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Thursday, September 7, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Almost 10,000 Babies Die in Abortions in Minnesota in 2016 as Abortion Rates Increase


Planned Parenthood Wants Your Help Brainwashing Children


Feminists Applaud Actress Martha Plimpton, Who Bragged About Her “Awesome” Abortion


Planned Parenthood Killed Over 1 Million Babies in Abortions Worldwide in 2016


Tim Tebow’s Mother Pam Tebow Will Headline 2018 March for Life


Judge rejects churches on abortion coverage


United Methodist Pastor Runs Pro-Abortion Group: “It’s Time for the Religious Left to Rise Up”


Planned Parenthood on DREAMers:'Every person has the right to live'


Protesters against 'black genocide' of abortion win case


Kentucky Could Become The Only State Without A Clinic That Performs Abortions


Kentucky abortion clinic's future at stake in federal trial


3 scientists, Planned Parenthood win Lasker medical prizes


A Texas Clinic Is Offering Free Abortions To Hurricane Harvey Survivors


Abortion case goes to Ohio Supreme Court


Texas Abortion Ban That Would “Require Doctors to Experiment on Women” Is Temporarily Blocked


Ireland’s 8th Amendment Has Saved at Least 100,000 People From Dying in Abortions


Pope Francis: “Abortion is the Murder of an Innocent Person”


Amnesty International is Pushing to Legalize Abortion in Ireland Up to Birth for Any Reason


Abortion Is Still A Crime In New Zealand And Now It Is An Election Issue


She is an “Abortion Doula” to Provide Mothers Emotional Support While They Kill Their Baby  (Canada)


Rising UK politician takes strong stand against abortion on national TV


No prosecution for NI medical staff who refer women for abortions


Teen’s Boyfriend Took Her For Abortion Then Stuffed Her in a Suitcase and Left Her on a Roadside  (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)




Here we go again in Afghanistan


US apologizes for 'highly offensive' leaflet after attack causes casualties at Bagram




Muslim Workers At Refugee Camp Tell Christian Children ‘Convert To Islam If You Want Food Or We Will Watch You Starve To Death’ (South Sudan)


Nigeria cholera outbreak threatens more than 1 million people in refugee camps


Al Shabaab Militants in Kenya Kill Four Christians


U.S. Sanctions South Sudan Officials Accused of Corruption While Many Starve




Delta flight races Hurricane Irma to Puerto Rico — and wins




A battle is brewing with Russia over the Arctic, and the US is outnumbered





Court Rules There is No Constitutional Right to Assisted Suicide



ASX fails to fire again as gains evaporate


Australian Dollar Slips on News Retail Sales Slow at Start of Third Quarter


Australia's killer flu: Calls for more immunisations as virus mutates


MP reveals attacks after calling out her husband over child porn


Amazon could launch in Australia in 'next 60 days'




Scheer calls Liberal tax proposal 'crippling' as Trudeau defends it (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Canada: Antifa threatens to “smash” conference opposing “anti-Islamophobia” motion


Calgary Muslim website defends female circumcision and critiques 'Jewish media'


Mother blamed smell of excrement on 'demons,' ex testifies


CEO of Toronto builder donates $10 million to St. Joseph’s hospital


Complaints about N.S. judge who said 'a drunk can consent' will be investigated


'Most terrifying experience of my life': Cdn survives Irma


Government and auditor general at odds over size of Ontario’s deficit


Loonie soars above 82 cents U.S. — the highest in more than 2 years


Ontario court orders new trial for man whose murder charge was dismissed over delay


Demonstrators protest outside hearing for brothers charged in beating of Dafonte Miller


Nova Scotia judge who acquitted taxi driver of sex assault to be investigated


Rate hike has consumers checking mortgages, debt load 




'This thing is a buzzsaw': Hurricane Irma heads for Dominican Republic


Hurricane Irma leaves 'unprecedented' destruction in the Caribbean, kills at least 13


'It is just total devastation': Category 5 Hurricane Irma destroys 90 per cent of tiny island of Barbuda as 185mph winds kill four across the Caribbean and dump torrential rain on US territoriess 


Sir Richard Branson survives Hurricane Irma by staying in wine cellar but buildings on Necker island 'destroyed'


'Barbuda is literally rubble': Robert de Niro vows to help Caribbean island rebuild after Hurricane Irma




Believing In National Sovereignty Doesn’t Make You A Bad Christian


White Christians now a minority in U.S., survey finds





China drags Indonesia into South China Sea morass


Resolving to Ignore Chinese Abuses


China removes loudspeakers from hundreds of mosques in Muslim-majority region


Virtual U.S. Tutors Are Helping Chinese Kids Gain an Edge


With No Guiding Hand, China-U.S. Bond Is Put at Risk




Seoul, Tokyo to work to persuade China, Russia to cut off NK’s oil


‘US is brigand pursuing vile goal of war’ – N. Korean minister


North Korea's Threat Might Be Worse Than We Think


Why mighty America must exercise magnanimity over North Korea


North Korea near its nuclear goal, experts say


Kim Jong-Un's Mainstream Media Defenders (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


US calls on UN to impose travel ban on Kim Jong-un  Bolton: Deploy 'FDR rule' against North Korea


N. Korea test was 10 times bigger than Hiroshima, U.S. says


An Incoherent Strategy on North Korea




Why Congress Should Include Base Realignment and Closures in Defense Authorization Bill


Trump's DACA decision passes the buck to Congress — for now


Democrats ready more demands after surprise win with Trump 


Democratic leaders change their tune on Trump


The Do-Nothing Republican Congress Acts Fast — To Spend More Money


Hill Democrats score a seat at the table, but they’re still looking for a legislative win





President Trump Upholds The Constitution By Dumping DACA, And Critics Freak Out




Judge Rules “Brain Dead” Jahi McMath May Not be Dead After All


Man gets prison for impregnating girl he smuggled into country


Babysitter gets prison for boy’s Benadryl death




Tijuana shoplifting ring hit U.S. malls for $20 million in luxury goods, authorities say


Three Taco Bell workers gun down armed robber


Teen held captive for a month swims across lake to escape kidnappers


Have Chicago police turned a corner on tackling city's violence?


Woman, husband, son accused of killing her lover


Fla. man admits killing wife, 5 young children




Equifax Says Cyber Attack May Have Hit 143 Million Customers





Beware of narratives and misinformation  (US intelligence agencies said Russia was responsible for hacking Democratic National Committee (DNC) email accounts, leading to the publication of about 20,000 stolen emails on WikiLeaks.)




Commie Mayor Unleashed     (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


Former Clinton Adviser Lashes Out Over Criticism of New Site: The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Understand Clinton Voters


Clinton Book: Abedin ‘Burst Into Tears’ After Learning Weiner Revived FBI Investigation


Andrew Cuomo’s Boondocks Boondoggle  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo)


Cluelessness, thy name is Hillary Clinton


Illinois gov candidate drops running mate over ‘difference of opinion’





DeVos Pushes New Approach on Title IX Enforcement  (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)




US to Suspend Immigration Enforcement During Irma




DACA to End, Up to Congress for Permanent Solution: Sessions (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)




Disney World could close as Hurricane Irma rages towards the Sunshine State while Florida Keys officials tell tourists and residents to evacuate 





130 Earthquakes Since Saturday Night: Worst-case scenario is destructive 7.0 temblor but experts say that likely won't happen (Idaho)




Dow finishes lower as Disney and Goldman shares tumble


Wall St. slips as media stocks, Hurricane Irma weigh


Treasuries Rally, Euro Soars as S&P Treads Water: Markets Wrap


The Irony of Progressive Attitudes toward 'Trickle-Down Economics'


Amazon opens search for second headquarters with 50,000 jobs


Gold climbs to 1-year high as U.S. dollar sees fresh weakness


Asian shares rise on relief over U.S. debt ceiling deal, euro eyes ECB


Asian Stocks Advance After U.S. Debt-Ceiling Deal: Markets Wrap


With revenue and profits down, Lego runs into digital headwinds


Dollar down as euro remains resilient above $1.20 after ECB stays put




UIUC Student Group Compares Zionists to KKK, White Supremacists


Black Parents Sue School, Claim Bullies Abuse Daughter for 'Acting White'


Education Savings Accounts Are the Best Choice in School Choice


ACT Scores Are Up


Berkeley wimps out on free speech


A University's Big Move on Socioeconomic Diversity


Ohio bill would block universities from disinviting “controversial” speakers


De Blasio breaks another promise to schoolchildren (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio(D)




Courting Egypt? Washington’s Options In A Changed Middle East




Harris on 2020: I haven’t even decided on dinner tonight (US Senator of California Kamala Harris (D)




U.S. oil prices slip with Harvey to blame for 1st U.S. crude-supply rise in 10 weeks


Energy Prices


Don't Let Tax Reform Hamper The Nation's Energy Needs




EPA Workforce Approaching Lowest Levels Since Reagan





European stocks rise as ECB holds policy steady, but hints toward October update


Chief Of Counter-Terrorism In The European Union Declares: ‘Expect More Massacres Done By Islamic Terrorists.’


Here’s why the rising euro is defying Mario Draghi and the ECB (President of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi)


Finland considers giving returning Islamic State jihadis priority housing


On taxes and immigration, look to Hungary




FBI director says no ‘whiff of interference’ with Russia probe (FBI Director Christopher Wray)




FEMA Gives Aid To Witch Shops And Strip Clubs After Hurricane Harvey But REFUSES To Help Christians, Says ‘Churches Cannot Receive Taxpayer Help Because They Preach About Christ’


FEMA Apologists Unite


Churches sue FEMA over discrimination in Harvey repairs 




Poll: Only 29% of Americans Have Positive View of Federal Gov't





Trump sours on Cohn for Fed chairman: Reports




Suspects in France explosives lab probe linked to Syria


Update: France lowers Hurricane Irma death toll on Saint Martin to four


With only 30% approval rating, French president takes risk by proposing labor law reforms


Police find two more explosives caches after discovery of Paris 'bomb factory'


France: Deliveroo introduces free healthcare for bike riders injured on the job




Merkel rival Schulz pledges free vote on cannabis, angering conservatives  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


German national election software vulnerable to hacking, researchers say


Berlin court rules on whether farting next to a police officer is allowed


Party founded by Turks in Germany uses Erdoğan posters in campaign (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Angela Merkel Can’t Compete With a Serial Killer Nurse




Climate change:  Crucial parasite species could be wiped out, study finds




Cool It On The ‘Google Monopoly’ Talk





Why Republicans should get radical


Gillespie breaks with tough-on-crime Virginia Republicans, offers plan to keep pot users out of jail




Insurance Commissioners Say Obamacare’s Individual Market Near Collapse, Not Sustainable




One overlooked method of stopping opioid addiction before it starts


Optima’s exit could leave 62,000 Virginians without health insurance options next year





America's Real Civil Rights History




Anne Frank’s diary is now a comic book; animated film will follow




Schiff: Nunes 'Shouldn't be' Seeking Info from Recused Sessions After Intel Chairman's Russia Recusal (US Representative of California Adam Schiff (D)/ US Representative of California Devin Nunes (R)/US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Paul Ryan reacts to Trump siding with Democrats  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


It's a deal! Dem IT staffer who fled U.S. returning  (US Representative of Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D)


House defeats conservative effort to defund Amtrak


Luis Gutierrez stands by John Kelly insult: 'I didn't bring up his son'  (US Representative of Illinois Luis Gutierrez (D) 


Washington's GOP rep. retires after 7 terms


House intel chair threatens AG Sessions, FBI chief over Trump dossier


Thornberry: Defense budget could get sidelined





Hurricane watch issued for South Florida ahead of Irma, governor says fuel shortages 'top priority'


Top Fla. home insurer could face big hit from Irma


Key West prepares for the worst as Irma approaches


Jose is expected to become a 'major hurricane' by Friday


Irma puts 400,000 people at risk of evacuation in Miami-Dade County


NHC Follows European Model, Strike on Southeast Fla., Other Models Show West Fla.


Weight of Harvey flood-water caused Houston to sink


Deaths reported as Hurricane Irma batters northern Caribbean islands


New evacuation orders as Irma feared to strike Florida on Sunday


"It's terrifying": Floridians prepare for possibility of direct Irma hit


An Enormous, Urgent Task: Hauling Off Storm’s Debris


Hurricane Jose forms in the Atlantic, east of Hurricane Irma


Maps: Tracking the Path of the Storm


Outrage as airline ticket prices rise more than $800 in 24 hours for passengers trying to fly away from Hurricane Irma


Irma causes at least 3 deaths in Caribbean as Florida, Georgia, SC brace for storm


Florida sheriff offers jail as refuge for suspects fleeing Hurricane Irma - and says sex offenders will not be allowed in shelters


Live Updates: ‘We Will Have Victims to Lament’


A trio of hurricanes are churning in the Atlantic


Lessons From Andrew Helped Florida Reinvent Planning


Home to Hemingway and lazy days, Key West girds for Irma’s wrath


THREE hurricanes in the Atlantic region for the first time in seven years: Tropical Storm Katia strengthens in the Gulf of Mexico to join Irma and Jose




Ex-Trump strategist blasts Catholic Church over criticism of DACA decision


Steve Bannon said the Catholic Church needs ‘illegal aliens’ to fill its pews


Los Angeles Threatens Travel Restrictions To States Opposing DACA


Immigrant children and the rule of law


Among 'Dreamers,' dismay and anger over Trump's decision: 'He just rips it all away'


Immigrants Shouldn’t Have to Be ‘Talented’ to Be Welcome


America cannot afford to lose 800,000 young 'Dreamers'




‘Who is next?’: Killing of Indian journalist Gauri Lankesh sparks protests


India refuses to join declaration against Myanmar at international meet


China reacts to Indian Army chief’s remarks, says ties should not be derailed


One killed, 13 injured in grenade attack in J&K's Srinagar


NKorea’s H-bomb test will help Pak, worries India


Minister says eat beef and then come to India


No. of terror camps across LoC has gone up:


Govt approves border snoop plan; 2,000 SSB personnel to be shifted to IB




Indonesian woman discovers her 'boyfriend' of 7 years is a she





'Driverless' car infrastructure isn't going to be free





Iran MPs speak out as women are barred from World Cup qualifier


Iranian Spy Service Threatening, Blackmailing Global Media Outlets





Isil leader 'planning fresh wave of attacks' in revenge for defeats in Iraq and Syria, leading Iraqi official says





Muslims cheer Hurricane Irma: “May Allah drown the enemies of Islam and force them into their knees subdued”





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Thursday, September 7, 2017)


Trump expresses ‘reluctance’ on chances for Middle East peace


Palestinian Authority Cracks Down On Press Freedom


The trouble with bombing a murderous dictator: Guessing how he’ll react   (Israeli strike on Syria)


Netanyahu Bans Al Jazeera from Israel (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Sara Netanyahu to be indicted on Friday


Attorney general said to tell Sara Netanyahu of impending indictment


Israel to approve Israeli settlement in heart of Palestinian neighborhood in Jerusalem


'The claims are false, Sara is brave and honest'  (Netanyahu family responds to reports that A-G intends to indict the wife of the prime minister.


With alleged airstrike, Israel punctuates opposition to Syria ceasefire pact


Student leader apologizes for Pesach anti-Israel vote


Military intel chief says IDF fighting enemies ‘near and far’  (Israel Defense Forces)


Palestinian Authority is a Genocidal Terrorist Entity and Should be Treated as Such


Police locate Palestinian assaulted by Breaking the Silence spokesman


Reports: Israel Bombs Chemical Weapons Factory In Syria


Greek church land investors threatening to cancel leases, KKL boss says


Israel to return slain Palestinian body to family in al-Duheisha refugee camp on Friday


Netanyahu to be abroad during memorial events for Shimon Peres (Former Israeli President Shimon Peres)


Israeli Prime Minister Under Growing Pressure


Exercises are important, but war is the real test


Israel releases members of Shamasna family as protests continue in Sheikh Jarrah


IDF Chief skips decision on commuting Hebron shooter's sentence


Israeli Foreign Ministry Officials in Emergency Meeting Ahead of Hurricane Irma


Defense Minister: Israel will do what it takes to protect her citizens


Israel detains 20 Palestinians during overnight raids in West Bank (Judea and Samaria) , East Jerusalem


Syrian-Palestinian Philosopher: Iran, Hizbullah Use Slogan Of Resistance Against Israel As Cover For Their War On Sunni Arabs


Why Did Israel Let Mengele Go?





The Big Lie: Conservatives Opposing the Fascist Left are the Real Anti-Fascists




47 big-name conservatives warn media on left's 'attack dog'            


NBC News Incorrectly Labels Menendez a Republican Before Correcting Article Hours Later (US Senator of New Jersey Robert Menendez (D)





Mexican Catholics protest sculpture mixing Virgin Mary with pagan goddess




Trump: Qatar crisis stems from massive funding of terrorism by certain countries 




Secret Air Force spaceplane launched ahead of Irma


Exclusive: Trump pardon remains elusive for still-hopeful former Navy sailor


The crux of the Navy’s collisions


Military preps for Hurricane Irma response as storm bears down on Puerto Rico


Thunderbirds pilot told about 'extreme precipitation, wind shear' before crash  


Navy secretary says service is taking action in wake of ship crashes                  




New fires in empty Rohingya village challenge Myanmar claims


Burma 'laying landmines near Bangladesh border to stop Rohingya return




Trump Picks Supporter Commercial Space Flight — and Global-warming Realist — to Head NASA




Feds Spend $1 Million for Robot That Gathers Data on High School Kids




Nato accuses Moscow of blocking observation of Zapad military exercise




US shuts down Pakistani bank over terror-financing and money laundering concerns


We don't want aid,we want respect: General Qamar Bajwa


Bangladesh’s GDP per person is now higher than Pakistan’s


Pakistan was not targeted on issue of terrorism in any manner: China


Increasing international pressure forces Pakistan to talk of a new foreign policy narrative


Pakistan ready to work with Afghanistan in all fields: Khawaja Asif


Trump's Afghan escalation and the Pakistan conundrum





Conservatives in America -- Like Marranos in Medieval Spain




Parole recommended for Leslie Van Houten, Manson follower




Racism: The Ineradicable Sin?




Biggest solar flare in decade brings radio blackout




The Pain of the Contemporary American Orthodox Jew


Washington National Cathedral to Remove Windows Featuring Confederate Generals




South Korean Leader Says Putin Has 'Soul of a Siberian Tiger' (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Man of the hour in the North Korea crisis: Vladimir Putin?


Putin Proposes Building Bridge Connecting Russia to Japan as Sign of Peace


Kiev should discuss UN peacekeepers’ deployment with Donetsk, Lugansk — Kremlin


Weapons of mass destruction will not be used on Korean peninsula - Putin


Russian General Staff chief, head of NATO’s Military Committee discuss world security


Russia plans to send tourists into space in 2019-2020


Kremlin: Too early to speak about timeframe for signing peace treaty with Japan

Russia's Orbit – Pro-Kremlin Russian Philosopher Dugin: Serbs Must Ally With Russia To Salvage Sovereignty And Territorial Integrity




Senator Says Facebook's Russian Ads Suggest Need for New Laws


Senate Passes Debt-Limit Deal Trump Struck With Democrats


Donald Trump Jr. says he was open to hearing about Clinton's 'fitness, character' when he met with Russians


Catholic League to Durbin: Ever Questioned Faith of Non-Catholic Nominees?  (US Senator of Illinois Richard Durbin (D)


Graham wants to haul back Comey to testify on Clinton email case, says 'I smell a rat' (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey Graham (R)/Former FBI Director James Comey)


GOP Senators to Try Again With Alternate Obamacare Replacement


Democrats Trash Judicial Nominee’s Catholic Faith: “Do You Consider Yourself a Catholic? That’s a Concern”


Activists Call for End to Gridlock in Judicial Appointments


Dem Senators Silent on Whether Menendez Should Resign if Convicted (US Senator of New Jersey Robert Menendez (D)


Donald Trump Jr. questioned by Senate committee staff


Feinstein Under Fire From Catholics, Liberals  (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)


Dianne Feinstein Attacks Judicial Nominee’s Catholic Faith


Democratic Senators Attack Catholic Judicial Nominee Over Religion


Warren Announces Support for Sanders’ Single-Payer Health Care Plan (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)/ US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


Democrats see opening for Obamacare fix


In interview with Trump Jr., will Grassley be the dogged investigator or the loyal Republican?   (US Senator of Iowa Charles Grassley (R)


Top Dems Took Campaign Cash From Senator on Trial for Corruption  (US Senator of New Jersey Robert Menendez (D)


Federal prosecutor: Menendez acted as ‘personal senator’ for rich doctor


Booker Sits in Front Row for Menendez’s Corruption Trial, Greets Him With Hug (US Senator of New Jersey Cory Booker (D)


Va. sen. urge measure against white nationalists


Sanders Brushes Off Clinton’s Accusations of Blame: ‘Our Job Is to Go Forward’ (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


GOP, Dem senators calmly discuss bolstering Obama health law


Warren grills Trump’s antitrust pick over antitrust and lobbying: report (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Feinstein Attacks Federal Judge Nominee’s Faith: ‘The Dogma Lives Loudly Within You’ (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)





Twitter Bans Activist Mommy for Tweeting Her Dislike of Teen Vogue's Anal Sex Guide


Facebook: Accounts likely from Russia bought ads during U.S. campaign




Wind Blamed for Seoul's Failure to Confirm N.Korean Nuke Test


Seoul deploys anti-missile system; US seeks tougher sanctions


Putin Rejects Moon's Calls for N.Korea Oil Embargo (Russian President Vladimir V Putin/ President Moon Jae-in)


Korea struggles in nurturing cyber reserve forces


Can US attack N. Korea without Seoul's consent?


White House denies Trump’s claim of KORUS FTA withdrawal


Moon courts Russia with FTA offer


South Korea Bolsters Missile Shield as Fears Rise of ICBM Launch


Robert Samuelson: Give South Korea A Break


Report: SEALs Training SKorean Team to Kill Kim in Case of War


US Army prepares forces in South Korea for WMD attack


S. Korea, US deploy missile defence amid China protest





Foreign space threats grow




Spanish woman's claim to be daughter Dali disproved by DNA test


Anger in Madrid as Catalonia passes independence referendum law





Boomer Esiason addresses co-host Craig Carton's arrest: I still love him


Craig Carton suspended from WFAN after Ponzi scheme arrest


Watch out for Boston's next effort to cheat


MLB Scoreboard




Texas’ Voter ID Law Is Back in Force. Here’s Why That’s Such a Big Deal.


Gov. Scott Walker: States can fix Obamacare's mess (Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker (R)


California will file separate lawsuit over end of DACA program, attorney general says


Virginia needs a Truth and Reconciliation Commission on race


Oregon Massive wildfire started by teen with fireworks, police say  


Gov. Pete Ricketts: Trump is helping the states to govern


15 states sue Trump on rollback of DACA




Who hit NKorean-linked Syrian chemical plant?


Holocaust Museum Pulls Study Exonerating Obama Inaction in Face of Syrian Atrocities


The gathering Iranian menace in Syria




Taiwanese travelers unfazed by tensions in North Asia


Taiwan’s Foxconn closes in on Toshiba


Hualien Air Force Base to hold an open house event


Minimum Wage rise is welcome, but workers and the economy demand more


NTU ranking falls to 14-year low




'The View' hosts go after Mike Huckabee, Sarah Sanders about President Trump




Foiled Virginia Attack Brings Total US Terror Plots to 97 Since 9/11


Islamic State tells Muslims to poison food in Western supermarkets


While defeat of Isis dominates attention, al-Qaeda gets stronger




Steve Mnuchin: US prepared to sanction countries who trade with North Korea if UN fails to act   (Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin)




Ex-Turkish minister charged with helping Iran against sanctions


Neighbors complain about woman for ‘wearing shorts at her home’ in Turkish capital


Man sentenced to three years in jail for kicking woman on Istanbul bus ‘for wearing shorts’


‘Pirate’ Wikipedia launched in Turkey after access ban


EU divided over calls to block Turkey’s bid


Turkish first lady, foreign minister visit Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, distribute aid


Germany has no right to block update of Turkey’s EU customs union: Minister


Amnesty Int’l chief complains after not being allowed to visit jailed Turkish colleague İdil Eser


Prosecutors summoned this Turkish journalist when she tweeted ... about Zsa Zsa Gabor


Erdogan henchman indicted for attacking protesters (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)





U.K. stocks snap 3-day losing run as pound drops after ECB meeting


Breaking News: Panic as explosion on London's Oxford Street leaves at least one person injured


UK suspends N. Korean English teacher training after nuclear test


Bishop backs British politician for ‘fearlessly’ defending life, marriage


British chief rabbi urges more inclusiveness for LGBTQ Jews


 New leak of Brexit papers reveals fissures between Britain and EU


MPs to begin debate on key Brexit bill


Three-quarters of Scotland’s diesel cars face city centres ban


Public 'tricked' into buying unhealthy food


Minister to threaten universities with fines for excessive salaries


Prince George set for first day of school


Child abuser who waterboarded little girl has no remorse


Vice-chancellors must 'justify' high pay


Government should cut Bank of Ireland out of Post Office bank, says report


Force 'fails to record 38,000 crimes'


Nicola Sturgeon: UK immigration plans are ‘morally bankrupt’ (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Health anxiety 'due to cyber-chondria'


Tackling health anxiety could save NHS over £400m a year, study finds


Wartime bomb found at building site


Dad busted for child porn had videos of him raping wife


Gay men 'afraid to hold hands in public'


Theresa May under growing pressure to lift public sector pay cap  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Millions of people in their 20s and 30s should be offered statins to cut heart disease, major study says


Pilot killed in plane crash at Caernarfon ​airport


EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier to meet MSPs




Steve Bannon Wants to Stop Nikki Haley's Rise  (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)


Defense launchers deployed as China approves N. Korea sanctions


US airstrikes on Syria mosque compound violated international law, UN says




Over 1M dressers recalled over safety concerns




Pope Francis supports legal recognition for same-sex ‘civil unions’


The dubia surrounding Pope Francis’ election


Pope Francis Visits Colombia, Where Peace Is Polarizing





A Venezuelan woman had grown used to shortages. Then her HIV drugs ran out. 




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump tweeted on DACA at Pelosi's request, aide says  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


OH NO: Trump Tweets Warm Feelings Toward DREAMers...At Pelosi's Request. Yes, Really.


Trump wants Democratic support for tax pitch


Trump told DACA recipients ‘you have nothing to worry about’ for the next six months


Trump’s Budget Deal With Democrats Will Only Worsen Our Fiscal Situation




White House Considering at Least Six for Fed Chair


We Made Donald %#&@ Trump PRESIDENT -- What Else Can We Do?


'Racist' Trump accused of creating hurricanes to kill blacks, Hispanics


Republican leaders in the room 'shell-shocked' following Trump deal with Democrats


Trump rides media bronco: Will he stay on?


Nobody knows what Trump is doing. Not even Trump.


Trump said he would turn the GOP into the party 'of the American worker.' How's that going?


Trump offers us a glimpse behind the curtain. There’s nothing there.


Polls: Trump’s approval rating holding steady near 40 percent


Will Trump lower the nuclear bar?


White House Announces Details of Trump’s Personal Donation to Hurricane Harvey Relief


Trump’s messy and muddled reasoning on DACA


Ivanka Trump Pitches Conservative Leaders on Doubling Child Tax Credit


Trump shuns GOP leaders to cut debt deal with Schumer, Pelosi


In North Dakota, embattled Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp wins president’s praise


Trump calls Ivanka ‘honey,’ ‘baby’ during tax reform speech


Republican leaders 'visibly annoyed' after Ivanka Trump enters Oval Office during debt ceiling talks


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