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Monday, October 8, 2018





In Today’s Issue: 




Here’s Why Christians Should Pray to End Abortion


‘Gosnell’ filmmakers didn’t care about abortion until they saw his victims


Gosnell Movie Profiles Abortionist Who Killed Babies and Kept Their Bodies as Trophies in His Basement


Kermit Gosnell film shines light on darkness and evil of abortion


Woman 36 Weeks Pregnant Killed, But California Says Her Unborn Baby Girl Isn’t a Human Being


Democrats Have Taken The Abortion Debate Into Another Stratosphere


Facebook Censors Ads for New Gosnell Movie About Abortionist Convicted for Murder


Abortion Activist Admits There Were Paid Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters


Thousands of People Line the Streets to Tell Americans “Abortion Kills Children”


New Louisiana anti-abortion law on hold as doctors challenge recent court ruling


Shock: A Hollywood TV Show Actually Has a Pro-Life Message


Report Shows Contraception Failure: 41% Used Contraception Before Abortion


Susan Collins Slams Planned Parenthood: Saying Women Will Die Because of Justice Kavanaugh “is Outrageous”


If Kavanaugh Respects Abortion Rights, Why Are Anti-Abortion Groups Celebrating His Confirmation?  (Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh)


Susan Collins swings back at Planned Parenthood over Supreme Court double-standard


Ben Shapiro Destroys the Pro-Abortion Argument With a Simple Ultrasound Photo


Abortion clinic safe-access zones face challenge in Australia's high court


Irish Pro Life Campaign poll shows strong public backing for freedom of conscience protections


New Zealand activists push for reform of 'cruel' abortion laws


Verona: Italian City of Love Declares Itself Pro-Life on Abortion




In ‘Godsend,’ an Idealistic Young Woman Gets Tangled Up in Trouble in Afghanistan





‘Egypt’s most-wanted’ militant captured in Libya


War-weary South Sudan puts faith in another peace deal




ASX records worst session since March


Westpac says the worst of the Aussie dollar's falls are over


Man Tries to Get Away With Killing His Wife By Calling It “Mercy Killing.” Judge Calls It Murder


Australia issues a new $50 note… but can you spot the changes?





Ford Prepares to Cut 70,000 Salaried Jobs in $11 Billion Restructuring


Fiat Chrysler prepares to produce plug-in hybrid Jeep Renegade


General Motors China sales go into reverse as market stalls




Bosnian elections risk new ethnic tensions but guess what West cares about





Canada: Christian mayoral candidate and Jewish journalist barred from Muslim event advertised as open to everyone


Kingston doctor shocked when he heard World Medical Association’s new president plagiarize his speech 'word for word'


Andrew Coyne: The dirty little secret anti-carbon tax folks would prefer you did not know


Black smoke, flames billow for hours over Saint John after explosion at Irving Oil Refinery


‘What are you afraid of?’: Quebec teachers decry proposed religious symbol ban


The Canadian military says a doubling in the number of sexual assault reports is a sign of progress




Christopher Columbus — the hidden Jew?


Ohio capital to honour veterans instead of Columbus as social tensions around holiday rise within minorities


Why Columbus, Ohio is not celebrating Columbus Day




Writer for Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ celebrates ruining Kavanaugh’s life. Then CBS responds.


Comedy Writers Rally In Support After ‘Late Show’ Scribe Apologizes For Kavanaugh Joke


Fr. Z outs Colbert’s Show Priest Jesuit James Martin in “Glad We Ruined Kavanaugh’s Life” Tweet 




China’s Freaky Treatment Of Megastar Fan Bingbing Proves Communism Is Still Viciously Kicking





 Amazon fires employee for sharing customer info


Netflix makes pick for new US production hub




False reports of sexual assault not as rare as claimed, studies show


Limo in New York crash that killed 20 failed inspection, driver had wrong license




Democrats Have Become A Dangerous Threat To Our Institutions


Bill and Hillary Clinton Launch International Tour: An Evening With the Clintons


Real Estate Experts Say Pritzker’s Toilet Troubles Could Be Criminal(Real estate experts say JB Pritzker, Democrat candidate for Illinois governor…)


Tennessee Democrat Brings in Bloomberg for Fundraiser


De Blasio Annoyed by Question From Homeless Woman: ‘I’m in the Middle of a Workout’  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


Dems go on speaking tour amid #MeToo backlash – & check out the ticket prices


Anthony Weiner set for early prison release


Taylor Swift, Apolitical No More, Endorses Democratic Candidates in Tennessee





DOJ Clinches Conviction in Murder of Gender-Fluid Teen


Trump, Rosenstein meet on Air Force One in wake of ‘wire’ report controversy  (Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein)





Stocks close mostly lower as fears of rising interest rates linger


U.S. Stocks Drop Amid Rising China Trade Concerns: Markets Wrap


Nasdaq drops for third day on global growth worries


Tesla's Value Sinks by $10 Billion in a Week


Gold drops to a more than 1-week low with attention on rising rates, dollar strength


Dollar edges higher as Italian budget drama weighs on the euro


S&P cuts losses to end flat  (Video)


Volatility Surge Has Strategists Asking What's Next for Stocks


Bitcoin prices trade slightly higher; Ether chart points to potential breakout




Liberal Teacher Tweets: “So Who’s Gonna Take One For the Team and Kill Kavanaugh?” (Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh)


Keeping Cornell Multilingual


Three Academics And Seven Hoax Papers Expose The Western Academy’s Deep Corruption


Letting the Donor Decide


‘Grievance studies’: Culture of corruption at universities exposed with hoax papers




Israeli firm pitched social media manipulation to Trump campaign — report  




Latest Election Polls


Polling Pain for Democrats


Kavanaugh Fight Ignites Passions in Both Parties for Midterms




Oil ends lower on talk U.S. waivers on Iran sanctions, but Hurricane Michael limits loss


Energy Prices




The Alliance Between Muslims and Nazis Is Already Here




Europe stocks pressured by retreat for Italy’s bank shares


Exclusive: Microsoft's $7.5 billion GitHub deal set for EU approval - sources


Bulgarian journalist found raped and murdered





World Medical Association Rejects Supporting Euthanasia Despite Pressure From Canada, Netherlands




Owner of limo in horrific crash was wire-wearing informant in FBI terror stings





Alyssa Milano appears on Meet The Press, says #MeToo is ‘defining what due process looks like’




The French are jealous, resentful and fearful of the British? Absolute 'drivel'





Germany steps up migrant deportations to North Africa


Too many Hans and not enough women in top German government roles?





4 Reasons Why 'Climate Change' Is a Flat-Out Hoax


Limiting Warming to 1.5 °C Will Require Drastic Action, IPCC Says


The IPCC is still wrong on climate change. Scientists prove it.


What the new report on climate change expects from you


Al Gore warns ‘time is running out’ after U.N. gives world 12 years to fight climate change



Google Plus to close after bug leaks personal information


Former Google exec has strong message for Silicon Valley




Barbara Bush marries longtime beau at family compound




Arnold Kopelson, 'Platoon' producer, dies at 83




Maxine Waters ripped by watchdog over mailer scheme 'enriching' family  (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)




Michael Poised to Slam Florida Panhandle as Major Hurricane


Track The Storm: Potentially 'life-threatening' hurricane heading for coast




India: 18-year-old Muslim girl tied to tree for five hours and caned for relationship with Hindu boy


Amazon India denies it gives select sellers preferential treatment




Iran has ‘unclean hands’ in world court battle, US says


Trump Admin Under Pressure to Save Iranian Financial Access




Amazon sent 'charity' donations to group led by 'hardcore Islamist,' report says





Fatah blames Israel for yesterday’s murder of 2 Israelis


Arab town cancels launch event for convicted terrorist’s book


A powder keg in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


PA forces helping Israel locate Barkan shooter, Palestinian official says


Netanyahu: We’ll never give up the Golan  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Proposal would split Israel from Palestinians – but don’t call it a peace plan


Israel’s Toleration of Small Scale Terrorist Attacks Must End


‘I told myself: Breathe’: Survivor of Barkan terror hid from gunman under desk


Jerusalem Mayor’s Plan To Oust UNRWA Could Face Legal Hurdles


Israel to demolish Palestinian home as punishment


Abbas Will Not Ease Up On Hamas This Time  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Hebrew University Asks to Join Appeal to Keep BDS Student in Israel


'I don't trust the Palestinians'


Michigan University lecture compares Netanyahu to Hitler


Threats & Ultimatums: The PA Pressures Hamas As Violence Flares Up Along The Gaza-Israel Border


Israel to build world's biggest desalination plant


Palestinian forced to demolish own home in East Jerusalem


Thousands riot at Gaza border, as Navy clashes with Palestinian flotilla


Israeli bulldozers raze lands east of Gaza City


Israeli minister meets Austrian FM, breaking boycott of far-right FPOe




The Left’s Dark Turn


‘We’re Coming For You’: Illiberal Left Goes Bananas Over Kavanaugh


Liberals Call White Women “Gender Traitors” for Supporting Justice Kavanaugh




Malaysia Prime Minister: “Islam does not agree to killing…to cut people’s hands or heads is not Islamic”




Americans By a 2-1 Margin Say Media Coverage Was Biased Against Kavanaugh


NBC’s Ken Dilanian: North Dakota, New York Having Same Number of Senate Votes ‘Has to Change’





Al-Jazeera distances itself from Khashoggi death claims, blames Reuters  (Saudi Arabia)


Tropical cyclone heads towards Oman, forecasters warn of 135 kph gusts





Korea, Japan, US offer different views of USFK




Astronaut Scott Kelly Apologizes for Quoting Churchill: I Will ‘Educate Myself Further on His Atrocities, Racist Views’




Nobel in Economics to Lift Climate-Change Movement, Winner Says




Six Months after Medical Personnel Kill Christian in Pakistan, No Arrests, Brother Says


Pakistan: Muslims open fire on polio vaccination team, murder security official


Pakistan: Appeal heard of Christian sentenced to death for blasphemy, Christians call for prayer, Muslims for riots





White Women, Come Get Your People -




Why retirees should feel very worried right now




Russia dismisses suspected spy actions as routine Dutch trip


Three Russian S-300PM battalion sets delivered to Syria free of charge — source


Russian Police Target Dozens of New 'Designer Drug' Substances


Former Kremlin Advisor Karaganov: We Have Exhausted The European Pantry… Russia Is An Authoritarian Power By Its 'Genetic Makeup'




Grassley Victorious  (US Senator of Iowa Charles Grassley (R)


Police Union Refuses to Endorse Warren Over Her Attacks on Law Enforcement  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Pro-Life Senator Cory Gardner’s Wife Receives Graphic Video Of Beheading for Supporting Kavanaugh  (US Senator of Colorado Cory Gardner (R)


Warren Champions Indian Gaming Bill Tied to Special Interests


Dem Senator Blames Michael Avenatti for Turning Kavanaugh Fight Into ‘Circus,’ Distracting From ‘Serious Allegations’


Schoen: After Kavanaugh nightmare, Dems would be wise to move on


Manchin’s Yes on Kavanaugh Finds Sympathy in West Virginia




IMF cuts growth outlook for S. Korea to 2.8 % this year


Moon says China's Xi will visit North Korea soon  (President Moon Jae-in)


Korea's manufacturers need major overhaul




Liberals Go After Scott Walker After His Father Passes Away  (Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker (R)




Pompeo’s Pyongyang visit boosts denuclearization talks (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)


Frosty relations between U.S., China are on full display as Pompeo visits Beijing - Los Angeles Times




On His First Day, Justice Kavanaugh Hired as Many Black Law Clerks as Ginsburg Has Her Whole Tenure  (Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh)


Justice Brett Kavanaugh gets to work with all-female law clerk staff


Alan Dershowitz: What if Kavanaugh were a liberal Muslim?




Extremist rebels in Syria withdraw heavy arms in Idlib




Taiwan is revolutionizing democracy




Teen Sex Rates Drop to Historic Lows, Teen Pregnancy Rates Drop 63% Since 1990




Pro-ISIS Media Group Releases Animated Biography Of Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani





Turkey summons Saudi ambassador, says dissident journalist was murdered inside Saudi consulate in Istanbul


Turkey puts import quotas on steel: WTO filing






EU’s Juncker does ‘Maybot’ on stage in apparent mockery of Theresa May’s moves (Video)  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Non-Jews fight Labour anti-Semitism from the inside





Need to Flee Venezuela? Pay Huge Bribe or Stand in Line Forever




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump’s Travel Schedule Shows Focus on Saving the House


Trump Say He’s ‘Concerned’ Over Saudi Journalist’s Fate


President Donald Trump: Talk of Impeaching Justice Kavanaugh “is an Insult to the American Public”


Trump apologizes to Kavanaugh after bitter confirmation process  



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