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Tuesday, August 22, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Princeton University’s Office of Religious Life Raises Funds for Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz


Oregon Governor Puts Taxpayers on the Hook for All Abortions


Claire McCaskill’s Ironic Planned Parenthood Question: “Why Defund the Entity Preventing Abortions?”  (US Senator of Missouri Claire McCaskill (D)


New app lets users send uterus emojis to support Planned Parenthood


Halfway Through the Abortion, She Changed Her Mind. Incredibly Her Baby Survived


CBS Sitcom “Mom” and Star Allison Janney Raise Funds for Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz


New Texas Law Restricts Insurance Coverage for Abortion


Ohio Could Become Third State to Ban Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome


Ohio Judge Refuses To Step Down From Abortion Case


The Violence You’re Seeing on TV Doesn’t Compare With This Horror


Chile abortion: Court approves easing total ban


How much do abortions cost across Australia? – explainer


Abortionist: “People Aren’t Going to Stop Having Sex So They Need Me to Provide Abortion” (Oradea, Romania)


Pro-Life Advocates in Chile Slam Nation’s Highest Court for Legalizing Abortions


Trudeau Urges Irish PM to Treat Abortion As a Fundamental Human Right  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Abortion Business CEO Defends Abortion Up to Birth: “No Difference Between One Fetus and Another”  (Britain)





Hopeful Afghans praise Trump after vows to win war


Taliban advised USA administration to hold direct talks with them


Back to the Future in Afghanistan (Trump’s “new approach” isn’t new at all, but it’s the least worst option.)


Taliban Vow Jihad with 'Lofty Spirits,' 'Graveyard for the American Empire' After Trump Speech


How Afghanistan Could Put Trump’s Presidency at Risk…


Reminder: Barack Obama Repeatedly Said the War in Afghanistan Would Be Over in 2014





6 arrests after Morocco bus sex attack sparks outrage


Tunisia: social media erupts over bill that would allow Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men


Nigeria:  Back from three-month medical leave in UK, president pleads for unity


S African men accused of cannibalism





JetBlue flight makes emergency landing in North Carolina after pilot reports smoke on the plane as two people are sent to hospital


Couple having sex on flight ‘couldn’t control themselves’




New Poll on Charlottesville Shows Many Americans Confused by the Term 'Alt-Right'




ACLU Goes Soft on First Amendment Rights of Gun Carriers





Turning a blind eye to extreme Right or Left anti-Semitism




More People are Committing Suicide Because Legalizing Assisted Suicide Glorifies Killing Yourself



ASX snaps three-day losing streak


NAB raises Australian dollar forecasts


Veterans' Affairs 'killed my son', say ex-soldier's parents


Up to half of Chinese buyers leave local apartments empty


Danish Crown Prince Frederik 'denied entry to Australian pub'


Three accused of Melbourne 'terror' fires


Bishop makes strong stand against assisted suicide push in Australia




Ford, Chinese carmaker consider joining forces for electric cars


Hyundai will launch pickup, more SUVs to reverse U.S. sales slide 




‘You’re fired’ may be harder than Trump thinks when it comes to federal workers




Trump to Visit Yuma–Mexico Border Where Wall Is Most Effective




TSX gets lift from consumer-oriented stocks, Canadian dollar strengthens


Montreal mayor opposes law forcing burqa-wearing women to show faces to access public services


Brain scans reveal impact of contact sports on athletes: study


Hundreds of firefighters battling largest wildfire ever recorded in B.C.


Did a Newfoundland town really sell its water system?


Canadian retailers round off record half-year of sales gains


Fish farm releases thousands of Atlantic salmon east of Victoria


Mortgage rule changes are cooling housing market: Morneau


Airport sorry for making disabled parking Lexus-only spots


Pot legalization must account for ‘systemic racism’ against blacks: MP


Uber's self-driving cars hit Toronto streets today — in manual mode


Christine Douglass-Williams: unjustly targeted by Canada’s “Islamophobia” agenda


Labour bill clears hurdle on road to $15-an-hour minimum wage


Canada seeks to dispel asylum myths


It may be time for Canada to embrace U.S. ballistic missile shield: MP


Canada should prepare for life without NAFTA


Canadian hiker's body found along rough section of Appalachian Trail in Maine




Is America on the ‘cusp of a second civil war’? Conservative leaders think so




A Vesuvius of Gestures and Pratfalls (Jerry Lewis, 1926–2017)


Jerry Lewis Was the Quintessential American Jew




Communism: Viagra for the New York Times




Man Caught on Video Repeatedly Hitting His Helpless Elderly Father Who Has Dementia


Robert Samuelson: Why We Must Challenge China On Trade


China Uses Eugenic Embryo Screening to Weed Out and Destroy “Imperfect” Unborn Children


All Xi’s men: China’s armies get new commanders


Chinese crime gangs descend on Southeast Asia




Russia Doubles Oil Shipments to N.Korea


Diplomacy is 'stronger' in standoff with NK: US commander


Can North Korea Hit the United States With a Nuclear Weapon?


China’s ‘double-freeze’ proposal is just a con


'It will end with a few missiles in the sea' (Expert on Korea believes that the rhetoric from North Korea will not lead to a war in which no one has an interest.)


World's debt of gratitude to Steve Bannon


UN Report: North Korea Shipments to Syria Chemical Arms Agency Intercepted


North Korea’s latest propaganda puts Trump in cemetery


US hits Chinese, Russian firms for funding N. Korea's nukes


NYT: North Korea On Path to Develop Nuke Capable of Hitting US City


North Korea shows Guam attack in new video as it warns of 'merciless revenge' against US over drills





Lawmakers praise, condemn Trump on Afghanistan


Dems: Trump 'has no strategy' for Afghanistan




Gym teacher, 31, sentenced for cemetery sex romp with teen boy students


Jury awards $417M in Johnson & Johnson talc case


Exhibits A and B for New York courthouse patronage




2 Kennedy family members arrested after loud party complaint


2 stabbed bodies found in plastic tubs of chemicals


Christopher Columbus monument in Baltimore smashed to combat ‘white supremacy’


Judge shot by dad of player convicted in rape case


Woman drugged boy’s slushie before sexual assault: cops


'Beat her a--!': Criminal charges for mom caught on tape urging daughter, 14, to fight with pregnant girl


The Ferguson Effect — Even in the Bronx





Hackers Use Cellphone Numbers to Raid Digital Vaults




Governor halts planned execution, citing DNA concerns




DNC Slams Trump’s ‘Empty Promises on Border Wall’




Democratic Former Senator Finally Says What Left Is Thinking: All Republicans Are Nazis


‘Very Powerful’ California Democrats Want Kanye West’s Manager to Run for Governor


The Democrats search for another Lost Cause


Dem Strategist: Party ‘Badly’ Needs Obama Back


'Big lie' that Dems no longer racist party


Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump against criticism over the way he dresses


Why de Blasio really needs hundreds of 'special assistants' (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)





…DHS: Border Wall Prototypes Now Delayed Until Fall




Coal Mining Health Study Is Halted by Interior Department




Edward Klein: Jeff Sessions' Battle With the Deep State (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


A watchdog group will ask the Inspector General to probe the DOJ and FBI's handling of Lynch-Clinton




Earthquake hits historic Italian island of Ischia, killing 1 and causing buildings to collapse




Wall Street rises on hopes for tax reform


Stocks Rise as Political Tension Cools, Bonds Slip: Markets Wrap


Dow posts biggest one-day gain in nearly 4 months


Asian shares edge up, bolstered by modest gains on Wall Street


Here’s why domestic unrest isn’t a worry for Wall Street


Asian Stocks Rise in Thin Trading; Yen Declines: Markets Wrap


Dollar little changed ahead of Fed’s Jackson Hole retreat


Bitcoin rebounds after briefly entering correction territory


Treasury yields rise as haven demand ebbs


Gold falls back from nearly 3-month high




Parents outraged by transgender reveal in kindergarten class


Stossel: Government-Run Schools Crush Innovation


Harvard Professor Calls Out Antifa for Trying to ‘Tear Down America’


Former Harvard College Dean Files Motion to Protect Undergraduate Students’ Right to Free Association


Robert E. Lee-Loving Student Says He Was Just Expelled


So Much for a Honeymoon (Duke’s president decided to take down Robert E Lee statue after less than two months on the job.)


Back-to-School Worries for Parents? One in Three Very Concerned Bullying, Cyberbullying


The Missing Black Professors  (Study of top public universities finds limited faculty diversity, yet signs of progress -- except for black-Americans in STEM.)


Making kids suffer for teachers no one wants


Cambridge Press Changes Course on Chinese Censorship Request


USC's dean drug scandal could take a costly toll on the school's legal battle with the UC system


Liberty University snarks back at students angry over Jerry Falwell Jr.'s Donald Trump support


Are Charter Schools Better Than Public Schools?


College students demand expulsion of white supremacist



U.S. to delay some aid to Egypt


Al-Sisi’s Economic Gamble  (Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi)





5 Reasons 2018 Will Be A Bloodbath For Democrats


Howard Dean: If You Vote Republican in 2018, You're A Racist




Oil ends higher on bets for an eighth-straight weekly fall in U.S. crude supplies


Energy Prices





Ridiculing Climate Predictions, Scientist Offers Bet to EPA




European stocks snap 3-day losing run as miners jump on ‘Turnaround Tuesday’


Meet the Squatters of Mount Vesuvius (Some 700,000 people are living illegally on the slopes of Italy's most famous active volcano, and nobody has any idea what to do with them.)




Why Waiters Drink. And Why It Matters.  (The food service industry is a growing part of our economy, and it has a big substance abuse problem.)




Third of known French radicals are mentally disturbed


Historic French town fights back against 'aggressive' McDonald's advertising


France begins final talks on loosening labour laws




Erdogan supporters have threatened my wife, German Foreign Minister reveals  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Ex-Chancellor Schröder's Russia Ties a Problem for the SPD


Germany welcomes US troop boost in Afghanistan, but won’t follow suit


Mass Migration Risks Major Public Health Crisis  (Germany provides a case study of the health consequences of uncontrolled migration.)


Choosing the next US ambassador to Germany




Study: Global Warming Almost Entirely Natural


The Inconvenient Truth About Al Gore And The Climate 'Experts'




Arizona's Republican Governor Doug Ducey is Skipping Trump's Phoenix Rally


Replacing the Republican Party




US health chief lauds China for help with opioid control  (Health and Human Service Secretary Tom Price)


 Past health chiefs: insurance market stability is the goal 




Officials: Don't eat fish from this Pennsylvania river


It’s time to talk about Trump’s mental health


Ten things you didn't know could upset your gut, why you need to talk about piles and the diet that could banish bloating: How to beat health problems no one likes to talk about


Measles outbreak is only energizing anti-vaccine activists




Confederate Statues and ‘Our’ History




GOP Rep: Virginia Governor May Have Fanned Flames in Charlottesville to Use It as an Election Issue in 2018 or 2020


PACs, ‘Large Individual Contributions’ Account for 100% of Populist Dem’s Donors  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s (R-Wisconsin) challenger endorsed by End Citizens United.)


Ryan plays the race card on Trump


IT specialist: Massive Dem scandal stinks to high heaven (US Representative of Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D)


Ellison Tells Dem Meeting That Pelosi Supports Medicare for All (Democratic National Committee Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison/House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Ryan: Scalise is 'gonna walk again' (House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R- Louisiana)


House Speaker Paul Ryan: Trump 'messed up' in response to Charlottesville violence


Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Paul Ryan's town hall remarks on Charlottesville were pitch perfect


Paul Ryan defends Wisconsin's tax incentives for Foxconn factory


Paul Ryan rejects Trump censure as a 'political hack-fest'






Trump’s Merkel Moment? West Wing Dems’ Plan to Keep DACA Will Increase Illegal Immigration Pull Factors


The immigrant hordes are already here! Or not.


The new frontier of race and immigration: Middle America




No more triple talaq: India court bans Islamic instant divorce


Make in India: Government launches global hunt for 234 naval helicopters worth over $5 billion


Hindu Mob Attacks Christian Man Preaching The Gospel, Drags Him Into The Street And Beats Him With Metal Poles


What India risks if it gets on board Trump’s Afghanistan project | Opinion


On Doklam, China continues with propaganda


Chaos if China follows India's logic and enters Indian territory, says Beijing


Korean mishap raises doubts over reliability of Indian Army’s future artillery gun


Defence firms eye billion-dollar chance for 'made in India'




4 Million Americans Paid $2.8 Billion in Obamacare Penalties Through April 2017


IRS rehires personnel fired for targeting conservatives!




How Apple and Google are censoring the mobile Web




Iran in talks to unblock Twitter, says new lawmaker


The Iranian Land Route to the Mediterranean: Myth or Reality?





Iraqi troops reach first urban areas of Tal Afar






Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Tuesday, August 22, 2017)


2017 Palestinian Authority Budget Shows: Salaries, Benefits For Prisoners, Released Prisoners Several Times Higher Than Welfare For Needy


US State Department slams Israeli stagnation on religious freedom reform


Palestinian Authority shows its ‘authoritarian’ face through Cyber Crimes Law


Suspect arrested in Ra’anana Reform synagogue vandalism


PA tries to increase hatred regarding Jerusalem


Chief Rabbinate challenges court jurisdiction to rule on Western Wall deal


Israel demolishes Palestinian home in Silwan for 2nd  time in a week


2 Israeli Jews converted to Islam, joined IS in Syria


Can Putin keep Hizballah from Israel’s borders?  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Netanyahu: Heads of Mossad, National Security Council Also Will Meet With Putin in Sochi  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Palestinians wait for US envoy Kushner to break his silence


Israeli state argues that confiscation of occupied land benefits Palestinians


In talks with Putin, Netanyahu to focus on Iran threat


The Peace Process Merry-Go-Round


PA, Hamas rehash lie that Jews planned 1969 burning of Al-Aqsa Mosque


Amid Threats and Reservations, Palestinians Prepare for Team Trump


Police nab Hebron man suspected of trying to smuggle gun into Israel


Religious girls’ schools leading in Israeli education


Israeli police prevent Palestinian textbooks from entering Al-Aqsa schools


US remains concerned over freeze of Kotel


Israel to Profit NIS 22B From Natural Gas in Coming Decades


19 Israelis to have citizenship revoked for fighting with ISIS


‘Auschwitz on the Beach’ equates plight of refugees with death camp


IDF commanders keep the calm in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  (Israel Defense Forces)


Trump’s team arrives once again to reignite diplomatic process




Conflict in Korea? Hard for Japan to sit it out


Japan Moss may prove cheap city pollution monitor, study finds




Terrorist Plan to Blow Up Airplane With Explosive Barbie Doll Foiled




Disagreement Isn’t Hate, Despite What the Left Says


Leftists Take Over Charlottesville's City Council Meeting With Violence And Obscenities


Snoop on left's secretive plot against America


Monument madness a leftist cover to crumble America from within




Newsweek Op-Ed Suggests U.S. Should Set Nuclear Policy Based on ‘Dr. Strangelove’


CNN Asked Trump Supporters About His Charlottesville Reaction. They Got The Message Loud And Clear


Katie Couric: I’m ‘Getting Whiplash’ From Trump’s Afghanistan Speech


Breitbart News is looking for a revival. It may come through war with White House advisers.


Ross Levinsohn is named the new publisher and CEO of the L.A. Times as top editors are ousted


Hillary Clinton supporters still moaning about media coverage nearly 10 months later


Gulf carrier cheaters threaten US aviation jobs


The Media’s Revisionist History of Nazis




Estimated $72 Million in Medicaid Payments Made to Ineligible Beneficiaries




Mexican troops say they seized 140 pounds of fentanyl at U.S. border




Saudi Arabia: Muslim divorces his wife for walking ahead


Gulf carrier cheaters threaten US aviation jobs




Mattis: Daesh militants caught in Iraq-Syria military vise  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Top U.S. commander says first new forces will arrive in Afghanistan soon


Military Sent Four Servicemen Assigned to White House Home from Panama Last Week After ‘Curfew’ Violations


…Prince: McMaster Wanted 80k Troops  (White House National Security Adviser HR McMaster)


Trump's Plan for Afghanistan Involves 3,900 More Troops


Ship lost ability to steer before collision, Navy says


Navy to ‘consider’ whether crashed warships were hacked


Navy orders review after 10 sailors missing in 2nd  major accident  


On front lines, US commanders want more trainers for Afghans


Here are six costly failures from America’s longest war. No. 1: Italian goats.


Bergdahl chooses military judge over jury in desertion trial


U.S. Military Official: Combat to Continue in Afghanistan Until Taliban Surrenders


VA seeks to funnel more nursing home money to rural areas




Billy Joel wears yellow Star of David during New York concert




The eclipse from SPACE: NASA reveals stunning satellite images of America's historic eclipse as astronauts reveal what it looked like from the space station


Moon trolls the sun on Twitter in NASA solar cyber spat stunt




Trump Ends Obama’s ‘Water Bottle Ban’




Looking past Afghanistan, NATO sees an urban battlefield




Tillerson Pushes Pakistan to Get Taliban to the Negotiating Table  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)


Pakistan exasperated by wavering US Afghan policy


There exist no fissures between the civil and military leadership: DG ISPR


Trump’s Afghanistan Strategy Will Increase Pressure on Pakistan





Parents, stop teaching your kids to be weak




Poll shows clear disapproval of how Trump responded to Va. violence


1 in 10 say it's acceptable to hold neo-Nazi views


AP-NORC poll: Hispanics lack confidence in nursing homes




Tiger Woods unleashes his lawyers on porn site after it 'published nude selfies of him and Lindsey Vonn hacked from her phone' - along with pics of Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart and other A-listers




Manhunt underway after 2 escaped inmates steal van in Okla.




These Racist Black KKK and Nazi Statues Must Fall




America warned of 'race war' if whites do 1 thing




War on statues spreads to Catholic saints




Danish F-16s Publish Video of Russian Bomber Over Baltic Sea


Are Sanctions on Russia Desirable?


How Russian State Media Invented 'Huge' Lines Outside the U.S. Embassy


The Mysteries of the Russian Mindset


Russia beginning development of response to new anti-Russian sanctions by US


Russia pays off balance of Soviet Union's foreign debt


Russian Defense Ministry develops electromagnetic gun to counter drones


Putin’s strategy and the U.S. response (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)




Secret Service may run out of money September 30




McConnell, in Private, Doubts if Trump Can Save Presidency (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


‘Preventive war against NK will make matters worse’: US senator


GOP group attacks Flake challenger as Trump heads to Arizona  (US Senator of Arizona Jeff Flake (R)


Kamala Harris Wants Senate To Investigate 'Root Causes' Of 'Violent White Supremacy'  (US Senator of California Kamala Harris (D)


Newt to Trump: Don't 'Pick a Fight' With Arizona Senators


Trump-State Dems Tell Voters They’re ‘Right in the Middle’  (US Senator of Indiana Joe Donnelly (D)/ US Senator of Missouri Claire McCaskill (D)


As Trump heads to Arizona, GOP leaders want him out of Jeff Flake’s Senate race (US Senator of Arizona Jeff Flake (R)


Between cancer treatments, McCain maintains rigorous agenda  (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


On eve of Trump's Arizona rally, GOP Sen. Jeff Flake — a vocal critic — isn't worried about blowback


Lindsey Graham proud of Trump's decision: 'The gloves are off inside of Afghanistan' (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey O Graham (R)


 Democratic senators press for more information on Sebastian Gorka's alleged neo-Nazi ties


McCain praises Trump's Afghan speech: 'Big step in right direction'   (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)




Facebook Usage Among Teens Set to Drop in U.S., EMarketer Says


Valerie Plame Wilson fundraising to buy Twitter so she can delete Trump's account




Black Lives Matter Demands to White People: ‘Give Up the Home You Own’




Over $6 Million in Social Security Benefits Stolen From Bank Accounts




The solar eclipse transformed America, at least for a few moments




Young Jobseekers Want Safe Public-Sector Jobs


Moon opposes US military action  (President Moon Jae-in)


Seoul rejects Washington’s request to revise FTA


Infected US beef could have been on sale


Sex offenders watch porn in prisons


'Gov't wrong about risks of tainted eggs'





Big Labor Donates to SPLC Following Charlottesville


Clooney Donates $1M to SPLC Hate Group


PayPal bans Jihad Watch based on SPLC 'hate' smear




Arab Journalists Respond To Barcelona Attack: 'We Must Take A Firm Decision' To Oppose Terrorism – Otherwise 'It Will Be Unreasonable To Ask Why They Hate Us'


Surviving Spain terror suspects face charges in Madrid court


Islamic Invaders Plotted Another 9/11 in Catalonia


After the Terror in Barcelona


Acting on Tip, Police Kill Last Suspect in Barcelona Attack




Cleveland Browns Kneel, Pray During National Anthem


Browns TE first white player to kneel for anthem


Odell Beckham injured on vicious hit to knee


Exclusive: Baylor football players taught new recruits how to target female students creating a 'gang rape culture' and lived by the mantra 'you were one person's woman, you were everybody's,' says one victim in new book


College Football Is Here. But What Are We Really Cheering?


MLB Scoreboard


NFL Scoreboard




Michigan Safe Haven Law Saves its 200th  Newborn Baby From Infanticide


Shark attack near surfers sparks panic at Cape Cod beach


Is McAuliffe to blame for Charlottesville bloody violence? (Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffee (D)


New Jersey Is Front Line in a National Battle Over Bail


The scheme to pump desert water to L.A. could destroy the Mojave. California's Legislature needs to block it





U.S. Warns Citizens About Traveling to Cancun


Rex Tillerson says North Korea has "demonstrated some level of restraint"  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)


Tillerson: U.S. Will Hide Future Troop Levels In Effort To Mirror Taliban's 'Cagey' Tactics


Judge warned State Dept. against ‘running out the clock’ on travel ban visas


Rex Tillerson praises Trump's no-deadline approach to ending Afghanistan war  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)





What the West Got Wrong in Syria


UN ‘deeply concerned’ about US-led Raqqa airstrikes that reportedly killed dozens of civilians





Unemployment rises for second month


Taiwanese youth pick China jobs over politics


Minimum wage to add billions to employers’ costs


Taiwan premier pledges to minimise chances of another power blackout


Typhoon Hato closes in on Taiwan 




Tech leaders warn against 'Pandora's box' of robotic weapons


Verizon raising price of unlimited data plan




HBO, ABC Air Special Reports on Neo-Nazis vs. Antifa: Are They Fair?





The Terrorists of the Left


The next target for terror: attacks on trains





Trump is the elephant in the room at NAFTA talks: Don Pittis




Nursing home workers may be jailed for not using transgender pronouns




Mnuchin to Make Rare Visit to Fort Knox Gold Depository (Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin)


Mnuchin Hints at Keeping Carried Interest Tax Break for Some


Treasury secretary’s wife boasts of travel on government plane, touts Hermes and Valentino fashion





Erdogan’s Turkey: Reliable Partner Or Western Foe?  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


EU official Johannes Hahn calls for ‘new Turkey policy’


Turkey signs trade agreement on agriculture with Serbia


Europe should support opposition to Erdoğan, German foreign minister says


Belarus becomes top tomato importer from Turkey’s Antalya amid Russia ban


Syrians evacuated in Turkey’s Konya upon attack by local mob, after killing of migrant


Turkey facing increase in drug addiction: Experts


PKK militants preparing car bomb ‘neutralized’ in Turkey’s east


Erdogan says top Turkish general must accept demotion




Chicago: Uber passenger jumped from moving car after Muslim driver demanded she pay with sex





FTSE 100 led higher by miners; Provident plunges 66%


UK Muslim Police Detective Busted For Possessing Child Porn And Performing ‘Sex Acts’ While On Duty


Monument Madness Comes to Britain


Hundreds Of Homosexuals And Other Perverts In England Gather Together, Beating Each Other With Whips And Indulging In Satanic Rituals


TV show forces babies to cross-dress, pushes for a ‘gender free’ world


Families could get supermarket discounts if they hit NHS exercise targets


Nicola Sturgeon urged to publish ‘hidden’ independence plans (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Oxford University student accused of raping woman at party 


Social media Twitter failing to act on graphic images and abusive messages, says MP


Brexit Policy paper backs away from PM’s promise of judicial independence


Ford Company launches scrappage scheme offering at least £2,000 for any brand


IRA Stakeknife could face perjury charges, says senior police officer


Rupert Murdoch Ofcom could face judicial review over Sky takeover


Consumer affairs UK credit and debit card spending ​growing​ at fastest rate since 2008


240 London Big Ben bongs sound for final time for four years


Ford announces scrappage scheme


UK seeks Brexit legal disputes deal


UK toys celebrated on Royal Mail stamps


Scottish and Welsh FMs hold Brexit talks





When American Jews fought Nazis — in New Jersey


Vandals Are Destroying Monuments Because They’ve Been Taught To Hate America


We Filmed What Really Happened At That Boston Antifa Rally


NYC Official Eyes Removing Columbus Circle Monument


Commuter train slams into parked train car near Philadelphia; 42 hurt


Dershowitz: Danger of Going 'Too Far' When Removing Monuments


 A Unionist’s Case for Preserving (Most) Confederate Monuments


Anger boils over in Charlottesville


The Fight Over How We Define Fringe Views in America




Uncensored Vatican news magazine enters third year


Vatican adviser scraps Catholic teaching, says God made gays ‘who they are’  




Venezuela star conductor's US tour axed





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


This pic convinced Trump to keep US troops in Afghanistan


White House lockdown lifted after package found


In reversing position on Afghanistan, Trump gives himself an out


Bannon's Breitbart takes critical line on the the White House


Trump’s Afghanistan speech mentioned “terrorists” but for first time left out “Islamic”


Joe Arpaio said he hasn’t been invited to Trump’s rally tonight in Arizona


Trump Lays Out a Winning Strategy for Afghanistan


New England Patriots Gift Trump Super Bowl Ring


Reports: Bannon Exit Victory for China’s Strategy of ‘Containing Trump’


President McMaster Takes Donald Trump To War


Donald Trump Decided Not to Lose the War in Afghanistan


The Trump ship may finally be sinking


Trump’s ‘principled realism’ call on Afghanistan


Trump outlines a revised vision, but few specifics, for the war in Afghanistan


Yes, it’s honorable to work for Trump


Democrats: A Trump pardon for Arpaio would be win for ‘white supremacy’


I hope Trump is right (and I’m wrong) on Afghanistan


Trump faces the grim reality: There’s no quick path to victory and no easy way out of Afghanistan


Trump’s record on race


Trump's mission in Afghanistan lacks a mission


Pence: New Afghan strategy will undo past failures (Vice-President Mike Pence)


How a president obsessed with winning settled on simply trying not to lose


Analysis: Trump reverses his view on a war with no easy exits


White House Releases Statement on Anniversary of 2013 Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack


Trump is delighting dictators everywhere


This would be a travesty of justice (Even as President Trump urges the nation to heal, he is publicly considering a step whose effect would be the exact opposite: a pardon for former sheriff Joe Arpaio, the former Arizona lawman who made his name as a paragon of racial profiling.)


Trump cheers Falwell for 'fantastic' defense on 'Fox and Friends'


It’s too late to disavow Trump


Trumps on the White House balcony join the millions watching eclipse as totality sweeps eastwards across the US in celestial event-of-a-lifetime 


Failing All Tests of the Presidency


Trump's 'new' Afghanistan policy is more of the same


The five key pieces Trump unveiled for his Afghanistan plan


Trump's mission in Afghanistan lacks a mission


Steve Bannon Leaves the White House


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