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Thursday, August 31, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Permanently Closes Another Clinic


Students vote to ban pro-life group for showing images of pre-born babies


Late-Term Abortion Business That Kills Babies Through All 9 Months of Pregnancy Closes Down


U.S. Kills 85% of Unborn Babies Diagnosed With Down Syndrome. Why?


Abortion Activists Dress Up as Early Feminists to Protest Pro-Life Event, But There’s One HUGE Problem


Pro-Life Feminist: “I Lose All My Friends When I Talk About Why I Am Against Abortion”


Feminist Asks for Donations for Hurricane Harvey Victims to Have Abortions


Pro-Abortion “Women’s March” Wants Hurricane Harvey Donations to Go to Non-Whites


Coerced Abortions: The Hidden Abuse of Women Feminists Won’t Address


Low abortion rates prompt Nova Scotia gov’t to reach out to abortionist for advice


Court Allows Woman to Abort Her 24-Week-Old Unborn Baby Just Because He is Disabled  (New Delhi, India)




ACORN Sues California To Allow More Illegals To Vote





Marines help Afghan forces clear insurgents from Helmand district





Sudanese Investment Minister: Normalization With Israel Isn't 'Such A Big Deal'; Sudanese Cleric: Shari'a Permits It


‘Gas All Jews,’ swastika drawn on South African campus


Moroccan Weekly Attacks Local Christians: They Provoke Terrorism





New ADL Hire Helped Obama Admin Forge Ties With Hamas-Linked Group




European Jews Worry About Rising Anti-Semitism (Again) in Poland


California Imam Exposed By MEMRI Retracts His Antisemitic Statements



School Curricula In The Arab World: The Situation Today



Chinese cyberspies broaden attacks in Vietnam: firm





Teenager’s Assisted Suicide Sends Horrible Message That Being Disabled is “A Fate Worse Than Death”



Catholic priests at Australian prep schools urge students, parents to support ‘gay marriage’


ASX ends 'subdued' earnings season


Australian dollar comes off 1-month peak, NZ$ near 3-month low


Aussie dollar to hit US85¢ in 2018


900,000 truckloads of dirt: Uncovering the Great Barrier Reef's secret





Scientists Conduct Grisly Experiments Modifying the DNA of Human Embryos




TSX jumps nearly 100 points as StatCan says GDP growth outpaced expectations


Canada: Church vandalized with Islamic State graffiti


Household spending, exports stand out amid growth in Canada’s economy


Gender X: Canada Now Allows Citizens To Select Third Gender Option On Passports


Trudeau, Trump talk about speedy NAFTA resolution in hurricane Harvey phone call  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


No criminal wrongdoing in switched-at-birth cases, Manitoba RCMP say


Drive-by egging injures Vancouver teen


Astronomers detect 15 signals from mysterious object in distant galaxy


B.C. schools scrambling to hire teachers to meet class-size standards


Edmonton university transferred $11.8M in phishing attack


Canada could play role in mediating North Korean tensions, experts say


Critics say TDSB rushed vote to suspend program that put cops in high schools


U.K. reforms bring workers' voices to corporate boards — changes Canadian regulators are watching


 Six Nations fire chief says he’s ‘cautiously optimistic’ cabinet shakeup will improve fire safety


Meet Iggy, a child’s best friend in Toronto court


John Ivison: How Justin Trudeau is governing like Harper (Former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper)




Production Resumes at Hyundai's Factories in China


China accuses mogul of rape in quest to get him out of U.S.


Robert Samuelson: China's Invisible Influence


North Korea tests push US to action on Chinese banks


Hundreds Of Christians Stand Against Chinese Government Officers Coming With Heavy Machinery To Destroy Church, They Attack The Christians And They Cry Out ‘Jesus Save Me,’ The Officers Back Down




Kim Jong-un Hails Missile Launch as Trump Blusters  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


US, allies show force after N. Korean missile test


North Korean ICBM Technology Still Falls Short, Top General Says


Analysis: Pyongyang's view of the North Korea-U.S. crisis


U.S. sees signs of North Korean nuke test


North Korea says more missiles to come as UN condemns launch


North Korea and its missiles: what next?


Shooting down a N. Korea missile test may not be viable


Detection of possible N. Korea missile attacks becomes harder


Starving North Korean Soldiers Ordered to Steal Unripened Corn From the Fields


NKorea Threatens ‘Final Doom’ Against ‘Nuclear Criminal’ USA


US-South joint drills end amid soaring N. Korea tensions




Congress eyes vote next week on Harvey aid




After Charlottesville, an Uncertain Outlook for Free Speech




Texas’s Harsh Sanctuary-City Ban Blocked by Federal Judge


Teenage Convict Sues Female Supervisor For Allegedly Using Him As Sex Slave


Billion-dollar lawsuit against Israel donors dismissed


South Carolina couple starts class action lawsuit against Amazon over eclipse glasses


Upskirt video perv claims woman was wearing pantyhose





Officer to driver in video: "We only shoot black people"


Ax-wielding boyfriend saves woman from home invader, police say


California deputy killed at Sacramento hotel, two state troopers wounded


'Jesus Loves' tattoo on 12-year-old girl leads to arrests




…Border Wall Prototype Contractors Announced




Anti-death penalty prosecutor loses fight with Fla. governor




The Black Church and the Democratic Party: Unholy Alliance or Doublethink?


Harry Reid Tried To Encourage Obama To Interfere In Dem Bribery Investigation (Former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada)


Clinton, Sanders Have More Fake Than Real Twitter Followers  (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


Obamas looking to buy a $15 million vacant lot on Martha’s Vineyard





Houston, DHS officials warn residents of fake agents after Harvey





Justice Department Forces Christian Pastor to Testify on Islam Views




Wall Street gains on data and Mnuchin tax reform remarks


S&P 500, Dow end fifth straight month with gains


Stocks Gain on Growth Outlook; Dollar Turns Weaker: Markets Wrap            


Dollar, Asia shares find relief in China, U.S. economic news


Asia Stocks Rise as China PMI Adds to Growth Story: Markets Wrap


Dollar’s bounce runs out of steam


When It Comes to Looking for Jobs, It's Not How Many You Know, but How Well You Know Them


August jobs data marks crucial test for U.S. dollar


Harvey Will Boost GDP? Then Why Don't We Schedule Disasters?


These 2 simple indicators say stocks are headed up


Gold scores largest monthly gain since January




Math Education Org Prints Articles Using ‘Math for a Certain Social Agenda’


Indiana teacher asks first-graders to stop talking about God in class


Shifting School Start Times Could Contribute $83 Billion to US Economy Within a Decade


Economics Faculty War  (New Koch-backed institute at the University of Utah is raising questions about academic freedom and whether the center is designed to compete with Utah’s existing economics department.)


U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign ‘Racial Anti-Fascist Demonstration’ Raises Concerns of Violence


16 Colleges, 1 Law Firm 


Ex-superintendent with huge salary charged with corruption


‘Higher Education and Silicon Valley’


University of Mississippi Ends Fraternity Retreat Early After Participant Threw Banana Peel Into a Tree


The Limits of Blind Marking (Study by British university finds the practice does little to eliminate achievement gaps.)


Poor student lives the high life after $1M financial aid snafu





Brotherhood figures among 296 names added to Egypt terror list




Gasoline futures jump above $2, oil rallies on Harvey-stoked shortages


Energy Prices


Southern gas pipeline to shut down due to Harvey


Oil rises, gasoline jumps 10 percent as U.S. refineries reel


Gas shortages in Texas as Harvey knocks out refineries


New Study on Electricity Grid Suggests the Need for Market Reforms


Here’s how much gasoline we’ll get from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve oil release





Will this Man be Norway's First Muslim Prime Minister?


Why Lethal Aid Can't Help Ukraine





European stocks rally, but log third monthly loss in a row


Google Detractors Want to Hand Internet Over to European Union Control


Italy: Muslim migrant screams “Allahu akbar, we will kill you all” at police, hails Barcelona massacre


Sweden: Police officer stabbed in the neck in busy square in Stockholm


Hungary expands state of emergency to keep out migrants





Catholic Order Embraces Euthanasia In The Name Of Alleviating ‘Mental Suffering’




Comey began drafting 'exoneration statement' before interviewing Clinton, senators say  (Former FBI Director James Comey)


Air Force veteran in leak case wants FBI admission suppressed


Obama ‘Still Running the FBI’, Says Lawyer After Clinton Records Blocked


Uh Oh: New Evidence Shows James Comey Exonerated Clinton BEFORE FBI Investigation Was Over


A former FBI agent battling Deputy Director McCabe said there is a 'cancer' inside the FBI





Wells Fargo: 3.5M affected by sales scandal




FDA designates MDMA as "breakthrough therapy" for PTSD


Lilly lays out faster time frame for FDA drug resubmission


FDA approves first gene therapy to treat leukemia




Is Trump Adopting the Diplomacy Delusion?




Charlie Hebdo depicts Texas flood victims as neo-Nazis


Man charged for ramming soldiers in Paris suburbs


Man held over French girl's disappearance from wedding


French PM says labour reforms are 'ambitious, balanced, fair'


French bakery launches black baguette made with charcoal




Foreign Minister puts foot in it by admitting own party won't win election


How the real race in election 2017 is a viciously tight battle for third place


Case against Auschwitz medic to be thrown out due to ill health


Germany to get rid of US warheads on its territory


Merkel conveys Germany’s veto on Customs Union update with Turkey to Juncker (German Chancellor Angela Merkel/European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker)





Connecting on Climate Change Research





Administration Official Is Unsure If Individuals Will Sign Up For Obamacare


After repeal scare, Obamacare has never been more popular


Trump Guts Budget for Obamacare Ads




Confederate Monuments & The Problem With Politically Correct History


LA City Council Changes Columbus Day to ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’




Woman raised by lesbians tells gay community: ‘I ached every day … we need to talk about it’




Kevin McCarthy: We Need Trump Tax Reforms Now  (House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California)


Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) "tuning out" Trump as Texans endure flooding


Attorney for Trump lawyer refutes Russian collusion claims in dossier





Baby girl born during Hurricane Harvey: ‘She belongs to God’


A Hurricane Worse Than Harvey Hit Texas, Before Americans Drove Cars


Harvey scams abound as crooks prey on disaster victims and altruistic Americans


Why we don't yet know Harvey's true toll


Harvey devastation was decades in the making


6 found dead in van swept away by flooding


"It's very terrible down here": Harvey slams southeast Texas


Texas AG warns of price gouging after Harvey


Harvey Trouble: Hospital Evacuating, Entire City Loses Water Supply…


5 Problems With Politico‘s Cartoon Mocking Texas Flood Victims


Boaters help with rescues in flood-hit Texas


Half a million vehicles possibly lost in Harvey flooding


How insurers are mobilizing to help Harvey victims


Port Arthur mayor: Harvey 'devastated our city'


Vice President Mike Pence tours Harvey damage, meets with victims


Midwife Rides Inflatable Swan Through Hurricane Harvey Flooding to Help Deliver Baby


What awaits Hurricane Harvey evacuees after they leave shelters


Fire breaks out at chemical plant hit by Harvey   


New hurricane forecast to become major storm


Snopes Suggests Hurricane Katrina Is Only Flood to Hit Louisiana, Slams Trump Supporter


23 Powerful Photos of Harvey Rescues This Week





Trump expected to announce end to Obama-era DACA, official says



People posing as federal agents in flood zone: ICE


Sheriffs near agreement to act as contractors, hold illegal immigrants for feds




Pastor in India Perseveres amid Persecution by Hindu Extremists


Troubled Indian hospital says 217 children died in August


India girl kills herself over 'menstruation shaming'


India's workhorse rocket fails for the first time in decades


GDP growth at 3-year low of 5.7% in Apr-June


Over 4,200 people recommended rape convict Ram Rahim for Padma award


Can use child rape law in teen marriages, says Supreme Court


India moves to deport Rohingya Muslims


The New Long-Term Nuclear Threat To India – The Security Implications Of A Political Party Formed By Pakistani Jihadi Hafiz Muhammad Saeed




Bolton: Israeli Strike Against Iran May Be Only Option to Stop Nuclear Program


Steve Bannon's Latest Move to Push Trump on Iran


Iran Could Become Fiercer Adversary Than North Korea, Experts Say


UN expert sounds alarm over hunger striking inmates in Iran




U.S. lauds a "stunning victory" by Iraqi forces over ISIS





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Thursday, August 31, 2017)


Syrian Opposition Confirms Netanyahu’s Allegations on Iran Buildup with Russian S-400 Missile Protection  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


'The Land of Israel does not belong to any party'


PA summer camps teach terror and Martyrdom-death for kids


Hezbollah chief urges recapture of Mt. Dov from Israel


Kremlin Spokesman Denies Netanyahu – Putin Rift over Iran’s Syrian Presence (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Forced by court order, Netanyahu reveals almost weekly phone calls with Adelson


Russian-Syrian airborne radar covers all of Israel


Far-right activists demand removal of Temple Mount metal detectors for Jews


PA entraps UN Sec. Gen. to meet with mother of 5 terrorists


Could a 1924 British Mandate law kill the Western Wall pluralistic pavilion?


Israeli forces raid, issue closure order on Palestinian radio station in Hebron


Netanyahu vows to ‘give back’ south Tel Aviv to Israelis


Jewish Community of Hebron Gains Municipality Status


Guterres and Greenblatt outline divergent paths to peace


Israel-Jordan relations remain frozen as Jordan refuses re-entry of Israeli ambassador


Illegal outpost residents ask court to save parts of homes set to be razed


The Politics Of Protesting Unelected Politicians  (The Israeli Left pulls out all the stops to get Netanyahu indicted.)


Why shouldn't Meni Naftali be allowed to sue the prime minister?


Unexplained bureaucratic error could leave thousands of Negev Bedouin stateless


Israeli forces detain 19 Palestinians during overnight raids in West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


Several schools plan strike Friday as kids return for new year


Palestinians sue Greek Orthodox church over land sales to Israelis


Israeli drone maker says some exports frozen


Trump's peace envoy: Palestinian Authority must control the Gaza Strip


Israel to advance plans for 3,000 settlement homes – report


Rabbinical Court Rejects Messianic Jews’ Appeal for Halakhic Wedding


Israeli doctors successfully operate on Gaza ‘tree man’


Video: The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: All About The Facts


Police break up wedding involving 14-year-old girl


Follow the Money: The Israel-Boycott Movement and Its Accomplices


High Court asks state to reconsider Kotel


Israeli startup seeks to make back-to-school gloom less lousy 


Exclusive: Israel nuke program has less oversight than other democracies




What exactly does home insurance cover, anyway?




Japan military seeks record budget; As NKorea warns Japan of 'imminent self-destruction'




Report: Trump pushed out US envoy to Jordan at king's request




Nasrallah claims Hezbollah thwarted Israel-US plan with Russia's help  (Hezbollah terrorist leader Hassan Nasrallah)




New Liberal Film “The Misogynists” Labels Trump Voters “Misanthropic Sociopaths”


Anyone you know? A handy list of organizations that take George Soros money




If the Media Doesn't Tell the Truth, What Use Is It?


CNN's Fake Film About Elian Gonzalez


Salon Slams National Anthem as 'Neo-Confederate Symbol'


Slate: Houston Doesn’t Show America at Its Best


Why The Media Are In A Never-Ending Hunt For Right-Wing Violence




The deal between Hezbollah and Daesh


Two million Muslims to perform Hajj today


Muslim pilgrims descend on Muzdalifa, prepare for 'stoning of Satan' ritual





Mexico's Red Cross to provide Harvey aid




U.S. General: 'We've Resisted' Striking Tour Bus Convoy of ISIS Jihadists


US military sends warships, aircraft to Texas


CNO: No evidence of hacking in McCain, Fitzgerald collisions


Pentagon says 11,000 troops in Afghanistan


Bergdahl's lawyers pursue emails 'unmistakably' between prosecutors and White House


Stolen military equipment worth more than $1M sold on eBay, testimony reveals


Mattis contradicts Trump on North Korea  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Army announces troop rotations for Kuwait; 3,500 from Fort Bliss will deploy


Mattis sending additional troops to Afghanistan


US to keep seeking diplomatic solution on N. Korean issues: Mattis


Mattis: When a President Asks You to Do Something, ‘We All Have an Obligation to Serve’


Time to Terminate Washington's Defense Welfare




US Shoots Down Ballistic Missile Off Coast of Hawaii, Proves Upgraded Defense Works




Pakistan Issues Mandate To All Christians- ‘Your Children Will Study The Koran And Islam In Public School’


Talking Tough to Pakistan Is Not a New Strategy


 U.S. Gives Military Assistance to Pakistan, With Strings Attached


Trump does not blame Pakistan for failure in Afghanistan: US envoy


The Targeting Of America, Israel, And India In Pakistan's Urdu Press After U.S. Designates Kashmiri Jihadi Group Hizbul Mujahideen A Foreign Terrorist Organization


Twelve members of BRA surrendered to security forces in Balochistan


Ex-Pakistan PM Pervez Musharraf a Fugitive in Benazir Bhutto's Murder Trial


India not cooperating with Pakistan in the Indus Water Treaty: Khawaja Asif


After Trump's Afghanistan Speech, Pakistani Leaders Declare: 'Pakistan Will Become The Graveyard Of U.S. Soldiers'; 'U.S. Must Not Think Of The Nuclear Pakistan As Its Colony'




Philippines To Ramp Up Crackdown On 'Fake News'




Glenn Beck announces mass layoffs at The Blaze





RNC chief of staff resigns to join US Chamber of Commerce




US orders Russia to shutter 3 diplomatic facilities


Russia Reacts to the Closure of Its San Francisco Consulate


Russia cannot afford to let US off the hook for its adverse actions — Kremlin


Russia warns US against new North Korea sanctions


Russia proposes joint work with China on engine for wide-body aircraft


Cars ram into pedestrians in Moscow and St. Petersburg


Russia’s Defense Ministry gets Tu-160 strategic bomber after upgrade

What Putin Said About MH17 That Didn’t Make It Into Stone's 'The Putin Interviews'
(Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Russia, China May Sign 5-Year Agreement on Joint Space Exploration


 US poultry producers want to inundate Russia with Bush's legs again


Russian ambassador comments on US demand to close three Russian diplomatic facilities




Pastors issue powerful statement against gay ‘marriage,’ liberals are furious





Sen. Ted Cruz: Texans are hurting and uniting  (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Trump calls on Missouri voters to oust Sen. McCaskill unless she votes for tax cuts  (US Senator of Missouri Claire McCaskill (D)


Dianne Feinstein on Trump: ‘He can be a good president’  (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)


Bernie Sanders Is Right: The U.S. Should Copy Denmark   (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


Dem throws support behind Bernie Sanders' health care plan


Donnelly to Keep Thousands in Profits From Company Outsourcing Jobs to Mexico (US Senator of Indiana Joe Donnelly (D)




Talk of tactical nuclear weapons resurfaces


US Planes Drop Bombs in Live-Fire Drill Near North Korea Border


US sends B-1Bs, F-35s to Korea as warning against Pyongyang


U.S. Media Showcases Doomsday Bunker in S.Korea


South Korean students fall by 167,000 this year




Blacklist America and the White Supremacist Black Church  (The Southern Poverty Law Center’s blacklists must be stopped.)


SPLC Now Says Army Bases Are Confederate Monuments That Need To Come Down


Southern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions in Cash to Offshore Entities




Ufologists find buildings on Mars




MLB Scoreboard





Fentanyl drives another record year of Ohio overdose deaths


Lyft extends service throughout 32 states


Firefighters slow spread of California wildfire




How the Trump Administration Is ‘Draining the Swamp’ at State Department




ISIS Convoy Retreating Back Into Syria After Being Blocked by U.S. Led Airstrikes




New species of crab with star-shaped warts found in Taiwan


Manufacturing sector revenue soars


After Taiwan alarm, China says air force drills were routine


Tsai is leading a fascist regime: Ma (President Tsai Ing-wen/Former President Ma Ying-jeou)


China is seizing air supremacy: MND


Chinese students given approval for study in Taiwan


Taiwan to give US$800,000 to assist US storm victims


Top hackers discuss IoT vulnerabilities in Taipei


Watch your blood sugar level, physician warns




Americans Spent More on Taxes Than Food, Clothes in 2016




An Allahu Akbar August


Antifa Demands The U.S. Be Destroyed            (But few high-level Democrats are willing to denounce these terrorists.)


‘Designating’ Antifa a Terrorist Organization Is a Bad Idea




Harvey, now a tropical depression, takes aim at Memphis


Catastrophic flooding continues as Harvey becomes tropical depression




Mnuchin won't commit to plan to put Harriet Tubman on $20 bill  (Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin)




41 killed, 299 injured in traffic accidents across Turkey since start of Eid al-Adha


Turkey criticizes ‘biased’ US indictment over Washington brawl


Turkey, Iran furious over Kirkuk’s participation in independence referendum


Turkish gov’t plans to reduce early, forced marriage ratio from 5 to 1 percent


Moody’s upgrades Turkish economic growth forecast


10 people wounded due to explosion of prison bus in western Turkey


President Erdoğan calls on Muslim countries’ leaders to act on Rohingya Muslims





AFL-CIO's Trumka blasts Trump on Charlottesville: Our supporters in White Houst 'turned out to be racist'





FTSE 100 ends higher as miners get China boost


Fox News pulled off the air in Britain


Right-Handed or Left-Handed? Unborn Babies Show Handedness as Early as 10 Weeks


Brexit blow for Arab immigration to Britain




Haley targets UN 'blacklist,' reportedly threatening aid  (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)




Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Resigns


War is Coming to the Streets of America




Ancient Catholic order cancels speech by pro-gay Vatican adviser




Trump’s Presidential Grace and Class in Texas      


Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump Prods Congress to Act on Tax Plan, Skipping Details


Talking to N. Korea 'not the answer,' Trump says


Trump’s ‘American model’ for tax cuts encourages Republicans, unites Democrats in opposition


Can Salesman Trump Close The Deal With Americans On Tax Reform?


White House says 100,000 homes affected by Harvey


White House Petition Calls for Terrorist Designation for George Soros


Trump donating $1 million in personal funds to Texas relief


To Succeed In An Era Of Name-Calling And Extremism, Trump Must Become A Great Communicator



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