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Tuesday, November 6, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 




Planned Parenthood Spent $1.5 Million Against Alabama Amendment Saying Unborn Babies Have Right to Life


Taxpayer Money for Abortion on Ballot in 3 States This Year


Black Republicans Say Police Preventing Them From Going Door to Door for Pro-Life Candidate


‘Too many people in my generation are missing’: Youth explain why they vote pro-life


McCaskill Expresses Support for Hyde Amendment on Day Before Election


Claire McCaskill Refuses to Say if She Would Vote to Force Americans to Fund Abortions


Men are a crucial part of ending abortion


Marie Claire Excludes Pro-Life Women From List of 50 Influential Women, Adds Abortion Activists


Texas law banning common abortion procedure goes before 5th  Circuit Court of Appeals


Glamour Magazine Names Kamala Harris Abortion Activist of the Year


RHA protects women, follows current abortion standards, reproductive rights advocate says


Chelsea Clinton Confirms Hillary’s “Queen of Abortion” Title: “My Mother Has Always Supported” Abortion


These are the most restrictive abortion laws in the United States


This Abortionist Raped His Patients and Drank While He Did Abortions


Kellyanne's 'Queen of Abortion' Title for Hillary Clinton Is Not That Different From an Actual Award She Won


Texas Fights in Court to Ban Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Babies Limb From Limb


Liberals, get a grip. Democrats who oppose abortion are still Democrats.


Oklahoma Pro-Life Voters Should Vote Against Retaining Three Pro-Abortion Judges


Abortion pills now available by mail in US — but FDA may be investigating


Ivanka Trump's endorsement of anti-abortion governor seen as indication of her views


Kiwis Are Importing “Potentially Life Threatening” Abortion Kits(New Zealand)




The United States Cannot Force Stability on Afghanistan


Utah mayor killed in Afghanistan’s last message: Vote




79 Christian Schoolchildren Kidnapped In Cameroon Over Separatist Violence


Tour operator Rene Trabelsi named Tunisia’s first Jewish minister in decades




Delta apologizes after customer was 'covered' in dog poop from seat




In An America This Ignorant, It’s No Wonder We Struggle To Stay Free




Son of North Carolina judge arrested for allegedly threatening synagogue


You Aren't Fighting Anti-Semitism By Voting Democrat


Some in Jewish Community Advocate Bearing Arms After Pittsburgh


Democrats’ Deputy Comms Director Laughs About Rising Anti-Semitism in America


Never assume you know who's behind a hate crime




Scientists Create Computer That Says It Can Mimic The Human Brain




America's Asian Allies Aren't Ready for a Cold War with China



Australian Market Advances Ahead Of RBA Decision


Dollar slips against euro, yen as investors await U.S. election results


 Aussie man dies nine years after eating slug on dare from friends


Shark kills man in 3rd attack in Australia vacation hot spot in 3 months


Australia's central bank keeps rates steady




Ford goes local in India, aims for bigger slice of competitive market




Generals, Borders, and Militias




TSX rises 0.49 percent


John Ivison: $23M G7 auto fleet another example of spendthrift culture the Liberals have restored


Canada could ratify new NAFTA even if U.S. tariffs remain, Trudeau says(Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Susan Delacourt: Justin Trudeau treads carefully on U.S. election day


Ottawa taking longer to approve weapons export permits following controversial arms deal with Saudi Arabia


Montreal home sales in October up 11 per cent compared with a year ago




What Trump should be asking of the CIA on Khashoggi




Dobson: Christians must vote or 'God help us all'





Race ratings: Democrats to take the House, GOP likely holds the Senate


In unpredictable midterms, Democrats hope for House win, Republicans look to hold Senate




US mail bomb suspect appears in New York court


"El Chapo" trial: Potential jurors express fear for their lives


Gruesome details of New York City jogger's murder revealed at accused killer's trial


The hottest ticket in New York? Seats on the 'El Chapo' Guzman jury


Harvey Weinstein's attorney seeks to dismiss entire criminal case


The Tale of Two Wacky Federal Cases




Sex predator teacher told male students: 'Call me Kim Kardashian'


Yoga studio shooter lost teaching job after allegedly touching student


Man raped girlfriend after she refused sex 10 times: police


Man killed estranged wife, carpenter working in her home: cops





Huh? Reuters Reporter Urges US Government to Give Each Caravan Member $1 Million — And Save the US $175 Million!


How to Make Money Stopping Illegal Alien Caravans


US has every reason to turn the caravan away


Sanders Defends Border Response




2 death row inmates found dead in apparent suicides




Muslim Democrat supports transgenderism for six-year-olds in new campaign ad (Democratic National Committee Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison)


Ellison Hit Again for Domestic Violence Allegations


What to focus on in the key Texas Senate race




Voters, Democrats Want New Face for Democratic Party


Democrats Are The Most Eager to Vote


Broaddrick hits back at Clinton aide who doubted rape claim


Deep State Hits the Streets: Comey Posts Photo of Himself Before Stumping for Democrats


Abrams: Banning Guns No Different Than Banning Radar Detectors


Hillary Clinton Declares Blue Wave Win: ‘Today We Say Enough’ of Trump


Heartland poised for Democratic resurgence despite Trump’s economic boost


Is there no evil the Democrats won’t commit?


A Centrist and a Liberal Test Florida, and Democrats Everywhere Watch Closely




Exclusive: Testimony Provided To Mueller's Grand Jury Supports Roger Stone's WikiLeaks Claim


Justice Department asks Supreme Court to hear DACA cases this term




Dow rises 173 points before investors turn attention to midterm election returns


Wall Street ends higher ahead of U.S. election results


U.S. Stocks Climb in Thin Volume as Americans Vote: Markets Wrap


Why the U.S. economy's "sugar high" may not last into 2019


Bitcoin’s share of crypto market slides to 5-week low


CNBC: History Says Dems Taking House Would Be Bad for Stock Market


10-year Treasury yield edges up to four-week high as investors await midterm results


Asia Stocks Mixed Ahead of Midterms; Dollar Steady: Markets Wrap


Asian shares wobble, investors brace for U.S. elections


Will midterm election results spark a boom in overnight trading?


Dollar steady as currency traders await midterm election results


Gold settles lower as traders await midterm election results




School chief's plan would divide L.A. school district into 32 networks


Momentum for Prison Education


University Lecturer Caught Stealing GOP Yard Signs in New York


A Campus Divided


10-Day Sit-In at Seton Hall


Feds Prod Universities to Address Website Accessibility Complaints


Viewpoint Diversity Dies at Sarah Lawrence College




Lowering the Voting Age to Sixteen


Errant Phone Message Is a ‘Text’-Book Case for Voter ID Laws





Newsom wins California governor's race


Dem Tom Malinowski ousts Leonard Lance in top NJ House race


Many authors of GOP tax law will not be returning to Congress


Trump touts 'tremendous success' after GOP loses House


Democrat Chris Pappas wins New Hampshire House seat


Debbie Stabenow reelected to a fourth Senate term in Michigan


Dem Finkenauer defeats GOP Rep. Blum in Iowa


Dems projected to retake House majority


Sununu wins reelection in New Hampshire governor race


Tom Delay: Tight margin could give Dems even more of advantage in the House


GOP keeps governor's seat in Vermont


Republican John Katko wins reelection in NY House race


Delgado edges out Republican in New York’s swingy 19th  Congressional District


Democrat Brindisi knocks off Tenney in NY House race


Mississippi Senate race heads to runoff between Hyde-Smith and Espy


Feinstein cruises to reelection


MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace: 'We may have misrepresented the ease with which Gillum is going to win'


Hirono coasts to reelection in Hawaii Senate race


Dem Lauren Underwood unseats Randy Hultgren in Illinois


Ige wins second term as Hawaii governor


Comey cheers midterm results: 'The giant is stirring'


Gillum concedes hard-fought Florida governor's race to DeSantis


Republican Ted Budd holds off challenger to win reelection in North Carolina


GOP Rep. Balderson holds onto seat in Ohio


Michelle Lujan Grisham to become New Mexico's first Democratic Latina governor


GOP Sen. Barrasso wins second full term in Wyoming


DeWine governorship win solidifies GOP hold on Ohio


Democrat Walz prevails in Minnesota governor's race


Massachusetts passes ballot measure preserving transgender rights


Mark Penn: This is not the 'blowout' election Dems were hoping for


Ann Kirkpatrick heading back to Congress as Dems pick up seat in Arizona


Haaland becomes one of first Native American women elected to Congress


Republican Steve Chabot wins reelection in Ohio


Dem Casten upsets Roskam to flip Illinois House seat


Dem Elaine Luria defeats GOP's Scott Taylor in Virginia


Dem Colin Allred topples Sessions in key Texas House seat


Election Day misinformation spreads on social media


Ricketts reelected as governor in Nebraska


Democrats flip Michigan seat in race between two political newcomers


Doug Ducey wins reelection in Arizona governor race


GOP's Fischer wins second term as Nebraska senator


Democrat Susan Wild wins House race in Pennsylvania


Cruz fends off challenge from O’Rourke in Texas Senate race


Dem Max Rose beats GOP’s Dan Donovan in New York House race


Democrat Chrissy Houlahan elected to House in Pennsylvania


GOP's Wicker reelected in Mississippi Senate race


Democrat Kelly narrowly beats Kobach in Kansas gubernatorial race


GOP holds Paul Ryan’s seat


Mitt Romney wins Senate race in Utah


Lewandowski says it's 'natural' for officials to leave White House after midterms


Whitmer wins Michigan gubernatorial race


Dem Sharice Davids unseats Yoder in key Kansas House race


Corey Lewandowski says GOP will have 'much better' night than expected


Dem Mikie Sherrill wins open-seat NJ House race


White House: Trump won't call Pelosi if Dems win House


Rashida Tlaib becomes first Palestinian-American woman to win congressional seat


Van Jones calls election results 'heartbreaking'


Coffman loses GOP seat in Colorado


Republican Stitt wins Oklahoma governor's race


Dem ousts GOP's Curbelo from Florida House seat


Ex-Trump Army nominee wins Tennessee House seat


Ocasio-Cortez wins election to the House


Republican Kay Ivey elected Alabama governor


Graham lauds GOP Senate results: 'Conservative judicial train is going to keep running!'


Cramer ousts Heitkamp in critical North Dakota Senate race


Democrat Chrissy Houlahan elected to House in Pennsylvania


GOP's Wicker reelected in Mississippi Senate race


Democrat Ilhan Omar wins Minnesota House race


Ross Spano wins race to replace Dennis Ross in Florida House seat


Juror from Menendez's corruption trial attends his victory party


Republican McMaster holds onto South Carolina governor’s mansion


GOP limits Dem gains in Florida House seats


Mood is 'good' at White House midterm watch party: report


CNN's Tapper on early midterm results: 'This is not a blue wave'


Baldwin defeats Vukmir in Wisconsin Senate race


GOP in strong position to retain Senate majority


Dem Rep. Daniel Lipinski easily defeats self-avowed Nazi in Illinois


Texas governor Greg Abbott wins reelection


Manchin keeps Senate seat in West Virginia


Heinrich wins reelection to Senate in New Mexico


Gillum, Abrams will impact southern Dems for decades, says Melissa Harris-Perry


Republican Mark Gordon elected governor in Wyoming


Florida will restore voting rights to felons


Blackburn keeps Tennessee seat in GOP hands 


Cuomo wins reelection in New York amid 2020 speculation


Klobuchar coasts to reelection in Minnesota Senate race


Gillibrand cruises to victory in New York Senate race


 New York Times' election needle experiences technical difficulties


 Braun knocks off Donnelly in Indiana


Hogan defeats Democrat Jealous to win second term as Maryland governor


ACLU calls on DOJ to investigate Border Patrol for voter intimidation


Barr edges out Dem Amy McGrath in top Kentucky House race


Republican Riggleman defeats Dem in Virginia's 5th  District


Dem Raimondo reelected governor of Rhode Island


Menendez fends off tough challenge in NJ Senate race


Republican Asa Hutchinson reelected as Arkansas governor


Dems gain seats in Florida, Virginia in fight for House majority


Democrats retake Illinois governorship with Pritzker win


Vern Buchanan holds on to Florida House seat


Democrat Jennifer Wexton defeats GOP’s Barbara Comstock


Shalala beats Salazar to flip key Miami House district


Republican businessman to become Tennessee governor


Sherrod Brown wins reelection in Ohio


Kaine coasts to reelection in Virginia


Georgia keeping polling locations open late


Georgia midterm elections: Emergency lawsuit filed to stop Brian Kemp presiding over governor race against Stacey Abrams


House GOP campaign head predicts Republicans will keep 'slim' House majority


Bad Luck Brian Kemp Struggles to Vote in Election He Is Accused of Rigging


Latest Election Polls


Live Updates: America Votes, 2018


AP Survey: Health Care, Immigration High on Voters' Minds


Election 2018 exit poll analysis: Record high turnout for nonwhites in Georgia races


China Poses the Biggest Threat to the U.S. Elections


Without evidence, Trump and Sessions warn of voter fraud, signifying possible post-election fight


Yes, We Are Better Off After 2 Years Of Trump, Even If Dems Won't Admit It: IBD/TIPP Poll


‘What’s one less?’ Nonvoters could have the biggest say of all.


Where California gubernatorial candidates John Cox and Gavin Newsom stand on the top issues in the state


Oprah fires back at racist robocall: 'Jesus don't like ugly'  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Jesus does not like racists or people like Oprah that do not live their lives according to the Word of God the Bible.)


‘I will be surprised if I’m not surprised’: Analysts hedge predictions


Deja vu 2016? Poll shows 'hidden Trump vote'


Voting Issues in Florida and a G.O.P. Rally in Ohio: Scenes From the U.S.


Legal fights over voting rights tighten already-close races


Advantage from record-breaking early voting defies conventional wisdom


All the ugliness of the Trump campaign is on display in Georgia


Democrats Are Right To Be Worried


What to watch for in the Georgia governor's race


Will Today's Voters Be Offended by Trump's 'Nationalism?'


U.S. Set for Harsh Response to Foreign Election Meddling


California’s Gas-Tax Repeal ‘Too Close to Call’ in Final Stretch


Democrats' Midterm Closing Argument: Trump Is Hitler, and Republicans Fear-Monger


The Issues That Tore Us Apart


Breaking Down the Polls at the End


The 2018 Midterms: How Did We Get Here and What’s Next?


These women could make history in the midterms


What to watch for in the Georgia governor's race


Election Day 2018—Even One Vote Can Make the Difference


FBI, Homeland Security on Alert for 'Ongoing Threat of Violence' During Midterms


Voters head to the polls to deliver their verdict on the midterms


Biden: Trump Will Question Legitimacy of Midterms if Dems Win


Landlord Shuts Down Arizona Polling Station over Foreclosure Dispute


Joy Behar Claims Female Trump Voters Are Supporting A 'Predator'


Exclusive poll: Only half of Americans have faith in democracy


Ex-NSC official: 'Dire consequences' for Chinese, Russian meddling in midterms


An hour-by-hour guide to watching the 2018 election results


You Won't Believe the Technical Issues These Schools Had When People Showed Up to Vote


Florida Exit Poll: Black Vote for GOP Up 6% Points from 2016 — DeSantis and Scott Winning 14% of Black Vote


Oregon Polling Station Tells Voters to Drop Off Their Ballots in Book Drop — The Library will Open at Noon! (Video)

Shock Photos: Light Turnout In Dem Districts


Heavily Republican AZ District Turns Voters Away – Takes Their Names and Numbers and Says “We’ll Get Back to You”


Video: Illegal Electioneering Caught on Camera in Pennsylvania, Voter Told “Don’t Go Making a Fool of Yourself” After They Complained


Breaking: GOP Early Voting Impressive –BETTER THAN 2016 by 122,000 VOTES!


RED WAVE RISES TODAY!!! Early Votes and Rally Participation Indicate Huge Red Wave! VOTE RED TODAY!

Voting Machines Breaking Across Country


Illegal “VOTE STRAIGHT DEMOCRAT” Sign Posted at Polling Station in Pittsburgh


12 Jewish (or Jewish-adjacent) races to watch in US midterms




Oil ends lower in wake of U.S. reprieve from Iran sanctions for major consumers


Energy Prices




What Happened to the Islamic State Foreign Fighters That Had Returned to Europe?





Europe ends lower amid global political worries


Mosques seek Twitter ban on Dutch populist Geert Wilders


EU approves Disney buy from Fox if makes TV divestments





Yellen Says Fight Against Inequality Starts With Full Employment (Former Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen)


Trump’s Fed bashing is wrong. But should the Fed be entirely independent?




Watch: Pamela Anderson RIPS Third-Wave Feminism, #MeToo. Feminists Lose Their Minds.




Federal judge blasts U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, says endangered red wolves cannot be shot




6 arrested in France over alleged far-right plot to attack Macron(French President Emmanuel Macron)


Paris: Muslims violently assault two young Jews in a single week




Ark. Baptists unanimous in opposing more casinos




Germany Tries 94-Year-Old Accused of Helping Nazis in Camp Murders


German car parts maker to shut UK sites, citing Brexit




Scientists Mock New UN Climate Report Seeking “Unprecedented Changes” to Society


John Robson: Why will global warming kill only the cute animals?




Top Trending Google Search: ‘Where to Vote’ in Spanish…




Red states could be coming around on Obamacare





Doctors: Spanking may affect 'normal brain development'




Pro-Abortion Jane Fonda Trashes Trump: He’s Like “The Rise of the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler”


 Cher says with President Trump in office, we're not 'America anymore'


Conservatives in Hollywood say they hide politics to avoid being blacklisted


Alyssa Milano Offers Rides to the Polls




Gallup Poll That Hasn't Been Wrong Since 1946 Indicates GOP Will Keep House


If Democrats Control the House


In ‘Craziest House Race,’ GOP’s Young Kim Touts Independence, Connection to Voters


Wallace Campaign Uses ‘Orwellian’ Door Hangers Noting Whether Constituents Vote is Public Record


Pelosi Says She’s Democrat Best Fit for Speaker: ‘I’m Really Good at What I Do’


Dem darling Ocasio-Cortez dismisses 'puzzling' questions on Medicare for all


Voters See Democrats, Not Trump in Driver’s Seat If They Win the House


Dave Brat: Democrats, Nancy Pelosi ‘Trying to Buy’ Election


Pelosi 100% Confident Dems Will Flip the House


Big Media Launch Last-Minute Election Hit Pieces on Washington State Rep. Matt Shea


House candidates make their final push across California


Nate Silver in final midterm projections: 'Democrats need a couple of things to go wrong' to lose the House


Cook Report shifts 9 House races toward Dems day before election


Eva Longoria endorses Democrat in toss-up Texas House race


Nate Silver gives Democrats 88 percent chance of taking House: ‘It aligns with my intuition’


Steve King: Maybe Sotomayor and Kagan will 'elope to Cuba'


Ryan downplays split with Trump on birthright citizenship


Paul Ryan backs birthright citizenship review, objects to Trump executive order


War Hero Scott O’Grady Finds Midterm Hope


GOP Congressional Candidate Antonio Sabato Jr. Sounds the Alarm: Republican Voters’ Ballots in CA Rejected For ‘Unmatched Signatures’


Adam Schiff Vows to ‘Renew’ Russia Probe if Dems Flip the House


How House Democrats Plan to Investigate Trump’s Russia Ties


Deflecting and Deal-Making: Trump’s Plan if Republicans Lose the House


Issa: A Democrat Will Take My House Seat


Rep. Sanford Won't Back Arrington in SC


Rep. Lewis: Georgia Race Shows 'Scars' of RacismTexas Election Official Quits After Caught Yelling at Confused Voter


Steve King blasts GOP committee for promoting Republican candidate’s same-sex partner


In Utah, Mormon facing Jewish incumbent urges a vote ‘in memory of our God’




NBC, Fox News and Facebook stop running Trump's anti-immigrant campaign commercial


This state will be the clearest test of Trump’s dire immigration rhetoric


Yes, Unvetted Illegal Caravans Threaten Public Health




Hindu Terrorists Attack And Severely Beat Seven Christians With Hockey Sticks, Then Call The Police And Have Cases Registered Against The Christians




Iranians fear more hardships as US sanctions begin to bite


Iran’s judiciary sentences 24 people over anti-government protests


US Grants Sanctions Waivers for Eight Countries, 3 Nuclear Plants


Louis Farrakhan, Live from Tehran


Farrakhan in Iran: 'Death to America'


Iran threatens ‘war situation’ in wake of new sanctions


Is The Anti-Iran Front Still Viable?




Iraq parliament holds off vote on key ministers


Full horror of Daesh mass graves uncovered in Iraq




Islamic apologist Robert Azzi: “Nowhere in the Quran is there legitimacy for killing, period”


Muslim convert Sinead O’Connor is no longer white




Hamas's 'wait and see' strategy in Gaza ceasefire talks


"Settlers" kill Palestinians for pleasure - hate speech in official PA daily


Hugh Fitzgerald: Why Did Netanyahu Go to Oman? (Part Two)(Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Netanyahu meeting with Putin said scrapped as tensions over Syria linger


Eight Students in Jerusalem’s Famed Mir Yeshiva Hospitalized with Measles; Everyone in Building Immunized


Justice minister calls for deputy AG’s firing over criticism of loyalty bill


Palestinian Leaders Slam Israel For Playing ‘Tax Card’ Again


UN envoy: Arab world must boost aid to Palestinians, but buck stops with Israel


Palestinian government to compensate Jerusalem hospitals for US cut


Brazil’s Bolsonaro hesitates over proposed Jerusalem embassy move


Starting Wednesday: General Strike in Public Transportation, Utilities, Govt Offices


MK under fire for appearing to say minister slept her way to the top in army


Palestinian families left homeless after East Jerusalem demolition


After 56 years of searching, IDF finds remains of pilot in Sea of Galilee  (Israel Defense Forces)


'Deputy Legal Advisor exceeded authority, crossed every line'


Palestinian list fails to win any seats on Jerusalem city council


Israel prevents Palestinian workers entry to Bethlehem-area settlement


Rabin and Trump: A comparison


Israeli forces shoot, injure Palestinian woman after stabbing attempt


Edward Snowden: Israeli software tracked Khashoggi


Israel, Greece drill air forces as Syria builds up arms


Family of Bible Quiz star, sole Ethiopians allowed to immigrate in 2018, arrive


Israeli Minister Elkin: Syrian S-300s will be attacked if Israeli military or commercial planes hit




Why won't liberals admit their homeless policies don't work?




Rise in use of marijuana by pregnant women alarming




See The Conservative Election Ads And Videos The Leftist Media Wants To Block


MSNBC Broadcasts Florida Governor Race Results One Day Early


Media Collusion Leading to Collision?


USA Today: Vote Against ‘Trump’s Lap Dogs’


CNN's Paul Begala Cracks A Sex Joke About High Schoolers — Panel Is Stunned


Fox News Throws Hannity Under The Bus For Surprise Trump Rally Appearance — Hannity Is Fighting Back


Fox News hosts join Trump on stage at Missouri campaign rally


Megyn Kelly was supposed to be face of NBC’s election night coverage


Ex-SEAL's hammering of CNN's Don Lemon goes viral


Congressional course corrections create Washington political whiplash


Watch: CNN Doesn't Know Where Kentucky, Indiana Are On Map




Migrants camp at Mexico City stadium as U.S. holds elections


Migrant caravan reaches Mexican capital




Analysts: Saudi Nuclear Research Not Immediate Threat, But Purchasing Weapons Possible


Hearing for female Saudi activist facing possible death penalty postponed without explanation


A year after Ritz-Carlton roundup, Saudi elites remain jailed by crown prince




Two USS Ronald Reagan sailors accused of distributing LSD, other drug charges


General, five others reprimanded in connection with 2017 ambush that left four dead


Active-duty troops sent to US-Mexico border are training for 'a range of scenarios'


Serial killer and former Camp Pendleton Marine dies by suicide on death row


'It's my duty to live on for them': Fort Hood shooting survivor remembers fallen colleagues


Elimination of Islamic State ‘covert’ insurgency could take years, Pentagon IG says


Joint Chiefs chair: Troops at border will not 'come in contact with immigrants'


Joint Chiefs chair: Border troops won’t be ‘denying people entry’ to U.S.




Lawyer of freed Pakistani Christian woman to seek asylum in Netherlands -media


Christian acquitted of blasphemy forced to remain in Pakistan




David Frum: “Most important challenges to free societies” once came from “Islamists,” today come from “populists”


Independents: Has Unofficial 'Third Party' Become America's Political Kingmaker?




Racism on the Rise




Video: Rush Limbaugh rallies for Trump


Limbaugh: 'Incredible' development in Election 2018




What an expat-American journalist learned from the Pittsburgh Jewish community




U.S. Sanctions Against Iran Are Not Legitimate, Lavrov Says   (Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov)


Pandora, anyone? Russia plans to set up moon base inhabited by ‘avatar robots’


Putin, Trump to discuss date for full-fledged summit at meeting in Paris — Kremlin  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Kremlin says US midterms won’t clarify trend in Moscow-Washington ties


Mass Brawl Reported in Moscow Mall Between Guards and Visitors


Russia creates army groupings with 4,000km-range precision weapons


Alleged Teenage Bomb-Maker Jailed in Moscow After FSB Blast


Russia, China wrap up talks on heavy-lift helicopter


U.S. Opens Door to New Russia Sanctions After Skripal Attack


Belarus does not need Russian military base, can defend nation alone, president says




Reporter Caught Trashing Pro-Life Michigan Senate Candidate: “F—— John James, Would Suck” if He Wins


Cory Booker Derides Criminal Justice System as ‘A Cancer on the Soul of Our Country’


The top Senate seats most likely to flip


Can out-of-state money swing elections? Don’t Beto on it.


An Indiana Senate race shows the clash within the two parties


In Beto’s Last Stand, He’s Betting It All On Left-Wing Progressives





Police investigating threat to 'burn down' offices of Muslim organization on Facebook page of right-wing group




Korea Exempt from U.S. Embargo on Iranian Oil


Seoul exploring new taxes on Google


Economy expected to worsen further in 2019


Japan ramps up pressure on S. Korea over ruling on forced labor


Reimposition of Iran sanctions spells uncertainty for Korean businesses


Military intelligence unit floated idea of leaving Sewol underwater




U.S. Olympic Committee Moves to Take Over U.S.A. Gymnastics


NFL Scoreboard 


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard




Today’s Two Most Important State Races For Conservatives


What’s in a Bridge’s Name? (On New York’s mania for naming monuments after politicians.)


Scott Walker's Foxconn Boondoggle Is Now Subsidizing Imported Chinese Workers (Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker (R)




In 1919, Mothers Designed a Cross to Remember 49 Veterans. Now the Supreme Court Will Decide If It’s Constitutional.


Supreme Court refuses to take up challenge to Obama-era net neutrality rules


Supremes to review orders to destroy cross memorial




Syria’s war: Assad regime accused of a host of crimes  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)





China's ties with Taiwan chip firms under scrutiny as U.S. trade war heats up


New Taiwan performing arts center billed as largest in world


Taiwan fishermen protest over crackdown on troubled industry




Amazon’s arrival in Long Island City could finally establish New York as a tech hub on par with West Coast rivals.




Muslim takes photos of Oklahoma City National Memorial, says “hundreds of people are going to die in Oklahoma City”




Trump’s misunderstood trade policy




US offers rewards for info on PKK chiefs wanted by Turkey: official


Turkish minister says Saudi team must have been acting on orders in Khashoggi case


Turkey: Joint US-Kurdish patrols in Syria are 'unacceptable'


Turkey says it has more evidence to share of Khashoggi killing




Video: Trump Supporting Immigrant Uber Driver’s Job Threatened by Two Crazed White Democrat Women Over Election Day Argument


How Uber got in bed with the Saudis — and why it's not getting out anytime soon





FTSE 100 ends lower thanks to Wm. Morrison, strong pound


UK high school tells furious parents that 30-year-old Muslim migrant posing as 15 may return to the school




Canada, Western countries condemn China at UN for repression of Muslims






Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump rally crowd breaks out in song after woman collapses


 Photo of President Trump Returning to White House in the Dark Goes Viral


Sebastian Gorka on the Biggest Threat Facing America and What Trump Is Doing About It


Video: Trumpers Sing ‘God Bless The USA’ At Rally, Dem Protesters Chant ‘Racist Country, F*** This Song!’


President Trump: I'd Like To Have A 'Softer Tone' But I Have No Choice


Video: Trump Tells ‘Protesters’ To “Go Back To Mommy”


Trump remains divisive in Modern Orthodox community


Trump's high-risk strategy puts him on the midterm ballot like no one else


Trump pauses Missouri campaign rally after woman collapses


Trump on prospect of Dems demanding his tax returns: 'They can do whatever they want'


Trump says he wants to unite the country 'eventually'


Sanders, Conway appear at Trump rally


Trump fires back after networks yank ‘racist’ anti-immigration ad


Trump is right on the national security threat from caravans


Why Trump might be right about the migrant caravan


Trump vows Cabinet changes coming after midterm elections


Trump: Democrats will create a ‘socialist nightmare’ if they win


Trump implores voters to protect GOP gains: ‘Stop the radical resistance in its tracks’


Bill O’Reilly: Cable news’ ‘total collapse’ will follow Trump’s White House exit


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