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Monday, August 21, 2017




In Today’s Issue: 




Pro-Life Democrat Says Democrats Will Lose Seats if Party Leaders Kick Out Pro-Lifers


Pro-life Democrat: Abortion issue may cost seats in 2018


Apple Will Donate $1 Million to Pro-Abortion Group


Patricia Heaton Is a Problem for Feminists Because She’s Unapologetically Pro-Life


New app lets users send uterus emojis to support Planned Parenthood


Abortionist Has His License Suspended After Illegally Prescribing Drugs to Family and Staff


‘Pro-Choice’ Planned Parenthood Condemns Choice of ‘Abortion Reversal’ Procedure


Poland May Consider Measure to Ban Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome


Chile high court OKs abortion in some cases


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Calls Unlimited Abortions Up to Birth a Human Right


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar Meets With Abortion Activist Justin Trudeau But Not Women Who Regret Their Abortions




What Does Victory in Afghanistan Look Like? Washington Doesn’t Know





Police in Sudan Evict Two Pastors from Their Homes




Washington Post Singles Out Trump’s ‘Court Jews’ in Anti-Semitic Attack



Hidden agenda behind China-India Himalayan showdown



ASX wilts as BlueScope shares torched


$A lifts back above US79c


'Suicidal': North Korea warns Australia as war games begin


Two people found dead at a house in Melbourne's east




China's Great Wall confirms interest in Fiat Chrysler




Steyer Critics Call Out Tax-Break ‘Hypocrisy’ Over Support for New Tesla Subsides  (Fight heats up over California's $3 billion electric-vehicle subsidy.)





TSX down slightly as U.S. stocks dip following back-to-back losses


Female genital mutilation is happening in Canada, study finds


The Charter’s Notwithstanding Clause and Canada’s border crisis


Mental ‘fitness’ of Toronto woman charged with terror offences brought into question


Trump cancelling reprieves could see thousands more migrants looking for asylum in Canada


North Korean threat puts spotlight back on whether Canada should join missile defence program


Calgary airport criticized after converting 5 disabled stalls to Lexus-only parking


At least six wildfires combine to form largest blaze burning in B.C.


Quebec police hint at arrests over violent counter-rally


Food, auto industries drag down Canada’s wholesale sales


Ottawa seeks info on nuclear-waste bunker's impact on First Nations




Persecuted Christian: My ordeal as an ex-Muslim in Iran and Turkey




Chinese paper on censorship: If you don’t like our rules, then leave


Academics call on Cambridge Press not to bow to China


China, Inc. Is the World's Biggest Money-Laundering Threat




Ukraine Says Its Rocket Engines Not Behind North Korea’s Missile Success







McConnell and Mnuchin Predict Congress Will Raise the Debt Ceiling




Rise of antifa after violence in Charlottesville alarms free-speech advocates




Ohio judge shot, injured outside courthouse


Feds: Texas man tried planting bomb on Confederate statue


9 shot dead, 54 wounded in violent Chicago weekend


'Sex Fantasy' Led Fancypants College Professor To Stab His Boyfriend 70 TIMES Just To Watch Him Die




Taxpayers Doling Out Millions to Fund de Blasio’s ‘Special Assistants’ (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)





Trump nominee Sam Clovis: 'As far as we know' homosexuality's a choice, 'logical' LGBT protections could lead to legalization of pedophilia




3.6 earthquake shatters buildings near Naples, Italy (Photos, Video)




Wall Street flat as North Korea worries remain; energy a drag


U.S. stocks close mostly higher


U.S. Stocks Advance, Dollar Drops as Bonds Rise: Markets Wrap


Dow, S&P 500 halt skid, but Nasdaq ends lower a 3rd  session in a row on light volume


Trump's Economic Boost May Be Short Lived


Gold marks highest finish in nearly 11 weeks as U.S.-North Korea tensions return


Shares barely budge amid uncertainty over Trump's economic agenda


Asia Stocks Mixed Before Korea Drill, Jackson Hole: Markets Wrap


Yellen, Draghi Head to Jackson Hole Amid Inflation Unease  (Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen/ President of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi)




Kindergarten celebrates 5-year-old transgender ‘transition;’ kids traumatized


Two White Women Harassed for Wearing MAGA Hats at Howard University


UC Berkeley Charges Young Republicans $15,000 For 'Security' at Ben Shapiro Speech


Challenging the ‘Productivity Paradox’ (Study finds that technology spending spurs gains in colleges’ outputs -- but they vary depending on the institution.)


Parent at D.C. school alleged to have misused Home School Association funds


Charlottesville Fallout for 2 Students


University of Michigan Fraternity Cancels Nile River-Themed Welcome Party


Off the Pedestal (Duke removes statue of Robert E Lee. University of Texas will remove statues of Lee and 3 other Confederate leaders. Bowdoin removes plaque honoring Confederate alumni and Jefferson Davis.)


10 Colleges, Universities Selected as First Sites for ‘Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation Campus Centers’


Outrage Over University Press Caving in to Chinese Censorship




Bizarre 18th  century Jewish items seized from archaeology smuggler in Egypt


In Egypt, Clashes Between The Institution Of The Presidency And The Institution Of Al-Azhar





Collins: 'Too Difficult to Say' If Trump Will Be 2020 GOP Nominee




Oil prices drop back after two-session rise


Energy Prices


Trump administration’s nuclear energy plans hanging on by a thread





Swiss Parliament Contemplates Kosher Meat Import Ban (Again)


Ukraine Removes 1,320 Vladimir Lenin Statues, 1,000 Soviet Monuments: Report




European stocks end lower, but Fiat Chrysler and Maersk shine


Finland names Moroccan suspect in stabbings that killed 2, wounded 8


Homemade submarine maker: I buried missing reporter at sea (Danish police say the owner of a home-built submarine has told investigators that a missing female Swedish journalist died onboard in an accident, and he buried her at sea in an unspecified location.)




GOP divided over Trump's Ex-Im Bank nomination




1 dead as vehicle rams bus stops in France




Berlin: 9 injured after smoke bomb goes off at Kurdish event


Merkel: trust must be 'restored' in diesel cars after emissions scandal (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Suspect in Finnish terror attack lived in Germany in late 2015


Syrian refugees name their baby Angela Merkel


Merkel welcomes release of German-Turkish author in Spain




 Disturbing Trends in Obamacare's Collapsing Health Care System


Chief Obamacare Architect Sacked After Fraudulent Billing Investigation





The Next Charlie Gard? Baby Russell Has a Similar Condition and His Parents are Fighting for His Life


Zika virus reduced to few cases after scare in 2016





Lesbian teens are getting pregnant more than twice as often as their peers




The Very Strange Indictment of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT Scammers  (US Representative of Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D)


2018 midterms: Dems target 80 House seats; Republicans respond by going on offense


Rep. Peter King backs U.S.-South Korea military drills despite North Korea warning (US Representative of New York Peter T King (R)




India Is Still Haunted By the Aftershocks of Partition


Indian suicide bomber killed many Kurdistan fighters in Syria: Islamic State


McDonald's to shut 169 outlets in India alleging 'breach of contract'


US to rejig its defence department to boost military ties with India


PM Modi to roll out 9,500 projects in a day (Prime Minister Narendra Modi)


China blames Indian troops for Ladakh clash, PLA conducts drill to strike ‘awe’





Franklin Graham: Politicians, 'Stop Saying Islam Is a Religion of Peace'


Let Us Now Praise Muslim Apostates (For two brave writers, the battle against Islamism can be won only on the terrain of ideas.)





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Monday, August 21, 2017)


IDF searching for Palestinian in West Bank (Judea and Samaria) as gun found in car (Israel Defense Forces)


It`s beneath Palestinian dignity to compete with Israelis, says Palestinian Olympic Committee


Israel condemns Finland terror stabbing, expresses ‘shock’


Tragedy Averted by IDF in Samaria, ‘Child’ Terrorist Captured


Court extends firebrand cleric’s detention over incitement


Israel delays decision on burying Palestinians in 'cemetery of numbers'


Turkey, Jordan call for ‘serious’ Israel-Palestinian peace talks


High Court Sides with Illegal Bedouin Settlers Cutting Off Ma’aleh Adumim from Jerusalem


Israel demolishes kindergarten in Bedouin community near Jerusalem


U.S. urges UN not to publish anti-Israel blacklist


Abbas says he still 'can't understand' the US position on Israeli-Palestinian conflict  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Bannon boycotted Trump meet with ‘terrorist’ Abbas — report


State: Law seizing Palestinian property meets international standards


Memorial for the fallen of Gush Katif: 'Second burial'


Israel clamps down on pedophilia in schools


Palestinians prevent Israeli demolition of cemetery wall in East Jerusalem


Fast and furious: The new police helicopters


We're not going anywhere


South African diplomat says country will boycott Africa-Israel summit


Report: Bannon Urged Trump to Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem — Blocked by Kushner




Lebanon says it helped foil plot to down plane in Australia




Nazi-Hunting Fantasies Have Unhinged The Left




CNN Changes Headline After Claiming Antifa Uses Violence


Scarborough: Despite White House Woes, It's The Dems Who Are 'Wandering Around In The Wilderness'




Progress for Women’s Legal Protections in Jordan and Lebanon




U.S. Navy Admiral Orders Operational Pause 'In All Our Fleets Around the World'


Air Force, mission partners prepare satellite for August launch


75 Years Ago, U.S. Marines ‘Sealed Japan’s Doom’ At This Pivotal WWII Battle


10 sailors missing after Navy destroyer collides with tanker


Pentagon chief James Mattis “comfortable” with White House’s way ahead on Afghanistan


Mattis: Navy Conducting Broad Inquiry into 7th Fleet After 2nd  Collision at Sea


Bergdahl Chooses to Have Trial Heard by Judge and Not Jury





Guam Governor Confident in Island’s Missile Defense Against North Korea




Kaepernick Makes Black History Smithsonian Before Clarence Thomas  




Feds Spend $174,932 on ‘Implicit Bias’ Conference




Trump campaign backers snubbed for top national security jobs




H.R. McMaster endorsed book telling US military to kiss Qur’an (White House National Security Adviser HR McMaster)




Trump's Afghanistan strategy to put new pressure on Pakistan


New US Afghan policy may push Pakistan towards China, Russia: Report


Nawaz Sharif-family members failed to appear before NAB





Exclusive – Michael Savage Scolds Trump Tweet on Boston Leftists: ‘Trump Has Buckled to the Mob’




Closure of Kerch Strait Is Russia’s Latest Attack on Ukrainian Sovereignty


Fire sweeps across Russian city, dozens of homes destroyed


Russian Independent Media Outlet 'Western Far-Right Groups Started Migrating To The Russian Internet'


Putin appoints new ambassador to the US  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Kremlin Opponent Khodorkovsky: A Russian Civil Society Weakened By Sanctions Would Likely Turn To Another 'Leader Figure' In A Post-Putin Scenario


Moscow Responds to U.S. Visa Freeze With Accusations of Political Meddling


Is a U.S.-Russia Reset Possible?


U.S. Embassy in Moscow Suspends Non-Immigrant Visas for Russians


My life at a Russian propaganda network


Ka-226 helicopter to be first equipped with new crash-resistant fuel system by 2019


Seven major US funds play against the Russian rouble




Amazing Artificial Womb Helped Birth a Premature Lamb, Premature Babies May be Next





Report: Secret Service can't afford to pay agents to protect Trump family





Chuck Schumer Says Feds Will Spend $18,000,000 to Buy Grape Juice to Subsidize Vineyard Owners  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


McConnell says ‘zero chance’ Congress will fail to raise debt ceiling (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Former Romney Aide Announces Senate Bid to Challenge Warren (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


GOP senator questions Trump’s moral authority to lead the country


Sanders Op-Ed Touts Medicare-for-All Ahead of Campaign Speech  (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


Mitch McConnell says most news "is not fake"


Sen. Paul: Time to Defy Critics and Pass 'Audit the Fed' Act (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)


Senator questions Trump's ability to lead if "moral authority remains compromised"  (US Senator of South Carolina Tim Scott (R)





Watch the Total Solar Eclipse in 60 Seconds


Solar eclipse sweeps across America




South Korea Is the Junior Partner in the North Korean Crisis


THAAD Radar Positioned to Rule out Monitoring of China


Father of American teen missing in S. Korea says family just wants her home


S. Korea-US drill starts amid NK missile concerns


Allies focus on deterring nuclear threats


Internet banks vulnerable to scams


Same-sex couples flee to wed




The Long Shadow of Al Andalus (Spain is on the periphery of Europe, but central to modern jihad.)


'A shock for us': Spanish town linked to 8 attack suspects searches for answers


New ISIS Threat to Spain: 'War Has Not Been Fought and Gone'


Expert: ‘No surprise’ that Spain was targeted


Mom, 26, cut in half when elevator reportedly malfunctions in freak accident


Police kill suspected driver in Barcelona attack




Kaepernick Items to Be Included in Black Lives Matter Collection at Smithsonian


Bills' Boldin reverses course, opts to retire


USC’s Mascot Criticized for Having Name Similar to Robert E. Lee’s Horse


MLB Scoreboard


NFL Scoreboard




Taiwan's Foxconn to build three ancillary facilities as part of Wisconsin LCD campus





Anti-Israel Leaders Hosted at State Dept. Seeking to Drive Wedge in U.S.-Israel Alliance




Hezbollah says it used drones to bomb Islamic State in Syria


Russian jets kill over 200 ISIL militants near Syria's Deir al-Zor


Raqqa families make daring escapes from Daesh stronghold


Russia boosts air campaign to help recapture key Syrian city




IESA reaches Taiwan to feed electronic demand, reduce reliance on China


Taiwan Is Suffering From a Massive Brain Drain and the Main Beneficiary is China


Taiwan Upgrades 2017 Economic Growth Forecast on Solid Trade





Poll: Majority of Americans Say Taxes Are Too High





Petition urging terror label for Antifa gets enough signatures for White House response






Military operation with Iran against PKK in Kandil is on Turkey’s agenda: Erdoğan (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


No destructive quake expected in Turkish resort Bodrum, but aftershocks to continue: Expert


Head of Turkey’s top exam body resigns


All soldiers should obey assignments: Erdoğan


Russia set to finish Akkuyu nuclear plant licensing by year-end


Turkey ‘most dedicated’ in fight against ISIL





FTSE 100 slips as renewed U.S.-North Korea tensions prompt caution




America's confused priorities


Former Obama Official: Taking Down Confederate Monuments Is 'A Matter of Homeland Security'


If We Topple Every Statue Of An Imperfect Person They Must All Come Down


The Real Threat to America Comes From Americans (Just as the Arab world struggles to come to grips with jihadism, the United States has failed to grapple with its own demons.)



 Pope Shock: Francis Says Rights of Migrants Trump National Security Concerns After Weekend of Terror




The U.S. Military Will Not Solve the Venezuela Crisis





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump's Unintended Consequences: The Republican Party Reveals Itself


Source: McMaster Fails to Brief Trump Before ‘That’s Too Bad’ Error (White House National Security Adviser HR McMaster)


A Warning to Trump and the Nation


Mike Huckabee says faith community stands by Trump after Charlottesville


The Strange Rage of Steve Bannon


How Trump has divided his time between the White House and Trump properties


McMaster, Mattis, and Tillerson prod Trump to send more American troops to train Afghan forces


Bannon: The Days Of Ivanka 'Crying' To Daddy 'Are Over' Now That Kelly Is Chief


Former Rep. J.C. Watts: Trump Has Obligation Not to Pour Salt on the Wounds


Bannon 'unchained' has Jewish staffers in his crosshairs



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