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Friday, October 13, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




New Clinic Doing Abortions Through All 9 Months of Pregnancy is Illegally Unlicensed


Young woman runs and bikes thousands of miles across U.S. to spread pro-life truth


President Donald Trump Defends Defunding Intl Planned Parenthood: We Must “Protect the Unborn”


Pro-Abortion Republican Who Sabotaged Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Will Remain in the Senate


Accused Rapist Harvey Weinstein: “Fight for Planned Parenthood and Protect Women’s Rights”


Woman Regrets Aborting Her Baby After Rape: “I Got Over the Rape, I Never Got Over the Abortion”


Student union president refuses to publish illegal abortion information


Sexist Feminists Outraged After Man Picked to Headline Pro-Abortion Women’s March


Media forced to admit Trump is right about horrific U.S. abortion laws


Woman Has an Abortion, Six Months Later She’s Still Pregnant  (India)


Court Denies Permission for 16-Year-Old to Abort Her 27-Week-Old Unborn Baby  (India)


Planned Parenthood sues Missouri for requiring women be informed about abortion risks


School Allows Abortion Biz to Implant Norplant Contraceptives in Teen Girls Without Their Parents Knowing (Nairobi, Kenya)


Pro-life leader blasts Trudeau for lies: Abortion is not a ‘human right’ (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


MP Wanting to Ban Pro-Lifers Outside Abortion Clinics Refuses to Meet With Women They’ve Helped (United Kingdom)


Trump pulls U.S. out of pro-abortion, pro-LGBT UN agency



California Shouldn’t Make It Easier For HIV-Positive People Like Me To Give Blood And Have Risky Sex




New U.S. Afghan strategy fails to recognize Taliban’s theocratic ideology, critics say





Nigerian Catholic bishop: Western politicians damage African Christianity by “pandering” to Islam





ACLU Silent on Gay Coffee Shop Owner Who Kicked Out Pro-Lifers





Antartica just went through a major breakup...with one of its ice glaciers





Anti-Semitic, racist flyers dropped in Florida neighborhoods


Swastika and ‘Kikes’ spray painted at UK synagogue



ASX rallies to its best week since March


Aussie dollar edges up against greenback


Cruise ships offer Australians same-sex marriages at sea




Hurricanes Provide an Unexpected Boon to Slumping Auto Industry


Canada union, GM spar as automaker cuts U.S. plant output



Boeing passenger jets have falsely-certified Kobe Steel products: source





Robert Samuelson: Yes, Build The Wall!




TSX makes moderate gains as Canadian dollar dips


All remaining Sears stores in Canada to close after court OK's liquidation


PM talks women and NAFTA in speech to Mexican Senate (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Watch: Parents of freed hostage angry at Canadian for 'unconscionable' decision to take family to Afghanistan


RCMP says free trial scams are fraudulent, but credit card companies make victims pay


Belize cops hold tongue in Toronto woman's murder


Canada rabbi apologizes for Holocaust memorial’s omission of Jews





Unhinged San Juan mayor accuses Trump of “genocide”




Angry Homosexual Coffee Shop Owner Doubles Down on His Discrimination of Christians




Qualcomm files lawsuits in China to ban iPhones


China’s Cooperation in Stopping North Korea Could Avoid Military Option




First recording emerges of high-pitched noise linked to attacks on US Embassy workers in Cuba




4th  small quake detected since North Korea’s nuclear test


Greedy North Korean dictator builds opulent palace as his people starve, face nuclear war


N.Korean Traders Still Break UN Embargo


Mystery absences of key North Korean officials raise new nuke, missile fears


North Korea running hydroelectric power plant near Gaeseong


NATO warns NK military action would have 'devastating consequences'





UK, France and Germany warn Congress against 'undermining' Iran deal


US Congress may hold key to Iran deal future


New Bipartisan Bump Stock Bill Would Actually Ban All Semi-Automatic Rifles


Uproar as Capitol Hill pharmacist dishes on Alzheimer's prescriptions for the powerful 


Congress Makes Big Progress On Pro-Growth Tax Reform





Ohio GOP Seeks CFPB Correspondence With Hedge Fund on Student Loan Deal





These Corporations Own Most the Mainstream Media and the Hollywood Studios


Amazon boss put on leave of absence after sex harassment accusations surface


Americans Don't Mind High CEO Pay — Really




Federal Judge Rules In Favor Of Atheists Against A County's Religious Flag, Now The County Is Fighting Back


Boyfriend of slain Maryland teacher reportedly indicted for murder




Las Vegas security guard vanishes ahead of TV interviews


Hotel tries to clarify "misinformation" about Vegas timeline


Las Vegas police clarify timeline of deadly mass shooting


Vegas Gunman's Use of Bump Stock Reduced Casualties


Illegal alien accused of murdering teen girl was in DACA program


Man Reportedly Stuffed His 15-Day-Old Daughter in a Bag and Left Her in the Woods to Die





With NFL Protests, Trump And Pence Prove The Right Can Win The Culture Wars





Imran Awan Made "Massive" Data Transfers (Imran Awan was the preferred IT man for former DNC boss Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other prominent Democrats.)


Democrats Slam Tom Perez’s Performance as DNC Chair: ‘Lot of Room for Improvement’




Missouri Lawmaker Who Called For Trump's Assassination Now Compares Him To Hitler


Hillary Clinton falsely claims Donald Trump is an 'admitted sex assaulter' as she compares him to Harvey Weinstein - but claims allegations against Bill are 'clearly in the past'


Author: Clintons not speaking after dispute over Hillary’s book


It's Official: Democrats Are The Extremists Today




Mueller's investigative team interviews Priebus


Sessions Calls on Congress to End Abuse of Asylum Process  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)




Stocks, Bonds Rally as Inflation Debate Lingers: Markets Wrap


Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq close out the week with a fresh round of records


Data, tech stocks boost Wall Street


Asia shares firm to near ten-year high ahead of U.S. data, China Congress


Dollar Snaps Four-Week Rally as Stocks Consolidate: Markets Wrap


Gold clears key $1,300 line as consumer inflation reading misses mark


World Economy Leaders Say Best Is Yet to Come


Global Demand for Bitcoin Shifts Wildly in Response to Regulation


Gasoline boosts U.S. consumer prices, underlying inflation tame


Dollar back near breakeven, following cooler-than-expected inflation data




This College Professor Is Under Siege for Challenging Transgender Orthodoxy


The End of the University?


Whittling Down Wisconsin's Colleges


Speakers Stress University Pocketbooks


Free Impact on N.Y. Community Colleges




Coptic Orthodox Bishop Killed outside Cairo, Egypt




Oil ends at 2-week high, with U.S. prices up 4% on week


Energy Prices


Oil trades with ‘caution and uncertainty’ as Trump announces new strategy on Iran





Germany’s stock market logs another record as Bayer rises on deal news


Swedish researcher claims Viking burial clothes bear the name “Allah” in Arabic


France follows Russia, Germany in committing to Iran nuclear deal


Sweden: Multiple people shot at several locations, gunman opened fire in busy market




FBI in Puerto Rico probing if local officials are 'withholding' crucial FEMA supplies


Texas: Muslim parents lie to FBI about sons joining ISIS, get probation and $5,000 fine


All The Sudden, The FBI Just Found A Bunch Of New Documents About The Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting





Women's March Forced To Defend Itself To Angry Feminists


Feminists Tear Into Women’s March for Having Sanders Headline Convention




Why FDA's approval of a gene therapy to treat form of blindness is such a big deal




Clumsy French spy sends text message to the radical Islamist he was keeping tabs on


Where in France is there a shortage of doctors?




Interior Minister upsets colleagues by suggesting Germany could celebrate Muslim holidays


Germany sends troops to Jordan despite failing to gain for them immunity from Sharia prosecution






Don’t Call Climate Skeptics ‘Deniers,’ Call Us ‘Correct’




The Greek Government Wants To Force Its Society To Accept Transgenderism. Major Christian Leaders In Greece Declare To The Government: ‘You Are Breaking God’s Law And You Are Destroying Human Lives!’




Freed hostage family refuses to return to America; husband fears past ties could land him in Gitmo




Florida confirms 1st  local Zika infection for 2017





Hollywood Will Implode, Spielberg Said in 2013


French Actress: Weinstein Propositioned Me With His Wife In Next Room. Here's What Happened.


Hollywood’s Dark Secret the Media Won’t Talk About


Weinstein Company Imploding As Talent Agencies, Financiers Prepare to Abandon Ship


Weinstein Co said to explore sale or shutdown, but company denies report


Oliver Stone Accused of Groping Former Playboy Model


Weinstein's ex-personal assistant on "mind-blowing" revelations


Clinton Aides Gang Up on Boyfriend of Harvey Weinstein Accuser




China threatened US Congress: report


Rep. Keith Ellison: Eminem ‘Could Be The Colin Kaepernick Of The Rap World’ After Anti-Trump Rap


US House committee passes bill on Taiwan visits


Samantha Power Meets With House Panel Investigating Russia


Congress Seeks Deadline on Iran Accepting Tougher Nuclear Deal Standards


Watch: Maxine Waters talks over Ben Carson, tries to get him to bash Trump (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)/Secretary of Housing and Urban Development  Dr Ben Carson)


Dem Chief of Staff Faces Five Years In Prison for Falsifying Security Form


GOP Struggles to Win Over Dissidents on State, Local Tax Break


U.S. House Approves Disaster Funds as Trump Criticizes Puerto Rico 




Hurricane Ophelia strengthens to Category 2 storm 




India's economy falters under Modi  (Prime Minister Narendra Modi)


Child brides in India: Sex with minors now considered rape but enacting verdict isn't easy


India, one of the world’s fastest growing economies, is hungrier than even North Korea


India’s former central bank chief holds lessons for successor




IRS temporarily suspends contract with Equifax




Rouhani: Trump’s decision to decertify nuclear deal leaves US ‘isolated’ (Iranian President Hassan Rouhani)


Here Are 4 Ways Iran Is Destabilizing the Middle East


Iran nuke head: Labeling IRGC a terror group ‘tantamount to declaration of war’




Iraq launches Kirkuk operation as Kurdish fighters mobilize


At least 6,000 Kurdish fighters sent to Kirkuk against Iraqi buildup





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Friday, October 13, 2017)


With Palestinian reconciliation, West faces Hamas dilemma


Israel: Acceptance of Palestinian unity deal contingent on disarming Hamas


Hamas: Unity deal is so we can all ‘work together against Zionist enterprise’


Netanyahu: Trump repaired damage of Iran nuclear deal  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Israel ‘to prepare’ for UNESCO withdrawal alongside US, says Netanyahu


Arab MK: Jews have no right to self-determination


Jordan condemns ‘provocative’ Jewish visits to Temple Mount


US, Israel withdraw from UNESCO over 'anti-Israel bias'


A hopeless reconciliation agreement  (Israel cannot accept the agreement between Fatah and Hamas)


MK thanks Zoabi for denying Jews right to self-determination


Joy mixed with caution in Gaza after Palestinian unity deal


Israel releases Palestinian lawmaker after 7 months in prison


Watch: Netanyahu congratulates Trump on 'courageous' Iran decision


Refusing to submit to UNESCO


PLO chief negotiator Saeb Erekat in recovery after successful lung transplant


Israel Hails US Withdrawal from UNESCO as ‘New Day at UN’


Police detain Jerusalem teen, 13, for spooking residents with scary mask




Defending Japan’s southern islands from Chinese osmosis




Liberals Spread Unverified Claim That Trump Hotel Handed Out Petition Attacking CNN




Malaysia: Muslim cleric active in deradicalization program promotes hatred of non-Muslims




Newsweek Uses Accused Pedophile Dennis Hastert to Attack Trump


Sean Hannity Calls Sen. Ben Sasse A ‘Loser’ Who’s ‘Accomplished Nothing’ After Sasse Rebukes Trump On Twitter


Video: CNN Fantasizes About Removing Trump From Office


Coming to a News Outlet Near You, ‘President Trump, Serial Harasser’


New York Times clamps down on reporters’ biased tweets


NPR Says Russian Software Company Behind Hacks Is No Longer a Corporate Underwriter




UAW Chief Calls for Higher Mexican Wages to Fix NAFTA





Microsoft used personal data of Windows 10 users without consent – watchdog




Qatar’s Iran leap will lose it long-term leverage


Saudi Arabia welcomes ‘firm’ US strategy on Iran




Pentagon makes major changes to immigrant recruitment program


Lockheed Martin's first GPS III Satellite receives green light from Air Force


Air Force airmen accused of vandalizing historic SC church with satanic graffiti


The hell of the Pacific War - in color: Remastered photos reveal the brutal conditions faced by US troops against the Japanese in WWII


CENTCOM Chief Says ‘Possible’ Military Can Force Taliban to Peace Talks


US Sends Second Submarine to South Korea as North Renews Threats Against Guam





Feds Spend $246,785 on ‘Facebook Intervention’ for Young Gay Smokers




Yellowstone supervolcano could blow faster than thought, destroy all of mankind




Trump’s National Security Team Argues for Keeping Foreign Surveillance Tool





NATO chief concerned about Iran missile program



Hostage release not a cure for long-damaged US-Pakistan ties


Editorial In Pakistani Urdu Daily Criticizes Trump's Stance On North Korea: 'A Specific Zionist Mentality Has Occupied America, Which Is Using It Against Muslims'


Pakistani Government Publishes Anti-Christian Job Advertisement In Newspaper, Says It Is Looking For “Non-Muslims Only” To Be Garbage Workers


Pakistan Secures Release of American Family Held Hostage for 5 Years




Australia-Philippines pack an antiterror punch




Media Matters Continues War Against the Right





14 injured after attempted prison break in NC





Russia Is Expanding Its Great-Power Project in the Middle East


Profit of Russian Banking Sector Tanks Following Summer Bailouts


Influential Russian Blogger El-Murid: Russia's War In Syria Is 'One Of Putin's Most Dangerous Gambles'


Russia’s Aerospace Forces kill over 30 terrorist ringleaders in Syria since early October


Kremlin Foreign Policy Advisor Karaganov: The Future World Order


Russia tries to convince South, North Korea to start talks — upper house speaker


Russia believes USA pulled out from UNESCO to affect election of its chairperson





NRA spokeswoman: Dems want to ban 'every single part of a rifle'


NRA Opposes New Bump Fire Stock Ban Bill


Larry Elder: Yes, Gun Control Advocates Do Want To Take Our Guns — Just Listen To Them





 Roy Moore delivers red meat for the base in Washington speech


GOP clashes over Iran deal makeover 


Trump's plan for Iran deal already imperiled as Democrats balk


McCain: Iran has 'literally been getting away with murder'


Ted Cruz warns of a "Watergate-style blowout" in 2018   (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


California State Senator to Enter U.S. Senate Race Against Feinstein  (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)


Sanders, a Man, to Headline First Night of Women’s Convention (US Senator of Vermont Bernard Sanders (I-Socialist)




Social Security benefits to rise by 2 percent in 2018





Defense Minister Vows Speedy Transfer of Troop Control


Professor sacked after 'blasphemous' comments on Korean sex slaves


Court extends detention of ex-President Park





School Coach Branded Racist for Calling Thugs 'Thugs'


‘Thursday Night Football’ Ratings Down Over Last Week


Sheriff’s office boycotts Ford over NFL anthem stance


Disturbing Video Shows Panthers Fan Brutally Beating Man In The Stands


NCAA: No Academic Violations at UNC


MLB Scoreboard


NHL Scoreboard


NFL Scoreboard




Californians say they didn't receive emergency wildfire alerts


Obama, Holder Group Push $250,000 More Into Virginia Gov Race


At least 29 dead in horrific California wildfires, hundreds missing


NJ Dem Gov. candidate challenges Trump: End DACA and we might become a sanctuary state


California Recall Over Gas-Tax Hike Faces Crucial Test


Cuomo to Keep Over $60,000 in Campaign Donations From Harvey Weinstein  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)




US-backed anti-ISIS Syrian forces withdraw to Jordan. Hizballah moves in




Taiwan Developing Jet, Submarines as Homegrown Defense Industry Expands


China Builds a Database of Taiwanese Citizens to Help It Recruit Spies


Taiwan seeks to build soft power with retooled southbound policy


Demand for Taiwan textiles to grow


What the World Can Learn from Taiwan's China Experience


Education Ministry should consider English as second official language: Taiwan Premier


Moriarty urges defense spending (American Institute in Taiwan Chairman James Moriarty)


Taiwan's schools to offer courses in Southeast Asian languages





U.S. tables NAFTA's 'poison pill' with auto sector demand





No problem in buying Russian S-400s, Erdogan says, hints at S-500 talks  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Turkish convoy heads into Syria, sets up lookout post


Turkey refuses to accept all ships arriving from Russia's Crimea


Syria war: Turkish forces set up positions in Idlib


The man at the crux of the U.S.-Turkey dispute is about to go on trial




Change of Course Expected at NLRB




U.K. stocks pull back from record, as pound sails to 2-week high


UK: Muslim migrant rapist blames his rape on “cultural differences” and “not understanding British law”


Uber files appeal to continue operating in London  




Qatar loses UNESCO bid


Time to strengthen UNESCO — not quit it, new chief says


Cutting Off UNESCO: Nice Start, Now How About The Rest Of The Israel-Hating U.N.? 




Pope Francis vs. His Predecessors




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump decertifies Iran nuclear deal, slaps sanctions on IRGC in broadside at ‘radical regime’


Trump: If Congress, Allies Can't Fix Iran Nuclear Deal, 'the Agreement Will be Terminated'


Trump: Islamic Republic of Iran has “spread death, destruction and chaos all around the globe”


Trump terminates Iran appeasement, targets Rev Guards


President Trump Signs Executive Order That Will Allow Sale of Health Insurance Across State Lines


Trump vs. The NFL Is the GOP Primaries All Over Again


Trump Was Right to End Unconstitutional Obamacare Subsidies


Using the 25th  Amendment to depose Trump would require a Cabinet mutiny


Trump's health care end run reflects frustrations


Background check chief has 'never seen' mistakes and omissions at level of Jared Kushner forms


I was not brought in to control the President, Kelly says


I'm not quitting today, Kelly says


Trump Expected to Disavow Iran Nuclear Deal But Not Abandon It


Trump Has an Iran Strategy — But It Will Be Very Tough to Pull Off


Trump’s frustration with Congress reaches a breaking point


Donald Trump Needs a Good Cop on Iran


Trump: My presidency is 'substantially ahead of schedule'


This Is Trump's Moment of Truth on the Iran Deal


After threatening to pull aid, Trump says he 'will always be with' Puerto Rico


Decertifying the Deal: What's the next Step in Negotiating with Iran?


Trump continues attack on 'fake news' NBC                            


The Real Danger of Refusing to Certify the Iran Deal


Trump slams Dems for 'fighting so hard for sanctuary crime'


Conway accuses Hillary Clinton of 'hypocrisy' in Weinstein denunciation




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