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Thursday, October 11, 2018





In Today’s Issue:  




I Watched ‘Gosnell’. Here Are My 5 Takeaways.


What ‘Gosnell’ Media Censors Don’t Want You To See Is A True-Crime Drama About Abortion


The Mainstream Media Doesn't Want You to See 'Gosnell'


Tom Arnold Calls Actor Dean Cain a “F—— P—-” for Role in “S— F—— Gosnell Movie”


New Chicago abortion clinic opens with aim to destigmatize abortions


Abortion Activist Trying Again to Force Little Sisters of the Poor to Fund Abortions


New York's abortion laws leave some women 'no choice' except travel, SoHo pop-up argues


Abortion Activist Admits: “When Abortion Is Illegal, Women Rarely Die”


Planned Parenthood plans abortion ‘underground railroad’ for a post-Roe America


She Was an Abortion Activist, Now Sue is a Pro-Life Advocate Glorifying God


Feminist book names former abortion exec Cecile Richards ‘matron saint of mothers and daughters’


Pro-Abortion Writer Says More Parents Need to Help Their Daughters Abort Their Grandchildren


Wisconsin Stops Funding Abortions in State Government Health Plan


Tight Senate race prompts provocative visit by anti-abortion group at MU(Missouri)


Here’s Planned Parenthood’s Master Plan on How to Abort Babies if Roe is Overturned


Abortion rights supports and opponents clash on MU's campus


Pro-Abortion University Student Arrested After Vandalizing and Stealing Pro-Life Signs


Busy Philipps turned to pope after having an abortion at 15


Pope Francis just compared abortion to “hiring a hit man”


Court Sides With Doctor Fired for Refusing to Do Abortions (Norway)




Afghan civilian deaths highest since 2014: UN




Ebola cases spike as nervous communities stop cooperating with health care workers




NYC creates 3rd gender option for birth certificates



Australia stocks lower following continued market rout on Wall Street




The close: TSX, Wall Street extend slide as sell-off spreads globally


U.S. border ban on Canadian cannabis workers lifted


The Canadian Mind: A Culture So Open, Its 'Brains Fall Out'


Ban on cops using cannabis within 28 days of duty is ‘ill-contrived, arbitrary,’ Toronto police union says


New Quebec government plans to ban public servants from wearing kippas


71-year-old grandma allegedly kicked off Air Canada flight over 'life-changing' dispute about seat pocket garbage




How I Know The United States Is On The Brink Of Another Civil War




Prager U Video: Goodbye, Columbus Day




If the U.S. Doesn’t Control Corporate Power, China Will


Trump Administration Resets Policy Toward China in Landmark Speech


China abducts Interpol president; columnist calls for China’s suspension from Interpol


China and the Case of the Interpol Chief





51th  Anniversary of Che Guevara’s Death




China, Russia push to ease N. Korea sanctions as Seoul mulls options


Denuclearization Is a Fantasy: Why Trump Should Embrace the Truth on North Korea’s Nukes


New defense paper no longer describes NK military has ‘overwhelming superiority’




Judge Revokes 9-Year-Old Girl’s Life Support Over Her Family’s Wishes


Judge may overturn $289 million verdict in Monsanto case


Prosecutors drop part of case against Weinstein




Trump Is Right: Chicago Should Start Using Stop, Question, And Frisk 


Car Carnage(New York State doesn’t take danger on the roads seriously enough.)


Teacher confesses to ‘car sex’ with 15-year-old student: cops




Wild Pics: Mexico-US tunnel had rail system, solar panels


High-tech drug tunnel with rail line found at US-Mexico border




Washington State Supreme Court Abolishes Death Penalty




Michael Cohen, Trump’s Former Lawyer, Just Registered As A Democrat … Again


How Democrat Rage is Destroying America


Jerry Brown, the Democrats’ Model Crime Governor


Michelle Obama rebukes Holder, Clinton over calls for political warfare(Former US Attorney General Eric H Holder Jr)


Hillary Clinton Is Dangerous


Hillary Clinton’s hypocritical call for ‘incivil’ war




Trump 'surprised' Rosenstein won’t testify, after hearing his side of the 'wire' story (Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein)


Trump talked with Jeff Sessions’s own chief of staff about replacing him as attorney general (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Former Top F.B.I. Lawyer Says Rosenstein Was Serious About Taping Trump  (Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein)


Rosenstein-McCabe feud dates back to angry standoff in front of Mueller(Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe/Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Eric Holder: ‘When they go low, we kick ’em’(Former US Attorney General Eric H Holder Jr(D)




U.S. stocks close lower as Dow drops nearly 1,400 points in 2 days


Stocks Fall in Turbulent Trading, Treasuries Gain


Why the stock market just ushered in its worst start to a quarter in about 2 years


Wall Street sells off as worries mount ahead of earnings season


Gold surges to a more than 2-month high as investors take refuge amid stock-market rout


The US stock market on the Orient Express


Global selloff continues in New York despite glimmer of trade hope


Why the stock market just ushered in its worst start to October since 2008


Live: Asia Stocks Sink After U.S. Equities' Biggest Plunge in Months


Asia shares plummet after Wall Street rout; Shanghai at near four-year lows


Dollar’s skid continues, set for third consecutive losing session


Stocks Plunge, as Fresh Tensions With China Batter Tech Shares


Bitcoin slumps more than 5%, puts ‘digital gold’ status in jeopardy


Economic Anxiety Didn’t Elect Trump and It May Hurt His Party in the Midterms


Market timers say it’s still too early to jump back into stocks




Watch: Students Offered $100 To Name Just One Time Conservatives Shut Down A Progressive Campus Speaker


Two Students Hooked Up. It Was Clearly Consensual. He Still Spent $12,000 Defending Himself.


When Asians Are Targets of Racism


A Damaging Bid to Censor Applications at Harvard


The 2-Hour Fake Internship


Removing Barriers to Higher Ed


Higher Ed as Brazil Moves to the Right




Egypt condemns 17 to death for Daesh church attacks


El-Sisi wants return of Egypt militant held in Libya  (Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi)





Support for Dumping Electoral College Is Down




Voter Fraud - Interview with the Author




Obama, GOP had secret plan to back Clinton if Trump refused to concede




Latest Election Polls


Democrats Embrace Socialism in Battle to Win Midterm Elections


It’s Midterms 2018—and YOU Are There


Democrats Mid Term Mantra—Civility must die—Kick—Falsely accuse—Smear


As even long-shot Democrats harvest huge numbers of campaign contributions, Republicans brace for an onslaught


Pro-Kavanaugh women fed up with ‘gender traitors’ label: ‘They’ll see us at the polls’


Here’s where Democrats are really picking up Trump voters


Democrats, Don’t Muck This One Up


Midterm fear factor: Republicans, Democrats stoke anxiety over health care, rule of law




Oil takes a hit as U.S. supplies rise a third week and global stock markets drop


Energy Prices


OPEC wary of 2019 surplus as stocks rebuild





Hungary Standing Strong Against EU’s ‘Revenge,’ ‘Blackmail,’


Swedish media try to cover up gang rape of girl by Muslim migrants, Facebook censors posts also


Germany, Greece urge EU reboot in face of populism


Finland: Employer fined for cutting Muslims’ salaries for praying during work hours, offering haram food




FBI Says Man Planned to Bomb National Mall on Election Day


Defending the FBI Reinvestigation




Trump calls 'loco' Federal Reserve 'too aggressive'




A New Era for the China-Russia-U.S. Triangle




UN set to lambast France for its 'discriminatory' 2010 burqa ban




Germany: Turkish anti-terror unit cars spotted in Berlin, intimidating Erdogan’s critics


Germany open to selling arms to Saudis despite Yemen war


'We must keep extreme and populist voices at bay': German President


Tough CO2 targets 'could cost 100,000 jobs': VW chief





Want to Do Your Part to Halt Climate Change? Become a Vegetarian


Doubling Down on Global-Warming Alarmism


Another Hurricane Means More Climate Change Hysteria


Don't buy the UN's bull — The US isn't killing planet Earth


GOP shrugs off dire study warning of global warming




Report: Adelson gives tens of millions more to Republicans


Poll: 10 Most Popular Governors in America Are All Republicans


Jeb Bush wasn’t invited to Barbara’s surprise wedding (Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush)




Greece bans overweight tourists from riding donkeys  



Republican Leader McCarthy Files a 'Build the Wall' Bill, But No Action Until December  (House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California)


U.S. Congressmen: Communist China Should Not Host 2022 Olympics Due to Human Rights Violations


“Human Trafficking” Bill Allows More Government Spying on Americans


Fusion GPS co-founder spurns House GOP subpoena


Husband of Virginia Dem Candidate Questions Republican Opponent’s Military Service


Dem Millionaire Chaired Board Criticized for Ignoring Sexual Misconduct


Dem Congressional Candidate: Talking About Single-Payer Health Care Would ‘Immediately Turn off a Lot of People’


Cisneros’ Foundation Invested in Company With History of Environmental Fines


Perino: 'Preposterous' for Ocasio-Cortez to claim Electoral College is 'a shadow of slavery's power' (Democrat candidate US Representative of New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Socialist)


Court-ordered Pennsylvania redistricting gives Democrats huge boost in bid to flip House


Dem hopes for House majority run through Minnesota suburbs





Hurricane Michael: Baptists preparing response


Mexico Beach is 'wiped out' by Hurricane Michael as other Florida cities are smashed


Before-and-After Footage Shows Mexico Beach After Hurricane Michael


Images, video show Michael's destruction: 'All I can see is devastation'


Rick Scott says main concern after Hurricane Michael is "search and rescue"


2 hospitals damaged by Hurricane Michael evacuating their 330 patients


11-Year-Old Georgia Girl, Florida Man Killed by Hurricane Michael


Michael menaces Southeast after slamming Florida


Florida sifts through the wreckage left by Michael, one of the strongest hurricanes ever to hit the U.S.


Hurricane Michael is so bad that 18 Waffle Houses are closing


Shrieking Wind and Shuddering Glass: Hurricane Michael Arrived With a Punch


‘We have to evacuate’: Storm forces residents to flee inland Florida homes for emergency shelters




India to raise import tariffs on electronic and communication items


India hit with its biggest outbreak of Zika to date


India lost $80 bn due to disasters in last 20 years: UN report


India, Russia to conclude deals on frigates, Kalashnikovs soon: Russian envoy


India's oil imports from Iran edged up in September due to loading delays


Powerful cyclone batters eastern India




Iranian Media Outlets On French President Macron's 'Anti-Iran Mission'





What Islam Has That We Don't


Imam: We'll kill our women if they dishonor us




Suspect arrested in stabbing of soldier in the northern West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  


In Denmark, Rivlin pays tribute to rescue of country’s Jews in 1943(Israeli President Reuven Rivlin)


Critics Slam Israeli Government Proposal Allowing Early Release Of Palestinian Prisoners


Israel said poised to dramatically worsen Palestinian prisoners’ conditions


PM Netanyahu celebrates US Navy’s birthday on destroyer (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


UN envoy ‘no longer acceptable’ to Palestinian Authority


Trump is shark and Israel's puppet in latest Trump-mocking cartoons in official PA daily


IDF releases footage of Gaza tunnel discovery, destruction (Israel Defense Forces)


New fund utilizes Israeli tech to help small farmers in Africa


Samaria terrorist captured


Cabinet set to approve first new homes for Hebron settlers in 16 years


Experts: Israeli Plan To Drive Out Gas Cars By 2030 ‘Unrealistic’


UN mistranslation concealed Abbas' glorification of terrorists and PA's pay for slay policy  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Jordanian enclave on 'West Bank (Judea and Samaria)   


This could be the best 'two-state solution


Yeshiva Netiv Aryeh Adds New Programs, Says ‘Terror Cannot Silence Us’


Gaza' rate of unemployment doubled since start of Israeli siege


Israel Air Force Follows Pentagon, Grounds F-35 Adir Stealth Fighter Jet


After crash, global fleet of F-35s grounded, including Israel’s


Israeli forces detain Palestinian youths, confiscate vehicle in Nablus


Minister rejects US student’s promise not to promote BDS while in Israel


Terrorist’s Relatives Yell, Mark Victory Sign, at Murdered Policewoman’s Father in Court


Israeli settlers attack Palestinian vehicles in Nablus


PA edict: Selling property to Israelis an act of ‘high treason’


Israel’s DC envoy snubs J Street, other left-wing Jewish groups


Amid mounting tensions, Hamas urges Abbas to lift Gaza Strip sanctions


In video - Israel destroys cross-border Hamas tunnel


JCC hoax bomber indicted for additional threats phoned from prison


The IDF destroys its 15th Hamas terror tunnel in Gaza. No bearing on balloon terror(Israel Defense Forces)


Trump rejects UN and UNESCO’s fictitious Palestinian state





Jordanian Writer: The Spanish Inquisition Murdered Hundreds Of Thousands Of Muslims, While The Holocaust Involved The Death Of No More Than Several Thousand Jews




‘Mentally ill’, ‘illiterate’, ‘incel’: Liberals vent fury as Kanye West visits Trump in White House


The Radical Left’s Sex Crimes Hypocrisy


The Left's Next Big Thing


Winston Churchill Assaulted Christine Blasey Ford  (Left-wing history: All men are rapists, all women are victims, the Founders were slave-owners, and Winston Churchill was a genocidal maniac.)




Reprieve for 1,200 on death row as Malaysia to abolish death penalty




Triggerd : Why Is CNN So Anti-Black Now?


'Assault On Our White House': MSNBC Has Absolute Meltdown After Trump-Kanye Meeting In Oval


Media Ignores Hillary Clinton Supporting Harassment of Conservatives, Eric Holder Saying “Kick” Them


MSM Decries the Use of the Word 'Mob' to Describe Left-Wing Protesters


Network's star ripped after panel refers to Kanye as Trump's 'token negro'


Media Trump Hatred Shows In 92% Negative Coverage Of His Presidency: Study


CNN panel mocks rap star over Trump support: ‘Kanye West is what happens when Negroes don’t read’




Major Expert On Terrorism Makes This Warning To All Americans: Islamic Terrorists And Mexican Drug Cartels Could Use Drones To Kill People





Turkey and Saudi Arabia to cooperate on Khashoggi investigation


It’s time for Saudi Arabia to tell the truth on Jamal Khashoggi


Saudi Arabia’s Haramain High-Speed Railway opens to public


Oman closes schools, ports in south while Yemen prepares for cyclone Luban





'Terminator' tanks with 'invisibility' cloaking will fight future wars


All F-35 stealth fighter jets grounded by military after crash


National Guard, Coast Guard, aircraft and rescue teams prepared to respond to Hurricane Michael


U.S. arms exports soar under marketer-in-chief Trump


Too fat to fight: Obesity hurts national security, study says


Pentagon to disclose withheld internal memo on pro-Trump analyst


Wilkie won’t share documents that could reveal extent of Mar-a-Lago influence on VA


Marine Corps’ new F-35 exceeding expectations in Middle East combat deployment


Air Force leaders see readiness gains, but 'long way to go'




 The $15 Minimum Wage Is Turning Hard Workers Into Black Market Lawbreakers





Georgia NAACP readies lawsuit against Kemp over voter registration   




NASA ready to leave ISS crew-less if Soyuz not cleared by 2019




Pakistan Bailout Exposes Potholes in Belt and Road


Pakistan's anti-graft body summons US envoy in corruption case - Times of India





Study: 80% of Americans Believe Political Correctness Is a Problem




There Are RINOs but Never DINOs




L.A. prepares to begin crackdown on homeless camps, under fire from civil rights lawyers




Astronauts make dangerous 'ballistic re-entry' into Earth’s atmosphere after rocket fails


Potential for New Wave of Protests in Russia is Growing, Report Says


Investigative Committee labels Soyuz MS-10 emergency landing as safety violation


Explosives Seized From Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia, Investigators Claim


Crimea breaks through information blockade, says Russian foreign ministry


Russian Prison Video Reveals Gruesome Rape Scenes


Russian Blogger Sentenced for Anti-Female Hate Speech


Official Russian Reactions To Western Accusations Of GRU Cyber Attacks On International Institutions





Liberals Blaming The Senate For Their Loss Of Political Power Have Lost Touch With Reality


Busted: Staffers for TN Senate Candidate Phil Bredesen Caught on Tape Admitting He Lied About Supporting Kavanaugh


McConnell on Liberals’ Mob Tactics: ‘This Is Only Phase One of the Meltdown;’ Senate ‘Will Not Be Intimidated’  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


U.S. senators asks Google to explain delay in disclosing vulnerability


Hoo Boy: Democrats' Arizona Senate Nominee Caught on Tape Bashing...Arizona


Radical connections of senior Democrats call into question their security clearances


Indiana GOP Files Ethics Complaint Against Joe Donnelly (US Senator of Indiana Joe Donnelly (D)


Phil Bredesen’s own staffers say their boss is lying to the ‘ignorant’ people of Tennessee


Poll: Three-Fourths of Americans Oppose Central Plank of FIRST STEP Act   (An overwhelming majority of Americans oppose a federal sentencing change which would grant early release to those convicted of dealing hard drugs, a new poll released Thursday shows.)


Manchin wanted to use drug settlement money for 'governor's helicopter': report  (US Senator of West Virginia Joe Manchin III (D)


Fake Pro-Lifer Joe Manchin Now Tied With Pro-Life Patrick Morrissey After Kavanaugh Vote  


Whether a Con or a Hit Job, the Kavanaugh Saga is Revealing


Tester Retains Close Financial Ties to JPMorgan Chase, Bank’s Lobbying Team  (US Senator of Montana Jon Tester (D)


Republicans push to confirm more than 40 judges before midterms


Five takeaways from the final Tennessee Senate debate


Senators trigger law forcing Trump to probe Saudi journalist's disappearance


Senate defeats measure to overturn Trump expansion of non-ObamaCare plans


Despite everyman image, Beto O’Rourke twice as wealthy as Ted Cruz (Democrat Senate candidate for Texas Beto O’Rourke/US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Claire McCaskill shuns Missouri’s rural ‘bootheel’ voters in cellphone video (US Senator of Missouri Claire McCaskill (D)





Fewer Americans Now See Workplace Sexual Harassment As a Serious Problem




Will Americans succumb to the sin of socialism?




MRC Poll: 49% of Conservatives Do Not Trust Twitter




Under pressure, South Korea backs off talk of easing sanctions on North


Korea second in world human capital rankings


South Korea has 3rd  most powerful passport


Pompeo 'Protested Against Seoul's Agreements with N.Korea'  (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)


Seoul stocks crumble on global rate concerns


Pope visit to N. Korea feasible if well prepared, S. Korean bishop says


Trump's remarks infringe national sovereignty


Trump Wanted to Move THAAD Battery out of Korea


President pledges to tighten naval combat readiness


More Babies Born Through Fertility Treatment


New Joint Chiefs Of Staff chief vows to support peace efforts


Most Koreans Would Prefer to Die in Bosom of Family


Currency war looms amid trade dispute


S. Korea struggles to contain concerns over sanctions relief


Seoul City dispenses free sanitary pads to tackle ‘period poverty’




Sri Lanka says no Chinese military base at port




Think Your State Is Fiscally Sound? Think Again


Surprise! DMV May Have Registered Non-Citizen Voters (California)




Kavanaugh backs Trump administration on jailing and deporting immigrants for crimes committed years earlier   (Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh)


Ginsburg delays fight over Census citizenship


John Roberts asks federal judges to handle Kavanaugh complaints




US: No Syria reconstruction aid if Iran stays


Syria Receives Anti-Aircraft System From Russia




Taiwan to hold referendum on special law for same-sex marriage




U.S. Treasury Staff Finds China Isn't Manipulating Yuan, Sources Say


Mnuchin Says U.S. Markets ‘Correction’ Is Not Very Surprising (Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin)




US pastor detained in Turkey may soon be released


Turkey agrees to Saudi request to jointly investigate Jamal Khashoggi's disappearance


Turkey cannot remain silent over Khashoggi's disappearance, Erdogan says (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


The Investigators Trump Says Are in Turkey Don’t Seem to Be There





UK terror cop: High level terror threat is “new normal,” Muslims turn to jihad because they “feel disenfranchised”


UK Drug Dealers Kidnap Man, Beat Him With A Baseball Bat, Cut Him With Knives, Then Strip Him Naked And Pour Boiling Water Over His Genitals And Force Him To Sing And Dance To Whitney Houston Songs


UKIP Leader Gerard Batten Criticized by Nigel Farage for Telling the Truth (Part Two)





Nikki Haley triumphed at the UN because she saw through it  (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)


Ex-White House aide Dina Powell could be next UN ambassador


Nikki Haley succeeded, despite Trump





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Rapper hijacks wild post-lunch photo op to lavish praise on Trump, toy with press


Melania: I’m bullied and my husband can’t trust his people (First Lady Melania Trump)


President Trump: I “Never” Thought About “Abandoning” Justice Kavanaugh


Watch: NFL Legend Jim Brown At The White House: 'That Flag Is My Flag. I Don't Think We Should Take Knees in Protest'


White House to Push Pro-Growth ‘Tax Reform 2.0’ in Senate


Trump talks to press nearly nonstop as wins pile up: ‘We’ve never had that kind of access’


Trump rails against Dems at Pennsylvania rally as Hurricane Michael batters Florida


Trump mocks 'the rules of Me Too' at Pennsylvania rally


Dissident’s Disappearance Puts Kushner’s Bet on Saudi Crown Prince at Risk


Trump says he believes only polls ‘that have us up’


Trump says he's spoken with Saudi officials about missing journalist


Trump’s Contradiction: Assailing ‘Left-Wing Mob’ as Crowd Chants ‘Lock Her Up’


Trump after stock drop: 'The Fed has gone crazy'


‘He’s on a roll’: Trump takes a break from airing grievances to tout his successes


Trump repeats claim without evidence that paid protesters disrupted his rallies (Read: Kavanaugh protesters being paid to cause trouble  )




U.S. ranks 25th  for men and 32nd  for women when it comes to helping residents reach their potential


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