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Monday, October 23, 2017





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Pro-Life Leaders Urge Caution After Bomb Threat at 40 Days for Life Prayer Event


The Government Must Facilitate an Abortion, a D.C. Court Is Poised to Rule


Pro-Life Leaders Urge Caution After Bomb Threat at 40 Days for Life Prayer Event


Abortion, immigration dilemmas: Feds under short deadline to resolve case for Mexican girl


Abortion Activist Vandalizes Pro-Life Groups Sign With Hate-Filled Profanity


The ACLU's selective compassion (Under the Trump administration, the federal government no longer wants to be complicit in abortions performed on under-age teens who enter the country illegally.)


ACLU Asks Appeals Court to Force Trump Admin to Facilitate Illegal Immigrant’s Abortion


Abortion is medical treatment, and the government has no right to deny one to a woman


Loophole Allowed Planned Parenthood to Build Abortion Clinic With Taxpayer-Funded Municipal Bonds


Abortion is down — so the GOP’s coming for your birth control


289 Babies Saved From Abortion So Far During 40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign


Teen sees hypocrisy in those who stop right to abortion


Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Spends $500,000 to Elect Ralph Northam in Virginia


Northern Ireland: Supreme court to hear challenge to abortion law


Amnesty International Pushes to Legalize Abortion in Northern Ireland




Tillerson meets with Afghanistan president (US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson)




Statues and ammunition: North Korea's Africa connections


After Niger, ramping up U.S. ‘aggression’ in Africa is a really, really bad idea




Bangladesh says Rohingya arrivals “untenable” as thousands arrive daily





Australia Fighting Major Battle Over Legalizing Assisted Suicide


ASX falls 0.2pc to snap eight-day winning streak


The Australian dollar is struggling against the greenback but doing better against the crosses


Aussie girl survives run-in with 15-foot Great White


Here's why China is buying up assets in Australia





Cub Scout Is Exiled After Sharp Inquiries on Guns and Race




TSX edges higher while U.S. indexes mixed, loonie slips


Trudeau pitiful on peacekeeping pledge as only 68 deployed (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


A Toronto imam was accused of hate-preaching against Jews. But that wasn’t the whole story


As Bank of Canada ponders another rate hike, survey suggests many are really feeling the last ones


Liberal MP urges congress to act on NAFTA without Trump


Trudeau names ex-Ontario premier Bob Rae as special envoy to Myanmar


Trump's top diplomat to Canada begins job today amid tense trade talks


Quebec’s face veil ban may face a Supreme Court challenge


Kelly McParland: Ontario's flailing Liberals resort to desperate tactics


Former CTV broadcaster Steve Vogelsang accused of robbing 2 Alberta banks


Some 600,000 refugees later, Ottawa digs in on dealing with Myanmar on Rohingya crisis


Fake neurosurgeon ordered to pay $300,000 for botched treatment, but allowed to pose as doctor for years


Dalhousie University accused of censorship after student investigated for ‘white fragility’ Facebook comment


More than two-thirds of Canadians support a free trade deal with China


A third of Canadians already feel interest rate pinch


Canadian government tight-lipped about Wi-Fi security flaw




Assertive C.I.A. Expands Hunt for Taliban in Afghanistan





How Xi can make Trump visit a success (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


Is facial recognition the stuff of sci-fi? Not in China


Two North Korean defectors vanish in China


Kidnapped Chinese Christian lawyer details persecution


China-Japan ties are about to get worse


Fact or fiction? Doubts over China's 'rising nationalism'


China's Debt Paydown Is Working, If You Know Where to Look


As Xi Further Pushes China’s Reach, the World Pushes Back


Tesla Plant in China May Be a First




Pyongyang accuses Japan of plotting ‘reinvasion of Korea’


Nearly 90% of Americans View N.Korea as a 'Serious Threat'


Carter wants to go to North Korea on peace mission


N.Korean Diplomat Says U.S. Must 'Put up with' Pyongyang's Nuclear Weapons


Sweden urges North Korea repay 43-year-old debts


Ancient wood-powered trucks, troops asleep on the road and women fighters in high heels: The true face of Kim Jong-un's army revealed in photos smuggled out of North Korea (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


North Korea sends unprecedented open letter to the West




This Child Health Care Program Ties the Hands of Parents. Now Is Congress’ Chance to Make a Change.


The tax cut reality





Trump Organization chases the blues, and the president’s base, with hotel expansion in Mississippi




Federal Court Rules WWI Memorial “Unconstitutional”


The murder suspect Trump invoked to build a wall goes on trial today


Underwear bomber claims harassment, complains about food in lawsuit


Drug court Giving families a chance to break America's cycle of opioid use




Survivor of Colo. shooting ID'd as slain student's best friend


Tampa cops escort kids to bus stops amid serial killer fears


Ohio cop shot dead responding to domestic dispute call


Forensic profiler zeroes in on what triggered Vegas shooter


A dad said he banished his 3-year-old as punishment. Police may have just found her body.





The Cost of Mercy




The Identity-Politics Death Grip (Democrats’ abandonment of their traditional blue-collar constituency is bad for their party—and for the country.)


National Democrats grow jittery about Va. governor’s race





‘Willing to Do Everything’: Mothers Rally for Sons Accused of Sexual Assault (Some of the mothers met with Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos before she changed the rules on how colleges should handle accusations.)





Report: Russia investigation now targeting brother of Hillary Clinton crony Podesta


Sessions makes MS-13 a priority for drug enforcement task forces  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Mueller’s top gun in Russia probe known for hardball tactics, overturned rulings (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Sessions’s plan would undermine immigration courts




Wall St. retreats from record highs; tech, industrials drag


U.S. Stocks Drop at Start of Big Week for Earnings: Markets Wrap


Dow, S&P 500 snap 6-day win streak as investors wade through earnings deluge


Yen Falls, Japan Stocks Advance on Abe Victory: Markets Wrap   (Japanese Prime Minister  Shinzo Abe)


Japan shares at two-decade top, yen at three-month low on Abe win


Dollar retains strength ahead of central bank bonanza


Where Trumponomics is working


Gold erases loss to end in positive territory as stocks lose steam


Report: GOP Tax Framework Could Raise GDP By 5%, Wages By 7%


Treasury yields hold ground as investors await Trump’s nominee for Fed boss


For those raising grandchildren, planning for retirement and college costs presents a double bind


Why one chart watcher says stock market is finally ready for a pullback




College President on Harassed Student: ‘Appropriate All of Us of Privilege Feel Uncomfortable’


The Sad State of UC Berkeley


Writing on the Wall for Future of M.B.A. Programs?


K-12: Character Assassins


Chemistry, Without the Dreaded Organic Chem Course


College President on Harassed Student: ‘Appropriate All of Us of Privilege Feel Uncomfortable’


Anger Over Stereotypes in Textbook


Levine: Are Blockchain Diplomas the Real Deal?


State-Funded Student Aid Holds Steady


The Wisdom of a Third Grade Dropout Will Change Your Life


Lessons From Spencer's Florida Speech


Take it from a Berkeley student: We aren't stifling free speech


Too little, too late: the city gets radical with (some) failed schools (New York City)


Parents create uproar over 'racism' after middle school choir sang folk song about picking cotton


Professor shames entire class by publishing students' browsing history




U.S. oil benchmark ekes out gain following Iraq output disruptions


Energy Prices


How the electric grid has been compromised





EPA Chief Set to Bar Government-Funded Experts From Agency’s Science Panels


EPA yanks scientists’ conference presentations, which included climate change




Ukrainian nationalist to Jews: ‘Get used to our rules’ or be punished




Spanish stocks end lower as Catalan standoff continues


Sweden issues stamp featuring a mosque


If The European Union Bans Roundup, It Could Lead To A Global Food Crisis


Sending Mixed Messages in Sweden (Inviting immigrants with one hand, expelling them with the other.)


Hundreds of Churches in Italy Were Robbed. One Statue Was Recovered.


Ireland Dublin ramps up bid to lure post-Brexit European Medical Agency


Two Italian Regions Vote Overwhelmingly for More Autonomy


Czech Republic Anti-establishment billionaire Andrej Babiš to be named PM




Trump Says FBI or Justice Should Reveal Who Paid for Russia Dossier


A Russian Spy Got Close to Hillary Clinton and the FBI Watched It Happen


Informant claims right to reveal secrets of true Russian collusion


FBI Couldn't Access Nearly 7K Devices Because of Encryption


FBI watched, then acted as Russian spy moved closer to Hillary Clinton


FBI Thwarts Miami Mall Bomb Plot





 FEMA Delays Leave Hurricane Victims Feeling ‘Abandoned’




Trump Says He’s ‘Very, Very Close’ to Naming Fed Chair Nominee


Ron Paul: Trump’s Fed Picks? More Of The Same!





Fidelity jettisons two executives amid sexual harassment complaints




FDA approves better vaccine against shingles




Is ‘Jihad’ an acceptable name? French judge to rule


Rights group slams France for 'disgraceful indulgence' towards Egypt




Germany: Terrorism-related cases quadruple in one year


Man gives Hitler salute then beats teen refugee to pulp at east German station


Germany: Police had Berlin jihad murderer on watch list, but didn’t watch him on weekends, holidays


EU antitrust investigators target Volkswagen, Daimler




Scientists kept from speaking about climate report



Embattled Illinois governor to run for second term


Mark Cuban: If I Run for President, Will ‘Probably’ Be as Republican


Bannon: 'We're putting together a grass-roots army' (Trump's 'wingman outside' lays out plan for Republican victory ... in California.)





Hollywood’s & MSM’s Magic Wand Cures Weinstein’s Sex Addiction in 7 Days


38 women have come forward to accuse director James Toback of sexual harassment


Harvey Weinstein's alleged pattern of harassment echoes that of child sexual abusers




Terrifying subway-shove caught on camera





GOP Challenger Calls for Rep. Maxine Waters to Be Arrested for Threatening to 'Take Trump Out' (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


Democrats’ early money haul stuns GOP


House to vote Thursday on Senate budget


Georgia Rep. Price Says HIV Comments Taken out of Context


Niger 'is Trump's Benghazi': 'Wacky' Congresswoman says president handled special forces ambush fallout as badly as Hillary dealt with deaths in Libya




Harvey and Irma Cleanup could kill more than storms themselves




India to open talks with all parties in disputed Jammu and Kashmir


SC hints at modifying its order making anthem must in theatres


India welcomes Tillerson call for deeper ties to counter China (US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson)


Bomb threat at Taj Mahal, turns out to be hoax


US wants to work with India-Pakistan to ease tensions along their border: US State Dept



In NY synagogue, a Saudi Royal and ex-Mossad chief debate Trump’s Iran approach


Trump’s Iran-deal move is all about restoring US credibility




Iraqi Kurdistan’s Crisis: A Failure of Strategy


Kurdish refugees protest 'American inaction' in Kirkuk province violence




Cultural Marxism’s Indoctrination into Islam through Opera




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Monday, October 23, 2017)


Netanyahu compared to Hitler by PA TV hosts  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


State prosecutor blasts bid to immunize PM from investigation


Netanyahu Praises MOU with Germany to Acquire Submarines as Strategically Important to Israel


Netanyahu rips opposition, media as ‘sourpusses’ at new Knesset session


Report: 10 ISIS terrorists killed in suspected Israeli airstrike


Herzog accuses Netanyahu of creating ‘unprecedented’ divide with world Jewry (Labor Party chairman Isaac Herzog)


East Jerusalemite sentenced to 16 years for planning terror attack


Attorney general calls PM immunity bill 'absurd'  


Report: ISIS Abducted 3 Gaza Tunnel Diggers


Balfour Declaration Centenary Shames Arab and UN Deniers


The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict In Symbols


PM announces signing of deal for 3 more submarines from Germany


Brig. General suspended for 2 weeks


Contradicting Liberman, IDF says not clear who fired Syria rockets  (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)


Liberman calls on president to pardon jailed Hebron shooter immediately


Palestinian President Abbas Begins Recruiting Gaza Security Forces 


Hamas 'begging Iran' for help, US envoy says


Alongside Reconciliation With Fatah, Hamas Officials Tighten Relations With Iran, Call To 'Wipe Israel Off The Map'


Deputy Hamas Chief: Iran to continue support for 'resistance'


Israel accuses Hezbollah of Golan shelling to spark war with Syria


Israeli forces detain 66 Palestinians, majority teenagers, in overnight raids


Opening Knesset, Rivlin warns of government ‘coup’ against democracy  (Israeli President Reuven Rivlin)


Israeli authorities deliver demolition notices to Palestinians in Silwan


Don’t mess with Israel’s democracy


Jerusalemite Palestinian sentenced to 16 years in prison for stabbing attempt


Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox block Jerusalem entrance in fresh draft protests


Health condition of Palestinian shot by Israeli forces improves


Cops draw flack for marking ultra-Orthodox protesters arms with numbers


Palestinian reconciliation pact received by Khamenei




Report: Japan eyeing SM-6 missiles for defense program


Shinzo Abe, ‘trusted Trump ally’ in Japan, wins mandate before summit on North Korea, trade  (Japanese Prime Minister  Shinzo Abe)


North Korea's nuclear threat now at 'critical level', says Japan




Megyn Kelly said she complained about Bill O'Reilly to Fox News executives


Ingraham's Show Reportedly Already Causing Problems At Fox


CNN Mocked for New #FactsFirst Ad Campaign


Conservative media was Scottie Nell Hughes’s world. Now it’s her enemy.




Saudi Arabia to monitor use of Muhammad’s sayings in order to counter jihad terrorism


New treatment options offer hope for Saudi ovarian cancer patients




Why Military Readiness Takes a Hit Every Time Congress Delays the Budget


Colonel suspended for not thanking homosexual serviceman’s ‘spouse’


USAF Space Command wargames concludes


American Soldiers Died in Niger Because of Obama  (Putting soldiers in a war zone without a combat mission so they don’t offend Islamists.)


Mattis’s Insomnia  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


The heartbreaking cost of searching for a deserter: Three veterans who suffered life-changing injuries in the hunt for Bowe Bergdahl will testify against him as sentencing begins Monday


Air Force preparing to put nuclear-armed bombers back on 24-hour ready-to-fly alert: report


Air Force: No plans to recall retired pilots to fix shortage


Ex-Gen. David Petraeus: Generals are ‘fair game’ for criticism


Local runners lead the way in 42nd  Marine Corps Marathon




Feds Spend $174,792 Taking Pictures of Food




NATO ill-prepared for a Russian attack: report


NATO states open counter-espionage hub in Poland




Surge in spiritism: Most Americans believe in paranormal ('Occultism is growing')




Pakistan: Morgue refuses to keep transgender’s body as its ‘freezers will get dirty’


Trump-Tillerson rope in India and Afghanistan to bring Pakistan to heel


Pakistan will never allow its soil to be used against Turkey: Shahdid Khaqan


As Tillerson heads to Pakistan, Islamabad wary of deepening U.S.-India ties


Pak economy recorded a significant revival in past four years: Shahid Khaqan D-8


Tillerson urges Pakistan to step up action against terrorist 'safe havens'




 Firefight in Philippines’ Marawi City siege down to last building




Latest Polls




Rikers inmates rewarded with pizza parties when they play nice





Packaged veggies recalled due to listeria risk


Listeria concern prompts recall of more than 30 Meijer brand produce items




At Valdai Putin Treats Trump Respectfully   (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


First Snow Falls on Moscow


Putin's Speech At The Meeting Of The Valdai International Discussion Club: '[The West's] Policy Based On Self-Assurance, Egotism And Claims To Exceptionalism Will Not Bring Any Respect Or True Greatness' Part I


Russia to introduce capital punishment for propaganda of terrorism

Trump potentially ready to meet with Putin at APEC summit


Top Russian journalist stabbed in neck by intruder at radio station





Sun-like star may have devoured 15 alien planets


World's top scientists baffled by the fact the universe hasn't destroyed itself 





Reducing Gun Violence: Suggestions That Do Not Involve Gun Control




Elizabeth Warren Joins Call for SEC Probe of Navient Trades  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


John McCain keeps serving his revenge to Donald Trump ice cold (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


West Virginia senator tells Hillary to stay away from campaign (US Senator of West Virginia Joe Manchin III (D)


Graham: Trump blind on Russia (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey Graham (R)


Once a ‘jackass’ and ‘idiot,’ Trump and Graham now pals


Meet five potential Senate candidates backed by Steve Bannon


No Arctic Drilling Since Oil Prices are Low, Argue Dem Senators


Guess Which Two Senators Didn't Know There Are 1,000 US Troops In Niger


Sanders Announces He’ll Run for Reelection in 2018 as an Independent (US Senator of Vermont Bernard Sanders (I-Socialist)


A Repeal Bill That Even the GOP Can Pass (The time is ripe for the eradication of IPAB, Obamacare’s death panel.)


Schumer Says Bill to Prop Up Obamacare Has Votes to Pass Senate  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


White House Rips Sherrod Brown’s ‘Outrageous and Slanderous’ White Supremacist Slams on Bannon and Miller (US Senator of Ohio Sherrod Brown (D)


Warren, other senators share horror stories of sexual harassment


Ted Cruz: A Pressure Point for North Korea (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


McConnell Says Hasn't Given Up on Tax Plan Being Revenue Neutral  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Sen. John McCain hits Trump where it hurts, attacking ‘bone spur’ deferments in Vietnam (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


McCain in Twilight: An Unfettered Voice Against Trumpism


ObamaCare fix may pass if Trump’s on board: McConnell


The Russia Investigations: Interference Impacted Real Life; Senators Propose New Law




Korea to Temporarily Allow Terminally Ill Patients to Choose Death with Dignity


THAAD now fully integrated into air defenses for South Korea


Abe victory shadows Seoul-Tokyo relations   (Japanese Prime Minister  Shinzo Abe)


Moon's anti-corruption drive spreads to military  (President Moon Jae-in)




The Latest 'Sunday Night Football' Ratings Are In


Jerry Jones: ‘No Question the League Is Suffering’


Justin Timberlake to headline Super Bowl halftime show


NFL Hell: Several Stadiums Nearly Empty As Anthem Protest Backlash Rolls Into Week 7 (Photos)


Police Cut Security at Dolphins Game to Protest Kneeling During National Anthem


About 2 Dozen NFL Players Protested During Anthems Sunday


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


NFL Scoreboard 





California Fires took thousands of homes. Now rent in hardest-hit areas is soaring




Tillerson travels to Iraq, hours after visiting Afghanistan  (US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson)


Tillerson Open to Peace Talks With ‘Moderate’ Taliban


Tillerson Had This To Say To The Taliban


State Department Has Reviewed Less Than Half of Clinton Email Records


Tillerson Warns Against Doing Business With Iran's Revolutionary Guards  


Who would follow Tillerson?




In trying to protect the Supreme Court’s reputation, the chief justice opens himself up for criticism




As Islamic State falls, has US missed bigger picture?


Daesh ‘executed’ 116 in Syria town revenge campaign


Kurds win Syrian oil under secret US-Russian deal – prize for Raqqa


After Retaking of Raqqa From ISIS, US Moves to Stabilize the Region


Syrian army driven back from Jordanian border


US-allied force takes Syria's largest oil field from Islamic State




Taiwan Steps up Asia Business to Reduce Dependence on China


More military spending on agenda: Tsai   (President Tsai Ing-wen)


Cross-strait ties hurt Tsai in poll


Two local banks failed US financial exams, Koo says


Nation 31% self-sufficient


Authorities find 284.5kg of heroin and amphetamines


President Tsai congratulates Abe on victory


Ship delivery could be delayed: MND




Are those 40-ton trucks tailgating each other? Truck ‘platoons’ could save lives and fuel.




Government Collects $3.3 Trillion in Taxes in Fiscal Year 2017




Sultan Erdogan and the New Janissaries (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Erdogan: Turkey's membership will cure EU's problems





FTSE 100 inches higher, but stops short of record close


Insanity: Official Says UK Will Not Prosecute ISIS Terrorists Returning From Syria and Iraq


Far-right extremists targeting UK as they 'weaponise internet culture'


Johnson says now is time for EU leaders to ‘get on with it'  (British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson)


May hails 'important progress' in EU talks  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Soaring numbers flying abroad for medical care as NHS lists lengthen


Exclusive Government spent £370,000 losing air pollution legal battles


Man 'stabbed five times' outside school


Britain refuses to rule out supporting US attack on North Korea


Breakthrough as study uncovers new genetic variants that increase risk


US bank fined £35m by UK watchdog


UK plan to register EU citizens would be illegal, say MEPs              


Dubai Briton who was jailed for touching a man’s hip freed            


Hawking PhD's popularity crashes website





$340M pledged to help Rohingya refugees, U.N. says


Terrorism Sponsor Elected To The UN Human Rights Council




A masterpiece of Baroque painting, missing for more than a century, is hiding somewhere in L.A.





Venezuela Falling Behind on Its Payments, Putting Maduro’s Regime in Jeopardy




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump gets into Twitter fight with Gold Star widow saying he 'spoke his name without hesitation' after she says the president couldn't remember her fallen husband's name


Trump Breaks Bureaucracy Dogma


Trump tweet: ‘Wacky Congressman Wilson’ is the ‘gift that keeps on giving’ for Republicans


Kelly might not be like Trump, but he seems like many Trump voters    (White House Chief of Staff John Kelly)


Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Press ‘hostility’ to Trump administration unprecedented (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)


Trump says he'd like tax reform bill on his desk closer to Thanksgiving


What Trump did to Kelly shows how far we have fallen


Trump wants to take on Iran but has no idea how to do that


Trump joins House GOP call urging quick passage of Senate budget bill


Jimmy Carter: Media 'harder' on Trump than other presidents


Trump refutes widow’s claim he forgot slain soldier’s name


Trump likely not to visit Korea's DMZ during trip


MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Suggests Gen. John Kelly Is Racist ... Because He's an Irish Catholic (White House Chief of Staff John Kelly)


Donald Trump's Big Trip to Asia: What Can Washington Do to Reassure ASEAN?


Trump: 401(k) tax incentives 'safe' in tax plan


Trump says ‘totally prepared’ for military action (Communist North Korea)


Pence, McMaster slam Iran on anniversary of barracks attacks


The man who helped cool Trump's Russia rage


Trump: 'No leadership in NFL'


Audio: Here’s what Trump calling a fallen soldier’s widow really sounds like


Sarah Sanders Slams Sen. Brown Over Claims of ‘White Supremacist’ in WH (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)




After Outcry, UN WHO Rescinds Honors for Genocidal Tyrant Mugabe


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