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Friday, October 26, 2018





In Today’s Issue: 




Planned Parenthood Lied to Congress, Doctored Aborted Baby Part Sales Records


Emmy Awards group tells members to promote abortion in upcoming event


Abortion Activist Threatens Pro-Life Congressional Candidate and His Seven Children  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: And the media remains silent.)


Mail-order abortion pill service may violate drug laws, FDA says


Sarah Silverman Slams Trump Over Bombs and Opposing Abortion: He’s “Gone Full Hitler”  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: If Silverman was not a de-Judaized Jew she would never compare Trump to Hitler.)


2018’s Biggest Horror Film: Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer


Former Planned Parenthood Director Making New Movie Exposing the Grisly Abortion Business


Far-left website unwittingly illustrates why abortion laws with ‘rape exceptions’ please no one


African Pro-Life Leader Bashes Abortion: We Must “Respect Human Life From Womb to Tomb”


Fight over abortion comes to Oregon as Republicans target reproductive rights in U.S.


South Carolina Gov Henry McMaster Defends Defunding Planned Parenthood: “Eliminate the Scourge”


Abortion cases are heading toward the Supreme Court. Can the justices avoid them for long?


Pro-lifers push to shut down Toledo’s last abortion mill


Abortion, judiciary budget measures on West Virginia ballot


‘Gosnell’ movie inspired these mothers to help a woman choose life


Anti-abortion groups want clinic's license pulled


FDA investigating new website shipping abortion pills to U.S. women


This Dad’s Friend Told Him He Should Have Aborted His Son Just Because He Has a Cleft Palate


Anti-abortion groups renew attack on Toledo's last abortion clinic


Planned Parenthood Launches “When Is Your Body Your Own?” Campaign. What About a Baby’s Body?


Fight over abortion comes to Oregon as Republicans target reproductive rights in U.S.


New Zealand pro-choice campaigners hail move towards abortion law reform


Abortion taboo: Play tackles strict Maltese laws


Hundreds of Thousands March for Life, Opposing Abortion in Cities Across Mexico




Government asked to save teen Christian from threatened execution


South African Sodomite Declares That All Churches Are Hypocritical And “You Have To Be Gay To Know God”


 Nigerian Cardinal: “I ask my Muslim friends to say the discourses of Boko Haram are not the voice of true Islam!”





Study: Online attacks on US Jews ramp up before Election Day



Australian Market Advances


 Australia loves Prince Harry and Meghan, but is it time for a republic?


AUD/USD Price Forecast – Australian dollar all over the place 




GM wants Trump administration to back national electric vehicle program




Secure The Border Before It Is Too Late


First Section of President Trump’s Border Wall Project Completed




Toronto market end losing week by closing at lowest level since November 2016


Family of murdered Jewish Candian tycoon offer $7 million reward for leads


Accused of abucting son in 1987, Cdn arrested in Conn.


Every night, an army of workers descends on the subway lines. It’s dangerous work that’s claimed 3 lives since 2007


Researcher at Queen's University, caught on video, admits to poisoning coworker





Coast Guard, Navy Search for Plane That Went Missing En Route to Bahamas




CIA director briefs Trump on audio purportedly capturing the killing of Khashoggi





Christian baker: Colorado still hostile to faith since Supremes' ruling


Posters Calling Christian Trump Supporters ‘Trash’ Appear in New York City




China Targets Control Over Internet of Things for Spying, Business


China bows to Trump’s pressure campaign on purchase of Iranian oil




N.Korea's Economy Is Shrinking


The real reason behind Trump’s nuclear treaty withdrawal isn’t Russia. It’s North Korea.


Trump administration to limit intel it shares with Congress on North Korea




Microsoft overtakes Amazon as second most valuable U.S. company


Apple CEO Blasphemes God, Says That Being A Sodomite Is “God’s Greatest Gift To Me”




Kill the wrong spider, go to jail!




After No Pipe Bomb Explosions, Experts Say Packages Likely Meant to Scare Not Kill


Exclusive: Bodybuilder friend of MAGAbomber tells how they toured America as strippers, as it's revealed Sayoc stripped for both male and female audiences


Package bomb suspect ranted on Twitter about liberals, threatened to blow up company


MAGAbomber unmasked: Suspect is conspiracy-theory-obsessed career crook with arrests for stealing cars, dealing drugs, threatening to bomb a power company, shoplifting, swindling and domestic abuse of his GRANDMOTHER

How police caught the bombs suspect


From Obama the Muslim to Hillary the ISIS gun trafficker: inside the wild conspiracy theories in the '#MAGAbomber's' world

Package bomb suspect charged with five federal crimes - live updates


MAGAbomber suspect pictured at the wheel of his Trumpmobile van that was also his home - and plastered with dozens of violent pro-Trump, anti-liberal memes

Package bomb suspect was prolific tweeter who often lashed out at politicians


'There's something more powerful than bombs, and that's your vote': Robert De Niro responds to pipe bomb package with call to turn out at polls


Female teacher and wife of US Army Lt. Colonel, 49, is charged with INCEST after student recognizes her on PORNHUB 'having sex with an underage female family member'


The Deep State’s Loony-Bomber


Pipe-Bomb Suspect Arrested — Be Very Careful With the ‘Crazy’ Label


Fake bombs are not bombs. Fake news is fake news.


Ohio Man Arrested Attempting to Join ISIS Affiliate in Afghanistan


Stop Apologizing for the Mail-Bomb Clown


Investigation Into Bombs Sent to Trump Critics Turns Toward Florida


Suspicious packages to Biden, De Niro expand bomb probe to 10 devices


Design suggests suspicious packages intended to spread fear rather than destruction


The package bombs are heinous and terrifying but not yet terrorism


White man with history of violence kills 2 black customers at grocery store, police say


Murder suspects allegedly ordered burgers as body lay dead in bathtub


Dad pummels teacher accused of sexually assaulting daughter


Quit pointing fingers and focus on catching the bomber


Authorities find suspicious package at Time Warner Center in NYC for second straight day


Man Arrested For Offering To Murder Man’s Daughter, Masturbate On Her Corpse, Then Cannibalize The Remains


23 arrested in Chicago gang case involving 11 killings





Smaller migrant caravan closer to US after 62-mile trek in one day


14,000-Strong Caravan Invasion Headed to America


Where to Put the Caravan When It Gets Here




Gillum tells DeSantis to stop calling him ‘Andrew' and show him more 'respect'  (Democrat Candidate for Governor of Florida Andrew Gillum)


Texas Democratic Party Leader Funded 'Voter Fraud Ring,' Says Government


Nevada Democrats Struggle to Live Up to ‘Blue Wave’ Hype


Bloomberg Donates Another $10M in Support of Democrats


Obama Should Be Charged With Harassment


Firm says it hacked Democratic files in Maryland


Obama Promotes Pro-Abortion Nevada Gov Candidate Steve Sisolak Even After Learning He Battered His Ex-Wife




Ex-DHS staffer says he quit over Trump administration's handling of family separation policy




Justice Department announces new measures to fight opioids


Roger Stone has embraced infamy and controversy. The Russia investigation has him in a state of denial


DOJ Rolls Out $60 Million Plan to Fight Drug Crisis





U.S. stocks finish lower as S&P 500, Dow turn negative for 2018


Stock Market Strains Send Message the Fed Doesn't Want to Hear


S&P 500 ends at lowest since May as tech, internet stocks tumble


Gold up a fourth week in a row, but ends short of a 3-month high


U.S. economic growth slows slightly in third quarter; outlook less upbeat


US Economic Growth Beats Forecasts


Asia stocks, S&P futures slide as investors flee risk amid growth fears


Asia Stocks Fall, U.S. Futures Drop as Bonds Rise: Markets Wrap


Bitcoin is 10 years old: Here’s what to expect in the cryptocurrency’s second decade


Amazon's holiday season sales outlook misses views; shares sink


The global selloff has erased $5 trillion from stock and bond markets in October


What Economists Are Saying Ahead of Third-Quarter U.S. GDP Data


Stocks could rally 20% after this bruising rout, says Guggenheim’s Minerd, but then watch out


Here’s why bond investors are finding cheer in disappointing corporate earnings




Elite US universities have taken over $614,000,000 from Saudi Arabia since 2011


Grad Students’ ‘Fight for $15’


Video: Campaign Ad in Textbooks


Maybe Not a Role Model for a B-School?


Harvard’s Racist Diversity Problem


Gag Placed on Indian Academics


Teacher busted for blackface ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ costume


‘Enough Is Enough’


De Blasio’s quotas can’t give NYC students what they need  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio) 




Latest Election Polls


If Latinos vote, California's blue wave could inundate the GOP


Midterm elections could have strangest result in decades


Biden to campaign for two Democrats in Iowa


After the Midterms, What Next?


Wisdom and Motivation in the Midterms


Confidence Grows In Political Leaders’ Plan For The Future


 Trump, Economy Top Voter Concerns


Republican Voters Outpace Democrats With 2 Million Ballots Cast in Florida





Michael Avenatti says that in 2020, Democrats should nominate someone like him: A white man




Oil prices settle higher Friday, but suffer a third weekly decline


Energy Prices


Global oil pricing worries hit U.S. energy shares as earnings loom




European stock markets end an ugly week on a down note


Woman convicted for calling Muhammad 'pedophile'


Insulting Islam Now Illegal in Europe




How fingerprint led FBI to 'MAGAbomber': Trump-supporting, 'Native American', 56, is led off in cuffs and now faces 48 years in prison for mailing 14 pipe bombs to liberal elite including Hillary, Obama, CNN, Joe Biden and George Soros


Were the 'MAGAbomber' explosives in any way operational? FBI director says the bombs WERE NOT fakes and could have exploded 'in transit, if shaken or if exposed to heat'(AVIPP COMMENTARY: How can this be? Did the FBI director ever see how mail is jostled when transported? And how could they denotate without a denotator?(Read: Some mailed pipe bombs could have been duds, investigators say)



Andrew McCabe, the Deep State henchman (Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe)


John Huber’s FBI-Justice Department probe shrouded in mystery


FBI: Former Paul Ryan challenger sought lethal dose of radioactive substance


After Papadopoulos interview, Trump allies say FBI officials should be investigated over Russia probe


Electric car-maker Tesla faces FBI probe over allegations it 'misled investors' by inflating production numbers for one of its most popular models dating back to early 2017 


Growing Scandal: Undercover FBI Agent Paid Thousands Supporting Gillum Fundraiser, Report Says




Mr. Powell, Lower That Interest Rate!(Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome H Powell)




Foreign Policy as Moral Preening




'Pure demagoguery': Macron clashes with Merkel over Saudi arms exports after Khashoggi murder  (French President Emmanuel Macron/German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Glance around France: Winter weather leads to road closures in the Alps and sniffer dogs arrive in Nice




No German arms to Saudi until Khashoggi case is clarified: Merkel   (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Germany: Seven Muslim migrants gang-rape 18-year-old girl in front of a disco


How a grassroots group in Berlin Kreuzberg took on Google - and won


German Jewish community leader resigns amid claims he’s pretending to be Jewish




Will Global Warming Destroy the World? Ask America's Farmers.


See Gore admit global-warming warning 'torqued'(Former US Vice President Al Gore (D)




Google CEO Tries to Calm Staff After Report on Misconduct


Google Shielded Executives Accused of Misconduct. One Got $90 Million Exit Deal.




‘Family business’: Donald Trump Jr. hits campaign trail to help GOP ‘run up the score’




Matthew Shepard, murdered gay student, finally laid to rest


Never Satisfied: Now GLAAD Wants 10% Of Characters On TV To Be LGBT




Why Trump’s GOP Will Retain House of Reps in Midterm Elections


Maxine Waters responds to mailed bombs: 'I ain’t scared'


Michael Bloomberg drops $9.5 million on ads targeting GOP Reps. Rohrabacher and Knight in midterm election


Gingrich: 'Odds are 2 out of 3' Pelosi becomes Speaker


Porter Did Not Sign Gas-Tax Repeal Initiative Despite Recent Pledge of Support


Pam Bondi: Maxine Waters shamefully blames Trump for package bombs


Records support claims hijabbed, anti-Semitic Muslima Congressional candidate Ilhan Omar married her brother





India expects to double gas production by 2022 - officials By Reuters


India prepares to unveil the tallest statue in the world





Indonesia: Rally to promote moderate Islam canceled after threats of violence from Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar”





Sinead O’Connor converts to Islam




Surprise Netanyahu visit to Oman leads opening talks at Manama Dialogue(Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Does Iran lurk behind Netanyahu’s historic visit to Oman?


IDF strikes 80 Gaza targets overnight in response to multiple rocket barrages  (Israel Defense Forces)


Rocket barrage on southern Israel


Hamas fires 30 rockets at Israel's south, IDF strikes 80 targets in Gaza


Liberman Picks Eizenkot’s Deputy as Next IDF Chief of Staff  (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)


Netanyahu: From interrogations to delusions


Russia fears US surveillance flights portend fresh Israeli air strikes over Syria


Palestinian said killed in West Bank (Judea and Samaria) clashes with Israeli troops


Recapturing Jerusalem One House At A Time


Into the Fray: Sustaining the enemy in Gaza


Watch: Police Shoot at Arab Driver Fleeing on Sidewalk


The fast train from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv isn’t fast and doesn’t go to Tel Aviv


Two Palestinians shot, killed by Israel at eastern borders of Gaza


PA official: Oman offered to mediate Israel-PA talks


Fatah's outrageous photoshopped picture: Jews seek "Death to the Goyim"


Israel ‘Cares’ For The Palestinian Refugees ‘Better’ than UNRWA


The worst chapter in Palestinian schoolbooks - PMW op-ed in JPost


Coptic Monk Released Amid Holy Sepulcher Turf War


Injuries reported as Israel suppresses weekly Kafr Qaddum march


Legislating Tons of Food for the Poor


Israeli forces suppress weekly Bilin march


Egypt said to broker deal between Israel and Hamas to end Gaza violence


Ramallah Council of Churches condemns Israeli assault of Coptic monks





Death toll in Jordan flood rises to 21, mostly children




The Contradictions of Toxic Masculinity 



NBC sat on info that undermined Kavanaugh ‘rape’ story


No, CNN: Nationalism Is Not White Supremacy


HuffPost Lectures Trump On Rhetoric, While Delivering A Daily Dose Of Hate To Its Liberal Readers


Exclusive — Bernard Kerik, NYC’s 9/11 Top Cop: I Walked off CNN When They Politicized Mail Bombs


Megyn Kelly is off the air as NBC News weighs her future


‘Just get rid of her’: Megyn Kelly is again in trouble, but NBC colleagues rejected her long before


How Megyn Kelly blew her megadeal with NBC


CNN anchor who evacuated from bomb: Trump’s attacks on media 'unacceptable'


NBC Officially Cancels Megyn Kelly Show, Will Replace With ‘Today’ Co-anchors


Lawmakers Doubt Basis of Russia-Collusion Probe After Papadopoulos Testimony



BernieCare for All Means Medicare for None




The Sordid Swordy Saudis: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Khashoggi?


How the Death of a Journalist Could Damage the Saudis’ Grand Economic Ambitions


Saudi Arabia, in Reversal, Suggests Khashoggi’s Killing Was ‘Premeditated’


Saudi Arabia still refuses to answer: Who ordered Jamal Khashoggi’s murder?


Why was MBS so afraid of Jamal Khashoggi?


Saudis must face consequences for killing Khashoggi


Khashoggi: A Political Murder or a Convenient Excuse?


Norway fund plans to more than double investments in Saudi Arabia


Saudi FM Al-Jubeir meets Malaysian PM in Kuala Lumpur


Top Saudi implicated in Khashoggi case met Flynn on Iran regime change — report




Mexican minister says to remove U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs before signing USMCA




Secret U.S. cybercampaign snuffs out ISIS’ once-vaunted media empire


Senator demands probe of website that promotes nude photos of female servicemembers


Pentagon to send several hundred troops to US-Mexico border


UN seeks to identify weapons seized off the coast of Yemen by US Navy


Boehner calls VA 'hopeless,' says it provides 'substandard care'   (Former Speaker of the House John A Boehner (R-Ohio)


Papua New Guinea island touted as potential base for US and Australian warships


Three sailors still hospitalized after USS Ronald Reagan helicopter crash




US warship shoots down missile in space in spectacular interceptor test




Couple plunges to death at Yosemite cliff popular for proposals




The economics Nobel went to a guy who enabled climate change denial and delay





Pakistan: Mentally disabled Christian sentenced to life in prison for blasphemy against Islam


Pakistan responsible for three times the terror risk to humanity than Syria : Report




Survey: 1 In 7 Americans Are OK With Political Violence At Least 'Sometimes'




Cuomo: Mailed bombs raise new questions about postal service screening  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)




Trump administration offers plan to save patients $17.2 billion




The 'Voter ID Is Racist' Con




Putin Invited to White House in Early 2019  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Russia loses in vote to criticize US leaving missile treaty




Kavanaugh battle dims Democrats’ dreams of flipping Senate


Step Aside Warren: The Native American Who Was Nearly President, Charles Curtis(US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


McCaskill, Hawley point fingers in civility debate


Senate tells FBI to investigate Michael Avenatti over Kavanaugh accusations


Oh No, Beto! (Democrat Senate candidate of Texas Beto O’Rourke)


Two polls tell very different stories in West Virginia Senate contest


Gillibrand: If reelected ‘I will serve my six-year term’


Claire McCaskill runs ad saying she’s ‘not one of those crazy Democrats’


A Black Senate Candidate Stumps in Mississippi, but His Party Holds Him Back


Heitkamp raises more than $12 million in first 17 days of October


Only 2% of Heitkamp’s Itemized Fundraising Boost Came from North Dakota


Vets Trotted Out to Defend McCaskill Were Also Dem Candidates This Cycle


McSally Gets Endorsement From Mom of SEAL Who Committed Suicide


Dem Dark Money Floods States with Competitive Senate Races


McCaskill’s Husband Invested in Pro-Veteran Properties That Tried to Evict Homeless Vets




You Can See America's Future Under Socialism, And It Isn't Pretty


Attention millennials: Trump publishes socialism primer




Tech Giants Twitter and Facebook are Opening the Door to Competitors Like


Why false narratives about mail bombs and the migrant caravan won’t go away on social media


Instagram reverses decision, takes down Milo Yiannopoulos post about mail bombs




Koreas hold border talks on next steps for military pact


Two Koreas militaries agree to ‘completely destroy’ guard post by November


Millennial Families Change Consumption Patterns


Korea-Japan Relations Chill Further


Korean Economy Faces Long Doldrums


US envoy for N. Korea to visit S. Korea next week





The sick, disturbing video that ESPN thought was a laugh riot


NFL fires referee after absurd missed call


Soccer coach calls cops on parents yelling ‘Speak English’ at players


NFL Scoreboard


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard





California-based Company Offers Paid Protesting Services


Rent Control, Prop. 10, and the Law of Unintended Consequences  (California)


3 California volcanoes are at the top of federal volcano threat list


Debt Woes of Older States


Audit Shows Massive Debt and Deception for Kentucky Wired


Nor'easter to slam mid-Atlantic, New England with heavy rains, strong winds




Taiwan stocks lower at close of trade; Taiwan Weighted down 0.33%





Teen Vogue: Making Commies Sexy




MS-13 Inflicts “Reign of Terror” in California


Some Terrorists Are More Equal Than Others





Trump to Open Trade Talks




Caitlyn Jenner: I thought Trump would help trans people. I was wrong.


Assaulting the civil rights of transgender people isn't campaign fodder





'Leader Of ISIS In Turkey' Sentenced To 14 Years In Prison For Terror Offenses; His Organization Continues To Operate Dozens Of Social Media Accounts – Including On Facebook, Instagram, And WhatsApp – And To Produce Videos And A Monthly Magazine


Turkey Seeks Extradition of Suspects in Khashoggi Killing


Conspiracy Theories In Turkish Print Media, Social Media Connect Jamal Khashoggi's Murder To 'Satanist Network,' Jews, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, CIA, Evangelical Christians


Turkey requests extradition of 18 suspects in journalist's killing




FTSE 100 ends lower amid global equity weakness


Doctors Do Surgeries on Unborn Babies in the Womb, Repair Spines of Two Babies With Spina Bifida


Leading UK seminary denies allegations made by priest of existence of gay subculture


UK Television Show Has Contestant Consume Urine And Feces As Part Of A “Challenge”


University Student Dies After Hazing Ritual, Forced To Drink Alcohol From Decapitated Pigs Head, Bob For Apples In Tub Of Urine


From The MEMRI Archives: Reports And Clips On British Jihadi Anjem Choudary, Recently Released From UK Prison After Serving Half Of Sentence For Encouraging Britons To Join ISIS  




US calls on UN to enforce sanctions on North Korea


U.N. envoy accused in hack of Trump fundraiser


Syria rejects UN plan on constitution committee as regime kills 7 civilians in Idlib




Pope Francis compares “Populists” to Hitler, calls for open doors to all migrants





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump lays into the media at North Carolina rally and says it is using the actions of one 'sinister' person to 'score points against me' following MAGAbomber's arrest


‘So bad and hateful’: Trump faults media for inspiring would-be pipe bomber


Mika Brzezinski slams ‘coward’ Ivanka Trump: ‘Shame on you’


Jason Alexander: Those who support Trump’s behavior ‘have something fundamentally wrong with them’


Trump Considers Closing Southern Border to Migrants


Trump deploys active-duty troops as part of promise for ‘very secure border’


Trump Abandons Calls for Unity and Resumes Attacks on the Media


Trump used charity money to buy his own portrait because no one else would: lawyers


The bomb scare fallout depends on whether Trump keeps his cool


Trump administration weighing order to bar Central American migrants from claiming asylum: report


No plans for Melania Trump to hit the campaign trail this year: report


Trump Will 'Probably Pass' on Calling Obama About Pipe Bombs


Trump Signs Legislation to Impose New Sanctions Against Hezbollah


NY Times Columnist Attacks Trump for False Claim He Didn’t Actually Make


Trump Connects with Black Youth at Young Black Leadership Summit 



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