's Arab Tangle


Saudi Arabia Wants to Fight Iran to the Last American


Amid carnage of Yemen's conflict civilians face consequences of the US war on terror





A 'proud resister' called for Trump and Franken to resign and Moore to bow out. The Pentagon retweeted it.


Veterans Affairs seeks $782 million for electronic health records overhaul


Army: no waivers for self-mutilators, others with serious mental health issues


Study: Work-life balance difficult for military families


Senate approves Mark Esper as Army Secretary





US Defense System Has Smacked Down More Than 100 Missiles in Yemen War




Chevron 'pushes for Myanmar human rights'




What we know about the secret SpaceX payload


NASA expert says we will find alien life within 20 YEARS as space agency outlines its search for extraterrestrials




Kaspersky blames NSA hack on infected Microsoft software


NSA: Cyber Attacks Are Becoming More Sophisticated, Aggressive, and Disruptive




How deep ties with Pakistan’s military helped Saudi purge


Pakistan's long-persecuted Ahmadi minority fear becoming election scapegoat


Remains of 1,700-year-old sleeping Buddha unveiled




 Crowning diplomatic moment for Duterte (President Rodrigo Duterte)




Martin O'Malley's new PAC aims to help down-ballot Democrats




Clinton Voters Say Economy Biggest Challenge to Families, Trump Voters Say Culture




Charles Manson hospitalized in Bakersfield; severity of illness unclear




Openly ‘gay’ Catholic deacon under review as San Francisco archdiocese considers obscene evidence




Russia’s upgraded Tu-160 strategic bomber to make debut flight in February 2018

Medvedev after Putin? Kremlin urges caution over presidential election rumors  
(Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev/ Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Duma Speaker Volodin: 'It Is Unacceptable To Romanticize Revolution'


Russian Intellectuals' Open Letters: 'Supporting The Hypocrisy Of The Authorities Is Immoral'


Russian General reveals INF violation  (Any doubts about Russia's militarily significant violation of the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty were largely dispelled by Moscow's military chief this month.)


Zookeeper mauled by tiger in Russian zoo says she offered the cat her arms to bite so it wouldn’t rip out her throat when it attacked… and thought of her children as she waited to die 





Senate Judiciary Committee: Kushner forwarded emails about a 'Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite'


Leading Senate Democrats call for ethics investigation into Al Franken


Senator says training "not enough" to prevent sex assault on Capitol Hill


Ron Johnson on Roy Moore: 'I Would Resign' as Candidate (US Senator of Wisconsin Ron Johnson (R)


Franken Calls for Ethics Investigation Into Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Him (US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)


Liberals Are Disappointed in Franken, Call for His Resignation  


Mitch McConnell Calls for Ethics Review of Franken Allegations, No Call Yet for His Removal (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Mistrial declared in Menendez corruption case (US Senator of New Jersey Robert Menendez (D)


Silence on Sleaze-Bob Menendez


Menendez jurors tell judge they're deadlocked  


Why We Shouldn’t Convict Roy Moore In The Court Of Public Opinion Just Yet


To Avoid Debacles Like Roy Moore, Repeal The 17th  Amendment


Many in middle class will eventually pay higher taxes in new Senate plan, study says        


Senator Al Franken Accused of Groping a Woman in 2006 (US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)


Sen. Al Franken accused of kissing, groping Los Angeles radio host without consent      


Sen. Franken apologizes after groping allegation


The six likeliest ways this whole Roy Moore saga could end, ranked


Senators introduce bipartisan gun background check bill


Roy Moore's lawyer casts doubt on accuser's story, yearbook inscription


Two more women describe unwanted overtures by Roy Moore at Alabama mall


New twists emerge in Roy Moore scandal as lawyer hits back, three more accusers come forward


Leahy Defends Stern Questioning of Judicial Nominee Over Bacon Tweet: It’s ‘No Laughing Matter’ (US Senator of Vermont Patrick J. Leahy (D)


Senate Republicans look to Trump to restore order amid Alabama upheaval


Analysis: Senate Tax Plan Would Create 925,000 New Jobs, Increase GDP By 3.7%


McCaskill: What’s being done to address potential $400M failures in Afghanistan?    (US Senator of Missouri Claire McCaskill (D)


The Senate Questions the President’s Power to Launch Nukes


Bill O'Reilly: Roy Moore to Be 'Pariah' If He Wins Special Election


Senate Republicans look to Trump to restore order amid Alabama upheaval


GOP tax plan in trouble after key Republican senator says he won’t back it





Zimbabwe's Coup, Venezuela's Default, And The Ongoing Failure Of Socialism




Twitter Will Now Strip Verification Status From Accounts Deemed to Spread ‘Hate’





Argentina moves to designate memorial day for Israeli embassy attack


Peru's president denies bribe allegations




Strong Earthquake Rattles Southeastern Korea


Pohang earthquake likely connected to Gyeogju, Tohoku disasters


N.Korean Soldier Still in Critical Condition


N.Korean Defector May Have Been Driver


IT Sector Adds Over 10,000 Jobs in Past Year


Quake leaves 1,500 homeless


S. Korea, Canada agree on currency swap deal


Pohang quake to bolster talks on Moon’s nuke-free vision (President Moon Jae-in)





'Sorry' isn't good enough for UCLA's shoplifting basketball players


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard






California proposal would scrap property tax for childless homeowners


Mall of America 'looks like Somalia'


Gov. Cuomo’s latest plan to kill New York retail jobs  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


Bitter cold, snow, and rain set to cover Midwest and Eastern US for Thanksgiving holiday as delays are likely for busy travel season






Russia, Iran, Turkey to Meet Over Syria Amid U.S. Tensions


SDF says Turkey pressured commander into defecting





US legislators recommend more military exchanges


Al Gore visits Taiwan to speak at electric ‘smart’ scooter developer Gogoro’s office


Ex-commentator gains approval for assisted suicide


3 Filipinos arrested for smuggling marijuana into Taiwan




ISIS not yet vanquished, not by a long shot, top intel experts say





While Three Transgenders Celebrate Election Victories, Detransitioners Tell A Different Story




Treasury head Mnuchin, wife mocked for posing with dollars





Turkey: German gay film festival banned in Ankara


Turkey fights unhealthy lifestyle with thousands of free bicycles


NATO exercise seeks to display unity amid increasing US-Turkey tensions


President Erdoğan visits Turkey military base in Qatar




Hospital Workers Want to Throw Off a Union They Never Wanted to Join


New Jersey Public Unions, Ascendant





FTSE 100 breaks 5-day losing run, but trails rest of Europe


Miraculous Cuddle Helps Twins Survive Who Were Born 13 Weeks Premature


New editor of UK’s Gay Times fired for anti-Semitic, sexist, racist tweets


UK: Muslim teen arrested for plotting jihad attack at Justin Bieber concert


UK coverup revealed: migrants head 90% of new households 


Edinburgh hairdresser guilty of infecting 10 Grindr dates with HIV


Fake accounts Intelligence watchdog urged to look at Russian influence on Brexit vote


'Breakthrough' breast cancer drugs which stall disease for months to be available on NHS


UK must 'clarify' Brexit payment if it wants trade talks after December, says Merkel ally  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Papua New Guinea: Wife of missing British explorer speaks of family's worries


'Teenage depression linked to fathers'


Theresa May to renew 'personal mission' to fix broken housing market  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Rise in mental health patient restraints


Gay Times Magazine suspends editor as antisemitic tweets emerge


Security warning over Brexit customs plans


Immigration and asylum Trafficking victims 'being wrongly sent to immigration detention centres'


William launches anti-cyber bullying code




Russia vetoes UN resolution on chemical weapons probe in Syria


Showdown looms for billion-dollar UN cancer controversy over weed killer


Why Is the UN Protecting Child Rapists?


Angelina Jolie urges peacekeepers to crack down on sexual violence




IKEA glass tables spontaneously shattering, say customers




Speaker tells Vatican conference: Reducing population is best solution to climate ‘crisis’




After Rabbits, The Next Menu Item For Venezuela’s Socialist-Driven Food Crisis Might Be Lassie




 Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Texas sheriff is on the hunt for driver with profane anti-Trump window sticker


Trump Secures Gains on North Korea, Trade on Asia Trip


Trump Derangement Syndrome: Media Goes Insane After POTUS Drinks From Water Bottle


Trump Is Right: He Should Get Credit For Bringing Imprisoned Americans Home


Trump reverses Obama-era ban on import of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe


White House Cyber Chief: ‘There Will Be Compromise’ on U.S. Surveillance Program


GoFundMe Campaign Passes $100,000 Goal for Woman Who Flipped Off Trump


UCLA players thank Trump for getting them out of China after shoplifting bust


The Big List of 149 Trump accomplishments


No, Trump’s not a populist – he’s a breed all by himself



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