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Friday, November 9, 2018





 In Today’s Issue: 




Pro-Life Groups Applaud Trump for Latest Exemptions to Contraception-Abortion Mandate


Watch: Woman Leaves Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic. “My Baby Has a Heartbeat?”


Pro-Life Cause Likely Unaffected by Republican Midterm Losses


Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde–Smith Has a Stellar Pro-Life Record


Trump eliminates Obama's abortion-pill coverage mandate


Pastors Will Ask for God’s Blessing on Local Abortion Clinic Tonight


Group challenges Kansas ban on telemedicine abortions


Most tone-deaf pro-abortion ad ever says smiling baby ‘deserves to be a choice’


Pro-Abortion Group Sues to Stop Abortions From Being “Between a Woman and Her Doctor”


Kentucky abortion battle shifts to second-trimester ban


Nancy Pelosi Admits Abortion is a Losing Issue for Democrats: Talk Health Care Instead


Trump Administration Cracks Down on Abortion Rights One Day After Midterms


Thank You President Trump For Protecting Little Sisters of the Poor From Having to Fund Abortions


What the Election Results Mean for Abortion in America


Abortion rights activists celebrate wins in midterm elections


Here’s what the midterm elections mean for abortion laws


Kentucky abortion battle shifts to second-trimester ban


Anti-abortion activist who shot Kansas abortion doctor freed


Ireland Committee Votes to Force Pro-Life Doctors to Refer Women for Abortions


Northern Irish Woman Challenges Prosecution Over Abortion Pills


Two-Thirds of Doctors in Ireland Refuse to Kill Babies in Abortions




Afghans Killed In Taliban Attacks As U.S. Peace Envoy Arrives





Church Leaders in Nigeria Not Giving Up on Rescue of Leah Sharibu


Somalia: Muslims set off two jihad suicide bombs at Mogadishu hotel, murdering 20




Buchanan: The war for the soul of America




Amsterdam BDS rally at monument to Nazi victims features suicide bomber song


Women's March: Our Leaders 'Reject Anti-Semitism In All Its Forms'


BDS Activists Celebrate Celebrity Chef’s Withdrawal from Israel Event


Alyssa Milano is right to call out the Women's March leaders




Watch: Melbourne attacker swings knife at police, ‘trolley man’ helps officers


ISIS claims responsibility for deadly Australia knife attack


 Australia police: Melbourne attacker also planned explosion




VW plans to sell electric Tesla rival for less than $23,000: source




Normalization Talks Between Kosovo, Serbia Hit Snag Over Tariff Dispute





Woman Carried Unborn Child in Her Vagina, Then Transferred Baby to Another Woman’s Womb




TSX falls as declining oil prices weigh on energy shares


Black on the battlefield: Canada’s forgotten First World War battalion


Canada was forged in trenches of the First World War


Former Toronto cop who ate pot edibles on duty pleads guilty to attempting to obstruct justice


Canada gets it right on free speech (for a change)


Chris Selley: Ontario Tories tie harm reduction up in red tape


Ford parts ways with another top aide as fallout from two sex scandals roils premier’s office


 Census map shows Black people live in ‘segregated’ Toronto, professor says




Bickering Amid Bipartisanship Promises Will Turn the Beltway into a Circus




The Welfare Generation: 51.7% Kids in 2017 Lived in Households Getting Govt Assistance




Salmonella Outbreak In Turkey Spreads To 35 States Just Before Thanksgiving




Corporate Advertisers Won’t Say If They’ll Stop Sponsoring SNL After It Mocks Wounded War Hero




Alibaba Expects Strong Sales of U.S. Goods During Singles’ Day Despite Trade War


China steps up drone race with stealth aircraft


Here's How to Avoid War with China




No further dismantlement at NK missile site: 38 North




The Mid-Terms' Score Card




Tax evasion helps US corporations steal $180bn from the rest of the world every year


 Amazon's 'HQ2' Ruse Exposes The Folly Of State Tax Incentives




FL Judge To Broward County: Your Shoddy Vote Counting Operation Violated Open Records Laws


Teen who raped, murdered girlfriend, shared photos of body, gets life in prison


Flashback: Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes Admits in Court Noncitizens Are Voting in Broward County


Judge loses reelection, so he sets all the defendants free


Mail bombing suspect indicted on 30 counts


Court to hear dispute over vote counting in Arizona Senate race


Trump Vets Neomi Rao for D.C. Circuit


Iranian National Convicted in Conspiracy to Smuggle Nuclear Tech to Tehran


Likely El Chapo trial witness pleads guilty in Chicago


Federal judge blocks Keystone pipeline


Ex-hooker testifies about Vegas sex romp in NYPD bribery case


Appeals court grants Trump admin request to stay youth climate lawsuit




We Don’t Know How to Stop Mass Shootings  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: The Bible has the answer to stop mass shootings. 2 Chronicles 7:14 King James Version (KJV)- 14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.)


Report: Thousand Oaks Killer Mocked ‘Hopes and Prayers’ Before Massacre


How one Texas bar is preparing for the possibility of an active shooter


Burglar wore ‘I love Jesus’ hat as he ripped Bibles apart in church, camera shows


The Slaughter in Sleepy Thousand Oaks


Man arrested for ripping wigs off Orthodox Jewish women


'We have been drawn into this terror': At vigils, Thousand Oaks grieves for 12 victims of mass shooting


‘Like hell’: Another mass shooting in another public place claims 12 lives in Calif.


Mental health experts declined to commit Thousand Oaks gunman after April disturbance


Deaths of guard and sheriff’s deputy in latest mass shooting fuel debate over active-shooter defenses


Sheriff’s sergeant called wife, then rushed into shooting scene. ‘He died a hero’


Red Flag: California bar shooter should have had guns taken away, neighbor says


After Thousand Oaks shooting, picture emerges of a troubled ex-Marine known to authorities


Father's parting words to son killed in California shooting: 'I love you'




Inside Trump's border base: Barbed wire, Humvees and a hospital




Michelle Obama will 'never forgive' Trump over birther conspiracy  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: More Obama lies. Read: Barack Obama was still 'Kenyan born' in 2007 according to his literary agency...two months after announcing his bid for the U.S presidency .)


Michelle Obama reveals daughters were conceived through IVF


Swalwell ‘Absolutely’ Considering 2020 Presidential Run


The Presbyterian Minister’s Son(Reconsidering Woodrow Wilson, 100 years after the Armistice ending the First World War.)


Abrams Declares War on Arithmetic


In new memoir, Michelle Obama blasts Trump over birther theory and ‘Access’ tape


Michelle Obama Trashes Conservatives Who Support Trump as “Wing Nuts and Kooks”


Tom Steyer on impeaching Trump and possible 2020 presidential bid




U.S. Energy Secretary Warns Sanctions Still Possible Over Nord Stream 2 Project




Feds announce new policy to limit asylum claims ahead of caravan




New acting attorney general once promoted a company accused of deceiving clients


DiGenova: Rosenstein 'Deeply Involved in Effort to Try to Remove' Trump From Office  (Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein)


Matthew Whitaker is a crackpot


Thank you, Jeff Sessions, for crushing MS-13(US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


As His Final Move in Office, Jeff Sessions Limits Use of Court Settlements to Reform Rotten Police Departments


I never imagined I’d say it: Jeff Sessions deserves our admiration


Trekkies and Other Anti-Whitaker Treacheries


Acting AG once said courts 'are supposed to be the inferior branch'


The four people who will determine the fate of Russia probe


The Legacy of Jeff Sessions




DEA Reports Record Deaths From Drug Overdoses




Dow ends 200 points lower as unraveling oil price shows ‘global economy in a tough spot’


Wall Street drops on worries over China, oil prices


U.S. Stocks Sink on Tech Rout; Treasuries Advance


Another 40 Sears, Kmart stores closing -- here's where


It’s time to sell US stocks


Gold declines to settle with a 2% weekly loss as dollar extends post-Fed advance


Asia stocks pull back from one-month high as Fed tempers rally


Asian Stocks Fall as China Slowdown Worries Rise: Markets Wrap


30-year Treasury yield logs biggest one day drop in a month over China slowdown jitters


The truth about the Trump economic boom


Bitcoin down 1%, heading toward lowest level of the week




Alabama Voters Pass Amendment to Display Ten Commandments at Public Schools


Dartmouth Nightmare


Prof wins fight over 'dangerous' view – marriage


Tenure and Misconduct


Porn accidentally played from college professor’s laptop


Cal State Sees Major Gains in Graduation Rates


University removes frat for hazing, forced alcohol drinking


Video shows high school student punching teacher in face


Regulations Threaten to Limit Best Schooling Options for Children




Egypt: Muslims who killed Christians told women, “We will kill the men and children and leave you to live in misery”




Vote-Count ‘Shenanigans’ Trigger Recounts, Lawsuits, Republican Outrage In Florida


Woman in Minnesota Receives Broward County Ballot in the Mail


Gillum Campaign Walks Back Concession To DeSantis In Light Of Narrowing Margin In Florida


‘Unprecedented’ Turnout by College Students in Midterm Elections


In Midterms, Democrats’ College Indoctrination Campaign Bore Fruit

What America chose on Tuesday


'New' votes turn up in mystery truck deliveries, spark fraud charges as Fla. election day results in jeopardy


Broward elections boss at center of ballot storm blasted by Trump, Republicans


'Fox & Friends' fights back at 'Vogue' for saying that white women voting for the GOP must be 'parroting their Republican husbands'


2018 Proved (Again) That Obama Is Electoral Kryptonite In Battleground States


Roger Stone Calls on Governor Scott to Remove Broward County’s Brenda Snipes!


Why Do White Women Keep Voting for the GOP and Against Their Own Interests?


“BRENDA SNIPES HAS GOTTA GO!” Protesters Descend on Broward County Election Office (Video)


Liberals blame white women for Democrats’ failures in midterm elections — and they’re vicious


Green Party Candidate Jill Stein: Something’s Rotten in Broward! — Need to Investigate Wasserman Schultz and Co.


Voters in Florida, North Carolina Just Made It Much Harder to Pass Future Tax Hikes


Half of white women continue to vote Republican. What's wrong with them?


SNIPES SNAPS! Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes Snaps at Reporter For Asking About Outstanding Ballots (Video)


Tommy Robinson to Discuss Censorship of Those Who Speak About Islam at Capitol Hill Event on Wednesday


Progressive Candidate Tim Canova on Broward County Ballot Fiasco: I Warned For Months That Brenda Snipes is a ‘Serial Election Rigger’


'Dossier' lawyer flies in from D.C. to help notorious Broward County official count Florida’s votes


 Entire US Election System in Question: Fraudulent and Suspicious Activities Reported Nation-wide – And ALWAYS to Democrat’s Benefit


2018 was a WAY better election for Democrats than most people seem to think


Democratic candidates in Florida pull into recount range as state again is epicenter of post-election fight over ballots


Democratic legitimacy is on the line in Georgia


Stacey Abrams, a sea-blue dress and the politics of appearance


Broward Elementary Teacher Finds Box Labeled “Provisional Ballots” Left Behind After Election Day — WTH?


Figures. Perkins Coie Lawyer and Hillary Clinton Fixer, Marc Elias Spearheading Dems’ Florida Recount Operation


More Broward County Shenanigans: US Senate Gets 24,000 Fewer Votes Than Governor


HOLY CRAP! FLORIDA VOTER Films Broward County Election Officials Transferring Ballots in Rented Truck on Election Night! (Video)


Post-midterm antagonisms churn


Voter turnout in midterms highest in 50 years: report


Ohio midterm election a sweeping victory for Republicans (with one unlucky exception)


Women Empowered Democrats in Midterms




Flake floats GOP primary run against Trump: 'Somebody needs to run'


How the GOP might win in 2020


Parties start gaming out 2020 battleground


2020 presidential candidates who could take on Trump




Oil just did something it hasn’t done in more than 30 years (hint: it isn’t good)


Energy Prices


Oil is poised to do something it hasn’t done in more than 30 years (hint: it isn’t good)




Armenian Government Seeks Cuts In Gas Prices From Russia


Armenia Backs Berlin Envoy Despite Reported Ties To Mafia In Germany




Europe stocks slide into close but finish week higher


EU Resolution Demands Critics of LGBT and Islam Be Prosecuted


'No plans' for new US missiles in Europe despite treaty pullout


Retired Austrian Officer Suspected Of Spying For Russia




Patricia Heaton shreds Women’s March’s ‘white women’ tweet: ‘I know this is hard for you to grasp’




FDA plans severe restrictions on sales of e-cigarettes





Anti-Semitism in France up 69 percent


Trump in Paris slams Macron’s ‘insulting’ EU army proposals




Germany: Muslim migrant doctor rapes four patients at hospital, gets suspended sentence


Walter's eyewitness report of the worst Nazi pogrom


Newly revealed letter shows a fearful Einstein long before Nazis’ rise


Nurse Euthanized Over 100 Nursing Home Patients, He Can’t Remember How Many He Killed


Berlin Bracing for March of ‘Rightwing Extremists’ Marking Kristallnacht’s 80th Anniversary


A girl’s doll is a poignant reminder of the horrors of Kristallnacht


Ohio midterm election a sweeping victory for Republicans (with one unlucky exception)


What Truly Caused the Pogrom of 1938




Rudy Giuliani's third divorce is getting ugly: Wife's lawyer claims he spent $286,532 on his alleged mistress




Actor James Woods Aids In Search For Those Missing In California Wildfire




Holocaust heroes’ grandson helps Israeli rower compete in prestigious US race




Meet the New Boss — Same as the Old Boss?(House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


How an all-woman, pro-gun control ad crew is flipping Republican seats


McMorris Rodgers Drops Out of Running for House GOP Leadership After Liz Cheney Launches Bid


McCarthy: 'I had the votes the first day' to be House minority leader


Jim Jordan: Wartime Leader For The House GOP


Nancy Pelosi: ‘I Will Be Center Stage’


Most Want Trump, Democrats to Work Together; Democrats Want Impeachment


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she can’t afford Washington apartment yet


Dem Rep. Linda Sanchez’s Husband Indicted on Stealing Fed Funds, Drops Leadership Bid


Pelosi’s Democratic opponents scramble to organize the resistance


Pelosi: Gun control ‘will be a priority’ in next House


Rep. Linda Sanchez abandons leadership bid after her husband is indicted on theft charges


Pelosi: Acting attorney general 'should not be there'


Democrats have a plan if Trump fires Mueller in ‘Saturday Night Massacre’


GOP Reps. Rohrabacher and Walters lose ground in California House races in latest ballot count


Bennett: Republicans lost the House, but here's how they can get it back


Nadler strategizes for Kavanaugh impeachment, in public!


Poll warns Pelosi to back off radical social agenda




India hails US waiver on Iran oil, studying details

India to participate in Moscow talks with Taliban at ‘non-official level’



Bolton: There will be even more sanctions on Iran


Iranian foreign minister slams Pompeo over Yemen comments


Louis Farrakhan denies ‘death to America’ chant as he rips U.S. foreign policy in Iran




Mosul fears return of Daesh nightmare




Boston Imam Abdullah Faaruuq Asserts In Sermons: 'This Is The Land Of The Coward And The Home Of The Slave'; 'Without Islam, America Will Meet Its Demise'


Michigan: Hamas-linked CAIR claims “Islamophobia,” sues city of Troy over denial of mosque in residential area


Lebanese Sociologist And Author Dr. Rita Faraj: 'Islam Is Undergoing A Strong Clash With Modernity' And Needs Reform; 'We Could Never Imagine' That Anyone 'Would Consider Killing Himself... To Meet Black-Eyed Virgins' In Paradise




Palestinian infiltrates from Gaza, sets greenhouse on fire in Israeli community


Gaza Arab caught after infiltrating into Israel


 Israeli countermeasures to help U.S. prevent mass shootings


Russia’s envoy says plane downing still rankles, blames US for fatal Gaza riots


Aliya still near-frozen as Ethiopian Jews mark Sigd festival with mass prayer


Official PA daily on Israelis: “By murdering Palestinians they are carrying out religious ceremonies”


S-300 fear factor: Will Israel risk bombing Syria now?


Israeli forces injure at least 37 Palestinians at eastern Gaza borders


The mysterious journey of a suitcase of magical amulets from Moscow to Jerusalem


Four Palestinians injured in Kafr Qaddum march


Qatar to advance joint plan with Israel to fund Gaza for six months


Israel returns body of killed Palestinian


Israeli forces detain 8-year-old Palestinian child near Hebron


Oslo is dead, Amichai is alive


Israeli-Palestinian orchestra brings message of peace to divided America


Why are Chinese investments in Israeli tech causing U.S. concern?


Palestinians in Gaza attack Qatari envoy with stones after $15m. payment


The Israeli Settlements in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  


Smuggler caught at Gaza border with coins from time of Alexander the Great




Floods kill 7 in Jordan and force tourists to flee Petra      




In Lebanon, generator standoff highlights power gap




Left-Wing Jews: A Jewish And American Tragedy




Why little boys don't become men that women want to marry




…CNN’s Cuomo Mocks ‘Thoughts and Prayers’


Prior to Antifa Attack, CNN Relentlessly Demonized Tucker…


…CNN Stelter Accuses Trump of Racism Against Black Women…


The mob at Tucker Carlson’s house is a serious threat to freedom


Liberal writer deletes tweets supportive of Antifa attacks on Tucker Carlson’s family


Tucker Carlson: I Think One of the Protesters Screaming at My Wife Last Night Was On My Show (Video)


WaPo Columnist Jen Rubin Turns Mob Against Sarah Sanders: “She Deserves None of the Niceties Normally Accorded Others in Her Position”


Doesn’t anybody here respect us journalists?


Tucker Carlson: 'Our public conversation has been hijacked by extremists'




Medicare expands to cover in-home chores, safety devices




Yemeni forces launch massive new offensive to capture Hodeidah from Houthis


Saudi-Indonesia ties boil over migrant’s execution


Khashoggi's fiancée shocked by reports his body was dissolved




Long-Range Firing Capabilities Army’s No. 1 Priority After INF Withdrawal


The Passing of Angel Renée Chevalier Lyons


Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs Appears to Have Violated Federal Law By Continuing Cruel Tests on Puppies, Former VA Secretary Denies Approval


Navy, Marine Corps veterans among victims killed in California bar attack


Along border, a growing opposition to military deployment


Compassionate rulings make judge with soft spot for veterans an internet sensation


Soldier assigned to 7th Infantry Division found dead at home outside Lewis-McChord


Tricare seeking right mix of therapies for kids with autism


Army veteran’s family agrees to $2.5 million in settlement with VA over wrongful death suit




Conservative Arkansas could soon have the highest effective minimum wage in the country


Minimum wage activists look to 2020 ballots after midterm success




'America's Got Talent' alum loses gig on ZZ Top guitarist's tour after posing in MAGA hat, holding Chick-fil-A




The New Space Race: Trump versus China and Russia




Disabled Man Tried to Kill Himself 10 Years Ago, Today He’s Happy to be Alive




Pakistan: Muslims murder couple for marrying for love


Pakistani airbase staff confirm private jet’s arrival from Israel — report




Imelda Marcos convicted of graft in Philippines, ordered arrested




This Man Helped Bring Conservatism Back to Life


Politicians’ sex lives used to be off limits. One scandal changed it all.




 Debate: 'The Message of Anti-Racism Has Become as Harmful a Force in American Life as Racism Itself'




Families of downed jet victims ask Trump to press Putin for answers   (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Editor’s Resignation Signals Milestone #MeToo Moment in Russia


Russia Challenges U.S. in Hosting Taliban at Afghan Talks


Russia Establishes New Profession to Teach Retirees How to Use the Internet


In trying to gain a regional foothold, Moscow hosts Afghan peace talks


Taliban Participates in Afghanistan Peace Talks in Moscow


Moscow Square Renamed To Honor British Defector Kim Philby




Scientists say interstellar object may be probe sent by "alien civilization"




Mass shooting victim’s mom wants gun control, not ‘prayers’  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: California has some of the strictest gun laws in America and they failed to stop these senseless murders.  If the security was armed these deaths could have been limited or possible stopped.)


The NRA only cares about money. Anyone who stands in its way is a problem.


Voters sent a message in the midterms: Gun control is no longer the third rail of politics


God and Guns in the Synagogue





Rubio Says Democrat Lawyers Are Going to Florida to ‘Change the Results of Election’


With New Congress, Few Gang-of-Eight Republicans Remain


Cotton Praises Trump’s Asylum Proclamation: No One Will ‘Take Advantage of America’s Generosity’


Feinstein Encouraged Obama to Use ‘Broad Power’ to Limit Immigration


Latest Lib Tantrum: Senate is “Undemocratic” and, Maybe, Should Be Abolished


Sen. Gillibrand: 'Our Country Was Founded on the Principles That We Should Care About One Another'


Sen. Rubio: Dems trying to steal Florida elections


Sessions considering run for old Alabama Senate seat: report


Kyrsten Sinema increases lead in Arizona Senate race


Breaking: Code Pink Activist Kyrsten Sinema Takes Lead in AZ Senate Race Two Days After Polls Closed




FACEBOOK DELIVERS FOR DEMOCRATS: Erased 2 Billion GOP Page Views in Purge, Eliminated Conservative Content to Suburban Females




California Prisoners Got $3.5 Million from Social Security




Moon signals policy shift by booting his economic team  (President Moon Jae-in)


Saving ROK-US alliance


Apartment Price Surge in Seoul Comes to a Halt


Welfare Spending to Surpass W33 Trillion Next Year


Korean Children Suffer Some of World's Worst Air Pollution


Diesel Car Incentives to Be Scrapped to Fight Smog


South Korea, US aim for deal next week on sharing defense cost


NK media criticizes allies’ working group, joint military drill




Santiago Abascal uses VOX movement, connection to Steve Bannon to pull Spain to right




NFL Scoreboard


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard




Five die in California wildfires as 150,000 forced to flee


Entire city of Malibu evacuated as fires race through Southern California


Cuomo, de Blasio dream small with a Democratic state Senate (New York)


As polarized as Americans are, they agree on this: Gerrymandering is wrong


‘The whole place was in flames’: Residents flee as Camp Fire tears through California towns


A Northern California fire is growing at a rate of about 80 football fields per minute




Brett Kavanaugh must be smiling  (Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh)


How much power do states have? Supreme Court holds the answer


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg out of hospital after fall




Russian special forces land in S. Syria. US Raptors “deter” Syrian, Iranian, Russian combat aircraft


The War in Syria Has Been a Boon for the Russian Military




What America Can Learn from Taiwan’s Digital Democracy


Forget North Korea: A Chinese Invasion of Taiwan Is the Big Threat in Asia


Chinese Envoy Gives Taiwan Hawk Bolton a Warning on U.S. Ties




Antifa expands its hit list as political violence escalates




Thailand the missing link in China’s Maritime Silk Road




Wall Street will leave ‘stench’ on China trade deal, says Navarro


U.S., Mexico, Canada ministers to sign trade pact Nov. 30, official says




Turkey: Academic suspended for mocking Quran on social media, criminal complaint filed against him


Turkey orders 103 soldiers arrested in Gulen probe


Turkey announces new Syria border crossing




FTSE 100 ends lower as resource stocks, banks retrace gains


UK on the brink of the greatest crisis since World War II, says outgoing transport minister


Jo Johnson resigns from UK government, calls for another Brexit referendum


UK human rights activist: “The far left are terrified of Islam, even although they are working together”


Theresa May marks Armistice centenary in Belgium, France (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Scotland Becomes First Nation In The World To Teach “LGBT Issues” In Public School


UK’s top prosecutor refuses to use the phrase “Islamic terrorism,” meets with pro-jihad Islamic apologists




How will Nikki Haley be remembered?  (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)


US delays UN approval of aid for North Korea; As NK delays talks


U.S. Blocks Russian Bid To Ease North Korean Sanctions At UN




Honoring veterans on Veterans Day




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump downplays Whitaker ties amid criticism


Trump scoffs at demands Whitaker step aside, swipes at Conway’s husband


President Trump’s Missouri Call To “Say a Little Prayer” Should Be Adopted by the


Trump says he doesn't know acting AG, despite reports of Oval Office meetings


Trump signs order denying border crossers asylum


Leftist Lawyers Will Sue To Stop Trump’s Asylum Changes


Trump warns he could pull other reporters' White House access


If Trump Ended Birthright Citizenship by Executive Order, He’d Be Enforcing Existing Law


Possible recounts loom in tight Florida gov, Senate contests as Trump weighs in


Trump Speaks Truth to Transgenders...Hopefully


Trump Puts Perkins Coie Lawyer Marc Elias on Notice, ‘I’m Sending Better Lawyers to Florida to EXPOSE Fraud!’


Trump played key role in Stormy, McDougal hush money payouts: report


“Give me a Break!… You’re a Dishonest Guy!” – TRUMP Destroys Lying Media Hack Who Says White House Acosta Video Was “Doctored” (Video)


Trump claims video of CNN reporter wasn't altered


 BOOM! TRUMP UNLOADS ON OBAMA: I Will Not Forgive Him for What He Did to Military – He Made Our Country Unsafe (Video)


MSM Claims, Without Evidence, That White House Acosta Tape Was 'Doctored'


Sarah Sanders promotes altered video of CNN’s Jim Acosta, sparking allegations of visual propaganda


‘The guardrails are off’: Trump takes aggressive moves he resisted before elections


Trump just turned CNN’s Jim Acosta into a martyr


Why Trump shrugs off Tuesday’s defeats


Executive Order: Part Deux


Paul Joseph Watson Video: The Jim Acosta Controversy


Trump says law enforcement is examining possible 'election fraud' in Florida


Are The New Allegations That Trump Directed Payoffs To Mistresses A Big Deal?


“F*ck Trump” – Rapper Snoop Dogg Smokes Blunt, Protests President Trump Outside White House (Video)


PBS Hack Yamiche Alcindor Who Asked President Trump ‘Racist’ Question Later Spread Racist Conspiracy Theory on Twitter


Whitaker backlash prompts concern at the White House


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