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Tuesday, October 17, 2017






In Today’s Issue: 




New Clinic Doing Abortions Through All 9 Months Forced to Cancel Appoints After It’s Exposed as Unlicensed


Americans Increasingly Understand That Pro-Abortion Arguments Are Based In Ignorance


Trump Admin Settles Obamacare Abortion Mandate Lawsuits, Christians Won’t Have to Fund Abortion Drugs


Planned Parenthood At 101 Years: 7 Million Abortions And Counting


“The Good Doctor” Promotes Pro-Life Values as Mother Refuses to Abort Baby With Tumor


Undocumented pregnant teen seeking an abortion in Texas could set new legal precedents


Former Planned Parenthood President: Having Abortions Allows Women to “Enjoy Sexuality”


Mitch McConnell expects a vote 'at some point' on abortion ban  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Complexity of the abortion issue leads to a lot of misunderstanding


President Donald Trump is Undoing the Pro-Abortion Damage Barack Obama Caused


For Many, Keeping a Job Means Hiding an Abortion


How Can Planned Parenthood be Pro-Woman When It Supports Sex-Selection Abortions?


Ontario votes to fast-track ban on free speech outside abortion clinics (Canada)


Ontario’s abortion safe zone passes second reading        


Abortionist Only Gets 5 Years Probation for Doing Abortions Without a Lenience and Possessing Illegal Drugs


Abortion on Trial review – Anne Robinson succeeds in getting viewers to consider the wider issues  (United Kingdom)


A Woman's Story About Getting An Abortion In Japan Is An Important Reminder That Abortion Access Is A Problem Worldwide


Is abortion illegal in Ireland, is there going to be a referendum and why is the law different in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK?


Controversial Abortion Provider To Open Clinic in Bethesda on Tuesday


What time is Abortion on Trial on TV?


Abortion Activists Don’t Want to Eliminate Down Syndrome, They Want to Kill Everyone Who Has It


BBC Documentary Promotes Unlimited Abortions Throughout Pregnancy


Court Allows Teen to Kill Her 23-Week-Old Unborn Baby in an Abortion (India)


Topless Feminists Throw Firebombs, Tampons and Feces at a Catholic Church to Protest Abortion (Buenos Aires, Argentina)




Taliban kills scores in Afghanistan's Paktia and Ghazni




Algerian Journalist In Antisemitic Article: 'Our Dispute With The Jews Is A Religious One'


In Madagascar, plague outbreak now threatens largest cities




Activist cites racial bias in getting thrown off flight


Drunk passenger peed on seatmate during flight: suit




The ACLU 50-State Survey





UK Jewish Groups Form British Council for Countering Anti-Semitism



Toys 'R' Us Is Exploring Options for Its $2 Billion Asia Business





Can There Really Be a “Safer” Physician-Assisted Suicide?



ASX rises 0.7pc as momentum builds


Australian dollar and the Fed


Flight attendants fuel panic as plane plummets 22,000 feet


Single-use plastic bags to be banned in Victoria


Australia: Muslim cleric says Muslims can beat wives “in a way that doesn’t turn the skin red or dark”





The race for electric vehicle dominance





Marijuana producer stocks fall up to 15 per cent after TSX notice


Doctors Declared Her Brain Dead and Issued a Death Certificate, But Her Family Says She’s Still Alive


Ont. Fair Hydro Plan a $39.4B electric shock for taxpayers


Trudeau, Trump governments slam each other publicly for first time as NAFTA talks falter (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Airbus takes control of Bombardier CSeries in rebuff to U.S. threat


500 job cuts at Loblaws include staff at Shoppers, No Frills, Joe Fresh and Zehrs


Toronto Schools Remove ‘Chief’ From Job Titles to Avoid Offending Indigenous People


Inmates in Canada accused of running massive opioid ring from prison


Drone hits passenger plane for first time in North America


Kevin Libin: Trudeau, the Canadian conquistador, discovers Mexico unwilling to surrender on NAFTA


Google firm wins competition to build high-tech Quayside neighbourhood in Toronto


New mortgage rules will require financial stress test for uninsured borrowers starting in 2018


Finance Minister faces calls for ethics investigation


Freeland calls U.S. NAFTA demands 'troubling' and 'unconventional' (Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland)




Opioid report reverberates across Washington





Trump gets low grade for Puerto Rico


Raw sewage contaminating waters in Puerto Rico after Maria


Desperate and thirsty Puerto Ricans line up for water — at a hazardous-waste site


Private security mercenaries are now moving into Puerto Rico




Persecution of Christians Has Increased Worldwide


Satanists ask Christian baker to make ‘birthday cake’ for Lucifer


Author Chronicles Plight of Modern-Day Christian Martyrs


A Museum of the Bible is opening in D.C. But Jesus isn’t the focus.




From Carson to Kimmel: the collapse of the late-night empire




The World Should Be Wary Of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Consolidation Of Power


YouTube Suspends Account of Chinese Dissident


Persecution of Falun Gong Continues in China


China’s first space lab will soon crash to Earth. No one knows where it might hit.


As U.S. Faces Online Mischief, China Sees Gains in Censorship





Trump says he believes Cuba responsible for attacks on diplomats





N.Korea Hones Cyberheists into 'Almost Perfect Weapon'


What Trump Is Doing to Solve the North Korean Crisis


Can North Korea’s missiles deliver an atomic weapon to the U.S. mainland? Maybe.


N. Korea says no diplomacy until it can hit US with missile


North Korea says 'a nuclear war may break out any moment'


North Korea EMP attack could ‘kill 90% of Americans within a year'





Mayors say many American families would be hurt by GOP plan to kill state and local tax deduction




Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Third Travel Ban


South Dakota: Muslim who brandished guns at Christian event gets 7 months prison with served time suspended


Judge Tosses Union Challenge to Foundation’s Outreach


New York Rabbi gets prison for stealing disabled preschoolers’ funds


Family of Muslim Marine recruit who committed suicide last year 'after being slapped and called a terrorist' files $100M lawsuit claiming systematic hazing


Truck driver pleads guilty in human smuggling case


Judge questions use of Trump’s campaign rhetoric in travel ban ruling


Ahmad Khan Rahimi convicted in New York City pressure-cooker bomb case


Teacher acquitted of tryst with student who said sex was on ‘bucket list’


Virginia man, 22, faces possible death penalty after being indicted in the rape and murder of a 17-year-old Muslim girl near a mosque





Las Vegas guard vanishes after visiting urgent-care clinic, union leader says


Vegas police stop news conferences, call wounded guard a 'victim'


Mother arrested and charged with murder after 'killing her eight-year-old son before setting their house on fire'


Cold case no more: Police arrest 5 in 1983 slaying


Police: Man sprayed possible feces on grocery produce


Girl dies after 325-pound adult sat on her as punishment


Mom allegedly drives teen daughter to drug deal, chaos ensues


Nebraska man, 41, is charged with helping his girlfriend commit suicide after she told him she had terminal cancer and 'wanted to die in his arms' - even though she had no signs of the disease in her body




Federal Government Workers Donating Overwhelmingly to Democrats


Hillary's falling claim 'doesn't have leg to stand on'


Bill Clinton caught up in fallout from Harvey Weinstein sexual-assault scandal




Can We Finally Agree that Betsy DeVos Isn’t a Rape Apologist?  (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)


California governor sides with DeVos on due process in vetoing campus sexual-assault bill




Rick Perry's proposal would upend years of power reform   (Energy Secretary Rick Perry)




DOJ Indicts Two Chinese Drug Producers in Fentanyl Distribution Case


British Cybersecurity Expert Interviewed for Mueller's Russia Probe (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Chief deputy US Marshal traded sex in the office for prime parking spot





DEA responds to explosive "60 Minutes" report about opioid crisis




Dow, S&P 500 end at records, boosted by health care stocks


Dollar Rallies on Fed Outlook as Dow Tests 23,000: Markets Wrap


Wall St. ends little changed; Dow brushes 23K milestone


Asian Stocks to Gain as Fed Chair Talk Hits Bonds: Markets Wrap


Oil elevated as Iraq tensions escalate, Asian shares hold firm


Schooling the U.S. on economic freedom


The U.S. stock market has entered a ‘topping’ zone




Students for a Democratic Society Conference to Focus on ‘Resisting Trump’


Just How “Afraid” are Muslims at Amherst College?


Default Crisis for Black Student Borrowers


"We're really scared": Students on edge as racial slur found on campus


More Scrutiny for Community Colleges


Harvard demonstrates what's wrong with universities in one single-minded panel




Land of terror: ISIS alive and well in Sinai


Egypt says Ramses II temple unearthed near Cairo


Egypt moves Palestinians toward reconciliation, pressuring Israel on broader peace deal




State officials to be given access to 2016 election cyber attack data




Which Democrats could challenge Donald Trump in 2020 presidential election?




Oil holds ground, settles near 3-week high


Energy Prices





EPA to restrict settlements with environmentalists




Professor of Medieval Islamic art: “Viking ‘Allah’ textile actually doesn’t have Allah on it”





Driving through the killer inferno: Terrifying moment motorist escapes wildfires blamed on 'terrorist arsonists' that have claimed dozens of lives in Portugal and Spain


Amid jitters over far-right, Austria’s Kurz vows no anti-Semitism in coalition


EU unites against Trump and for Iran deal as key to saving 'norproliferation architecture'


Europe in Flux


An Austrian thumb in the eye of the elites


Ireland Honors Mass Murderer With Postage Stamp         




FBI Knew of Russian Bribes Before Obama Admin Ok’d Nuclear Deals with Moscow


New Russian Nuclear Scandal Raises New Questions About Clinton Foundation

FBI docs prove Comey drafted Clinton email months before announcement clearing her (Former FBI Director James Comey)


118 police officers killed in line of duty in 2016, FBI says





Powell likely next Fed chief, though Yellen best suited: economists  (Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen)


Trump may interview Janet Yellen for her Fed job   




France arrests 10 far-right militants over terror plot to attack politicians


Revealed: The VERY tricky mission facing Air France to rescue its damaged A380 from a military base in Canada


France could cut number of stations served by high-speed TGV trains


Towns and cities across France to be hit by mass public transport strike




Hizballah jihadis entered Germany among Muslim “refugees”


German court jails two people-smugglers over 2015 influx


Why the Left Party are tearing pieces out of each other, despite a good election


Germany nixes web monitoring workshop for Egyptian officials




Global Warming Hypocrites: Their Carbon Footprint Is OK, But Yours Must Be Eliminated




Numbers Show The Deck is Stacked for Republicans in California’s Legislature


GOP candidate for Georgia governor holds bump stock giveaway





Pennsylvania ObamaCare to see premiums spike amid Trump pay cuts





Fleeing Obamacare: How Doctors Are Insuring Their Own Families


What to know about hepatitis A, as California outbreak triggers state of emergency


Shrinks toss aside medical ethics to protest Trump





Harvey Weinstein resigns from Weinstein Co board: source


TV Showrunner Accuses Bob Weinstein of Sexual Harassment


Now BOB Weinstein is accused of sexual harassment as producer claims executive made repeated unwanted advances towards her just hours after disgraced brother Harvey resigns from board


Harvey Weinstein: The Left’s Culture Rape Monster


Harvey's web: unraveling the old pervs' network


Roy Dotrice, "Amadeus" actor, dead at 94


#MeToo succeeded in making the scale of sexual abuse go viral. Will it actually change anything?


Weinstein criminal probes growing in New York and London, but so far no cases in L.A.




At former Nazi death camp Sobibor, a post-Holocaust construction boom




Drag-queen demon reads to kids at Michelle Obama Library





House Republicans launch new push for Mueller to testify on Russia probe


Maxine Waters Owes Daughter $88,000 from Campaign Funds for Slate Mailer Operation  (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


Ann Kirkpatrick Reties Herself to Nancy Pelosi With Money and Meeting  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Paul Ryan says he’s bullish on tax overhaul passing  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Peyton Manning donates to ex-teammate's House campaign


Ex-GOP congressman David Jolly: 'We might be better off as a republic' if Democrats win House in 2018


Maxine Waters' campaign committee wrote off $10,000 spent on 'Hamilton' tickets as fundraiser expense  (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)




Trump's Immigration Proposals Would Create A More Prosperous, Less-Divided America 


U.S. immigrant population hits record high



ICE Detainer Issued for Suspected Wine Country Arsonist in Sonoma Jail





Newest outpost for US crude exports: India




Economist Says Eliminating State and Local Tax Deduction Helps Lower Taxes by $1 Trillion


Who Pays What in Taxes?





Current ICC Chief Prosecutor Weighed Down by Predecessor




We Don’t Actually Know Whether Iran Is Complying With The Nuclear Deal


Iran warns Europe against new nuke deal conditions


Iran Plays Chess, We Play Checkers


Iran Vows to ‘Follow N. Korea’ Nuke Pathway After Deal Decertification





61,000 flee Kirkuk as Iraq says Kurdish independence 'a thing of the past’


U.S. Downplays Iraqi-Kurdish Clashes as ‘Miscommunication’


These two US partners fighting ISIS are now fighting each other


North Korea Warns That Nuclear War Could ‘Break Out Any Moment’


Smartphones Are Killing Americans, But Nobody’s Counting


Report: FBI Uncovers Confirmation of Hillary Clinton’s Corrupt Uranium Deal with Russia


Soros Builds Death Star: Transfers $18 Billion to Open Society Foundations


Team Trump is about to let Iraq fall into Iran's hands


As Iraqi forces push into disputed area, U.S. "not taking sides"


What’s behind the dangerous escalation of tension between forces fighting ISIS in Iraq


Escalating crisis between Iraqi forces and Kurds seems to leave U.S. in a bind


Iraqi Forces Seize Kirkuk, in Blow to Kurdish Separatists




New Jersey: Muslim claims his wife won’t leave home alone because of “Trump’s anti-Muslim hysteria”


Brooklyn: Muslim driver hails cab as he abandons passenger in blazing car on highway


Kirkus Retracts Review of Novel About Persecution of Muslims Due to ‘Sensitivity’




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Tuesday, October 17, 2017)


Hamas: 'Zionists' intervening in our affairs


Union threatened Palestinian artists with expulsion if they engaged in "normalization" with Israel


Ministers put kibosh on peace talks after Fatah-Hamas unity deal


Israel demolishes 2 homes in East Jerusalem, displacing Palestinian family of 9


Israel advances 1,292 settlement homes, hundreds more planned 


PA dismisses Israeli threat, vows to move forward with Hamas unity deal


‘Red Lines’ & Israel’s Military Options In Syria


Israel says it will not negotiate with a Hamas-based Palestinian government


Over 40 arrested in violent ultra-Orthodox anti-draft protests


Israeli settlers steal olive harvest from Nablus-area villages


More Israelis satisfied with their democracy than Americans, survey finds


After unity deal, Bennett urges Israel to exact a price from Hamas and PA 


Israel tries to balance Iran strategy between Trump and Putin


Hamas prisoner sentenced for stabbing guard with screwdriver


Israeli forces detain 14 Palestinians during overnight West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  raids


Facebook post leads cops to nab Palestinian suspected of planning attack


Israel’s Security Cabinet Sets Conditions for Talks with Palestinian Authority Unity Govt


Senior PA official: 'Cabinet decision excuse to lead to deadlock'


Palestinian officials begin transferring control of Gaza borders from Hamas to Fatah


Israeli business delegation heading to Cuba, with tacit Jerusalem consent


Two Jews Beaten to a Pulp by Arab Lynch Mob in Jerusalem


Hamas: 'Zionists' intervening in our affairs


Union threatened Palestinian artists with expulsion if they engaged in "normalization" with Israel


Ministers put kibosh on peace talks after Fatah-Hamas unity deal


Israel demolishes 2 homes in East Jerusalem, displacing Palestinian family of 9




Japanese court awards residents $5.4 million over Yokota aircraft noise




Lebanese Prime Minister joins coalition government with Hezbollah




George Soros’ Daughter Donates $500,000 to Planned Parenthood Votes




Marijuana DOES change your brain: Study shows daily doses of the drug inflict permanent damage on the reward center, making users dependent




CNN reporter slammed for mocking polio survivor McConnell for stair assist


Sharyl Attkisson Pulls Back the Curtain


Black Fox Analyst Pins Racial Injustice On The Clinton Family


The New York Times Strikes Again—Says Russian Propaganda War ‘May Be Impossible To Stop’


NBC News boss under pressure to resign or apologize for spiking Weinstein exposé


CNN Adds Donte Stallworth to Killer Team of Contributors


Networks race to sign Ronan Farrow after Weinstein exposé




Exclusive: Microsoft responded quietly after detecting secret database hack in 2013




Trump Risks New Conflagration in Middle East


ISIS fighters killed after US strikes Yemen camps




US investigating ambush that left these US soldiers dead


Here's why the Army is worried about smartphones and fake news in future wars


Bergdahl Pleads Guilty to Desertion and Misbehavior


A faulty retelling of ‘The Vietnam War’


Deal for Bowe Bergdahl looks worse and worse


VA proposes Choice program overhaul that eliminates 30-day/40-mile rule


Two Marines slashed with knife on Okinawa; suspects still at large




Saving NATO from Turkey




Navy SEALs Were Ready if Pakistan Failed to Free Family Held as Hostages




Latest Polls




Team de Blasio's chaotic, costly rush to house the homeless (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio(D)




The religious right carries its golden calf into Steve Bannon’s battles




The man behind a Russian troll factory


 Kremlin Troll Factory's Methods and Figures Revealed


The Crazy Flood of Tech Revelations in the Russia Investigation


 Russian state-run TV marks revolution's centenary with surprise series on Leon Trotsky


Pokemon, Facebook Russia Meddling Bombshells Turn Out To Be Duds





Science: Whales and dolphins lead 'human-like lives' thanks to big brains, says study




Senators reach deal to continue Obamacare health insurance subsidy payments


Tax Overhaul Off to Rocky Start as Senators Bicker Over Budget


GOP Group Goes After Manchin For Using Taxpayer Money for Luxury Renovations (US Senator of West Virginia Joe Manchin III (D)


Sen. Gillibrand Keynoting Brooklyn Conference With Radical Artists  (US Senator of New York  Kirsten Gillibrand (D)


Congress resolution defends Israel, condemns UNESCO


Washington Post Fact-Checker Gives McCaskill Four Pinocchios for Claiming She ‘Wasn’t Here’ When DEA Bill Passed  (US Senator of Missouri Claire McCaskill (D)


Ex-Trump Campaign Adviser Carter Page Is Subpoenaed By Senate Intel Committee


McCain blocks Defense nominees to get Afghanistan war info (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


McConnell Floats Names of Failed Tea Party Candidates in Response to Bannon Threat


Collins: Trump should back effort to resume health subsidy (US Senator of Maine Susan M Collins (R)


Bernie Sanders Lends Support to U. Chicago Grad Students’ Unionization Effort (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


Schumer: Trump must withdraw drug czar pick  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Flashback: Murphy Called Bergdahl an ‘American Hero’ in 2014 (US Senator of Connecticut Chris Murphy (D)


Callista Gingrich confirmed as Trump's ambassador to Vatican


Senators approve resolution honoring Las Vegas shooting victims


McCain slams 'half-baked, spurious nationalism' 


Sen. Hatch responds to "60 Minutes" report about opioid epidemic  (US Senator of Utah Orrin Hatch (R)


Senator introduces repeal of 2016 law after "60 Minutes" opioid report


Booker mocks Trump: 'Careful tweeting' isn't required to be president  (US Senator of New Jersey Cory Booker (D)





Anthony Scaramucci: 'Political genius' Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton thanks to Twitter




Social Security's Raw Deal For The Poor




220,000 Koreans gave up citizenship 2007-2016


N.Korean Propaganda Leaflets Found on Cheong Wa Dae Grounds


Typhoon Lan heading toward Korean Peninsula


Tougher Security Checks on U.S.-Bound Flights


Trump to make two-day state visit


SNU Slips Out of Top 10 in Asian University Rankings


Moon stresses defense capabilities for peace  (President Moon Jae-in)


Nearly 8,000 Teens Treated for Alcohol Abuse


Korea Falls Below China in FIFA Rankings




Catalan pro-independence leaders jailed amid sedition claims




Monday Night Football ratings hit season low as NFL owners meet in New York to address ongoing controversy surrounding players protesting during the national anthem


Jacksonville Jaguars President Apologizes to City Official for the Team Kneeling During National Anthem in London


Report: NFL Owners, Players Won’t Discuss National Anthem Rule Change With Goodell


Video: High School Football Coach Punches Student Athlete In The Stomach


NFL: Blame the media for enflaming tensions


San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich: Trump is 'a soulless coward' who is 'unfit' for office


Frenzied N.B.A. Off-Season Has Little Effect on Warriors


NFL seeks to prevent take-a-knee protests at fall meeting as ratings drop


Wisconsin gov. says NFL players should stop anthem protests


Colin Kaepernick is a deceitful hypocrite, and his defenders have double standards


Out-of-touch kneeling NFL players are starting to ruin emotional attachment to football


Jarrett: Kaepernick's case against the NFL is as lame as his skills at quarterback


Louisville fires coach Rick Pitino amid federal probe


Amid national anthem debate, NFL endorses a bipartisan criminal-justice reform bill


MLB Scoreboard


NHL Scoreboard


NFL Scoreboard





Latest Poll Shows Gillespie Ahead of Northam in Virginia Governor’s Race


Hmm: Are Democrats Starting to 'Panic' Over the Virginia Governor's Race?


Conn. condo association tells Vietnam veteran to take down Navy flag


Will Jersey voters fall for happy fantasies?


Florida commuter train crashes into a car stuck on the tracks killing the two people inside


California firefighters make progress in battle against raging blazes


Bodies of two missing California hikers found locked in embrace, police say


Stunner! California governor protects religious institutions


California wildfire death toll continues to rise


Florida governor declares state of emergency in advance of Richard Spencer event


After the California Fires, Cleanup Poses More Health Risks


A bone shard, a molar, an artificial hip — the grim task of finding victims of the California fires


California: Wildfire death toll hits 41 as survivors face long road to recovery


Fearless goat-herding dog refuses to abandon flock amid deadly California wildfires only for desperate family to return to their destroyed home and find him AND the goats still alive (albeit a little singed) 





State Dept. Reveals 2,800 Documents From Huma Abedin Found on Anthony Weiner’s Computer


Kerry On Edge As Legacy Crumbles  (Former US Secretary of State John Kerry)




Supreme Court to decide if U.S. agents can obtain emails stored overseas by Microsoft


Elena Kagan: The Supreme Court is a 'textualist court' that reasons more like Scalia than Breyer




As Raqqa falls, US left picking up pieces of a shattered Middle East


Robert Fisk Isis has lost Raqqa – where will their fighters head to next?


U.S.-backed forces celebrate in Raqqa after ISIS fighters surrender


The defeat of Isis in Raqqa will bring problems for Syria's Kurds


Baking recipes, religious sermons... and an enormous catalogue of PORN: The online life of an ISIS jihadi bride is revealed on a laptop captured in Raqqa 





China puts rare pressure on US over Taiwan relationship


North Korea Link Suspected in Taiwan Bank Cyberheist


Does China Really Pose a Threat to Taiwan?


U.S. Softens China FX Criticism, Cuts Taiwan From Watch List





Get ready for "unlimited data" of 5G networks in 2019


Apple's diversity chief apologizes after saying that a room of '12 white, blue-eyed blonde men' can be diverse





Nafta Deadlock Forces Ministers to Extend Talks Into 2018


Stephen Moore: NAFTA 2.0 Must Strengthen Intellectual Property Rights


How a group of Florida tomato growers could help derail NAFTA





Turkey's leader: Does EU want us in the bloc, or not?


What to do about Turkey?


Cartoonists in Turkey face growing government repression





FTSE 100 ends lower as U.K. inflation hits 5-year high


UK economy approaches 'tipping point'


Childline: More than 60 children a day call with suicidal thoughts


Theresa May and EU President want to 'accelerate' Brexit talks (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


'Theresa May Engages in Doublespeak on Brexit'


Why Orthodox Jews are flocking to this gritty English town


UK: Muslim migrant rapes woman 2 weeks after being allowed to stay in country, screams “Allah is going to get you”


UK intelligence chief says terror threat is worst of career


NHS Data loss scandal deepens with further 162,000 files missing


Pound coin chaos as parking machines and shops fail to meet Royal Mint deadline 


Boundary reform Ministers urged to ditch plans to cut number of MPs by 50


At least 3 killed as storm Ophelia hits Ireland


Jeremy Corbyn Labour leader urges Twitter and Facebook to tackle religious hatred


One dead and two hurt in Tube stabbing


Parsons Green stabbing leaves one man dead and two injured  


Homeless given one-way train tickets


Jobs Automation will affect one in five jobs across the UK, says study


Three killed as storm sweeps into Ireland


SNP economic group to ‘recommend creation of Scottish pound’


 'Prolific' paedophile's 100-plus offences


Midwife shortages Home births fall to 15-year low in England and Wales


'Smoke smell' forces flights to land


Prince Harry meets 'amazingly brave' children with serious illnesses 


Boy raped by Cyril Smith, inquiry told


'Truly evil' Cambridge graduate admits 137 online sexual abuse crimes


Hard Brexit ‘threatens scientific research’ at Scots universities


Storm Ophelia: Nearly 50 flights from Scotland cancelled


Bill Clinton stuns Ireland by defying weather warnings to wander the streets of Dublin and take selfies during country's worst Hurricane in 50 years as Hillary hobbles around with broken toe on UK book tour




More Serial Human Rights Abusers Elected to UN Human Rights Council


UN Accused of ‘Blackmailing’ Israeli Telecomm Company to Cut Services to


Exclusive: UN report on Rohingya hunger is shelved at Myanmar's request




Bishops use Pope’s teaching to push homosexuality at 2018 World Meeting of Families





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


White House warns Hawaii judge's travel ban block could jeopardize national security


Trump doubles down as official confirms Obama didn't call Gen. Kelly after son died in war


A short-term health deal by senators _ with Trump's blessing


Trump Backs Temporary Obamacare Fix, but Thinks Votes Are There for Obamacare Replacement


'He's a fat, f***ing liar': Families of fallen soldiers slam Trump for saying past presidents never called them - as one reveals Bush 'listened while I screamed at him and then held me as I sobbed'


To Fix Everything Wrong With Obama's Failed Iran Nuke Deal, Trump Had To Decertify It


Trump: I know how Bannon feels about Republicans


Trump trashes Obama’s ‘imperial’ presidency, dismantles legally dubious executive orders


Key moments from Trump's wide-ranging press conference with McConnell  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Trump suggests Obama didn't call families of fallen soldiers


 After revolt against establishment Republicans, Trump stands by ‘friend’ McConnell


Trump chides Hillary Clinton for defending NFL protests: ‘Please run again!’


Mike Pence could be antidote to Trump  (Vice-President Mike Pence)


From press leaks to tweetstorms: Trump changes flow of White House information


The Founding Fathers provided us with a way out of troubled presidency — the direct, doable process of impeachment


Trump declines to express confidence in drug czar nominee, will declare opioid crisis next week


Ex-Joint Chiefs chairman fires back at Trump: Obama, Bush 'cared deeply' for fallen soldiers


Trump’s Cabinet is the absolute best of all time. Ever.


Under Mr. Trump, America Surrenders


Trump calls for short-term Obamacare fix and reaches out to Republican leaders


Following Michelle: White House photographer Amanda Lucidon reveals her favorite photos of the former First Lady




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