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Monday, October 2, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Abortion Clinic That Killed This Women in a Botched Legal Abortion Injures Another Woman


To Prevent Painful Suffering for Children, Late-Term Abortion Should Be Banned


Catholic Bishop: Governor Rauner Lied to Me, He Promised Not to Force Taxpayers to Fund Abortions


Over 100,000 Americans Take to the Streets to Tell People “Abortion Kills Children”


Mother Wishes She’d Had an Abortion, Says She Hates Her Son and Wants Him to Die in His Sleep


Conservatives threaten Rauner with primary over abortion law (Governor of Illinois Bruce Rauner (R)


40 Days for Life Pro-Life Prayer Campaign Saves 26 Babies From Abortion, So Far


The Price of Senegal’s Strict Anti-Abortion Laws


Why is Banning Late-Term Abortions on Babies After 20 Weeks So Controversial?


Even Partial Repeal of 8th  Amendment in Ireland Would Allow Killing Unborn Babies in Abortions


Rural women face 'alarming' abortion service gaps, study finds (Australia)


ISIS Terrorists Rape and Impregnate Teen Girls and Force Them to Have Multiple Abortions




MPs: Afghan govt must force Iran to stop recruiting refugees for Syria war




The Next Arab Spring? Women’s Rights.




Brain Cancer Patient Given 6 Months to Live Planned to Kill Himself in an Assisted Suicide. That Was 2 Years Ago



Australian Catholic priest spat on, cursed at for opposing gay ‘marriage’


The Australian dollar remains under pressure


Miners dig deep to push ASX up 0.8pc


Australian woman believed to be gunman's companion


Australian boy, 15, fatally crushed at gym




Nissan recalls 1.3 million Japan vehicles




Toronto, New York stock markets rise moderately as Canadian dollar falls


2 Canadians among the 58 killed in Las Vegas mass shooting


United States renews WTO complaint over Canadian wine retailing


Man charged with five counts of attempted murder for Edmonton attacks


Massey College professor resigns over ‘master’ comment to Black student


‘Lone wolf’ suspected in Canada terror attack, police chase


B.C. man, Alberta woman among the dead in Las Vegas shooting


Jagmeet Singh becomes first non-white politician to lead major party


Julie Payette becomes Canada’s 29th Governor General





How the Democrats Set Up Puerto Rico for Disaster


Former Clinton Spokesman Slams Trump for Attacks on San Juan Mayor: ‘Sometimes a Racist Is Just a Racist’


In Puerto Rico, Acute Shortages Plunge the Masses Into Survival Struggle


Hurricane relief or abandonment? Independence or statehood? Puerto Rico waits, like always


Trapped in the mountains, Puerto Ricans don’t see help, or a way out


3-star general leading military's Puerto Rico response says 'This is the worst I've ever seen': Video





Bowing to Chairman Xi? Facebook blocks dissident who exposed CCP corruption (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


Thinking the unthinkable in China: Abandoning North Korea


What Happens When America First Collides with the Chinese Dream?


China’s plan for massive cyber-warrior expansion





Arms cache seized in the Suez canal highlights North Korea’s illicit financial lifeline




Benghazi suspect’s criminal trial to test speed of U.S. courts vs. military tribunals




ISIS claims Las Vegas massacre which left 50+ dead, 400+ wounded


Raw Video: Sick Vegas gunman kills 58 concert goers


Based on the Early Reports, the Las Vegas Shooting Is Very, Very Strange


Watch: Agnostic Vegas Massacre Survivor Explains Why He's Now A 'Firm Believer In God'


ISIS issues official communique on Las Vegas, identifying Paddock as “Abu Abd Abdulbar al-Ameriki”


School secretary, nurse who shielded wife are among those killed at concert


Is the Las Vegas Mass-Murderer a Terrorist?


“It isn’t true that ISIS has a history of claiming others’ attacks as their own”


ISIS Persists in Vegas Claim, Dubs Shooter 'Abu Abdul Bar al-Amriki'


“Las Vegas attacker converted to Islam a few months ago”: Islamic State claims responsibility for attack


Pray for Las Vegas, unceasingly


Las Vegas: US officials discount ISIS’s claim of responsibility, say shooter had psychological problems


Las Vegas shooting: Live updates


Pictured: Gunman who shot dead FIFTY people and injured 406 when he opened fire on a packed Vegas music festival from the 32nd  floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel before committing suicide


Lunatic’s Lair: Police find deadly arsenal in Vegas gunman's hotel room


Who is Stephen Paddock? Las Vegas shooter, 64, was a licensed pilot and hunting enthusiast with no criminal record who owned a $400,000 home in a Nevada retirement community


What we know about Las Vegas suspect Stephen Paddock


Exclusive: 'He was just a guy. Something happened, he snapped' Las Vegas shooter's brother says family is 'dumbfounded' at massacre and have no idea of motive


At least 50 dead, more than 400 injured after shooting on Las Vegas Strip


'I saw people plugging bullet holes with their fingers': How brave music fans helped the wounded as they cowered, crawled and scrambled for safety during Las Vegas massacre 


Stephen Paddock committed suicide as police stormed Mandalay Bay hotel room


Vegas gunman's live-in casino-worker 'companion' Marilou Danley is NOT a suspect in the shooting as she is located overseas - while cops reveal he used her cards to gamble on slots before the tragedy


Eyewitnesses recount terror and chaos at scene of Las Vegas shooting


Bullets From Above in One of the Worst U.S. Mass Shootings


Vegas shooting witness recalls bloodshed, officer who saved her


The three-day Las Vegas ‘neon sleepover’ that ended in a nightmare


Bloodshed in Las Vegas


Las Vegas survivor took victims to hospital


Country star on Las Vegas horror: This isn't what 'America is supposed to be like'


Vegas shooting is deadliest in modern US history


US officials say there is NO PROOF to ISIS claim that Vegas shooter 'converted to Islam months ago' and was acting on their behalf 


Three dead and two injured after shooting near to police headquarters in Kansas college town of Lawrence


Former New York Yankees player and girlfriend are arrested for assault after allegedly getting into fight in a Manhattan hotel


NYPD officers 'handcuffed 17-year-old, took her away and raped her'


Tennessee church attack revenge for Dylann Roof




Michelle Obama Says Conservative Women Don’t Have Their Own Voices


Is Michelle's 'true voice' Telling Her to Run for President?


Hillary Clinton slammed for ‘ignorant’ statement on guns after Las Vegas shooting


Massachusetts Dem Refuses To Partake In Moment Of Silence For Las Vegas Victims


Clinton Slams NRA in Wake of Las Vegas Shooting: ‘Imagine the Deaths’ if Killer Had a Silencer


In Iowa, Democrats ask rural voters for a second chance


De Blasio is right to say no to an MTA bailout (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


Ex-bodyguard eviscerates Hillary as 'rude, obnoxious, fraud' 





Tormenting Manafort is seen as Weissmann’s way to snare big prosecution targets for Mueller  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)





Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq, Russell 2000 all end at records


U.S. Stocks, Dollar Gain as Manufacturing Surges: Markets Wrap


Wall Street indexes log record high closes


Gold settles at a nearly 2-month low as dollar, equities strengthen


Euro jolted briefly by Spanish vote, Asia data augur well


Stocks Mixed, Bonds Slip on Global Growth Impetus: Market Wrap


Hurricanes Harvey, Irma lift U.S. factory activity index to 13-year high


Treasury yields rise slightly after 13-year high in ISM manufacturing index




Nyet to Russian (Hopkins eliminates major. Faculty members say Russia’s growing role in the world makes this a terrible time to do so.)


When colleges became echo chambers of the politically correct


A ‘New Normal’ in STEM Teaching?


Star-Spangled Protest (Band members from Cornell and Brown take a knee, as do football players at the University of New Mexico. Off the field, protests continue.)


More de Blasio school-safety lies (Mayor of New York City Bill de BlasioD)




Egypt secretly ordered more than 30,000 grenades from North Korea — report





Cohen Reportedly Had 2 More Contacts With Russia During 2016 Campaign





Dems look to turn ObamaCare tables on GOP in '18




Oil ends at lowest in over a week as data show fall in OPEC output-cut compliance


Energy Prices


LNG Shippers Have a $45,000-a-Day Problem at the Panama Canal





European stocks rise for 8th  straight session as euro slides after violent Catalonia vote


Austrian Police Force Muslim Women to Show their Faces as Burqa Ban Takes Effect


Northern Ireland 'will leave EU single market and customs union'




Gunman’s ‘psychopathic’ dad was bank robber, FBI most wanted


Byron York: As fight enters second month, FBI still withholding dossier documents




FEMA Official: San Juan Mayor 'Not Participating Substantially' With Any Efforts of FEMA Field Office


FEMA's Brock Long lashes out at Puerto Rico relief effort criticism: 'Information is being misrepresented'





Fed's rate hikes causing low inflation, Kashkari says




Brother of Toulouse terrorist who killed 4 Jews goes on trial for aiding attacks


Marseille attacker released by police day before stabbing rampage


ISIS claims responsibility for deadly knife attack in Marseille


Brexit: US bank Citigroup 'seeks licence in France'


France just banned advertisers from secretly using photoshopped models


Two young students killed in Marseille knife attack were cousins


How France Could Change the Counterterrorism Game





WWII bomb forces evacuation of 10,000 in Berlin


Rent for student housing across Germany has skyrocketed, survey shows


‘Nazi!’ ‘Stasi!’: In German state where the far right won big, a cozy political culture quickly turned toxic




Ohio Gov. John Kasich threatens to leave the Republican Party if it doesn't get 'straightened out'   





Survey: Majority of U.S. Physicians Now Support Single-Payer





Diocese refuses to cancel pro-gay priest’s speech despite lay protests




Pelosi Calls For Special Committee On Gun Violence  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Steve Scalise thanks doctors for ‘rebuilding Humpty Dumpty’  (House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R- Louisiana)


Steve Scalise's prayer after being shot: 'God, please don't let my daughter have to walk up the aisle alone'




Terror-Linked Muslim Groups Providing Hurricane Relief




A conservative approach to DACA


Will Democrats betray the Dreamers just to score political points?




India's Ability to Subdue China May Be a One-Time 'Win'


First shipment of US crude lands in India


India Dalit man killed 'for watching Hindu celebration'


India Investor Risk: Modi Policy Uncertainty (Prime Minister Narendra Modi)


India’s millions of new Internet users are falling for fake news — sometimes with deadly consequences




Keep the Iran Deal, Attack the Regime


Iran Wants America to Ignore Its Nuclear Ambitions




'This is the happiest day of my life', Kurdish president says after referendum  


Iraq allows foreigners to leave Kurdistan via Baghdad




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Monday, October 2, 2017)


Unlike past, Israel not slamming Fatah-Hamas reconciliation moves


Israel Takes On the Shia Crescent


Tel Aviv city hall lights up in red, white and blue in solidarity with US


11-year-old Palestinian shot in the head with rubber bullet during raid in Shufat


US welcomes PA dealing for Gaza control, but says all must disavow violence


The Peace Process: The Intersection of Diplomatic And Political Folly


Mossad chief: Iran ‘closer than ever before’ to Israel’s borders


Israel to impose 11-day closure on West Bank (Judea and Samaria) , Gaza for Jewish holiday


Army probe points to failings that enabled brutal Halamish terror attack


Israel Again Moves To Draft Ultra-Orthodox Into Military


Lieberman: IDF yet to face difficult tests  (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)


Hamdallah arrives in Gaza as national reconciliation talks begin


Explosive devices stolen from IDF base


Has Israel Flip-Flopped On Kurdish Independence?


Head of Palestinian women's union Khitam Saafin released from Israeli prison


Norway agrees to host Israeli nuclear whistleblower


2 Israelis confirmed to have been in area of Las Vegas shooting


Thirsty Sea of Galilee sinking toward lowest level ever recorded




Women plead not guilty to murdering NK leader's half-brother


Trial to begin in assassination of Kim Jong Un’s brother (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)




MSNBC Uses Vegas Shooting To Spread Fake News About Suppressors




Saudi Arabia, Russia to set up $1bn energy fund: Novak


Saudi Arabia Must Prepare for the Post-Petroleum Order


King Salman’s visit will herald new era of Saudi-Russian economic cooperation




How the military handles sexual assault cases behind closed doors


Donald Malarkey, portrayed in 'Band of Brothers,' has died


Marines: Camp Pendleton water safe, clean


Response to Puerto Rico pales next to Haiti actions





Tom Petty rushed to hospital in full cardiac arrest, report says





Successful border enforcement saves habitat, visitor security on National Park Service land





The Nobel Peace Prize Isn’t About Peace


3 US scientists awarded Nobel Prize in medicine for body clock insights





20 foods that will nourish your brain, the ones to avoid and super-healthy recipes: How to eat to beat dementia





Saudi Arabia and Pakistan hold join-military exercises




Thumbs up from O.J. Simpson as he is spotted for the first time since his release from prison at a gas station in a white SUV and reveals he's spent his first hours of freedom stuck in the car




Russian Firm Provides New Internet Connection to North Korea


 Russian News Agency RIA: It Will Become Clear That The Eastern European Countries' Fear Towards Russia Is Not Unfounded; 'Russia Is Preparing For War'


Russia shields Iran from inspectors as deadline approaches for Trump


Exercise Showed Russia’s Growing Military Prowess




Cancer-fighting power couple is on the cutting edge of immunotherapy treatments





Democrats Immediately Call For Gun Control After Las Vegas Shooting





Elizabeth Warren Has Brief Pang Of Heartsickness Before Going On Warpath Regariding Gun Control (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


'Racism is real in this country' Kamala Harris' powerful riposte to Trump  (US Senator of California Kamala Harris (D)




Mark Zuckerberg apologizes ‘for the ways my work was used to divide people’




6 in 10 teenage stars not attend school regularly: report


Gov't on alert over N. Korea provocation


Police list most sex offence-prone stations in Seoul


Seoul designs nuclear submarine reactor


BOK may consider rate hike despite low inflation


Exports hit record high in September




Spanish PM faces crisis after violent secession vote in Catalonia


Catalans Signal They May Declare Independence Within a Week




‘Death’ for Louisville Basketball?


NFL Backlash: ‘Sunday Night Football’ Ratings Tank — Again


ESPN Reverses Course After Vegas Massacre, Will Air National Anthem At 'MNF'


NHL Player Calls For Tighter Immigration Controls After Terror Attack By Somali Refugee


New York Yankees say they will 'significantly expand' their stadium's protective netting during the off-season after two-year-old girl was hit in the face by a 105mph ball


Marshawn Lynch wears 'Everybody vs. Trump' shirt


Byron York: On game day, new polls show what Americans think about NFL protests, Trump


NFL teams show unity in response to anthem uproar


Kathy Griffin to Colin Kaepernick: 'Thank you for leading the way'


Trump called Cowboys' Jerry Jones four times about anthem protests: report


MLB Scoreboard


NFL Scoreboard


College Football Scoreboard (Men)




Trump contradicts Tillerson on North Korea talks, says he is ‘wasting his time’  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)




Liberals fear Kennedy may retire


With Gorsuch filling out bench, Supreme Court ready to break ground on high-profile cases


Supreme Court, back to full strength, will embark on what could be a momentous term


How a Wisconsin Case Could Reshape Redistricting


Archbishop tells Supreme Court justices to commit to an 'America that welcomes the immigrant and refugee'





Syrian Residing In U.S.: Assad's Speech About A Homogeneous Society In Syria Represents A New Kind Of Hitlerism (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Drone strike kills at least 8 Hezbollah fighters in Syria


Assad's Victory in Syria Has Cost Him Control of the Country




Taiwan concert clash reveals divisions over China’s outreach


Taipei records hottest October day in history


Every 25 minutes, a person dies of heart disease in Taiwan




Ryan, Mnuchin tout Republican tax plan as a boon for the middle-class




Reports emerge of iPhone 8 'splitting open'




CBS fires vice president who said Vegas victims didn't deserve sympathy because country music fans 'often are Republican'




Bloody left-wing riots in U.S. 'just the beginning'


'Antifa' preps mass uprising to remove 'fascist' Trump




'We don't need EU anymore' Erdogan hints Turkey will PULL Brussels membership application (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)





FTSE 100 ends at its highest level in nearly 2 months as pound slumps


BBC and Archbishop of Canterbury should stop pointing the finger at one another over child abuse, victims' lawyer says


Businesses and backbenchers round on foreign secretary   (British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson)


Murder arrest after two men found dead at property in Oxfordshire


‘Guinea pigs’: Experimental implants performed without approval for human use


'More money' for Northern Powerhouse rail


Chicken supplier suspends operations after alleged health and safety breaches


Cabinet split 'is harming business'


Nuclear power: Chinese firm behind Essex nuclear plant refuses to reveal security information


Space scientist wins BBC astronaut show



Criticism of Pope’s teaching not based on faulty translation: Filial Correction signer




Struggling Venezuelans stop putting faith in Maduro’s heated anti-American rhetoric




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


White House: Now Is Not The Time For Gun Control Debate



President Trump addresses nation in wake of Las Vegas shooting


Trump speaks to nation after Las Vegas massacre


Trump dedicates golf trophy to hurricane victims amid controversy over response


Trump signed directive that officials should pressure North Korea


Trump defies critics of his Puerto Rico response by conducting business as usual


Trump Takes On All Comers, Believing Himself the Victor


Scaramucci: White House gig was ‘best 11 days’ of my life


Trump: I will not be 'nice' to North Korea and 'I won't fail'


Tax plan White House says analysts predicting benefits for rich are 'simply lying'  


Democrats critical of Trump on North Korea: He 'fails to understand' what war would be like


Weekend wrap: Trump picks a fight in Puerto Rico and picks at a scab in North Korea  


Comedy writer: 'If you support Trump you should have your children taken away'


Ex-Pentagon spokesman slams Trump's North Korea tweets: 'What a way to run foreign policy'



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