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Monday, October 16, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Abortionist LeRoy Carhart Opens Clinic Tomorrow Doing Abortions Through All 9 Months of Pregnancy


Backlash Prompts Twitter to Reverse Ban of Pro-life Campaign Ad


Court Allows Teen to Kill Her 23-Week-Old Unborn Baby in an Abortion


A step toward ending injustice in abortion


California Gov Jerry Brown Vetoes Bill to Force Christian Schools to Hire Abortion Activists


Medical rights, religious freedom clash when illegal immigrant youths seek abortions


Abortion Activists Dress in Creepy “Handmaid’s Tale” Costumes to Protest Trump Protecting Pro-Life Christians


Americans Increasingly Understand That Pro-Abortion Arguments Are Based In Ignorance


Abortion and Dreamers could unite pro-life, social-justice evangelicals


Glory and Honor to God as 40 Days for Life Campaign Saves 188 Babies From Abortion So Far


Arkansas Court Agrees To Continue Letting Planned Parenthood Perform Abortions


Pope Francis: “We are Called to Safeguard and Defend Human Life, Especially in the Mother’s Womb”


Newspeak! U.N. now calls abortion part of basic 'right to life'


Activists Want to Legalize Abortions in El Salvador, But Pro-Lifers are Fighting to Save Unborn Babies




Freed hostage reveals why couple had kids in captivity


Family freed from terrorist captivity begins journey of recovery





White Afrikaners slaughtered, destitute; media silent


Truck Bombs Wreak Horrific Carnage in Somalia


Nigerian Christian: “Why do they think Islam is a religion of peace? These people have been killing us for decades.”


Nigeria: Muslims kidnap Italian Catholic priest


Truck Bombings in Somalia Kill Nearly 300, Official Says


276 killed in deadliest single attack in Somalia's history


Somalia Mogadishu atrocity may provoke deeper US involvement


Liberia election headed for run-off




Sebastian Gorka identifies top 3 threats to America




Cambodia heads towards one-party state – and a democratic crisis



ASX rises 0.6pc to five-month high


The Australian dollar is powering higher as US inflation data whiffs


Brisbane Muslim inmates allege humiliation and abuse by prison staff


Turnbull's power play turns off renewables for 'reliable' energy (Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull)




Tesla Motors Hundreds of workers fired after performance reviews




TSX dips, Canadian dollar down while Wall Street hits record highs


U.S. demands end to Canadian supply management: Sources


Loblaws to cut 500 jobs


“Utterly irrelevant”: Canada expunges refugee questionnaire that asked about prayer habits, views on hijab


12,000 Ontario college faculty on strike, 500,000 students displaced from class


Ottawa to cut small business tax rate to 9% by 2019


Canadian businesses still bullish despite U.S. worries, rising rates: BoC


GM workers at CAMI plant accept deal


Long bets in the Canadian dollar hit 5-year high


Alleged victims sue B.C. man 'wrongfully convicted' of multiple sex assaults


Toronto highrise tenants will soon know if they’re ‘living in a fire trap’


'There was a screw-up': UBC researchers pull paper linking vaccine component to autism


Sears Canada executive chairman quits


Trudeau’s Marijuana Bill Allows Children to Possess Ten Joints (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Bombardier exploring options for aerospace businesses: Bloomberg 




 Solar Industry Wants to Build Puerto Rico's Grid of the Future


Death toll in Puerto Rico jumps to 48




Journalist who exposed her nation’s Panama Papers links killed in car bomb




Are Free Minds and Free Markets Compatible With Christianity?


Nestlé removes Christian cross from Greek yogurt packaging




Late night host James Corden apologizes for jokes about Weinstein after backlash


Jimmy Kimmel on losing Republican viewers of his late-night comedy show: 'Not good riddance, but riddance'





Communism leaves 'trail of corpses' wherever it goes




Chinese runaway space station will crash to Earth within months, expert warns


China places bet on yuan-denominated crude oil futures


China's Impact on Global Markets is About to Get Much Bigger




Pyongyang to continue to build up its nuclear potential — senior lawmaker


The Case for Containing North Korea


North Korea Is so Desperate for Cash, It’s Allowing 12-Year-Olds to Gamble


The True Danger of the North Korea Crisis: It Could Cost America Its Allies


U.S. Works on Mapping N.Korea's Underground Facilities


Once Mocked, North Korean Cyberpower Is a Global Threat


North Korea's real-life 'doomsday scenario' for U.S.


How we got to a nuclear North Korea


North Korea threatens Guam with 'salvo of missiles'





Study: Congress should end IRS oversight of sermons


Federal Judge Reaffirms Tradition of Congressional Prayer


Trump Decertifies Iran Deal, Rightly Throwing It to Congress


As goes Pennsylvania's congressional delegation, so goes Congress


Democrats downplay shutdown over Obamacare, but deal with Trump looks unlikely


Trump’s decertification plan for nuclear deal gives Congress 60 days to get tough on Iran


Showdown over Affordable Care Act raises specter of government shutdown




New Jersey man convicted in New York City bombings that injured 30




NRA’s Dana Loesch driven from home by death, rape threats


Man arrested for doughnut glaze "meth" gets settlement


Islamic State supporter says Las Vegas attack shows ISIS’ success at indoctrinating unlikely individual


The Las Vegas massacre narrative has more holes than a Mandalay Bay hotel hallway


Body found likely that of Arizona educator who bailed out boyfriend, police say


Unlicensed surgeon who calls herself 'Dr Kitty', 19, is arrested for performing a procedure on a woman in the basement of her home and leaving her needing cosmetic surgery 





Air quality on cruise ships 'worse than world's most polluted cities'




Exclusive: Final Suspect in Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s Murder Arrested




Clinton ratchets up Comey accusations, as Trump dares 'Crooked' Hillary to 2020 rematch


Zakaria To Hillary: 'Do You Think White Women In America Voted Their Race Over Their Gender?'


Hillary Clinton defends NFL players kneeling for national anthem


Weinstein Donated $10,000 to Bill Clinton’s Legal Defense in 1998


The Big Obama Comeback To Be Followed by the Big Trump Takedown


Clinton Foundation Refuses to Return Weinstein Donations


Clinton Injured After Twisting Ankle During UK Visit


Dems Sue Trump for Abiding by Obamacare on Subsidies


Hillary Clinton: Wikileaks a 'subsidiary of Russian intelligence' and Assange does 'bidding of dictator'


Chelsea quiet about Harvey Weinstein's donations to Clinton Foundation


Texas Democrats Hesitant to Embrace Gay Candidate for Governor





Feds granting nearly 2 million work permits to illegal immigrants in 2017




Interior readies a behind-the-scenes land swap to build a road through an Alaska wilderness refuge





Sessions Sends Lawyer to Aid in Transgender Case  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)





Ex-DEA agent says opioid crisis fueled by drug industry and Congress





Wall St. inches up with financials; earnings in focus


All major stock indexes score records as investors await slew of earnings


U.S. Stocks Climb to Record as Treasuries Decline: Markets Wrap


Why inflation holds the key for Wall Street


Dollar rises after Trump talks tax reform; Yellen set to meet about renomination


Gold slips but holds above $1,300; copper marks highest finish since 2014


Asian shares conquer new peaks, oil up on Iraq tensions


Stocks in Asia Gain as U.S. Inflation Slows: Markets Wrap


What Global Finance Chiefs Are Saying About the Economy


Fires Complicate Tough California Housing Market




The Escalating Costs of Higher Edumacation


NYC teacher nabbed at ‘Occupy’ event gets nearly $400G payment


Richard Spencer and a Tale of Two Publics


School Allows Transgender Boys To Sleep In Girls' Dorm


A Professor's Misunderstood Lesson, a Viral Video and Pomegranates


If you want a safe school, opt for a charter


Richard Wilbur, Poet Laureate and Pulitzer Winner, Dies


Dumping deadwood teachers on failing schools


New Jersey high school students walk out of class after English teacher makes racist comments to teens who were talking in Spanish




Rocket attacks on Israel fuel fears of ISIS pivot from Syria to Egypt


Islamic terrorist murders Coptic priest




Trump Hopes Clinton Will Run for President in 2020


Gov. John Kasich opens up about a possible 2020 presidential run




Oil ends at a nearly 3-week high as Middle East tensions threaten supplies


Energy Prices


Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill May Be Largest Since 2010 BP Disaster


U.S. Natural Gas Exports to Add 500,000 Jobs, $73 Billion to Economy


Several injuries reported in explosion on Louisiana lake





PBS Airs Anti-Pruitt Documentary Funded By Environmentalist Group Backer  (Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt)


Coal country is finding little relief in Trump's climate actions





Spanish stocks dragged down by Catalonia uncertainty, sapping European benchmark


EU slaps new sanctions on North Korea


Dozens killed as wildfires ravage Portugal


Right-Wing Victory in Austria Today




Fast Food Worker Fired for Refusing to Serve Police Officers




FBI reveals unlikely source of many fake kidnapping calls


Pro-ISIS militant on FBI wanted list killed in battle 





NBC’s license won’t be revoked over Trump: FCC commissioner





Taylor Impresses Trump for Fed Chairman, Warsh Slips


Fed's Yellen says watching inflation closely but economy is strong  (Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen)


Why Ben Bernanke is worried  (Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S Bernanke)





France Emmanuel Macron claims in TV interview: 'I am not cut off'   (French President Emmanuel Macron)


'We Need to Develop Political Heroism'  (French President Emmanuel Macron)


Why do Parisians waste more food than anywhere else in France?


Men in France to face on the spot fines for wolf-whistling at women




Trump 'could bring the danger of war close to Europe', Germany warns


German Soccer Team Kneels in Solidarity with NFL


Mayor accuses police of ‘giving up control’ after murder in busy Cologne square


German neo-Nazi convicted of Holocaust denial — again





Five Climate Truths Donald Trump Doesn’t Understand




Obamacare Tax to Raise Premiums in 2018, Cost $270 Billion Over Next Decade





2-year-old denied kidney transplant because father violated probation




Anti-History Fury Hits Virginia Civil War Re-Enactment With Threats, Pipe Bombs


Next Up to Tear Down: Stephen Foster


Confederate heritage stands strong in parts of rural Virginia





Weinstein Co. may have a buyer


Harvey Weinstein Proves Why the Left Really Hates Trump


How Weinstein Used Lawyers and Money to Evade 2015 Case


Intern says Weinstein sex assaults date back to the ’80s


Sure, give back Harvey Weinstein's money. And then actually do something to support women


Woody Allen reveals sadness for 'messed up' Harvey Weinstein: Director whose own son revealed sex claims against movie mogul now fears Hollywood 'witch hunt' of 'every guy in an office who winks at a woman'




Halloween retailer pulls Anne Frank costume amid complaints




UK lawyers say rule of law under threat after jailing of activists




Anti-Trump dossier firm Fusion GPS fights House subpoenas


Candidate for Congress insists she was abducted by aliens


Can Democrats win back the House?


Trump allies fear losing the House means impeachment


GOP Congressman Warns U.S. Insolvency Could 'Cost Millions of American Lives'


Congressional Black Caucus Prayer Breakfast: The Great Black Deception 


Paul Ryan: 'It would be naive' to think there is no Harvey Weinstein-esque person in Congress   (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Rep. Marino: Drug czar nominee and the opioid industry’s advocate


Pelosi: Defending Obamacare 'My Fight, My Mission'   (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Paul Ryan brushes off Steve Bannon's challenge to GOP establishment as 'death, taxes, attacks from Breitbart'




Refugee resettlement putting America at risk




Christian Teenager in India Arrested for Comments on Fake Facebook, Sources Say


India's airports will be at breaking point by 2022


Bengaluru building collapse kills at least five — officials


Strategies to create jobs in India: How to reap the dividend gifted by demography


IMF suggests India to set up independent fiscal council




Trump hostility set to deepen Iran power struggles


The moment of truth is coming for Trump’s Iran strategy


Trump's Iran Policy: A Good Start


Iran Deal Supporters Are Willing To Sell Out The U.S. To Jihadists





US-led coalition urges Baghdad, Kurds to avoid ‘escalatory actions’


US threatens to shoot down any Iraqi warplane targeting Kurds


Kurds say "lots of casualties" as Iraqi forces move on Kirkuk


Iraqi Kurdistan’s vice president brings 3,000 more fighters to Kirkuk


Iraqi forces launch operation for Kurdish-held oil fields, military base


Iran's a Distraction. The Urgent Problem Is Kurdish Oil




Article In Urdu Daily Traces History Of Khatm-e-Nabuwwat Movement, Argues That Ahmadi Muslims Are Kafir: 'This Faith Is Substantiated By 100 Verses Of The Koran'


A Muslim Photographer Shows the True Face of Islam (Part 4)


Muslim spokesman Qasim Rashid claims Islam can “help us prevent more sexual abuse scandals”





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Monday, October 16, 2017)


Israel doesn't take action following Hamas-Fatah deal, despite calls to severe ties with PA


Syria fires missiles at Israeli Air Force flights as Russian Defense Minister heads to Israel


IAF retaliates against Syrian surface-to-air missile battery (Israeli Air Force)


Syria warns of 'serious repercussions' following Israeli airstrike


Belgium and PA officials to meet in response to PMW report


Hamas blasts Abbas for not lifting sanctions placed on Gaza  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Netanyahu: Attempts to hit our aircraft are unacceptable  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Netanyahu congratulates Austria’s Kurz, but silent on partnership with far right


Israeli settlers steal olive harvest, attack Palestinian farmers in West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


Netanyahu warns Syria Israel prepared to strike ‘as needed’          


Four Israeli airborne missiles destroy Syrian SA-5 battery


Netanyahu tells Iranian foreign minister to quit Twitter


Labor leader: I will not evacuate 'settlements'


Massive section of Western Wall and Roman theater uncovered after 1,700 years


Gaza fishermen union denies reports saying Israel to expand fishing zone


Government advancing bill to ban Breaking the Silence — report


Councilman: New neighborhood blocks division of Jerusalem


Israel Set To Quit UNESCO In Wake Of US Decision


A Palestinian child has no free choice'


Hezbollah recruits Palestinian to carry out W. Bank (Judea and Samaria) attacks


Israeli bulldozers level land in northern Gaza Strip


Israelis can’t have flag in Abu Dhabi judo tournament


Arab officials console family of Jewish terror victim             


Israeli Labor Party Leader Refuses To Govern With Arabs


Israel’s Civil Administration Approves New Housing in Hebron’s Hezkiah Quarter


Hezbollah claims to have captured 3 Mossad agents


Israeli forces detain 16-year-old Palestinian in overnight raids


Sarona Terrorists Convicted on 4 Murders, 41 Attempted Murders in Tel Aviv


Palestinian cousins convicted of murder for deadly 2016 Sarona attack


Palestinian Unity & The Next Conflict With Israel


Veneer of positivity fades in Palestinian unity talks as tough issues surface


Under Cover of Jewish Holidays, Rampant PA Illegal Construction Mocked High Court’s Rulings


With Netanyahu, it’s all about political survival


Avi Gabbay says peace agreement does not have be an agreement to evict Jews from their home


Jordanian Minister: Allowing Jews on Temple Mount is “provoking in an irresponsible fashion” Muslims worldwide


Palestinian Reconciliation: To What End?




Japan opinion polls suggest Abe's party to stay in power  (Japanese Prime Minister  Shinzo Abe)


Japan's Internet Maverick Has a New Global Target: $180 Steaks


The Death of Liberalism in Japan




Jordanian Columnist: For Their Own Sake, Muslims In West Must Renounce Islamic Terror, Promote Moderate Islam




Lebanon cannot handle Syrian refugees anymore, says Aoun




D'Souza Accepts The Left's Big Lie About America


The Beginning of the End of Progressive Domination?




Economic Classes Diverge Substantially in Rates of Marriage




NBC Fires Employee Who Leaked Lawrence O’Donnell ‘Stop the Hammering’ Meltdown


Trump could actually make Americans feel sorry for the media


The Times’ new policy to hide reporters’ bias




Analysis: Russia’s S-400 a new Middle East invasion





14 States Slam Trump’s Transgender-Soldier Ban in Court


Bergdahl pleads guilty to desertion, misbehavior before enemy


Are Tanks as Obsolete as Battleships?


As North Korea threat looms, US Navy tests ballistic missile shootdown capability


Collective Security Is America's Only Hope


Commission for modern military to consider skills-based draft, women’s roles, millennial recruitment


Pentagon revamps program that puts immigrant recruits on path to US citizenship


Vets, servicemembers come together to support EOD Warrior Foundation


Atlas 5 rocket carrying spy satellite takes off





NAACP Attacking Jones Confirms Betrayal of Its People





Locals told to not mind armed men as 3,500 troops take part in ‘Silver Arrow’ NATO drills in Latvia




Mexico's Day of the Dead Takes Over Halloween




Suspected US missiles kill 20 militants in NW Pakistan


Amid Discord With US, Pakistan Looks To Moscow


Missing Turkish teacher 'deported from Pakistan'


Editorial In Pakistani Urdu Daily Criticizes Trump's Stance On North Korea: 'A Specific Zionist Mentality Has Occupied America, Which Is Using It Against Muslims'


All minorities living in Pakistan enjoy complete fundamental rights: Nawaz Sharif (Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif)


Pakistan elected as member state of UN Human Rights Council


USA to have real relationship with Pakistan: Donald Trump




Philippine Troops Kill Two Leaders of Pro-ISIS Alliance, Minister Says 


Philippines says siege almost over




Latest Polls




Opioid Abuse and the Prescription Monitoring Program




One Louisiana sheriff thinks the state should keep 'good' prisoners in jail for free labor


Alleged Asheville airport attacker had just been released from prison


A Gun to His Head as a Child. In Prison as an Adult.




Russia dismisses UK media claims on oil products supplies to Taliban


Russia emerging as new player in Middle East balance of power


Popular Russian Blogger On Russia-Linked Facebook Ads: The Western Budget For Interfering In The Russian Election Will Far Surpass 150 Thousand Dollars


The Fraud Scandal Engulfing Russia's Media Watchdog, Explained


Here’s the Memo the Kremlin-Linked Lawyer Took to the Meeting With Donald Trump Jr.


Putin signs decree to impose extensive sanctions on North Korea (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Russia's military operation in Syria nearing completion


Russian officials remain silent about details of arms contracts with Saudi Arabia


Victim of Chechnya’s 'gay purge' calls on Russia to investigate


Russian Liberal Newspaper Novaya Gazeta: The FSB Trumps The President's Administration On 2018 Presidential Elections


 Russia’s aggressive cyberwar


If Russia can create fake ‘Black Lives Matter’ accounts, who will next?


Russian Foreign Minister on Iran: 'If It's Not Broke, Don't Fix It'




Gravitational waves – and light – seen in neutron star collision 




The Real Reason Democrats Want To Repeal The Second Amendment And Confiscate Firearms





U.S. Senate candidate: bringing back ‘knowledge of God’ will be my priority (Pro-life Judge Roy Moore is running against a Democrat who supports abortion on demand.)


Trump ‘Understands’ Bannon’s War With Senate Republicans


Deficit hawks trampled in GOP tax cut stampede


Durbin: If Democrats ‘Overdo It’ by Being too Liberal, We Can Lose to Trump (US Senator of Illinois Richard Durbin (D)


Florida's Senate race shaping up as a clash of titans


Judge Rules Sen. Menendez's Corruption Trial to Proceed  (US Senator of New Jersey Robert Menendez (D)


Activists Question Sen. Kamala Harris’s Silence on Sex-Trafficking Bill, Despite Previous Crusade Against  (US Senator of California Kamala Harris (D)


Republican senator 'very disappointed' in Trump's actions on health care  (US Senator of Maine Susan M Collins (R)


Chill In the Air as McConnell Prepares to Meet with Trump (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Leader of California Senate to challenge Sen. Dianne Feinstein


Will the Iran Deal Be Obamacare Repeal All Over Again?


Will Congress pass tax reform? "If we don't we're dead," says Sen. Graham  (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey O Graham (R)


Al Franken: Trump's Iran decision 'undercuts our leadership'  (US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)


It’s not too late for the Senate to avoid fiscal disaster





Viral social media trend shines spotlight on sexual assault




Bible-based social justice aim of Cincinnati Baptists





U.S., S. Korea begin new drills as North again threatens Guam


Moon, Trump to hold bilateral summit in Seoul on Nov. 7: White House (President Moon Jae-in)


Homosexuality on front lines of ideological battle


Seoul, Beijing Extend Currency Swap Despite THAAD Spat


English schools on Jeju 'only for the super-rich'


US congressmen urge Trump against ‘drastic’ changes to FTA


Park calls her corruption trial `political revenge'  (Former President Park Geun-hye)


North Korean hackers likely targeted S. Korea-based cryptocurrency exchange


South Korean version of 'Iron Dome' being developed


GM Korea fails to reach 9,000 cars in sales last month


SNU, Harvard, MIT scholars take issue with Moon's anti-nuclear policy


No more concessions to US in agriculture talks: minister




Deadly Spanish wildfires bear down on town of Vigo as hundreds evacuated





Must-See Moments: Farmer Plows Message for NFL Players


NCAA: No Academic Violations at UNC


Did one of Trump’s tweets make it safer for NFL players to kneel during the anthem?


Seven San Francisco 49ers take knee for national anthem as protests lose their mojo


NFL players continue national anthem protests


Kaepernick, Trump need to unify US on ‘national anthem,’ ex-Green Beret Nate Boyer pens in open letter


Aaron Rodgers suffers broken collarbone, could miss rest of season


Kaepernick files grievance against NFL over alleged collusion


Philadelphia Eagles player baptized in hotel pool with teammates by his side


Ex-Chicago White Sox pitcher dies in "tragic" ATV accident


NFL owners need to play defense to protect free speech


MLB Scoreboard


NHL Scoreboard


NFL Scoreboard





Calif. governor vetoes presidential candidate tax disclosure bill


Exhausted by national politics, Virginia voters are unusually disengaged from race for governor


Officials give promising update on the fight against Calif. wildfires


Californians say they didn't receive emergency wildfire alerts


Flames have transformed 10 miles of California’s loveliest countryside


Burned to the ground: Inside the Napa wineries gutted by raging wildfires that has devastated the $63billion industry and killed 40 people





Tillerson Pledges Diplomacy With North Korea 'Until the First Bomb Drops'  (US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson)


‘I’m intact’: Tillerson asserts his standing in administration




Hunt: How the Supreme Court Can Soothe U.S. Political Strife




White House job openings hampering Taiwan-US defense ties: council head


Factories to be taxed for PM2.5 emissions: EPA


Cargo ship stranded off Taiwan coast due to bad weather


Kidney diseases cost NHI NT$48.3bn a year: report




Antifa revealed! Free exposé of alt-left


New York City: Muslim surgeon in jihad plot says “it would be a great pleasure if we could slaughter” city’s Jews





A better deal with NAFTA 2.0


Unraveling ‘the worst deal ever’ could hurt U.S., experts say


Nafta Needs an Update, Not Repeal




Turkey says ready to help Iraq to oust Kurdish fighters


What Is Turkey Up to in Syria?


Turkey's TİKA extends helping hand to women, girls worldwide


Turkey closes air space to N. Iraq flights


EU seeks to cooperate with Turkey on regional issues





FTSE ends session in the red as ConvaTec slumps 27%


Pedophile geophysicist described as 'savage individual' admits luring children, adults into online sex abuse


Deaths reported as Ophelia's remnants batter Ireland


UK council bans woman from market for selling Knights Templar mugs: “Might be offensive to Muslims”


More than 1,000 troops on standby as forecasters warn Hurricane Ophelia's 80mph winds will 'pose a danger to life'


UK: Muslim accused of honor killing 19-year-old woman


Theresa May flies to Brussels for emergency talks to rescue Brexit  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Revealed Catalogue of failings that sank Falklands warship HMS Sheffield


Harvey Weinstein: Scotland Yard investigating three further sexual assault claims


North-south divide UK split 'created by Vikings'


Married couple knocked down and killed by car while out walking 


Modern slavery Referrals up 300% in UK due to improved identification


Lack of leadership rivals keeping Sturgeon safe - Jim Sillars  (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Vauxhall 400 jobs to be cut at Ellesmere Port as demand for Astra falls


Hospitals in chocolate crackdown


Only British woman fighting Isis in Raqqa says she can never return home 


Mesh surgeon investigated by NHS trust


Food Higher prices could be avoided if no Brexit deal, says Chris Grayling


Interest rate rise 'should be delayed'


Hurricane Ophelia could bring damage to Ireland and Britain


GPs Gay rights activists welcome NHS questioning of patients over sexuality


No further Brexit talks yet scheduled as negotiations hit deadlock


Patients to be questioned about sexuality




Gulf widens between Washington and UN partners


For Years, U.N. Was Warned of Threat to Rohingya in Myanmar


Nikki Haley says U.S. in Iran deal "to see how we can make it better"  (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)




Revealed: Shocking and forgotten 1939 Nazi rally in Madison Square Garden where Jewish protestor was stripped while speaker called for 'white, gentile-ruled USA' in front of 20,000 fascists




Voters come out for election seen as gauge of Maduro’s grip on power





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Kelly tries to get empty administration jobs filled


Trump to meet with Philippines' Duterte in Asia next month


Trump: Schumer flip-flopped on Iran deal 'now that I am involved'


Trump’s One Step At A Time Iran Policy Fails


Trump: Republicans, Democrats Working Together on Short-term Healthcare Fix


Trump Is Right to End Insurance Subsidies, Wrong on Restricting the Press

Trump lied about Obama in another wild news conference. Then he did something unexpected: Analysis


Inside the ‘adult day care center’: How aides try to control and coerce Trump


Trump Blasts 370% Rally in Insurers and Pushes Down Drug Stocks


Trump hints he might try to get Bannon to back off, as he seeks to project unity with McConnell (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Trump Adopts Robust Approach Toward America’s Enemies


Trump’s Iran Soliloquy


Trump thinks he'll appoint 4 Supreme Court justices in his first term


Paul Joseph Watson Video: Eminem is a Complete Idiot  (What, exactly, is edgy, bold and honest about calling Trump a racist?)


Trump won’t support ‘weak deal,’ national security adviser says


Trump's Campaign Paid His Son's Russia-Probe Law Firm $238,000


Conservative army bolsters Trump on tax cuts


Trump campaign legal bills topped $1 million last quarter


Think the 25th  amendment will take care of Trump? You're dreaming. 



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