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Sunday, August 26, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 




Abortion Clinics and Crisis Pregnancy Centers Differ


England to Allow Women to Take Early Abortion Pill at Home




Afghan President rejects ministers' resignations


ISIS leader in Afghanistan killed in airstrike, US says


Afghanistan 'will not attend' Russia-led peace talks


ISIL leader in Afghanistan killed in air raids


Two killed in Jalalabad suicide attack


Talk to the Taliban? It's worth a try




Theresa May heads to South Africa to eye up post-Brexit trade deal  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


In South Africa, Whale Watching Is a Waiting Game





4 dead after small plane crashes at airport




Sisters meet for first time in decades after Korean War separation





Julie Bishop resigns as Australia's foreign minister


Furious voters deliver damning verdict on Australia political chaos


Great Barrier Reef headed for ‘massive death’




Canada's NAFTA waiting game enters new week as U.S. and Mexico work on differences


Canada’s Conservatives seek to end citizenship by birthplace as Chinese maternity tourism booms (AVIPP COMMENTARY: If the US would do this they would be called racists.)


Finding a solution to Canada's Indigenous water crisis




China's Navy Is Studying the Battle of Guadalcanal. Here's Why It Matters.


Is China Repeating Germany's World War I Mistakes?


Is China Undermining Efforts to Disarm North Korea? Not Yet, Analysts Say


China: Trump is ‘irresponsible’ for cancelling North Korea visit




China, South Korea respond to Trump's criticism on North Korea progress


North Korea talks draw fresh scrutiny after canceled meeting




Stormy Daniels says she's willing to testify before Congress


Where were Democrats calling out corruption during Clinton scandal?


The Democrats' strategy to regain power




Inside Elon Musk’s Reversal on Taking Tesla Private




In victory for unions, judge overturns key parts of Trump executive orders


Federal judge gives OK to lawsuit over foster parents' guns




Gamer kills 2 at Jacksonville tournament, turns gun on himself; witnesses say he was angry after losing


Parkland students respond to Jacksonville mass shooting


Jacksonville councilman on shooting: We've got a problem with guns and faith


8 children killed in pre-dawn Chicago fire


NYC: Muslim who set fire at gas station getting psychiatric evaluation, cops can’t find motive


Was Mollie Tibbetts the Victim of Mexican Machismo?


Tibbetts case sparks rush to add Iowa candidate


2 dead, 3 injured in gunfire near 3 football games


Virginia deputies kill armed, 'threatening' man


Russian trolls are exploiting Mollie Tibbett’s murder


Protesters clash, arrests mount after Confederate statue toppled at UNC-Chapel Hill


Officers suspended for leaking video of mayor’s son insulting police




Cruise ship rescues 3 men in lifeboat




Democrats move to limit role of superdelegates in presidential nominations




Inside the Democrats' Café California


FDR's Legacy: Another Fine Mess


Steyer to launch $1M ad spot targeting Cohen allegations against Trump


Democrats should quit whining about election rules and focus on how to win




Lanny Davis tempers confidence that Michael Cohen has info on Trump's knowledge of Russian meddling: WaPo


Manafort, Cohen cases reveal weaknesses in enforcement of tax and election laws


What Will Mueller Do? The Answer Might Lie in a By-the-Book Past  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Manafort verdict strengthens Mueller’s hand for round two


Yes, Manafort and Cohen are guilty, but the rule of law is still in danger




Does $60,000 a year make you middle-class or wealthy on Planet Earth?


Are Superstar Firms Reshaping the Economy?




High school database now includes kids' sexuality, families' wealth


Another oddity of that Brooklyn desegregation plan: funky funding


11 former staffers at prominent prep school accused of abuse




The environment is affecting Florida's elections




Peter Strzok Personally Hand-Picked the 3,000 Emails to be Examined From Weiner Laptop




Alexander Hamilton: America's First Banker




Macron to renew push for a closer Europe  (French President Emmanuel Macron)


France trims down 2019 growth forecast




WWII bomb defused in Germany after 18,500 evacuated


Germany: Known jihad terrorist became “mentally ill” and so wasn’t deported; then he plotted jihad massacre


Firefighters stop spread of forest fire raging near Berlin


Attacks on police, fire fighters show increase in Germany




Five recent events stoking climate change fears





Kroger's Feel-Good Ban On Plastic Bags Is Worse Than Pointless




Aspirin disappoints for avoiding first heart attack, stroke




Confederate Monuments and the Destruction of a Nation's History


The unfinished story of Silent Sam, from 'Soldier Boy' to fallen symbol of a painful past




Neil Simon, Broadway's master of comedy, dies at 91




California: Congressional candidate disavows Munich jihad mass murderer grandfather


Giffords slams Congress over inaction after latest mass shooting




Amid row with US, China looks to mend fences with India


Opinion | India needs independence from defence imports


Two Indian military choppers set to stay back in Maldives


India's widening trade gap raises concern


993 deaths due to floods in this year's monsoon




European Aid To Iran Sends Signal To United States




Baghdad gets its groove back: As violence recedes, the city revels




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Sunday, August 26, 2018)


With violence ‘significantly reduced,’ Israel to reopen Erez crossing to Gaza


Erekat Attacks US $200 Million Aid Cuts to PA  (Chief negotiator for the “Palestine” Liberation Organization Saeb Erekat)


Egalitarian Western Wall plaza said to get swift approval through legal loophole


Iran demands guaranteed Russian/Syrian backing against US-Israeli offensive in Syria


Attorney general said to reject Sara Netanyahu plea deal in expenses case (Wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


The terrorists among us


Orthodox Businessmen Launching ‘Jews Only’ Housing Project in Arab Neighborhood


Arab MKs said working with PA to condemn Israel at UN for nation-state law


Israeli settlement expansion to commence in Beit Hanina


Australian ally In Canberra, one friend of Israel pushed out, another enters


Arab MKs and Palestinians jointly seek to censure Israel at U.N.


Netanyahu: It is time for Europe to appreciate Israel's life-saving intel


Israel enters 6th year of worst-in-a-century drought, girds for even worse


At Vilnius synagogue, Netanyahu warns Jews are still under threat


Act III: Trump Administration Returns To The Peace Process Drawing Board


Talks between PA factions in Cairo postponed


US to announce rejection of Palestinian right of return


'One of the more heroic battles in Israel'


The Price Of Admission To Trump’s Peace Process (with Video)


Israel detains 68 undocumented Palestinian workers


Hackers sold personal data of thousands of IDF soldiers, investigation finds


Al-Mahmoud: 'US did not fulfill its commitments to Palestinians


Hamas: In The Eye Of A Twitter Storm


Hackers send hundreds of thousands of fake texts from Cellcom, McDonald’s


Muslim researcher: Jerusalem once belonged to the Jews, but they disobeyed Allah, so Allah “gave it to the Muslims”




'Truth Is Truth'? Not to Liberals




Stories Of Executions Undermine Saudi Push To Modernity





Why States are Turning to Proxy War


The Future of Warfare is Irregular


They raised $400,000 for a homeless vet - who said they spent it on vacations, casinos and a BMW


DoD sets plan for 'grey zone' fighting


Marine Corps general defends public remarks about 'fake news' and sex life jokes, report says


Army major posted ‘revenge porn’ of ex-wife, lawsuit says


Army pulls plug on campaign to punish Christian chaplain




Ice Confirmed at Moon’s Poles, NASA Says




How Macedonia Could Push NATO into a War




Here's why a Pakistan Railway official applied for 730 days of leave


Pakistan: US Version of Pompeo's Phone Call to Khan 'Contrary to Facts


Pakistan to uphold objections to designs of two Indian hydropower projects  (Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan)




Russia calls Britain's Black Sea air force interceptions dangerous


The Nuclear Power Plant of the Future May Be Floating Near Russia


World War 3 fears: Russia threaten NUCLEAR WEAPONS to Syria in response to US sanctions


Commentary: Underdog Kazakhstan steps into the sun, out of Russia's shadow




George W. Bush 'honored' to eulogize John McCain  (Former President George W Bush(R)/ The late US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


McCain Gone but Russia-Trump Collusion Story Lives On


How Arizona will fill John McCain's seat


Kaine worries progressives with reluctance to confirm 'no' vote on Kavanaugh(US Senator of Virginia Timothy Kaine (D)


McCain requested Obama, George W. Bush deliver eulogies at funeral 


Arizona gov to wait until after McCain's burial to name successor


McCain to be buried at US Naval Academy on Sept. 2


McCain was a force of nature in Washington with an unrivaled global stature 


Meghan McCain shares heartfelt statement after her father’s passing


Past presidents, political rivals, Senate colleagues pay tribute


McCain’s death marks a new era for congressional checks on Trump


I am grateful for John McCain  (By US Senator of Arizona Jeff Flake (R) 


John McCain spent his life serving the dignity of his fellow man


John McCain embodied time-honored virtues


John McCain, the irreplaceable American


Schumer introducing resolution to name Senate office building after McCain  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)/ The late US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


John McCain dead at 81


John McCain, War Hero, Senator and Presidential Contender, Dies at 81


John McCain, a Maverick We Can Learn From


John McCain remembered: Obama, Trump, family and more pay tribute


John McCain, senator and former presidential candidate, dies at 81


McCain's experience as POW shaped lifelong opposition to torture


Biden on McCain's death: 'He never lost sight of what he believed most: Country First'


Politicians from both parties, family pay tribute to Sen. John McCain


Senator and 2008 GOP presidential nominee driven by code of honor dies at 81


George W. Bush honors McCain as a 'man of deep conviction and a patriot of the highest order'


"War is wretched beyond description": John McCain's greatest quotes


Clintons pay tribute to McCain


The lasting friendship of John McCain and Lindsey Graham


John McCain, war hero and giant of the Senate, dies at 81


John McCain, a Scarred but Happy Warrior


Palin on McCain's death: 'Today we lost an American original'


Obamas on McCain's death: 'We are all in his debt'


Meghan McCain after her father's death: 'We know that his flame lives on, in each of us'


Trump pays tribute to McCain




Millennials May Love Socialism, But Socialism Won't Love Them Back




Social media platforms are struggling against disinformation by foreign governments. Trump isn't helping




Trump anxiety spreads through South Korea


Trump's Cancellation of Pompeo Trip Dashes Hopes in South Korea


North, South Korean plans another family reunions




NFL 'shocked and deeply saddened' after shooting at video game tournament


Hawaii wins 2018 Little League World Series championship


High school football player dies after collapse




Lane departs Hawaii, leaves 45 inches of rain


Hawaii official scolded for trying to 'silence' churches


'Price Gouging' In Hawaii Should Be Thanked, Not Cursed   




Transgender fight confirms Alito's 'bigot' warning in marriage case




Eyeing China, US Scolds El Salvador, Warns Others on Cutting Taiwan Ties


Commentary: Japan, Taiwan must re-evaluate how they’re intercepting Chinese threats


China Tells Taiwan to 'Go Fish'


Flooding in Taiwan kills 7


China forces Spanish university to cancel Taiwan cultural events




Is There Actually Such A Thing As A 'Pink Tax?'




2 in ‘extremist Muslim’ compound plotted to attack hospital, doc shows


The War Continues: ISIS Searching for New Land




Turkish headache for the West


Turkey police fire tear gas at mothers' protest


Turkish Lira Whipsaws as Traders Return From Holiday Break


Freed German journalist vows to keep fighting for Turkish colleagues


'Nothing has changed' in Turkey, says freed German journalist


Erdoğan: The issue is about Turkey, not me  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Turkey's Erdogan says will bring safety and peace to Syria, Iraq




Unions working hard to keep workers ignorant about their rights




Classic Bible tract investigated as 'hate' speech


UK jihad preacher Abu Hamza was “strip club ladies man” — then he became devout in Islam


Pope Francis Meets Church Abuse Victims in Ireland


UK: Gang dressed in burkas stole $136,000 of jewelry and watches


The last time a pope visited Ireland, homosexuality was a crime. Now the Irish prime minister is gay.


UK: Ex-BNP, KKK top dogs hail Labour’s Corbyn for his Jew-hatred


In Ireland, Pope Francis Finds a Country Transformed and a Church in Tatters


Ministry launches effort to protect religious freedom in the law


In one Irish county, the pope reappointed a bishop who shielded a notorious pedophile priest.




The Catholic Church is beyond redemption


Pope Francis voices outrage at ‘repellent’ clergy abuse




Borders won’t be able to contain Venezuela’s disaster


Venezuela's nightmare is spreading to its neighbors




Trump nixed White House statement praising McCain: report


God Chose Trump


The Evidence Is Tipping Toward Impeachment


Trump suggests US close to 'big' trade agreement with Mexico


On Hush Money, the President’s Best Defense Is Lack of Criminal Intent


Trump lowers White House flags to half-staff after McCain's death


Trump's best bet to survive: Come clean about the payoffs


Trump’s War on the Justice System Threatens to Erode Trust in the Law


The Memo: Immunity for Trump Org figure rattles White House


Trump: Sessions doesn’t understand what’s happening at the DOJ  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


How Trump can survive the onslaught against his presidency


Trump’s wall of secrecy erodes amid growing legal challenges


Trump hints at sacking Sessions


Pence tweets condolences: 'God bless John McCain'   (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Trump needs to quit the pardon talk, yesterday


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