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Wednesday, September 12, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 




Abortion Biz Planned Parenthood Names Leana Wen President, She Claims it Does “Lifesaving Work”


Planned Parenthood to appoint Baltimore health official as next president


Abortion Activist Threatens to Rape Susan Collins Staffer if She Votes for Brett Kavanaugh(US Senator of Maine Susan M. Collins (R)/ Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


Threats of Rape and Strangling' Force D.C. McAllister Into Hiding After Anti-Abortion Tweet


Elizabeth Warren Compares Abortion to “Getting Your Tonsils Out”  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Pro-abortion ‘Youth Testify’ project promotes abortion stories of teens, young women


This Attorney Handled the Only Abortion Case Brett Kavanaugh Ever Heard 


Hillary Clinton Lies About Brett Kavanaugh, Falsely Claims He Called Birth Control “Abortion-Inducing Drugs”


Sally Field says she was sexually abused by step dad, secret abortion


New Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen Tried to Force Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortions


Brett Kavanaugh wants to do away with legal abortion. He told us so.


Abortion Activists Threaten to Rape, Kill Christian Woman Over Her Pro-Life Tweet


Abortion rights group targets Heller on Kavanaugh vote  (US Senator of Nevada Dean Heller (R)


Not Just Adults. New Campaign Has Teens Celebrating Their Abortions


Hillary Clinton spreads ‘abortion-inducing drugs’ talking point deemed false by fact-checkers


Abortion Clinic Sued After Killing Woman in Botched 6-Month Abortion


Review: 'Reversing Roe' Shows How Abortion Became Political


Pro-Life Leaders Demand FDA Stop Buying Body Parts of Aborted Babies for Taxpayer-Funded Research


Teens Are Speaking Up About Their Abortions Through Youth Testify


Liberal Activist Assaults Pro-Life Congressional Candidate, Tries to Stab Him With Knife


Want an abortion without telling your parents? Tell it to the judge


Susan Collins Slams Pro-Abortion Groups Threatening to Fund Her Opponent if She Backs Brett Kavanaugh


Police could get increased power to disperse abortion clinic protesters


Abortion Clinic That Killed Woman in Botched Abortion Sends Another Woman to Hospital


Government argued refugee didn’t need to come to Australia abortion


How Many Times are Twin Babies Aborted in America?


Court: Abortionists must meet state health standards


Baltimore Must Pay Pregnancy Center $1.1 Million After Trying to Force It to Promote Abortions


Washington Post fact-checker gives Kamala Harris 'four Pinocchios' over ‘abortion-inducing drugs’ talking point (US Senator of California Kamala Harris (D)


'Dark money' outweighs abortion rights questions for Supreme Court pick, McCaskill says   (US Senator of Missouri Claire McCaskill (D)


Abortion activists are sending Susan Collins a grim reason not to vote for Kavanaugh 


Abortion-Themed Films Take On Greater Urgency Amid Kavanaugh Hearings


Did Brett Kavanaugh signal he supports ‘going after birth control?’  (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


Federal judges allow Missouri to enforce abortion rules


Missouri to begin enforcing abortion regulations after ruling in lawsuit, officials say


Kenya Bans Ad From Marie Stops Abortion Business Advertising Abortions


Could Kentucky Become the First State Without an Abortion Clinic?


Will Canadian Pro-Life Billboards be Censored?




Among many Afghans, 9/11 remains unfamiliar or poorly understood 




US Sanctions Libyan Militia Leader Over Oil Facility Attacks




Antisemitism definition sparks backlash on U.S. Left


An anti-Semitism Museum in New York




Advancing the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula 




Australian Market Slips Ahead Of Unemployment Data


Aussie jumps on news of another round of US-China trade discussions


Australia weather bureau says dry conditions likely to persist for rest of year


Australia Jobless Rate Unchanged At 5.3%





Tesla to drop some color options for cars to simplify production





TSX falls as energy stocks fail to get lift from highest crude price in nine weeks


US, Canada still have work to do on NAFTA


Asylum-seeker surge at Quebec border choking Canada’s refugee system, data show


Canada sees more NAFTA talks this week, much work remains: source


Federal government agrees to pay $100-million for pension clawbacks from disabled veterans


Toronto schools put on lockdown, hold and secure after two separate shootings


Canada's first face transplant


School board’s sex-ed guideline for parents meant to clear up confusion


Canada foreign minister briefing PM for second time in a day on NAFTA  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Ford’s legislation to cut Toronto council passes first reading as protests rock the Ontario legislature


Watch: This Ontario cannabis clerk use a bong to fend off four attempted robbers


Trudeau tells the Liberal caucus ‘we will not sign an unfavourable deal’ on NAFTA





Poll: 80 percent of Puerto Ricans give Trump negative rating on hurricane response


Possibly millions of water bottles left sitting on tarmac in Puerto Rico


Flashback: The Jones Act has been hurting Puerto Rico for decades  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: The hypocrites at CNN should read their own articles before they report negatively on the Trump administrations response to hurricane Maria.)


Puerto Rico governor issues scathing statement after Trump touts response to hurricane





Former NSA chief breaks with other ex-intel officials over Brennan letter   (Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency nominee John Brennan)


Woodward book’s disclosures, omissions: Brennan endorsed dossier before he didn’t, etc.


Then-CIA Director John Brennan endorsed Trump dossier, Bob Woodward says




Christians are suffering from complete spiritual blindness




‘I think you buried the lead’: Stephen Colbert asks Bob Woodward about the final line of his book




Chinese Ambassador To Syria: The Two Countries Have A Golden Opportunity To Strengthen Their Ties


Chinese Regime Intensifies Suppression of Churches in Henan Province 


‘Belt and Road’ projects lay foundations for China’s expansion of military bases, critics charge


China Has Kept Hundreds of Thousands of Muslims in Camps. Now, the U.S. May Punish It.   (AVIPP COMMENTARY: And the US remains silent as Christians are persecuted!)


China and Russia send message to Washington: Under U.S. pressure, historic rivals are becoming allies




Russia suspected of mysterious attacks on US diplomats in Cuba




US looking at Pyongyang for possible November election meddling





30 seconds that tell the story of Democrats in 2018


GOP warns crime, immigration will spike if Dems win


GOP destroyed oversight; Dems obligated to clean up mess if elected





Exclusive: U.S. regulators reject Wells Fargo's plan to repay customers - sources





Federal judge: 1 state's gun control goes too far


Black sorority members sue restaurant after police called




Girl stabbed to death in classroom fight between 2 "straight-A students


Some lawyers see no crime in case of Dallas cop who killed neighbor


Video shows dramatic shooting of Los Angeles cop, suspect


Ex-school employee: I lost my virginity to a 15-year-old student




Cyberattacks are a constant fear 17 years after 9/11




DNC says Papadopoulos tipster and key figure in Russia case might be dead





The Top Five Ways Obama Attacked the Free Press


Obama’s lies and the lies of the media


Only 38% Welcome Obama Back on the Campaign Trail


The Democrats, the party of resistance


Ahead in the governor's race, Gavin Newsom begins bus tour to help other Democrats  (California)


Obama Just Bear-Hugged Bernie Sanders' Socialist Agenda … And Nobody Noticed




U.S. Revives Rutgers Bias Case in New Tack on Anti-Semitism




Migrant children in detention soars to highest level ever: report


DHS: Transferring FEMA funds to detention centers didn't hurt hurricane relief


Dem senator releases documents appearing to show DHS diverted $10M from FEMA to ICE 




 Ann Coulter defends Jeff Sessions, says he’s ‘saving’ Trump presidency (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Manafort in talks with prosecutors about possible plea, according to people familiar with the discussions


Time to Unshackle the Entertainment Industry?


Mueller investigators 'don't have jack!'  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Real 'Collusion' — Deep State's Failed Effort To Elect Hillary Clinton Unravels  




Labor Department's seasonal job rejiggering doesn’t compute




Stock market logs mostly muted gain as tech lags in choppy session


Dow, S&P 500 end up slightly after trade talk news; Apple slips


Even U.S. Stocks Are Showing a Hit From the Trade War, UBS Says


US household income hit new high in 2017, poverty rate almost static


Gold climbs to highest finish in 2 weeks


Global Debt Soars to $169 Trillion: Will We Ever Learn?


Fed official: Trump 'definitely' influenced economic growth


Thank goodness Trump gets what Obama failed to grasp on economy


Bitcoin dominance at 9-month high amid broad ‘altcoin’ slump


Stocks in Asia Decline; Oil Jumps on Hurricane: Markets Wrap


Asia stocks fall to 14-month lows as trade concerns simmer


Producer Prices Dip as Inflation Eases Despite Economic Strength


Who Cut the Music? Speculation in Trump’s Economy


Household Income Jumps 1.8% in 2017, Rising for 3rd  Year in Row


How the Financial Crisis Provoked the Populist Surge


We need to keep Trump's blue-collar job boom going


Sorry Obama, But It's Trump's Economic Boom, Not Yours


What recovery? Full-time workers are earning less




Professor who shot himself as Trump protest faces felony charges


Missouri 3 Years Later: Lessons Learned, Protests Still Resonate


‘A light waiting ahead’: Students displaced by Hurricane Harvey return to their schools, if not homes


Why University Presidents Are (and Aren’t) Losing Their Jobs


Harvard Case Could End Affirmative Discrimination


Harvard’s $1B farm program ravaging developing countries: report


Gauging China's 'Influence and Interference' in U.S. Higher Ed


Ohio teacher resigns after assigning students bizarre quiz


Will Trying New Teaching Techniques Tank My Evaluations?


Far-left protesters pushing far-left college over cliff


‘See It Feelingly’


Student Activism Destabilizes Society


For-Profit Chain Will Close Dozens of Campuses




Egyptian Journalist: The Secret Of The Power Of The Jews – Lies, Tricks, And Political And Physical Assassinations 




New Hampshire voters hope to turn gov's mansion blue in November 




Ex-top Clinton adviser: Next president "should take up" some Trump-style points


Boxer Oscar De La Hoya 'serious' about run for president




Oil prices rise amid hurricane fears, ahead of OPEC inventory report


Energy Prices




Trump seeks to roll back Obama’s EPA methane pollution standards 




European stocks rise, led by surge for biotech Galapagos


Sweden election sees gains for far-right, anti-immigrant party


Swedish court nixes deportation of Palestinian who firebombed synagogue




McDonald's workers plan strikes in 10 cities to protest sexual harassment




Dershowitz: Strzok's 'Leak Strategy' Aimedat Damaging Trump

FOX News Exclusive: Inside the secret lab where the FBI keeps the most infamous bombs ever used


FBI's 'Leak Strategy': Was It Criminal Collusion To Damage Trump?


Exclusive: New Strzok-Page texts reveal others were telling stories, too


Wray warns current terrorism threat in US is ‘everywhere’  (FBI Director Christopher Wray)


Carter Page responds to claims of 'coordinated' FBI plan to damage Trump


Peter Strzok, Lisa Page conspired to leak anti-Trump stories to mainstream media 





FCC pauses review of T-Mobile, Sprint merger 





Federal deficit soars 32 percent to $895B





FDA approves heart monitor in new Apple Watch


FDA Threatens to Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes Over Rise of Youth Vaping




Majority of French no longer see US as trusted ally, poll finds


Vegans arrested in northern France for smashing up butchers shops  


‘Resistant to change’: France’s Macron sees pro-business reforms stall, popular support collapse(French President Emmanuel Macron) 




Merkel: ‘No excuse’ for far-right violence, attack on kosher restaurant(German Chancellor Angela Merkel)



Catholic Church in Germany Admits ‘Shameful’ Legacy of Abuse After Study Leaked


Germany And Turkey Want To Build Closer Economic Ties In The Midst Of US Financial Pressure. Germany And Turkey Are Slowly Revolting Against American Hegemony





Kerry Would Sue Trump for 'the Lives That Will be Lost' Due to Climate Change  (Former US Secretary of State John Kerry)


Jerry Brown enlists Al Gore, liberal friends to rescue Paris climate deal  (Governor of California Jerry Brown (D)/ Former US Vice President Al Gore (D)


 At Jerry Brown's climate summit, one deadline will overshadow all the others 


Until California curbs its oil refineries, it won't meet its climate goals 




Conservatives Ask Congress to Investigate Report That Google Tried to Fix Election for Hillary Clinton


Google Exec Boasted About Helping Hillary Clinton by Boosting Latino Turnout in 2016 




Why the Left Labels DeSantis' Comments Racist(GOP Candidate for Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis)


Election error may have cost Georgia representative his race 


The GOP finds yet another way to suppress the vote




Poll: Voters of both parties largely support ObamaCare pre-existing condition protections  




Hollywood star slams Jim Carrey for loving socialism




The next move for the man fighting at the fore for LGBT rights? ‘To get our country back.’




Poll: Dems lead GOP by 14 points on generic House ballot


Poll: John Faso (R-NY) dead-even in reelection bid against Democratic challenger


McCarthy: Possibility of Speaker Pelosi 'should scare all Americans'  (House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California)/ House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Weaving a 'blue wave' from impeachment fantasies


Bernie Sanders's son falls short in New Hampshire primary


N.H. voters pick House candidates poised to make history no matter who wins


Gingrich, Republicans float new Contract with America ahead of midterms


Pelosi Repeats: Spirits of Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, Alice Paul, Sojourner Truth Spoke to Me in White House (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


House Republicans move to lock in cuts with Tax Reform 2.0


Meadows (R-North Carolina: Did FBI, DOJ 'coordinate' effort to harm Trump?


Rep. Mia Love's (R-Utah) campaign admits to improperly raising primary election funds


15 million illegals 'to give blue states 20 more seats' 




Georgia governor declares state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Florence


Dangerous Shift in Florence's Speed as Destructive Strike Nears; Up to 40" of Rain Possible


Florence expected to bring catastrophic flooding to the Carolinas


Florence Expands During Relentless March to U.S. East Coast


Hurricane Florence charges toward the Carolinas with ‘potential for unbelievable damage’


Another hurricane is about to batter our coast. Trump is complicit.


'I want to sit down and sob': Couple who lost home to Sandy now fleeing Florence


Florence could flood hog manure pits, kill thousands of animals


Carolinas brace for the worst as monstrous Hurricane Florence nears


Hurricane Florence barrels toward US as South Carolina orders evacuation of entire coast


DC mayor declares state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Florence




California DMV Gives Illegal Voters a Surge




India to surpass UK, France in terms of number of demi-billionaires by 2022: Report


Homosexuals Brag They Will Turn India Into The World’s Largest “Pink Economy”


Hindu Terrorists File False Charges Against Hundreds Of Christians For Preaching The Gospel





A Fairness Doctrine for the Internet?





U.S., Iraq at odds over handshake deal that got Muslim nation off travel ban list


Iraqi anger at Iran is an opportunity for America





Shutting Palestinian offices in Washington long overdue


Not just Salazar: 12 women cite pattern of improper behavior by PM’s aide Keyes(Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Oslo Accords at 25: Many negatives and a few positives


Palestinian protesters break up Jerusalem conference on Oslo Accords


FM al-Malki calls on Arab countries to stand with Palestinians


Liberman visits Georgia, signs defense cooperation agreements  (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)


Beyond Oslo: Charting A New Course To Israeli-Palestinian Peace


Israel among handful of big exporters enforcing global anti-bribery pact


Israeli suppression forces raid Ashkelon prison


Palestinian indicted for hit-and-run, not terror, in death of Israeli woman


Alternative Israeli Hi-tech Hub Spurs Medical Innovations (with Video)


’70s rock band America heading to Israel to ‘give everyone a night off’


Netanyahu applauds Trump's recent decision (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Hizbullah Commander To Lebanese Daily: In The Next War We May Succeed In Penetrating Israel And Reaching The West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


Preparation of international conference for UNRWA support


UK Labour speaker who called for killing Israeli MKs said nixed from summit


European Parliament could denounce Israel over Khan al-Ahmar


13,000-year-old brewery discovered in Israel, the oldest in the world


Former Trump aide warned of 'existential' Hezbollah threat to Israel


Jewish American left-winger, headed to Israel to study, detained at border


U.S. Jewish activist detained at airport over previous West Bank (Judea and Samaria) visits


To mark 25 years of Oslo Accords, HBO screens behind-the-scenes documentary


Will Trump's Deal of the Century Solve the Middle East's Problems?


Linda Sarsour Condemns "Humanizing" Israelis


UN boosts Palestinians as Trump administration cracks down


Israel Beefs Up Its Military


Putting a squeeze on the Palestinians to make peace


Trump's latest step backward on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: shutting down the PLO's Washington office




A would-be city in the Malaysian jungle is caught in a growing rift between China and its neighbors




Washington Post calls president 'complicit' as Hurricane Florence poised to ravage Carolina coast


The Washington Insider – Media Resistance


NBC host says Trump more damaging to 'dream of America' than 9/11


Donald Trump Jr. rips ‘irrelevant and deranged’ Joe Scarborough over 9/11 op-ed


Poll: Voters Trust Media More Than Trump for Truth


Jim Sciutto named co-anchor of CNN mid-morning news program  




Saudi Arabia, UAE ‘lead way in fighting terror ideology’


US backs coalition action in Yemen 


The United States has leverage to end the Yemeni civil war. Use it. 




Pentagon: Russia will bear responsibility for Idlib attack


Army fights Purple Heart for soldier injured at Ft. Hood


Evacuations ordered for four military bases as Florence approaches East Coast


Navy hopes hefty bonuses will keep leadership posts filled


Questions pour in for first Chief Wright Reddit ‘ask me anything’


The Afghanistan war has gone on so long that people born after Sept. 11 can now enlist


Navy conducts three scheduled drills in Middle East as tensions simmer with Iran


Air Force encourages crews to end missions when safety in question


Wilkie opposes bill that would extend Agent Orange benefits to 'Blue Water' veterans


Air Force orders 18 more refueling aircraft from Boeing to replace aging models


Marines at Parris Island prepare to evacuate as Hurricane Florence moves in


Fort Bragg preps for Hurricane Florence, FEMA gets ready to distribute supplies at airfield


Hawaii-based ships sortie ahead of Tropical Storm Olivia




Memo to the Washington Post: In Europe, Criticism of Multiculturalism Is Mainstream




Hurricane Florence Tracker: NASA Posts ‘Stark’ Video of Storm


‘It’s just not right’: Some observers recoil as NASA ponders selling ad space on its rockets 



Pakistan military 'quietly' stifling press with intimidation


Pakistan's female vaccinating team moves from polio to measles


Pakistan's Federal Minister Shireen Mazari: 'America Can Never Be A Natural Strategic Ally'; 'Iran... Was Able To Withstand The New Force Of American Imperialism'


Pakistan Pushes China to Realign Goals in Its Belt-and-Road Initiative


Pakistan Is Becoming A Dangerous Country For ‘Transgenders’




A Misunderstood Case of Poverty


Americans Want to Believe Jobs Are the Solution to Poverty. They’re Not.




Rush Limbaugh: N.Y. Times possibly ‘made up’ anti-Trump op-ed with ‘composite series of opinions’


Limbaugh suspects N.Y. Times made up Trump editorial




There’s lots of deregulation afoot. But will it really help anyone?




Alabama pastor cuts up Nike gear in middle of sermon 


Cardinal Donald Wuerl says he will visit the pope soon to discuss potential resignation





Former Kremlin Advisor Karaganov: The West Has Started A New Cold War… Today's Russia Has Every Chance To Win Over The West, As It Acts Not All By Itself But As A Vanguard Of The Non-Western World


Putin: 2 Men Suspected by UK for Spy Poisoning Not Criminals  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Russian Defense Ministry: militants pick out kids to ‘star’ in false flag op in Syria


Russia and Iran Working on Coordinated Defense Against U.S. Sanctions, Official Says


Russia launches its biggest war games since Cold War


Russian Tupolev-95MS bombers launch cruise missiles at Vostok-2018 exercise


U.S. Denies Russian Plane Permission for Reconnaissance Flights, Official Says


More than 800 detained in protests in Russia, monitoring group says 


White Helmets making films of ‘chemical attacks’ with orphans in Idlib – Russian military


Russia: Google removes Putin critic's ads from YouTube 





California to NRA: Stop selling insurance for gun injuries





Senate races like "a knife fight in an alley': McConnell  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Left risks backlash in Kavanaugh fight  (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


GOP senators condemn 'vulgar' messages directed at Collins over Kavanaugh   (US Senator of Maine Susan M Collins (R)/ Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


Susan Collins Will Not Cave to $1.1M Leftist 'Quid Pro Quo Bribe' to Vote No on Kavanaugh


Google, Apple, Amazon execs to testify at Senate privacy hearing this month


Texas Troubles Bedevil Republicans’ Senate Strategy


Collins staffers say they're getting 'vulgar' calls over Kavanaugh   (US Senator of Maine Susan M. Collins (R)


Senate rankings: 10 seats most likely to flip


GOP worries about Senate as candidates struggle and Trump’s support tumbles


Activists raised $1 million in pledges to defeat Susan Collins if she votes for Kavanaugh. She says it’s bribery.


Joe Manchin: Mountebank From the Mountain State  (US Senator of West Virginia Joe Manchin III (D)


Warren unloads on Trump administration over stalled Indian casino project  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Brett Kavanaugh’s digital privacy revelation intrigues senators, advocates(Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


Eight weeks out: Dems see narrow path to Senate majority 




'60 Minutes' chief out at CBS amid harassment allegations




Luxury Socialism and the End of the Working Left




How Facebook Marked the 17th  Anniversary of 9/11


Facebook Bans Frontpage Editor Jamie Glazov on 9/11 - For Posting on How to Prevent Another 9/11


Twitter Takedown


Regulating Big Tech




Illegals cited in theft of 39 million Social Security numbers




Two Koreas to hold working-level military talks


U.S.' New N.Korea Point Man Meets with S.Korean Officials


South Korean Leader Urges ‘Bold Decisions’ on North’s Denuclearization


40 of 50 foreigners possibly exposed to MERS located


Youth Unemployment at Highest Level Since Asian Crisis


Job crisis continues on services downturn




Amazing admission by Google-Facebook content cop




Catalonia separatists threaten to empty the jails in new efforts to break with Spain 




Serena Williams Match Umpire Carlos Ramos Speaks out for First Time


Tennis umpires considering boycotting Serena Williams matches: report


Ben Watson: NFL players 'open to any invitation' to work with Trump, says 'forward me his number'


Coach tells player to 'commit suicide,' head-but another: report


Marshawn Lynch sits out anthem as NFL protests decline in Week 1


Taking a knee looks like the Democratic strategy


Mayor’s Nike ban sparks backlash, protests


Trump mocks NFL for ratings drop in season opener; suggests numbers would improve if


NFL and Nike: Are protests hurting the game's ratings?


Nike's stocks fully recover after Kaepernick ad


MLB Scoreboard 





Show Me the Money, Missouri


Hiker found dead on Mount Hood likely killed by cougar: Officials


States Warn Investors of Tariffs’ Effects


Andrew Cuomo, the ‘not-my-fault’ governor(Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo)


Backlash to Trump, bathroom law has put conservative N.C. legislature in play




Kavanaugh and the Left’s View of Judges  (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)




Assad used chemical weapons in three attacks this year — UN report (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Post-war Syria destined to be sanctions-busting hub, the Russian-Iranian-Turkish summit decides


Fight to Retake Last ISIS Territory in Syria Begins 




Taiwan says China ‘coercion’ poses threat to global values | Miami Herald


Top US diplomats huddle over Taiwan-China rivalry in Central America


China's Next Act: Invade Taiwan? 




The danger in Apple’s iPhone pricing strategy




Financing Sources from GoFundMe to Bitcoin Fatten Jihadists' More Diverse Portfolios


Al-Qa’ida: A Patient & Resurgent Hydra?


Surprising confessions of an American who joined Al Qaeda after 9/11


Mourners gather at Ground Zero memorial site on 9/11 anniversary


9/11 survivors, responders develop rare cancers at alarming rate years after terrorist attacks


Remembering 9/11 in the Age of Trump


The rookie pilot who was ready to give her life on Sept. 11, 2001


Sept. 11 Terror Attacks: 17 Years Later


9/11: Never Forget Project


September 11, a date not forgotten


The most iconic photos from 9/11 and its aftermath





As Trump embraces more tariffs, U.S. business readies public fight





Federal borrowing soars despite strong economy 




Turkish intel captures key plotter of deadly Reyhanli bomb attack


Erdogan Urges A ‘Political Solution’ To Syrian Offensive In Idlib Province  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Turkey reinforces military in Syria's Idlib after ceasefire call fails


Turkey central bank’s next move is anyone’s guess — and that leaves lira vulnerable


Turkey defiant on deal with Russia despite U.S. threat to cancel sale of F-35s 




Uber Accused of Saving $500 Million a Year by Cheating Drivers  




Oil stocks keep FTSE 100 steady as SSE hit by profit warning


Unilever may be booted from U.K.'s FTSE 100


British Cops, on the Lookout for Trolls, Ask Public to Report 'Non-Crime Hate Incidents'


Muslims try to ban Franklin Graham from speaking

Trial hears of teen raped by 100 Muslims




Pope Francis attacked and stonewalled sex abuse victims while archbishop of Buenos Aires 


The Catholic Church’s Sex Scandals Reflect the Left’s Long March Through the Church




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Omarosa Thinks She Knows Who Wrote That Anonymous New York Times Op-Ed


Former Trump officials Rob Porter and Gary Cohn push back against Woodward book


Presidential Chaos


Many Americans see Trump as liberal despite his conservative record, says Hill.TV poll


U.S. invites China to trade talks as tariffs loom: White House adviser


Bolton Goes After the Illegitimate and Unaccountable ICC  (National Security Adviser John Bolton)


Trump reportedly to sign election meddling executive order


Trump: Government ‘totally prepared’ for Florence’s ‘tremendous amount of water’


Trump’s public employee pay freeze doesn’t go far enough


Trump’s counter-revolutionary proposal


The unsinkable Donald Trump


Treason? Why not!


‘You’ve set back the Jewish contribution’: Stephen Miller’s former rabbi issues fiery rebuke on Rosh Hashanah


Federal government is ‘totally prepared’ for Hurricane Florence, Trump says


Look who’s shattering presidential norms now


The Call Is Coming from Inside the House


Woodward's 'Fear' is the fastest selling book in years


Top takeaways from Bob Woodward's new book about Trump's White House


Bolton bolsters Trump’s ‘America first’ foreign policy with robust defense of U.S. sovereignty(National Security Adviser John Bolton)


Maxine Waters vows to ‘get’ Pence once Trump impeached  (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)/ Vice-President Mike Pence)


Jon Voight chokes back tears talking about ‘our man’ Donald Trump


White House slams talk of 25th  Amendment to remove President Trump


53% of voters say anonymous NYT author should have signed the op-ed and resigned


Trump: ‘Bob Woodward is a liar’


Trump starts off today’s 9/11 observance with a tweet about the victimhood of… himself


Trump Is Slaughtering the Beltway’s Sacred Cows


Another big Woodward reveal: Trump’s bottomless bad faith and nonstop lying


What do a porn star, a combative lawyer and a reality-TV contestant all have in common? Trump


Breaking democratic norms was rampant before the anonymous op-ed. Now it's a free-for-all


Trump responds to Strzok, Page texts on ‘media leak strategy’


PBS claims Trump used edited version of Obama footage


Trump Jr. says father trusts few people after anonymous op-ed


President Trump said G.D.P. growth was higher than the unemployment rate “for the first time in over 100 years.” He was wrong.


On Sept. 11 anniversary, Trump launches fresh attacks on FBI and Justice Department with dubious allegation


Woodward: Lawyer told Trump he’s ‘disabled’ and ‘can’t tell the truth’



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