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Tuesday, September 4, 2018




In Today’s Issue: 




Pro-Abortion Activists Arrested After Interrupting Kavanaugh Hearings Falsely Claiming He Hates Women


Kavanaugh comments on abortion to be parsed in confirmation hearings(Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


Kavanaugh hearings open, abortion draws spotlight


California Considers Bill To Make Public Universities Offer Students Abortion Pills


Pro-Life Former Senator Jon Kyl Will Finish John McCain’s Term, Supports Defunding Planned Parenthood (Former US Senator of Arizona Jon Kyl (R)


‘Abortion Is Self-Care’ Billboard Targeting Black Women Sparks Controversy In Dallas


Diane Feinstein Falsely Claims She Put Women in Jail for Having Illegal Abortions (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)


Abortion in Latin American: four women's voices


Abortion Activists Were So Intense, Brett Kavanaugh’s Daughters Had to be Rushed Out of Hearing


Guatemalan congress to debate contradicting abortion bills


Creepy Abortion Activists Wear “Handmaid’s Tale” Outfits to Protest Brett Kavanaugh


“Shout Your Abortion” Campaign Steals Pro-Life Woman’s Picture, Claims She Celebrated Three Abortions


Roe v. Wade Attorney Sarah Weddington Slams Kavanaugh: He “Has the Determination” to Overturn Roe


Abortion Activist Gloria Allred Calls Ruth Bader Ginsburg “Most Important Supreme Court Justice Ever”


Texas Abortions Drop to Their Lowest Number Since 1977 as More Babies Saved From Death


New Poll: Millennial Women Reject Pro-Abortion Feminism


No, Judge Brett Kavanaugh Did Not Allow Coerced Abortions on Disabled People. Here’s the Truth


Pro-lifer accuses Shout Your Abortion of stealing her photo for piece bragging about 3 abortions


Scotland Wants to Spend More Tax Dollars Paying for Northern Ireland Women’s Abortions


Mother Racked by Guilt After Her Baby Survives Abortion: “I Love My Baby” and I’m Glad She’s Here  (New Delhi, India)


Doctors Wanted to Abort Him One Day Before Birth, Now Baby Born the Size of a Coke Can is Thriving  (England)


Doctors Pushed Abortion Because Mom’s Quadruplets Wouldn’t Survive Birth, Now They’re Heading to School(Ireland)




US servicemember killed, another wounded in apparent insider attack in Afghanistan


Founder of Haqqani network dies in Afghanistan, Taliban says




Shadowy U.S. Drone War in Africa Set to Expand


Anti-Christian “Pogroms” in Nigeria




The Democratic Socialists of America Have an Anti-Semitism Problem


Far-right Swedish politicians make anti-Semitic statements, mock Anne Frank




Australia Market falls as trade worries weigh


Australian dollar falls to two-year low


The challenge of 'farming the desert' in Australia


Australia's economic growth jumps to 3.4 per cent in the June quarter


Alcoa braces for alumina strike vote in Western Australia


China’s regional growth has some Australians alarmed over loss of autonomy




GM Posts Steep Sales Drop on Dialed-Back Discounts


Man tells court he chopped up wife’s body to keep his children




The close: TSX dips as NAFTA anxiety continues


Canada Needs a True Conservative Party


Canada’s children have high rates of suicide, child abuse and infant mortality, a new study shows


This is what Ontario elementary school students will learn in sex ed — and what they used to learn


City begins installing photo radar in school zones


Canada won’t compromise on culture, dispute resolution in NAFTA talks, Trudeau says  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


 Watch: Trump’s fight with Canada over NAFTA faces growing opposition at home


Canada still has a strong hand in NAFTA negotiations


What has driven Trump to be so anti-Canada?


Contract faculty at Canadian universities struggle to make ends meet, survey finds


 Watch: Think it's hard to build big projects in Canada now? Wait till you see the Liberals' new bill


Ontario teachers union goes to court to fight repeal of sex-ed curriculum


Trump’s Fight With Canada Over Nafta Faces New Hurdles


New NAFTA agreement must include Canada, critics tell Trump




‘I begged him not to’: He loved the CIA. And that’s what led to his death.




Dobson praises demise of California's 'anti-Bible' bill




Why China Is Wooing Eastern and Central Europe


China blocks ABC website after Huawei ban


Head of China’s Rubber-Stamp Legislature to Visit North Korea for its 70th Birthday


China lures chip talent from Taiwan with fat salaries, perks


Chinese anger grows as ‘get rich quick’ investment schemes go bust




[Feature] North Korea has little to celebrate come Sept. 9




Facebook, Twitter face U.S. Congress over politics and the internet


Google Heads Into Showdown With Congress After Witness Rejected


Farm bill unlikely to stop flow of taxpayer subsidies to wealthy urbanites


The political stakes for the midterm elections: A blue wave or not?




Amazon is 2nd  US company to reach $1 trillion




Trump judicial picks flip two federal circuit courts from left to right


Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple slapped with class-action lawsuit over censorship


NYC has shelled out $384M in 5 years to settle NYPD suits




Chicago Priests Arrested For Performing Oral Sex in Car in Broad Daylight


Hatred, DNA link California man to gay Jewish student’s slaying


Massive MS-13 Bust in California


Parkland survivor hosts fundraiser for Madden shooting victims


Mom and boyfriend suspected in ‘disturbing’ toddler killing


Police officer accused of punching softball umpire


Someone ‘donated’ 5 pounds of marijuana to a Florida thrift shop


Off-duty officer killed while trying to break up bar fight




Border Agent Explains Why ‘Walls Do Work’




FBI investigation looms over Andrew Gillum  (Democrat Candidate for Governor of Florida Andrew Gillum)


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announces he will not seek re-election


Democratic incumbents feeling the heat in Tuesday's Massachusetts primary election  


Monica Lewinsky abruptly walks off stage over Clinton question


In San Francisco, a new mayor confronts a city’s old problems with practical solutions




Warrants to Spy on Carter Page Obtained Without FISA Court Hearings, DOJ Filing Reveals


Iranian Agents Charged With Targeting U.S. Locations


‘Good Job Jeff’: Trump accuses Sessions of dampening Republican hopes in midterm elections  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Justice Isn’t Blind When It Comes to Campaign Finance Violations


Mr. Trump’s Justice Department is reshaping decades of civil rights enforcement.




Stocks close lower on first trading day of September, Nike tops Dow losers


U.S. Stocks Fall, Dollar Gains as EM Assets Wobble: Markets Wrap


Facebook, Nike drag Wall Street lower; trade concerns linger


Emerging-Market Contagion Fear Is Rising as Selloff Gets Deeper


Crypto market cap tops $240 billion with bitcoin’s 5% weekend rally


Asian shares rise on China turnaround, trade fears persist


Stocks Drift in Asia; Dollar, Treasuries Steady: Markets Wrap


Judgment Day Awaits for Plan to Avert Argentine Economic Crisis


Gold settles below $1,200 as U.S. economic data boost the dollar


Hard Lessons (Thanks, Amazon) Breathe Life Into Retail Stores


Growth Has Lifted Counties That Voted for Trump. Mostly, It’s the Wealthy Ones.


Key contrarian indicator falls to 9-month low as stock investors grapple with higher global risk




Is A Toxic Public School Environment Behind Increases In Child Suicide?


Military manufacturer swamped by bulletproof backpack orders as school year begins


Professors With Sexual Misconduct in Their Pasts


University studies conjuring of demons, 'fairies'


The SAT Mess That's Not Going Away


NYC's schools bureaucracy creates horror for parents and kids


Repressive Experiences 'Rare but Real' in China Studies


'The Coddling of the American Mind'


Finding New Home for Silent Sam


Rutgers Revisits Finding on Professor




Egypt: Muslim with “extremist ideas” tries to bomb US Embassy, New York Times says motive unknown


Video: Egypt police arrest man with homemade bomb near US embassy




Andrew Gillum is three points ahead of Ron DeSantis in Florida's governor race: Poll


Ayanna Pressley, Dem backed by Ocasio-Cortez, upsets Rep. Capuano in Massachusetts House primary(Democrat candidate US Representative of New York  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Socialist)


Conservative #NeverTrump holdouts call for election shake-ups to save GOP


Sensing a midterm migraine


Coulter Suggests ‘Shock Treatments’ to Get GOP Lawmakers to Pass Trump’s Agenda




Oil prices settle with modest gain as output concerns from Gulf storm Gordon ease


Energy Prices





EPA watchdog accuses agency of failing to justify Scott Pruitt's security spending(Former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt)




How Ukraine Is Fighting Corruption One Heart Stent at a Time




European stocks end lower as investors track trade tensions


Muslim migrant says he stabbed two American tourists in Amsterdam because of “insults to Islam”


A hostile Hungarian government targets a university with U.S. roots




Elderly Woman Resisted Being Euthanized When She Saw the Needle, So Her Family Held Her Down  (Amsterdam, Netherlands)




Chick-fil-A Manager Stops Service To Pray for Employee Having Surgery for Breast Cancer




Mueller, Comey, and the Deep State Rescue of Sandy Berger  (Former FBI Director Robert Mueller/ Former FBI Director James Comey)


Christopher Steele's allegations are really just clickbait




After Iowa: Lies, Damned Lies, and Feminism




France's 'Great Replacement' - in numbers


Macron plugs holes in cabinet as popularity sinks to new low  (French President Emmanuel Macron)


French navy 'ready to intervene' in scallops row with Britain's 'Brexiteer' fishermen




Paris man says he was robbed, then beaten because he is Jewish


'Too young to prosecute': German police drop case of 10yo Afghan boy who raped classmate


German mother says “we feel like foreigners,” only 2 of 25 children in son’s daycare speak German


The Germans Will Never Learn


Should the AfD be spied on? What you need to know


German left wing 'Stand up' movement vows to win back far-right voters


Love in Germany: 1.5 million relationships are between a German and foreigner


Why is Germany silent on Corbyn’s praise of Munich Olympic terrorists?




Don't Tell Climate Change Fanatics This Piece Of News


Rising oceans are bringing down property values




The paradox of rising globalism fueling rising nationalism



Google's now got your MasterCard sales records!




Why the left labels DeSantis' comments racist  (GOP Candidate for Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis)




Obama requirement blamed for doctor burnout




California on Cusp of Banning Short-Term Health Coverage


The nightmare of ‘Berniecare’ 




Former ‘Cosby’ Star Geoffrey Owens Deserves Respect For Working At Trader Joe’s


Roseanne Barr says she's leaving California and will be far from Hollywood when 'The Connors' premieres




Pelosi: ‘I Pray a Lot’ for Defeat of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Nomination  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Pelosi Haunted by Women Her Party Suppressed 


Eyeing Majority, Democrats Ready Investigative Onslaught




Gordon expected to be hurricane when it hits: 'Everybody should take this seriously'  


Tropical Storm Gordon brings hurricane warning to Gulf Coast




Illegal immigrants who exploited Motor Voter to register in North Carolina still on rolls




India buying Russian missile system not primary focus of 2+2 talks: Mike Pompeo


America Shouldn’t Miss Its Chance With India


Christians In India Declare To Hindu Terrorists ‘We Will Never Deny Christ And You Cannot Make Us Deny Him’


Lockheed Martin reportedly set to build all F-16 wings in India




Flint: The Lead Contamination Case That Wasn’t




The Internet Doesn’t Need a Fairness Doctrine




The JCPOA Is A UN Security Council Resolution Granting Iran Nuclear State Status – Iran Will Never Withdraw From It And Its Threats To Do So Are Empty


The Man Who Actually Runs Iran’s Foreign Policy


Islamic Republic of Iran admits: Regime working with Soros organization


Report: Iran’s Civilian Airline Used to Smuggle Weapons to Hezbollah


Facebook Facing Challenges Countering Iranian Influence Operations


Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Praises Colin Kaepernick


Iranians are bad at the fake news game




Six killed as armed protesters storm Basra government building


Iraq: The Next Potential Israel-Iran Battleground




Farrakhan Hijacks Aretha Franklin Funeral




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Tuesday, September 4, 2018)


Friedman: We’ve thrown $10b. at Palestinians; peace isn’t a millimeter closer


PA mocks Belgium: Names two more schools after terrorist murderer


IDF Admits to Hitting Syria 200 Times, and 3 More Strikes Today  (Israel Defense Forces)


Britain increases aid to UNRWA


Several Gazans said wounded by IDF during riot near Erez crossing


Losing the Negev


Israel to demolish 189 Palestinian homes in West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


Teaching Evolution In The Start-Up Nation


Palestinian protesters burn Trump photos


PA blasts Jerusalem Mayor's plan to expel UNRWA


Palestinians, Jordanians slam confederation ‘conspiracy’


Ahead of Jewish new year, Israel’s population at 8.9 million, largely content


Israeli forces suppress journalists' protest in Ramallah


At EU, Arab MKs lobby Brussels to join fight against nation-state law


Kushner's ongoing assault on Palestinian refugees


Do Israeli politicians care about Israel?


Hamas Officials, Pro-Hamas Writers Legitimize Indirect Negotiations With Israel, Explain The Benefits Of A Deal With It


Haley: Israel-PA peace plan takes everything into account  (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)


Pigs in Palestine: Anti-Israel Left Spreads Anti-Semitic Boar Libels


Trump is pushing the Middle East to face reality in Palestine


Mainline Protestant Churches' Mantra of “Palestinian Rights”




Strongest Typhoon to Hit Japan in 25 Years Shutters Businesses, Grounds Flights




Rupture between Iran’s top ally Nasrallah and its top general Soleimani  (Hezbollah terrorist leader Hassan Nasrallah)


Lebanon Considers Granting Divorced Women More Rights




Malaysia: Two women caned as lesbians, state Sharia official says punishment “in line with provisions in the Quran”




Chuck Todd is right about how the media were sabotaged. But the problem has grown bigger.


New Yorker Caves to Outrage, Disinvites Steve Bannon. Big Mistake.


Networks Crop Farrakhan out of Photos at Aretha Franklin Funeral, Call Him Part of an ‘Inclusive Group’


The Ideological Blindness at the Heart of Media Bias


Tucker Carlson on Nike, Kaepernick: ‘Real Problem’ That the ‘Most Successful’ in US ‘Hate This Society’


‘Gutless’: Steve Bannon fires back at New Yorker after rescinding invitation


NBC News Chairman Andy Lack fights back against criticism of its handling of Harvey Weinstein story


Trump has drawn much of the media into a distortion of their traditional roles




Here’s What You Need To Know About Trump’s Proposed Trade Deal With Mexico


Outgoing Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto concedes that 'peace' was not achieved




Qatari cleric Qardawi forced wife to watch porn, wanted threesome with maid: report


Saudi Arabia declares online satire a punishable offense


KSA inspires students with back-to-school message


Saudi governor stresses Importance of science education




Air Force Secretary: The Law of War and the Power of Computing

Mad Dog: General Mattis Torches Bob Woodward For 'Fiction' Anti-Trump Book (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Meghan McCain Gives Anti-Military Dems a Free Pass


Parents of child molested by Marine colonel seek $25 million for pain, suffering


Joint Chiefs chairman visits Greece amid strain with Turkey


UN court hears case over strategic Indian Ocean islands, which includes Diego Garcia




Aretha Franklin eulogy pastor stands by comments on black culture


Aretha Franklin’s family says pastor’s eulogy was offensive




Pakistan: Muslims beat group of Christians for protecting church property


Pompeo to tackle Pakistan on terrorism, tighten US links with India


Withholding of Pakistan Aid Follows Years of Trump Criticism


Pakistan elects new president from ruling party


Pakistan, China agree to further strengthen security ties


Why is the President of a Jewish group defending Pakistan?




Duterte says he’ll buy only Israeli weapons… because there are no restrictions (President Rodrigo Duterte)




Why aren't black 'leaders' held accountable for their actions?


New York politicians choose fear over science in cereal panic




ISIS militant cooperated with Juarez drug cartel near El Paso; Now in minimum security U.S. prison


Prison inmates brutally killed volunteer dog: animal rescue group




42% of US Jews reject their religion? It's crazy!




Confrontation in Russia-US relations is tightening, says Russian top diplomat

Russian Orthodox Church About To Undergo A Split Over Ukraine


Russia Accuses Google of Meddling in Upcoming Elections


The Russian Government Sends This Message Out To Donald Trump: ‘Do Not Condemn Us For Bombing The Idlib Province In Syria, It Is A Bastion Of Terrorists.’


Russian Defense Ministry Collecting Donations for New Military Cathedral




Coming: Milk without cows, eggs without chickens




Mass. AG Faces More Legal Pressure Over Unilateral Gun-Ban Expansion




After Leftists Smear Woman At Kavanaugh Hearing As White Supremacist, Her Attorney Husband Issues Fierce Response  (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


Losers: The Left Just Had Another Kavanaugh Outrage Bomb Explode In Their Face


Parkland Father Accuses Kavanaugh of Snubbing Him at Hearing. Here's the Video.


Watch: Cruz Excoriates Democrats Who Want To Delay SCOTUS Hearings Over Document Hunt (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


3 Takeaways From Day 1 of Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Fight


Women’s March Leader Linda Sarsour Arrested at Kavanaugh Hearing


What Happens to the Second Amendment If the Senate Turns Blue?


Claire McCaskill Said Hillary Clinton Was ‘Phony’ During 2000 Interview   (US Senator of Missouri Claire McCaskill (D)


Sen. Lindsey Graham on Judge Kavanaugh: 'We're Going to Get This Good Man Confirmed' (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey Graham (R)


Democrat Durbin: Kavanaugh 'Most Unpopular Supreme Court Nominee in the Last 40 Years'  (US Senator of Illinois Richard Durbin (D)


McCain’s ‘Biggest Resistance Meeting Yet’  Memorial Dead from the Get-Go  (The late US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Rubio Pushes Paid Family Leave Forward   (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio (R)


Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Hearings Begin Amid Leftist Caterwauling


Exeunt Omnes: Farewell to The Village Voice


Kavanaugh Hearings Open With Screaming Protesters and Grandstanding Senators


5 Questions for SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh


Democrats press for delay at start of Kavanaugh hearing - live updates


69% See Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation As Likely


Kavanaugh hearing off to raucous start as protesters shout down lawmakers


Jon Kyl named to succeed John McCain in the Senate (Former US Senator of Arizona Jon Kyl (R)


The Kavanaugh Battle Heats Up


Kavanaugh should break the trend of stonewalling the Senate


With Kavanaugh on track for confirmation, Democrats regret triggering ‘nuclear option’


The case that highlights Kavanaugh’s capacity for judicial restraint


Republican senator slams Trump's DOJ attack: US 'not some banana republic'   (US Senator of Nebraska Ben Sasse(R)


People line streets as John McCain laid to rest Sunday at U.S. Naval Academy  (The late US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Feinstein under the microscope for Kavanaugh hearing  (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)


Hours before Kavanaugh hearings, Bush lawyer releases 42,000 pages of documents


Giving Judge Kavanaugh a fair hearing


Flake rips Trump's attack on Sessions: He's trying to use DOJ to 'settle political scores(US Senator of Arizona Jeff Flake (R) 


GOP challengers hit vulnerable Dems over Trump tax law votes




How famously uptight Singapore became a playground for Asia's 'crazy rich'




Why Government Shouldn’t Tell Facebook, Google, and Twitter What to Do


History Teaches Us That Social Media Bias Can’t Stop Conservatives


Amazon is moving aggressively into digital advertising, emerging as a competitor to Facebook and Google.




Indoctrination Saturation




Teen kills herself in fear of school violence


Seoul’s envoys discuss summit, denuclearization in Pyongyang


Most Suicides Send Clear Warning Signals


N.Korean Scientists Publish IT Paper in S.Korean Journal


One dead, two injured in CO2 leak at Samsung chip plant




'Our Aim in Life Is … to Completely Destroy Them'




Nike Stock Plunges After Tapping Kaepernick as 'Just Do It' Campaign Poster Boy


Kaepernick ads spark boycott calls, but Nike is seen as winning in the end


Why NFL ratings could fall even further this season


Nike Decides a Colin Kaepernick Deal Is Worth the Backlash


Unseeded Aussie stuns Roger Federer to nix US Open dream match


College Football Scoreboard 


MLB Scoreboard




Mass. Rep. Uses LGBT Lobby's Insanity Against Them, Thwarts Third-Gender Driver's License Bill


New York Comptroller Will Not Audit Cuomo Over Calls From Former Aide(Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


Hawaiian homeowners caught in limbo when insurers meet Kilauea




Gorsuch's Record Was More 'Liberal' Than Kennedy's This Term


Let's let Thurgood Marshall explain what's wrong with Brett Kavanaugh's originalism  (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)




Trump wanted Bashar Assad assassinated after chemical attack  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Syrian air defenses down several rockets fired by Israel


White House: Iran, Russia Gear Up for Mass Strike in Syria


Battle For Idlib: The Syrian War’s Final—And Potentially Explosive—Act




Taiwanese engineers lured to mainland China as chip makers go into overdrive




Saudi Researcher: The Clinton And Obama Administrations Ignored Iran's Involvement In Terror And Courted It




U.S. apple farmers afraid they will be hurt by U.S.-China trade battle


Trump promised farmers ‘smarter’ trade deals. Now he has to bail them out.




Explosive Ivy League Study Repressed For Finding Transgender Kids May Be A Social Contagion




Erdogan has limited options to save Turkey from financial crisis (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Turkey’s woes could be just the start as record global debt bills come due


Turkey says it told US that Kurdish militants must leave Syria


Turkey Might Not Like the West, But Needs It


Turkey's Erdogan says attack on Idlib would be a massacre: Hurriyet




FTSE 100 closes in red as BoE governor Carney could stay on and WPP plunges


Corbyn tried in vain to give Labour the okay to say Israel’s existence is racist


‘No-deal Brexit’ represents ‘biggest bond-market risk,’ says economist


UK Charity Commission orders military charity to close because of “anti-Islamic” comments and merchandise


Alfie Evans’ parents welcome second son: ‘Alfie would’ve been a fantastic big brother’




Nikki Haley blasts Myanmar convictions of Reuters journalists: 'Another terrible stain'   (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)




The Catholic Scandal Is More About Power Than About Sex


Is Priestly Celibacy at the Root of Catholic Church Scandals?


Will the Media Turn against Pope Francis?


The Catholic Church rooted out anti-Semitism — it can do the same for abuse


As crisis envelops Catholic Church, is Pope Francis facing a ‘watershed moment?’




Don’t Focus on Regime Change in Venezuela




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Bob Woodward: Trump's aides stole his papers 'to protect the country'


New book paints portrait of chaotic, paranoid WH


Trump threatens to "look at" NBC license amid Farrow controversy


Transcript: The phone call between President Donald Trump and journalist Bob Woodward


Trump Slams AFL-CIO Leader for Sunday Show Comments


Mr. President, the Problem Is FISA, Not the Lack of Hearings on FISA Warrants


Evangelicals at White House: 'History Will Record the Greatness' Trump Has 'Brought for Generations'


As The Washington Establishment Memorialized John McCain By Hating On A Sitting President, Donald Trump Got The Last Laugh


Trump’s Nightmare: Not Impeachment but Losing His Business Empire


The Republican NeverTrump Tic


GOP candidates pressure Trump to abandon pay freeze for federal workers


Trump Moves To Freeze Federal Employee Pay


Trump turns up heat against Sessions, his strongest ally in the Cabinet   (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Is Trump right about the violent, hateful left?


Trump warns Syria against attack on rebel stronghold: 'Don't let that happen'


Town now 'desperate' after restaurant kicked out Sarah Sanders  (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)


Omarosa celebrates second week on bestsellers list despite 'hit-pieces' from Trump allies


Trump’s federal worker pay freeze misses the real problem


Why Trump is so frantic right now


Trump attacks rattle tech


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