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Wednesday, September 6, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 





Foundation Gives Planned Parenthood Abortion Business a “Public Service Award for Essential Services”


Pro-Life Leaders to Congress: Defund Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Closing Another Center


A day to remember the victims of abortion


Judge Upholds Requirement Forcing California Churches to Pay for Abortions


"Not a woman's choice": India's abortion limit puts women at risk, say campaigners


Woman Profoundly Regrets Aborting Her Baby: “If I Hadn’t Taken That Pill His Name Would be Jude”


Big Abortion Strikes Out In Street Protests Against Pregnancy Help Centers


Character on Hulu Show “Difficult People” Flaunts Her Abortions: “I’ve Punched Holes in My Planned Parenthood Card”


All the president’s clergymen: Where they stand on issues from abortion to immigration


Mother Teresa’s 5 Lessons for Pro-Life People


Kentucky's Last Abortion Clinic to Face Off Against Governor


Chilling Phone Call Exposes Lies of Late-Term Abortion


Lead Character Flaunts Multiple Abortions on Hulu's 'Difficult People'


Bishop Tobin: Ending DACA shatters lives. So does abortion.


Texan Survivors of Harvey Can Get Free Abortion Care, With Travel Costs Covered


Banning pro-life witness will hurt women, pro-lifers tell Ontario gov’t  (Canada)


'Goonies' star Martha Plimpton says she had her 'best abortion' in Seattle


Iceland’s ‘new eugenics’: Eliminating people with Down syndrome


Mother Says People Laugh at Her Disabled Daughter and Say She Should Have Aborted Her  (London, England)


Sri Lankan bishops condemn bill to legalize abortion


Court Allows 13-Year-Old to Abort Her 32-Week-Old Unborn Baby (India)




Taliban bomber claims revenge for "offensive" U.S. leaflet


Afghanistan: Muslims enraged at US leaflet calling Taliban “dogs” and depicting Islamic confession of faith




Is China Really Helping Africa?


Bell Pottinger has toxified political debate in South Africa




Former Democratic lawmaker Cynthia McKinney teams with 'alt-right' to help Trump fight 'deep state'





ADL hires Jewish-Iranian academic to head anti-Semitism unit


Herzl - Anti-Semite?



Azerbaijan revelations spark ‘great concern’ at Council of Europe




Banks drag ASX down as GDP disappoints


Aussie's US80¢ foray proves brief


Trump and Australian prime minister hold 'very constructive' call on N.Korea


Indonesia files complaint against Australia in World Trade Organisation


Australia faces 'elevated' bushfire risk


Aldi's billion-dollar fresh food facelift is grocery 'game changer'





Most actively traded companies on the TSX


Canadian dollar jumps to highest point since 2015 as central bank raises interest rates again


Harper’s decade in power was a game-changer in Quebec: Hébert (Former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper)


Ontario to target math, report cards in curriculum revamp


Trudeau tells Liberal MPs he won’t back down on small business tax plan (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Canadian firms prod Trudeau to approve Super Hornet deal


Winnipeg mom wants changes to policy she says excludes son from school bus


Canadians can’t afford to be complacent about racism


Canada is finally getting a national suicide hotline later this year


When do Canadian spies disclose the software flaws they find? There's a policy, but few details


Six Nova Scotia teens charged in naked photo ring given conditional discharges


Almost half of Canadian workers live paycheque to paycheque, survey finds


Bank of Canada hikes key interest rate to 1.0% amid healthy growth


Vancouver man ordered to stop letting his children take city bus to school alone


Doctors denying 'tubals' to women under 30 opting out of motherhood


How these Ontario parents learned to stop worrying and love split-grade classes


York Region officer pleads guilty to assault after siccing police dog on suspect


Ambassador Bridge replacement given the green light




Sir Richard Branson is riding out Hurricane Irma in the wine cellar on his private island


Puerto Rico could be without power for 4 to 6 months after Irma


Governor in U.S. Virgin Islands orders gun grab





Survey: White Christians Now Minority in United States


‘Modern Family’ Producer to Christians Who Oppose DACA Amnesty: ‘F**k You’




Xi tells Trump Beijing firm on N. Korea denuclearisation, talks  (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


China carries out live-fire exercise fending off 'surprise' overseas attack


China to spend over $1 trillion on planes over next 20 years: Boeing


In Conflict Between US and North Korea, Which Side Is China on?


China’s No.2 Stock Regulator Investigated For Corruption


China isn’t ready for safe haven status


5 Things To Watch For At China’s Quinquennial Communist Congress


As World Watches Kim, China Quietly Builds South China Sea Clout


Nissan Aims to Double Sales of the Leaf With New Features


Take Elon Musk Seriously on the Russian AI Threat


North Korea Nuclear Arsenal an Obstacle to China’s Ambitions


China Imprisons Man for Helping People Access the Internet Past the ‘Great Firewall’




Guarding Comrade Kim: Hiring of Russian security consultants signals loss of faith in inner circle (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


On North Korea, U.S. Must Respond with an Eye to the Future


Satellite image shows landslides around NK nuclear test site


N. Korea vows to respond with 'counteroffensive' to new sanctions


Korea Nuclear Test Furthers EMP Bomb


Two Major Antifa Groups Spout North Korean Propaganda         


Expert: North Korea Doesn’t Want War, It Wants Fear


Make North Korea a Chinese Protectorate


Sanctions doubts grow as North Korea warns US of ‘gift packages’


N. Korea sanctions stymied, U.S. vows to boost 2nd  ally's "capabilities"


The Four Options on North Korea


Why does Kim Jong Un want nuclear weapons?   


Kim's rocket man: The scientist masterminding the speedy development of North Korea's nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missiles


Have we reached a point of no return?


History shows us how calamitous the North Korea crisis could become


Cohen: US Hasn't Delivered 'Shock Therapy' Move on NKorea





Schumer, Pelosi Offer Support for Harvey Aid if Tied to Short-Term Debt Limit Increase (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)/ House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


DACA Was Only One Part of Obama's Seizure of Congressional Power


If Republicans Don't Make A Move, They Deserve To Lose


Congress Should Follow Trump’s Lead, Cut EPA Funding


Congress Gets 6 Months to Solve a 16-Year Puzzle





President Trump Upholds The Constitution By Dumping DACA, And Critics Freak Out




CFPB 'surprised and disappointed' after being cut off from student loan data




NY Hasidic mother who came out as lesbian regains custody of her children


TX Supreme Court Tosses Confederate Statue Lawsuit Against UT


Appeals court rules Texas can use new voter ID law


Florida man pleads guilty and asks for the death sentence after killing his wife and five children by slitting their throats




Principal Accused Of Luring Teen Girls To Go Skinny Dipping Arrested


New York man admits to painting swastikas on his own home


Virginia: Prison convert to Islam rearrested on gun charges weeks after release


Good News: Violent Crime Projected To Drop In 2017. Guess Which Group Is Responsible.


Principal tried to lure teen girls to ‘skinny dipping party’: cops


Body wrapped in tarp and chained to cinderblock that was pulled from the water in Brooklyn is identified as Colombo crime family associate whose father served 23 years for murder


Iowa woman who gave birth in a hospital bathroom and left baby to die in a trash can AVOIDS jail


Banner Calling for ‘More Dead Cops’ Found Hanging From NY Overpass


Missing Kansas boy, 3, found encased in concrete; mother in custody


Arrest after UNC college professor found slain





Perez: Trump is a 'champion for cruelty'  (Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez)





Koch Group Launches Massive Attack On Virginia Democrat


Democrats left in a DACA Pickle by Deceitful ‘DACA Daddy’  Barack Obama


Rahm Emanuel Declares Chicago “Trump-free Zone”   (Mayor of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel)


DACA Backlash Shows Democrats Don’t Really Think Their Policies Should Be Subject To Elections


Publisher Pulls Pro-Clinton Christian Book in Wake of Her Pastor’s Plagiarism Scandal


De Blasio Rails Against Concept of Private Property, Says It Impedes NYC’s ‘Socialistic Impulse’ (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


Ex-prosecutor: Obama, not Comey, let Hillary skate


Former Tennessee lawmaker is given 21 years in prison for stealing $21million from 400 people in gold and silver Ponzi scheme advertised on Christian TV 





AP: Trump's 'Crackdown on Illegal Immigration' Reducing Food Stamp Claims





DeVos plans Title IX changes in wake of report on campus denial of due process (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)




DHS reviewing report Russia-linked hackers targeted U.S. energy


As Irma bears down, Coast Guard makes sense of its grueling response to Harvey




Apparently, it’s illegal to laugh at Jeff Sessions (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


A Conflicted Trump Turns to a Determined Sessions


Justice Department Drops Defense of Obama OT Rule




Stocks end higher as energy shares lead gains


Stocks Rise, Treasuries Fall on Debt-Ceiling Deal: Markets Wrap


Wall St. bounces back as energy, financials lead


December T-bill yields spike as debt ceiling extension kicks can down the road


Asia stocks down, dollar on defensive, gripped by risk aversion


Asian Stocks Fall as North Korea Worries Persist: Markets Wrap


Gold snaps three-day rally as Trump, lawmakers reach debt ceiling deal


U.S. services sector growth accelerates; trade deficit edges up


Why investors are so chill about North Korea, hurricanes, and everything else


Dollar trims losses after debt-limit deal; loonie soars on Canada rate hike




Harvard Students Promise to Protest Charles Murray Lecture


'Unsafe Spaces': Supporting Israel in Modern Campus Culture


DePaul Released A Statement On Its Commitment To Illegal Students -- It's Exactly What You'd Think


Two friends were stuck in a refugee camp. A scholarship was their only way out.


A Forced Faculty Divide (State appeals court rejects proposed joint non-tenure-track and tenured faculty union at U of Minnesota Twin Cities.)


PC wars rule young-adult publishing as fewer kids learn to love to read


Diversity Is Up in Humanities at 2-Year Colleges


'Ecosexual' professor wants you to have sex with Earth


A Looming State-Federal Conflict on Sex Assault (California, New York and other states have embraced Obama’s approach on campus sexual assault -- what happens if Trump reverses course?)


Congregation Reacts: Robert E. Lee Descendant Resigns From Pastorate Following VMA Appearance


Trump Ends DACA (Colleges look to support students after Trump administration announces end of program that granted hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants protection from deportation and the right to work.)




Egyptian Culture Minister: The Jihadi Notion Of 'Takfir' Is Similar To Hitler's Nazi Ideas




Oil ends higher as refiners reopen after Hurricane Harvey devastation


Energy Prices


Official: Texas gas supply recovering after Harvey





A federal agency's bogus battle to keep college grads out of work




More than 50,000 jihadists now living in Europe





German car makers prop up European stocks, outweigh Irma-hit insurers


Hungarian PM Orban: ‘The Islamization of Europe Is Real’


Top EU court rules eastern states must take refugees


European court to review $1.3B fine against Intel


Submarine owner says Swedish journalist died when she was hit by hatch


Denmark: Inventor faces murder charge over journalist's submarine death


Italy orders investigation after child dies of malaria




Disabled Man’s Wife Decides It’s in His “Best Interest” to Starve Him to Death




Former FBI special agent challenges new director to investigate whistleblower claims


1MDB Stolen Funds Witnesses Are Scared to Talk: FBI





Fed sees pickup in economic growth, but inflation remains muted


Fed Vice Chairman Fischer to resign for ‘personal reasons’




Feminist Germaine Greer: Transgender Surgery Does Not Make a Man a Woman




Two arrested after 'bomb factory' discovered near Paris


France to put a stop to fossil fuel production


France seeks to raise 10 billion euros in privatisation drive to fund innovation




Emotions run high at Munich Olympic massacre memorial opening


Germany Opens Memorial to Israelis Murdered at 1972 Munich Olympics


Erdogan calls Merkel comments on Turkey's EU ambitions 'Nazism' (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan/German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Expats still like Germany for the money, and still aren’t so fond of the locals


The woman who carried Hitler’s teeth on V-Day




A two-decade crusade by conservative charities fueled Trump’s exit from Paris climate accord





Amnesty For DACA Beneficiaries Will Destroy The Republican Party 


Republicans Helped Make the Politics of DACA So Toxic


Exclusive: 'Why should I resign?' Recently elected secretary of Florida GOP was charged in a savage 2007 claw hammer beating of his former female classmate from a posh Los Angeles prep school - but refuses to step down




Houston faces growing health challenges as cleanup continues


Police officer who arrested Utah nurse fired from medic job 




Charlottesville council to vote on removing statue of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson weeks after deadly white nationalist protests




Poles honored for ‘true heroism’ for rescuing Jews during Holocaust




House Intel panel interviews Rice in Russia probe


These Republicans Voted Against Harvey Aid Package


Rep. Franks Explains How Obama Is the One Who 'Put Children in Danger'


Ryan: 'Perfectly Reasonable' to Include Border Control in Dreamer Legislation  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Lawmaker Seeks to Derail $900M for Amtrak Project as Earmark


House passes Hurricane Harvey $7.85 billion aid measure


House passes bill paving the way for driverless cars


House Intel subpoenas FBI, DOJ over Trump dossier


Gowdy says FBI, Justice Department not cooperating on Trump dossier: ‘We got nothing’  (US Representative of South Carolina Trey Gowdy (R)


Bipartisan lawmakers prioritize health care, tax reform on fall agenda


MacArthur: Agreement reached with House Freedom Caucus chair on health plan




Video: Hurricane Irma's incredible Cat 5 power comes ashore


Hurricane Irma may bring 'significant storm surge' to Florida, governor says


Crisis at Chemical Plant Reveals Flaws in Safety Regulations


Irate officer turns away Harvey volunteers delivering aid


How Houston’s Growth Created the Perfect Flood Conditions


Hurricane Irma is now so strong it registers on devices that detect earthquakes as tropical storm Jose forms BEHIND IT and thousands panic buy amid fears it could be worse than Harvey


Harvey's toxic waters: Dangerous levels of fecal matter detected in Houston flood waters and chemicals needed to keep drinking water clean carry the risk of cancer and miscarriage


Irma now most powerful storm ever recorded in Atlantic Ocean


Florida on notice, evacuations coming as Hurricane Irma nears


There is no such thing as a Category 6 hurricane




Monthly Refugee Admissions Lowest in 15 Years; Percentage of Muslims Declining


There Is No Such Thing as a ‘Deserving Dreamer’


DACA Reactionaries Rush to the Barricades


Daca Dreamers: Harvey hero now faces deportation


With DACA move, Trump and GOP face a crossroads on immigration


Trump Revokes ‘Dreamer’ Plan; 800,000 Face Unsure Future


Worried and Frustrated, but Refusing to Give Up


Reagan's son: My father wouldn't have kicked 'Dreamers' out of US


Poll: Majority of Americans Say Dreamers Should Stay


'It is particularly cruel to offer young people the American Dream... then punish them for it': Mark Zuckerberg and Kristen Bell lead the celebrities slamming the Trump administration's 'winding down' of DACA 


Decision to end DACA sparks nationwide protests


Spotify Launches Pro-DACA Playlist Featuring Lovato, Juanes Among Others




Indian editor’s assassination sparks nationwide protests


Fire in Mumbai building: 6 dead, 11 injured


Terror funding: NIA conducts raids in Delhi, Srinagar


PM Modi tells Suu Kyi India is with Myanmar, but skips mention of Rohingya issue


India cannot rule out possibility of two-front war with China and Pakistan, Army chief General Bipin Rawat says


SC asks states to appoint cops in each district to prevent cow vigilantism




Hurricane Harvey shows that infrastructure needs updating




Iran, Vatican discuss plight of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar




Iraqi Kurdish leader Barzani vows to hold independence referendum despite objections


The Kurds Are Not Children (They have earned their independence, and the West must get out of the way.)


What happens when Islamic State leaves?




North Dakota cops called to religious sheep slaughter at apartment complex





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Wednesday, September 6, 2017)


Hamas leader to JPost: We're ready for long-term cease-fire with Israel


Slaughterer of 3 Israelis honored in the PA


Majority of Palestinians don't believe Trump is serious about peace talks, poll finds


Patriots Owner Robert Kraft in Jerusalem to Bring Football to Middle East


IDF drill and new Hizballah tactics at Deir ez-Zour (Israel Defense Forces)


Palestinians Working For Foreign Companies Causing ‘Brain-Drain’ In West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


Netanyahu Tells ICRC’s Maurer About ‘Unbelievable Cruelty’ of Hamas  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Netanyahu to embark on first-ever trip by an Israeli PM to Latin America


Israeli settlers assault, injure Palestinian teen in Nablus


Rivlin inaugurates Munich memorial, raps Palestinians for lauding massacre (Israeli President Reuven Rivlin)


There’s no price for an IDF soldier’s blood   


Netanyahu: Israel’s cooperation with Arab states has never been greater


UN Chief Guterres, the Media and Palestinian Fake News


Hollywood mogul denies champagne and cigars for Netanyahu were bribery — report


PA releases journalist, continues to hold hunger-striking activist over Facebook post


In first, Jaffa theater faces cut in state funding because of ‘incitement’


MK Smotrich: Pay for Voluntary Arab Immigration – Kill Hope for Palestinian State


UNRWA condemns 'appalling' eviction of Shamasna family in East Jerusalem


Three Indians arrested in $1 million Israel diamond sting


Report: 176 units in eastern J'lem to be approved Sunday


Policewoman feeds disabled protester in touching display of humanity


Haredi parties push to stop train construction work


Palestinian teen arrested at Hebron checkpoint with knife


Israel set to remove Palestinian village's sole water pipe in Nablus


Netflix launches ‘Greenhouse Academy,’ remake of Sabra tween drama


Arab who attacked Arutz Sheva reporter arrested


Unmanned subs, sniper drones, gun that won’t miss: Israel unveils future weapons


Israel To Allow 560 Tons of Tax-Free Honey Imports for Jewish New Year


Unique 7,200-year-old clay model silo forces rethink of how society evolved


Hating Israel at the Center for Jewish History


Palestine Authorities arrest activist in growing free speech crackdown





Senior Republican congressman: North Korea threat means more F-35s to Japan




 Jordan cancels 'gay' singer's concert




Remains found on Syria border belong to Lebanon troops




Former Paul Ryan Aide Joins 'The Swamp' As A Green Energy Lobbyist  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)





Boom or bust? Ahead of legalisation California's pot growers face a big problem






Bannon to Appear on ’60 Minutes’ on Sunday


CNN bought Clinton's new memoir and read it overnight


A New Obama? The Media Starts Selling Abdul El-Sayed


Jane Pauley to Interview Clinton on ‘CBS Sunday Morning’


CNN’s Ambitious Investigative Unit and Its Missteps


At CNN, Retracted Story Leaves an Elite Reporting Team Bruised


Politico, NY Times Reporters Spread False Story About Spicer’s ‘Candor’  (Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer)




What Americans (and Canadians) Should Know About the Mexican Security Crisis


Tropical Storm Katia forms off Mexico's coast


Mexico says it will embrace Dreamers ‘with open arms’




Is the UAE Guggenheim museum unbuilt because of ‘Jewish name’?


Iran has to change its policies for any rapprochement, says Saudi FM





Insitu receives $21M order for RQ-21A Blackjack drone parts


Casualties confirmed after blast at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan - US military


US to send 3,500 more troops to Afghanistan: report


F-16 crashes in southeastern Arizona: officials


Pentagon: Another BRAC could increase forces' combat readiness


Adopting a retired military working dog requires dedication, patience


Transgender troops sue Trump over military ban




UN warns of catastrophe as Rohingya exodus nears 150,000


Suu Kyi’s fading allure repels foreign investors




NOAA plane flies through eye of powerful Hurricane Irma, dramatic videos show




NATO chief sees no 'imminent threat' in Russia war games




U.S. poised to sell military weapons to Pacific allies in response to North Korean nuclear tests




Judge: Pakistani Gang’s Rape of White Girls Was Not Racist


52nd  Pakistan Defence Day commemorated across country


Pakistan has to restrict activities of LeT, JeM: Foreign minister Khawaja Asif  (Pakistan foreign minister Khawaja Asif has acknowledged the need to restrict the activities of terror groups such as Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed so that the country can tell the world community that it has put its “house in order.”)


Muslim Terrorists Murder Two Chinese Christian Missionaries, Atheist Chinese Government Responds By Raiding CHURCHES And Arresting Christian Pastors


Pakistan paid heavy price in fight against terrorism: Mamnoon Hussain


Pakistan: Muslim students beat 17-year-old Christian classmate to death


Pakistan to resolve issues with US in peaceful manner: Defence Minister


In a 1st , Pak admits LeT, Jaish based on its soil




Sheriff Clarke Takes New Position in Pro-Trump Super PAC




Native American mural in U.S. post office demeaning?





Black Leaders Should Focus on Lifting People Out of Poverty, Not Purging Statues




California: Officers accused of 'sadistic and terrorizing acts' against prisoners





Margaret Sanger, the Racist Who Liberal Activists Completely Ignore




Pregnant woman says she was body-shamed, denied service at restaurant




North Korea Not a Nuclear Power, Says Putin  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Russian embassy in Myanmar warns about possible terror attacks


‘Like raiders’: Russian Consulate shows footage of US agents sweeping its SF premises (Video)


Diplomat slams US attempts to justify 'illegal intrusions' into Russian diplomatic offices


Japanese prime minister says Japan and Russia reached historical agreement


Russia opposes sanctions against North Korea, Putin tells South Korean president


Russian politician says 'let's hit Trump with our Kompromat' on TV


Russia opposes North Korea oil embargo, says South Korean presidential spokesman


Putin mocks US politician who confused Austria and Australia  




Plastic fibres found in tap water around the world, study reveals  





GOP senator: DACA hearings to begin next week


Feinstein Admits DACA on 'Shaky Legal Ground' (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)


Key Figure Behind ‘Trump Dossier’ Stonewalled Senate Investigators


Fusion boss refused to answer basic questions on anti-Trump dossier, source says


Kirsten Gillibrand’s Free Speech Hypocrisy  (US Senator of New York  Kirsten Gillibrand (D)


Man Arrested for Asking Toomey a ‘Threatening’ Question at Town Hall (US Senator of Pennsylvania Patrick J Toomey (R)


Judge Tells Menendez’s Lawyer to ‘Shut Up for a Moment’ (US Senator of New Jersey Robert Menendez (D)


Senate Republicans to Increase Debt Limit By Adding It to Hurricane Harvey Relief Bill


Schumer threatens to add DREAM Act to all bills that move this fall  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


The Middle Class: Uninsured and Hurting 


The Big Government ‘Debate’ Over Harvey  (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Trump Jr. to speak with Senate Judiciary on Thursday about Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia


The Bob Menendez corruption trial sure won’t be boring (US Senator of New Jersey Robert Menendez (D)


Cornyn says Senate will add debt hike to Harvey aid  (Senate Majority Whip US Senator of Texas John Cornyn (R)


Gardner throws support behind DREAM Act


Activists hope defence bill could alert Trump to climate change threat


Democratic Sen. Tester, Who Voted Against DREAM Act, Criticizes Trump DACA Repeal  (US Senator of Montana Jon Tester (D)


Al Franken will use Senate blue-slip tradition to block Trump judiciary nominee (US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)


Mexican Manufacturing Continued As Joe Donnelly Held Stock in Family Business  (US Senator of Indiana Joe Donnelly (D)




'Keep your eyes open b****': Cher shocks Twitter with verbal assault on woman who mocked her tweet about DACA and her promise to take a DREAMER into her home




Bloc Party Blues: Why Brazil Might Leave BRICS


Brazil raids over 'Olympic vote-buying'




South Korea: US missile defense system to be fully installed Thursday


Hundreds scuffle with police over THAAD launcher deployment in South Korea (Video, Photos)


U.S. Pacific Fleet Chief Vows to Defend S.Korea


Moon Says This Is No Time for Talks with N.Korea (President Moon Jae-in)


Seoul’s plans for raising heat on NK hits roadblock in Russia


American Businesses in Korea Urge Trump Not to Scrap FTA


Young, undocumented Koreans in US at risk of deportation


Korea's Trade Volume Set to Surpass US$1 Trillion


Current Account Surplus Narrows in July




Southern Poverty Law Center Won’t Call Antifa a ‘Hate Group’ Despite Violence, Censorship Efforts


Southern Poverty Law ‘hate map’ label proves costly to pro-family Ruth Institute  





Cleveland Police to Protest the National Anthem Protesters at Browns Game


NFL star claims he was victim of 'abusive conduct' by Las Vegas police


Dallas Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott has six-game suspension upheld but is to play Sunday


MLB confirms Yankees’ accusation that Red Sox stole catchers’ signs with help of Apple Watch, report says


Derek Jeter’s Marlins deal hits another MLB speed bump


Teen girl files claim against police who mistook her for a black male suspect and punched her


Baylor University settles lawsuit filed by woman who said she was gang-raped by two football players and that the school fostered a 'culture of violence'


MLB Scoreboard




Americans for Prosperity Goes On The Offensive In Virginia's Gubernatorial Race


Hawaii considers introducing universal basic income


California Senate Scraps $3 Billion Electric-Vehicle Subsidy Bill


Western wildfires causing health concerns


Several states consider legal action against decision to end DACA


World's largest firefighting aircraft goes to work in U.S.  (California)


Texas ends legal challenge to DACA after administration announces halt to amnesty program





Is This It for Rex Tillerson?  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)





John Kasich requests the Supreme Court rule against unfair gerrymandering in Wisconsin




Pence swears in new surgeon general  (Vice-President Mike Pence)




Syria gov’t behind sarin gas attack in April: UN probe


No side can claim victory in Syrian civil war: UN





Sea warning issued for tropical storm


Taiwanese student commits suicide due to academic pressure




Watch: Spanish, Moroccan Police Capture Jihadist Cell in Both Countries


'It was personal.' Osama bin Laden took revenge on the US for breaking up his family by pressuring Sudan to kick him out in 1996, forcing the Al Qaeda leader to live in poverty, new documentary claims




Second round of NAFTA talks ends with major issues unresolved




The Government Of Turkey Is Now Confiscating Christian Property And Prohibiting Christians From Worshipping In Their Churches


Forest fire breaks out in Turkey’s Muğla, neighborhood evacuated


Ethyl alcohol sales soar as Turks start making drinks at home to avoid high taxes


EU ‘must say clearly’ if it doesn’t want Turkey: President Erdoğan


Erdoğan compares CHP to terror organizations, main opposition reacts


Turkey ups aid efforts for Rohingya Muslims


Erdoğan allegedly to choose ‘surprise names’ as vice-presidents for 2019 elections


Turkey will stay in Customs Union despite Berlin: Şimşek


Police shoot dead would-be ISIL suicide bomber planning attack on police station in Turkey’s Mersin


Germany warns against Turkey travel after spate of detentions


Over 350,000 on probation in Turkey, Justice Ministry says


World Bank Group spares up to $7.5 bln financing for Turkey for next five years


15 PKK militants ‘neutralized’ across Turkey: Interior Ministry




U.K. stocks swept lower as insurers come under pressure, pound climbs


Major Egyptian Christian Leader Declares ‘ISIS Is Evil, But You Must Forgive And Pray For Them Because That Is What Jesus Commanded’


UK university probes student for “hate crime”: “Mocking ISIS allegedly made Islamic students feel ‘threatened'”


 Families hit by 37 per cent increase in garden waste 'stealth tax' since 2010, research shows


Nicola Sturgeon raises prospect of tax rises in Programme for Government (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


British Prime Minister tells Trump that the UK backs tougher sanctions on North Korea after Kim's nuke test


Asian grooming gang's rape of white girls not racist, rules judge


Kids as young as two referred to £500k obesity programme


Oxford and Cambridge named best two universities in the world


Newcastle: Grooming gang members jailed for up to 29 years


Brexit money row will go on until end of talks, Davis says


Social housing: Just eight out of 173 blocks pass fire safety tests on cladding


British capitalism is 'broken' because it leaves young people behind, says Archbishop of Canterbury 


'Upskirting' could be made a criminal offence in Britain, MPs told


'I hope to make the UK proud'  (Doctors who have travelled to Scotland as refugees are getting the chance to work for the NHS.)


Brexit still might not happen, City economists predict


BBC: Tony Hall unveils plans to tackle gender pay gap and pay inequality


Schoolgirl discovers ‘Excalibur’ sword from Arthur legend lake


London: Boy, 14, dies after double shooting on Monday


UK plan to 'curb low-skilled EU workers'


Universities want rethink on student costs


Learning disability care 'hangs in the balance'


Thirteen people rescued from 174ft tower


Welby says UK economic model is 'broken'


Schools return to 'more staff vacancies'


Oil job losses 'worse than expected'


'We had to pull out our own teeth'


New pupils not school ready, say heads





Trump Asks U.N. to Authorize Military Force Against North Korean Smuggling Vessels


UN chief says natural disasters have quadrupled since 1970


U.N. chief warns U.S., North Korea on "confrontational rhetoric"




The Vatican Attacks Trump Supporters  (White Christian Americans are "dangerous;" Islam is non-violent.)


The Pope’s Pickle in Burma




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump must confront Iran (not just North Korea) as he tackles the nuclear threat


The Memo: GOP fears damage from Trump’s move on DACA


Longtime Trump Security Aide Expected to Leave White House


Trump consults with UK, Australia on N. Korea


Trump has 'no second thoughts' on DACA as he meets with congressional leaders


Dems say Trump agrees to short-term funding, debt package


Trump Sides With Democrats on Interim Debt-Limit Fix, Harvey Aid


Ann Coulter blasts Trump for breaking promises, betraying allies


This Is Why A Liberal Law Professor Thinks Trump’s DACA Decision Is A Win For The Constitution


Nuclear Launch Protocols on a Hair Trigger


Admin memo: DACA recipients should prepare for 'departure from the United States'


Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s provocative veiled threat to Congress (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)


Trump just took a giant step toward truly legalizing the Dreamers


Trump: I'll 'Revisit' Dreamer Immigration Program If Congress Fails to Fix It


Why is Trump holding a tax speech at a North Dakota refinery?


Trump Was Right To Let Sheriff Joe Go


Steve Jobs gave us President Trump


Trump signs disaster declarations for Florida, Puerto Rico ahead of Hurricane Irma


Trump’s heartless decision


Opinion: Trump doing to Dreamers what was done to him


Trump faults Obama for immigration program: ‘Young Americans have dreams, too’


I came to this country 41 years ago. Now Trump is making me feel like I don’t belong here.


Editorial: Donald Trump’s Cowardice on ‘Dreamers’


Trump called 'racist,' 'white supremacist,' 'pure evil' for ending DACA


Trump's clever DACA strategy  



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