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Friday, September 21, 2018





In Today’s Issue: 




Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Claims Kavanaugh Allegations are True: “We Believe Christine Ford”  (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


Roe’s Place in the Confirmation Wars


Abortion Activists Claim Parental Notification is a “Form of Punishment” to Teens Considering Abortion


Abortion Activists are Trashing Brett Kavanaugh Because They’re Absolutely Panicked About Abortion 


Save the Storks uses education to fight abortion


Abortion Activist Sarah Silverman Calls Kavanaugh Allegations True: “She Was Held Down Against Her Will”


Democrat Congressman Laughs at Abortion Activist’s Threat to Rape Susan Collins Staffer: “Boo Hoo”  (US Senator of Maine Susan M Collins (R)


Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Will Have to Stop Killing Babies October 1 Thanks to Pro-Life Law


Dem rep apologizes for tweet downplaying threats against Collins' office


Planned Parenthood Spending Over $4 Million Trying to Take Over Congress


Leaked NPR Emails: Don’t Call Kermit Gosnell an ‘Abortion Doctor’


Hawaii Court Strikes Down Law Forcing Pregnancy Centers and Pro-Life Doctors to Promote Abortion


Abortion Activists are Trashing Brett Kavanaugh Because They’re Absolutely Panicked About Abortion  


Pro-lifers appeal to Illinois Supreme Court to stop forced taxpayer funding of abortion


Dueling faith campaigns focus on abortion


Awful Planned Parenthood Clinic Injured 65 Women in Botched Abortions. Its President Leana Wen Worked There


Improving access to safe abortion


Planned Parenthood Lied to the Cops, Saying This Pro-Life Man Had a Bomb. Now He’s Suing Them


KC woman who survived abortion shares story as possible reversal of Roe v. Wade looms


Driver Exposes Medical Waste Firm Incinerating Aborted Children: “There’s A Lot of Money in Burning Babies”


Abortion services to stop at Columbia Planned Parenthood on Oct. 1


New Pro-Abortion Billboards Say Christians “Love Those Who Have Abortions”


Restore After Abortion Presentation


Woman Wants to Abort Her 30 Week-Old Unborn Baby Because the Baby is Disabled


N Ireland court hears challenge to prosecution of woman over abortion pills


Irish doctors question readiness to introduce legal abortion


German anti-abortion activist loses case against injunctions


Ireland Plans To Offer Abortions For Free, As Ban Is Officially Repealed


Between 1,500 and 4,700 Girls Have Been Killed in Sex-Selection Abortions in the UK




Donald Trump’s Desire to ‘Get the Hell Out’ of Afghanistan Amid Taliban Gains Could Lead to Catastrophe


Russia, not the U.S., will host Afghanistan peace talks after 17 years of war




Mozambique: Muslims murder at least 12, injure 14, burn 55 houses, behead one corpse


More than 100 dead after ferry sinks in Tanzania


Islamic Terrorists Butcher 250 Christians In Just Two Months (Nigeria)


Christians on bus executed for not reciting Islamic statement (Kenya)




Southwest worker claims staffers had ‘whites-only’ break room: suit




Yes, The Deep State Is Real — And Working To Undermine Our Nation




Sen. Cory Booker and “The Only Good Zionist is a Dead Zionist”  (US Senator of New Jersey Cory Booker (D)




Quang dies and a vacuum opens in Vietnam


Vietnamese president dies at 61 of unconfirmed illness




California Gov Jerry Brown Signs Law Allowing People to Kill Their Family in Assisted Suicides



Stocks rally for a second day, setting aside trade fears





Ford Helps Promote Farrakhan Claim of Jewish Plot to Make Black Men Gay




Texas Town’s Border Patrol Agents Apprehend 300 Migrants in One Day


Pro-Trumpers turn to GoFundMe to build border wall




Canada shares lower at close of trade; S&P/TSX Composite down 0.16%


Ontario students pledge province-wide school walkout to protest Ford's repeal of sex-ed curriculum


Damaging winds leave 8,625 without power after stormy weather hits Toronto on last day of summer


Widespread storm damage across Ottawa and Gatineau


Watch: 'Like a massive bomb explosion': Several injured after tornado leaves trail of destruction in Ottawa


Trump ‘very, very close’ to moving on without Canada in trade deal, White House adviser warns


Canadian Political Party Proposes Euthanizing Alzheimer’s Patients


U.S. approves Canada's purchase of used Australia fighter jets - deal to be completed by end of year


Is Canada ‘ripping us off’? Or is it the United States’ best trade partner


Mexico will seek deal with Canada if NAFTA talks fail, president-elect says


Immigration detainee Ebrahim Toure finally free after more than five years


Ontario’s deficit balloons to $15 billion due to Liberals’ ‘reckless’ spending, finance minister says


Unfounded case ends with conviction 19 years after police dismissed sexual-assault complaint


As Toronto has grown, it's become more unaffordable. Is it a problem city politicians can even fix?




One year after Maria hit Puerto Rico, we're still piecing together what happened and what to do about it




Gowdy: Documents declassified by Trump ‘should be embarrassing to John Brennan’ (US Representative of South Carolina Trey Gowdy (R)/Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency nominee John Brennan)





Are We on the Verge of Civil War?




China 'outraged' by US sanctions over weapons buy


Is China Really Out of Bullets?


Can Donald Trump's Tariffs Force Radical Changes On China?


China’s Sea Control Is a Done Deal, ‘Short of War With the U.S.’




U.S. set to restart talks with North; Kim vows to permanently shut down missile test site  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


North Korea establishes global fund to fight TB, malaria


Spike in oil smuggling, erosion of sanctions enforcement ease pressure on N. Korea




The Fiscal Lunacy of Electing Democrats to Congress





Investor says not fair Elon Musk 'gets a pass' over bombshell tweets




Former Top Cuomo Aide Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison for Bribery Scheme  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)




Georgia Police Seize Drugs Disguised as Candy


3 infants, 2 adults stabbed at private daycare


Florida student accused of trying to steal airliner dragged off plane


Collision in Arizona kills 8, including 4 undocumented immigrants


Employee at Md. distribution center fatally shoots herself after killing 3 people, wounding 3 others


Maryland shooting suspect's favorite quote: 'An eye for an eye'


Teacher accused of sending nudes to several teen boys


Arrest made in fatal stabbing of jogger in Washington, DC: Police


Mom of DC stabbing victim forgives daughter's alleged killer


Two people arrested in shooting near Los Angeles charter school




US to prioritize attacks against foreign adversaries under new cyber strategy





US takes off the gloves in global cyber wars: top officials




Ellison Accuser: #MeToo Democrats Don’t Believe Me  (Democratic National Committee Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison)


On Ellison, Democrats and media go from #MeToo to 'Who ... me?' 




Tickets to Michelle Obama’s book tour are going fast — and raising eyebrows


Joe Biden Suggests Me Too Should Mean Assuming Accused Men Are Guilty (Former Vice-President Joseph R Biden Jr (D)




Feds No Help to Student Debt




This New Jersey Woman Was Charged With Buying Votes


Rosenstein wanted to wear wire on Trump, NYT says  (Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein)


Rosenstein Suggested Secretly Recording Trump and Discussed 25th Amendment


House Judiciary on NY Times article: I intend to subpoena 'McCabe Memos'


Cohen gave Mueller 'critical information', discussed Russia dealings  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Mueller’s team reportedly grills Cohen over Trump’s Russia ties (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


DOJ stonewalling Trump on Russia-docs release




Dow posts back-to-back records, but tech woes weigh on broader market


Dow hits new closing high ahead of index reshuffle


Dow record belies fear that China and the U.S. ‘are on a collision course’


Asian stocks follow Wall Street higher


Asia Stocks Build on Rally; Hong Kong Dollar Jumps: Markets Wrap


Hispanic leader praises Trump economy


Gold ends at 1-week low, but ekes out slight weekly rise


Russia and China think U.S. dollars are ruining the world, so they're finding a new way


Crypto’s surge adds $25 billion to market value in broad-based Friday rally


Jobless Claims Lowest Since 1960s in Booming Job Market




Professor supported a student's study-abroad application --- until he realized Israel was her destination


The Shame of Our Schools(Unmasking the waste and corruption in America’s Democrat-controlled inner city school districts.)


Furor Over Blended and Active Learning


California governor blocks later school start time mandate


Science Walks, Money Talks


Later school start times will help students get needed sleep. But they aren't enough  (California)


De Blasio’s Brooklyn schools plan is all about ideology (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio(D)


Harvard to award Colin Kaepernick medal for work in African-American studies


These Harvard students want Kavanaugh investigated before he returns to teach




Twitter Apologizes for Censoring Coptic Christian Calling Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Group 




Hacked emails. Social media fraud. Suspected spies and outreach to Trump campaign associates. We unraveled the Russian plot to subvert the 2016 election.





Soros-, Steyer-Backed Group Jumps Into Colorado Gov Race


As Cox (R) focuses on the gas tax and DMV, Newsom (D) offers a 'bold progressive future' that defies Trump(California)





Whom Will Democrats Nominate in 2020?




Oil prices log back-to-back weekly rise, with weekend gathering of oil producers on tap


Energy Prices





Europe stocks score strongest weekly win since March, lifted by global rally


Hungary Resists EU Assault on Sovereignty, Christian Civilization


Exhibition Supports Claims of Polish Embassy Saving Hundreds of Jews




Belgium Conceals Information About Three Children Euthanized By Lethal Injection




Steve Schmidt Thinks Only Reason Kavanaugh Wouldn't Demand FBI   (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)




No, Tax Cuts Are Not Driving Deficits — It's The Spending, Stupid




FEMA Set Aside Billions to Repair Homes in Puerto Rico. Many Are Still in Ruins.




Lawyer for woman accusing Tariq Ramadan of rape says he “sees enemies everywhere, he is a conspiracy theorist”


'Disgraceful': Theresa May leaves Brits in France furious after Brexit speech  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Brexit: Brits in France must start preparing for the worst




Tunisia: Two Muslims arrested for plotting biological bomb jihad attack in Germany


Former SS guard, now 94, faces trial in Germany


Germany: Muslim migrant strikes woman in the face, has “obvious mental illness,” is admitted to psychiatric clinic


Plans to rebuild Berlin Wall for art project blocked





Apple farmers worry about changing climate





Google Defends Gmail Data Sharing, Gives Few Details on Violations


Google workers reportedly tweaked algorithm for stories about immigration debate


Google's ultimate target: President Donald Trump




The GOP Governors Succeeding in Blue States


Newt Gingrich: Texas race shows how GOP can roll in November (Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich)


How Texas Republicans beat the blue wave




Communist GAO auditor: Federal bureaucracy abuzz with socialists working on Trump resistance




Puppies spread antibiotic-resistant infections to 118 people




Alyssa Milano tees off on Trump, shares own experience with sexual assault




55 House Republicans urge Trump to allow ‘Israel’ on passports of Jerusalem-born


Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-California), facing a tough reelection fight, ridicules sex assault accusation against Kavanaugh




Refugee shift: Under Trump, U.S. takes in more Christians, fewer Muslims




Christian Teenager Jailed on Baseless Rape Charge in India, Sources Say


More than 30 passengers hurt after loss in cabin pressure mid-flight


India Cancels Meeting With Rival Pakistan Over Police Deaths


When extremist Hindu nationalism starts to spread


India calls of foreign ministers' meeting with Pakistan




Iran’s ageing warplanes in ‘show of strength’ near Strait of Hormuz


Iranian Official Slams Regime Over Mistreatment of Imprisoned American Resident


Iranian MP Parvaneh Salahshouri Slams The Iranian Regime's Authorities For Political And Military Oppression, Economic And Social Collapse: Nobody Is Listening To Us


Trump’s Iran sanctions prove the establishment wrong — again




Canadian-American Cleric Azhar Nasser: Husband Has Right To 'Intimacy' Whenever He Likes And May Strike His Wife 'To Salvage The Marriage'




Abbas's Book 'The Road To Oslo': The Signing Of The Oslo Accords Was Delayed Until The PLO Was Named The Official Signatory For The Palestinian Side (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Olmert meets Abbas, reportedly says only PA head can bring 2-state solution  (Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert)


After Blowup With Russia, Israel Fights To Avoid Deluge In Syria


Witness says Ari Fuld’s killer deliberately targeted an American


Kosovo offers Israel an embassy in exchange for recognition


One Palestinian said killed, 312 wounded, in Gaza border protests


Palestinian Killer’s Mother Reported Sunday Attack Shortly Before Incident Took Place


Israel: Russia accepts our take on Syrian downing of plane, coordination goes on


How Israel defeated the PLO   (“Palestine” Liberation Organization (PLO)


In biggest-ever Israeli biotech exit, Medtronic buys Mazor for $1.6b


Abbas denies refusing talks with Israel


Tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox protest over Shabbat work on light rail


Too Close For Comfort: China’s Growing Presence In Israel


US report says Palestinian Authority still cracking down on terror in West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


PA arrests Palestinians for selling land to Israelis/Jews, follows Mufti's religious prohibition


How Israel was taken by ‘complete surprise’ in 1973


No Carrots & All Sticks: Is Trump Rebooting Peace Talks Or Alienating Palestinians?


How Israel repairs the world


Senior Palestinian Journalist: Arafat Told Me He Went Along With Oslo Accords Because It Would Make 'The Jews... Leave Palestine Like Rats Abandoning A Sinking Ship'


PA President Abbas to French leader: 'We can resume negotiations'


Kahlon orders money for Fuld murderer taken from PA


The US government confronts the PA house of cards


Abbas's Book 'The Road To Oslo': The Signing Of The Oslo Accords Was Delayed Until The PLO Was Named The Official Signatory For The Palestinian Side


Hezbollah defies Israel, says has 'precision missiles'


Injuries as Israel suppresses 26th  March of Return


Why Equality Doesn’t Belong in the Nation-State Law


Israel releases four Palestinian prisoners from Bethlehem


Palestinian killed by Israeli fire in new Gaza clashes: ministry


Israeli forces injure 2 Palestinians in Kafr Qaddum march


Israeli settler runs over Palestinian teen in Hebron City


In J.K. Rowling’s new novel, a villain is an Israel-hating anti-Semite


The Oslo Accords and the Failures of Idealistic Internationalism


Is Israel in Putin’s sights, as its air force chief is cross-examined in Moscow?  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


How Israel Undermined Washington and Stalled the Dream of Palestinian Statehood




Hizbullah Reveals Drones And Missile At 'Museum For Jihadi Tourism' In South Lebanon


A Street Named After Slain Hizbullah Leader Causes A Stir In Lebanon




The Ravages of Leftist Thought Control




Liberal Media Forced to Correct False Stories Claiming Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Allegations are True  (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


Kavanaugh, DeSantis and the Human Cost of Fake News (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh/GOP Candidate for Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis)


Washington Post Caught Red Handed Peddling Anti-Trump Fake News   




Qatar’s 2022 World Cup Is Already A Human Trafficking Nightmare


First Saudi woman presents main news bulletin on Saudia TV





Wars, Patriots, and Traitors: Recalling Korea and Vietnam


Marines say they "had to act" to save senior citizens from D.C. fire


Resistance to Space Force mirrors that of early ‘revolutionaries’ pushing for U.S. Air Force


Florida-based Marine charged in wife’s 2015 death on Okinawa faces courts-martial


Army to transition two brigades to add heavy firepower as it prepares for near-peer conflict


Trump identifies first two US soldiers from Korean War remains


US showcases its new weaponry for 28 countries — including Russia


Navy to christen littoral combat ship USS Kansas City in Alabama




California becomes the first state to restrict plastic straws at restaurants




NASA Telescope Discovers Two New Planets Five Months After Launch




Man accused of walking dangerously close to Yellowstone's Old Geyser arrested after chase




NATO on fake news and post-truth




Pakistan urges China to ease pressure on Muslims minority


Pakistan PM Khan vows to grant Afghan refugees citizenship


Pakistan´s Imran Khan backing moves to ease tensions with India


Pakistan: Seminar speakers say Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, harmony and brotherhood 




Donald Trump Jr. blasts PETA over mock Halloween costume




Colorado Baker Talks About New Religious Freedom Struggle With State




From immigrants to country clubs: How Judaism became an American religion




Israel Is Responsible For The Destruction Of The Russian Plane, Russian Government Declares


Kremlin: Reacting to every single US sanction can run yourself into the ground


Russia Backs Bosnia's Integrity Amid Serb Calls for Secession


Russia, Turkey agree borders of Syrian demilitarised zone


Russia's Lavrov Says U.S. Poses Main Threat to Syria's Territorial Integrity


Russia unveils its 'stealth sea ghost' submarine


Russian Principal Prosecuted for Suspending Schoolgirl Over Pink Hair


Russia's anti-doping agency reinstated


Kremlin Accuses U.S. of Using Sanctions to Squeeze Russia Out of Arms Trade




Kavanaugh accuser asks for more time to decide


Who is Christine Blasey Ford, Part II: The Soros connection


Bombshell: Christine Blasey Ford’s Hidden High School Social Life


Who is Christine Blasey Ford? Anti-Trump prof protested on climate and immigration


GOP Threatens Monday Vote on Kavanaugh Unless Accuser Testifies  (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


Georgetown Prep head admits soul-searching


Whatever Happens To Kavanaugh, Feinstein Got Exactly What She Wanted


Feinstein Attacks GOP Over Kavanaugh Allegations. Clinton Accuser Nukes Her.


Judge Brett Kavanaugh and His Wife Receive Multiple Death Threats, U.S. Marshals Now Investigating


Brett Kavanaugh Will Testify at Monday Senate Hearing: “I Want to Clear My Name as Soon as Possible”


GOP declines to subpoena Kavanaugh classmate, rejects other demands  


Live coverage: Cruz, O'Rourke clash in Texas debate  (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)/ Democrat candidate for Texas Beto O’Rourke)


Texas debate: Cruz, O'Rourke get testy 


Expel Dianne Feinstein from the Senate(US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)


Timeline: Democrats’ Changing Demands for Christine Blasey Ford’s Testimony


Censure Dianne Feinstein


Christine Blasey Ford’s Big Tease


Mitch: ‘We’re Going to Plow Right Through It’…  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


The Alinsky-ization of Brett Kavanaugh


Blue State Blues: Kavanaugh Circus Is a Preview of Democrats’ Return to Power    (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


Yes, Rejecting Kavanaugh Now Would Disgrace Him


Feinstein’s Close China Ties Under Scrutiny After Chinese Spy Discovery 


No Hearing; Just Vote on Kavanaugh Nomination


NRA Demands Tennessee Dem Retract Ad Featuring Old Rating   (Tennessee Democrat candidate for Senate Phil Bredesen)


'I don't see any possibility' Kavanaugh's accuser is mistaken, sister-in-law says   (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


Brett Kavanaugh is Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Part II   


Tammy Baldwin Fundraiser With Kavanaugh Accuser’s Lawyer Canceled  (US Senator of Wisconsin Tammy Baldwin (D)


Democratic and Republican voters sound off on Kavanaugh allegations


Dem-Aligned Super PAC Spent Over $1.7 Million Against McSally (R-Arizona) in GOP Primary


Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) Took Money From Democrat Who Admitted to Hitting Wife


Warren Fundraises off Alleged Story of Kavanaugh Accuser (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


About Ms. Blasey Ford and the Democrats


Young Christine Blasey Ford remembered as popular figure in Dewey Beach bar scene in 1980s


Is Christine Blasey Ford Afraid to Face Kavanaugh? (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


Third Witness Who Christine Ford Says Saw Brett Kavanaugh Sexually Assault Her Says It Never Happened


‘Shut up’: Democrats fire up man-bashing to defeat Kavanaugh in ‘defining’ #MeToo moment


FBI Conducted Six Background Checks of Brett Kavanaugh, Never Found Evidence of Sexual Assault


Judiciary Committee eyes independent lawyer to conduct Kavanaugh questioning


Christine Ford’s Classmate Recants Support of Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Claim: “I Have No Idea” If It’s True


Cory Booker’s 1992 column detailing ‘groping’ of high school friend resurfaces  (US Senator of New Jersey Cory Booker (D)


Democrats will exploit Kavanaugh’s accuser all the way to Election Day


The Kavanaugh farce descends into tragedy


Democrats have abandoned the presumption of innocence


Ford Undermines Her Credibility With Lame Excuses For Not Testifying On Kavanaugh


Kavanaugh and his accuser are both getting death threats


Frustrated Evangelical Leaders Want G.O.P. to Move Quickly to Confirm Kavanaugh


Ford: ‘Zero chance’ I would confuse Kavanaugh with other student


Brett Kavanaugh accuser wants to testify next Thursday


How Strong Does the Evidence Against Kavanaugh Need to Be?


Senate Democrats increase pressure for FBI investigation of Kavanaugh


Sen. Hirono, key critic of Kavanaugh defenders, steps up anger at GOP




Social Media: Is Trump Right About Anti-Conservative Bias? You Bet He Is




Key points of Kim’s commitments explained by Moon (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un/President Moon Jae-in)


Moon's nuclear diplomacy a 'dangerous gamble': analysts


Tech Giants Struggle Among Young Consumers

Korea better off with or without Trump?


Pentagon to Cast Close Eye Over Inter-Korean Military Pact


S. Korea has new defense chief at crucial time


2 Korean Leaders in Show of Solidarity on Symbolic Mountain


US, South Korean defense chiefs talk after Pyongyang summit


Gov't to build 4-5 new towns to stabilize property market


Naval cadet installed secret camera inside women’s bathroom




Devout Christian, NFL QB Philip Rivers Stuns Interviewer When Discussing Children


‘They Look the Other Way’  (Ohio State's handling of Urban Meyer proves its reverence for athletics above all else, experts say.)


MLB Scoreboard


NFL Scoreboard




If Gender is ‘Neutral’ In California, Why Mandate More Women on Corporate Boards?


New York AG opens probe into "homicide by medical neglect" of inmate


Florence evacuees brace for more flooding


Fatal e-scooter accident emerges as Calif. legalizes riding without helmet





Pompeo hopes for second US-NK summit 'before too long'  (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)

Pompeo: We will hold Iran accountable


Promoting Religious Liberty Affirms ‘Human Dignity,’ Pompeo Tells Values Voter Summit


Pompeo warns Iran against using proxies to target US: ‘We’ll go to the source’




Revenge of the Celebrity PSAs: The Kavanaugh Edition  (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


Congressman jokes about Ruth Bader Ginsburg's being 'groped' by Abe Lincoln


Why the Charges Against Judge Kavanaugh Should Be Ignored  (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


The Case for Impeaching Kavanaugh


Sketchy Case Against Kavanaugh #MeToo’s Thermidor?




The United States Military Will Now Be Patrolling Syria With Turkish Soldiers On Their Sides


Last Major ISIS Bastion In Syria Under U.S.-backed Assault




Accused of sex with girl in Texas, 3-D gun advocate arrested in Taiwan


Taiwan shares higher at close of trade; Taiwan Weighted up 1.30%


China ramps up cyberattacks on Taiwan


Taiwan Woos Firms Away From China Amid Trump's Tariff War




Trump’s trade war




"Outraged" China and Russia warn U.S. of "consequences" for sanctions




Turkey stocks higher at close of trade; BIST 100 up 1.94%


Turkey not seeking economic aid from Berlin: German Finance Minister


Turkey says it will patrol north Syria town with US forces


Turkey expects lower growth amid currency turmoil


Turkey arrests Austrian national for alleged terror links


Turkey, Russia agree borders of Idlib demilitarized zone


Turkey’s Economic Woes Raise Tensions in Egypt




Sterling slide cements FTSE 100 rally while Just Eat wilts


British PM: Brexit negotiations 'at an impasse'


Russian Bombers Intercepted by UK Jets After Ignoring Air Traffic Control, Says UK


UKIP leader Gerard Batten dares to link Muslim rape gangs to Islam


British PM May: 'I will not break up my country for EU Brexit deal'


UK: Police Force Unveils “Modest” Uniform for Muslim Female Officers


After three years and hundreds of gruesome deaths, Britain’s ‘Cat Killer’ case has been solved




Nikki Haley: Iran proxies reportedly developing missile production in Iraq   (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)


United Nations Command to review inter-Korean military agreement



Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump demands police report from Kavanaugh accuser as Senate deadline for testimony passes


Trump: Allies concerned about declassifying papers


This is Trump's model for losing Congress and winning re-election


Trump Says Inspector General Will Review Russia Probe Documents


President Trump Threatens Shut Down of Gov't Over GOP Failure to Fund Border Wall


Trump casts doubt on Kavanaugh accuser's story


Trump credits Fox hosts for convincing him to declassify Russian probe text messages


Trump Sees Midterm Success, but G.O.P. Leaders Want Him to Sound an Alarm


Trump wonders why Kavanaugh accuser didn’t ‘call the FBI 36 years ago’ (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


Trump Loosens Secretive Restraints on Ordering Cyberattacks


Trump to Republicans: Where's money for wall?


Putting aside a grudge, Mr. Trump backed Senator Dean Heller in a tight Nevada race.


Trump demands a border wall, but his GOP allies — not just Democrats — stand in the way


At Las Vegas rally, Trump doubles down on his support for Kavanaugh



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