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Wednesday, November 15, 2017







In Today’s Issue: 




Ohio Senate Passes Bill to Ban Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome


FBI Seeks Senate Documents on Abortionists' Sale of Fetal Tissue, Body Parts


Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Planned Parenthood May be Charged With Illegally Selling Aborted Baby Parts


The Abortion Reversal ‘Witch Hunt’


Bishops Elect Archbishop Who Kicked Out the Girl Scouts for Pushing Planned Parenthood as Their New Pro-Life Leader


Update: Abortion, assisted suicide are pro-life focus, says cardinal


Appeals Court Tells Arkansas It Can Defund Planned Parenthood


SCOTUS to Hear Case on Whether California Pro-Lifers Have to Promote Abortion


Students at This Catholic University Promote “Sex Week” to Celebrate Abortion


How the fight over Kentucky's last abortion clinic could have national ramifications


Abortion Activists Falsely Claim President Donald Trump’s Pro-Life Policies Will Increase Abortions


Senate Republicans Shoehorn Anti-Abortion Measure Into Tax Bill


No, Trump-Administration Policies Won’t Increase the Abortion Rate

Satanist Who Got Abortion Sues State of Missouri over Pro-life Law


Buffer zone plan for Portsmouth abortion clinic (United Kingdom)


Parents Post Desperate Plea for New Heart for 6-Week-Old Baby They Refused to Abort (United Kingdom)


NY Times Bemoans Italy’s Failure to Force Doctors to Perform Abortions


British Abortion Activists Pass Proposal to Stop Pro-Lifers From Helping Women Outside Clinics Find Abortion Alternatives 


Automatic Prenatal Test for Down Syndrome Means More Babies Will Become Abortion Victims (United Kingdom)


Attorney Sues to Declare Elephants “Legal Persons” as Unborn Babies are Killed in Abortions 




Figures reveal dire trend in Afghan opium production


Why America Can't Afford to Continue Waging a War in Afghanistan





Zimbabwe's Coup Is Nothing to Celebrate


Zimbabwe army seizes power from President Mugabe


Why Africa Could Provide an 'ISIS Renaissance'


Zimbabwe crisis: Army says it is 'targeting criminals', not Mugabe (Zimbabwe Dictator Robert Mugabe)


Zimbabwe television interrupted for live announcement on Mugabe


Libya's detention of migrants 'is an outrage to humanity,' says UN human rights chief Zeid


Zimbabwe Military Appears to Be Engaged in a Coup



Betsy McCaughey: The American Bar Association's Anti-Trump Smear Machine





New School draws ire for antisemitism panel featuring Linda Sarsour and JVP head


Columbia Professor Criticized for Anti-Semitic Facebook Posts




Vietnam-US-China triangle takes shape




Australians decisively back gay marriage






GM challenges Tesla with promise of profitable electric cars


Ford takes action as Explorer exhaust complaints grow




 Forcing taxpayers to fund anti-chemical activism




Cards Against Humanity buys land at Mexican border in bid to stop Donald Trump building wall





Puerto Rico Hit by New Blackout Just as Governor Touts Recovery




Pompeo emerges as favorite to succeed Tillerson  (The President's warm relationship with his CIA director mirrors his earlier closeness with John Kelly, who was elevated from secretary of Homeland Security to chief of staff.)




The Enduring Appeal of Creepy Christianity




Why Communism Is Bad




Don't Count on China's Support on North Korea, US Panel Says


VOA to Fire Three Employees Over Controversial Radio Interview  (China pressured official U.S. radio to halt live broadcast of dissident who revealed PRC corruption.)


These 5 Things Could Challenge China's Rise


Rights report urges China to ban gay conversion therapy


China sends senior official to North Korea - days after Donald Trump's meeting with Xi Jinping  (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)




North Korea 'Sentences Trump To Death' For Insulting Kim Jong Un (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


Warning: N. Korea mapping specific plan for 'devastating' EMP


U.S. Government Shares Technical Details on North Korean Hacking Campaign





Congressional tax reform must include an affordable housing fix


Trump Can't Declare War on North Korea—Only Congress Can       


Stephen Moore: Hey, Republican Big Spenders: Keep the Spending Caps





Consumer bureau chief announces resignation




County fights back after official seal's cross ruled unconstitutional


Gang killers recorded a teen’s final moments. The video helped convict one of them.





Nursing Home Crisis in Minnesota as 25,000 People Say They Were Sexually or Physically Abused


'In Harm's Way,' School Staff Saved Students During Tehama County Shooting


Calif. shooter had semi-automatic rifle, military-style vest


California gunman tried to gain access to school classrooms to shoot more children, police say


Joe Biden says Texas church shooting hero Willeford never should have owned AR-15




Border Patrol Chief: Trump’s Support Has ‘Definitely Had a Positive Effect’




Donna Brazile 'under oath' on Seth Rich killing? ('If this were a random murder,' why did she fear for her own life?)




Please, Democrats, no more op-eds about how terribly Bill Clinton behaved 20 years after it mattered


Bill Clinton should have resigned (What he did to Monica Lewinsky was wrong, and he should have paid the price.)


Sex scandal boomerang: Is the left ready for a Bill Clinton 'reckoning?'


Liberals’ Sudden Concern About Bill Clinton’s Behavior Is Cynical And Self-Serving


Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel Is Latest Gender Pay Gap Hypocrite, Says New Report  (Mayor of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel)




U.S. Coast Guard seizes $300M worth of heroin, cocaine




Sessions: DOJ running 27 separate probes of damaging deep-state leaks  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


'It's grotesque': Justice Dept. veterans recoil at idea of another special counsel


The Attorney General Replaces the Left with the Rule of Law


Sessions admits he has email alias, just like predecessor Loretta Lynch (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Analysis: Sessions gives Trump what he wants - a return to 'Crooked Hillary'


‘It’s grotesque’: Justice Dept. veterans recoil at idea of another special counsel


Will Justice Investigate Hillary Clinton's Crimes In Uranium One-Fusion GPS Scandal? It Should


There are no grounds for a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton


Attorney General Jeff Sessions Doesn’t Recall





44 state attorneys general want to restore DEA powers against drugmakers




Series of small earthquakes reminds California it is overdue for 'the big one'




Dow, S&P 500 have worst day since September as energy shares weigh


Wall Street falls as energy tracks oil lower; tech weighs


Stocks Fall, Treasuries Rise as Commodities Slump: Markets Wrap


Dollar trims losses in ‘delayed reaction’ to economic data


CPI: Rising Rents, Health Costs Reflect Inflation Poised to Surge


Gold prices mark first loss in three sessions


Retail Sales Unexpectedly Rise on Automobile Purchases          


Is recession looming? Wall Street sends mixed signals


Gallup: Economic-Confidence Index Stays Near 9-Year High


Asian stocks slip as oil woes sap sentiment, euro stands tall


Losses Deepen for Global Stocks; Commodities Drop: Markets Wrap


Economics isn't a bogus science — we just don't use it correctly




Subsidized Foreign Grads of US Colleges Took 19% More Jobs from Americans in 2016-17


Report: Students for Justice in Palestine Threatens Free Speech on Campus


Georgia school bus driver hailed as hero after fiery crash


A Different Kind of Speech Debate (In building up to speech by anti-Muslim activist at Stanford, some questioned the appropriateness of hosting someone who has attacked students by name on his blog. Students stage walkout at event.)



Knox College Cancels Brecht Play


Socialist students at Kent State refuse to take part in 'capitalist vs. socialist food drive'


University suspends frats, sororities after pledge dies


RPI Under Fire for Stifling Students’ First Amendment Rights


Student commits suicide at school in ‘planned event’: cops


Students triggered by Steve Martin's 'King Tut'


Brandeis University dishonors Lenny Bruce




WikiLeaks is just the tip of Don Jr.’s dumbness iceberg





Poll: Biden leads Trump in prospective 2020 matchup


Run, Joe, Run




Oil prices end at a nearly 2-week low as U.S. crude supplies, output climb


Energy Prices






Trump administration seeks to delay findings on pesticides





European stocks drop for 7th  straight day to suffer longest losing streak in a year




New Video: Woman Explains How Her Mother Was Euthanized Without Consent




FBI Report Shows Increase in Hate Crimes for 2016


The FBI called him 'Captain America.' But the informant had a secret





The criminalization of America’s government agencies





FDA warns of injury, death with herbal supplement kratom




Trump's Unsung Success in the Middle East




France prepares to set legal age for sexual consent


Macron: Don't rebuff Trump and Putin  (French President Emmanuel Macron)


Macron faces first signs of rebellion among movement that swept him to power




Two ex-Nazi camp guards charged over hundreds of Holocaust deaths


These are the disagreements taking German coalition talks down to the wire




15,000 scientists say "time is running out" on climate change


Democratic governors outsource climate campaigns to activist groups, emails reveal




Top New York fundraiser quits state GOP job over tax reform opposition


Here are the GOP officials who have spent the most at Trump properties




Defying gloomy predictions, Obamacare enrollment surges






Bening: 'We need more films about older women and sex'





Conservatives press Ryan to end ObamaCare individual mandate (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Congressman exposing their genitals on the House floor—getting to go unnamed


Gowdy Rejects Colleague's Call for a Special Counsel on Hillary   (US Representative of South Carolina Trey Gowdy (R)


Ryan Should Take President Trump’s Suggestions On Tax Reform


House Democrats Introduce Five Articles of Impeachment Against Trump


Schiff Says House Intel Committee 'Learned A Great Deal' During Fusion GPS Testimony  (US Representative of California Adam Schiff (D)


Congressional Black Caucus members grill Jeff Sessions  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


 Key takeaways from Sessions’s memory-lapse-filled hearing


Sessions testifies: I forgot about Papadopoulos meeting, but now remember


Congressmen: U.S. Ceding Syria to Iran, Causing Rift With Israel  


Fusion GPS co-founder testifies before House Intelligence Committee for seven hours




U.S. yogurt billionaire expands plant to hire more foreign refugees



ICE agents rebel, say Trump ‘betrayed’ them by retaining Obama’s people




Christians Charged with Serious Crimes after Hindu Extremists, Police Detain Children in India






Pining for Fig Leaves   (Obama partisans fret as Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US face reality on Iran. )


Rouhani vows action over quake collapses    (Iranian President Hassan Rouhani)


Devastating Earthquake Poses ‘Divine Test’ for Iranians


Trump follows Obama’s lead and gives Iran just what it wants




Kurdistan Needs a Berlin-Style Emergency Airlift



In Iraq, crashing boulders, collapsed homes and a town on edge after powerful earthquake





Luther, Islam, and the Lies that Cripple


Ohio Lawmakers Meet With Islamists in the Capitol




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing        (Wednesday, November 15, 2017)


Is Belgium misleading the international community, continuing to support PA schools?


Jerusalem store owner demolish own shop to avoid Israeli fines


Syria, Iran & The Limits Of Israeli Diplomacy


Israel to expropriate Palestinian land for settlement expansion in northern West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


Israel Offers ‘Superior’ Psychiatric Treatment to Terrorists


Israeli settlers throw rocks at Palestinian cars, injure 2 Palestinians


Soldier killed, officer seriously hurt in northern Israel crash


Israeli forces detain 4 Palestinians, husband and wife, from Hebron area


Firebrand Jordan MP backs suicide bombings in Israel


Ehud Barak: No one more qualified to run Israel than I (Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak)


Israel unprepared for terror, domestic drone threats


Miss Iraq defends her joint pic with Miss Israel as a message of peace


House panel unanimously approves Taylor Force Act, targets Hamas


Attorney general okays seizure of private Palestinian land for outpost road


Israel to tax Google, Facebook within a year


Netanyahu didn’t sell Israel’s security  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)




Hariri reiterates he will soon be back in Lebanon




How Elite Liberals Have Sold Out the Black Community




Shep Smith and Sean Hannity live in different realities. That's a problem for Fox News.


'If you can't do this then get out': Hannity gives Roy Moore 24 hours to explain 'inconsistencies'   


Alabama robocall claims to be Post reporter asking for Roy Moore information


Charles Krauthammer 'still recovering' from mystery surgery, promises: 'I'll be back'




Report: Skyrocketing Medicaid Enrollment Leading to Increased Government Dependency



The Middle East's Problems Are Really Our Problems





The Military May Soon Get a Long-Needed Boost. Why That’s Good News.


Retired US general says nuclear launch order can be refused


House votes overwhelmingly to pass $700 billion defense bill


Air Force: Trump's plan to aid pilot shortage will not work


The Marines returned to Helmand province. Is their mission a blueprint for Trump’s Afghanistan strategy?


Army pushes back on reports of mental health waivers


Pentagon pays for service member's gender reassignment surgery


First VetsAid concert provides $360,000 in grants


New venture mentors, helps children of 'fallen heroes'




Maryland’s Montgomery County Adopts $15 Minimum Wage




Cal Thomas warns about mixing politics, religion




Mark Levin: ‘I’m Calling on Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to Resign’





RNC exits Roy Moore fundraising agreement




Russian long-range bombers strike Islamic State targets in Syria


AP Explains: What happened when Russia bought Uranium One


What Hillary knew about Putin's propaganda machine (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Russia's Bill Retaliating Against Foreign Media Passes Unanimously


Russia's next Power Play May Occur in Yemen


First Chechen to Come Out as Gay Apologizes on Local TV


Russia uses fake photos to accuse US of supporting ISIS




What about the sexual harassment stories we're not hearing?


Jon Stewart says sexual harassment everywhere, hints at misconduct at NBC


NBC News Senior VP Fired After Allegations of Sexual Harassment




Scientists Say Earth Is Doomed Without 'Urgent' Action — Just Like They Did 25 Years Ago


Artificial volcanoes risk natural disasters, scientists warn




Boston Globe Piece Calls for the Confiscation of Millions of Guns: ‘There’s No Way Around It’





Judge Roy Moore’s former chief of staff: ‘Never once did I see anything suspicious or improper’


Bannon to stick with Moore, say people close to Breitbart chief


Sen. Johnson first Republican opposed to tax bill


Poll: Moore Trails Democrat Doug Jones By 12 Points


Colbert: 'Alabama Evangelical' ... 'Makes Me Want to Puke'


Drudge blasts Moore as 'Judge Whore'


Expelling Moore would put Senate in uncharted territory


The Moore Affair Is in the Hands of Alabama       


Who Wrote the Roy Moore Dossier?


Fake News: 53 Pastors Didn't Endorse Roy Moore After the Sexual Assault Allegations


6 Reasons The Individual Mandate ‘Deal’ Is Rotten Health Policy


Roy Moore Didn't Say This in His Defense Did He?


Schumer: Dems won't help pass ObamaCare payments if tied to tax bill (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Roy Moore’s Deplorables


Alabama Republicans, fearing Roy Moore's base, decline to push him out of Senate race


Will the Republicans Get Tax Reform?


Roy Moore: "Obviously I've made some people mad"


How Come Roy Moore Didn’t Know Any Better?


By inserting Obamacare repeal into tax plan, Senate GOP may complicate passage


Nevada GOP candidate criticizes 'rush to judgment' against Moore


Bannon is said to be revisiting his support for Roy Moore


GOP grapples with these 5 options on Roy Moore's future


‘Blue slips’ won’t spike Trump’s judicial picks: Grassley (US Senator of Iowa Charles Grassley (R)


Christians: Our silence on Roy Moore isn’t enough


The four wonderful words Mitch McConnell said this week  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Why Don’t Sanders Supporters Care About the Russia Investigation?  (US Senator of Vermont Bernard Sanders (I-Socialist)


Thank liberals if Roy Moore survives the charges against him


Skylar Baker-Jordan :I grew up among fundamentalist American Christians like Roy Moore


Luther Strange's campaign tried and failed to confirm Roy Moore allegations


Luther Strange campaign tried to confirm Moore allegations


New Senate tax bill phases out most individual tax cuts in 2025


Roy Moore should step aside, and Trump should push him              


Democrats mum on abandoning Alexander-Murray if GOP guts Obamacare individual mandate







Does Backpage help or hinder efforts to stop sex trafficking?




Zuckerberg Surprised by Extent of Opioid Crisis, While Multiple Facebook Pages Sell Opioids




Beijing-Seoul detente doesn’t have to hurt US-South Korea relationship


5.4 quake shakes southeast South Korea


Another S. Korea quake fuels fears of what's next




Newly discovered nearby planet could support life




Papa John's apologizes for criticizing NFL anthem protests


9-year-old basketball star says LeBron James 'works as hard as me'


Female high school quarterback throws TD on 1st  pass in varsity game


Despite devastating injuries, football in the heartland is a way to make it through life


Gregg Popovich on the feedback he’s getting for Trump critiques


NHL Scoreboard              


NBA Scoreboard




Iran already has 13 bases in Syria and tens of thousands of troops. Is their removal realistic?




U.S. Granted Visas to At Least Five Accused Terrorists


Boy on School Bus Recounts Manhattan Terrorist Attack





Prager U Video: What's the Truth About the First Thanksgiving?




9 Ideas for Negotiating a Better NAFTA


Trump and big business collide as NAFTA teeters


America must not turn its back on trade






Previously Suspended NLRB Official Forces Workers into SEIU




FTSE 100 ends in the red for 5th  straight day as commodity stocks suffer


Jewish teenager stabbed 12 times in London park


Top UK cybersecurity official: Russia targeted British media, energy firms


Nicola Sturgeon tells Theresa May Brexit bill not acceptable (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon/ British Prime Minister Theresa May)


No defeats as MPs debate key Brexit bill


NHS A&E units, GP surgeries and walk-in centres to close as cash crisis bites


British explorer Benedict Allen 'goes missing in Papua New Guinea jungle' while searching for lost tribe of headhunters


Indulgent grandparents 'bad for health'


St Paul's London girls' school at centre of sexual abuse claims


Food Britons 'face expensive Christmas dinner' as price inflation soars  


Brexit UK's reputation for scientific research threatened, watchdog says


Russian hackers have targeted Britain's energy companies, cyber security chief says 


Six universities told to change adverts


Half of over-65s take at least five drugs a day 


Appeal to find missing baby and siblings


Scotland's universities 'to fall down league tables' unless criteria changed to include number of poor students


Giving birth on due date 'less risky'                                    


Russian tweets Fake Kremlin-linked accounts backed Brexit


Attack victim dies after two-year coma


Honda: UK Firm warns of dangers of leaving customs union


Vulnerable children: Crisis help only


May under pressure to scrap exact Brexit date days after setting it


Tory rebels vow to resist 'blood-curdling threats' over Brexit bill




Israel Co-Sponsors UN Resolution with Saudi Arabia  (Israel co-sponsored a United Nations resolution on Tuesday with Saudi Arabia for the first time ever.)


Haley Calls Venezuela a Global Threat: It is ‘An Increasingly Violent Narco-State’ (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)


Huh? U.N. climate czar laughs off own proposal





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


A year after the election, Trump’s core supporters in coal country still have his back


Trump on Philippines Visit: I Was Forced to Watch ‘Fake’ CNN


Trump Asks Whether UCLA Basketball Players Will Thank Him For Avoiding Chinese Prison


Book: Steele says 70-90 percent of his Trump-Russia dossier is accurate


Alec Baldwin: ‘We Can’t Be Mean Enough’ to Trump


Susan Rice Still In Denial Over Failed Tenure (Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice)


Trump’s extraordinary 12-day adulation tour




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