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Tuesday, October 24, 2017






In Today’s Issue: 




Alexander-Murray Bill to “Fix” Obamacare Would Spend $21 Billion on Health Care Plans Funding Abortions


Missouri Judge Rules Against Planned Parenthood in Abortion Restriction Case


Popular Mommy Blogger Constance Hall Under Fire for Joking About Considering an Abortion


Rock is dead. Planned Parenthood killed it.


Shocking Video Catches Planned Parenthood Showing Off Aborted Baby Parts: “This is an Arm, This is a Leg”


To argue in favor of abortion, you have to abandon reason


Appeals Court Forces Trump Admin to Facilitate Illegal Immigrant’s Abortion


How long can the Trump administration prevent a 17-year-old immigrant from getting an abortion? Case tests limit


Missouri Law Takes Effect That Will Stop Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics From Reopening


With no court order stopping it, Missouri's new abortion law set to take effect Tuesday


If The Media Covered Planned Parenthood Like It Covers Guns, Here’s What It Would Look Like


A Penn student group protested abortion on College Green with graphic photos of aborted fetuses


Missouri Judge Rejects Planned Parenthood Request to Block 72-Hour Waiting Period Before Abortion


Former baby parts harvester recalls first day at work: ‘You can feel the death’


Pennsylvania Legislators Propose Resolution Condemning Abortion of Babies With Down Syndrome


[On This Day] Five-Year Sniper Attacks On Abortion Doctors


Maine Pro-Life Voters Should Oppose Question 2, Which Would Fund Abortions With Your Tax Dollars


The GOP’s Abortion Ban Is About Politics, Not Science


Twitter Censors Pro-Life Group: “No Advertiser is Permitted to Use the Phrase ‘Killing Babies'”


U.N.'s abortion plan facing fight ... from U.N.


Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Opens Clinic Next to Arcade to Target Youth  (Toronto, Canada)


Abortion: 'Hardship' travel grant for NI women


Teen’s Parents Took Her for Abortion After She Was Raped, But Doctors Refused to Kill the Baby (India)


Two more women from Maharashtra to move SC seeking abortion (India)


Head of Human Rights Group: Killing Unborn Babies in Abortions Should be a “Human Right”  (Ireland)


UK abortion activists want to ban pro-life vigil outside abortion clinic




Number of kids exposed to HIV by infected school aide doubles





The Afghanistan Illusion


Crude doctoring of Tillerson's Afghanistan photo-op sets Internet abuzz (US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson)





Muslims Target Pastor with Criminal Accusation in Zanzibar, Tanzania


In Niger—and other African Countries, the United States Uses Smart Power


Somali diaspora: Blast will not stop effort to rebuild homeland


Kenya set to hold controversial election rerun as ballot papers arrive

Ivory seizures 'hit record levels'





Flight diverted to JFK Airport after hitting birds




Undermining America  (Why the left is intensifying attacks on the Founding Fathers and the origins of the US.)




ACLU rejects Christian baker’s free speech claim: ‘This is not about the cake’





Italian soccer club Lazio slammed for anti-Semitic depiction of Anne Frank


Vandalized Philadelphia Jewish graveyard gets a new beginning





Earning Up to $500,000, Fresh Out of Graduate School



ASX in holding pattern as banks slip


It's been a quiet session for the Australian dollar, and that looks set to continue today


Is the ASX set for a bear market?


Teen says Great White attack like everything in ’Jaws’


Husband arrested after Aussie teacher shot dead in Kenya


'Idiots of the century' Men photographed inside Australian crocodile trap


The 'loophole' that allowed this gay couple to marry in Australia




Auto industry tells Trump 'We're winning with NAFTA'




Ha: Illegal Immigrants Jump Border Fence During MSNBC Report on Trump's Wall




TSX boosted by financial, industrial sectors as the loonie drops


Video: Robert Spencer responds to Toronto Star piece claiming imam didn’t call for killing of Jews


Gonna make you sweat: Canada police fine man for 'screaming' 90s hit in car


'Sweating' blood: Mysterious case leaves Canadian experts searching for answers


Canada decides who crosses our border, ‘not the Kremlin,’ says Goodale


Liberals 'double down' on deficit spending amid improving economic outlook


Quebec justice minister apologizes for confusion around new face-covering law


Quebec softens some provisions of face-covering law Bill 62


Health Canada knew it was failing First Nation children: docs


Ont. Liberals acquitted in Sudbury byelection bribery trial


Which industry best creates wealth and reduces poverty in Canada? Resources (as usual)


Smart car model under investigation bursts into flames on Highway 417


M-103 committee hears calls for data and definition of Islamophobia





Deaths from Maria increase to 51 in Puerto Rico


Small Montana firm lands Puerto Rico’s biggest contract to restore electricity





US Interests Intertwined with Guatemalan Mining Operation





Psychic Uri Geller claims he was hired by the CIA to investigate JFK's assassination and he met with Jackie Kennedy to reveal his 'shocking' findings




Xi set to surprise critics with consensus appointments  (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


Chinese Communist Party Elevates Xi Jinping to Same Status as Mao


Chinese President cements his grip on power with rare party move


Coup in China? Bad If There Was, Worse If There Wasn’t


Study: China's Air Pollution Cuts Solar Panel Effectiveness


Trump to demand China does more to rein in North Korea





Why America Must Find a Diplomatic Solution to the North Korea Crisis


N.Korea Still Owes Sweden for Volvos Bought 43 Years Ago


UN Adds More Items to List of Banned N.Korean Products


North Korea may be building biological weapons


Panetta: Trump should 'lower the volume of rhetoric' on North Korea (Former Secretary of Defense Leon E Panetta)





This Is Rich: Democrats Fight To Protect A $1.8 Trillion Tax Break That Benefits The Top 1%


As Congress ramps up VA health care debate, more voices join fight


Democrats Should Embrace Impeachment




Obama-Appointed Judge Will Determine If Bank Has To Reveal Who Paid Fusion GPS


Teens charged with murder after allegedly tossing rocks from overpass


Judge: Trump's health care cuts don't pose immediate threat


Prosecutor: Shooting on San Francisco pier was intentional


Murder jury is told illegal Mexican immigrant could NOT have accidentally fired gun and killed woman in case which became focal point of Donald Trump's election immigration policy





'No rhyme or reason': Tampa scrambling to solve 3 mystery killings


Texas dad admits moving body of adopted girl, punished for not drinking milk


Rape suspect had been charged with sex abuse in September and released, officials say


Father desperate for answers after Tampa killings


Illegal immigrant who paved way for Massachusetts’ ‘sanctuary’ policy arrested in stunning robbery


Family of 21-year-old college student badly injured in massacre demands answers


Jogger spots armor-piercing tank round in street, bomb squad called


Woman kills neighbor breaking into home: cops


L.A.'s first lady: Sexual abuse is everywhere in L.A., and it's behind our most challenging social problems





5 Ways To Know If We’ve Won The Culture War




DHS, FBI Warn Companies of Ongoing Cyber Attacks on Critical Infrastructure




Hillary Clinton’s Top Aides Still Being Paid by Campaign Nearly One Year After Defeat


'Collusion' claims boomerang on Dems as Hillary, Obama face fresh allegations


Iowa Democratic Party Chair Hints at Political Future for Alec Baldwin: ‘This Is Just Going to Be the Beginning’


Dismantling The Deep State: From JFK to HRC


Now Democrats have a Russia problem




Zinke funneled millions to questionable PACs (Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke)


Trump Offers The Biggest Sale Of Offshore Drilling Rights In US History




Mueller Investigates Podesta  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Limbaugh reveals theory on secret reason for Mueller probe




3M, Caterpillar power Dow to record


Dow ends at record thanks to Caterpillar, 3M gains


Stocks Rise With Dollar on Economic Optimism: Markets Wrap


10-year Treasury yield climbs to five-month high                


Projection: 11.5 Million Jobs Added to Economy Over the Next Decade


Dollar holds close to two-week high ahead of flurry of central bank meetings


Asian shares hover near recent highs; China Congress eyed


Asia Stocks Mixed After U.S. Drop; Yen Near Low: Markets Wrap


Surprise: It’s Not The GOP’s Middle Class Tax Cuts That Will Benefit The Middle Class


Gold ends at more-than-2-week low





Georgetown may defund student group for defending Church teaching on marriage


University of Wisconsin-Madison Students Protest Abraham Lincoln Statue Because ‘He Owned Slaves’


Exclusive: UC Berkeley Chancellor Issues Heated Response To Daily Cal's Dershowitz Cartoon


Would you like to meet the white supremacist who painted ‘KKK’ at Eastern Michigan University?


Math Is 'White Privilege,' Professor Claims


Georgetown students branded ‘hate group’ for traditional marriage stance


Expectations, Race and College Success


US colleges refuse to ease sex assault rules despite slew of lawsuits filed by accused


Public College, Industry Credentials


How an Ivy got less preppy: Princeton draws surge of students from modest means


School demands Republicans ante up for security (UCLA refuses to set limits on what it will charge to allow student group's guest speaker.)


Columbia Professor: Speech From Right-Wing Politician Constituted ‘An Act of Violence’


Parents 'livid' over graphic middle school sex-ed


San Diego schools close early as excessive heat wave bears down


Trump scarecrow stirs debate at elementary school





Islamic Terrorists Charge Into Church And Murder Seven People





Liberals Claim Electoral College Is Biased. Here Are the Facts.





Harvard prof sues to alter presidential-election system




U.S. oil benchmark settles at a 6-month high


Energy Prices


A Big Easy Windfall: Trial Lawyers Take Aim At Louisiana's Oil Industry


Trump energy policies push market forces to crush coal industry


Just say 'no' to Arctic Refuge drilling





Despite ecological worries, Americans seem nowhere near their last straw





Trump's environmental chief to spend $2 million on security (Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt)


‘Let us do our job’: Anger erupts over EPA’s apparent muzzling of scientists





Boliden and Whitbread’s drops help send Stoxx Europe 600 to lower finish


Austria: Books preaching Islamic jihad found in prison library, placed by anti-Semitic Muslim group


Austria’s Kurz seeks coalition with far-right Freedom Party


‘Soros Plan’: Hungary Slams EU ‘Institutionalisation of Mass Migration’ with New Asylum Rules




Air Canada landing prompts another FAA probe





FBI releases documents on Newtown school shooting


James Comey's 'secret' Twitter account revealed (Former FBI Director James Comey)


Why did James Comey name his secret Twitter account ‘Reinhold Niebuhr’? Here’s what we know.


Analysis: Comey confirms he's 'Reinhold Niebuhr'


FBI informant’s testimony sought as Clinton-Russia uranium case re-emerges





Coal industry tells FERC the last 7 years was a catastrophe it must now fix





Why Trump should name himself new chair of the Federal Reserve





Steve Bannon Launches His Big Foreign Policy Crusade




War: Shadowy group that targeted Fox takes aim at Mercer Foundation




Why schools are to blame for the French being so glum


French push for EU tax on US tech giants meets Irish resistance


French president Macron cements first stage of EU reform agenda




German Government Declares That They Will Be Training And Arming The Kurdish Forces. This Will Only Lead To More Violence And Christian Persecution


Hostile mood at first Bundestag sitting, as AfD compares rivals to Nazis


German universities among world's best for science subjects, study finds


Trial starts of women who tied up their ex and left him naked in the woods


'Younger, fewer women': 10 things to know about the new German Bundestag




California Governor Vows to Sue Trump Over Climate Change


Congressional 'Climate Change' Report Relies On Work Funded By The Democrat's Largest Donor


Government report calls on Trump to act on climate change


400 Scientific Papers in 2017 Say ‘Global Warming’ Is a Myth


U.S. companies act on climate despite Trump: survey


Nicaragua signs Paris climate deal, leaving US, Syria as only countries out





Google Announces Plan To Build Domed Cities On Earth!


Google's latest iPhone rival off to a rocky start





GAO: Trump should craft strategy to deal with economic harm of climate change





HHS Strategic Plan: Right Idea, Wrong Science


Fmr. Obama Adviser: Sanders’ Health Care Plan ‘Will Sink the Democrats’


Iowa withdraws proposal to opt out of Affordable Care Act





Conjoined twins survived one of the world’s rarest surgeries. Now they’re preparing to go home.




Lessons From the Past — Including North Korea’s





'People brought young actresses to his hotel': George Clooney demands those who left victims with Harvey Weinstein be held accountable as he speaks out with Julianne Moore and Matt Damon


Will New York’s Attorney General be allowed to subpoena Malia Obama?


Mark Wahlberg Asked God to Forgive Him for Boogie Nights


New York attorney general launches probe of Weinstein Co.


Amal Clooney 'faced sexual harassment in legal world' says husband George Clooney





Rare trove of papers believed lost in Holocaust go on display in US


Director apologizes for Holocaust statement about Hasidic Jews




Two House Panels Launch Investigation Into FBI’s 2016 Decisions


House committees mount probes into Uranium One, Clinton emails


Democrats Now Fundraising Off Of Gold Star Families


Looks Like the Personal Really Is Political


House Conservatives Say Tax Bill Draft Is Coming Within Days


Judge to decide if House committee has access to Fusion GPS bank records


Promises made by Trump narrow GOP options on tax bill (US Representative of Texas Kevin Brady (R), who chairs the House Ways and Means Committee, declined to make a firm commitment on timing for tax legislation. Lawmakers face competing pressures as they try to deliver big tax cuts while minimizing the effect on the deficit.)


Left and Right roles reverse on moral outrage after Maxine Waters comments  (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen set to meet with House Intelligence Committee Tuesday 




Texas man dies of infection from Harvey cleanup




U.S. Will Resume Admitting Refugees But Impose Stricter Vetting





US hopes to cut the Gordian knot of India-Pakistan rivalry


Tillerson’s Views on India Defy Trump’s Incoherent Foreign Policy     (US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson)


Leaders should focus on execution to drive impact


India rape: Bystanders ignored Vishakhapatnam attack





“Moderate” Indonesia: Muslims threaten to disrupt Christian celebration, force its cancellation




Iran sentences alleged Mossad agent to death


Trump Admin Expected to Kill Landmark Boeing Plane Sales to Iran


Poll finds broad support for renegotiating nuclear deal with Iran





Iraq PM challenges Tillerson on Iran remarks (US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson)


With Islamic State out of Iraq, U.S. loses remarkably unified coalition

Iraq rebuffs Tillerson over militias




Former Vogue model spent years in Muslim billionaire’s harem as his “pleasure wife”


Muslim Candidates Aim for House, Senate and a Governor's Mansion


Honor Killing Victim Jessica Mokdad's Mother Leaves Islam and Apologizes





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Tuesday, October 24, 2017)


Settler leaders mount tent protest outside PM’s house over security funds (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


How can anyone blame Netanyahu for future conflict with Iran?


Palestinian Columnist: While Calling For National Liberation And Advocating Human Rights, We Continue To Allow Underage Marriage


176 new homes set for approval in Jewish enclave in East Jerusalem


Fatah seeks "true partnership" with Hamas; Neither will give up violence


Netanyahu: World must take care of Kurds’ future


Israel delivers demolition notices, cuts off water to homes in Silwan


Brigadier General Kahane Suspended, IDF Brass Kicking another Gifted Orthodox Commander under the Bus (Israel Defense Forces)


IDF arrests 2 Palestinians for trying to attack settler


Israeli settlers throw stones at Palestinian homes in Hebron-area village


After unity deal, Qatar to fund new Palestinian gov’t HQ in Gaza


Police Seize Illegal Weapons, Drugs, Cash in Eastern Jerusalem Raid


Israeli forces detain 19 Palestinians in overnight West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  raids


Poor IDF recruits earn cash taking on fellow soldiers’ guard duty


Chaos in Jerusalem


Watch: 1,000 new precision missiles to boost IDF's offensive capabilities


Israeli forces escort Israelis onto Al-Aqsa compound 


Myanmar's isn't the only shady regime to gain from Israeli arms sales


Report: 10 ISIS-Linked Terrorists Killed in Possible Israeli Air Strike in Syria


Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox block Jerusalem entrance in draft protests


Supporters of Israel Boycott ‘Disproportionately’ Affiliated With Gender, Ethnic, Middle East Studies


Our Taxpayer Funded Palestinian Saddam


Palestinian Activists Build Monument Commemorating Saddam Hussein





Abe’s win in Japan is good news for US (Japanese Prime Minister  Shinzo Abe)




Studies reveal power of liberal bias among politically active internet giants




Blackout: Russia-Obsessed Media Strangely Subdued on Democrat-Tied Stories


Don Lemon's open letter to President Trump: 'Please stop!'


A Century of Murder and Illusion (The New York Times' continuing romance with an evil ideology cries out for an answer.)


President Trump Is Right: The Media Escape Accountability


‘I know because I complained’: Megyn Kelly calls out Bill O’Reilly in extraordinary monologue


Fox News fires John Huddy HOURS after his O’Reilly-accusing sister Juliet appeared on the Today Show with Megyn Kelly to discuss her settled harassment allegations


Bill O'Reilly is 'mad at God' because he paid $32 million to settle sexual harassment claim





Saudis face daunting challenge in drawing Iraq away from Iran


Robots to roam $500 billion Saudi city


Anti-ISIS Territorial Battle Enters Final Phase in Euphrates River Valley


Saudi Arabia announces $500 billion mega city project


Saudi Crown Prince Pledges Return to ‘Moderate’ Islam


Saudi foreign minister dismisses Qatar spat as ‘non-issue’


Russia’s ominous return to the Middle East


After ISIS: Hope in Iraq and new storm clouds in Syria


Steve Bannon: Qatar is just as important as North Korea




Is the U.S. Navy Weak? The Chinese Seem to Think So.


Poll: Military More Approving Of Trump Than American Public Is


'Something was off': Niger attack survivor says US troops were stalled by a village elder before they were ambushed by 50 terrorists after patrolling the rural area for 24 HOURS straight


Inside the "unblinking eye" tasked with defending America in space


Pentagon revises timeline of Niger ambush


'He died fighting for his brothers,' Niger ambush survivor says of fallen US soldier


Caught in a deadly ambush, U.S. troops were on their own far longer than originally thought


Dunford pledges more transparency on Niger attack (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph F Dunford Jr)


Poll: Nearly 25% of Troops Report Seeing White Nationalism in Military


Army Special Forces medic receives Medal of Honor


F-35s hobbled by parts shortages, slow repairs, audit finds


Caught in a deadly ambush, US troops in Niger waited an hour for French air power to arrive


Dunford: US soldiers ambushed in Niger fought for an hour before calling for help


The Air Force hasn’t used nuclear ‘alert pads’ since the Cold War. Now they’re being upgraded.


Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s Odd Journey From Victim to Criminal


Bergdahl judge says he can be fair despite Trump's comments


Military Times Poll: Enlisted Troops Like Trump, Officers Don't




US and Allies Hold Missile Defense Drills in the Face of Nuclear Threat





Stevie Wonder Performs National Anthem On Knees





U.S. Pulls Military Assistance to Myanmar Over Rohingya Abuses


Myanmar Bear has giant tongue removed by team of vets




The plants that NASA scientists say you NEED in your bedroom to beat colds, tight chests and insomnia




Park Service Cancels Funding for Project ‘Honoring Legacy’ of Black Panther Party





Raytheon's SM-3 intercepts medium-range target during NATO exercise


The Alt-Right And Neo-Nazis Are Using Instructions From NATO To Spread And Revive Nazism


NATO Plans to Add Two New Commands to Counter Russia Threat





 Are YOU vitamin D deficient? 6 signs even your doctor might miss 




In first sit-down interview, Caitlan Coleman tells of forced abortion, disputes official account of her rescue in Pakistan


Pakistani Law Minister Rana Sanaullah: 'Compared With Any Non-Muslim Minority, Qadianis [Ahmadi Muslims] Are More Dangerous To Allah And The Religion Of Allah'


Pakistan vows cooperation in fight against terrorist groups


Tillerson in Pakistan with a tough message on 'safe havens'


Pakistan gives Tillerson frosty welcome after US warns over Taliban havens




Why both major US parties look doomed




Lawrence O’Donnell and the Left’s Culture of Racism




Putin At The Valdai International Discussion Club Conclave Part II: If The U.S. Withdraws From The INF Treaty, 'Our Response Would Be Immediate, I Would Like To Repeat This Warning'   (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Russia's Interfax News Agency Site Down After Hack


Moscow journalist stabbed by Israeli moved to intensive care


Russian Police Threaten to Kill Navalny Supporters After They Compare Police Wages to Sweden


The Russia-Iran Axis: An Existential Threat To Israel –


Moscow nears ‘mission accomplished’ in Syria


U.S. to restore travel permit for Putin critic Bill Browder


How Russia Used YouTube’s Reach to Sow Propaganda


Sorry, conspiracy theorists: US democracy isn’t that cheap


Kaspersky Lab founder won't move firm out of Russia





After Nevada hosts a gun show, California sees sharp rise in gun-related injuries and deaths


Michael Bloomberg just made Virginia's governor race a referendum on gun control






GOP Senator and Former CEO Warns: ‘Important’ to Do Tax Reform in 2017, Not Later


Moore forms fundraising pact with national GOP (GOP Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore)


Senate Passes Hurricane Relief Bill Granting Puerto Rico Loans


Sen. Jeff Flake says he won't seek re-election in 2018  (US Senator of Arizona Jeff Flake (R) 


Flake's Blistering Attack on Trump Is the Latest Crack in GOP Unity


McConnell says GOP is "on same page" on tax reform after Trump policy lunch  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Schumer to Trump: Quit 'Daily Compulsion to Engage in Twitter Feuds' (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Kid Rock Announces He Won’t Run for the Senate in 2018


We Need More Conservatives Running For The U.S. Senate


Many Calif. Dems silent on backing Feinstein  (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)


Corker: Trump meeting with GOP on tax reform is just a 'photo op'  (US Senator of Tennessee Bob Corker (R)


Sen. Durbin Announces Opposition to Sinclair Merger (US Senator of Illinois Richard Durbin (D)


Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin to attend Trump's opioid speech   (US Senator of West Virginia Joe Manchin III (D)


Before dumping Hillary Clinton, Sen. Joe Manchin said she 'should be the next president'





A top chef steps down after sexual harassment allegations




What Is 'Democratic Socialism'?




22-year-old student possibly abducted on backpacking trip (Police are investigating the case of a 22-year-old Canadian student who went missing in Peru as a possible abduction.)


Brazil: Police shoot dead Spanish tourist in Rio de Janeiro favela




Chinese Cruise Passenger Numbers Plummet Amid THAAD Boycott


[Exclusive] LG Electronics launches new R&D base in UK for automotive business


Hospital professor assaulted 11 medical residents over two years


Made-in-NK clothing sold in South





ISIS threatens World Cup finals


MLB Surpasses NFL in Popularity


Halftime Woe (In its season of trials and misfortune, the NFL turns to… Justin Timberlake?)


ESPN pulls the plug on new show after just 1 episode amid tensions with lewd content partner


Is Janet Jackson banned from the Super Bowl?


Jesse Jackson Compares NFL To “Picking Cotton Balls” [Video]


NFL’s $205 Million Man Is Hated by Everyone But Those Who Matter


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard




Virginia man sentenced for shooting, running over bald eagle 'menace'


California hit with 2nd  day of stifling heat


New York State Bans Vaping Where Cigarettes Already Prohibited


Christie denies making remark about Trump, opioid crisis (Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie (R)


West Virginia gov. declares state of emergency over fire


New Jersey governor candidate embraces Trump’s stance against sanctuary cities


Records fall across region in SoCal heat wave; triple-digit temperatures forecast for World Series




Supreme Court tosses remaining travel ban case




Data from fallen Raqqa identifies 19,000 of 40,000 foreign fighters


Inside ISIS' coliseum of death: Syria sports stadium converted to killing field


Syria: Shocking images of starving baby reveal impact of food crisis




India's Dangerous Taiwan Gambit


China Youth Corps denies KMT link


Tsai meets Russel, hails stable relations with US  (President Tsai Ing-wen)


Number of married couples in decline; singles hit 4.4m


Air quality poor in central and southern Taiwan       




Vanadium: The Metal We Can’t Do Without And Don’t Produce





New AP Stylebook requires journalists to lie about transgenders




Turkey says Greece should not become haven for coup plotters


Of Marriage & Divorce: Ankara Accused Of Violating Women’s Rights


Amid visa row, Turkey's Justice Ministry cancels U.S. visit


 Turkey and Qatar: Behind the strategic alliance


 Somali PM Hassan Ali Khayre to visit Turkey





U.K. stocks end slightly higher, weighed by Whitbread’s slide on Costa concerns


UK: Hamas applauds Labour Party leader’s snub of Balfour Centenary Dinner


 Britain’s near-brush with Fascism: The politician who rooted for Hitler


UK: 100,000 Muslims sign up for polygamous dating site


Brexit No transition period without final EU trade deal, May tells MPs  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Prisoners allowed to use laptops to order meals from their cells, inspection report reveals  


Exclusive Government spent £370,000 losing air pollution legal battles


MSPs to vote on ‘immediate ban’ on fracking in Scotland


The Queen's horses win £7million in prize money 


Patients most at risk of heart attack and stroke less likely to get statins


Britain to give Canada the John Franklin expedition shipwrecks, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror


Operating theatres 'waste two hours a day'


Overseas patients charged up to £15,000 for operations under new NHS rules 


'Leave us alone': Furious EU lashes out over Brexit leaks


MP quits committee over homophobic remarks


RAF recruits cyber experts to probe planes' weaknesses


Disabled 'losing out on jobs' due to cap




Travel ban ends, new screening rules coming


Target hears its customers: Cool the "Christmas creep"




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Corker: Trump debases the nation


Insults fly as president’s Twitter war with Tennessee senator reignites


Protester throws Russian flags at Trump


Trump tries to rally Senate Republicans after reigniting civil war


One Year Later, Coastal Elites Still Don’t Understand Why Voters Turned To Trump


With 57 false claims, Donald Trump shatters his one-week record for dishonesty


White House says Kelly shouldn’t apologize to Rep. Wilson over ‘empty barrel’ comment (White House Chief of Staff John Kelly)


White House: Trump plans to visit Camp Humphreys, but not Korean DMZ


Sanders says Trump rising above hostile media, dysfunctional Congress (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)


Sarah Sanders pledges more on-the-record sourcing from White House


Bannon credits Trump for defeating ISIS


Trump blasts NFL players for ‘total disrespect’ after about two dozen refuse to stand for flag


In sparring with a grieving widow, Trump follows his no-apology playbook


Trump's $25K check to Gold Star family dated same day as Post report


Trump Opposes 401(k) Change, Roiling Debate Over Tax Bill


Sarah Sanders: The media should appreciate 'our side' more


Frenzy builds as tax legislation nears


Ralph Nader: Trump’s Anti-Consumer Agenda Hurts His Voters


Sarah Sanders: Niger not a 'defining moment' of Trump presidency


Ivanka Trump pushes GOP tax plan at Pennsylvania town hall


'Choose kindness,' Melania Trump tells US schoolkids as part of her anti-bullying campaign


 Trump sought dissident's expulsion after hand-delivered letter from China




Bored at work? Well, workers admit to being bored more than 10 hours a week.




WHO's sickening honor for butcher Mugabe




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