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Thursday, September 13, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 




New Planned Parenthood Prez: I’m Running America’s Biggest Abortion Business “Because I’m a Mother”


…Chelsea Clinton: ‘Unchristian’ to Return to Time Before Legal Abortion (AVIPP COMMENTARY: One of God’s commandments is thou shall not murder.)


Kavanaugh Doesn’t Think Birth Control Is Abortion. In Fact, He Thinks Government Has An Interest In Providing It(Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


Will Planned Parenthood Continue Selling Aborted Baby Parts Under New President Leana Wen?


New Mexico Late-Term Abortion Facility Sued After Mother Dies Along With Her Baby


FDA is Custom-Ordering Body Parts From Babies Planned Parenthood Kills in Late-Term Abortions


Kavanaugh says 'abortion-inducing drugs' quote was summarizing plaintiffs in case  (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


Group Defends Billboards Telling Black Women Abortion is “Self-Care:” It’s a Response to “White Supremacy”


An appeals court says Missouri can enforce tough abortion laws


New Group Offers to Hold Mother’s Hand as Her Baby Dies in an Abortion


Teens Are Speaking Up About Their Abortions Through Youth Testify


UN Human Rights Panel Says Killing Babies in Abortions a “Prerequisite for Safeguarding Women’s Human Rights”


Louisiana abortion clinic wants regulatory rewrite nullified


Brett Kavanaugh Explains Why He Said “Abortion-Inducing Drugs” And Makes it Clear Kamala Harris Lied


Family sues clinic, UNM for botched abortion


Planned Parenthood Launches Six-Figure Ad Buy to Pressure Susan Collins to Oppose Brett Kavanaugh


Kavanaugh is a threat to constitutional right to abortion and birth control


MSNBC Ignores Poll Showing Americans are Pro-Life, Oppose Roe v. Wade


Christian Woman in Hiding, Under Police Watch, Amid Death, Rape Threats for Anti-Abortion Tweet


CW Show “Burden of Truth” Tries to Normalize Killing Babies in Abortions: “It’s Just One of Those Things”


British Government Rejects Legislation to Deny Pro-Life People Free Speech Rights


‘Outdated’ UK abortion laws hampering care for women, doctors say


Where Australia stands on abortion


New Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen is Chinese But Refuses to Condemn Sex-Selection Abortions in China


Victory in UK: Home Secretary refuses to ban pro-life speech outside abortion centers


Aborted Baby Was Born Alive and Died in His Mother’s Arms After Failed Abortion(United Kingdom)




America’s Forever War In Afghanistan Has Engulfed A New Generation




South Africa close to a ‘war zone’ with surge in murder rate




Australia's Great Barrier Reef Showing 'Signs of Recovery' - Slashdot





Volkswagen to end production of the Beetle next year


GM recalls over 1M pickups, SUVs




TSX slips after Dollarama reports dismal quarterly results


CBC says Muslims “fear scapegoating” after Muslim migrant murders Canadian girl


Potential poisoning of Canadian Pussy Riot member concerning, Trudeau says   (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Canadians who smoke marijuana legally, or work or invest in the industry, will be barred from U.S., border official says


Quebec election: Sparks fly during first of three leaders' debates


Spuds become latest trade irritant as U.S. senator calls for probe of alleged Canadian potato dumping




Trump says he did great after Maria. In a survey, Puerto Ricans say otherwise.





U.S. Has Highest Share of Foreign-Born Since 1910




Christians Who Oppose Conversion Therapy Need a Reality Check




Why you should care what Norm Macdonald thinks




How the Chinese Government Is Suppressing Religious Groups


China promotes anti-Trump book




US, Cuba to Meet on Mystery ‘Health Attacks’ in Havana




U.S. sanctions Russian, Chinese tech firms over funds for North Korea


Trump Is Right to Talk to Kim  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)




California Ban on Handgun Advertising Ruled Unconstitutional in Federal Court


Federal grand jury indicts New Mexico compound jihadis, alleges they planned terror attacks


Judge strikes down California ban on storefront handgun ads


Couple accused of sex with dog pleads guilty to animal cruelty




Somali Muslim Cop Who Shot Woman Was Hired AFTER Being Found ‘Unable to Handle Stress’ of Job


Six dead, including gunman, in Bakersfield shooting rampage




Illegal immigrant families exploit ‘catch-and-release’ loopholes, surge over border at record levels




Obama Attacks Trump


Meh: New Poll Shows Voters Aren't Thrilled Obama is Back


Michelle Obama’s 10-city book tour will take her to major arenas


Stakes high for Andrew Cuomo in N.Y. primary — even if he holds off Cynthia Nixon


No one is buying Cuomo’s story about the anti-Nixon dirty trick




Judge rules against DeVos rollback of Obama-era student loan regulations  (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)


US takes a stand against anti-Semitism that Obama didn’t




Sean Hannity expects Trump to fire Robert Mueller after Hurricane Florence(Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Report: Manafort Reaches Tentative Plea Deal with Mueller


As Manafort weighs a plea deal, experts say cooperation could offer each side a small win





Dow ends above 26,000 for first time in September amid hope of easing U.S.-China trade woes


Wall Street rises with Apple, easing trade concerns


S&P 500 stretches winning streak to 4 days as tech stocks rebound, trade jitters ease


Asian Stocks Snap Losing Run; Dollar Holds Losses: Markets Wrap


Asian shares rebound on hopes of fresh U.S.-China trade talks


Gold prices settle lower in pullback from 2-week high


The economic data don't show it, but many U.S. firms at home and in China are feeling the pain of tariffs


This economy is definitely not Obama's recovery


Treasury yields see muted moves after inflation report


Sears' same-store sales losses narrow but warns it may go out of business


Cryptos surge off lows, but don’t expect gains to last, says analyst


Reince Preibus on Democrats taking credit for economy  (Former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus)




Texas biology teacher on leave for allegedly bullying pro-Trump student


Video: Diversity and the Apocalypse Lessons in Public Schools


The cult of fragility on college campuses


1 school, of thousands, drops company providing porn to kids


Yale’s endangered species: Fewer freshmen identify as conservative than LGBTQ


California school board member apologizes for Hitler remark


Texas education board retreats on stripping ‘heroic’ Alamo defenders from curriculum




Egyptian Daily: According To The Egyptian Interior Ministry, Muhammad 'Atta, One Of The Perpetrators Of The September 11, 2001 Attacks, Died In 2008




Cuomo heads off Nixon challenge on a night otherwise good for progressives


Trump Derangement Syndrome Reaching Epidemic Levels as We Head Toward Midterms


Tensions over race and gender shape midterms, reflecting schism in Trump era


Gov. Gina Raimondo dispatches more-liberal Democratic challenger(Rhode Island)




Oil ends sharply lower as IEA pegs global supplies at a record and Hurricane Florence weakens


Energy Prices


Fracking helped make the US the world's oil king




Advancing democracy in Armenia





European stocks end lower as central banks grab spotlight


Denmark: Masked Muslim mob wielding baseball bats destroys pizzeria


EU Parliament Votes to Censure Orban’s Hungary





FEMA official defends agency over water bottles left in Puerto Rico


Report: FEMA chief investigated for misuse of government cars


FEMA's Brock Long mistakes Hurricane Florence for Hurricane Floyd in briefing


Hurricane Presents Test for FEMA and Trump After Last Year’s Harsh Lessons




FDA move on e-cigarettes means new risks for Fidelity funds




Task Force: Russian, Chinese Influence Fuels Extremism, Undermines U.S.




More creches and €1 school lunches: Here's Macron's plan to fight poverty in France (French President Emmanuel Macron)


France admits for first time it used torture during Algeria war




Germany's spy chief accused of sharing information with AfD


Turkish teenager who plotted to blow up gay club in Frankfurt arrested


German forest activists brace for eviction in anti-coal fight




Climate change wrought this freak of nature


Can climate-friendly cuisine help save the planet? Welcome to Zero Foodprint week


California Gov. Brown's (D) 'Climate Resistance' Will Devastate The Once-Golden State  


Even without the Trump administration, the U.S. is upholding its commitment to the Paris climate agreement




Google Executives Held Staff Meeting to Process Trump’s Election


The Leaked Video That Shows The World What Google Is

Google Founder: Trump Election 'Deeply Offensive'




Attacks On Republicans: Hatemongers On The Left Spur Increased Violence





29 Million Still Uninsured






Michael Moore doubles down on claim that Trump could be America's last president




US response to 9/11 was 'moment of hypocrisy,' former Obama official running for Congress wrote


"Strange Bedfellows" group in Congress aims to weed out nonviolent marijuana records


House bans eating of cats, dogs


Dem Candidate Questions Opponent’s Patriotism for Releasing Ad on 9/11, Despite Running Ad 11 Times on Same Day


Dem says he'll investigate Trump money laundering allegations if House flips


Fiscal responsibility? Pffft. The House GOP tees up another tax-cut vote


The demonization of Nunes is a window into our times (US Representative of California Devin Nunes (R)



The Latest: Florence downgraded to a Category 1 hurricane

Almost 160,000 without power as Hurricane Florence lashes North Carolina coast

Dems Work Overtime to Politicize Florence, Blame Trump




Renowned professor dies mid-sentence during live TV broadcast


India’s pulled at least 170 million people out of poverty since 1990


India: Muslim woman murdered by her father and brother for relationship with Hindu man




Iranian tankers stranded by threat of US sanctions


Iran's Shaky Foundations


'Shameful' John Kerry slammed for holding unsanctioned policy meetings with Iran officials(Former US Secretary of State John Kerry)


Kerry: I met Zarif 'three or four times'  (Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif)





Rival Iraqi factions make coalition deal and end Al-Abadi’s prime minister hopes






Kushner says punitive measures against Palestinians will help peace chances


Man of the year in Israeli politics? Trump


'Israel seeks peace, but will invest in defense'


IDF Ends Operation ‘Good Neighbor’ on Golan Heights  (Israel Defense Forces)


Pipe bomb thrown at IDF troops on Gaza fence; soldiers respond with fire


Israeli National Security Adviser Tells Russian Counterpart Iran Must Leave Syria


IDF says it detonated large bomb placed on Gaza fence, foiling attack


Israel denies report that Saudi Arabia purchased Iron Dome


Israeli Festival Shines Spotlight On Technological Innovation (with Video)


As war nears end, IDF shutters ‘Good Neighbor’ Syrian aid program


Former Hamas Political Bureau Head Khaled Mash'al: We Agree To A State Within The Pre-1967 Borders, But Without Ceding The Rest Of Palestine And Without Recognizing Israel


Israel reopens sole Gaza crossing for people after punitive closure


On Visit To North Korea, Palestinian Foreign Minister Conveys Greetings, Messages Of Solidarity From Palestinian President Mahmoud 'Abbas To NK Leader Kim Jong-un; NK Official To Al-Maliki: The U.S. Is The Enemy Of Peace


Only Trump Could End Palestine


Oslo Turns 25: Is Jordan the Palestinian Future?




Japanese destroyer intercepts ballistic missile in Hawaii-based test




Read A Pile Of Top Nazis Talking About How They Love Leftist Marxism




Nothing To See Here: Networks Silent On Attempted Stabbing of GOP Candidate By Anti-Trump Attacker




Arkansas scraps Medicaid coverage for thousands of individuals




President Trump is planning to pay Mexico $20 million to deport unauthorized immigrants there





Club Middle East: The Region’s Super-rich Are On The Rise


Arab coalition member state officials review efforts to ease Yemeni suffering caused by Houthis


Saudi Arabia: Man arrested for having breakfast with a woman


Saudi Arabian defence forces destroy Houthi ballistic missile fired towards Najran




First US F-35 planes deployed to Gulf & Red Sea. Marines drill unblocking Hormuz and Mandeb


The Army is using animals as blueprints to design the drones of the future


Russian Bear Bombers Near Alaska Intercepted Again


Female infantry Marine booted for fraternization: ‘I really want to move on’


Wasp strike group first to help after typhoon damages Northern Marianas


Russian bombers flew near Alaska, intercepted by Air Force jets, US military says


Pompeo allows US military aid to Saudi coalition in Yemen to continue  (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)




What Pakistan’s new government means for science


Pakistan awaits official response from India on talks: Foreign Office - Times of India




He wanted to be a priest. He says Archbishop McCarrick used that to abuse him. 


California needs to take another look at its Catholic Church sexual abuse cases




Chinese restaurant chain loses $190 million after pregnant woman claims to find rat in soup




Russia may be telling 'true lies' about its 'unprecedented' war games with China — and it wouldn't...


Putin watches Russia's biggest ever war games; China taking part  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Russia demonstrates power of its deadly missiles in military drills


Political weapon: Advanced Russian missile defense system drives wedge between U.S., key allies


Putin pauses his crackdown on online ‘extremism’  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)




Journals, Universities Deep-Six Study For Noticing Men And Women Are Different 




NRA depicts children's show characters in KKK hoods to criticize cast diversity





…Reports: Feinstein Held Mystery Letter Throughout Kavanaugh Hearings…(US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)


Senate Democrats Just Referred Brett Kavanaugh to the FBI, Here’s the Ridiculous Reason Why


The Brett Kavanaugh Charade


Cruz: Chinese Want Mexico Radio for Propaganda   (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


GOP Candidate Criticizes Baldwin’s Handling of VA Controversy  (US Senator of Wisconsin Tammy Baldwin (D)


Gillibrand: Call to Abolish, ‘Get Rid of’ ICE Taken out of Context  (US Senator of New York Kirsten Gillibrand (D)


Florida Senate: Nelson (D) 45%, Scott (R) 44%


Even liberal media rips Kamala Harris for deceptive edit of Kavanaugh comment (US Senator of California Kamala Harris (D)


Brett Kavanaugh — and Susan Collins — better watch these seeds of a grass-roots revolt  (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh/ US Senator of Maine Susan M Collins (R)


Democrats Force Committee to Postpone Vote on Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Until Next Week


Senate passes bipartisan spending package as lawmakers maneuver to avoid shutdown


Poll: Sinema narrowly leads McSally in Arizona Senate race


Sen. Graham: I Wish McCain Had Spent More Time With Trump (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey O Graham (R)/The late US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Conservatives Concerned About Anti-Kavanaugh Violence to Block Senate Vote


Rubio praises anthem-kneeling NFL player's community service   (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio (R)


Clarence Thomas takes jab at Cory Booker over 'Spartacus' comment  (US Senator of New Jersey Cory Booker (D)


Brett Kavanaugh responds to 1,287 written questions from senators, nearly all from  (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


A history lesson from Judge Kavanaugh


$1.2 million anti-Kavanaugh crowdfunding campaign tests federal bribery laws  (US Senator of Maine Susan M Collins (R)


Kavanaugh offers details on purchases of Nationals tickets that led to thousands in debt





Twitter Rejects Ads Using the Words ‘Illegal Alien’ and ‘Criminal Alien,’ Calling That ‘Hate Speech’




In landmark move, Seoul opens liaison office in North Korea


U.S. approves possible military sales worth $2.6 billion to South Korea





Mayor rescinds controversial Nike ban that ‘divided city’


MLB Scoreboard



39 locations of fire, explosions after suspected gas leak in Massachusetts

Dirtbag Caught Urinating on American Flags at World War II Memorial in Massachusetts




Critics fire back at Pompeo's Yemen claims   (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)


Mike Pompeo: U.S. sticking with Saudis in brutal Yemen war despite mounting civilian casualties (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)




Resistance Hero Ruth Bader Ginsburg Slams ‘Highly Partisan’ Kavanaugh Hearings




Syria war has killed more than 360,000: monitor


Syria: Muslims murder 10 Christians, injure 20 in assault on Christian town





Taiwan Courts Security Ties With Bigger Friends as Beijing Snatches Allies


Pentagon turns down request to send US Marines to Taiwan 




Tech Giants Are Obviously Biased




Major U.S. trade groups link up in anti-tariff coalition





Turkey succumbed to reality and jacked up interest rates to 24%


Turkey central bank’s next move is anyone’s guess — and that leaves lira vulnerable


Turkey takes bitter medicine as emerging market crisis spreads





FTSE edges lower before BoE; Morrisons falls as retailers suffer


‘No-Deal’ Brexit? Britain Sets out the Damage for Consumers and Business


Head of UK Union of Jewish Students quits Labour Party


Video from UK: Convert from Islam to Christianity Dares To Go Public


If Britain Opts for Corbyn, Then the New Prime Minister Will Clash with Trump Over Israel


UK: Jihad preacher Anjem Choudary to be freed from jail despite remaining “highly dangerous”


U.K. Police Urge Citizens To Report Neighbors For ‘Offensive Or Insulting’ Speech


Dutch Labor Party ‘worried’ by British counterpart’s anti-Semitism scandals





A Suggestion for Nikki Haley (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)


Why the BUILD Act Can’t and Won’t Achieve UN’s Sustainable Development Goals



2.6-Magnitude Earthquake Hits South Carolina: USGS



Pope Francis OKs probe of bishop accused of sex harassment





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Breaking: Trump falsely claims nearly 3,000 Americans in Puerto Rico 'did not die'


Trump states Puerto Rico hurricane death count was plot by Dems to make him look bad


Trump Voters and the Bitter Elites


Dozens of Military Heroes Celebrated at White House


Trump Should Worry About "Human Sources" Inside the U.S. Government


Eric Trump said flap over his use of anti-Semitic dog whistle is ‘nonsense.’ Others beg to differ.


5 Times Trump People Were Trapped Into Creating Russiagate Narratives


Trump Aims to Clarify Rules for Protecting Endangered Species


Eric Trump: Woodward wrote book to ‘make three extra shekels’


Donald Trump and the rule of law


Joy Behar walks back Trump joke: ‘I don’t wish the president ill’


‘Never give an inch’: Trump keeps touting perceived failures as successes




Under White Privilege Theory, Progressives Won’t Be Happy Until You Hate Your Kids




WHO Estimates 9.6 Million Cancer Deaths in 2018



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