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Saturday, October 14, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Trump administration: 'Life begins at conception'


Jeanne Mancini: Young People Know Abortion Hurts Women, Takes Life of Baby, and Damages Our Culture


Christian Women Gathered in Washington To March Against Feminism and Abortion


Undocumented Teen Held In Texas Is At The Heart Of An Abortion Fight


Immigrant teen's advocates: US pushing anti-abortion agenda


Texas Blocks Detained Undocumented Woman's Abortion Access


Bill would halt taxpayer-funded abortion (Illinois)


Pro-abortion group uses Tim Murphy scandal in campaign targeting pro-life Values Voter Summit


An Open Letter to the White Protester Outside the Abortion Clinic Who Told Me ‘Black Lives Matter’


Nonprofit seeks state license for Indiana abortion clinic


Appeals court keeps Arkansas abortion pill limits on hold


Abortion Clinics Across The Country Say They Need Better Protection From Harassment (United Kingdom)





Canadian Says Child Killed, US Wife Raped During Afghan Kidnapping


Parents of freed hostage angry at son-in-law for taking his pregnant wife to Afghanistan





Huge blast from truck bomb rocks Somali capital


Somalia: At least 30 dead in Mogadishu blasts


Mozambique: 16 dead as Muslim gunmen attack police stations


Plague cases double in Madagascar as treatment center sent


Kids for sale: 'My mom was tricked' (Uganda)


Red Cross sends team to tackle deadly plague outbreak  (Madagascar)


Kenyan election descends into chaos as top candidate pulls out of presidential race





These pro-Israel students remain steadfast in midst of anti-Semitic whirlwind





North Korea threatens Australia with disaster


China's next five-year plan on the way and it is a big deal for Australia


Why Tony Abbott’s climate snow job mistakes Australia for Europe  (Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott)


Canadian drug couriers with alleged ties to ex-Vice Canada editor sentenced in Australia




The Boy Scouts Take Oath To Political Correctness




Canada: Muslim explains that he tried to murder woman because “I started listening to the Koran”


'Awesome' Toronto teacher busted for child porn


Takeaway from Trudeau's trip to Washington and Mexico City: NAFTA talks still driven by U.S. demands (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


In Sarnia’s Chemical Valley, is ‘toxic soup’ making people sick?


What Canada is doing amid the global sugar tax debate


'You honk, we drink': 22 people arrested during Dalhousie homecoming parties





Have Hurricanes Wiped Out Puerto Rico Investors' Hopes?





MS-13 'gang leader' captured in Guatemala





Will Wrong Kind Of Tax Reform Kill Charity In The U.S.?





In The Fight Against Poverty, China’s Urban Poor Still Left Behind


Beijing shuts down popular Islamic bookstore, arrests its owner on suspicion of jihad terrorism


Fraud Saps China’s Dream of Being a Science Superpower




Is this the sound that made US diplomatic staff in Cuba sick?




North Korean EMP Attack ‘Existential Threat’ to US, Experts Warn


NKorea Vows 'Salvo of Missiles' on Guam as US Gears Up for Drills


North Korea behind WannaCry attack which crippled the NHS after stealing US cyber weapons, Microsoft chief claims


Kim Jong Un builds his own 'Mar-a-Lago' as North Korean people starve (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)




With Health Subsidy Cut, Congress Under Pressure to Step In


Why Republicans can’t get anything done


Trump’s Strategy With Congress: Be More Like Obama





Virginia man gets two years prison for lying to FBI about friend’s ties to the Islamic State


‘You are my slave’: Elementary school ‘Civil War Day’ has mom furious


Teacher, 27, must stand trial for 'deviant sexual intercourse' with teen boy student


New mom who lost all her limbs after giving birth sues hospital


County sued for bulldozing parents' rights




Woman shot in the head in Vegas massacre emerges from coma


Las Vegas police now say there was no six-minute gap between first shots and concert massacre


Las Vegas Gunman’s Father: ‘Cheerful,’ ‘Sociopathic’


Still no answers on why it took police 12 minutes to find the gunman’s hotel room in Las Vegas


5 arrested after latest St. Louis-area protests


Two ‘Dreamers’ caught smuggling illegal immigrants into U.S.


Slain student’s ex should have been in jail: advocate


5 arrested in 1983 'racially motivated' Ga. murder


Florida pit bull dies after being stabbed 50 times, left in suitcase


New Orleans cop shot to death while on routine patrol ID'd


Cop went to shopping center for sex with child: police


GOP staffer who worked for President Trump's campaign is found dead in his bed after being shot THIRTEEN times by his roommate


Mother jailed for a week for not vaccinating her son, 9, is 'outraged and devastated' he has been given the shots while she was behind bars




Girl dies after falling from cruise ship deck




Trump reignites culture war with 2 simple words




AG Sessions says some cities reconsidered ‘sanctuary’ status after Justice Dept. final warning


Reince Priebus, former Trump chief of staff, interviewed by Mueller team (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)




Deadly California wildfires cripple region's economy




Hamas-linked CAIR indoctrinated Philadelphia public school teachers about “Islamophobia”


School district pulls "To Kill A Mockingbird" over "uncomfortable" language


Wisconsin elementary school bans Halloween costumes


Hillary Clinton considering professor role at Columbia University: report


Feds, states cracking down on student loan scams


Baltimore youth’s rendition of ‘Rise Up’ helps soothe a troubled nation





Trump’s attack on ACA raises shutdown potential, escalates issue in 2018 races


Rejecting Steve Bannon's 'purity contest,' conservative donors may still punish Republicans in 2018




Bannon predicts Trump will win 400 electoral votes in 2020




Energy Prices


Renewable fuel regulation doesn't put 'America First'





The reason Viking burial clothes were inscribed with the word 'Allah'


Iceland's president faints and breaks nose in ‘too hot’ bath





Italy’s Gucci bans fur, joining others in seeking alternatives


How Cosa Nostra's 'cattle mafia' is destroying Sicily's farmers


Italy teens 'strike' over work experience




Govt. fights to keep Comey memos secret  (Former FBI Director James Comey)





Federal regulators approve two major East Coast pipelines




Four die as French army-chartered plane crashes off Ivory Coast


France: Officials gave preferential treatment for public housing to mother of jihad murderer


France's Emmanuel Macron 'considers' trip to Iran after Hassan Rouhani invite  (French President Emmanuel Macron)





The German Manifesto on Anti-Americanism


Macron confident future German government won't oppose EU reforms  (French President Emmanuel Macron)




Falwell Jr: Trump coined 'fake news,' now he should say 'fake Republicans'





Joe Biden: Obamacare Has Given Americans ‘Peace Of Mind’


On ObamaCare, Trump Is Being Attacked For Upholding The Law


Trump's blow to 'Obamacare' jolts health consumers, politics


Democratic AGs sue Trump over ObamaCare subsidy cutoff


Trump has declared open war on the ACA. We'll all get hurt


Many states, consumers alarmed by Trump's health care order


Trump's one-two punch on the Obamacare exchanges will injure consumers — and taxpayers


Seeking a real patch for ObamaCare's latest mess


18 states sue over Trump-halted ObamaCare payments




California declares emergency to fight hepatitis A outbreak


Ambulances with expired medicine, broken equipment withdrawn  (Rhode Island)




Harvey Weinstein expelled from motion picture academy


Harvey Weinstein reportedly fighting for his job after being fired


Weinstein Company Statement Belies a Business in Turmoil


George Clooney denies helping ‘blacklist’ ‘ER’ co-star


Amazon series from De Niro, Moore scrapped over Weinstein scandal


No one took Rose McGowan’s claims seriously. Now everyone is listening


Harvey Weinstein's contract 'protected him from sexual harassment allegations'


Weinstein brother denies company's sale


'I will destroy you': Weinstein told Bond Girl Eva Green that she would never work again when she fought him off in a Paris hotel room as more women reveal how they were groped by the mogul




Congressman warns Dems handed U.S. secrets to Pakistanis


Ryan says government is committed to Puerto Rico "for the long haul"  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Retiring GOP lawmaker: Republicans now 'own' ObamaCare





Hurricane Ophelia now a major storm, barreling toward Ireland




Backlog of citizenship applications raises questions about handling of mass amnesty




India takes on China at another battlefront: A Sri Lankan airport


A blot that no Indian university is among world’s top 500: PM Modi




Coup, revolution and mistrust: Key moments in Iran-US relations


Iran’s president fires back at Trump on nuclear deal, saying U.S. is ‘more isolated than ever’


Trump Alienates Allies and Hands Iran a Victory


World reacts with horror and delight at Trump's Iran declaration


Global powers minus US stand by Iran deal




Erbil tells Peshmerga to be ready to defend Kurdistan against Baghdad


Iran-backed Iraqi ultimatum to Kurds to leave Kirkuk. First test for Trump’s threat to Rev Guards





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Saturday, October 14, 2017)


US to Withdraw From UNESCO Over Its ‘Anti-Israel Bias’


PA official demands Israel 'recognize the facts on the ground'


Inside ‘the pit’: Commander gives rare peek into IDF nerve ctr.   (Israel Defense Forces)


Israeli forces detain 16-year-old Palestinian in overnight raids


Strife inside Netanyahu Cabinet over PA-Hamas Reconciliation (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Netanyahu praises Trump’s landmark decision to decertify Iran nuke deal


Leaked: the six clauses of the Fatah-Hamas deal


5 Palestinians injured during clashes with Israeli forces along Gaza border


With new Iran strategy, Trump rips page out of Netanyahu’s playbook


Israeli forces detain 2 Palestinians for crossing Gaza border fence into Israel


Police hit back against ‘baseless’ Netanyahu claim of leaking chief


Bennett calls on Netanyahu to cut ties with Palestinian Authority


Israel: Acceptance of Palestinian unity deal contingent on disarming Hamas


Labor Party Chairman Gabbay says no to coalition





Anderson Cooper: Trump bent on 'obliterating' Obama's legacy  


NBC's credibility collapse





Hero Dogs Honored with Medal of Courage


Top Pentagon posts are 70 percent vacant as confirmations continue to lag


Mattis Rejects Chinese Claim U.S. Warship Violated Sovereignty  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Two-star Army general relieved from duty


VA secretary promises in writing not to cut benefit program for disabled vets


A guilty plea by Bergdahl on Monday could set up a unique military pre-sentencing trial


Why an Army widow asked her husband's platoon to fire confetti guns in Afghanistan


Memorial service set for soldiers killed in Fort Jackson incident


Trump continued to talk while 'Retreat' bugle call played


Jim Mattis: I thought my staff was playing a joke when I saw 'tenfold' Trump nuclear report





Burma to launch internal investigation into military




NASA Wants to 'Orchestrate' Voyage to Mars in Proposed Collaborative Effort




Analysis: Caitlan Coleman Hostage Rescue Hints at New Era With Pakistan


Canadian Hostage Freed in Pakistan Says Captors Killed Their Infant


They’re free after years as Taliban captives. But their mysterious tale raises new questions.





‘A mecca for prostitution’? A new bill proposes decriminalizing sex work in D.C.




Two prison employees killed in violent inmate escape attempt


Trump cutting support for halfway houses for federal prisoners: report




Arizona restaurant forced to close after owners' pro-Trump Facebook post




How Russia used social media to divide Americans


UK targets Eurovision viewers to counter Russia’s ‘infowars’


Russian cargo ship takes off for space station   


Bannon predicts Trump will win 400 electoral votes in 2020 


Manafort Had $60M in Loan Dealings With Russian Oligarch  




We don't need the 2nd  Amendment — we need a real debate about guns


Nevada State must enforce its own background-check law, legal suit demands





Trump views demonstration of Secret Service techniques





Senator: Assault weapons ban would have stopped Las Vegas shooter  (US Senator of Connecticut Chris Murphy)


Susan Collins announces she will stay in the Senate rather than seek Maine's governorship  (US Senator of Maine Susan M Collins (R)


McConnell Praises Trump's Iran Move as 'Vital' to National Security  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Corker, Cotton to propose bill changing Iran deal oversight


Sanders rips Trump's 'bluster' on Iran


Corker: Trump trying to 'publicly castrate' Tillerson





Twitter Turns Over 'Handles' of 201 Russia-Linked Accounts




Black Lives Matter, police-focused NFL protests overlook rising black-on-black homicides




Social Security's Raw Deal For The Poor




Penguins put $2.5 billion mining project in Chile on ice





S. Korea's defense chief visits US nuclear sub


Korea, China agree to renew currency swap





Al Sharpton goes there: Calls NFL players 'slaves'


NFL retreats on policy that would require players to stand during anthem


Panthers vow to punish fan accused of bloodying 62-year-old in ‘sucker punch’ incident at game


Pennsylvania college cuts quarterback for kneeling during anthem


No. 2 Clemson stunned by Syracuse


Yankees have no answers for Keuchel, Astros in Game 1 loss


Olympic figure skater Gracie Gold, 22, reveals she's being treated for 'anxiety, depression and an eating disorder' as she withdraws from Grand Prix series


MLB Scoreboard


NHL Scoreboard


College Football Scoreboard (Men)





California wildfires fed by high winds as 3 more deaths confirmed


Woman at Las Vegas shooting loses California home to fire


The only Calif. county that sent a warning to residents’ cellphones has no reported wildfire fatalities


Fire officials making 'significant progress' in Northern California as death toll jumps to 35


Death toll from Northern California fires jumps to at least 34; 5,700 structures destroyed


Woman dies in husband's arms while hiding in swimming pool from California fires


In California, Fires So Fast Hesitation Proved Lethal





Tillerson expects international allies to be ‘very supportive’ of renegotiating Iran deal (US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson)





He Fled Syria With the Seeds That Could Feed the World




Israeli office demands Taiwan store remove Nazi stickers from sale


Indonesia to send 100 trained nurses to Taiwan




Megyn Kelly's Show Near Ratings Race's Bottom




Texas: Muslim who joined ISIS first became religious and started spending more time at the mosque




Five things to know about Trump and NAFTA




Mnuchin: Repealing estate tax will help 'rich people'




Some Urgent Questions About Turkey


Turkey's war on the press goes global


Damascus demands ‘immediate & unconditional’ pullout of Turkish troops from northwest Syria


Merkel Says EU Won't Decide on Turkey's Membership Bid at Upcoming Summit (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)





UK: Muslim accuses sanitation worker of “racism” for following council policy


Iran blamed for cyberattack on British Parliament


Six-month minimum sentence proposed for repeat acid offences


Nicola Sturgeon announces first ever Arctic Circle meeting in Scotland (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Exclusive UK raids uncover suspected suppliers of deadly diet drug


Duchess of Cambridge's uncle charged with assaulting his wife


Tail end of Hurricane Ophelia to bring rain, wind and warmth to UK


No main fire alarm in city tower blocks


Scotland’s teachers ‘on their knees’ due to extreme workload


Student loans: Former education secretary Morgan to lead inquiry


Princess branded 'gold digger' as she takes divorce to UK court


Race on to spend old £1 coins


Segregation at Islamic school is unlawful, court of appeal rules


Magic mushrooms 'reset' depressed brain


Brexit Talks in 'disturbing deadlock' over divorce bill, says EU negotiator


Northern Ireland Woman could face hate crime prosecution over anti-DUP banner


UK government minister labels EU 'enemy' in Brexit outburst


Girl suffers three sex attacks in hour





Chicago named among safest cities in the world




President Donald J. Trump’s Weekly Address


Trump Faithfully Executes Obamacare; Media, Democrats Go Nuts


Hustler founder offers $10M for dirt leading to impeachment of 'moron' Trump


Fallon: Going after Trump ‘just not what I do’


Trump Won’t Certify Nuclear Deal, but Won’t Unravel It


Trump calls on Democrats to negotiate with him on new health care plan


Trump declares Obamacare payments illegal; deals second blow to health law


Trump warns Puerto Rico that emergency services cannot remain indefinitely


Trump botches reference to ‘president’ of Virgin Islands a day after Rick Perry called Puerto Rico a ‘country’


Behind Trump’s latest moves: A return to constitutional government


Donald Trump's speech on Iran may actually end up saving nuclear deal


Trump to become first president to address anti-LGBT hate group's talk


Trump's popularity dives after lacklustre Puerto Rico response 



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