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Tuesday, November 13, 2018





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School Shows Students Graphic Sexual Video From Planned Parenthood Without Parental Consent


In bull's-eye: Remaining secrets in baby-body-parts-4-sale scheme


New Planned Parenthood President Says Abortion Biz is “All About Saving People’s Lives”


New Planned Parenthood CEO: “I Plan to Expand” Abortions. We Have a “More Imperative” to Kill Babies


Comedian Lizz Winstead Calls Herself an “Abortion Evangelist,” But Claims She’s “Pro-Life”


Planned Parenthood’s New President Appears on CBS and Doesn’t Mention Abortion Once


Pelosi pushed Dems to downplay abortion in midterm election strategy: New York Times


Abortion Activist Sarah Silverman: Trump Supporters are a Cult, “Cults Don’t Know They’re Cults”


Pro-abortion ‘bisexual’ Democrat wins Arizona Senate race, narrowing GOP majority


Governor Calls Abortion ‘Black Genocide,’ Defends Hyde-Smith on ‘Hanging’ Tape (Mississippi)


WATCH: Horrible Pro-Abortion Ad Shows Beautiful Newborn Baby, Says It’s OK to Abort Her


A Texas abortion procedure ban is unnecessary, full of theatrics and harmful to women


This pro-abortion ad is the most ghoulish thing you'll see today


New Planned Parenthood CEO Leana Wen: Abortion “Has to be a Fundamental Human Right”


Federal lawsuit challenging Kentucky abortion law begins Tuesday


Liberal Commentator Claims Bible Actually Encourages Abortion: “That’s a Fact”


Self-managed Abortion Highlights Need to Decriminalize Abortion Worldwide


Woman Who Regrets Abortion: “If My Words Lead You to Save Your Child’s Life, You’ll Have Saved Mine”


West Virginia Stops Paying for Abortions, Could Save Hundreds of Unborn Babies Each Year


Online abortion pills come to the US, as the right to abortion is on the line


Kentucky abortion fight aimed at second-trimester procedure


Snopes Caught Misleading on Abortion Again. Defends Candidate Who Supports Abortion Up to Birth


A Texas abortion procedure ban is unnecessary, full of theatrics and harmful to women


Los Angeles Times Defends Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Off Babies’ Limbs


Hillary Clinton Celebrates Abortion, Says Abortion Rights “are Human Rights”


A rape survivor faces 20 years in jail in El Salvador for an attempted abortion


766 Babies in Canada Are Born Alive After Failed Abortions and Left to Die


Vatican’s own news website profiles pro-abortion ‘nun’ praising US midterm election results


Ireland Moving Ahead With Free Abortions, Will Kill Unborn Babies in Hospital Maternity Wards




Envoy: Russia plays Afghanistan broker due to US 'failure'


The most elite US-trained forces in Afghanistan just got embarrassed by the Taliban, another sign the war is a lost


Afghanistan’s Rivers Could Be India’s Next Weapon Against Pakistan


Taliban Slaughter Elite Afghan Troops, and a ‘Safe’ District Is Falling




Libya’s PM Sarraj meets eastern commander Haftar in Palermo





1 million Americans live in RVs. Meet the ‘modern nomads.’




Student who refused to participate in apparent Nazi salute speaks out


Apparent Nazi salute at prom investigated by Wis. school district




Australia's Morrison Says China-Australia Relations 'Very Stable'


Australia berry scare 'motivated by spite'




Carmakers are collecting your data and cashing in




TSX falls 0.16 percent


Euthanasia Activists Want Canada to Allow Killing Mentally Incompetent Patients


Real estate developer from Iran finds a new home for Toronto synagogue


Canadian PM Trudeau Says in Talks With Pakistan Over Asia Bibi




China industrial output, investment beat forecasts; retail sales miss


China’s Communist Party Expands Control Under Xi


Destruction of China’s shrines shows that Vatican pact serves only Communists: human rights expert


China halts effort to legalize tiger, rhino trade after international outcry




Missile Bases in North Korea Suggest a Great Deception 




Virginia Gives Away the Store to Amazon


 At $61,000 Per Amazon Job, New York Pays Twice What Virginia Does


Amazon picks Northern Va., NYC for its additional headquarters




Judge Orders Review of Georgia’s Provisional Ballots, but Abrams Comeback Still Unlikely


A federal judge delayed the certification of results in Georgia’s acrimonious governor’s race.


Donald Trump looks to reshape liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals




Arkansas man arrested after threatening CNN’s Don Lemon


Woman allegedly staged deaths of sister, mom as murder-suicide


‘They basically saw a black man with a gun’: Police kill armed guard while responding to call





They’re Here!!! Caravan Migrants Reach US Border at San Diego, Climb Fence




Disbarred Attorney, Dem Candidate Only Narrowly Behind in Race for California Office


Monica drops new details about Clinton affair, ‘terrifying’ investigation


Dems gain veto-proof supermajority in California legislature


Democrats and the Rule of Lawyers


Michelle Obama Trashes Women Who Voted for Trump: You Support a “Misogynist”


The Democrats Are the Threat to Democracy


Democrat calls Tennessee racist, GOP voters "uneducated"




‘A Matter of Fairness’ 




DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen destined to leave, but timing unclear, sources say


Trump reportedly preparing to fire Kirstjen Nielsen  (Department Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen)





Feds Drop Charges Against Jane Sanders After She Bankrupts University


Here We Go… State of Maryland Files Legal Objection to President Trump’s Appointment of Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General


Acting AG will meet with DOJ ethics officials to discuss possible recusal: reports


Matthew Whitaker is the new Harriet Miers. Conservatives should make Trump withdraw his appointment




U.S. stock market closes mostly lower as oil gets clobbered


Falling Oil Prices Add More Stress to the Stock Market


S&P, Dow lose ground as crude plunge punishes energy stocks


Asia Stocks Slide After U.S. Sell-off; Yields Drop: Markets Wrap


Asian shares sell-off on Wall Street tech rout, oil slides


Apple, Goldman Sachs send Wall Street tumbling


Small-cap index perilously close to death cross — and that’s bad news for the broader stock market


CNBC’s Jim Cramer says stock market is in ‘a very serious correction’ — and there’s nowhere to hide


Starbucks to lay off 350 global corporate employees


A measure of bitcoin volatility fell to its lowest level since 2016


Gold down for a fourth session as dollar index sees modest pull back from 17-month high 




UW Institutes 'Diversity' Training After Professor’s Op-Ed on Sex Differences


'We can't fix it': Guard strips tuition funding for ROTC scholarship students


The controversial Students for Justice in Palestine conference will go on at UCLA. Here's why


PSA encourages kids to steal parents' guns, hand over to teachers


NYC’s schools chief shows his ignorance


University Mandates Use of Students’ ‘Preferred Pronouns’


Madness on the Campus




It’s True: Broward County Has Yet to Start Their Official Recount of Ballots (Video)


Breaking Report: Broward County Deputy Says Civil Rights Attorneys Were Handing Out Absentee Ballots to Inmates AFTER ELECTION?


Breaking Report: Broward County Deputy Says Civil Rights Attorneys Were Handing Out Absentee Ballots to Inmates AFTER ELECTION? (Update)


SINCE ELECTION DAY: Democrats Pick Off Over a Dozen GOP House Seats and 2 Senate Seats… And They’re Going for More


BREAKING: Ballot Counting Machines in Palm Beach BREAK DOWN – Bucher Says All 179,000 Early Votes Have to be Recounted


Andrew Gillum outraged by illegal email votes in heavily Republican county


A mixed result from the states


A little corruption greases the wheels


Gillum attorney: A lawsuit is on the table


Hillary Clinton Stakes Claim in Florida – Begs Voters For Money to Fund Democrat Bill Nelson’s Recount Efforts


Inside the Republican Strategy to Discredit the Florida Recount


Judge rejects bid to impound Florida voting machines


The left’s ‘Jim Crow’ fantasy of a stolen Georgia election




The Memo: Dem hopes for 2020 grow in midterms afterglow




Energy Prices


Trump: Oil prices should be much lower


China’s coming recession has pushed oil below $60


5 reasons oil prices are in a history-setting tailspin




Europe stocks end higher, following global rebound




Doctor Euthanized Patient With Dementia, Secretly Put Drugs in Her Coffee  (Amsterdam, Netherlands)




U.S. FAA launches high-priority probe of Boeing's safety analyses: WSJ




FBI report shows spike in hate crimes for third year in a row




Patricia Heaton shreds Women's March's 'white women' tweet: 'I know this is hard for you to grasp'




‘Macron is right’: Kasich endorses attack on Trump ‘nationalism’(French President Emmanuel Macron)


How France plans to attract more international students


What Macron got wrong while lecturing Trump


Trump trolls Macron over approval ratings, unemployment, the Nazi occupation and wine




Merkel calls for a 'real, true' European army(German Chancellor Angela Merkel)




 The Left Favors Global Warming


California's Gov. Brown Again Blames Fires On Global Warming — He Couldn't Be More Wrong


Trump sparks clearing-versus-climate debate as California wildfires tops grisly milestone




Jeb Bush calls for removal of Broward County elections supervisor he appointed




Uncle Sam wants you to sit less and move more. Here’s how you can meet the new exercise guidelines 




Health department poured bleach on food meant for the homeless




Maxine Waters’s Daughter Will Pocket More Than $200K For Campaign Operation


Democrats ‘Intent’ on Getting Hold of Trump’s Tax Returns


Kim, Cisneros Accuse Each Other of Vote-Counting ‘Misconduct’


Lawmakers Pledge to Double Down on Bipartisan Effort to End VA Dog Testing


Ocasio-Cortez Joins Climate Change Protest Outside Pelosi’s Office


Democrat Star and Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Travels to DC — Joins Sit-In Protest in Pelosi’s Office (Video)


Records show Ocasio-Cortez could cover rent in DC despite gripes


Dems Priority List Includes Attacks On Free Speech And Gun Rights


New political realities test Pelosi, Democrats in lame-duck session


Jim Jordan, on the money: House loss is GOP’s own fault


Pelosi moves aggressively to snuff out challenge to her bid for House speaker


Maxine Waters to take aim at Wells Fargo and Deutsche Bank as new head of House Financial Services Committee


Rep. Steve King dared a conservative outlet to release audio of him calling immigrants ‘dirt.’ It did.


Progressives flex muscles as Dems return to Washington


Gary Palmer Is the Policy Maven the House GOP Needs


Matthew Whitaker, we’re watching you (US Representative of California Adam Schiff (D)



Progressives retreat from ‘Abolish ICE’ priority




Tribal Leaders Join Hands with Hindu Extremists to Persecute Christians in Jharkhand, India




Cost of building Southland section of bullet train could jump by $11 billion, documents show(California)



A central bank digital currency could be around the corner, if you believe the IMF




At Antisemitic Conference In Tehran, Iranian Presidency Official Denies Holocaust: 'In Fact, We Do Show Antisemitic Behavior, And If We Are Not Doing Something Against The Jews, We Feel Bad – It Is Part Of Our Culture'


Curbing Iran’s ambitions in the Middle East




Daesh militants attempting to cross into Iraq from Syria: Iraqi PM




After two days of rockets, Army announces ‘return to normalcy’ in south


Hamas fights Israel by using civilians as human shields


Massive Missile Attack on Israel after Qatar Funds Hamas


Israel’s warning to Hamas of impending destruction of Al-Aqsa TV building caught on camera


Why Arabs never feel guilty


How Netanyahu‘s cozy relationship with the Saudi crown prince could cost Israel (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Israelis Protest Ceasefire with Gaza Terrorists (video)


Israeli official takes Czech FM to Western Wall, drawing Palestinian ire


Analysis: Ceasefire shows politics don't always come first


Can Gaza ceasefire free Israeli Air Force to tackle Hizballah missile upgrade plants?


Lion looking like Jerusalem mayor


‘Ceasefire in Place,’ Says Hamas, But No Comment from Israel


The path of a piece of shrapnel: A minor story that made no headlines


Misuse of social media in times of military altercations


Hundreds protest reported Gaza ceasefire, block Sderot roads with burning tires


Israel envoy sounds rocket siren as UN debates Gaza violence


Former US envoy: A military defeat of Hamas now is bad for Israel


Claiming victory in 2-day rocket barrage, Hamas backers rally across Gaza


Summary: More than 460 rockets fired at Israel after second day in Gaza


Gaza rocket fusillade on southern Israel resumes after brief overnight lull


Will Israel do what it takes to degrade Hamas after 400 rockets?


One killed, two seriously hurt as rocket strikes Ashkelon apartment building


Taking Back our Sovereignty


Video shows bus hit by missile minutes after soldiers disembarked


400 rockets fired at Israel, IDF hits 150 terror targets in Gaza


Analysis: Confusion during Gaza op shows risk Netanyahu takes by not designating deputy (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Israeli strike levels headquarters of Hamas-affiliated TV station in Gaza


Palestinian Authority Evicts Three Families From Kuwaiti-owned Homes


Hamas will never change. Sooner or later, it must be faced down


Cost of Botched Gaza Mission? Israel’s Back at Brink of War


Israel Green-lights ‘Mafia-like’ Transfer Of Qatari Funds Into Gaza


Gaza militants accept cease-fire as Mideast reignites




Lebanese Journalist: France Boosts Political And Intelligence Ties With Hizbullah – In Order To Profit From Lebanese Oil


US designates Hezbollah leader’s son a terrorist and targets group’s Iraq network


Lebanese Sociologist And Author Dr. Rita Faraj: 'Islam Is Undergoing A Strong Clash With Modernity' And Needs Reform; 'We Could Never Imagine' That Anyone 'Would Consider Killing Himself... To Meet Black-Eyed Virgins' In Paradise




Does 'The Washington Post' Have A Blind Spot For The Muslim Brotherhood?


Saudi Journalist Attacks 'Washington Post' For Publishing Article By A Houthi Leader: The Newspaper Is A Platform For Those Who Cry 'Death To America'




‘Tell Your Boss’: Recording Is Seen to Link Saudi Crown Prince to Khashoggi Killing




‘Union business on the taxpayer’s dime’: Trump administration cracks down on ‘official time’ at VA


Navy crew ejects from jet experiencing ‘mechanical issue’ over Philippine Sea


What's old is new: Army rolls out 'pinks and greens' service uniform


Navy disputes survivors’ claim USNS Trenton was slow to respond to migrants in distress




Overturned blasphemy conviction of Christian woman blindsides Imran Khan’s Pakistani government


Pakistan frees two more Taliban leaders - Times of India


Pakistan risks foreign investment with threat to reopen LNG deals - former PM




Male students ask Catholic university to install porn filter on Wi-Fi




Catholic Charities USA loses ‘significant’ donors in wake of sex abuse crisis


Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren recovering after emergency surgery for perforated intestine




Russia's Reactions To The US Midterm Elections: Russia's Interest Is To Prolong The Confrontation Between Nationalists And Globalists For Many Years


Russia interfered with Europe's GPS signals during NATO war games, Finland says


Russia Threatens to Boycott Davos Over Disinvited Tycoons


Russia blocks return of IS militants' families: activist


Russia: DNC's Election Meddling Lawsuit Invalid




Maricopa Board Expressed Concern to Fontes Over ‘Emergency Voting’ Centers (McSally concedes as actions of Maricopa County recorder endure scrutiny)


Democrats Eye Mississippi Runoff Election – Hope Racist Smears Will Give Democrat a Boost in Race


…Gillibrand: Trump Should Resign


Sinema’s Senate win cheered by LGBTQ groups


Mark Levin Says McSally Refused to Go on His Show, Didn’t Want to be Tied to Conservatives – Then Lost to a Marxist


Nelson calls on Scott to recuse himself in Florida recount


“You’ll be Great” Outgoing RINO Senator Jeff Flake Congratulates Taliban Sympathizer Kyrsten Sinema on Victory


New FIRST STEP Act Could Still Free Many Fentanyl Dealers




Facebook Fires Pro-Trump Employee Who Made Large Donation to Conservative Group




Jobs for the boys under fire in South Korea




NFL Scoreboard 


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard




The Real Story About How California Became ‘The Land of Raging Infernos’


CA Gov. Jerry Brown Vetoed 2016 Wildfire Management Bill While CA Burned


California wildfire becomes deadliest in state’s history


New Yorkers deserve answers about Amazon's plans


From atop Malibu's Point Dume, a former Marine with binoculars, a radio and an American flag is tracking wildfires


In California, moments that test you under fire


California wildfire turns retirees’ haven into a living hell


Anaheim's 'living wage' initiative is expected to pass. A business advocate calls it a 'tragic outcome'(California)




Americans Oppose Impeaching Justice Brett Kavanaugh, New Poll Shows  (Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh)


Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford still collects pledge cash




U.S.-Backed Offensive Against ISIS In Syria Resumes




Taiwan's "Midterms" and Why They Matter




China's Liu and Mnuchin Talk Trade for the First Time in Months  (Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin)





Turkey 'patiently' waiting for Saudi insights into killing


Turkey, France spar over Khashoggi killing




FTSE 100 ends virtually unchanged as talk of imminent Brexit deal intensifies




Vatican tells US bishops to delay voting on plan to address sex abuse crisis


The Vatican blocks a vital step against abuse




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump: ‘Make France Great Again!’


Trump's a Nationalist. That's What All Presidents Should Be!


Trump Responds to Attacks by French President Emanuel Macron


Trump ramps up fight to safeguard his power


Bob Woodward criticizes CNN's Acosta lawsuit against Trump administration


Melania Trump's office calls for firing of top Bolton deputy, says she 'no longer deserves' post at White House


Trump advisers warn of gas tax trap in infrastructure deal


President Trump's legacy for years to come


Trump sends disaster relief to California wildfires


Trump to allies: Pay up for US military services, or protect yourselves


Self-professed 'nationalist' president clashes bitterly with globalist clique


CNN Files Lawsuit Against Trump, Top Aides After White House Revoked Acosta’s Credentials


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