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Friday, November 3, 2017





 In Today’s Issue: 




ACLU Lied to Get Illegal Immigrant an Abortion Before Supreme Court Could Rule


Judge Halts California Law Forcing Pro-Lifers to Advertise Abortions


Planned Parenthood Asks Judge to Let It Continue Killing Babies in Dismemberment Abortions


Abortion Foes Are Cheering This Provision in New GOP Tax Bill


GOP Tax Plan Recognizes Unborn Children are Human Beings From Conception


Planned Parenthood group tweets that black women are safer getting abortions than giving birth


Democrat Legislator: “Women Have Every Right” to Abort Babies Just Because They Have Down Syndrome


Despite being pro-life, I support buffer zones around abortion clinics


Abortion Activist Gloria Steinem’s Life Will be Turned Into a Movie Starring Julianne Moore


Texas' Ban on Safe Abortion Procedure Goes to Court


“Abortion, Not Just For Your Mistress” Billboards Cause a Massive Uproar


Wisconsin Assembly approves bill blocking state health plans from covering abortion


Exclusive: Footage shows ‘doctor’ dragging pro-lifer out of abortion facility


The Dutch media are trying to cover up a massive abortion scandal. Here’s the truth


UK bishop calls for prayers as MPs urge ban on abortion clinic vigils


UN Human Rights Committee formally excludes unborn child from ‘right to life’





McMaster’s War: U.S. Casualties Rising as Afghan Taliban Control Reaches ‘Record High’




US Targets Islamic State in Northern Somalia


Tunisia policemen protest to demand ‘protection’


Zimbabwe’s economy goes micro as Mugabe clings to power


Trump’s Dangerous Retreat from Africa  





Trump Administration Takes Firm Stance Against Anti-Semitism




All hail the Godbot: In Silicon Valley artificial intelligence isn't just king, it's literally a new religion


The Next Space Race Is Artificial Intelligence


‘AI may replace humans’ & become new form of life – Stephen Hawking




Asia braces for US rate hikes




ASX hits two-and-a-half-year high


Australian dollar surges after Bank of England rate hike; Donald Trump announces new Fed chair


Australian teen terror suspect detained in Lebanon


A North Korean defector's journey to Melbourne


As Australians Vote on Same-Sex Marriage, Concerns for Religious Liberty Loom





BMW recalling 1 million vehicles in North America




 How Big Business Uses Big Government To Ruin Small Fishermen Like Me




TSX down as mining stocks take a hit from lower gold, copper prices


These 14 cities will have Ontario’s first legal marijuana shops


Church 'shuns' 15-year-old, then father – ends up in court


Canadian full-time jobs rise to record levels


Ontario girl, 11, hospitalized after eating Halloween candy that contained metal object


Canadian full-time jobs rise to record levels


Quebecer gets 7 years in prison for smuggling cocaine into Australia


Canada sanctions 52 human-rights violators under new Magnitsky law  (Canada issued its first round of Magnitsky-style sanctions Friday morning, targeting 52 human-rights violators in Russia, Venezuela and South Sudan.)





CIA Releases Osama Treasure Trove


The real scandal of the declassified Osama bin Laden trove implicates Obama and the CIA  




China and Vietnam reach agreement on managing South China Sea dispute


US cuts off Chinese bank over North Korea ties


NK preparing new missile test; Xi sends rare message to Kim


China's reusable spacecraft to be launched in 2020 




Kim Jong-un Resumes Purges  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


North Korea Steps Up Insults Ahead of Trump’s Asian ‘Junket’


Trouble for the anti-North Korea club


North Korea poses threat to 'entire world', says US


H.R. McMaster says N. Korea could be put back on terror sponsors list 





House Tax-Cut Plan Hurtles Toward Senate Roadblock


Dems call GOP tax bill a disgrace




 Export Products, Not Profits




Soros ex-money man accused of raping, beating Playboy models


The suspect told police ‘give me a lawyer dog.’ The court says he wasn’t asking for a lawyer.




Vegas sheriff: Shooter’s girlfriend may be hiding something


Return of the 'knockout game'


Texas mother accused of fatally shooting daughters, 5 and 7





Collusion: In fact, DNC-funded Russian dossier was used to influence the 2016 campaign


Donna Brazile has ‘proof’ the DNC rigged the nomination for Hillary Clinton


Howard Dean: ‘No One’ Has Called Democratic Primaries ‘Rigged’


Donna Brazile Comes Clean After Doing Bernie Sanders Dirty


  Did Hillary’s rigging at the DNC push Biden out of the race?


Papadopoulos documents offer new insight on DNC email hacking timeline


Brazile says she found DNC deep in debt from Obama, controlled by Clinton a year before nomination


DNC Fires Top Fundraiser


Bernie-Aligned Group: ‘Corruption That Plagues the Democratic Party is Bigger Than One Primary’




Venue for First Obama Foundation Summit Only Half Full


Bill Clinton Sends Out Tweet Hillary Can’t


Democrats express outrage over allegations of early party control for Clinton in 2016


'Shameless' news blackout on Clinton-Russia uranium deal




Current DOE official once consulted for Russian nuclear companies


No, Rick Perry Didn’t Say ‘The Best Way To Prevent Rape Is Oil’ (Energy Secretary Rick Perry)


Rick Perry Energy secretary under fire for suggestion fossil fuels can reduce sexual assault




AP: Mueller Grand Jury Investigating Tony Podesta, Vin Weber (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Carter Page: I told Jeff Sessions about my trip to Russia (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


'This is real collusion and dishonesty': Trump calls for Justice Dept to investigate claims Hillary took over the DNC months before she ran as even Elizabeth Warren admits the entire system was rigged


Trump: 'Hopefully' Justice Dept Will Investigate Hillary on Russia, 'Rigged' Dem Primary


Mueller Grand Jury Investigating Top DC Lobbyists (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Mueller does what special prosecutors do




Stocks end at records as Apple results cap strong week of earnings


Indexes post record closing highs; Apple a boost


U.S. Stocks at Records, Dollar Gains on Economy: Markets Wrap


US employers add 261000 jobs in October, but wage growth stays subdued


Job growth rebounds from hurricanes to 261,000 in October, unemployment falls to 4.1 percent


America just spent more on Halloween than on all 2016 elections


138,000 Manufacturing Jobs Added This Year


Dollar pares post-jobs data losses thanks to upbeat service-sector reading


U.S. job growth picks up; flat wages raise consumer spending worries


Dollar could rally another 16% vs. Turkish lira, says Nomura


95,385,000: Record Number Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Falls to 62.7%


Gold settles at a nearly three-month low


Asia Stocks Trade Mixed as Apple Suppliers Rise: Markets Wrap


Asia shares relieved by Powell pick, await U.S. jobs test


Will G.O.P. Plan Lift the Economy? Opinions Are Split




Pro-LGBT teacher suspended after teaching 11-year-olds about ‘genital reconstruction surgery’


Stanford bans general public from Robert Spencer lecture


Tax Benefits at Risk for Colleges, Student Borrowers


University Melts Down After A Sorority Girl Dressed As Pocahontas For Halloween


Liberty University Forcibly Removes Anti-Trump Christian Author from Campus


Public School Teachers Must Now Inform Government Officials When They Find Out A Teenager Had Sex


Education Jihad: Promoting Islam in American Schools


Mathematics Is Not 'White'


Student injured in terror attack went to school next day for 100% perfect attendance


UNC-Asheville Students Demand Campus Cops Disarm


German University’s Religious Code




Egyptian TV presenter sentenced over pregnancy remarks




Oil marks another 2-year high, up a fourth-straight week


Energy Prices





EPA chief Pruitt receiving constant death threats; Dems say he deserves them, shouldn’t be protected




Iceland's president asks opposition Left-Greens to form coalition





European stocks close higher amid earnings; BOE hikes rates; SocGen down 4%


Ireland: Convicted Muslim rapist appeals, says “Islamophobic” jury didn’t have enough Muslims


Italian councillor resigns after saying that 'not even uncle Adolf' could find a 'remedy' for Roma people




Suspect Was at Wedding in 2015 That Drew F.B.I. Notice


NYC terror attack: Man FBI was seeking speaks out





Trump Considered Keeping Yellen at Fed, Until Mnuchin Spoke Up  (Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen/Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin)


Trump Announces Jerome Powell as New Fed Chairman


As Fed Chief, Yellen Was Polarizing. The Numbers Show Why.




Two suspected jihadists extradited to France


Brother of French jihadist killer jailed


Food in the nude: Paris gets its first naked restaurant


Eiffel Tower ticket prices skyrocket to fund renovations




Germany: Police call in reinforcements as Muslim migrants sexually assault women on Halloween in Cologne


German authorities cover up crime at refugee shelters


Turkey frees another German 'political prisoner': Berlin


Germany: Number of asylum seekers doubles in two years, government admits it has lost track of 30,000 illegal migrants


No, 30,000 migrants haven’t disappeared in Germany ‘without a trace’





US government climate report: Climate change is real and our fault


Humans 'dominant cause' of climate change, government report says


The UN Admits That Paris Climate Deal Was A Fraud




Wisconsin Gov.: Trump won’t hurt Republican gubernatorial candidate




Spacey accused of harassment and assault on 'House of Cards' set


HBO star alleges Harvey Weinstein raped her


Why US cinemas are refusing to show Star Wars: The Last Jedi




Kevin Brady: Republicans May Include Obamacare Repeal in Tax Reform Plan


The GOP’s hidden 46% tax bracket


Ryan Says Congress Must Combat Sexual Harassment  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Conservatives introduce measure demanding Mueller's resignation  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


First Impression: House GOP Tax Plan


Another GOP Fail: New Republican Tax Plan Increases Taxes On High Income Earners


Bannon pledges not to go to war vs. House Republicans


Female Lawmakers Claim Harassment in House


Pelosi tries to put brakes on Trump impeachment talk (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


GOP's Tax Reform: Despite Flaws, It's A 'Yuuuge' Improvement


Here is how the GOP’s tax plan would affect you


GOP tax plan halves mortgage break -- starting today


Republican tax plan would shrink mortgage interest benefit, slash corporate rate


Rep. Lamar Smith won’t be seeking re-election


This is the tax-cut plan America needs


GOP vision for taxes: Many people paying more so corporations can start paying less


Republicans have a plan to hurt blue states. It could backfire.


Republicans break their promise on tax reform


A Tax Plan for a New Gilded Age


GOP bill slashes tax break for NFL, other pro sports stadiums


‘Major, Major’ Cut May Not Be in Store for Middle Class


GOP’s tax bill cancels $23 billion in credits claimed by illegal immigrants


Six Charts That Help Explain the G.O.P. Plan


Dems 'know GOP tax plan designed to help poor'


GOP tax plan may offer little aid for many in middle class


Perhaps the biggest winner from the GOP tax reform bill? Millennials




LOL: Flailing Virginia Democrat Flip-Flops on Sanctuary Cities




Filipino ISIS recruiter faces terror charges in India


Conjoined Twins Die 24 Hours After Birth Due to Severe Respiratory Disorder


India police parents catch 'daughter's rapists'


India ordered to probe 2,080 mass graves in Kashmir


India’s banks after recapitalization – will they sink or swim?




Khamenei slams Trump, calls US Iran’s ‘number one enemy’


The Lost Opportunity For Regime Change In Iran: An Admiral's Lament


What Team Obama didn’t want you to know about the al Qaeda-Iran alliance


U.S. asked French to broker Trump-Rouhani phone call, but Iranian president said no





Iraqi Prime Minister: Iraqi forces have retaken Al-Qaim from Daesh


Mosul battle: IS 'executed' 741 civilians




Watch: Gorka Takes on ‘Islamic House of Wisdom’ Imam Over NYC Terror Attack, Iran


Why media, officials mistranslate 'Allahu akbar'


‘Because of one psycho’: Anxiety and fear of backlash re-emerges in N.J. community


The cancer of Islamist extremism spreads around the world





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Friday, November 3, 2017)


Watch Britain’s May Underline UK Pride in Helping Pioneer State of Israel (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


30 years after Thatcher’s rebuff, Theresa May celebrates Balfour with Israel


Israel must end illegal settlements, says May


Israeli Druze lawmaker says 4 of the dead in Syria bombing are his kin


Why Russian-made air-defense missiles miss Israel Air Force raiders


‘No reason’ for Israel not to trust Corbyn, says his Jewish spokesman


PA historian: In 1917 “there was nothing called a Palestinian people”


Islamic Jihad declares tunnel missing dead; toll rises to 12


IDF Determined to Defend Syrian Druze Village as Civil War Reaching Border (Israel Defense Forces)


The case for the settlements: Assertive booklets for pro-Israel students


Netanyahu: Iran threat forcing Mideast-Israel alliances  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Netanyahu: A nuclear Iran ‘infinitely more dangerous’ than North Korea


Israel to return body of Palestinian shot for driving in 'suspicious manner'


Netanyahu expresses hope for US peace push in Middle East


Breaking News: IDF Bolsters Troop Levels in Golan Heights


Navy implements smart sonar to battle Hamas naval commando


Arab Israeli hounded by neighbors for living in Jewish neighborhood


Bodies of 5 Palestinian fighters found in Gaza tunnel, bringing death toll to 12


Israel filibusters Palestinian UNESCO denouncement decision


Greenblatt Welcomes Palestinian Authority Deployment to Gaza Crossings


Trump’s team thinking ‘out of the box’ on Israeli-Palestinian peace


Israeli forces detain 4 Palestinians from West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


Hamas: 'No information on Israeli MIAs in return for missing men'


Abbas demands British government recognize Palestine on Balfour centenary  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


IDF vows to protect Syrian Druze village after Syrian spillover


Israeli minister denies Palestinians live under occupation




As Japan buddies up to Trump, South Korea frets it's being disrespected


Abe to reach for J-pop and golf to avoid Trump trade deal (Japanese Prime Minister  Shinzo Abe)


Japan is all abuzz about the arrival of a Trump: Ivanka Trump




The Research Proves The No. 1 Social Justice Imperative Is Marriage




NBC News: “Americans must prepare for a future where terror is routine”


Liberal Commentator Chris Matthews Shocked About NYC Terrorist Attack, Cannot Understand How Islam Can Be Violent


Story Laundering: Fusion GPS, Fake News, Russians and Reporters




Mexico gang leader shot to death while getting plastic surgery to change his appearance




The Best And Worst Places To Do Business In The Middle East


Saudi Arabia Is Betting Its Future on a Desert Megacity




USA to spend over trillion dollars to get ready for major war of the future


After Tragedy in Niger, Former Green Beret Tells of Loss, Self-Sacrifice, and Valor


Decision reached in Bowe Bergdahl sentencing hearing


Turning Point: The F-35 May Not Deliver


Deadly Navy crashes were caused by total incompetence


US fighter jets intercept Russian bombers near Korean Peninsula


Hundreds of Marine recruits sickened by E. coli


Prosecutors recommend 14 years in prison for Bergdahl; judge could decide sentence Friday


Agent Orange coverage fight for Blue Water Navy vets is delayed again


Poll: Marijuana research widely supported among veterans


Report: Pacific fleet unprepared, stretched thin





Muslim “family honor” in Pakistan: 14-year-old girl forced to parade naked through village


British High Commissioner summoned over 'malicious' anti-Pakistan slogans on London cabs


Countering Pakistan's Duplicity


‘Mafia’ politics: Pakistan’s main parties bin anti-graft body


Pakistan's Sharif to face corruption trial  (Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif)





Bothered by anthem protests, this bar started its own: No NFL, a lot more patriotism. And business is booming.




Latest Polls




Abortion Activist Sarah Silverman Admits She Likes Watching Videos of Girls Getting “Gangbanged”




Nurse allegedly tried exorcism on inmate who later died




Democrats' addiction to the race card is suicidal





RNC’s McEnany: DNC Scandal Exposes Hillary as ‘Corrupt, Selfish’ and ‘Entitled’




Russia works on MiG-41 doomsday fighter jet


Ruble-yuan trade between Russia & China makes dollar odd man out


Russian state arms exporter’s military hardware sales hit $140 bln over 17 years


Moscow Stores Sell Out New iPhone X an Hour After Release


‘Putin is very important’: Trump on possible meeting with Russian leader at APEC summit  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


 Six Tupolev-22M3 planes, Kolpino submarine attack Islamic State militants in Syria




Kelli Ward Takes Commanding Lead In AZ GOP Primary


Senate Confirms 5 Trump Judicial Nominees in Strong Week for Rule of Law


Senate littered with tax reform land mines


McCain Aide Who Handled Trump Dossier Is Accused Of Dodging Subpoena (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


New liberal challenger to Sen. Dianne Feinstein launches bid on 'The Young Turks'  (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)


Chuck Schumer puts Jeff Sessions on notice: Perjury 'something that would be looked at'  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


How one word from Elizabeth Warren exposed the massive split in the Democratic Party (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Franken wants Sessions to testify (US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)/US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


At current pace, Democrats can draw out debate for 8 weeks on Trump’s circuit court nominees


Senate approves two Trump FERC nominees





North Korea -­ usual suspect in cyberattacks


Korea is Trump's shortest stop on East Asian tour


North Korean defector: 'I was nothing more than a modern slave'


Park Geun-hye ousted from her party  (Former President Park Geun-hye)


Seoul may announce further sanctions on NK: official


Shotgun Marriages on the Rise


Celltrion secures new drug manufacturing partner in US




Spain issues arrest warrant for ousted Catalan leader


Catalonia Spanish judge jails eight members of deposed Catalan government


Jailing of Catalan ministers sparks mass protests in Barcelona




The Saints called a veteran's refusal of an award over the anthem protests 'disappointing'


The N.F.L.’s Most Valuable Player Might Be ... a Punter?


NFL Scoreboard


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard




Northam Campaign (D)  Coordinated With Progressive Group Behind Controversial Anti-Gillespie Ad (R)  (Virginia  gubernatorial race)





Trump raises doubt about Tillerson's fate ahead of crucial Asia trip (US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson)




The Supreme Court should strike down the death penalty




UN Report Confirms Trump Airstrikes on Assad Airfields Was Justified  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Marines Fired So Many Shells On ISIS, They 'Burned Out' Their Howitzers


ISIS Ousted From Deir al-Zour, Syrian Army Says




 Taiwan president visits U.S. territory of Guam despite Chinese ire


Innovation amendments seek to attract investment


Trump must urge Beijing to talk to Taipei: ex-official




New York can't hide its high taxes anymore






Anarchist group's plan to overthrow Trump 'regime' starts Saturday


AntiFa Terrorists in League with ISIS and Al Qaeda


Safe Streets Project Vows to Disrupt Antifa, Black Bloc Domestic Terror Riots on Nov. 4


Why Bureaucracies Don’t Stop Terror

ISIS calls New York terror attack suspect a 'soldier of the caliphate'


NYPD suspected NYC jihadi’s mosque of terror ties over a decade before massacre


Jihad Rears Its Head Again, with Democrats Enabling  (Look at how Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo (D) and Mayor of New York City  Bill de Blasio (D) handle a Muslim engaging in truck-murder on the streets of Manhattan.)


How Leftists Aid the Jihadis’ Deadly Cause  (The Unholy Alliance's central role in the Halloween Massacre.)


Jihadism’s E-Z Pass to New York


 ISIS claims responsibility for New York terror attack


Don't use the New York terror attack to justify watering down our freedoms


Yes, radical Islamic terrorism is different




U.S. trade deficit grew again under Trump in September




Turkey Deploys More Forces in Northern Syria


Turkey's Gold-Buying Spree Has Market Wondering How Much and Why


Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a criminal. Our foreign policy should treat him as such. (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Turkish official: ‘Turkey remains anchored to Europe’


EU says Turkey must respect ‘presumption of innocence’




Schumer’s Labor Omission  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Two More SEIU Leaders Ousted for Sexual Harassment Allegations 




London Markets: FTSE 100 Knocked Off Course After Trying For Fresh Record


Exclusive: Labour MP suspended after alleged victim tells The Telegraph he sexually harassed her 


Hundreds of trainee GPs facing hardship as outsourcing firm fails to pay


Prince William warns that there are too many people in the world


Foreign policy Lawyer says Foreign Office told her to ignore EU corruption evidence  


New 'fast track' drug plan will speed NHS access by up to four years


Grenfell Tower fire Conman who lied about losing son and wife in fire admits fraud


Interest rates Bank of England raises UK rates for first time in over a decade


Manchester Arena attack Brother of bomber 'will not be returned to UK'


British tourist: 'I gave New York terror suspect five stars on Uber'


Children 'at risk' from ADHD diagnosis delays




Nikki Haley puts the UN on notice (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)




International Theological Commission Member Rebukes Pope for his Scandalous Teaching


Pope Francis Again Signals That He's Open to Allowing Priests to Marry




Venezuela Will Seek to Restructure Its Debt





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump unloads from Air Force One, tweets Dems cheated Sanders, calls for 'Crooked Hillary' probe


60 percent of Americans say Trump tax plan will benefit wealthy


Trump claims increased military action after NYC attack


Trump slams Bergdahl decision: 'Complete and total disgrace'


Trump slams Sessions, DOJ for not going after Clinton, DNC


Video: Trump Says DOJ Should Investigate Podesta


Trump Trip: Listen to Japan, Talk to South Korea and Dictate to China


Presidential Commission Reveals Multi-Pronged Strategy to Fight Opioid Epidemic


49 percent of Americans think Trump likely committed a crime: Poll


Twitter Says Trump’s Account ‘Inadvertently Deactivated’ by Twitter Employee


Why is Trump so obsessed with Russia? We’re finally going to find out.


When Trump speaks, his own prosecutors may not listen


Kushner turned over documents to special counsel


President Trump is the master of abhorrent identity politics


Democrats sue under arcane law to pry Trump hotel documents from admin.


Trump Agrees to Pick Up 90 Percent of Puerto Rico Rebuilding Costs: Aide


Patrick Kennedy: At least $100 billion needed to fight opioids


GQ corrects story after asking why Trump didn't seek death penalty for deceased Las Vegas shooter




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