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Friday, October 27, 2017







In Today’s Issue: 




Mom Jailed for Not Vaccinating Her Son With Vaccine That Uses Cells From Aborted Babies


Texas Abortion Clinics Marred with Health, Safety Issues, Inspection Reveals


Abortion Activist Caught on Video Destroying Cross Display to Memorialize Abortion Victims


Amalgamated Bank Supports Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz With New Credit Card


Abortion Activists Celebrate Illegal Immigrant Killing Her Baby in an Abortion


High School Backs Down and Allows Students to Form Pro-Life Group After Facing Lawsuit


Frozen Bodies of Aborted Babies Found in Abortion Clinic Which Has Reopened as Pregnancy Center


Virginia’s 2017 Governor’s Race: Where Do Ed Gillespie and Ralph Northam Stand on Abortion?


On campus: Dead babies, screaming socialists


Senate committee advances bill banning abortion training at University of Wisconsin


Sandra Day O'Connor's prescience on abortion


The Trump Officials Making Abortion an Issue at the U.S.’s Refugee Office


Facebook reacts after Indiana congresswoman seeks to stop new abortion clinic


Republicans Are Trying to Ban Abortion After 6 Weeks of Pregnancy


GOP bill would prohibit tax-free 'abortion bonds'


Federal judge strikes down two abortion restrictions in Alabama


DC Circuit Ruling Fuels Class Action Against HHS Abortion Policy for Immigrant Minors


Decade after dust-up, nun firm on abortion: ‘Choice is the woman’s’


“Little Shop of Horrors” Abortion Clinic Closed When Frozen Bodies of 35 Aborted Babies Were Found


Pro-life groups struggle against Planned Parenthood funding in Virginia politics


High School Backs Down and Allows Students to Form Pro-Life Group After Facing Lawsuit


Pro-Lifers Decry Illegal Immigrant Teen’s Abortion


Ohio Panel Passes Bill to Ban Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome


Left Celebrates ‘Justice’ After 17-Year-Old Illegal Immigrant Has Abortion


Abortion Activist Defends Her Two Abortions: “My Body is My Body and Under My Rule”


Justices keep abortion waiting period on hold


Why Do Blacks and Hispanics Have More Abortions Than Other Women?


Pro-life group pressures Apple to restore app: launches petition


When are “Pro-Choice” People Really Just Pro-Abortion? When They Do This


Down syndrome abortion ban clears Ohio House committee


Pregnancy Center Director Meets Woman She Helped 17 Years Ago, The Rest of the Story is Priceless


'My sons still haven't forgiven me for having an abortion in 1961'


Abortion Clinic Paid Staff Less if Women Didn’t Have Abortions (United Kingdom)


Abortion laws 'punish sex-crime victims' (Northern Ireland)        


Jeremy Corbyn backs call for abortion clinic buffer zones  (United Kingdom)


Canada swiftly passes bill to protect abortion seekers, eager to set itself apart from the U.S.


Pro-life group ‘delighted’ UN committee opposes abortion based on disabilities


Women in Scotland allowed abortion pill at home


The Guardian view on 50 years of legal abortion: let’s finish the work


Caution urged over support for abortion


Canadian Province Makes It Illegal for Pro-Life People to Help Women Outside Abortion Clinics


Women in N. Ireland can now get free abortions thanks to new UK policy


Women in Scotland will be allowed to take pill at home




The man who thought he could fix Afghanistan


Red Cross To Scale Back In Afghanistan               


US orders more attack planes to boost Afghanistan’s air capability





48 Christians die in 9-day massacre by Fulani herdsmen  (Nigeria)


The Real Reason U.S. Troops Are in Niger


Kenya: Police and opposition supporters clash


Kenya: Two very different voter experiences


Nigeria: Muslims murder 48 Christians, destroy 249 homes in 13 Christian villages





ACLU sues Trump administration




Normalizing Anti-Semitism in Student Governments  (Purging Jewish students from the Israeli/Palestinian debate.)


Judo Gold Medalist Faces Anti-Semitic Backlash In Abu Dhabi (Competition officials refuse to play Israeli national anthem or raise Israeli flag.)


Mathematics is…Whiteness




The United States Can Be a World Leader in AI. Here's How.



ASX falls 0.2pc on citizenship ruling, $A weakens


How Australian universities are helping to train China's military  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Why?  Training an enemy is very foolish.)


Child sex offender exits top school board


Australia's own 'birther controversy' may bring down the government


Australian Federal Police seize 33 kilograms of drugs in massive postal haul


Australia's deputy PM disqualified




Are Trump's border wall prototypes all for nothing?





Toronto’s S&P/TSX composite hits record high as energy stocks surge


Every $1 spent on early childhood education pays back $6 later, report finds


Electric cars, bike lanes among ways to reduce Toronto’s air pollution: new report


Canada: Muslim accused of beating daughter who refused to wear hijab


Province proposes new air pollution standards for sulphur dioxide


Canada: Muslim who slit woman’s throat and said Allah commanded him to kill her found “not criminally responsible”


Facebook to test new ad transparency features in Canada 4 hours ago October 27, 2017


Nearly 25% of T.O. 'holistic centres' offering sex services?


Health Canada approves supervised-injection site for Calgary


'He had killed a girl...and threw (burned body) in the lake'


Canadian International Council warned about speaker from National Council of Canadian Muslims it featured at event


Senior Montreal police officer suspended after investigators raid headquarters


A Walk on the “New Dark Side” of Windsor, Ontario


Conrad Black: Ottawa has made a mess of Indigenous policy in this country


Alberta gov’t: ‘Unacceptable’ for Catholic schools to uphold Biblical sexuality


Quebec man accused of 'honour-based' assault on daughter because she removed hijab in public


McGill Student Society Removes Pro-Israel Students From Student Government Board


‘Unprecedented’: Ontario law society forces members to support ‘diversity’


Can you really just ignore the constitution if you feel like it? Canada's notwithstanding clause explained





Elon Musk's Tesla delivers solar power to Puerto Rico children's hospital after hurricane left it in dark


Tide of plastic discovered floating off coast of Caribbean island


Hurricane Maria disrupted production of medical supplies





 The U.S. and Mexico want to slow migration from Central America. Will mass deportations help?





Mike Pompeo Could Stop Robert Mueller in His Tracks  (Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Mike Pompeo/ Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)




China’s Reaganomics moment needs an asterisk


Trump Congratulates Xi on 'Extraordinary Elevation' (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


China’s new emperor faces burden of near absolute power


Washington Has a Bad Case of China ADHD


BRI in party manifesto may heighten tensions with India


China Tightens Control on Foreign Companies with Party Apparatus


China's slow economic transition may hold back its dominance over US


China's president completes remarkable power grab


With Rhythm and Flow, China Embraces Hip-Hop


Chinese Dissident: China Has ‘Conspicuously Intensified Its Control and Suppression of Religious Faith’





New report reveals North Korea's prison camps [Photos]


Kim Jong Un’s Siblings: Government Leader, Assassination Victim, Eric Clapton Fan, Mystery    (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


North Korea CIVIL WAR: Kim scrambles to avoid uprising as family monuments targeted


N Korea to free fishing boat from South




GOP Needs This Tax Cut More Than America


Abolishing the State Tax Deduction Is Not Conservative


Did Podesta, Wasserman Schultz perjure themselves to Congress?


Washington jockeys for Clinton uranium-scandal testimony


Washington’s continuing slow boil


Democrats lead Trump's Republicans by 15 points in Fox News poll


Millions in middle class will feel it if GOP kills tax break





CBO Confirms ‘Stability’ Bill Provides A Multi-Billion-Dollar Insurer Bailout





Why CVS would want to buy Aetna


WSJ: CVS in Talks to Buy Aetna for $66 Billion




Teens sexually assaulted middle schooler in shower hazing ritual: suit


Drug company founder indicted in US-wide opioid conspiracy


Court: Ohio can require people with HIV to tell sex partners




Married substitute teacher, 26, 'seduced teen student on Snapchat then lured him to her house for sex and greeted him at the door in a robe'


Vegas Gunman’s Brother Reportedly ‘Terrorized’ Auto Shop


Michigan teens accused in rock tossing death threw objects from overpass before, cops say


Louisiana shooting: Suspect arrested after deadly US campus attack


Las Vegas shooting investigators find gunman's search history


New video of "person of interest" in 3 Florida killings


Drug company founder arrested for alleged opioid scheme


Cops: Husband's suicide note leads to missing teacher's body


Elementary school counselor arrested for relationship with student


Day care owner convicted of murder following death of infant


Tampa cops show more video of person of interest


Long Island man accused of sex with multiple horses


Man arrested for letting his 11-year-old nephew be his designated driver: report


Iowa couple charged with murder after 4-month-old son found dead and infested with maggots





Trump’s Border Wall Prototypes Unveiled




Obama CIA Director: Intel Committee Needs to Look at Clinton, DNC Dossier


Fusion GPS hiring murky by design, gives key Democrats dossier deniability


Why It Matters That The Clinton Campaign And DNC Funded The Dossier


Tom Perez: Expect ‘Double-Digit’ Democratic Field in 2020 Presidential Primary (Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez)


Tom Perez Says ‘Electoral College Is Not a Creation of the Constitution’ (It Is.)




Rex Murphy: There is a Clinton angle to every great scandal


New Kennedy assassination files don’t solve two main riddles


What The Hillary-Russia Collusion Scandal Does – And Doesn’t – Mean


The Coming Russia Bombshells


Panetta Wonders if Clinton Campaign Lawyer Let Podesta Lie to Congress


The three most interesting new JFK records


New JFK Files Reveal FBI Warning on Oswald, Mafia Plots


JFK assassination files show Hoover's frustration over Oswald's death, USSR reaction


The big JFK reveal that wasn't


Hillary Clinton 'Sex Tape' Was Made By Russian Trolls


De Blasio Donor Testifies, Reveals Multiple Instances of NYC Corruption (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


The Roots of the Dem’s Russia Obsession


Hillary’s very own Russian collusion connection


CIA, FBI among agencies lobbying to delay release of some JFK files


America showers Hillary with side-splitting birthday wishes


Mark Steyn on Fusion GPS dossier: 'Everyone is colluding with Russia except Trump'


Biden? REALLY? HA! WATCH Uncle Joe and Lady Gaga join forces in PSA against sexual assault


Dossier wielded by Democrats proves only Clinton campaign collusion with Russians


Trump Backtracks, Holds Off Releasing All JFK Assassination Files


2,800 JFK assassination records to be released tonight, others under further review




Trump-Russia Collusion Is Fake News — Fire Mueller, And End This Bogus Investigation (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


DOJ lifts gag order; former FBI informant can tell Congress about 2010 uranium deal


Justice Department Lifts Gag Order on FBI Informant in Uranium One, Russia Bribery Case


Sessions Slams Federal Judges for Overreach  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Sessions: 'Federal Laws Clearly Are in Effect' in States Where Marijuana is Legal




Wall St. powered higher by tech, Amazon results


Inventories, trade shield U.S. economy from hurricane headwinds


Nasdaq books biggest blowout victory against the Dow in 15 years


Jeff Bezos Passes Bill Gates to Become the World’s Richest Person


US Economy Grew at 3% Rate in 3rd  Quarter, Despite Storms


Treasury yields dip after news report says Trump favors Powell as next Fed chief


Cutting Corporate Tax Rate to 20% Projected to Create 587,000 Jobs, Lift Wages and GDP


Gold ends higher, but suffers a weekly loss                     


Asian shares gain after upbeat earnings from U.S. tech titans


Stock Gains Extend to Asia on Profit, U.S. Tax: Markets Wrap


Why Trump’s bull market is not done yet


Dollar enjoys best weekly gain of 2017





Why Megan McArdle Shouldn’t Lose Faith In School Choice Just Yet


Education Mayor? (The Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio(D) record is mixed, at best.)


I’m a Conservative at Princeton. Why My Fellow Student Is Wrong to Make War on Free Speech.


Yale sidelines English poets after complaints of ‘colonialism’


UC Berkeley Student Paper Retracts Anti-Semitic Alan Dershowitz Cartoon


Falling Behind  (Even though colleges have increased production of computer science bachelor’s degrees, it’s not enough to fill the jobs available in the field, according to a new report.)


‘Anti-Racist’: ‘I Will Always Call on My Black Women Students First’

Another Joy Karega at Rutgers?
(Recalling a case at Oberlin College, Rutgers investigates a professor for anti-Semitic Facebook comments he says he can't be sure he made.)


Brown enrolling Univ. of Puerto Rico students tuition-free


Congress Rallies Around Campus Free Speech  (Senate committee hearing largely affirms free speech efforts underway at colleges but is wary of continuing instances of students shutting down speeches.)


The Costumes Are Coming (Colleges are pilloried each October by conservative media for being overly concerned about students offended by Halloween costumes. But do those stories miss the hands-off approach colleges often take?)


Mathematics is…Whiteness


Black Clemson VP is IMPEACHED by students after sitting through pledge of allegiance in support of NFL protest


Feds to community college: Let the students talk


Alan Dershowitz: Berkeley quiet over anti-Semitic caricature of me


Columbia Students Under Investigation for Disruption of Conservative Event Banned From Future Events




Egypt kills 13 militants in raid on western desert farm


Why Is the Egyptian Government Afraid of a Rainbow Flag?




Top Democrat Wrongly Asserts Electoral College Isn’t in Constitution




Mark Cuban: ‘The Russians Had No Effect on the Election’




Christie Says He's Not Sure Trump Will Seek Second Term in 2020




Oil rally sends Brent crude above $60 for first time in more than 2 years


Energy Prices






EPA: Michigan should boost water safety in Flint, statewide




Lithuania buys Norwegian air defence system amid Russia fears





Spanish stocks end sharply lower as Catalonia moves to declare independence




AP Exclusive: Doctors clash over euthanasia for mentally ill




FBI to turn over anti-Trump dossier documents to Congress next week


FBI Informant's Lawyer -- Obama Admin 'Threatened' My Client And His Career




 FEMA disavows Puerto Rico power contract




'How Much Will the Germans Have to Pay?' (French President Emmanuel Macron represents an opportunity for Europe, one the Germans would be wise to take advantage of. It is doubtful, though, whether German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be able to act on the French president's bold vision.)


France: Mother of jihadist child-murderer says, “The prophet permits the killing of Jewish children”





How these Silicon Valley companies are disrupting the meat industry with their 'meatless meat'





Why are shops in Germany closed on Sundays?                   


Germans still soul-searching on 500th   anniversary of Martin Luther’s Reformation


Germany's AfD Struggling to Find Staffers in Berlin                               


Man jailed in Frankfurt for fighting with Somali Islamists


Coalition Talks Hit Finance Ministry Snag





Climate change might be worse than we thought





Google Preaches 'Net Neutrality,' Then Censors Conservative Videos?




Some Republicans label Bannon a white supremacist, angering Jewish conservatives


David Limbaugh: There Is No GOP Civil War


Ed Gillespie, Running Hard


Voters should see virtue in Virginia's Ed Gillespie


Former Clinton Spokesman Compares Ed Gillespie to Neo-Nazis        


Gillespie Gets Pence and CHQ Nod in VA Governor Race


Another woman comes forward claiming George H.W. Bush sexually assaulted her


GOP establishment declares 'open warfare' on Bannon





Orthodox leader blasts Greek transgender law as a ‘crime before God’




Obama’s No-Exception HHS Mandate: An Unnecessary Fight that Backfired


Why the Department of Health and Human Services should stop saying life begins at conception


‘No man’s land’: What it’s like to look for health insurance now that Trump has tried to undermine Obamacare


Study: Premiums for popular ACA plan up by 34 percent            




Increasing breathlessness leaves woman searching for answers


Fact Check: Do Drug Overdoses Kill More Americans Than Gun Homicides and Motor Vehicles?


 1-year-old dies after ingesting powerful synthetic opioid


Flesh-eating bacteria from Harvey debris kills Texas man


Walgreens stocking anti-opioid nasal spray Narcan





Flash: Breitbart News Releases Part 2 of Hollywood Insider Exposé


Weinstein Made Plans to Buy Rolling Stone Before Sexual Harassment Scandal


Hollywood under pressure to crack down on child sex abuse


Embedded in Hollywood: Breitbart Releases Exposé from Deep Inside Entertainment Industry Bubble


Report: Lisa Bloom Offered to Share ‘Sexual History’ of Weinstein Accuser as Opposition Research


Ashley Judd says she feared Weinstein would rape her so she made a 'deal' with him





Disney Channel Show Introduces First Ever Gay Storyline                                                                                                                       




California congresswoman alleges sexual harassment on Capitol Hill


423-2: House Passes Bill Targeting Iran’s Ballistic Missile Program


Rep. Joe Kennedy III: Too Early to Call for Trump's Impeachment


Here's Why Several New York Republicans Voted Against the Budget Resolution


Pennsylvania House Candidate May Have Skirted Campaign Finance Laws in Announcement Ad


Rep. Adam Schiff floats new probe over Trump's involvement in lifting FBI informant's gag order  (US Representative of California Adam Schiff (D)


Maxine Waters says she was targeted by Russian Twitter bots in effort to oust her from office  (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


House lawmakers urge VA secretary to research medical marijuana                                


Paul Ryan doesn't rule out changes to 401(k) plans    (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


After blasting Trump for call to Gold Star widow, lawmaker avoids D.C. as she faces ‘racist and rude’ threats (US Representative of Florida Frederica S Wilson (D)


House Republicans growing impatient with Russia probe


Car drives into immigration protesters outside Rep. Ed Royce's office


House panels investigating $300M Puerto Rico power grid contract


House Passes 2018 Budget in Effort to Move Tax Reform Forward


House Republicans narrowly pass budget


Here Are The 20 House Republicans Who Voted Against The GOP Budget





The Virginia Governor’s Race Has Exposed A Big Immigration Problem For Democrats




Torture of Pastor in India Ruins Livelihood, Hearing – but Not His Faith


'Black day' in Kashmir marks 1947 Indian army arrival


India wary as Japan, US seek quadrilateral with Australia


Swiss couple allegedly beaten near the Taj Mahal




Indonesia fireworks factory explosions kill at least 47 people





Deep State “Intelligence” Threatens Trump, Self-Government




Conservatives Targeted by IRS Celebrate Settlement


Trump Picks Replacement For Embattled IRS Chief John Koskinen




Here's how misguided internet witch hunts are ruining people's lives




The Iran Deal Is Dead. Long Live the Iran Deal.


U.S. is on a collision course with Iran





Al-Abadi halts military action against Kurdish forces in northern Iraq


Denied Again: Kirkuk and the Dream of an Independent Kurdistan


Iraq orders truce with Kurds to allow peaceful deployment at border crossings


Iraq Is Driving Out ISIS. But Can It End Sunni Alienation?





Michigan: Muslim mother who forced daughter to undergo FGM wants her ankle monitor removed, irritates her skin





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Friday, October 27, 2017)


Senior Hamas official survives assassination attempt


World judo must honor its own ethics code, stop UAE’s anti-Israel discrimination


Palestinian teen accused of attempted stabbing attack released from detention


Israel, Palestinians said back to full West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  security cooperation


Lib Jews and that inconvenient Israeli consensus


Ex-staffer says Sara Netanyahu made her use outside bathroom  (Wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Israeli settlers attack Palestinians picking olives near Hebron


Dutch government ‘obsessed’ with Israel, Simon Wiesenthal Center says


New Low: French Consulate in Jerusalem Awards ‘Human Rights’ Prize to Terrorist’s Proud Father


Firefighters battle massive day-old blaze west of Jerusalem


Head of Gaza security forces injured in explosion reportedly targeting his vehicle


Hamas leader blames Israel for assassination attempt on security commander


East & West Palestine or Hamastan vs. Fatahland


Wisconsin becomes latest state to pass anti-boycott Israel law


Israeli forces detain 5 Palestinians in overnight West Bank (Judea and Samaria raids


Politics: Prime ministering under pressure from probes


UN Launching $5 Billion Plan to ‘End Occupation,’ Blame Israel


The warped bias of anti-Israel boycotts                      





Shock Data: Bloomberg’s $50M/Year Gun Control Lobby




15 secrets that will make your marriage last FOREVER




Washington Free Beacon funded original Fusion GPS anti-Trump opposition effort


Hannity Hammers MSNBC, NBC Over Censorship of Uranium One Scandal


'He treated me like a dog!' Kathy Griffin brands Andy Cohen a 'misogynist' after her CNN NYE replacement pretends not to know who she is


How Team Hillary played the press for fools on Russia


Sean Hannity produces faith-based film starring Kevin Sorbo


Can the media survive on this path?


Revealed: Son of disgraced Fox News host Eric Bolling died of accidental overdose of drug cocktail including cocaine and deadly opioid fentanyl


Hey CNN, You Should Probably Pull This Post About The Trump Dossier


San Francisco Columnist Writes Justification for Death Threats to Trump Cabinet Official


Don Lemon Files Police Report After Receiving Death Threats: ‘Can’t Wait to Stab Your Neck’


Chris Matthews Wonders ‘Who’s Hiding What’ on JFK Assassination?




Is America Losing Its Credibility with the Middle East?


Calls In Saudi Arabia To Fight Hizbullah As Part Of War On Terror, For It Is 'More Dangerous Than ISIS And Al-Qaeda Put Together'  





James Mattis Walks Out Onto Kim Jong Un’s Doorstep. Here’s His Message.  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Mattis: North Korea tries to "threaten others with catastrophe" 


Navy saves 2 mariners lost in Pacific Ocean for 5 months; women express 'pure relief'


Pentagon acknowledges a second team was on the ground in Niger


Pentagon chief in South Korea amid North Korea nuke threats


Soldier testifies in Bergdahl trial: 'I thought I was going to definitely die'


Niger hearing signals increased cooperation between Hill, Pentagon


Graphic testimony heard in Bergdahl sentencing hearing


Federal judge bars Pentagon from blocking citizenship applications by immigrant recruits


Air Force retracts tweets claiming that Santa Claus isn’t real




Uh Oh: Labor Union's Minimum Wage Fight Hamstrung By Sexual Harassment Claims




Weather Service 'on Brink of Failure' With Hundreds of Vacant Jobs




Election Hacker and American Spy-Master Revealed





NATO challenges Russia on military drill numbers




Muslim Men Kidnap 12-Year-Old Christian Girl, Take Turns Raping Her, Then Tie Her Up And Burn Her With Cigarette Butts And The Police Refuse To Do Anything


Article By Former Afghan Intelligence Chief Amrullah Saleh Examines The Toxic Nature Of U.S.-Pakistan Relationship, Says Pakistan 'Does Strange Things, To The Extent Of Even Hurting Itself Sometimes'


Pakistan opposes supply of US armed drones to India


“Butcher of Pakistan” killed 70 people, then started trafficking Muslim migrants into Europe


Act on terror, or we’ll do it our way, US tells Pakistan


'If Pakistan fails to act against terrorists, US will get it done in a different way'


At Anti-Ahmadi Conferences In Pakistan, Islamic Clerics Declare: '[Ahmadi Muslims Are] Brokers Of The Zionist And Imperial powers, And Agents Of Israel'; '[They] Should Be Removed From All Important Positions [In The Military And Government Of Pakistan]'


Pakistan military claims to have shot Indian quadcopter




Latest Polls




Massive kiddie porn ring busted




Levin: US ‘May Not Survive’ When Our Institutions Are 'Rotting from Within’




Vladimir Putin Launches Four Ballistic Missiles in Nuclear Forces Drill Across Russia (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Putin Helped Who? Give Me a Break


Russian Scholar Dmitry Trenin: Moscow's 'New Grand Strategy' For The International Order 'Is Still In Gestation'


Kalashnikov Among Russian Firms Under Threat of U.S. Sanctions


Russia at War? Putin Says Moscow Foiled 30 Foreign Spies in One Year


Majority of Russians Ready to Hand Putin Fourth Term


Russia buys more gold, intensifies activities in Asia to bury the US dollar


The Oligarchs Are Next: Russian Businessmen Prepare for U.S. Sanctions


Russia may set up maintenance center for MC-21 aircraft in Uzbekistan

He’s a maniac who’s going to get us NUKED: Newly released JFK files reveal how the Soviets feared they were going to get blamed for putting Lee Harvey Oswald up to assassinating Kennedy


Islamic State releases poster of soccer star weeping blood in threat to Russia World Cup 2018





Illinois lawmakers reject gun "bump stock" ban


ICYMI: Gun Control Advocates Are About To Get More In Our Faces





Senate demands Twitter disclose WikiLeaks direct messages


Feinstein sends Russia inquiries to White House, Facebook, Twitter  (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)


Hatch denies he's decided to retire to make way for Romney


Orrin Hatch Tells Friends He Plans to Retire (US Senator of Utah Orrin Hatch (R)


Senate Democrats warned against double standard for female judicial nominees


Schumer blocking two Trump trade nominees  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


 Feinstein blasts 'immoral travesty' after immigration agents detain girl with cerebral palsy  (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)


Sasse Hits GOP Senate Candidate: ‘The Constitution Is Pretty Dang Clear About Not Having a Religious Litmus Test’ (US Senator of Nebraska Ben Sasse(R)


Winning: Mitch Floats Senate Working Through Thanksgiving Break (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


McCain Marks 50-Year Anniversary of His Capture in Vietnam (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Exclusive — Jerry Falwell Jr. Endorses Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate


John McCain blames Niger killings on budget cuts: 'We should be embarrassed'




Capitol Hill’s sexual harassment policy ‘toothless,’ ‘a joke’


After Criticism, Mika Offers Stronger Rebuke of Halperin's Behavior


HBO Cancels Miniseries Affiliated With Mark Halperin


Rhode Island official quits Democratic Party after dismissing lawmaker's sexual harassment claims


‘I don’t want to sit on your lap,’ she thought. But, she alleges, Mark Halperin insisted.


MSNBC Halts Ties With Halperin After Harassment Claims 


Former ABC colleagues knew of Mark Halperin sex harassment accusations




Socialism’s Big Lie




Twitter urged firms to delete data during 2016 campaign


American Social Media Silence Chinese Dissident


SOCIAL SECURITY               


This is why you shouldn’t count on Social Security


Combined Social Security Spending for 2017 Tops $1 Trillion for First time




Former Argentina president denies bombing cover-up plot in court




Some Chinese Travel Agencies Resume Package Tours to Korea


'Our goal is not war': South Korea, US defense chiefs                  


iPhone 8 preorders begin in Korea amid weak global sales record


Toxic chemicals found near US base in Bupyeong                 


U.S. Hits Korean Steelmakers with Anti-Dumping Duties


Koreans Hold 3rd  'Most Powerful' Passport in the World




Mysterious object from deep space enters solar system


Report: Trump Must Team up With Private Business to Preserve U.S. Edge in Space




Breaking neutrality, Spanish Jews come out against Catalan independence


Spain to impose direct rule over Catalonia after region declares independence


Analysis: Catalonia's vote and Spain's rigidity


Catalonia: Crisis deepens as region's president rules out snap election





Tiger Woods pleads guilty in DUI case


Breaking News: Tiger Woods sentenced to 12 months probation and mandatory drug treatment after pleading guilty to reckless driving following DUI arrest


Disney’s ESPN readies new round of layoffs amid subscriber slide


Poll: Number of voters who consider kneeling during anthem appropriate ticks up


League's popularity takes major hit amid national anthem protests, Fox News poll shows


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard




Two dead as snow, ice make for treacherous driving around Minnesota


Massachusetts is considering leaving the Eastern Time Zone


Texas Speaker’s Exit Relieves Longtime Roadblock To Conservative Policies


Battle Brews Over Bid to Rewrite New York Constitution


Gillespie’s ads are poisonous to Virginia and the nation


Maryland governor fights against removal of 92-year-old ‘Peace Cross’


Heavy rain and wind forecast to hammer East Coast





OOPS: State Department Employees Were Preparing A Party For Hillary On Election Night


Report: State Department Closes Office Overseeing Sanctions Policy


Rex Tillerson Takes On South Asia  (US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson)


Scott Brown: more complaints surface over behaviour of US ambassador to New Zealand




“They killed children and women with knives”: Islamic State jihadis slaughter scores of civilians in Christian village




Ahead of Trump trip, China urges U.S. not to allow Taiwan president in


Foreign offices express support for Taiwan gay pride parade


Taiwan president making state visits amid China stalemate


Chinese Academic Explains What US-Taiwan Arms Deal May Lead to





Tax reform and the bottom line




Meet the first-ever robot citizen — a humanoid named Sophia that once said it would 'destroy humans'


Robots will be 100 times smarter than humans in 30 years, tech exec says





Almost all American ISIS fighters unaccounted for, sparking fears they could slip through cracks and return





Thailand: Crowds say farewell to father of the nation




Why Trump Should Keep NAFTA’s Investment Protection Provisions




Close cooperation on Belt and Road to fuel Chinese investments in Turkey


Amnesty's Turkey chief Kilic denies terror links at trial     




Will Big Labor dare to listen to what its members want?





FTSE 100 steps higher as British pound weakens


May urges sexual harassment victims in Parliament to speak out (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


UK says Russia undermining action against chemical weapon citing Syria “cover up”


Minister: North Korea Behind Cyber Ransom Attack on NHS


UK: Vicar bans Onward Christian Soldiers hymn from Remembrance Sunday service in case it offends non-Christians


UK: 12 Muslims charged with raping eight underage girls over five years


NHS must 'get its act together’ or suffer a bigger cyber attack, says National Audit Office 


Afternoon heart surgery has lower risk of complications, study suggests         


Young people 'failed by mental health care'                


Scottish Government considering action on junk food to tackle obesity


Couple live streamed child abuse to US                                       


Prisons UK high-security jails lose one in four officers under Conservatives


Body clock 'affects surgery survival' 


Retail industry: Lloyds Pharmacy closes 190 stores, blaming government cuts


Youth crime disclosure rules 'must change'                                


Police arrest half as many people as they did a decade ago despite record levels of crime


Third of charity fraud involved volunteers


Retail industry: Alarm sounds over state of UK high street as sales crash


Voting opens in Scots Labour leader race


Theresa May earning £10,000 a year from central London flat (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Man charged over MP murder threat


Unfinished Mary, Queen of Scots portrait could be hidden behind 1589 painting




UN ‘shocked’ by images of ‘deliberately starved’ Syrian children


U.N. experts say Syria is responsible for April chemical attack






Trump Directs State, USAID to Bypass United Nations, Deliver U.S. Aid More Directly to Christians, Yazidis In Iraq





Pope discusses life's biggest questions with International Space Station crew


Pope Encourages Young US Immigrants to Keep Dreaming





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump blasts 'wacky & totally unhinged' Tom Steyer after impeachment ad campaign


Trump wanted gag order lifted for FBI informant


Hillary colluded with Russia and I didn't: Trump tweets that it is now 'commonly agreed' that he is in the clear - but his rival wasn't


White House: Federal gov't had ‘nothing to do with’ Puerto Rico Whitefish contract


Trump’s opioid epidemic speech was ‘the best presentation of issue I’ve heard in over a decade’


Pence to U.S. troops on North Korea: 'Be ready' (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Trump knows there's no silver bullet for the opioid epidemic


It's Trump's party now


It’s all about the president now


Donald Trump recalls death of brother Fred from alcoholism, promotes abstinence campaign


Trump was an election surprise. Expect more. Trump was an election surprise. Expect more.


Words, Not Action, From Mr. Trump on Opioids


God bless all the anti-Trump Republicans


Krugman: Trump’s $700 Billion Gift to Wealthy Foreigners


White House mulls raising gas tax


To pass the tax cut, GOP leaders better listen to Trump


White House won't say if JFK assassination papers show whether Ted Cruz's father really WAS with Lee Harvey Oswald before the shooting


Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump Announces Designation of Opioid Epidemic as Public Health Crisis


Critics say Trump's opioid announcement didn't go far enough


Trump to withhold some JFK records



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